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Full text of "Epigraphia carnatica. By B. Lewis Rice, Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore"

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Epigraphia Carnatica. 
Coorg Inscriptions 
Inscriptions at S'ravana Belgola 

„ in the Mysore District, Part I 

„ Hassan „ 

Kadur ,, 


Shimoga „ 

Part I 


'3 » 



Bangalore „ 

• • 

Kolar „ 


Chitaldroog „ 

• • 

Tumkur „ 

• • 








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2dbnVj30& ^3^©CK 3e)tf£rfot> 

h3h3 °° 


B. LEWIS R!CE, c. i. e., m. r. a. s, 

lAtte Director sfPuhlic Instruction in Mysore and Coorg : Eonorary Fcllow ofthe University of Madrtv 

Director of Arctusologica] Researches in Myscre 

% a tt p U x t : 
Mtsore G-oternment Centeal Press, 


On Sale oy tJie Curator, Government Book Depot, Bair/ilorc. 


MAR 2 3 1967 ^ 





Comprising the folloiving Taluqs :— 








Kankanhalli .. 

No. of Inscriptions 


• V ••• 

~ 89 

>•• ••• 

••• 82 

. . ••• 

... 68 



•• •• . 

.. 162 

• • • ■•• 

... 94 

• • • •• 

... 118 


... 186 

Coorg ••• ••• — ••• ••* ••• ^6 





List of Illu8tration6 

Introduction ... ... ... 1—27 

Gangas, l \ Kalinga Gangas,9 ; Rashtrakutas, 10; 

Pallavas, 12 ; Kadambas, 13; Chalukyas, 13; 

Cholas, 14 ; Vaidumbas, 18 ; Kongalvas, 18 ; 

Changalvas, 19 ; Hoysalas, 20 ; Seunas, 23 ; 

Nripatunga-kula, 23 ; Sigala-nad, 23 ; Jiguni, 23 ; 

Kukkala-nad, 23 ; Vijayanagar, 23 ; Yelahanka, 25 ; 

Mahrattas, 25 ; Sugatiir, 25 ; Avati, 26 ; Channapatua, 26 ; 

Mughals, 26 ; Chinese, 26 ; Mysore, 27.— 

Architecture, 27. 
List of the Inscriptions classified and in chronological order ,„ 1 — 8 

Text of the Inscriptions in Roman characters, 

arranged to show the composition ... ... 1—226 

Translations of the Inscriptions ... ... 1—178 

Text of the Inscriptions, arranged as in the original, 

in Kannada characters ... ... 1 372 

in Grantha an<3 Tamil characters ... ... 1 122 


Alphabetical list of Towns and Villages where the Inscription.8 were found 1—6 

Index to Introduction ... ... ttt 1 — 8 


■ : 0:- 

Circumstances have led to this, the ninth volume, being published last of the twelve which 

pose the Mysore Archieological Series. The total number of inscriptions copied in situ and pub- 

ltshed with translations in the twelve volumes is 8869, and I cannot be too thankful for having been 

perraitted to bring so laborious an uudertaking to an end. The epigraphic sutvey of the various 

Districts has been, it may be said, practically exhaustive. 

Wheti the work was first entered upon, neither myself nor the Government of Mysore had any 
conoeption of the magnitude of the task involved, or there might have been hesitation on both sides 
tc take it up. We may congratulate ourselves, therefore, uow it has come to a close, that the 
results have been so fruitful. For not only has the eminently interesting aucient history of the 
State itself beeu brought to light as far back as the 3rd century B. C, but discoveries have been 
made of such value as to mark an epoch in Indian Archseology. A final volume is proposed bring- 
ing to one convenient focus the varied historical details scattered throughout the series. 

In the present volume important information is supplied regarding the Gangas of Mysore and 
the Gangas ot Kalinga, as well as in relation to the Rashtrakutas. The Chola inscriptions are 
numerous 1 and certain of them contain fresh particulars which add to our knowledge respecting the 
Chola period. Interestiug light is thrown on the origin of the Kongalvas, and of the connection of 
that line of kings and of the Changalvas with Coorg. 

The Hoysala inscriptions include a number of the tirae of Ramanatha and his son. Also the 
elaborate plates of Soaiesvara, recording the grants he tnade in memory of his Tamil wife Sotnala. 
Of interest too are the benefactions made by the liberal-minded Adala chiefs of Marugare-nad, who 
impartially patronized the four creeds, — those of Jina, Buddha, S'iva and Vishnu. 

Under Vijayanagar we have another version of the so-called Ratnanujacharya iuscription at 
S'ravana Belgoja, which relateshow Bukka-Raya reconeiled the Jains and the Vaishnavas. Of unique 
interest is the inscription of the time of Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor, at Dod-Ballapur. 

Attention raay also be directed to the information obtained from literature about the Sugattir 
chiefs, who ruled over the Kolar and the east of the Bangalore District in the Vijayanagar period. 
Also to the curious accouut about an elephant in D B 64. 

The Chinese inscription on the bell at the Halsiir rock is deserving of notice, and the story of 
how the bell came to be there. 

The illti8trations in this volume have been prepared by T. Nama&ivayara Pillai, the draughts- 
man and photographer of my office. 

Bangalore, Xmas 1905. 


The Tatnil insoriptions bave been translated by tny Assistant, Mr. R. Narasimhachar, M.A. 



Begur stone 

(Bn 83) 



Lion pillars at Gangavarain 
Persian inscription from 


page 27 


Tipu Sultan's Palace 

(Bn 7) 

Roman Text 



Kajinga Ganga plates 

(Bn 140) 




Manne Ganga plates 

(Nl 60) 


„ 48 


Mallohalli plates of 517 

(DB 68) 




Museum Ganga plates 

(Bn ]41) 




Soladevanahalli pillar inscription ... 

(Nl 1) 




Manne Rashirakfita plates 





Mallohalli plates of 459 

(DB 67) 




Dharmesvara plates 

(Ht 34) 


„ 171 


Vira Nonamba plates 

(Bn 142) 

Kannada Text 

„ 53« 



The preseat volume, which relates to the Baugalore Disttict, completes the Mysore Archoeo- 
logical Series of the Epigraphia Carnatica. It coutains 1069 inscriptions, of which 46 belong toCoorg» 
added in a SupplemeDt. The iatter were obtained in the course of inquiries relating to the 
Gazetteer of Coorg which I was compiling for the Imperial Gazetteer of Iudia, aud are additional to 
those in the Coorg volume, the first of the present series, and to two in the Tumkur volun e, the last. 
The period covered by the inscriptions here dealt with exteuds from the 5th century to the middle of 
the 19th. Those which oan be assigned to specific dynasties or periods may be arranged as follows :— 


36 A.D. 459- 




i 295— 1633 

Kalinga Gangas 









- 980 







- 997 






















1559 — 1693 










































The inscriptions are reviewed in this Introduction under each of the above heads, as far as possi- 

ble in chronological order, attention being directed to whatever seems to call for special notice. In 

order to save space, the following abbreviations have been adopted for the names of the taluqs : — 

All=A.nekal ; Bn = Bangalore ; Cp -Chanuapatna ; Dv=Devanhal|i ; DB=DodBallapur ; H 

= Hosk6te; Kn=KankanhaUi ; Ma = Magadi ; and Nl =Nelamaugala. For Coorg the coutraction 

Cg is used, as hefore. , . . .. 


The earliest of the Ganga grants in thiis volume is DB 67 1 , of the time of Kongani-maharaja, 
who is known by the distinctive name of Avinita. It is dated in the 29th year of his reign, the year 
Jaya, which corresponds with 459 A.D. We thus get 430 A.D. for the beginning of his reign^, and the 
end of that of his predecessor. Moreover from DB 68, to be noticed below, we get 482 A.D. for the 
last year of his reign, which thus continued for 52 years, nowise improbable in itself, and rendered 
quite admissible on remembering that he was crowned, as stated in numerous inscriptions, while an 
infant on his mother^s lap. 

The succession of the previous kings of the line is as given in other Ganga plates that have been 
pubhshed. But in the details relating to each there are some important variations. The tirst king, 
Konganivarmma, is said to be glorious with the wealth of a kingdom acquired by the might of his 
own arm. A somewhat similar statement is made in certain other early grants, such as Mr 72, 73 
(vol x), Mi 110 (vol xn) and Bn 141 in the presnt volume, all bf which describe the kingdom as 
acquired by swift victory. The same king is farther said to have been a wild-fire in consuming the 

Originally published by me in 18/6 (Ind. Ant. V, 136). 

Thedate o£ Malur No. 72, Vol. X, to be oorrected accordingly. 

( 2 ) 

stubble of the forest called Baua. This is confirined by the plates oi Hastimalla, 1 which say that the 
first Ganga king Kongani was consecrated to couquer the Bana-rnandala. The period may be mfer- 
red from the statement in the Talgunda pillar iuscription (Sk 176, vol vn) that Mayurasarmmn, the 
progenitor of the Kadamba kings, when an outlaw iii the S'riparvata forests (Kariral District), levied 
tribute from the great Bana and other kings. Of the Mahavali or Baua kings an account has been 
given in the Kolar volume fx), numerous records of the line being found in the east of that District. 
The ornament of a wound obtained in war, which is generally attributed to the tirst Ganga king, is 
here appiied to the second. The third is said to bave been a skilful rider of elephants and horses. 
Of Vishnugopa the interesting fact is related that his mental energy was uuimpaired to the end of 
lite, indica'ing that he lived to a great age. This statement is unique and occurs in no other grant. 
His son Ma hava, elsewhere distinguished as Tadangala Madhava, is said, among other praises, 
to have been of wide-spread faine on account of his renewal 01 Brahman endowments lnng since 

Th ■■ grant made consisted oi laiid under the Melur tank, which was given to a Taittiriya Brah- 
man named Kadasvami, who was a resident of Tippur in the Marugare-rasht ra. Tippur is in the 
Dod-Ballapur taluq, and there is a Melur in the Sidiaghatta taluq, about 25 miles to the east of it, 
Among the conditions of the grant was entire free<iom from the eighteen castes. These are the 18 
panas, composed of the agricultural, artiswi and trading classes, who are divided into the Right- 
hand and Left-hand *'actions. This recognition ot the eighteen castes here testifies to their antiquity. 

The next two Ganga grants (Bn 141, DB 68 2 ) are of the time of Ourvvinita, called ra the 
latter Konganivriddha-Raja. The first is of his 4th year, and the second of his 35th year, described 
as the year Viiaya, which corresponds with 517 A.D. We thus get 482 A.D. for the beginning of his 
reign, and 485 for the date of Bn 141- How much longer he reigned after 517 we do not know. 

In Bn 141 may be noted the followir.g special and interesting points m the descriptions of the 
several kings, which in general are similar to those in previously puhlishea" grants. The second 
Madhava is said to have had his two arms grown stout and hard with athletic exercises, and his two 
arms shone with thr> geras of hard knobs produced by drawing his bow. He married the sister of 
the Kad amba king Krishnavarmma, and their son was tho king e;enerally known as Avinita, who 
was ano nt"(l to the kingdom on the eouch ofthe lap of his divine mother. His son, generally 
distinguished as Durvvinita, espoused a princess who (as DB 68 says) had herself chosen him, 
though from her birth assigned by her father, on the advice of his own guru, to the son ol another. 
She was the daughter of the Punnad Raja Skandavarmma. Durvvinita apparently followed the 
religion of Vishnu, and had agents for maintaining the castes and religious orders of the South. He 
made a grant to a Brahman named Vasasarmma, but the details are wanting, as the plate 
containing them is lost. 

In DB 68 is introduced, in connection vvith the third Madhava, the phrase which generally 
appears in subsequent Ganga grants, — that he was daily eager to extricate the ox of merit from the 
thick mire of the Kali-yuga in which it had sumk. The Kadamba king whose sister he married is said 
to have performed an uninterrupted horse-sacrifice. Avinita is stated to have had parties of council- 
lors attached to him by continual affection and gilts. He is also said to have been devoted like 
Vaivasvata Manu to maintaining the castes and religious orders in the South. Durvvinita waged, 
it is said, as repeated in subsequent grants, sanstuinary wars for the possession of Andari, Alattur, 
Porulare, Pennagara and other places, Of these, Alattur is in Coimbatore District, and Pen nagara 


fialem Manwl, II, App. 370 : So. Ind. Ins. Vol II, 380. 
Originally publishedby me in 1876 (Ind. Ant. V, 138) 

r 3 ) 

in Salem District.' He is also said to h;ive become ruler of the whole of Papna d (or ?Pakhad | and 
Punnad . The latter was in the south-west of the Mysore District, and had for its capital llitthi- 
pura, which is identified (Hg 56, vol ivj with Kittur on the Kabbani nver in Heggadadevankote 
taluq. It is the Punnata to which the Jain migration from the North went in the r,rd century B. C, 
and the Pounnata mentioned by Ptolemy in the 2nd century A.D. Its name also occurs in tlie 5th 
century under Avinita, and it was probably a Six Thousand province. 2 

Tlio grant was madeto a Brahman named Devasarrama, called Mahadeva, who vvas a descend- 
ant from Valmiki, and expounder of the Vajaseni. The Bempur Isvara-sthana named Kelale was 
given tu him. Bempur, as nppears frora Bn 83, was the modern Begur, in the soutli of the 
lore taluq. 

There is an intervai of two centuries betwecn this and the next Ganea inscrintiou. but the inter- 
vening history vvill appear under other inscnptiotis farther on. We have now to notice Ht 86 in 
which S'ri[)urushayya is said to be rulin.g the Kerekunda Three Hundred. This was probably before 
he came to the throne. Then follows Ht 21, in vvhich he is called Kongoni Muttatasa, the 
latter his personal name, as we kuow frora other inscriptions (TN 1, vol. iii, etc). By hts orders 
Siya-Vallavarasa, that is Smga-Vallabharasa, attacked Kaduvetti (the Pallava king), and being 
wounded, died in Kovalala or Kolar (Ht 22). The Humcha inscription Nr 35 (vol viii) has 
already given us the account of S'npurusba's victory over Kaduvetti, from whom he took away the 
title of Permmanadi. We then have three inscriptions of hira as S'ripurusha-maharaja (Bn 36, 55, 
Nl 33). No dates are given, but S'ripurusha's time is absolutely fixed by Ng 85 (vol iv) and 
other grants. In Dv 67 and 74 we have (his snn) Duggamar a. 

The Manne plates ( Nl 60) are of importance, and bear the date 7 97 A.D. They were issued 
in the name of Marasimha, also called Loka Tiinetra, who was the Yuvaraja or heir apparent aud 
son of S'ivaraara, the son of S'ripurusha. The descriptions relating to the kings before S'ivamara 
correspond with those in other grants that have been*published But of S'ivamara and his son leng- 
thy accounts are given. 

Sjvamara is said to have pulled dovvn Vallabha with the band his sword, and besides descrip- 
tions of his exploits in war, he is said to bf distinguished by all the marks of an eniperor, and to 
be desirous only of benefitting others without seeking any benefit for himself. Moreover, piaced in 
a world of endless calamities which were like twisted top-knots, he was a supporter of the fine arts, 
skilled in poetry, had studted to the full the Phanisuta systeni (Patanjali's), put to shame the learti- 
ed by his insight into the essence of tbe tnanagement of elephants as taught by the yati born trom 
the mouth of a female elephant, 3 vvas the author of a treatise on his own system of the treatraent 
of elephants, was perfect in the method he had adopted for the manageraent of horses, had built an 
ornamental bridge, and was skilled in everything connected with the drama in all its branches. He 

Porul-are, tlie Porulrock, might possibly be Poral in Chinplsput District, saicl to have been an ancient fortress of the 
Kurumbars (see SewelPs Antiquities of Madras, I, 175.) 

From Dv 41 and 43 (see also DB 38) jt appears there was a local Punnad Seventy in the country near Devanhalli. And 

" * i ni i m i 

curiously enougli it is at first associated with(the Rashtrakflta king) Akalavarsha. The probable explanation of the Mercara 

plates (Cg 1) therefore is, that the date given in them, which agrees perfectly with the time of Avinita, refers to the grant 

originally made by him then to Vandanaiuli-bhatara. Of that grant, Akalavarsha's minister having acquired the 

Badaneguppe Tillage, presented it toi the S'rivijaya Jina temple of Talavana-nagara, — the principal sentenoe being Ak&la- 

varslia-prtthin-i.valJabha-mantri.. padiye-manoharam dattam. The inscription itself therefore would belong to the latter 

period, either that of Akalavarsha Krishna I, who ruled in the 8th century, or perhaps more likely that of Akalavarsha 

Krishna II, who is said (E I, iv, 388) to have been honoured by the Ganga waitingat his gate, and who ruled from 878 to 913. 
A similar statement is made iu Nj 269 (vol xii) in connection with Butugendra, younger brother of Rajamalla II. The 

reference is to Palakapya, callcd also Karenubhu (born of a female elepliant) f who was the author of a work in Sanskrit named 

after him Palakapyam, on the scieuce of elephants, to which there s a commentary in Kannada- 

( 4 ) 

gained a victory over the Vallabha ariny whicli had encamped at the village of Mudugundur (pro- 
bably in Mandya taluq), though it was supported by Rashtrakuta Chalukya Haihaya and other 
brave leaders. The cavalry of Dhora (the Rashtrakuta king Dharavarsha) , the rnost powerful in 
the region, which had spread over all quarters, he drove off with showers of arrows. And fiually 
he was anointed to the kingdom (as also stated in Yd 60, vol iv) by the crowned kings Govmda- 
Raja and Nandivarmraa of the Rashtrakiita and Pallava lines. wha bound the crowu on his brow 
with their own hands. 

From other records it is known that S'ivaraara was seized and imprisoned by the Rashtrakuta 
king Dhruva, Dhora or Dharavarsha, and the Rashtrakutas appointed their own viceroys to govern 
the Ganga kingdom. But Govinria or Prabhutavarsha released the Ganga king from his long and 
painful confinement. He, however, continued so hostile that he was again imprisoned. But he was 
at length again released, and as above stated was remstated on the throne, the Rashtrakuta and 
Pallava kings unitiug in performing the ceremony. Very intimate alliance between the Gangiis and 
Rashtrakiitas followed after this, with intermarriage in the families. The disasters which befell 
the king are of course not mentioned in the inscription, but he is said to have been born into a world 
of inextricable calamities (also in Kl 90) And without this explanation of the misfortunes he had 
undergone in the mterval, no reasou would appear for the sudden coronation of a king who had 
already been ruling in his own right. Of course it is possible that the actual coronation-anointing 
ceremony tnay not have becn performed before. 

Of Marasimha, his son, a long string of praises follows, containing nothing of importauce, 
but he had auother uame Loka Triuetra. This agrees with Sr 160 (vol iv), where he U 
called Maraeinga Eyeyappa. As in that inscription, he had the rank of Yuvaraja, and yet here 
was rulmg the eutire Ganga-mandala. Where then was his father V It has been stated above 
that he was a prisoner with the Rashtrakiitas, and it is some confirmation of this to find his son 
in sole charge of the kingdom, though of course his authority was not recognized, the Rashtra- 
kfitas having appointed their own viceroys to the Ganga territories. The date given, 797, may 
have been that ot the actual grant, but inasmuch as the restoration to power of S'ivamara is 
mentioned, which could not have taken place before 812, at which time the Rashtrakutas still 
held the country (Gb 61, vol xii), and it seems probable that Marasimha died before his father 
(see Intro. p 2, vol xii>, the plates must have been engraved after the latter was again at 
liberty and in power, or 15 years or so after the grant was made. All reference to the donor's 
death or the other untoward events of the reign would naturally be omitted 

A general named SVivijaya had built a fine Jina teraple in Mauya-nagara or Manya-pura— 
the Manne where the plates wereobtained, which was the Ganga royal residence under S ; ripurusha. 
For tbis temple the general was granted the Kru-Vekkur village. The priest of the temple was 
apparently Prabhachandra, disciple of Pushpanandi, the learned head of his gana, who was the 
disciple of Toranacharyya, described as the wisest man of this country, who lived in the S'almali 
village. The plates were engraved by Vi^vakarmmacharyya, the usual designation of tbe court 

Here must be noticed Dv 44. This is a palpable Vijayanagar grant, written in NAgari 
characters of the Vijayanagar period. In the shape of the plates, the seal, the opening sentence, 
the boundary raarks, and the signature, it is opeuly Vijayanagar, and no Ganga grant has any 
of these things. When first produced before me as I was leaving the Suradheuupura village, I 
was rather puzzledon reading it to find it contained the genealogy of the Ganga kings with the 
epithets and phrases generally applied to them. These were at the time known perhaps only to 

( B ) 

myself and to the pandit seut to assist me with inscriptions. Next day 1 again visited the village 
and in a casual manner asked the Brahmans if tliey knew so and so, naming my pandit. Oh yes, 
they sa'd, he is one of the shareholders of the village. The explanation of the mystery was thus 
quite clear. In view of the Inam inquiry which was proceeding, my pandit (long since deceased) 
had made use of the knowledge of the ancient Ganga grants, of which he was then besides rayeelf 
perhaps the only depository, to get it inserted in the beginning of the probably geuuine Vijayanagar 
grant which the village possessed, in order to enhance its antiquity. Though a clever man, he 
was mentally affected through excessive ascetic observances, and no one who knew him would be 
surpnsed at his acting in this manner. But the hoax was too palpable to deceiveany one who had 
experience of these inscriptions. Though detected as a fraud, I yet thought perhaps the details in 
the plates might have been taken from an actual Ganga possessed by the village. But 
on eoos.dering the transformation made in the names, and other points, I think no informatioa 
can be depended on from it. The real donor was perhaps the (Vijayanagar) king Narasimha, the 
last mentioned, said to be anoth er narae of S'ivamara. 

Several undated Ganga inscriptions foilow. Bn 42 of tbe time of Rav.haraalia Permmanadi 
is probably the earliest, and may belong to about 820. Then come four of the tirae of Satyavakya 
Permmauadi, who was ruling thc. S'ri-rajya, the name giveu to the Ganga kingdora under S'ri- 
purusha. lu Bn 40 a Nolamba S'ivamara was ruling Morasu-nad under him, and Kreyappa 
was a witness of the grant. This may be the Ereyanga of Nj 269 (vol xii), vvho no doubt had 
the family name Ereyappa. Kn 88. Bn 79 and Kn 48 probably belong to Hatyavakya II, 
The last is of his 29th year, ? 899, and mentions Ereyapparasa'8 son. In the second, the Kagattara 
chief is said to have fixed slu ices to two tanks at Agara (near Bangalore to the east, generally 


known as Agrara to the military), and constructed a third. 

Then come eight inscriptions all connected perhaps with the Ereyappa who is such a source 
of confusion in the Ganga genealogy Irom his records being undated, and Irom the difliculty of 
identiiying him owing to his being mentioned at difierent times by every one of the various Ganga 
names, From Nj 269 (vol xii) we now know that he was the nephew of Satyavakya II, who 
associated him in the government, probably in 904, and both continued to ruie together. Whence 
in Ag 70 (vol v) Satyavakya's 37 th year is made to correspond with E.reyappa's 21 st. The distinctive 
epithets of this Ejeyappa, when used, are those given in Bn 83, and his chief antagonist was 
Mahendra, the Nolamba king for whom we bave in Si 38 (vol xii) the date 878. Him he fiually 
slew, thus obtaining the title Mahendrantaka. 

In Bn 83 we nav,) an iiteresting record of him l, with the specific epithets peculiar to him, 
enthroned as the sole ruler of the Gangavadi^ Ninety-six Thousand. Ue was still at war with Bira- 
Mahendra, and by his orders a force under Nagattara i seems to have marched upon Mahendra's son 
A yyapa . In a battle at Turabepadi, Nagattara saved the dav, but sacrificed his life in so doing. This 
loyal service was rewarded by confirming the Nagattara crown in the family, and giving them an 
estate of twelve villages. The Bempur , which was the chief of these, is the modern Begur, to the 
south of Bangalore, where the stone was originally found by Mr Bowring, then Chief Commissioner, 
and removed to the Museum 2. 

In Cp 134 appears the maharajadhiraja, chief lord of Kolala-pura, lord of Nandagiri, Perm- 
manadi, ruling the kingdom. A.n 76 gives as Konganivarmma-dharrama-maharajadhiraja. An 73 not 

Originally published by me \o 1878 (Mys. Ins. No lia) . It bas also appeared in Ep. Ind. VI. 46. 

Ineffectual attempts had been made both in India and in England to decipher it before I at lengthl succeeded in makiop 
it out, which was one of my eariiest efforts. 


( 6 ; 

only has this and the preceding, but the curious eombination Niti-P-rmmanadi-varmma Ereyappa. 
Naga-„tara's secvant died in rescuing some cows. In Ka 52 we bave simply Ereyappa, and under 
him Nolamba-Senemara's son Mendanna. Cp 159 is of apparently the first year of Nitimargga- 
Permmanadfs assuming the crown, but no year is mentioned or other clue given to the date. Cp 48 
is dated iu a year whose name ends in va, perhaps Prabhava, 907. Nitimargga is praised as the 
foremost of kings in ruling according to the niti-s'dstra. While Nitimargga-Permmanadi was ruhng, 
Muvadi (the ihird) Chilluka-deva, who was in charge of coriain temples, one of which was dedicated 
to S'ivamaresvara and another to NitimarggesVara, received a grant. In Si 28 (vol. xii) a Chilluka 
is mentioned in 943 who was a re-incarnation of Lakuli3a. Cp 161 is fully dated in 913, and 
Nitimargga-Permmanadi was ruling. 

Tha two remaining Ganga inscriptions of the miin lme are of tho timo of Marasingh a, distin- 
guished as Nolambakulantaka, but not dat^d. In Nl 51 Kali Tunga iell in a battle at Manne. 
In Cp 143 only the titles and Permrnanadi are given. 

As no more inscriptions reraain to be published, lt may be useful to give here a table, with 
annals, of the Gangas according to the intorniition we now pos^ess. The numbers indicate those who 
ruled and the order. The dates (A. D.) are taken entirely fr>m inscriptions. Helore the time of S'iva- 
mara I (680) these are mostly on copper plates, but Mb 263 and Cm 50 are oa stone, and 
from his time stone inscriptions are the most numerous. 

Of the Ikshvaku f=So%!') race, was 
Dhananjaya (wiie Gandhari) 


Harschandra (wife Rohini), 

King of Ayodhyd 



and Madhava 

Who came to the Soutb, and at Perur or Ganga-Perur (Kadapa District) met with the Jain 
teacher Simhanandi, who assisted them to found the kingdom of the Gangaradi Ninety-six Thousand 
(bounded north by Marandale, east by Tonda-nad, south by_Kongu, and west by the ocean and 
Cheram), with Kuvalala 2 (Kolar) as their tapital, and Nandagiri (Nandidroo.,') as their stroughold. 
The full titles of the kings are — Rohqunivarmmadharmma-mahddhirdja (or mahdrdjddhirdja), Ku- 
valdla-pura-varSSvara (or paramUvara), Nandagiri-ndtha. From the time of S'ripurusha they 
add Permmdifidigal, aod from the time of Rijjamalla I they add Satyavdkya and Bdchamalla. 

In Nr 35 (vol. viii) and Sh 10 (vol. vii) Dadiga and Madhava are described as the sons of flaris'chandra ; Sh 4 and t)4 
say they were sons of Padmanabha descended from Haris'chandra. The intervening steps from flaris'chandra are— Bharata 
(wife Vijaya), Gangadatta (from whom the line obtained their name), Bharata, Gangadatta, Haris'chandra, Bhanua, 
Gangadatta, Vishnugupta (wife Prithvimati),— ruling in Ahichchhatra, to whom Indra gave the elephant which became the 
Gangacrest — Bhagadatta (progenitor of the Kalinga Gangas) and his brother S'ridatta, Then, without specifying the oon- 
nection, Priyabandhu..-Kampa, Padmanabba. 


This name appears later as Koval&la and then KoJala. 

( 7 ) 


defeated the Matsya kiug's army 

1, Madhava I, 103 

Kongunivarmmd, 1 Konganivarmmd 
of the Kanvayana-gotra — 
cut through a stone pillar with a single strolcc of his sword 

though only a youth — 
consecrated to conquer the Bana country — 
a wild-fire to the stubhle of the torest called Bana. 

2. Madhava II, 

Kiriya Mddhava 

3. Harivarmma, .Mf- 


obtained the honours of the kingdom only for the sake of the 
good government of his subjects — 
skilled arnong those who expound aud practise the ntti-idstrd — 
author of a commentary on the dattaka-sHlra (or law of 


removed the capital to Talavana-pura or Talakad, on the 

Kaveri — 

used elephants in war. 

devoted to the worship of gurus> cows and Brahmans— 

worshipper of Narayarta (Vishnuj — 

his mental energy unimpaired to the end of life. 
Madhava III, 357-370... 

4 . Vish n u a opa 

Taclangdla Mddhava 

6, Avinita, 430—482 

his arms grown stout and hard with athletic exercises — 
married the sister of the Kadamba king Krishnavarmma. — 
daily eager to extricate the ox of merit from the thick mire ct 

the Kali-yuga in which it had sunk— 
worshipper of Tryambaka (Siva). 

anointed to the throne when an infant on his mother's lap — 
his preceptor was the Jaina teacher Vijayakirtti. 

y, Durvvinita,2 482—517 

8. Mushkara, 


had the Jaina grammarian Pujyapada as his preceptor — 
wrote a commentary on 15 sargas of the Kirdtdrjuntya — 
named as one of the chief early Kannada authors m the 

Kavirdjanidrga — 

tnarried the daughter of the Punnad kjng Skandavarmma — 

a' . 

waged sanguinary wars for Andari, Alattur (Coimbatoiri Districti, 

Porulare (?Chingl-put District), Pennagara (Salem District), 

and other places — 
anuextd Panna'd and Punnad — 
captured Kaduvetti on the field <>f batlle, and nl.iced Iiis own 

daugbter's son rn J;>yasimha's hereditary kingdom — 
followed the religion o f Vishnu. 

married the daughter of the Sindhu Eft-ja — 

(ihe State seems to have again adopted the Jain reh gion). 

The nanu E-oDgani or Konganivanrrma ia appfied to all 6he kin«s to the end. Kongai.ii «lso ap) 'ms K. 

li, aaO exceptionally as KongoM, and Kongiiii. 



«i xv.-uii.ln stone (Caa 5C, V<>1 VI) eaHs him Nii 

9. Srivikrama 

defeated the Pallava king Narasimhapotavarmma at Vilanda — 
captured the whole ot the Pallava dominions and gaiued the 

made Maukuula (Channapatiu taluq) the royal residence. 


10. Bhuvikrama, —679 

11. Sivamara I, 679—713 
Nava Kdma, 
Prithuvi- Kongani. 

(a son) 


12. Sripurusha. 726—776 




Permmanadi 1 

hacl two Pallava princes perhaps as hostages. 

slew Kaduvetti, the king of Kanchi, in a luttle at Vilarde, and took 

away lrom Lmi the title Permmanadi 

made Manya-pura (Manne in Nelamangala taluq) the royal residence— 

the kingdom was called tlie S ri-rajya— 

wrote a work on elephants, called' Gaja-s'dstra. 

13. S'ivamara II, 

was captured and imprisoned by the Rnshtrakuta king Dhruva Saygotti 

in aboui 790, but released, again impiisoned, and tiually rein. 

stated by Govinda III m about 8)3 — 
gained a victory over the Vallabha army at Muduguudur 

(Mandya taluq) 
wrote a work on elephants called Gajdsh/aka, explainiug his own 

system, composed in poetry of a high order. 



at one time in temporary oharge of his elder hrcther's kingdom 


was Yuvaraja in 797 — 
had Pallava princes perhaps as 


Prithuvipati I, ? 820 
sheltered refugees trom Amoghavarsha- 
defeated the Pandya king Varaguna at 
S'ri Purambiyam (tiear Kuinbhakonam. 

14. liajamalla 


Satyavakya I 

rescued from the Rashtrakutas his country, which they had held too long— 
married Pallav;idhiraja's daughter, th^ younger sister of Nolambadhiraia. 


15. Nitimargga I, 

Bana Vikramayya 

gained a victory at Ru aiamadi — ■ 
captured Banarasa's Maharaiara-cad. 

married to Nolambadhiraja, 
i olalchora Nolamba 

appniiccd hv the Chnla king Parantaka as king of the Bana 
country under thu uame of Hastimalla. 

killed in a baitle under Bira-Nolamba against S'antara. 

I * I 

Prithnvipati II, c 910 16. liajamalla, 870—907 


Anni, c 920 

Satgavakya 1L 

gained a victory at Remiya. 


Mahendra, 878 

17. Ereyappa, 886—913 

" A A 

Nitimargga 11 


killed by 3iituga, who seized the throne, 
being asssted by the RashtrakQta king 
Kannara III 

married the daughter of the Rashtrakuta 
king Kannara III, by whom he had the 
son Indra-Raja, the last of the Rashtra- 
ku v as, who died 982. 





wife of Dora, 

died 971, after SOyears 

of ascetic lile as a widow. 

18. Butuga, 938—953 
Nanniya Ganga, 
Ganga Gangdya 

Marula Deva 


A I 
19. Marasimha, 961—974 


was Yuvaraja in 870 — 

uiarried the daughter of the Rashtrakuta 

king Amoghavarsha [— 
defeated Kajaraja and Mahendia — 
five times overcame the Kougas, who tried 

to prevent his oatchiug elephants. 

slew Bira-Mahendra in battle — 

ruled for bonie time coniointly with No. 10 and occasionally takes his titles. 

slew tiachamalla and seized the Ganga throne — 

on the death of the king Baddega, secured the Kashtrakuta throne lor Kanuara III, his son — 

married the daughter of Baddega or Amo^havarsha II, Kannara's sister — 

slew at Takkolam (near Arkonam) the Chola kmg Rajaditya who was at war vv>tb Kannara — 

was granted the Banavase 12000 in reward, and other provinces as dowry. 

led dn expedition against Gurjjara or Gujarat on behalf of the Rashtrakuta king Kannara III — 

iought against the Chalukya Rajaditya — 

biought the Nolamba family to an end — 

retircd in 973 to Bankapur, to end his days in religious exercises under Ajitasena, and died 974. 


20. liachamalla, 978 

his mii-ister was Chamunda-Raya, who Edjarnalla-Satyavdhya III 
was author ol the Chamundaraya-pura,- 
na, and erected the colossal image of 
Gomata at S'ravaua-BeJgola. 

21. Iiakkasa.Ganga, 984 



a a : 

22. Nitimargga III, 999 



PenumS.nadi is a title of all the snhsequent kinRS, and frequently used alone, without any narae. 

Satyavakja antl R4jamal'a or Racliamalla nre names applied to all the succeeding kings. 

( 9 ) 

The Ganga sovereignty was overthrown by the Cholas in the reign of Rajaraja, whose son 
Rajendra-Choja captnred Talakad in 1004, aod gained the name of Gangaigonda-Choja. But 
according to Hk 4 it would appear that the Cholas had mvaded the east of the country before this, 
and in Ht 111 Rajaraja is meutioned as the ruler of that part in 997. 

The remaining inscriptions under the head of Gangas in this volume are concerned with some 
local governers of the 13th century who bore the general title of Rajaraja -Karkata -maharaja, which 
indicates that it was of Chola origin. The first four give the actual name as S'okkanayan (Chokka- 
nayaka). In 1283 and 1294 (Bn 43, 100) they are mentioned as subordinate to the Hoysala king 
Eamanatha, and from the dates the others were probably so too. These two were called respectively 
Ganga-Perumal and Tamattamavav. That tne family were Gangas appears not only from their names, 
but from the Karkata-maraya of Mr 14 (vol. x) named (Jttama-S'6]a-Gangan Virundar having the 
distinctive Ganga titles — lord of Kuvalala-pura, lord of Nandigiri. 

Kalinga Gan gas. 


Of this line of rulers there is only one inscription, Bn 140 It is not riated, but probably 
belougs to about 700 A.D., and records a grant by Devendravarmm a, son of Rajendravarinma, made 
from his residence of Kalinga-nagara (Ganjam district). He was a worshipper oi the god Gokarna- 
svami of the Mahendra mountaiu (Ganjam district). The king, being in good health, commands the 
householders of the Sidhata village and its neighbou rhood in Varahavartani that the village has been 
granted to Ratuka, a resident of Palukosu, of the Kateya-sutra, in order to provide for the worship 
and offerings to (the god) Paramesvara. The grant was apparently made at the instance of Navani- 
tesvara of S'riparvata, and was written by Utnina S'rikhaudi. 

According to the inscriptions referred to above (p 6, note) the progenitor of the Kalinga GangaS 
wa» Bhagaditta, between whom and his brother S'ridatta their father Vishnugupta divided his 
douainions, giving Kalinga to the former, and the ancestral kingdom, with the elephant, to the latter. 
A number of early inscriptions ot the Kalmga Gangas have been found, 1 all issued trom Kalinga-nagara, 
and dated in the years of the Ganga family (Gdngeya-vamm-samvatsara)^ an era not yet deter- 
mined 2 . Among them are a Devendravarmma in 51, in 183, and 254. But the first and third were 
sons of Anantavarmma, and the second a son of Gunarnava. They were therefore different from tbeone 
of our prespnt grant. The date 254 is supposed to be equivalent to about 774 A.D. 

A very full and circumstantial genealogy of tbe Kalinga Gaugas is given in an inscription 
of 1118 1'rom Viz.igapata u. 3 The iine is liere traced irom Vishnu through Yayatt and Turvasu, who 
is said fcu have obtamed trom the Ganga, (the Ganges) the sou Grangeya who was the progenitor of the 
Ganga kings. Gangeya, it says, was succeed^d by the followiug 1 8 king?, most of whose naines seem 
purely mythical : — 

Viiocbana , Saurauga Jayasena (II) 

Samsedya Chitrambai'a Jitavirya 

Samvedin Saradhvaja Vrishadhvaja 

Dkttiisenx Dharma (Dhammaba) Pragalba (Pragirbha) 

Soma Parikshit Kolahala 

Am4udi'-ti Jayasena Virochana (II) 

It is possible tliat the date given in tbe Katbbavi inscription (./<«/. Au(., xviii, 309) as S'aka 201 is a mistake for tlie year oL" 
this era, and corr^sponds vvith 790 A.D. The words in 1. 7 left untran^lated are Mamndale merey dge. This vvas the northern 
boundary of Gangaviidi, as above stated (p. G). Ind. Ant.jj s.ym, 1 65. 


( io 

Kolahala, the last but one of thuse, it s.tys, "built the city named Kolahala iu the gr c at 
Ga tigavadi visha va." After 80 kings (not named) in suceessiou to Virochana (II) had enjoyed the- 
city of Kolahal.i, ther - arose Virasimha, who had five sons — Kamarnava, Dinarnava, Gunarnava, 
Marasimha, and Vajrahasti. 1 The first of these, giving over his own territory to his paternal uncle 
(not named), set out with his brothers to conquer the earth, and coming to the Mahendra mountain, 
worshipped Gokarna-svarai, and obtained the crest of a bull and the symbols of sovereignty. Hc and 
his brothers subdued Baladitya, who had grown sick of war, and took possession of the (three) 
Kalingas. Giving Ainbavadi Lo the third brothar, Soda or Se.U to the fourth, and Kantaka to the 
fifth,— Kamarnava, with his capital at Jantavura, ruled over the Kalingas, nominating his brother 
Danarnava as his successor. Of the line of kin^s so established some grants have been discoverod, 
and the foilowing is the list of the kings, with the number of years each is said to have ruled2 — 

Kamarnava (I) 


Jitankusa 4 


Gundama (II) 3 





Madhu Kamatjmva (VI)19 

Kamarnava (11) 


Gundama (I) 


Vajrahasta (V) 30 



Kamarnava (IV) 


(crowned in 1038) 

Vajrahasta (II) 




Elajarajtt, 8 

Kamarnava (III) 


Vajrahasta (IV) 


Choja Ganga 



Kamarnava (V) 



(crowned in 1078) 

Vajrahasta V marr ied the Yaidumba princess Vinaya-mahadevi. His son Rajaraja is said to 
have defeated the Dramilas, married Rajasundari, daughter of the Cholaking Rajendra-Choja, and 
saved the aged Vijayaditya from falling into the power of the Cholas, by upholding his authority in 
the west. Rajaraja's son Ananta^arma or Chola-Ganga was anointed king ofTrikalinga in 1078, and 
reinstated tbe fallen lord of Utkala (Orissa) in the east, and the sinking lord of Vengi m the west. 
Grants of his have been found dating in 1081, 1118, and 1135" 4 . Two inscriptions of 1149 
(Ck 29, 30, vol xii) say that Chama-Deva, eldest son of the Oda-Rayindra (or great kingof Orissa) 
Chola-Ganga, was born in the Heiiaji Twelve of theKadanurSeventy. These places are both in Dod- 
Ballapur taluq. 

The Gaoga kings of Orissaor Kalinga, also called Gajapatis or elephant lords, beginning with 
Chola-Ganga, held the sovereignty of that country down to 1534, soon after which it fe|l a prey 
to the Muh..mmadans. 

A A 


The first inscription under this head is the Mauue plates of Prabhiitavarsha ,; 6vinda-Raja- 


Deva, of 802 (Nl 61) It begins with the mention of Krishna-Raja or Vallabha, who drew forth 
tbe Lakshmi of sov.reismty frora the great ocean the Chalukya family. His son was Dhora, for 
whom Lakshmi passed ov«-r his elder (brother). He for a long time bound Ganga, who had never 
been conquered by others ; hemmed in Pall tva between his own force on one side and the sea on 
the other, so that he had to surrender and deliver up his huge elephants ; Vatsa-Raja, who had 
seized the Gauda kingdom, he drove into the impassable desert (Maru or Marwar) and took away 
from him the pair of white state umbrellas which belooged to Gauda. He had also the names 

For a grant of the time of Vajrahasta, issued from Kalinganagara, where (as in our inscription) he was a worshipper of 

Gokarna-svami on the Mahendra mountain, see Ep. Ind. iii, 22p. 

id. iv, 186. 

Instead of this and the following name, two grants have Vajrahasta ( III) 40 (or 44), while Gundama is said to have ruled S 
years, and Kamarnava (IV) 35. Vajrahasta (V) is also given 38 years. Loc. cit. 

( 11 ) 

Nirupama and Kali-Vallabha. Ilis son was Govinda-Uaja, through whora the Rashtrakiita liue was 
raised above all rivalry. While yet Yuvaraja, his father, in /xmsideration of his handsorae form and 
great ablity, had offered to give up the throne to him. But he dutifully declined, saying — "Father, 
let your rank and sovereiguty remain." When his father had gone to svargga, he, though only one, 
successfully contended with twelve famous kings who with great ferocity attem;itedto wrest the king- 
dom from him. He released G-anga from the burden of his cruel chains and sent him to his own 
eubmissive country, but on his showing a returu of hostiluy, before the brow was wrinkled in a frown, 
he was again subdued and swiftly bonnd. Through fear of him Gurjjara disappeared somewhere5 
the Mal iva chief, who was a learued man but too weak to withstand so powerfid an opponent, found 
it politic to submit to him. The king Marasarvva, in his camp in the Vindhya mountains, hearing 
from the spies that he had come there, thought it mustbe Dhruva, and hastened to appease him by 
casting himself at his feet with heirlooms never before obtaiued by others. Passing the rainy seaaon 
at SVibhavana, the king next came to the bank of the Tungabhadra, where Pallava paid up in full 
the tribute due Irom him. At half a word by a letter-bearer, the Vengi king, vvherever h<? was, instantly 
hastened to do bim service, and built for him an outer wall o f great height. Ho<t ; le kings threw 
theuiselves at his ieet, valuing their security there above that of the priceless iewels in their crowns. 

By him, Prabhiitavarsha Govinda-Kaja-Devi, meditating on the feet of (his tather) lihara- 
varsha-Deva, reflecting that this life is as unstable and transient as the wind or lightniug, — ■through 
his elder brother S'aucha-Kambha-Deva, with another uaun Rauavaloka, who had aceepted the com- 
mand of Prabhiitavarsha, — on the application of the son (not named 1 ) of Bappayya, who was a 
disciple of Prabhachandra, the disciple of Pushpauan li, the diseiple of Toraniohiryya, who was 
of the Kondakundanvaya and Udara-gana, living in the S'almali villa^e, famous in the 
Taidat-vishaya, — the king Nirupama-Deva Prabhutavarsha, — for the Jina temple erected in the 
western quarter of Manya-pura (see above, p 4) by the victorious ruler S'rivijaya-Raja on whom he 
had conferred achief-ship — from his viitorious carap pitched at Vlanvi-pura, made a grant 01 the 
Pervvadiyur village in the Ededinde-vishaya, and also a tithe (of the prodtice) o: Pideriyur. 

Of the interesting items of hi9torical information contained in this inscriptioi, perhaps the tnost 
important is the supersession of Kambha by his younger brother, atid his acceptance o' a subordinate 
position under the latter. Their father Dhora, Dhruva, Dharavarsha. or Nirupi na, had himself 
superseded his elder brother Govinda, who, being addicted to sensual pleasures, was careless 
of his royal duties and allowed the sovereignty to slip into the hands ot his youn<j;er brother.2 In 
the present instance Govinda was specially selected by his Jather to succeed him on account of Irs 
splendid form and superior abilities. In f ict the father had offered to abdicate in his ^avour, but 
Govinda dutifully declined, saying he was satisfied with beiug appointed the Yuvaraja or heir- 
apparent. But wheu, on the death of his father, he ascended the throne, the elder brother Stambha 
or Kambha (one being the Sanskrit and the other the Kinnada form 01' the same word), at the head 
of a confederacy of twelve kings, raised up a powerful rebellion a^amst him. This he suppressed and 
in the end, as stated in the inscription, Kambha submitted to his youuger brother, and was 
entrusted with authority under him. 

Of Kambha we have two other inscriptions in Mysore, both undated. The tirst is Hg 93 
(vol iv), where he is called Kambharasa, and appears in the reign ot Dhiravarsha S'rivallabha as 
governing the Ninety-six Thousand, that is -iangavadi or the kingdom of the Gangas. When, 
therefore, Dharavarsha, having resolved that his younger son Govinda should succeed him, seized and 

I 2 

Unless we are to understand that it was S'rivijaya. See Ep. Ind. iv, 287. 

( 12 ) 

impnsoned the Ganga king S'jyaniara II for so long, it would appear that he may have been 
actuated to take this step by a desire to compensate uis elder son Kambha lor his supersess;on by 
giving him the G-a:>ga lrngdom. The secoud inscription referred to is Sb J24 (vol ii). In this we 
have Ranavaloka sri-Kambaiya, son of Srivallabha, ruling the kmgdom of the earth (prithivi- 
rdjyam yeyye). Probably therefore it belongs to the period immediately following his father^s death, 
when he was fighting to establish his claim to the throne. The present inscription, in which he had 
submitted to his younger brother, is therefore the latest of the three, and is dated 802. What 
command he now held is not stated, but probably he continued as viceroy of the Ganga territories 
to which he had been appointed by his iather. 

Among the exploits of Prabhutavarsha Govinda-Raja, he is said to liave passed the rainy season 
at S'ribhavana, wherever that was, and then came to the bank ot the Tungabhadra, where Pallava 
paid up in full the tribute due trom him. Tnis incident is no doubt the oue recorded in 
plates obtained by Sir Walter Elliot,* which state that Goyinda 1'rabLuuvarsha, having conquered 
Dantiga, the ruler of Kanchi, when he ca.: e to receive his tribute, encamped on the bank oi the 
Tungabhadra, aud had some sport in spearing boars at the tirtha called Ramesvara, where he made 
agrant, apparently the renewal of one originally given by (the Chalukya king) Kirttivarmnia. This 
Ramesvara is an island in the Tungabhadra, midway between the junction ofthe Tunga aud the 
Bhadra, and Honnali. See Hl 8, vol vii. 

Next we have two inscriptions of the time of Akalavarsha, Dv 42, 43. In the first, Gangarasa's 
son Govinda had been granted the government of the Salne Three Hundred and the Kuningil Five 
Hundred. The former is in later inscriptions called the Sanne-nad, and the latter is the modern 
Kunigal. Iu Dv 43 we have one of Akalavarsha's officers rnliug Puunad. This was a local circle 
called in DB 38 the Puonad &.'venty. 2 The old inscription Ht 12, which is in Hala-Kannada cba- 
lacters but contains several Tamil words, is attributed to the time of a Kannadi-arasa. This may be 
a form of Kaunara or Kandhara, that is Krishna (II), the name o' the saine Akalavar^ha. 

In Ma 75 we have an undoubted inscription of Krishna III, dateil 96rJ. In itappeais aGauga- 
Bhima, son of Ma. . da named Durvinita, erecting a tempie in the Manne country. When the towu 
was plundered, Oadiga, the eldest son of Ganga-Gachchi, who wus nal-gavunda of the Manne Three 
Hundred, having been killed, a Dadigesvara templo vvas built to Ins inemory. 

Bn 37 is of the time wheu Indara was ruling. This may be the last of the Rashtrakutas, who 
died at S'rav,ina Belgola in 982 as recorded in SB 57 (vol ii) aud Si 27 (vol xii). 


Of the Pallavas who uud^r the name of Nonambas or Nolambas ruled in the east and north of 
Mysore, giving their name to the Nonambavadi or Nolambavadi Thirty-two Thousand province, an 
account has been piven in the Chitaldrong, Kolar, and Tumkur volumes. 

We have here two inscriptions of the time of Mainda or Mahendra, for whom the fixed date 378 
is obtained trom Si 38 (vol xii). In Ht 9 he is said to be ruling the Ganga Six Thousand ; 
in DB 3 he was ruling a<» king (arasu gtye), and fighting Gangarasa or the Ganga king (not named). 

An inscription of Ayyap t-Deva follows (Ht 14), and perhaps Ht 110 is also of his time. 
Then come two of his son, DB 9 and Dv 10, dated 918 and 948. The son was Anniga or Bira 
Nolamba. Next is Ht 37 of the time of Iriva-Nolamba, the second of Ayyapa's sons, who had 

the name Djlipayja. Ht 47 is also probably of his tiaie. Iu this we have Chola attacking 

■ — — — — — — ^-^ » . . 

I 2 

See So. Ind. Pal., 137 ; Mys. Insg, Intro, 57 ; Ind. Ant. A.J, 126. See noteabove, p. :-!. 

( 13 ) 

Nolambaxlhiraja in Bijayitamangala (novv Betmangala ) and Nolambarasa was killed. This inscrip- 
tion is not dated, but iu Ht 111 dated in 997 we have the Chola king Rijaraja-Deva ruling the 
kingdom, and the Nolambas must have submitted to him, for Ayyapa-Deva's son Gannarn sa was 
ruliug under him the province named Daligavadi or Dadigavadi, called Tadigaipadi or Tacligaivali in 
Tamil. It appears to have been in the north of the Bangalore District, and included other parts to 
the west (see Ng 67, vol iv, and Ma 75 above). 


The Kadambas are represented by a single record (Cg 57), of 1095. It mentions the death 
of D uddarasa, of whom an account is contained in Mj 18 (vol v) of the same date. The piaces 
he was ruling and the extent of his retinue are here given. In the Manjarabad inscription we have 
particulars of his father and his sons, especially Dayasimha, his successor. The family, though of 
interest from the descriptions, were apparently of no more than local importance. 


There is only one inscription to be noticed under this head, and it is a peculiar one, 1 Bn 142. 
It records a graut by Vira-Nonaniba-chakravartti of the Chalukya family, ruling in Kalyana-pura. 
The grant was made in the course of a victorious expedition, when he was in the Hefijeru village, in 
the Saka year 366, to Mara-Setyi, described as a principal Gangavadikara, a vadda-byavahdri (or 
senior merchant) of the Chalukyas, /or his successful attack on Kilva-Raya in the battle of Hefijeru. 
This place has heen identified by me with Hemavati on the northern border of Sira taluq in 
MadakBira, and is mentioned in several old inscriptions. The earlier form of the name is Pefijeru- 
In Tamil it appears as Perufijeruvu (the great plain). 

The plates are inscnbed in N andi Nagari c haracters (a special form of r being used to repre- 
sent the Haja-Kannada r in Henjeru), and the language is Sanskrit, except here and there in names 
which are in Kannada form. The donor, Vira-Nonamba, can only be identified with the Chalukya 
prince Jayasimha, who had that name, as stated in Sk 136 (vol vii), and in other places is call- 
ed Nolamba-Pallava-Permmanadi, being the son of a Pallava mother. Under his father SomesVara 


Trailokyamalla Ahavamalla he was governor of various provinces (Hl 107, 119, vol vii). By 
the next king, his elder half brother S6:neSvara Bhuvanaikamalla, he was made governor of the 
Nolamba-Sindavadi proviuce (Sk 136). The other half brother, Vikramarka Tribhuvanaraalla, — 
both these being the sons of a Ganga mother and taking all the Ganga titles, — on coming to the 
throne, made him Yuvaraja or heir apparent, and he won various important conquests for the king- 
dom. In 1080 he was ruling Banavase and other large provinces for his brother (Sk 293). But 
eventuaily he rebelled against him, and was defeated and iir.prisoned. 

Whatever may be the explanation of its date, which is at least six hundred years too early,2 this 
inscription has a special interest as being apparently the model on which the several Janamejaya 
inscriptions — those of the Gauj and other agraharas (see vol vii)— were framed.3 It is said to have 
been written by the highly accomplished Odvachari,4 and is signed, — like the Begiir and Kuppa- 
gadde agrahara plates,— >Ari-rdija-mastaka-tala-prahdri, on which see vol. vii, Intro. 2. 

Originally published by me in 1879, Ind. Ant. VIII, 89. 

I have already pointed out (vol VII, Intro. 2) that the discrepancy between the S'aka and cyclio years i* itself evidence 
that the date mnst be later ttian 909 A-D., and that whereasfor S'aka 966 they agree, reckoninc; back for 366 they do not, 
owing to the former practice of casting out samvatsaras when two begin in the saine solar year, described in Ind. Cal 
p. xxxviii. 


Paraltel versions to show this were published by me in 1379 (Ind. Ant. VII 1 , 91). 


See remarks about Ikkudoja, vol XI. Intro, 11. 



( 14 ) 

Other points to be noted in connection with this inscription are theepithets applied to the donee. 
He is called a mulika-GangavddiMra, or principal Gangavadikara. This means a native of Ganga- 
vadi, the kingdom of the Gangas in Mysore, and is the intermediate form of Gangadikara, the narae 
now of the existing largest sectionof ryota in Mysore, who representthe former subjects of Gangavadi. 
Of the Kilva-Raya whom he is said to have overcome in the battle of Henjeru we have no other know- 
ledge. A Kilvogodeyarasa-Deva is mentioned in Dg 6 (vol xi) as haviug ruled in the old royal 
city Hiriya Betur, near Davar.gere. The grant of land was given accompanied with the sanie honours 
as those mentioned in tbe agrahara plates before referred to. 



There are about 50 Chola inscriptions, of which 10 are in Kannada and the rest in Tamil. The 
earliest is Ht 111 of 997, when Rajaraja-Deva was ruling. It is in Kannada, and is dated in the 
S'aka year, according to the prevailing custom in Mysore, and not only in the regnal year as was 
the Clioja practice. (The Nojamba king) Ayyapa-Deva's son Gannarasa was governing a part of Dali- 
gavadi (see above, p 13). No earlier Chol* inscription than this has been lound in Mysore 1 . Of 
special interest is Cg 46, which records the creation of the Rongalva title by Rajakesarivarmma, that 
is RAjaraja, in about 1005. A Panchava-maharaya had gained some important advantage in the 
battle of Panasoge, and the emperor resolved to reward him with a title and a nad. He according" 
ly invested him with a crown as Kshatriya-sikhamani Kongalva and gave him Malavve, now Malambi 
in Coorg. Further particulars will be found under Kongalvas. Several inscriptions follow, of the king's 
23rd year, 1007. Cp 47 is in Kannada charac ters but Tamil language, and contains the sarae hia- 
torical introduction as Cp 128. The destruction of the ships at Kandalur-S'alai, the cooquest of 
Vengai-nad, Gangapadi, Nularabapadi, Tadigaivali, Kuda-malaiuad, Kollam, Kalingam, Ila-mand- 
alam held by the stubborn Singalas, the Irattapadi Seven-and-a-half Lakh country, the archipelago 
of twelve thousand ancient islands, and the S'eliyaror Pandyas are raentioned. For description ofthese 
see the Kolar volume (x). AU these inscriptions record grants for temples made by the local assembly 
of the agrahara or chaturvedimangalam. The Puuganur mentioned in Cp 130 and other places is 
Honganur in Channapatna taluq, which was the capital of Chikka Gangava di. 

Rajendra-Ch6Ja's in^criptions begin with Cp 42a and 135 of his 2nd year, 1013. Cp 42 de- 
tails his conquest of Idaiturai-nad, Vanavasi, Kollippakkai, and Manuai ; his capture of the crown 
of the king of Ilam (Ceylon), the crown of his queen, the crown and necklace of Indra, which the 
king of the South (Paudya) had formerly surrendered to the kings of Ilam, with the crown and 
garland of rubies which were heirlooms of the warlike Kerala, and many ancient islands. This in- 
troduction is repeated in part in Kannada characters in Cp 43. Ht 10 is also ifl Kannada. 

Nl 1, a Kannada inscription, of this king's 18th year, 1029, is of much interest. The 
K6-Parakesarivarmma Rajendra-Chola-Deva is described as the Odeyar who was ruling Gange 
(the Ganga territories), the East country, and Kadaram (in Burma). Vamana, a dandana- 
yaka of Yuddhamalla-Deva, erected a temple of Siddhesvara in meraory of his guru Mauni-bhatta,- 
raka, and endowed it. We learn that it was situated in Dadigavali which was Vikramachoja- 
mandala. Of special interest is the statement that the vvriter of the sasana was a son of the 
mahdmdtra Ajavarmmaya. The mdhdmdtras were officials appointed in the time of Asoka, the 
3rd century B.C., and 1 do not recollect meeting with the term in later inscriptions before this 
one. The composer, Punyasarmma, is described as emperor (or master) of sasana expressions. 

There is iudeed Mb 203 (vol. X) of perhaps934, but this is doubtful. There is no reason to suppose that thc CliSlas. 
exercised nnyauthority inMysore soearly. It is quite an isolated insoription, and may belong to a later period, the time of 
Rajendra-Chola. In any case, it is only just within the eastein border of the State. 

( 15 ) 

The descent of the guru commetnorated is farther given. It begins with Adhinatha, who took 
up his station at the root of a sacred tree in Cbandrapuri, situated by the Western Ocean. His 
disciple, waited on by kings, was Clichayadhinatha, whose son was Starnbhanatha. His son was 
Dvipanatba, whose disciple, invincible as a disputant, was Mauninfitha, whose disciple RtipaUva- 
paudita was placed in charge of the teniple. A farther grant for ifc is recorded in Nl 37 in 1033* 
An elaborate account of the king's exploits is contained in Cp 82, 83, of his 23rd vear, 1034- 
Iu addition to the conquests and acquisitions above raentioned, he is said to have obtained th9 
crown of pure gold which ParaSurama had deposited for security in the inaccessible S'antima island. 
He moreover acquired the Irattapadi Seven-and-a-half Lakh country, and the fame of putting to 
flight Jayasingaa (theChalukya king); who through fear disgracefully turned his back atMuyaugi and 
hid himself; also S'akkaragottara (Chakrakotta), the Madurai country, Namauaiykkonai, Panja- 
ppalli, and Maiuni-desam. In a groat battle at Adinagaravai, he captured Indira-iratan of the 
Lunar race, with all his treasures and relations. He also took Otta-vishaiyam (Orissa), Kosalai- 
nAd, Taudabutti vvhore he slew Danma;jala iu a fierce battle; Dakkana-I.adam where he attacked 
Ir,anasuran ; Vangala-desam from which Govindasandan fled on foot, dismounting from his horse ; 
frightened Mayipala of S'angottal in battle, and seized his mighty elephants, his wrunen and treas- 
ures ; Uttira-Ladam and even the Gangai (or Ganges). He sent many ships over the sea and 
captured S'angirama-Visaiy6ttungapanman, the king of Kidaram, togetber with lns fine elephants 
and trophies consisting of the Vichchadira-toranam at the war gate, and doors set with largo jewels- 
He also took S'rivijaiyam, Pannai, Malaiytir, Mayirudingam (an island), Ilangasobam, Ma- 
Pappalara (in the Andaman islands), Mevilipangam, Valarppandiir, Kulaittakkolam, Madama- 
lingam, Ilamuri-desam, Ma-Nakkavaram (the Nicobar islands), and Kidaram (in Burma). Thes e 
conquests are again recounted in Nl 7, of the 27th year, 1038. The last of his inscriptions is 
Ht 142, of the 32nd year, 1043. 

We then come to Ra iMhi raia- D e va. Dv 75 is of his 29th year, 1046. He ruled for a con- 
fiiderable tirae along with his father (see Nl 25). He is said to have given crowns to his father's 
younger brother, his own elder brothers, and his sons, 1 calling them Vanavan (the Chera king), 
Vallavan (the Chalukya king), Minavan (the Pandya king), Gangan (the Ganga king), Ilangai (the 
Ceylon king), Pallavan (the Pallava king), and Kannakuchchi (the Kanyakubja king), 2 bestowing upon 
them the dominions of those kings. He seems to have been of a bloodthirsty disposition and did not 
spare the captive kiugs, but cut off on the battle-field the head of the Pandya king Manabaranan, 
which was never without a golden crown set with large jewels ; had Vira-Keralan trampled to death 
by his furious elephant Ativarana ; sent Sundara-Pandiyan flying from tlie battle-^eld to Mullaiyfir 
with dishevelled hair aud weary feet, with the loss of his state umbrella, his big fans made frora the tail 
of tho yak, and his throne ; despatched the king ot Venad to heaven ; ruined the three kings of 
Iramakum ; destroyed at Kandaliir-Salai on tlie coast the ships of Viilavan (tne Chera kmg), who had 
fled from his dominions and hidien himseif ; terrified Ahavamalla (the Chalukya king) by destroying 
his army, capturing his fine elephants, and making bis bravest leaders retreat bke cowards ; burn fc 
Kollipakkai ; openly seized the jewelled crown of Nigaja-Vikramabahu, king ot Ilangai ; when Vira- 
Salameganinvaded the country from Ilam for Ceylon), drove him off disgraced, took his elder sister 
and his wife prisoners, cut off the nose of his mother, and wben h • turned to reseuge them, slew 
liim on the battle-field and seized his gold^n crcwn set with laige jcweL. He also took tbe crown 
ol Srivallavan Madanaraja, king of Ilam. who was a descendant of Kannaran ( ? Rashtrakuta 


These are not lieve named, but their names will be fouud iu Bn 108. 

Th's refers apparently to a king of Cejlon w^o was a native of Kanyak ibja. 

( 16 ) 

kiug) ; led his army a second timj to the north, chasei away Gandan, Dinakara-Naranan, Ganavati 
and Madisiidanan, and burnt the palace of the S'alikkiyar (Chalukyas) at Kampili. The tribute 
paid by the Villavar (Cheras), Minavar (Pandyas), S'alikkiyar (Chalukyas), Vallavar (Pallavas), 
Kosalar, Vanganar, Konganar, S'intukar, Ayyanar, S'ingalar, Pangalar and Antarar (Andhras), 
to^ether with the revenue he obtained from one-sixth share of the produce of the land, he distii- 
buted among the Brahmans. Finally he performed the horse-sacrifice, aud seated himself on the 
throne with the name Jayangonda-Chola. 

Nl 25 is oi' his 33rd year, 1050. His umbrella is said to be planted under the shadow of the 
urabrella of his father, who had conquered Gangai (Mysore) in the north, Ilangai (Ceylon) in the 
south, Mahodai (Cochin) in the west, and Kadaram (Burma)in the east. Some of the king's conquests 
above mentioned are repeated, but it is added that he killed the king of ? Stangam 1 on the battle-field. 
Nl 38c describes him as having taken off the head of Paudiyan, and captured the Salai of Kera- 
lan, Ilangai, and Irattapadi (Kittavadi). Nl 76 of the same year recounts many of the conquests 
mentioned above, vvith some variations and additions. Thus it is said that of the three kings of the 
South (the Pandyas), the rulers of Kanni, he sent two to heaven and one to the forests ; captured the 
father and mother of Viijayan who fled from the battle in fright ; sent back the valiant warriors whom 
Ahavamalla had put torward to oppose him, with 'Abavamalla is a coward' clearly written on their 
breasts ; subdued the people of S'iru-tui;ai, Perun-turai, and Umadi-turai ; routediu battle ... nnan, 
Kalidasan, Samundan of Vi . peruntur, Kommayan, and...lava-marajan ; punished S'anjakairavan 
for allovving Tammudi to take refuge vvith him ; burnt Irattapadi and took possession of the beauti- 
ful Seven-nnd-a half Lakh country. 

Bn 108 is an inscription of Rajendra-Deva, youngor brother of Rajadhiraja. He claims to 
have bestowed crowns on tbe same relatives, but names them. His father's younger brother was 
Gangaikonda-S'61an, with the title Immadi-S'61an ; his own younger brothers were Mummadi-S'6lan, 
with the title S'61a-Paudyan ; Vira-S'61au, lord of Koli (Uraiy&r or Warriore near Trichinopoly), with 
the title Karikala-Solan ; Madurantakan, with the title S'61a-Gangan ; and Paranta-Devan, with the 
title S'61a-Ayy6ddhyarajan, He also gave crowns to his sons Iraiendira-S'61an, with the title Uttama- 
S'61an ; Mudigonda-Solan, with thetitle S'61a-Janakarajan ; and Irattapadikonda-S'61an, with the 
title S'61a-Vallaban. Also on his son's sons Madurantakan, with the title Sundara-S' ; Anai_ 
chchevagan, with the title Nirupendra-Solan. When attacked by the Chalukya Ahavamalla at the 
great Koppam tirtha, though severely wounded and having lost many of his principal officers, he 
slew Chalukya's younger brother Jayasinga, Pulakesi, Dasapanman, Asokan, Araiyan, Mottayan, 
Nanni-Nulambam, and other princes without number. Whereupon the terrihed Chalukya fled, along 
with his princes Revan, Tuttan, Gandamayyan and others. 2 The rest of the inscription is gone. 
This battle at Koppam, a place which has not been satisfactorily identified, 3 seems to have been of a 
most sanguinary and disastrous character. The Chola king Rajadhiraja vvas slain, Rajendra his 
younger brother took his place and was severely wounded, but succeeded in the end in making the 


Chalukya king Ahavamalla, vvho had Iost many of hia bravest supporters, retreat in disorder. A 

i . 

From CB 31, Vol X, it seems that this should be Kalinsaui. 

For identification of some of the persons named, see S». Ind. Ina. III, 58. 


It s described as a great tirtha or distinguished holy place on the Peraru or big river, a name generally applied to the Kri- 
shna. Kuppam on the Palar in the south east of Mysore has been suggested (So. Ind. Ins. I, 134) and Koppa on the Tunga 
in the Kadur District of Mysore {id. II, 232). But neither of these has a reputation as a ttrtha. On the other hand, Kopana 
in the south west of the Nizam's Dominions, now called Kopal, near the Tungabhadra, is always spoken of as a great tMka 
(see SB Inscriptions ; also Cg 45 in this volume), and in connection with the invasion of Belvola, which is in Dharwar, seenis 
more likely to be the place. The p would naturally be doubled in Tamil. 

( 17 ) 

Chalukya insciiption at Annigere inDbarwar district 1 says tbat the wicked Chola (i. e. Rajadhiraja) 
bad penetratea" mto the Belvola country and burned the Jain temples erected by Ganga-Permadi, 
but that he eventually yielded bis bead to (the Chalukya king) Somesvara (i. e. Abavamalla) in 
battle, and forfeited lns life. 

In Ht 36 we have an inscription of Raiamaheadra-Deva, but it contaius no historical inform- 

Nl 24 brings us to VJrarajendra-Deva, who is said to have plundered some enemy and 
frightened Ahavamalla. But Cp 85, of his 4th year, 1066, contains a long account, much broken 
by gaps. He routed an army whicli had boen sent against hiin nto Vengai-nad (tbe Eastem 
Chalukya territory) , when Vikk ilan und S'ingauan (the Western Chalukyas Vikraina and Jaya- 
simha) met him in battle at Kudal-Sangamam on the irnpetuous river (the junction of the Tunga- 
bhadra and Krishna) boping to wipe out the disgrace of their former defeat, he gained the victory. 
Heovercame S'ingan of Kosalai, Ketaraiyan, Maraiyan, Ira.iiyan and others ; and when Maduvanan 
fled, along witb the other chiefs who had dismounted from their elephants, Ahavamalla also fled, 
leaviug his wives, family treasures, fine elephants, banuers, and other valuable spoils to tbe victor. 
The names of slephants captured are g:v,m. His queen was Ulaga-mulud-udaiyal. He cut off on 
the battle-field the heads of the king of Pottappi, of Varan, Keralan, and Jananata's brother ; had the 
kingofthe South (Pandya), 8'ripallava's son S'iruvan, and Virakesari trampled to death by 
elephants ; drove by means of his elephants the farnily of the S'engiraiyas and S'eralas into the 
western ocean ; subdued the Irattas and captured tbeir elephants ; in a fresh battle cut off the 
heads of the dandanayakas \'al .,., Vanjipayyan, Piramadevan, Bandara-Toraiyan, S'attiyannau, 
Pattiyannan, Vimanayan, and Vaugarau ; also of the Ganga, Nulamba, Kadava, and Vaidumba kings } 
aud returned to his great city Gangai (perhaps Gangaigonda-Solapurara) near the great river. 
Dv 14. ot bis 5th yc ar, 1067, merely says that he frightened Ahavamalla, and made Vikkalan and 
Singannan turn their backs. 

Kulottunga-Chola-Deva comes on the scene in Ht 101, which is of his 6th year, 1075, and the 
inscriptions run up to Kn 12, his 49th year, 1118. The fullest account of him is contained in 
Cp 77» °^ hi 8 1 7th year, 1086. This says that when he was still Yuvaraja, he first wedded 
the goddess of Victory by his heroic d.>eds at 3'akkaragottam (Chakrakota), aud captured troops of 
elephants at Vayiragaram. He put to fiight the Kuntala army, and put on the garland of victory 
over tbe North ; freed the goddass of tha South from being comonn property, and the goddes? of the 
country whose garment is the Ponni (or Kaveri) from being lonely. His white umbrella shone like 
moonlight all over the wide earth, and his tiger banner fluttered on mount Meru. Many rows of 
elephants stood before him, sent as tribute by kings of remote islands, whilo outside his spleudid 
capital lay the head of the runaway Pandya king, pecked by kites. Ha inflic'ed a total defeat on 
Vikkalan (the Chalukya) who had threatened to disfigure Irs glory as one ot' the Solar race (the 
Cholas) with marks like those on the moon, the erablem of his anc^stial faraily (thc Eastern Cha- 
lukyas), 2 — forcing hira to retire in disorder to tho west, his retreat being ma-ked hy d. ing elepbants 
all the way fiom Nan gili (in the east of the Kohr District) to_Manalur (in Channapatna taluq) and 
as far as the Tungabhadra. The passage of his hosts bent the backs of the mountains, caused the 
rivers to breach their banks, and the seas to be agitited. By this victory the Chola acquired 
tbe two countries Ganga-mandalara and SMnganam. He then resolved to take Pandi-mandalam. 

I)r. Fleetfs\. 


His father was of the race of the Moon, — in Eastem Clnilukya, and his mother of the ruce of the Sun,— a Cliola, 


( 18 ) 

Wheu his armies rnarched forth for this purpose, it was as if the northern ocean was ahout to over- 
flow the southern ocean. The five Panjavas (Pandyas) fled in terror to tbe forests. 'These he de- 
stroyed, planted pillars ot victory iu all directions, took possession of the pearl tisheries, the Podiyil- 
mountain, where the three forras of Taniil (prose, poetry and the drama) flourished, ihe central. 
S'ayyam (the Sahy.i mountains) where elephants are captnred, the (rivers) Kanni and Gangai 
He established colonies in all pirts of the conquered country as far as Kottaru. He then seated 
himselt on the throue only for the roceipt of tribute, accorapanied by his queen Puvani-mulud-udaiyal. 

Nl 3, 38a and Kn 12, of his 4lst, 42nd and 49th years, say that he caused the wheel of his 
authority to roll over all reginns, so that the Villavar (Cheras) became disconcerted, the Minavar 
(Pandyas) lost their position, and the other kings retreated with disgrace. His queen is here ealled 
Avani-mulud-udaiyal. The last is a raeraorial to a man who was killed by a tiger, on which his wife 
entered the fire (and was burnt with his body). 

An 74 may be of the time of Kulottunga-Chola II, whose name seems to have been adopted by 
a chief named Kasava-Devar. Nothing raore is known of the latter, who is said to be ruling the earlh. 

Nl 88 is in honour oi' Kencha-Soma, called the Chola-Raya of the Kali age, on whose anni- 
versary day 12000 Odeyars or Lingayit priests were to be fed in the templa of Gangadhara (on the 
S'ivaganga hill). This ia a testiraony to the rapid spread of the Lingiyit religion, which was estab- 
lished ih the tirae of the Kajachurya king Bijjala-Deva (3 15G — ■ 1167), and is expressly said to have 
been erabraced within 60 years of his time froin (Jlavi (near Goa) to Sholapur, and from PalebaJU 
(Koppa taluq) to S'ivaganga. 

Bn 96 is dated S'aka 1223, Bahudhanya, which do not agree. It professes to be of the time 
of a Viia-S'aiva Vira-Pratapa Chola-Raya, who has the imperial titles, but among others is master of 
the four oceaus, an epithet of the Vijayanagar kings. Payments were assigned by merchants for a god 
who is said to have appeared to Kalikala-Ohola. Certain Telugu branches of Cholas or Chodas claim 
descent from him, and this ruler may have belonged to some of them. 


In Ma 80 is a reference to Vaidumba-gavunda's son Mayya An account of the V r aidumbas 

has been given in the Kolar District volurae. 

K ongalvas \oo ~u\ 

These rulers were brought to notice in the Hassan voluine (v), as ruling in the AraJcalj^dj:aluq 

during the llth century. But frora the Coorg inscriptions in the present volume we gain much 

farther important information regarding them. They were Jains, and also ruled over the Y elusavi ra 

(or Seven Thousand) district of Coorg, which forms the northern ar:n of that country, adjoining 
Arkalgud on the west. 

The creation of the title seems to be related in Cg 46. It is there said that the great Chola 
king Rajakesarivarmma Perramanadigal (Rajaraja), on hearing howa certain Panchava-maharaya 
had fought without ceasing in the battle of Panasoge (Yedatore taluq) and annihilated the eueray, 
resolved to bestow on him a crown and give him a nad. Accordingly, when he appeared before the 
kinsf, the latter bound on him a crown with the title Kshatriya-6ikhamani Kongalva and gave him 
Malavvi (now Malambi jnCoorg). 1 Panchava-maharaya appears to be a recognized Pand\ a desig- 

A district called Ksliatriya-sikliamaiii-valanid is mentioned in mscriptions of the Uth ceutury (Cp 82, Kl X09a, 112b), 
but its situation and the oonnection of tlie naine are not knovra. 

( 19 ) 

nation. But of this Panchava-maharaya we have an inscription at Balm uri (S r 140, vol iii) ikted 
1012, in which he is described as a bee at the lotus feet of Rajaraja, and is said to have been in- 
vested by him with the rank of maha-dandanayaka for Bengi-mandala fthe Eastern Chalukya 
territory) and Ganga-mandala (the Ganga territory in Mysore). He then clauns to have led an 
expedition throughout the westeru coast region. in tlie course of which he seized T uluva (3. Kanara),. 
and Konkana (N. Kanara), held Malaya (Malabar), and put to flight Cheramm* (the king of 
Cochin or Travancore), after which he puahed aside Teluga aud Rattiga (countries to the north of 
Myeore), and desired to have even the little Belvola country (in Dharwar and Belgaum districtsj. 
Another inscription (Sr 125) gives him the cognomen Rajendra-Chola. 

How he was connected with the subsequent Koogalva kiugs is not clear. But we find from the 
Coorg inscriptions that Rajendra-Ch6}a-Kongalva's son was Rajadhiraja-Kongalva (Cg 38), who, 
and his mother Poshabbarasi, had as their guru Guuaseua-pandita, who was the disciple of Pushpa- 
sena-siddhanta-deva (Cg 35,37,38), and died m 1064 (Cg 34). Tn 1058 a Rajendra-Kongalva 
appears (Cg 35), presumably Rajadhiraja-Kongalva's son. ln 1070 Rajendra-Prithuvi-Kongava 
(perhaps the 6ame) was ruling (Cg 50), and in 1077 his queen Padmala-Devi died (Cg 43). 

From Mj 43 and Ag 76 (vol.v) we know that the Kongalva king Rajendra-Prithuvi attacked 
the Poysala king Nripa-Karaa in 1022 , to have gained a victory over Poysala in 1026 
Apparently he was the Adataraditya whose titles are given at length in Ag 99 of 1079. 

A Vira-Chola-Kougalva appears in Cg33of?1115, inakiug a grant of the customs-dues of 
the M uUu-nad Seven ty, the country around alujIui.- near S'aniv,"irsante. This is the latestjdate for 
the rule of the Kongalvas, who disappeared on the expulsion of the Cholas from Mysore by the 
Hoysalas at that time. But Cg 39 shows that in 1390 some Jain priests restored the basadis at 
MulJur, aud that a Kongalva-Suguni-Devi raade grants for them. These are still continued. 

Changalvas LjoVq 

This line of kings was first made known iu the Mysore volume, Part II (iv) and farther 
particulars were given in the Hassan volume (v). The Coorg inscriptions in the present volume 
enlighten ua stdl more as to their history and show the important part they played in that couutry. 

On the overthrow at the beginning of the 1 lth century of the Gangas, to whom they were sub- 
ordinate, they came under the dominion of the Cholas, who, in accordance with their usual policy, 
imposed Chola names upon the kings. When the Cholas were d iiven ou t of Mysore by the Hoysalas. 
early in the 1 2th century, the Changalvas seem to have made an efiort to gain indepen.dence. But, 
following on various earlier contests with the Hoysalas, Narasimha I of the latter line is said 
(Ng 76, vol iv) to have slain Changalva in battle before 1 145 , and captured his elephants, horses, 
gold and newjewels. The repres^ntative of the faraily then retired jiouthwards into^^Coorg, where 
an expedition was sent against him by Ballala II under Bettarasa. This Hoysala general (see Hs 
20) utterly ruined the Changalvi kiug ^lahadava in a battle at Pajpare (in the Kiggatnad taluq of 
Coorg) in about 117-4, and built a city there for himself as the seat of his governraent. But before 
long he was attacked by the Changalva king Pemma Virappa, who wa3 assisted, it says, by the 
Kodagns (or Coorgs) of all the nads. This statement is ofspecial interest as being the earliest 
express mention of t he Coorg s that has been raet with in inscriptions. Though victory at first inclined 
to the Changalvas, they were fiually defeated aad thenceforward became subject to the Hoysalas. 

Subsequently, in 1252, the Hoysala king Somesvara paid them a visit at Ramanathapura, as 
related in Ag 53 (vol v). At that tiine the Chaugajvis had a3 their capital SYirangapattaua, — 

( 20 ) 

which was not Seri ngapatam , but the place now known as Kodagu-Srirangapattana, which is in 
Coorg, to the south of the Kaveri, near Siddap ur.t The Mallideva and his son Hariharadevaiasa 
of Cg 54. 55 and 59, the latter called in Cg 45 Hanharadeva-Ch61ade<a, may be associated 
with the Malidevarasa of Bl 89 (vol v), the date of which is 1280. 

After the overthrow of the Hoysala power in the next century by Muhammadan invasions from 
the North, the Changalvas appear as if .ior a time iadependent. Rut meanwhile, like many of the 
old Jain rulers, they had embraced the Lingayit lorm of the S'aiva religion, and aclopted as their 
family god Annadani Mallikarjuna, of the Bettadpura hill in Hunsur taluq, which they called S'ri- 
giri, perhaps with reference to the celebrated S'riparvata, the great S'aiva sacred place in the 
Kurnool district. According to Cg 51 there was a king named AnnaUni, and%!'ter him tho temple 
may have been named. 

At the beginoing of the 16th century Nanja-Raja founded their new capital Nanjarajapattana,, 
to the west of the Kaveri, towards Fraserpet, and it still gives its name to the northern taluq of 
Coorg. They also from this time call themselves Rajas of Nanjarajapattana or Nanjaniyapattana,. 
and were apparently subordinate to Vijayanagar. Piriya-Raja or Rudragana, at the end of the 
century, rebuilt the town called after him Piriyapattana, — the Periapatam of the English his- 
tories, — in Hunsur taluq. 

But the authority of the Vijayanagar erapire was now oa the wane, and in 1607 the Vijaya- 
nagar Viceroy at Seringapatam, no doubt foreseeing the trend of events, mado a grant of the Mala. 
lavadi country (Hunsur taluq) to Kudragana, in order — it is said — that the worship of the god Anna-, 
dani Mallikarjuna should not fail as loug as the Nanjarayapattana kings of the Changalva family 
continued (Hs 36). They lasted however but little longer, and after a rule of at least six 
centuries the Chang?\lva line was brought to an end in 1644 with the capture by the Mysore army 
of Piriyapattana, in defcnce of which the last king was slain. 

The Hoysala inscnptions number 203, of which as many as 92 are in Tarail, which had heen the 
ofHcial language under their predecessors the Cholas. The remainder are in Kannada. I cannot dis- 
cover any rule as to the use of the two. They are mdiscriminately employed over the whole District, 
during the entire period. Few of the inscriptions contain anythmg of historical iraportance. The most 
elaborate is Bll 6, on large platc-;, finely engraved in Nagari character.-, and giving in Sanskrit the 
history down to the time of Soraesvara 2 . 

But first may be noticed Nl 34, in which a Bitti-Deva, Vishnu-saraanta or Vishnuvarcldhaua, of 
the Adala-vamsa and Mitra-kula (or Solar race), erected the GangadharesVara temple on the S'iva- 
ganga mouutain and endowed it. He also made a Brahmesvara temple and Brabmasamudram village 
in the name of his father, bssides Jinalayas and Adalesvara temples, the Vishnusamudra tank, a 
Bochasamudra tank in the name of his mather, and endowed a teraple of Kesava. This famil y of 
chiefs has been met with in connection with Kaydala iu the Tumkiir taluq (Tm 9). Thexe they are 
describcd as lords qf < Manya r kh,9da--pura (the Rashtrakuta capital, now Malkhed in the south-west of 
the Nizam's Dominions) , and Gangaputras, ruling Marugare-na d. 1'hey were unusnally liberal-mmd- 
ed and were patrons, it says, of the four creed?, — that is, the Jaina, Bauddha, Saiva and Vaishna- 
\a,- though nothing is mentioned which they did for the second, probably considered to he included 

The reuiarks on p. S of the Introduction to the Hassan volurae, to be corrected accordingly. 


Originally published by me in 1879— Mys In.i. No. l"l- 

( 21 ) 

in the Jaina. The present inscription is the earlier, being evidently of th? time of the Hoysala king 
Bitti-Deva or Vishnuvarddhana. 

The copper p.ates Ba 6, above referred to, contain a fine and interestiug inscription. Their 
date is 1253, and they record the formation of an agrahara called Soinalapura by the king Some- 
svara-Deva as a meinorial on the death of his queen Somala-Devi. It was situate 1 in the KahikauL- 
nad, b ut where the plates were obtained is not known. 1 They have long been in the Bangalore Mns- 

At the beginning, the composer, whose name is unfortunately not given, beseeches with 
folded hands his toi gue to display its courage in publishing the praises of the kings of the Lunar 
race, — and adds, but the celebration of the victorious deeds of kings is so pleasing a task to thee, 
why should I implore thee ? 

After describip.g in a learned and original manner the birth, from th^ lotus of Vishnu's navel, of 
Brahma, from whom sprang Atri, and frora the eye of the latter, Chaudra (the Moon), — the Yadu 
race derived from it is mtroduced, in which was t!ie king named Sala. The story is relatert of his 
kdling the tiger (of which there is a terrific description) on the munis exciamation ot hoy Sala, whence 
the kings of his line took their name. The tiger went to svarga, but as if from desire to witness 
their triumphs, its form becaraa fixed on their banner. Tiie line of kiugs is detailed as usual, with 
descriptions o£ each. Bdlala's queen was Padmaia, and they had a son Narasimha and a daughter 
Somala. Among Narasimha's explolts he is said to have offered up as if in sacrifiee Vikramapala, 
Pamsa, Makara, and the tierce Hoysaryama, the fruit of the sacrifice being the setting up of Cliola. 
His son was Soi-Deva, whose valour is praised at length. 

Then follows the notici of a king named Chiddarasa, of the Bharadvaja-kula and Soma-vamsa, 
whose wife was the fainous Vudauachi. They had a beautiful daughter named Somala, whom the 
kiug Soma took for his crowned queen. On her death, the king Somesvara, then living in the great 
capital named Vikramapura, 2 which he had created for his pleasure io the Chola-maudala that he 
had conquered by the might of his own arm, resolved to make a grant to ensure the final happiness 
of his queen Somala-Devi. Accordingly, on the occurrence o! an eclip-e of the sun, after heariug 
a discourse on the merit arising from gifts at such a tirae, he made a grant ot Madanapalli and Matti- 
katta, situated in the Kalukani-nad, as an agrahara of 70 shares, renaming the plaees Somalapura. 
Of the shares, 02 were given to Brahmans, and the remainder for recitation of the vedas, the god he 
had set up, and a tank. The tin*l b?nediction is of interest, and the grant is signed sri-Vira- 

Kn 80, of 1265, informs us that Honganur (m the Channaputna taluq) was the capital of a 
Chikka-Gangavadi province, and the residence of a governor. In Cp 183 Hiriya-Gangavadi is 

Db 31, of 1267, is of special interest on account of the l dolatrous symbols at the top h aving 
been removed, in order to make room for an inscriptiou in Persiau, of the time ot the Mughal emperor 
A urangzeb, 1091 . In the Hoysala portion we have the maha-mandalesvara Bechi-Devarasa of the 
Tihangi-kula, with the title Lord of Nandagiri, as a local governor, with his residence at Yelahanka 
(to the north of Bangalore). The Vira-Bananju merchants, with the long string of epithets 
usually applied to them, fixed certain dues to be paid on various art.icles of merchandise, to provide 

i \1 

Prom Bl 74 (Vol. Vj it appeare that Kakikini-nad was iu theuorth oi the Niganaangala taluq. 

2 ————— 

It was near S'riraagam i n the Trichinopoly District, and in also called Kann;mar Ln other inscriptions. 


( 22 ) 

for the seivice of the god Gavaresvara. The Mughal rortion says that iu the 32"d year of the 


reign of Aurangzeb Alarngir Badshah the fort of Balapura Kariyatu was in the hands of the Samba 
family (referring no doubt to Sambha ji, the son oi Shahji, who received Kolar, Bangalore, Dod- 
Ballapur and other parts as a jagir from Bijapur). Through the exertions of Khasim Kban, 
Faujdar of the Karnatak Province of the Bijapur Sabah, it then passed from the hands of Sauiba- 
dud, son ot Siva-did Marhatta (Sivaji), and came into the possession o? the Supreme Governnient. 
In the year 34 of the reign the fort was granted to ShekhAbdulla, known as Farukh, renowned in 
India as a descendaut of Shekh Farid-ud-din Masaud Chishti Alajrami, a resident of Badayun, a 
suburb of Chittur in the capital city Shahjahanabad or Dehli (Delhi). Iu the 30th year of the 
reign the stone had beeu brought with great care from the temple of Fraya, 1 distant 2 kos noith-east 
from the fort, and was intended for a building. Rut as it contained the grant of a charity, it was 
erected to perpetuate the memory of Shekh Abdulla. 

Ktl 72, of 1277, gives a brief genealogy of fhe kings, and shows a great minister Kumara- 
Dorabbakkare-dannayaka ruling over the eastern division of the kingdom. He made a grant for 
the tempie at Maddur, which is said to be iu Chikka-Gangavadi. 

There are a dozen inscriptions of the time of Kamanatha-Deva, the son to whom Somesvara 
bequeathed the Tamil portion of his dominions, with the Kolar District and parts of the Bangalore . \; 
District. They date from 1257 to ' 294, are all in Tamil, and are confined to the north and east ot V' 
j-his District. Tvvo more, of 1297, belong to the 4th year of his son Visvanatha-Deva. Kn 28/ 
of 1292, shows Eamanatha's forces making an incursion into Ballala's kingdum. Cp 183 of 
1294 and 179 of 1295 are to the same effect. It is clear, as stated in the Kolar volume, that to- 
wards the close of Raraanatha's time an effort was being made to extend his authority over the 
portion of the Uoysala territory whicli did not botong to him. But these efforts were frustrated, for 
beyond the brief sucoession of Visvmatha no more is heard of this Tamil branch, and the kingdom 
was once more re-united under Bvllala [II. The latter in 1301 issued orders in Tamil to the heads 
of mathas and temple priests in vvBaTTvore probably districts previously held by his rival, remitting 
all taxes, and confirming to them the villages granted to them as endowments. — See Bn 51, 65, 
Nl 38 The districts named ar. — Lhe llesar- Kundani kingdom. Virivi-natf, Masandi-n-td, Murasa- 
nid, Sokkanayan-parru, Penna yandar-mada-nad, Aimbulugur-nad, Elavur-nad, Kuv.tlala-nad, 
rtaivara-nad, Iliippakka-nld, aid others (unnamed). Of these, Hesar appears in the name Hesar- 
ghatta, north-east of Nelamangala ; Kundani is west of D^vaidialli. and there is reason to believe 
that Ramanatha hal a residence there ; Morasu-na d was in Kolar District ; Kuvulala is Kolar itself ; 
I Kaivara has the same name still and is north-west of Kolar ; Ilaippak ka is the Tamil form of 
Yelahanka, north of Bangalore. 

The principal other point to be noted in connection with the lloysalas is the place of the royal 
residence under Ballala III, during the troublous times of the Muh ammadan invasions from the 
north. In 1-318 it was Arunasa mudra (Cp 73), but next year he was at Dorasamudra (Cp 12). 
In 1328 he hved at Unnamale -pattanajDB 14, 18, Dv 1, Ht 124. and Dv 60, in this last 
called Urannimale-pattana). The p'ace intended is no douht Tiruvunnamale or Trinoniali in South 
A'rcot). 2 ln J 331 he is again at Arunasamudra (Cp 71). In 1333 he is at ilosabetta (Nl 9), 
next year at Do.-asamudra (Cp 7). 

In 1339 he is specially describtd as sole king by his own valour (Ht 43), and had as his resid- 

ence vira-vijaya-Virapakshapura, his minister being Dad; Somaya, who was related to hirn and appears 

i — ! 

It has been fonnd impossible to identif y tliis, and it is uncevtain whether the name is meant for tliat of a <*od or of a village. 

• '1'lns Unnamnle appears as Tiruv-anna nalai in Tamil, and Annamalai is given in the dietionary aaa.fqrmof Arunachala 
*-the Sonas'aila of Vijayanagar insoriptSons). Arunasamudra may therefore indicate some place iu the same neighbourhood. 


( 23 ) 

in a great many inscriptions of this period. Ia 1340 be perfortned an anointing to the kingdom 
(Bll 111), which inust have been that of his son, who is called in Cm 105 (vol v.) of 1343 
yira-Virupakshn-Ballala-Deva. The ceremouy was therefore probably performed at Viriipakshapura. 
What place this was is uncertain, 1 but it must hava been in Mysore. In 1340 the king was also 
at Hosanad 2 (DB 43), and then agaiu at Unnamale (Bn 31, Dv 54), where he still was in 
1342 (Bn 21, 24, 129, Ht 147, Dv 46). But in that year he again came to Viiupaksha- 
pada asn is called in Dv 21. Next year he was once more in Unnamale (Bn 41 j. The last 
Hoysal-t inscnption is Bn 120, of the date 1346. 

Se ung s. 

The only apparent inscription of these kings is Op 171 of 1291, when Mahadevarasa was 
ruhng the kingdom of the world. II this identification be correct, this is far to the east and south of 
their other mscriptions, and the date belongs to Ramachandra, the next king. 

Under this heading some inscriptions of a Vem bi-Deva were noticed in the Kolar volume 
(x, Intro. 33), and it was shown that he vvas of joint Oanga and Pallava descent. We have here two 
iuscriptions of his time, both in Tamil. Dv 79 of 1267 describes him as ruler over three nads, 
without specifying them. Dv 28 ot 1283 gives him another uame Nandi-Deva. He niade the Nandi- 
samudra tank near Koduvatti (still so called, at the south-east base of Nandidroog) in the north of 
Sannai-nad in the Nigarili-3'61a-mandalam, and granted the lands under it to 32 Brahmans to provide 
jor the recital of the vedas in the Nandisvara temple. 


Of the rulers of this nad there are several inscriptions, all in Kankauhalli taluq. Tbe earliest 
are Kn 47 ana * 41, of 1295 and 1300, in which Mara-Deva was ruling, under Hoysala-Ballala-Deva. 
He continues till 1319 (68) but in 1391 we have Marappa's son Siddaya, subordinate to Vijaya- 
nagar. Under this power the chiefs, as named in the classified list, continued till 1033 (29). 


The rulers of this place in 1302 vvere subordinate to the Hoysalas (Au. 80)- This inscription 

is in Tamil, and gives the name in the form S'uguni. ln 1422 the chiefs were under the Vijayanagar 

king who wa9 at Muluvagil (Mulbagal), but are described (An 79) as r.iling the whole empire 

(sakala-s&mrdiyam mdduttiralu). _ _. „ 

Kuhkala nad. 

The chiefs of this nad are Srst mentioued in 1330 (Nl 12) under the Iloysalas. Their inscrip- 
tions are principally in Bangalore and Nelamangala taluqs, and they had the title Naraloka-ganda. 
In 1340 they passed under Vijayanagar (NJ 19), and continued to 1430 (Bn 26). 


Of the large number of Viiayanagar graots, about 20 among the earlier ones are in Tamil, and 
one or two in Telugu. The majority do not contain any important historical information. 

But Ma 18 of 1368 i3 of interest, being one copy of the so-called RAmanujachari inscription, 

the original of which is at SYavana Belgola (SB 136). Il records the reconciliation effeeted by 
___ ^ 

See Vol X, Intro. 32. k s e Hosabet^ abo-re, and Vpl. X, Intro. 32. 

( 24 ) 

Bukka-Raya between the Jaius and theVaishnavas in his kingdoui. After a verse in praise of 
Ramauuja, it says that when Bukka-Raya was ruling, the Jains ot' all the nads within Anevagondi, 
Hosapattana, Penugoude and Kalyaha made petition to him that the bhaktas (or faithful, the Vai- 


shnavas) were unrastly killing them (anydyadalu Jcolluvadu)J- Of the places here inentioned AnegundL 
is on the opposite side of the river to Vijayanagar, Penugonde is in Anautapur district, Kalyaha is 
the Kalya near Magadi where this iuscription is. Hosapattana (the new city) is not identifled. 2 The 
four placeo may perhaps indicate the boundaries of the kiugdora at that time. The king thereupon 
8uramoned before biiu representatives of the S ri-Vaishnavas of the Eighteen niid s (perhaps the divi- 
sions of the kingdom), including the chief Acharyyas of Kovil (Srirangam near Trichinopoly), Tiru- 
male (Tirupati in N. Arcot), Perumal-kovil (K anchi or Conjeevaram), and Tirunarayanapura (Melu- 
kote, uortli of Saringapatam), with theother members of the sect, as described, — and proclaiming 
that he would not coanteuance their unjust proceedings against the Jains or allow them to shelter 
themselves under the plea of religion, — passed the following docree ; — Thit to the Jains the use of 
certain musical instruraents customary araong them vvere to be confined to five bastis (not named), 
and disalloived inothers. To the S'ti-Vaishnavas (here the inscription is effaced and illegible^. 
The SB version says — The king having declared that between the Vaishnava darsana and the Jaina 
darkana there was no difference whatever, — took the hand of the Jainas and placing it in the haud of 
the Vaishnava*, issued his de".ree (which may be there consulted), anddirected the S'ri-Vaishuavas to 
have it set up in all the bastis throughout the kiugdora. 

Dv 81 of 1425 is one of the elaborate inscriptions on copper plates containing the genealogy 
of the kings frora Sangama. Th9 name of the coraposer is not given, and it contains onginal ex- 
pressions and similes not found in the high-ffown compositions of Sabhapati. The grant of a village 
in the S'ivanasamudra-slme of the Yalahakka (Yelahanka)-nad was made to the famous aud leamed 
Salagrama, whose narae wa3 Kelava, the son of Arunachalesi-pandita, head of the physic.ans. 

DB 1 of 1510 says that Krishna-Raya's father Narasanna-Nayaka had by the might of his 
arm gained possession of the Narapati throne, kingdom and land, and established a firm king- 
dom. Cp 153 of 1523 is another elaborate inscnption on copper platee, giving an account (as previ- 
ously published) of the earlier kings, and recording a grant by Krishna-Raya to Vyasa-tiitha, the dis- 
ciple of Brahmanya-tiftha, of a village in the Honganur-sthala of the Channapattana-sime of the 
Kelale-nad. The village waa renamed Brahraanyatirtlnpun by Vyasatirtha, who formed it into 32 
shares, which he bestowed on his disciples An interesting account of Vyasatirtha will be found in tbe 
Shiraoga Part I volume (vii) at p 41 of the Introduction. DB 30 of 1530 »s a similar style of grant, 
carrying on the history to Achyuta-RVya, and recording a grant by him to Venkat,e£vara-yajva in the 
Hosakota-sime, which was in Morasa-nad. 

Nl 31 of 1533 mentions Hesarughatta, otherwise called the Sivasamudra agrahara which was 
in the Sivatiasaraudra-sime of the Elahanka-na d, as the piace where a big tank was formed in the 
Arkkavati river. This is now the source of the Bangalore water-supply. Nl 42 of 1551 is a grant 
on copper pjates by Tirumala-maharaya, one of the three sons of S"ri-Ranga-Raya. 

Cp 186 of 1558 is anothar copper plate grant, the eomposition, in nis usual nyperbolic style, 
of Sabhapati Svayambhu. Down to Aobyuta-Raya it corresponds with DB 30. When he died, his 
son Venkata-Deva succeeded to the throne, but to the misfortune of hissubjects he, loo, shortly died. 

In the SB version tlie comrilaiiit is only any&yangalu mdduvadu, doiug in.justice. 

C D 4 anrl 5 (Vol XI) say it wa? inthe Hoysana couatry and the capital of Nijagali Kataka-Raya. There is a Nijaj;al ia 
Nelamanstala taiuq, see Nl 65. Of. the Hosavitn, Hosabetta, Hosanad, etc., where the hst Ballala lived. 

( 25 ) 

Sada&va-Raya, the son of R^nga-Raya and Timmamba, was then anointed to the throne of the Vija- 
yanagar empire by LMrna-Raja — his sister's husband, — protectorof the great Karnnta kingdom, andby 
the chief ministers. The tc-ars of joy shed at his coronatinn-anointing flnoded the earth so as to make her 
appear as the queen who was anomted with him. The Kambhoji Bhoja Kalinga Karahata and other 
kings held the rank of servants in his female apartments. He uiade a grant to Tiruvenkatayacharya 
Then foilows the genealogy oi' Rama-Raja it is traced trom Nanda, throu<>h Chalikka and 
Bijjalendra, to Somi-Deva, who took seven hill-forts fromhis enemies. His son was Pinnama, the lord 
of Araviti-pura, whose son was Araviti Bukka. His wife was Bailambika, who bore Rama-Raja. 
to whom Lakkambika wa* wife. Their son was S'ri-Ran^a-Raja, whose wife was Tirumalambika 
These had the three sons Rama-Raja, Ti ruma la-Raja aud Venkatadri-Raja. The graut was made on 
tlie application to Rama-Raja of Konda-Raja, son of Koneti-Raia. 


There are several inscriptions of the Kempe Gauda chiefs of Yelahanka, who were a branch of 
the Avati family and founded Bangalore. Two or three are in Telugu, and the dates run from 
1367 to 1713. Bn 1 of 1628 coutains a useful ljst of trading tow ns the merchants of which agreed to 
pay certain dues on their goods lor the service of the Ranganatha temple in Bengaluru. Bn 70 is 
probably of the Kempe Gauda period. It is inscribed at the base of the big bull in the Basavan-gudi 
or Bull temple, to the south of the Fort of Bangalore, which gives its name to the new extension of 
the City in that direction. The inscnption states that the feet of the god there are the source of 
the Vrishabhavrtti r iver, which runs to tha west. It is an afFluentof thi Arkavati, which it joins a few 
miles north of Kankanhalli. — - 


Of these rulera, Bn 30 Vitualesvara-Deva in 1544. In Db 28 Sambhaji-Rayaappears 
in 1647. Ten years later we have S'ahuji-R ija m Nl 69- Khavana-Saheb is mentioned in Cp 26 
in 1660, and B ilo,i-H iipati-Raya's son Duudo i-Haipati-Raya iu Cp 68 »n 1661. Bn 137 gives us 
Rupadeva-Rani's son Balleya-Raya-Rani in 1676. Ht 46 is of the time of Manukoji-Raja in 1727, 
Ht 53 and 55 of that of Annaji in 1728. 



The inscriptions here of the Sugatiir chiefs, of whom there is a notice in the J£o[ar volume^ date 
from 1 559 to 1693 . They are all in the Hoskote and Anekal taluqs. Ht 105 iecords the settle- 
ment of a dispute in Anekal betweeu the S'ettis and merchants ou the one hand and tiie members ot 
t he fhana s on the other regarding the streets through which their religious processions should pass- 
By the intervention of Venkatacharya, guru of the Hosakote-sthala, the matter was setthd to the 
satisfaction of both parties, and certain clues were agreed to be paid to him that he might take up 
his residence permanently in Anekal. 

A palm-leaf manuscript lately obtained gives the following account of the family. They attri- 
bute their rise in power to Sujiianamurti, who was the guru of Devaya, their progenitor. The son 
of the latter was Tammappa-bhupa, whose son was Chikka-Tammendra, born with long matte-d hair. 
He broke the Turakas who assaulted Penugonda, and thus pleased the king of Karnataka, who gave 
him the title ot Chiga-Raya 1 and the crest of a hawk. He was a devout adherent of the Jangamas, 
aud by the grace of 3'iva restored sight to a blind man. His wife was Viramambika. 

Their son was Irmmadi-Tamma-bhupala, also devoted to the Jangamas. He captured Bhimari- 
durga, a id destroyed certain trait >rs (o the king of Karnataka, thus gaining his friendship 

' That is>, Chikka-Raya. 

( 26 ) 
and received from him the flags of a goldan bull and Virabhadra. His wife was Venkatamba. They 


had the son Mummadi- ramma-bhupa, who was learned in the Karnataka, Audhra and Sanskrit lan- 
guages. When quitea child (s'isu) lie wrote the Rdjendra-Cholu-charita. Wheu his moustaches 
began to appear, he wrote the Kumdrdrjuniya, and wiicn mature, the Saundaresa charita. These 
were in Telugu. Then he eomposed an impromptu yaksha-gdna work in Kannada. He also wrote 
in Sanskrit a commentary called Kaumudi-vydkhydni, and a work called Rasika-mandranjayia, aud 
hadthe S'iva-darpana compiled by Brahmans. Then, by general request, he wrote this Kaunada 
version of the S'auL:ara-samhita, 



The Avati chiefs have a number of inscriptions, the dates of which go from 1586 to 1729. 
They were founders of ^od^Bjllapuraod .,JPj>yj*nha]U and the inscriptions are iu those taluqs. 
Dv 15, 16 and 37 are elaborate grants by Gopala-Gauda for the Madana-Gopala temple in Devan- 
hajli, spectfying the various classes of ministrants to be supported. On special occasions of royal 
ceremouy 72 orficials are directed to attend for the performance of the temple service. 


Of the Baramahal chief who was related to the Vijayanagar royal family and had his capital at 
Channapa|na, there are very few inscriptions. Cp 182 gives us the successiou Rana Peda-Jagadeva- 
Raya, his son Jagai eva-Raya, and the latter's son Kumara (or the prince) Immadi-Jagadeva-Raya 
in 1623. Kn 108 also gives him the date 1621. Bn 137 may perhaps be of this family. 


There are only two inscriptions under thia head. Th3 first is DB 31,ofthe time of Aurangzeb 

Alamgir, already described above (p 21) under Hoysajas. The other is Ht 19 of 1745, of the time 

of the Navab Dda ar Khan, who was the Governor of the Mughal province of Carnatic Balaghat 

the capital of which was at Sira. 


In one of the watch-towers erertrd at the four cardinal points round Bangalore by Kempe 
Gauda, the f under of the Fort in 1537, has been found an interesting relic m the shape of a large 
metal bell, placed on the raised floor. This is the eastern watch-tower, on the rocky height east of 
the Halsur tank, the site of the former puraping station for the water-supply of the military bar- 
racks. The bell stands 4 teet 3 in hes high and is 8 feet l^ inches diameter at the mouth. Round 
the top is a foliated border, below which the body of the bell is panelled, and the mouth is fluted. 
On the divisions between some of the panels are inscriptions in Chinese cbaracters. These have been 
deciphered, 1 and show that the bell was cast in the 5th year of the reign of the Emperor ChMen 
Lung (1741 , and dedicated to the San Yuan Kung temple. 

As no information could be obtained to explain how th< bell came to be where it is, an inquiry 
was published in the Madras Mail newspaper, and has elicited the following reply from T. Cribb, 
(One of the old C Troop), a pensioner living at Bangalore :— "■ The bell was taken by C Troop, 
Madras Horse Artillery, commanded by Captatn G. Hall, from a joss house on the top of a hill near. 
the landing place at Nankin, and brouglit to Madras on board the Dpfiance, of Madras, when the 
Troop returoe 1 in 1842. It was left by C Troop at St. Thomas's Mount to be forwarded to Bangalore. 
This was done, and the bell was suspended in front of the Quarter Guard of the Troop. It was 
struck at the hours, day aad night, and could be hearl at the Fort, a distance of about three miles. 


By Mr. Taw SeiD Kho, Government Archseologist in Burraa, through the Director-General of Archjeology. 


l 1 !l^^^M|l»HlliJtUffflll.tilllJi),Wll 

^llllliti'- ^ lu^; 

SCALE Ip ? $ ? ^ 



( 27 ) 

Oae rainy night the sentry, instead of going out to strike the bell, took up a ] 21b shot from a pite 
in the verandah, threw it at the bell and cracked it, so rendering it useless. It was then taken 
down and laid on the ground for some years. When Mr. Smith was Engineer of the Water-works, 
the bell was given to him by one of the C Troop to be hung up at ' Tipu's Look Out' on tbe top of 
the rock.' 


Among the inscriptions of the rulers of Mysore notice may be directed to DB 64. Certaia 
princes of the royal house brought to the Rangaswami temple at Magadi an elephant which the king 
had secured, and left it there to be guarded. Probably it had been captured in a pitfall, for it was 
covered with sores, and maggots were eating through its sides, so that it was about to die. The incant- 
ations or sorcery of the priests did no good, but raade it worse. A reward was then oflered for any 
one wbo could effect a cure. This was undertaken by a man called Puli-Bairava, and the elephant 
having recovered under his treatment, he was rewarded with emerald bracelets, a dress of honour, ahd 
1000 varahas, besides the right to levy certain dues m all towns and villages where he might be. 

Nl 65 records the building of the fort of Nijagal or S'uragiri-durga, now deserted, the people 
having removed to Tyamagondal. Bn 118 states that the Venkatesvara temple in the Bangalore 
Fort was erected by Deva-Raja, that is Chikka-Deva-Raja, and endowed by his son Kantbirava- 
Narasa-Raja. It imraediately adjoins Tipu Sultan's palace on the north-east. 

An 90 and Cp 32 are of 1759 and record the grant of villages to Muhammadan fakirs by 
Krishna-Raja-Wodeyar at the iustance of Haidar A\i Bahadur, who paid the valueof 10 years' pur- 
chase into the treasury. On similar terms other villages were sold to private persons in 1763 
(Nl 51). 

In Cp 146, 18 and 114 wehave grants to fakirs made directly by Navab Haidar Ali Baha- 
dur in 1763 and 1767, after he had usurped the throne. Bn 7 is the Persian inscription found in 
Tipu Sultan'8 palace in the Bangalore Fort, and is in the usual bombastic style. The palace was 
apparently begun in 1781, in the time of Haidar Ali, and completed ten years after, in 1791, under 
Tipu Sultan. 

Cp 5 is the record of the foundation of the town of Closepet in 1799 by the Raja-maharaja in 
the name of his frieud (ddst) Colonel Close, the first Resident in Mysore, afterwards Sir Barry Close. 
Cp 170 is a grant by the Dewan Purnaya, in about ]800, of certain Tillages for an agrahara. 


There are no great architecturai remains to he specially noted. The pillars in a ruiued temple 
at Gaugavaram, which form the subject of an illustration, are of an unusual design iu this State, and 
resemble those of buildings at Mahabalipur. ^ -- ' 

The palace of Tipu Sultan in the Bangalore Fort was a building in the style of the Darya 
Daulat at Seringapatam. The building was of two storeys and not without some degree of magni- 
ficence. A large open space in front was surrounded by a corridor, in the centro of which, opposite 
the palace, was the naubat kh&na or bandstand, in a gallery. The upper storey of the palace con- 
tained tbe public and private apartments of the Sultan and his ladies, with two balconies of state 
from which he gave audience. Paint and false gildiug decorated the walls. The offices of the 
Mysore Commission were held in the building until the new rauge of PublicOmces in Cubbon Park 
was occtipied in 1868. A restoration of the painting on a portion of the walls was commenced 
some years ago, but not continued. Municipal and other o^ficos are now located on the premises. 

Classified List of the Inscriptioiis, arranged in ohronological order. 





Name of Ruler. 

Talulc No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler. 

iTaluq No. 




?c 700 


(v/ vriddha-Raja 

Kongoni Muttarasa 



Marasimha fA A»™ 

Rachamalla-Permraanadi . . . 

„ Perinmadi 
E reyapparasa ^w • S*^ 
Satyavakya Permmanadi 

DB 07 

c 900 

' rtu 1 tl 

c 900 

DB 68 

c 900 

Ht 8« 

? c 904 

Ht 21 

? 907 

Ba 36 


„ 55 

c 9T6 

Nl 33 

c 970 

\iv 67 


„ 74 

Nl 60 

c 1262 

Dv 44 

c 1282 

Bn 42 

c 1262 

„ 40 

c 126.3 

Kn 88 


Bu 79 

•■ ^ 


Kn Is 

Cp 134 


An 76 






Irajaraja Karkata-maha,- 

rayar Ganga-pperumal 
Irajaraja Karkata maha.-. 

rajar Tamattamavar 






























„ 100 
„ 98 


Kalinga Gatigas. 

Bn 140 

802 j Prabhutavarsha 
?c 900 Akalavarsha 
?c 900 1 






. Nl 61 
. Dv 42 
. „ 43 

c 900 


c 980 



Ilt 12 
Ma 75 
Bn 37 


Hn 40 


Ayyapa-Deva's son 

Dv 10 


ilt 9. 
DB 3 

c 950 

?c 980 


Ht 37 


„ 47 


Ht 14 

?c 980 


„ 48 

„ no 


Ayyapa's son Gannarasa . . 

„ Hl 

r S8on...Nolipa . 

D« 9 


1095 I Duddarasa 


Cg 57 


■ * i ii i 

Bn 142 

Date A D. 

Xamo o! Ruler. 

( 2 ) 

raluq No. IDate A.D. 

Name of Ruler. 

Taluq No. 


997 1 


c 1005 


c 1007 









1 ) 













c 1015 




c 1020 










c 1030 






? 1034 


c 1100 

c 1050 

c 1050 

c 1050 

?c 1050 



c loVO 

?c 1095 
c 1220 
C 1280 
























u 133 

Nl 37 

Cp 82,83 

„ 95 


C P 






51 »J 




1) )) 




Rajendra S ola-Devar 




































i ) • * 




Kul6uunga-S ola-Devar 




• ) 












)) ' * 




>> .,.*.*_ 




>> ' ' 




Kulottunga-Sola-Deva (II) 








Vira-Pratapa-Cbola-Raya. . 



[Vai]dumba Gauiunda's son | Ma 





Ra - 


Koda[nga]luva's son 
Kougajva -Deva 

Vira ... Changalva 
Changaluva . . j 
Mallideva Hariharadevarasa 
Devarasa and ,. .. ! 






>1 >» }1 ' ' 

,, -Chola- „ 
Cho}a-Konga]uva-Deva .. 
Raja .... Kongalva Suguni- 
Devi . . 

Cg 49 

,, 50 

n 43 

„ 33 

,. 39 





Cg 61 

„ 27 

„ 54 

., 55 

? 1236 

? 1297 




Cg 45 
„ 59 
,, 2b 



?c 1110 

c 1115 


c 1120 


)i • 


)> • ■ 

Bn 85c 
Nl 67 
DB 11 

Ma 47 
Ht 18 

?c 1130 


?c 1140 

c 1140 




Au 52 
Dv 20 
Bn 25 

M 84 

? 1128 

c 1145 


Ht 40 

( 3 ) 

Date A.D 

Name oi Ruler. 

Taluq No. I Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler. 

Taluq No. 
















»> )» 









i) )) 

( P 











1 1 5(3 








1 1 59 

Narasimlia „ 













J 292 






>• • • 






33 & 





1 293 





»' • • 









Narasinya- „ 


























Iramana ,, 



1 1 76 




c 1295 






Vallala- „ 




»? * ' 




Ballala- „ 









Vallaja- „ 









>> 5» 








>> >> 












c 1300 







c 1300 





Vira-Ganga- &c 


84 & 

















c 1300 

?» ■ • 







c 1300 

») • • 







c 1300 













)) • • 












»> • • 





Kannara Narasinga-Deva • • 




>» • • 

















>> • • 

















1» • • 















)> • • 


















? 1306 

>> • • 


















c P 











Narasinga- , 



c 1310 





Ii amana-Devar 



































? 1314 













Narasinga ,, 
















Ramnnata ... 




,, Deva 




,, -Devar 




Vallala Devar 



1] 288 





„ Posala 



( 4 ) 

Date A .19. 

Name of Kuler. 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 


Name ot Ruler. 

faluq No. 

■ 1316 


Ma 38 



Ht 140 

? 1316 

,, Devarasa 

Kn 6 

? 1333 


Nl 9 

? 1316 

„ )) 

„ 104 



Cp 7 



Ma 59 



Bn 44 


,, DeVarasa 

Cp 10 


)i • • 

Ht 96 



„ 73 



Cd 178 



Nl 57 



Ht 134 


„ Devarasa 

Kn 68 


„ ■ ■ 

„ 137 

? 1319 

> > • • 

„ 69 



Cp 168 


„ • • 

CV 12 


,, Devarasa 

Bn 110 

c 1320 


Kn 1« 


„ Dev.i 

Kn 30 



Cp 31 



En 60 

c 1320 


Kn 24 

1 337 


Ht 98 


Vallala „ 

Ht 126 



DB 61 



Cp 51 

1 338 

Narasinga ,, 

Cp 13 

c 1325 


An 11 


Ballala ,, 

Bn 117 



Cp 59 


,, Devarasa 

Ht 43 

? 1326 


Dv 48 


Vallala ,, 

Cp 40 


„ * * 

Up 98 




Bn 31 


„ Devarasa 

DB 14 


>) i) 

Ma 13 


„ i » • • 

., !8 

? 1340 

>> » 

„ 81 


> > >> 

•, ! 

c 1340 


DlJ 43 



Ht 124 


>> !> 

Dv 54 


Yalalaparasa ,, 

DB 38 


„ Deva 

Bn 111 



,. 60 



Ht 49 

c 1330 


Nl 12 



Ma 19 

c 1330 


An 65 


>> >> • • 

Cp 185 

c 1330 

>> )> 

Ht 56 



An 55 

1 330 

• > ?i • 

„ 81 


)> >i 

Ht 90 

c 1330 

»» »> 

„ 100 


„ „ 

„ 135 

c 1330 

„ »> 

An 62 



Bn 21 

c 1330 

>> )i 

„ 75 


)) >> 

„ 24 

c 1330 

>> )> 

Cp 90 


»> >> 

„ 129 


>) »1 

Ht 97 


)> >> 

Ht 147 


») „ 

„ 140« 


,, Deva 

Dv 21 

? 1331 


Cp 4 


>i „ 

n 46 

1 33 1 


, 71 

1 342 

>> • • 

Bu 34 


„ Deva 

Bn 61 



Bn 41 


„ „ 

,. 63 


„ Devar 

Ht 75 


„ Hoysala 

Kn 42 



„ 112 



Ht 104 



Bu 120 


? 1291 I Mahadevarasa 

1267 ! Vembi-deva 

..[Op 171 I 


I Dv 79 


1283 Vembi-deva alias Nandi-deva.l Dv 28 




Kn 47 
» 41 
„ 105 





Kn 104 
„ 68 
„ 98 

Date A.l) 



Name of Ruler. 





Taluq No. 


Ku 100 
„ 97 

„ 39 

? 1530 
? 1 563 
? 1633 

Name of Ruler. 

Taluq No. 

Raya-Vodeyar Channappa 






and An 80 


Nanjaya-Madeva-Nayaka & 
Chikka— Sangama-Nayaka. 


An 79 

c 1330 
? 1333 




? 1346 



? 1355 

? 1364 
13 J 5 



Mayde— Nayaka Jauneya- 

,, Chenneya ., & 

Honna-Gauda's son. . 
Koteya-Nayaka '.. I 

,, -udaiyar 
Ariyappa - ,, & Bukkan 



Bukkanna .... 

„ -Vodeyar 

„ -udaiyar 

„ -Vodeyar 
Kampanna- „ 
Bukkanua- „ 




,, • 


>, ■ • 

Kiimpanna- ., 






Nl 12 





Bn 111 

» 9 



Nl 19 



Dv 50 

Bn 110 


Cp 16 



Bn 139 

„ H7 

?c 1430 

Bukka- „ 

• . 

„ 26 



Nl 19 


Bn 47 


., 59 

c 1380 


„ 97 


Dv 50 


Kn 40 


Cp 16 

Dv 29 


An 87 

Cp 176 


IVv 27 


Nl 23 

Bn 101 

? 1394 

An 82 


Bn 81 

c 1400 

An 81 


Bn 67 


DB 39 


1 Flt 117 


Bn 27 


Ma 18 


Ht 103 


„ 103a 


Gp 150 

c 1410 

| Nl 53 


Ht 157 


Dv 13 


Kn 93 


! Bn 132 


1 An 29 


1 Ht (08 


„ 109 









Harihara and Nagauna- 

udaiyar . 
Hariyappa-Vodeyar Buk- 

kanna-Vodeyar .. 
Vodey ar (son of Bukka- 

Raya) . 
Immadi Bukkanna's son . . 

„ -Raya 

H.iriyappn-Vo leynr 
Bamacha ndra-Deva-Otjeya r 

>\ .. 

,, -Odeyar 

,, • • 

Vi jaya- Bukka- Raya 

>, • • 

Praudha-Raya- ,, 

Deva ., „ 

•' ,, 

... -Raya- 

Ht 113 

An 49 

Cp 55 

Bu 73 

Ht 154 

An 32 

Ut P3 

Bn 139 

Ma 20 
Kn 98 

Bu 71 
Cp 37 
An 39 
Ku 97 
Ht 118 

., 160 
DB 66a 
Kn 2 
i'v 32 
Bn 122 

„ 16 
Dv 12 
Ht 34 

„ 149 

„ 63 
An 44 
Kn 74 
Cp 148 
An 85 
DB 16 

( 6 ) 

Date A.D 

Name ot Kuler. 

iTaluq No. 


Date A.D | Name of Ruler. 

Taluq No. 



Cp 169 

? 1513 

Nai asimha- Vodeyar 

Kn 56 


,1 „ 

„ 58 



Cp 164 



An 4 



Bn 80 

?c 1420 

)) 1) 

Kn 49 

c 1515 


M« 45 



An 86 




„ 68 


Vi jaya-Raya 

" 79 

Dv 81 

Kn 73 


Deva- ,, 

DB 19 


Pi atapa-Deva-Raya 

; Kn 59 


>> • *• 

V1a 11 


„ „ Vodeyar.. 

i Ht 114 



Cp 153 


„ „ » 

Cp 162 



Bn 19 


» » ' ' 

An 64 



Ht 57 


>l » 

Kn 65 

1 524 

„ and Tirumala-Raya 

. Ma 6 



An 1 


„ „ -Deva .. 

„ 82 

?c 1430 

>> • • 

Dv 2 

1 525 


Dv 31 

?c 1430 i Praudha-Raya 

Bn 26 

. 1527 


DB 15 

1431 ! Deva- 

„ 127 



Cp 24 

1432 „ „ 

DB 62 
Cp 149 


„ Raya 

Ma 54 

1432 „ „ -Odeyar .. 


Achyiua- ,, 

Bu 28 

1433 j „ „ 

Ht 155 


i> >> 

DB 30 

1433 „ „ 

An 35 


" a" 

Hfc 28 


>> >> 

Cp 147 

? 1530 


Kn 31 


>> » 

Bn 8 

1 530 


Ht 70 

c 1440 Pratapa- „ 

Ht 130 



Ma 21 



C M 63 


>> • 

DB 50 



Dv 38 

Bn 57 


Deva-Raya'8 son 

Bn 50 



Nl 83 



DB 51 


)> • • 

An 22 


„ -Raya 

Kn 36 



Kn 3 

1467 Deva-Raya 

Dv 56 

1 532 


Cp 20 

? 1467 

„ 44 


» ' • 

„ 1 



Ma 44 


„ -Deva 

Nl 31 

? 1478 j Saluva-Narasinga-Raja- 

Cp 158 



„ 10 

Vodeyar . . 


Achyuta- ,, 

Cp 53 


Kn 8 


>) • • 

„ 152 

1484 Narasinga-maharaya 

Ma 32 


„ -Deva 

» » 

„ 155 

? 1489 Naraainta-Raya 

Nl 47 

Nl 31 

? 1493 1 Saluva-Devappa-Nayaka .. 

DB 42 

c 15.35 


DB 2 

1493 ; „ „ 

„ 45 



Cp 50 

1495 „ -Immadi-Nara- 

Bn 123 

c 1535 

•5 * 

„ 74 


c 1535 

„ "... 

„ 163 

1495 J „ . „ ., 

Ht 23 



Nl 2 

H95 | „ „ 

Ma 31 



„ 31 

1495 j Narasinga-Raya 

Dv 66 



Cp 61 

1499 Immadi-Narasinga-Raya . . 

Cp 52 


Achyuta-Deva - 
„ Raya 

Ma 62 



Kn 39 

Bn 188 

? 1506 

Saluva-Imma di- N arasinga- 



>i )> 

Ht 80 

Raya . . 


i) >> 

Kn 10 



Bn 52 


)> )> 

„ 54 

? 1509 

Achyuta- „ 

» 58 

1540 I n -Deva 

Ma 4S 

• • 

Kn 61 
Ht 76 
Kn 101 
DB 1 

1540 1 u ,> - R »y a 

1541 | Narasinga-Deva 

„ 60 



DB 40 

# , 


Sadasiva- Raya 
,, Deva 

Bn 30 



Nl 81 


>> • ■ 

Ma 22 


„ Raya 

Ma 74 


>> • ' 

Cp 156 



Cp 177 

( 7 ) 


Name of Ruler. 

iTaluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Nauie of Ruler. 



1 558 
1 560 


1 563 


>> >> 
.... -Deva 

„ -Raya 

>■> » 


Achyuta-Raya Malapanna- 



„ Deva 
„ Roya 










































1 566 
1 579 






„ ,, -Gauuayya. 

^ „ -Gauda . 

„ -Kampay.i-Gauni . 
Mummadi-Kempe Gauda • 
Immadi- ,, ,, 









Narasinga- De va 










S ri-Rahga-Raja-Deva 





S'ii-Ranga- ,, 









Ht 119 

An 47 












„ 5 

„ 29 

„ 30 

„ 8 

Ht 105 

Mi 4 

Ma 42 

„ 3 

Mummadi-Kempe Gaudaiya.i Ma 

-Dodda-Virappa Gau> 

-Kempa- „ „ 





J 544 



Khavana Siheb 





i Nl 


1 Cp 


1661 Dundoii-Haipati-RAya 

1 727 Manukoji-R ua-Saheb 

1728 Annaji 








c 1600 

Immadi-Chikha-nAva Tam- 


Tammappa ,, 




An 71 


Chika-Raya Tamma-Gauda- 

? 1692 

Muminadi-Cliika-RAva Nan- 





Ht 54 






., -Tammappa-Gauda. 

An 47 


Tamniaya „ 



? 1618 

,, -Timmaya 

Ht 150 

( 8 ) 

Date A.Dl 

Narae of Ruler 

Taluq No. 


Name of Ruler 


? 1629 
? 1632 

Mummadi . .Singasena-Nayaka 
„ -Tamme-Gauda . . 
Tararaa-Gauda . . i 












? 1596 


Havah Bayappa-Gaudas . . . DB 5 

» y » » ' " sonj „ 6 

Immadi-Havali-Bayirapa- „ 7 

Gopala-Gaudarayya . . j Dv 51 

,, -Gauda .. ,, 15 




Kumaia Immadi-Jagadeva- 1 Kn J08 
,. „ 1 Cp J82 



? 1676 

169J Aurangzeb Bahadur^ 


..|DB 31 | 1745 

Mummadi-Chikka-Raya „ 

jTaluq No. 

An 60 

Ht 79 

„ 105 


>) » 

>> ».• 

» » 

Dodda-Baira ppa-Gauda- 



Dv 16 

■> 87 

Dv 70 

„ 71 

DB 63 

Dv 30 

Bn 137 

Ht 19 

1741 j Chien Lung 


Bn 143 





? 1755 Kiishna-bhiipa 


„ -mahipala 
„ -Vodeyar 
Kanthi-Raja and otbers .. 
raiya . . 

>> » • ' 


Chauta- ,, „ 

>? >» >> 

Nairaiaja-Vodeyar and 

Mallaraja-Vodeyar .. 


Cg 66 | i t ? 1756_"| Krishnappa-Najaka 

















65 • 





| Kn 







Krishua-Raja-Vaderaiya . 

Haidar Ali Klian Bahadur. 

Navab Haidar Ali 

Tipu Sultan 

„ -Vodeyar 

Cg 47 

Dv 69 
An 90 
Cp 32 

„ 49 

„ 166 
Nl 8 

„ 51 
Cp 146 

» 18 

>, 1U 
Nl 74 
Bn 7 
Cp 5 

Bn 4 






In Bangalore, on a stone in the Rahjandtlia tenple of Bal/dpurada-pete. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshanibulu 1549 agua.;aniyadi Prabhava-saravatssra- 
Maga-au 13 A-lu srimad-rijadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Kama-Deva-maha- 
rayal-ayyavaru ratna-simhasauarudriulai prithvi-samrajyam cheyuchun-undaganu Asannava-kulaina 
Yalahanka-nada prabhulaina Kempanachaya-utaunivari pautrulaina Kempe-Gaunivari putrulaina 
Yimmadi-Kempe-Gauuayyavatu sadharma-pratipnlukalai sukha-rajya:a cheyachundaganu Behgajuri 
petayaudu sam^talu samayam tirchuni vachchinasvastisamasta-nija-MahirakaLka-prasasta-samastu- 
laina srim id-ianesvara-Ga irisvara-Vira-Narayaua -di/ya-sii-pada-padmaridhakulaiua Ayyavali- 
mukhyulaina sva-deia-para-desa-vubhaya-Nana-Desam Salumiila samasta-pekkandru Penugonda 
Ben^uluru Guluru Chikkanayinipaile Ballapuram Tatiparti Ava.. chamAvani.. dragiri Kolala Kotta- 
kota Kaveripatana Riyakota Srirahgapatna Narasipuram Beliiru Heburu Nagamahgalam Yikkeri 
Bastipalli-modalaina stala-parastala-ubhaya-Nana-Deia-Chalumula-samastulunnu Behguliiri Mutya- 
lapeta Rahginatha-svami-paditara-naivedya-(tiru)tirunalu-modalaina-dharmalaku Kempe-Gauni- 
■variki yeruka-sesiy ichchina (details ot' grant) stiti a-chandiarka-stliayigi svami-paditara-naivedya- 
(tiru) tirunila-molalaina-dhar.nmaluku tri-karana-suddhiga samarpiiichiua diina-patra-sila- 

sasanara | 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyara para-dattinupalanam l 

para-dattapaharena sva-dattam nishphalam bhavet || 
dana-palanayor raadhye danach chhre)6'nupalanain | 
danat svargara avapnoti palanad achyutam padam || 
ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva blmbhujam | 
na bhojya. na kara-grahya, deva-datta, vasundhara || 
sva-dattara para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih || 

isignatures of Pedda-Chikkana-Setti &c) 


Jn Bangahre, on a stone near Tugada Achchappa's house in ChiJckapete. 

(thver portion gone).. .. matu Yalahanka-nada prabhuv a'a ; na Yimmali Kempaya-Gauni-ayrviriki 
a-chandrarkahganu putra-pautra-paramparyama dharmamkoraku Gujjari Visvanathu katiucliiwa 
dharmasala-mathara Sa-imukha-samvatsara-Vaisakha-Sudha-tritiyayandu 


In Bangalore, on a stone in thc Gds&yis temple in the same p§tc. 
svasti sii v]jayibhyudaya-S\ilivahana-saka-varshahgalu 1777 ne sariyada Rikshasa-nima-sam- j 
\shadha-suddha 5 Guruvaradallu Punaha-shaharu-kasabe So navarala-pet ■yalliruva Siddhagiri- 

2 Bangalore Taluq. 

Gosavi sishya Vijayagiri-Gosavi sishya Bhagavantagiri-Gosavi -valagadi Beguru-talliiku- 
paiki Tavarekere-gramakke purva-dikkinalliy iruva Dharnia-dikshitara bhatamanyada hola 
kha 1— — gadde kha 1 — — vathara kaua tippe saha nanu Dharma-dikshitara mommagan 
ada S'am-bhattara, kadeyinda, kumphani-rupayi 400 nanuru-rupayige suddha-krayakke nanu te- 
gadukondu yiruva bhatamanyavannu Bengajuru-Aralepetege serida Mafichi-Somesvara-svamige 
paditara-diparadhane archaka-parioharakanigu saha channagi madatakkaddakke nanu tri-karana- 
tri-vachakav agi bhagavat-pritiyagi kotu idhene {usual finalphrases) endu barasikotta sila-sasana 
sahi | 

sva-datta putrika dhatri pitri-datta sahodari | 
anya-datta svayam mata, vipra-datta vasundhara || 

Bhagavantagiri-Gosavi rujuvu (m Mahratti characters) Sidhagiri-G6-sishya Bijagiri-Gosavi chesina 
Bhagavanta^iri iuju 


In Bangalore, a coppcr plate in the Sugriva-Vehkatatamana-sv&mi temple. 

8ii-Ven'jatesvara-s>vami prasanna 

namas tunga-siras-churabi-chandra-chamara-charave \ 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Vishnave || 
Harer liia-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 
Hemadii-kalasa yatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

svasti *ri jayabhyudaya-S'altvahana-saka-var8hambulu 1752 diyagu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-martau- 
da raja-tejo-nidhi ra-a-kanthirava praudba-pratapa sri-Krishna-Raja-sarvabhaumulavaru prithvi-sam- 
brajyam salpuchu ubhaya-Kaveri-madbye ratna-simhasanarudhulaiy undaga Bharadvaja-gotrotpanna- 
Bya Vaikhanasa-sutre Yajus-sakhadhyayine sri-Venkateivara-Sugriva-svamivariki saha Virodhi-sara* 
vatsara-Phalguna-sud^ia 3 lu ekona-chatvarimsad-gotrotpannulaina asesha-Vira-Kshatriya Melu-S'ar- 
kara-vamsotpannulaina sthala-para-sthalam kulasthulu saha ma kula-daivamaiua sri-Venkatesvara- 
Sugriva-svamivariki saha paditara-diparadhana-nityotsava-pakshotsava-rnasotsava-samvatsarotsavadi- 
utsavamulu nadipiuchetanduku meme memai ma kula-daivamulaku vrayinchi ichina dana-sasana-kra- 
mam etlante Bciigajuruvaru sain 1 kulam 1 ki rukalu 3 Gokulashtami % Navaratriki x pendli 1 
ki ' 3 yi-meraku y igal ivaramu yidigaka vrayifiehi ichinadi sam 1 ku 1 — riika 
' 1 pendli 1 ki ruka | yi-meraku sthala-para-sthalamvaru saha memai memu ma, svaki- 
yamaina mano-vappitanufichi vappi vrayifichi yichchina dana-sasanam ravi-yindu-kulachala-bhu-deva- 
takasa-vani sapta-siigaramul unnadaka ma vamsanukramamuga putra-pautra-paramparyayamuga yi- 
meraku nadapukoni ragalavaram ani memu vrayifichi yichchina dana-sasanam yinduku vighnam 
K:\yaka tna kula-davamunaku utsavamulanadipifichevariki chera-dagadi yi-dharmaniki yevaraina dro- 
ham chesinattaite varalaku g6-hatya-sisu-batya-stri-hatya-bramha-[ha] tya-bhruna-hatya-svarna-steya- 
gurn-darabhigamana vrishali-raaithunadi-papamulaku podur ani vrayifichi ichchina dana-sasanam 
sahi (usual final verses and signatures) yi-modalaina padi-janam kulasthulu ma khuddu rajina vray- 
ifichi yichchina sasanam sahi yinduku sakshulu Hari-Haradulu surya-chandrulu dharma-devata- 
akasi-vani-bhu-devatula sakshi vesi vrayifichi yichchina dana-sasanam sahi 

In Bangvlore, on a stone in the Chilckanna's mangoc grove hy the sidc o? the road to Nelamahgala, 

Salivahana-sakha 1731 liayadurga-samsthauapu Kalyanadurgam Manapati-Venkataramanapapa-Na- 
yanivari samxdlii viru param padam pondinadi Kalayukti-sam-;| Chaitra-ba |i 3 Guruvaram 1858—4-1 

Bangalore Taluq. 


In Bangalore, on copper plates in the Museum. 

(JSdijdri eharuclers) 

(Ib) 6m namas Sivaya | 

payad idyas sa vah potri yad-damshtra-pratibimbita | 
agad ivu dhrita dhatri har>had dvi-guna-pusht;atam || 
pragalbhyam prakatikurushva rasane yache kritas te'njalih 
kartavya tava Soina-sambhava-kula-kshmapala-pali-stutih | 
yad va tat-tad-aneka-raja-vijaya-kriJa-nibaddhakshara- 

sidiyota sudha-nirantara-ghanasvadaya kabhyarthana || 

visvotpatti-vidhayino bhagavatas trailokya-raksharaaner 
Vishnor visva-sanabhi-nahhi-sarasah pradurbabhuvambujam i 
yatra Srir aravinda-maudira-bhavanandau cha nitya-priya- 
pratyasatti-raanoratham cha yugapal labdhvi muda kridati || 
sambhuto bhagavau Vidhis sruti-vacho-vichi-vijasambudhir 
nityodbhasita-Bharati-krita-grihacharair grihasthasrami | 
prochchhuna-prasaraj-jagaj-jani-maharambhi tat6'rubh6ruhat U 
tasya cha manasa-janraa hams6'trih krita-manoharacharah | 
vihita-vananta-nivaso babhuva nityavadatitma u 
athaitasyapahga-pra e nta-karuua-divya-tatini- 
tati-phenakiras samajani j uianauda-jananah | 
dridhas Chandro yena priya-nakha-sikha-tadana-rujas 
sahante vamahgyas sphurad-amrita-bim -. kara-raucha [| 
tad-adih paramo vamsah privartata mahibhujam | 
pratapa-dahana-mlanavain-vira-yasas-tvisham || 
tatraneka-parakrama-krama-va3a-svadhina-bhumanda(7T. a.)lah 
seva-sangata-raja-ranjatia-kala-vidyasu baddhadarih I 
sanjata Yadu-Raja-mukhya-dharanipala puranoditah || 
evam-vidheshu bahushu kramena bharam vahatsu rijyasya | 

Sala iti cha nAuia raia balava dadau tasya |l 

kadachid rajasau S'&sapura-samasanna-vipina- 

layam VAsanty-ikhyAm sva-kula-naraparadhita-padam | 

yayau drashtum devim atha viraala-bhavam muni-varam 

ea drishtva, natvi cha kshanam iva sukheoa nyavisata || 

vitayudhe vrata-sthe devyah pujam munes cha satkardm | 

vidadhati tasninu udi.6 vana-mriga-koUbalas sahasa || 

vyaghrah paschat kutas chit khTa-tiakhara-sikha-bhinna-bhubhrin-nitambas 

traiiokya-grasa-kankshi-v.vrit i-raukha-dari-nissarad-dirgha-jihvah | 

niryan-netra-sphulingo gagana-taja-milat-puchchha-pakshmagra-kotih 

, krOdhod/at-kautha-kandir.iva-bharita-disa-chakra-sima samAgat |i 

sva-desa-bhashaya teua inuninu, hoy Sajety asau | 

choiitas tan jaghinaiu tad-vi:irna-3ilakaya || 

yata Hoysalatatn tadanvaya nripa tyaghras sa gachchhau divam 

yesham nitya-ranekshai 6'iuka iva praitih patika-padain | 

Bangalore Taluq. 

patra-pranta-nirantarotthita-marut-sampanna-karapa-dvishara || 
bhupalo mahatodapadi Vinayadityas tatas teiasa 
kirti-kshalita-Meru-Mandara-lata, kunjodaiodyat-tamah | 
(Ilb) nana-nutana-dharmma-marga-rachana-nirmana-karma-kshamah 
etasmad Erreyahga-bhupatir abhut kshmapala-mala-siras- 
srenishu kramasah. kritatma-ckaranimbhoja-dvayi-sekharah l 
dhati-ghot i vipanna-vair.-nagai i-pr6.1bhuta-dhum6daya- 
kridakr6dita-.ial<a-'61<a-jai)a f || 
Vishnus tasyatmajo'bhut sakahi-ripu-mahipala-chuda-kiiita- 
kroda-piatyupta-ratna-sphurad-aruna-karalidha-pitha-pratishthah | 
syamenapi vyalhiyi sphutv-dhavala-yaso-rasir asa-tateshu |l 
bhogair bhuri kadarthitfmi nayanany asan vadhunarn divi | 
paschad yat-krita-deva-mandira-mukha-piolyat-pataka-patair 
amrishtani punas tad eva sakalam saukhyarn || 
tat-sunur Narasimha-bhupatir ablrad viryavadhuta-kshama- 
pilebhyah pratipadayan giri-guha-gudha-sthali-su-sthitim i 
sasvad visva-dig-anta-santata-jaya-prastava-samstavaka- 
starobhoLtambhana-keii-karmmatha-bhujabhogaika-bhushojvalah |j 
tasyapy asid a?esha-kshitipati-lalana-sahgha-samvahitanghris 
6unur Ballaja-bhu, 6 nia-guna-vijitayata-virahita-siih | 
yat-sevanaDda-mandikrita-nija-nagaravasa-vafichchhair anekair 
ekibhutaih kritam pratidinam aribhir nutanapad-dhanani || 
yad-dhati-ghot i-nasa-maruti -vichalii e ,'atru-gati emu kampo 
yat-ko) ottha-pratape jvalati ripu-puri-pahkti-paryanta-dahah | 
yad-bahudyat-kripane vilasati vadane vidvisham kala-kantir 
yat-kodande pracbande vinamati v.nata, vairi-virah samantat (| 
tasyasin mahishi manoharatara 6ii-Padma (Illa) lakhya vadhuh 
sarvorvis i-\ aravat 6dha-vinaya-pi ota-pranamanjalih | 
yat-kirtir nava-kuiHla-chandana-sudha-snilendra-chai.drankuia- 
;yotsna-jala-mara].a-raauklika-suni-sr6tasvini-s6:lari |i 
tasyam asyatmaj6'bbuj jagati virachitananda-mudravataro 
velajam kshira-varddher iva nayana-mahas.chandrama Narasimhah | 
Lakshmir atravlrasin nikhija-jana-iiata sammata bhusuranam 
prakhyata Somalakhya gunamaya-sumani-sieuina sarduham riddha || 
tasmin sii Narasimha-bhubhu;i bhuja-vinyasta-bhumi-bhaie 
S'eshas ^esham av pa Dhurjati-jata-bandhadi-karma svakam | 
sailai.' chashtabhi etaliya-suyaso-Gandharva-gandharvatah 
sravamsavam agiyi tat-piatiravabhogodbhava-chchhadmana || 
tasmai sil-Narasiu,ha-bl,umipataye yu ldhe nibaddhahati- 
krida-kautuka-sai. imagna-manase tishtheta kas satr.ivah | 
yad-ya.tra-mukha-cl)a5chala-dhvaja-pati-paryauta-vataiula : r 
evode.i vircdhi-vira-vanita-vaidhavya-navyanalah [j 

Bangalore Taluq. 

kalam S'aradam etya saugara-saharn yasrnin vipakshantake 

nishpratyuha-jaye nirargala-bhuje jeturn samabhyudyate | 


kshonipala-kuturnba-nayana-jalaih Pravrit puro vartate [| 

tasya sri-Narasimba-nama-nripates sena-bharenanatarp 

bbumim bhogi-patir babhara miiduna murdhneti tan nadbhutam | 

yasmat tad-bhata-dagdha-s^trava-pura-prodbhiita-dhumodaya- 

chchhadmotsarita-srinkha (III. fr.jlabhir abhitah prithvi nibaddhopari || 

jata Vikramapala-Pamsa- Makara-pr6ddanda : Hoysaryama 

yad-yaj&e pasavas sirah paridhayah sangrama-bhur mantapah | 

sva-krodh6'rauir idhmam unmala-ripu-gramah pratap6'na}6 

mantrah kopa-karala-karkasa-vachas Chola-pratishtha phalam || 

sunus tasya cha Soyi-Deva-r.ripatir jatas sva-janma-kshane 

nunam Kshatra-maho-balad iva krita-kshmapantar-ushmorlayah | 

jate yatra kha]air akhedi sujanair anandi din-man lalaih 

prasadi vyasanair vyalayi duritair dfirad ayayisvare || 

so'yam samasta-naranatha-sirah-parita- 

padambujo jayati samprati Soyi-Devah | 


vyaja-pratisruta-kuladri-bharav atitya || 

kupyan dripyad-arati-raja-rajase druhyan pratapagnaye 

satroh kunkuma-pankilam ripu-vadhu-vakshah kshanatkshnlayan | 

nana-vairi-kirita-kuttima-tatir unmulayan samharan 

santapam jagatam yadiya-suyasah-puiVyam ujjrimbhate || 


chchhanne bhaskara-mandale'ndha-taraasair ihudham uchchair iti | 

yuddhe dhavana-tatpareshv ari-bhateshv asyaiva kopanala- 

jvalabhi rudhira-chchhalad ari-v.isa-grasabhir adipyate j| 


sphite'Dantaram ambudhir yadi cbalen naitat param karanam | 


kshobhais samprati kampate nanu maha-nadah patih pathasam || 

Bharadvaja-kule payodhi-vimale sri Soma-varpsodbhava- 

Srimach-Chiddaraso nripo gunavatam agresarah sastrinam | 

kundendu-dvipa-danta-pan (IV. a) dura-yasas-stomas suranara vadhu- 

vratair yasya rasa, bhri^am pratidinam karnavatamsikritah || 

prakhyata Vudanachiti tasyabhuch chatura vadhuh I 

yach-chhri-jitah Kubero'pi dig-antam prayayau hriya || 

tasyam sutasya dayitajani Somalakhya. 

ratnanisu-piudita-tanus tanu-vritta-madhya | 

rupena nirjita-Ratih kara-padma-bhusha, 

Lakshmir ivairita-janarti-hara pravina, || 

srimat-Soma-mahipateh samudabhut pattabhishikta, priya 

yad-danam surabhuja-darpa-matbanam bhaktir yadiya dridha | 

srimach-Chandrakalavatamsa-charane sa Somalakhya, vadhuh 

kirtya Soma-mahipateh saha gata nakam chira || 

— J 

6 Bangalore Taluq. 

so^yam samasta-pra§asti-vistara-vishayibhuta-vimalatara-chitra-charitah Sri-36mesvar6 bhumipalah 
sva-bhuja-bala-vinirjita-Ch6}a-mandale sva-mano-vinodaya vmirmitam Vikramapura-naraadheyam 
maharajadhanim adhivasan Paridhavi-samvatsarasya Phalguna-masasyamavasyayam suryoparage 
vuihiyamananeka-danapravritti-prasangat Kalukani-nada-vishayantar'-gata-Madanapalli— sahitam 
Mattikatta-namadheyam puram svasya patta-mahishyah Soaiala-Devyah sreyo'rtham Somalapura- 
para-uamakam kritva, chatvarimsad-adhika-sata-nishka-kara-kalpanaya saptati-vrittih parikalpya 
uana-gotrebhyo Brahmanebhyah tat-pure sva-pratishthita-devasya nikhila-bhogartham dhara- 

purvakam pradat j| ayam evarthah Karnata-bhashaya sa-prapaSchah prakatikriyate svasti 

samasta-bhuvanasraya 6ri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara Dvaravati-pura-vara- 
dhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyuinani sarvajua-chudamani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu ganda 
ganda-bherunda kadana-prachandan asahaya-siirau ekanga-vii-a S'anivara-siddhi Giridurga-malla 
chalad-ahka-(T V.b) Rama vairibha-kauthirava Makara-rajya-nirmiilaua Pandya-kula-samuddharaua 
Chola-rajya-pratishthacharya nis-sahka-pratapa chakravartti Hoysala-bhuja-bala sri-Vira-S6mesvara- 
Devarasaru S'aka-varsha 1175 n eya Paridhavi-samvatsarada Phalguua-masada amavasye-surya-gra- 
banadalu Kalukani-nada Madani tanna kaluvali sahita (herefolloiv details of gift.) Madani-gudida 
Mattikattavanu tammapattadarasiSovala-Deviyarige sieyo'rthavagi a-uranu Sovalapurav endu hesar- 
ittu Brahmanarige vri 62 (here folloiv details of vrittis) ga 140 nu prativarsham aramanege tett-um- 
bautagi uana-gotrar-appa Brahinauottamarigeiim tavu pratiihteya-madida devarigeiim a-chaudrarka- 
sthayiy agi bhogisuvant agi ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya-nidhi-nikshepa-samasta-bali-sahita dbara- 
purvakam madi kottaru || 

a-nana-yuga-kalpam a-ravi-ratha-prasthanam a-varidhi- 
prasphiirjaj-jala-bharam a-nada-nadi-stotas-sahasra-sruti | 
a-prithvi-talam a-nabho'hganara ayam Somesvara-kshmapater 
dharmas su-sthiratam upaitu nitaram a-Setu chaMeru cha || 

(usual final verses.) 

svi-Vita-S6mesvara-Devaiya |J 


In Bangahre, on a stone in the Musewm, 

Orantha 4" Tamil charcters 

svasti sri Sakabdani 1219 mel sellaninra Makaranayarru purva-pakshattu Dvadasiyum Viyala- 
kkilamaiyum perra Rohini-nal manu-maha-prasayittan S'audilyan Koyil-mudaliyarena Irumbiliur ana 
^ira-Valiala-chehaturvedi-mahgalattu raaha-janahgalukku dana-pramanam-prtnni-kkuduttapadi 
Ilaippakka-uattil Toramalur-pparru-ehChayanallayuh-Goppipalliyum ivai parrukk-adaitta nansey 

punsey nar-pai-ellaiyil i yattam batta-vritti pallichchandam mada- 

jipuram yagil Gamgai-kka-aiyir-kimir-pasuvai-kkcnran 

papatte [ ogakkadavau subhatn astu 

tarr.anyoyan dharma-setuu nripauam kale kale palaniyo bhavatbhih 
saivan etan bbavinah partthi vendtan bhiiyo bhuyo jachate Eamabhaclrah 

On a stcnt in the oldpalace in Ban^ahrefort. 

{Persian characters), 

Ta. bina e mahal ba shaukat shud 
Sar ba anje falak za bohjat shud 























Bangalore Taluq. 7 

Vah che farrokh raahal bina e rafi 

Bar tar az asman za rafat shud 

Hast aina khaua e ba safa 

Har kasash did raahave hirat shud 

G6 e safvat rabud az kafe charkh 

Charkh ziin sar niguu za khijlat shud 

Vasfe in khasr ra shunid magar 

Zan FaiiJun ba khabe ghalat shud 

Justamash az hisabe Zar tarikh 

Goft Hatif ke baite ishrat shud 

Chun ahud in khasre taza nakhsh tamam 

Surate Chin khajil za ghirat shud 

Justam az khizre akhl tarikhash 

Goft laraib rashke jannat shud 


At Dommalu r attached to Bangalore, on a stone lying infront ofthe Chokkandtha temple. 
svasti ori S'aka-varusha 1362 Raudn-samvatsarada Bbadrapada-ba 7 S6 | rajadhiraja raja-para- 
raesvara sri-vira- Deva-Ray a-maharayaru-. •• simhasanamdhar agi yirabek endu Patta nada Rayanna- 
ngaju kalihida Soudeyakoppada-venteyada Hejjunkada adhikari Mallarasaru Dombalura Chokka- 
naiha-devarige kotta dana-dhareya kramav ent endade prakinalli Sondeyakoppada venteyakke 
aru banda a-suhkadavaru a-Dombalura Chokkanatha-devarige saluvanta chatus-simeyalii ullanta 
av-av-a-gra:nagajige bahanta hejjunkada varttaneya udugareyanu purva-mari(yya-)yadeya a-chandra- 
rka-sthayiy agi namma Rayannay-Odeyarge sakala-sambrajyav agiy irabek endu nam {hack.) namma 
varttane udugareyanu Chokkanatha-devarige ushah-kalada aharakke dhara-purvakav agi a- 
chandrarkka-Sthayiy agi dhareyan eradu kottev-agiy i-dharmmakke (usual final phrases & vcrses) 

subham astu mangala maha sri Sri sri 


At the same temple, on the door-frame. 

(Grantha <$r Tamil characters) 

S'okka-perummal ko .. kkan .. peril .. nninen Alagiyar inda-ttiru-nilai-kal irandum ivan tanma. 


At the same temylc, on the basement. 

(Granthz 8c Tamil characters) 

svasti sri S'akarai-yandu ayirattu-oru-nOrrenbadu senra Kshaya-varushattu S'ittirai-inadam 
padinelin-diyadi Aditya Hastattu naj Eaientra-S'61a-va]a-nattu (y) Ilaippakka-nattu Tombalur ana 
Desimanikkapattinattu Talaikkattu Yiravi Tripurantaka-settiyarum Parpati-settichchiyarum Nambi 
Yiravi-settiyarkum SYideviyakkanukkum yi-vahstttil ujlarkum punaravrittiy-illamaikkum Tribhuva- 
namalla Vembi-deViirkum yivar varnattil ullarkum tolukkum vajukkum nanr-agavum tiruv-;irada- 
nah-gond-aruluvad-aga i-Tripurantaka-scttiyar tiru-pratishthai-pannin a nayanar Tripurantaka- 
pperumalukku-ttirunamattu-kkaniy-aga vitta Jalappalli nansey punsey nay-pal-ellaiyum Vinnaman- 
galatt-eriyum Torabalur periya yeriyd kalini panniru-kandagamum i-kkovil kaniyalan Iramapiran 
Allala-nambiyarukku archcfcana-vr.tti VanniyakaHa mariyadi-kuduttu kaiidaga-kkollaiyum kuduttu 
Talai S'ankarappa6ariyan TillanSyagan maruma^an Manali Tiripuiantaka-pperumal-asariyar 
hanukku i-ttiru-murram iidaki-pran an»m-iga kshetrara-kudutten pratishthas5rimaiyura periy-eri- 

8 Bangalore Taluq. 

kil-ppaSaaam koiai vilaiya aru-kandaga-kkalaniyun-gaudaga-kkollaiyum raajrrura ullanavum pudu- 
ppanikke tiruppadigal 6padi kuli idavum ivan tnakka} inakkal santralitya-varai sella kudutten 
Manali Tripurantaka-perumal-asarikku i-kkoyilir-kaniyalan Kundaaiyir-Kaduvanudaiyan S'uriyan 
S'ambandarukku S'anduppatti-kalani iru-kandagamum . . ndalinpatti yiru-kandagamura Uvachcha- 
patti kandagamum eraberuman adiyarku ivv-eriyil kalani aru-kandagam idil terkku kalani kandaga- 
mum Sokkaperumal Mauikkattukku kandagam i-nnayanar tirumadaivilagamum sannadi-teruvum 

aga peri-eriyil kalani muppadin-kan kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvaiyum Piramanaraiyum 

konra papatte kallum Kaveriyum pullum pumiyura ulladanaiyum Brahma-karppam ujladanaiyum 
vishthaiyille krimiy-ay senikkakadavvakkal Allala-nambiyar Tombalur ennudaiya kaniyil S'avarippe- 
ruraal-nambiyarukku danam aga munrattonru kudutten. 


At the same place. 

(Orantha Sf Tamil characters) 

svasti . . ysala-vira-Ramanada-Devarku yandu rauppattu-aravadu Arpasi-madam padina. .... 
tiyadi Ilaippakka-nattu-nattavarum m Nam. . .. rum adikari S'ellappillaiyum 

devar sibarittai Tombalur S'okkappe kku tirunal-alivukku porad-enru vinnappafiyya i-kkovi- 

lil kkariyafi-jeyvar NalandigaJ Narayana-tadar vinnappan-jeya^devarum Tomba . . r irukkum ponl 
mudalil pattu pon mudali vitten vira-Iramanada-Devarena yi-ttanmatai alivu-seydar undagi 
Gengai-kkaraiyil kura-ppasuvai konran pavatte pugakadavargal 


At the same place. 

(Orantha S( Tamll tharaclers) 

svasti sri upajivana-katrinam samasta-viita-vasinam arkkasalam paran-daivam baudyame daiva- 

sasanam sadhanam rathakaranam etat trailokya-bhushanara samasta-va ttarum 

samasta-pafichalattarum S'okkapperumal tiru-munbe kuraiv-ara-kkudi sthira-sasanam-panninapadi 



At the same place. 

(Qrantha Sf lamil charactersj 

svasti sii Irajaraja-S'61a-vala-na,t$u llaippakka-nattu Tombalur ana Desimanikkapatanattu Tiripu- 
rantaka-pperumal Embe-devar kattina kattupadi iratti-madattuku tiru-vilaku pana 5 


At Ilalasur, on the basement oflhe halydna-manlapa in ihe prdhdra of the Subrahmanya temple. 

(Grantha Sc Tamil cha,acters) 

svusti sri Salivagana-sakam 1743 KaljjKigabdam 4916 Prabavadi 15 iwa .. Karttigai .. 16 .. 
Alasur sri-S'upparaya-suvamiyarukku Tirukkaoam Ayya-mudaiiyar kumaran Vedagiri-mudaliyar 
kattivaitta tiru-kkaliyana-mandapam (AlsO in Telugu to the same effect). 


At the sxme village, on a stone set up by the side of the house presen*ed to the Somesvara 
temple by Suranga Sabhdpati Mudaliar. 

(Qrantha Sc Tamil characters) 

S'alivagana-3nka . 1799 kkusariy-ana Datru.. Ani.. 11 . yil .tiru. Arasa-rna-nagan-.t il clundaruliy- 
iraninjra . sri-S^omesvara-suvamiyin Karttigai-vuchchavattukk-aga pensan Savangu S'adupperi Saba. 
pati-mudaliyar vaitta vidu tarmam 

Bangalore Taluq. 9 


At Yelqlia uka (Yelahahka Jiobli), at the hase of Garuda-JcanibJia in front ofthe GopdlaKrishna 

ternple in fort. 

svasti sri S'aka-varsha savirada munura muvatta murane Vikriti-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-sud- 
dha-trayoda£iyu Guruvaradalu rajadhiraja raja-parainesvara sri-vira-Deva-Raya-OJeyaru sakala- 
sambrajyavan aluva kaladalu Bommanna-ayyagala dharmmada sasanada Bammanna-Settiya maga 
Macharusa-Settiyaru madisida dipa-raaleya-kambhakke mangala maba, sri 


At the same villagc, on a stone tying near Banumantd's fieJd to the south-n-cst. 

(Qrantha ft Tamil c\aractem) 

svasti srimanu manrlalesvaran na-malla na, vara. . .. n ana Tamma 

parkattikku-ppari detta...lavena kana...kandi maran man-tecti. S'6bakiruti-samma?a 

.. ttu S'ittirai-mada nal i-kkallu-nat'i .. 1 Velandatti udamai 


At Chiklca BettahalU (same hdbli), on a stone to the south ofthe Hanumaata temple. 
subham astu Tarana-samvatsarada Margasira-su 1 lu Krishna-Rayara kaladalli Singapa-Naya- 
karu Singapuradali iruvanta devara amrita-padiya naivedya'<ke Ramanuja-kutakke Pattana-Tim- 
manayyanavara makkalu Hiriaya Varadaraiayanavarige Chiga Bthahalliyanu bittev agiy i- 
dharmmakke (usual imprecatory pJirases). 


At Jakkur (same hobli), on a stone in MaJckariga's fitld. 

svasti sri S'akabda 1265 neya Chitrabhanu-sam l Asvija-su 5 Bri srimatu pratapa-chakra- 
vartti s:i-Hoysala-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Unnamale-pattanadalu pritlm-rajyam geyut-tiralu 
srimanu-inaha-Elakaka-nada samasta-praje-gavundugalu. . . manu maha-savantadhipati miseyara 
ganda Chikka-Bayiraya-Nayakaaa maga Honnamaraya-Nayakanu nada senabova Alajarige 

sila-sasanava maiikotta kraraav ent endade i-nadojagana (back) Jakkura gadde beddalu 

majav-olagada chatus-sime enulladanu sarvvamanyada kodagiyagi chandradityar ullam-bara salu- 
vantiigi sila-sasanava madi kottaru maiigala maha sri 


At the same village y in the Amdnikere. 

(Grantha and lamil characteri) 

svasti sii Posala-vira-Valiala-Devar prithivi-rajyam-panuiy-arulanirka Krolhi-varshattu- 

pPauguni-masattu yum Viyala-kkilamaiyum perra TJttirattu nal svasti sri Perumaldeva- 

deunayakkar magan Chakravatti-deudanayakkarena dana-pramanam-paani-kkuduttapadi 
Ilaippakka-nattu-na, . tavar namakku i-nnattile sarva-manyara aga . sellakkadvad-aga udakam- 

panni-kknduttom Pa yyapalliy-ana-kKanga Narayaua-chehaturvedi-mangalattil dana- 

manyam nikki 3'ivapurattukk-adaitta nansey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyum kuttai kulangalu marram ulla 

nilam adangalum utpada udakam-panni-kkudutta pafigu Ganga-Narayana-pperumalukku- 

ttiruvidaiyattam pangu yatta-ttevadauam ku. nikki-ppangu dum chandra- 

ditya-varai manyam a ngalukku sarva-badha-pariha . m aga udakam-pa 

kkudutten Kejridipal liy-ana Ganga-Na na-chchaturvedi-manga'attu .. . .. ttu- 


10 Bangalore Taluq. 

pPeri Konda bhatta .. irupadin .... Chakravatti-dennayakkarena i-dkdhammattukku ilamgkanam- 
pannivai • . 1 Garagai-kkaraiyir-kurar pamvai-kkonran senra papatte pugakkadavargal 
Allaja-natha * 


At G&nigarahalli (same hobli), on a stone lying in the northern outlet of the tanlc. 
svasti S'aka-varusha 1264 sandu nadava Chitrabhauu-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 13 Bu snman- 
maha-pratapa-chakravarti Hoyisana-sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Vunnamaleya-pattanadalu sukha- 
raiyam geyvutiralu sriman-maha-pasayitarum appa miseyara ganda Chikka-Bayireya-Nayakaru 
avara miyidunandiru Choleya-Nayakaru srimau-maha-Yelahaka-nada prabkugalu Bayire-Deva 
(others named) samasta-praje-gavundugalu sriman-maha-savantadhipati Pemma-Devarasara mak- 
kalu Allayyanavaringe Somidevanahalli Kalitammanahalli Petedri Muvinakere Haruvamara- 
diyakere-vojagada ckatus-simeya gadde-beddalanu dhare-chandradityar ullannaka.. sarvvamanyav 
a°i kotta kodage raangala maha sri sri Sri 


At Ghikka-Bdndvara (same hobli), on a piece of stone lying in the old fort. 

Hoysala-Devara dandanayakam Udeyaraayyangalane KadamMr- 

alu kadi Heggade Macha-gondanum yivargge magam Machi-devanu halaru mechcha halvara iridu 

satta sasanam 


At Dodda-Bommasandra (same hobli), on a stone in front ofthe Gop&lasvdmi temple. 

maha-mandalesvara Pauda-Raya iddalli Kukkala-nada i-mtdan aluva 

Bukka-Nayakaru a-Kukkala-nadanu Bommahaliya...sarvamanyav agi vom-muka-sunka bittu agrahar- 
akke kottu (imprecatory phrases) 


At Tindlu (same hobli), on a stone in the pujdri's field. 

svasti srimatu S'aka-varusangalu 128 . sandu Plavanga-samvatsara-Pushya-ba .. So-dalu siimanu- 

maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda chatus-samudradhipati vira- 

Bukkanna (rest effaced) 



At HdrohaUi (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 

svasti sn jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1452 ne Vikriti-samvatsarada Kartika-suddha 12 
punya-ka ! adalli Achyuta-Kaya-maharayarigo namma tande Basavappa-Nayakarige puiiyav agi Ach- 
yuta-Uayaru Solura Basavappa-Nayakara makalu Krishnappa-Nayakarige nayakatanakke palisida 
S'ivanasamudrada-sthalakke saluva Harohalli-gramavanu Singapurada Tiruveugalanatha-anga-ranga- 
vaibhcgi-amrita-padi-naivedyakke Ramanuja-kutake salabek endu kotta sila-sasana 


A . A 

At AvalahaUi (same hobli), on a virakal in Taranisi Iramia's field. 

sii svasti sri jayabhyudaya 12.. ya Virodi-sam-da Vaisakha-su 1 Bu Anneya-Nayakana maga . be- 


Nayakanu hoya biddanu ya-Nayaka Abeya Rachaya-Nayakanu voydu sura- 

Joka-praptan adanu 
* In Kn.ann^i i clnracters. 

Bangalore Taluq. \\ 


At Attdfasandra (same hobU), on a stone to ilie north of the village entrance. 

87a3ti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1461 neya Krodhi-saravatsarada Marggasira-Su 5 
lu Srimanu-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa s>i-vira-Sadasiva-raaharayaru pfichvi- 
rajyam geiittam yiralu sriman-maha-nandalesvara sri-Maratiya-Vithalesvara-Deva-maha-arasugala 
karyake karttar tlda Rachura Narasirahayagalu Jekkura Allalanatha-devara amrit a-padi-naivedyake 
Elahaka-nada S'ivanasamudrada siinevalagana Allalasandra-gramavanu Vithalesvara-arasugalige 
punyav agabeku yandu saraaipisidevu a-gramake saluva cbatus-simey-olagada kere-kunte-gade-bed- 
dalu-gude-guyala-t6ta-tudaga-kadaranaba-nimraraba-sakala-(shkala) suvarnaday-untada ashta-bhoga- 
tejas-svimyavanu samarppisidevu yi-dharma-sadhana 


At the same vilJage, on a stone tying on an eminance. 

svasti eii Sakabda 1263 neya Vikrama-sain-Karttika-ba 5 Bri-Jandu sriraatu pratapa-chakra- 
rartti s.i-Hoysala-vira-Balla!a-Devarasaru Uunamale-pattanadali prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu sri- 
manu-maha-pradhanam Kameya-dandanayakara makkalu Kameya-dannayakaru Yaleyaka-nada 
senabova Allajarige sila-sasanava marli ko:ti kramav ent endade Haramaravura koteya purbba- 
maryadeya chatus-sime gadde beddalu sime i«amya-(6acft)van uljadanu (ulladanu) sarvamanyad a 
kodage agi chandradityar uUam baram saluvant agi sila-sasanavacoadi kottevu mangala raaha sri sri 


At the sameviJJage, on a stone in the barren land of Kempdpurada Muniyappa. 

svasti §riman-ma[ha]-Kul6ttunga-Cl!oja Sanne-nad alva Kadeya-Nayakana bhantanu Mummadi- 
Settiya maganu Gujiyannana tamnianu Rama-devanu betege horavattu hiriya-handige benteyalu 
bittade tagi kondu dreha badheyum < .... ... 


At Ndgasandra (same JiobJi), on a stone near the dlada mara. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'aka-varusha Vl6<i ne Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada su 13 Mam svasti sri- 

mat-tribhuvanasrayam maharajadhira jam raja-paramesvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani 

sarbbajnachudamani pratapa-chaknmirtii s:i-Hoysala-sii-vira-Ballala rajyam geyi- 

v . xlli Elahanka-nfida Machi-Devaru jiyyaru 

(rest illegible) 


At DdsarahaJH (same JwbJi), on a virakaJ in Kole Hanumantas field. 
svasti §iimat-S'ripurusha-mahai ajam prithvi-rajyam geyye Polettalvor enna Karika-nada Bidirkkall- 
alda Kukkara Palikkari-nadiyar tnridu pad^yulavar-ashta-balamanna eridu bildu . . sri-Ambi- 
achariyara magan Nagan madida 


At the same pJace, on another stone. 

svasti sii Indaran ale Dharmmagudu num iridu svarggastar adar ida 

.... i-damma 

12 Bangalore Taluq. 


At the same village, on a vtrakal in kdnabhoga Ellappa^s field. 

svasti sri Madiya-gamundar i-Periyuru Siriurara maganu Marasinga Inbatura turu gole 

satan Chaura ale sata . . 


At Agrdhara, Yalahanha hobli. 

( Grantha and Tamil characters) 

Vilangutyaiyum periya e ...pallattukku kilakku Kombili .... kku-tterku-tTatta]ai S'ivarau- 

pajlikku merku idukku ul ujla sakala-praptiyum mel nokkina maramum kinokkina kinarum 
nanjey punSai nar-pal-ellaiyum nana-gotraikadasa-Brahmanarkku sraddhanga-dbarmma-dana-pra- 
manam-panni-kkudutten idukku ilanganam-seydavan Gemgai-kkaraiyir kural-pasuvai-kkonran 
pavatte pugak-kadavan subham astu 


At Vartur (Vartiir liohli), on a stone lying on the tanh bund near the northem sluice. 
Nayakag ay-gu]a-mannu svasti sri Permmanadi prithivi-rajyam geye Nolamba S'ivamaram 
Morasu-nadan alutt ire f Mahabali-vamsa Nijapana ruaga Anniga irbbar-arasugalalli padedu deva- 
bhoga Maruru Kundadiya nejala gudisida Trailokyavirake kotta mannu irkhanduga Ereyapa 
Mangajada mahajana sakshi Kailasa-panditar bbareda i-mannan alidora Baranasiya Sriparbbatam 


At Pattandur {same hobli), on a stone to the west of the road. 
svasti sn S'akabda 1265 r.eya Chitrabbanu-samvatsarada Pushya-6u 10 S6 svasti srimatu pra- 
tapa-chakravartti sri-Hoysala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Unamale-pattanadali sukha-rajyam 
gaiyavutt iralu sYimanu maha-savantadhipati Chikka-Kalaya-Nayakanu srimanu-maha-Sanne- 
nada tenkana-bageya torevala vittiya Kadagodiya-stalada samasta-gafindugalu i-Sanneya-raj- 
yada senabova Perumbachariya Satuvela Alajaringe sila-sasanava madikota kramav entendade 
ya-sta|ado]agana Hattandura gadde beddalu chatus-sime pfirba-mariyadi en-ulla hola-slmeyanu 
sarbamanyada kodigey agi chandra-adittar ullanna-bara saluvant agi Sila-sasanava madikotteii 
mangala maha sri sri sri 


At Ndgondahalli (same hobli), on a stonc in NdgandyahanaJco te Bayir&s field. 
svasti sri Siva-Bhimaga pratishtege ombad-imbaruip bandu pa.lirkkolam. kalani okkandugam 
kemma kottan idarn kidippon Baranasiyan alida pancha-mahapatakan akkum sri-Rachamalla~ 
Permmanadi rajyam geye niltodu 


At Eagaduru {same hobli), in Mr. White\s land to the ivest. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Iramana-Devarku yandu 29 avadu S'ubhanu-3amvatsarain Irajara .. kKarkata 

marayar Ganga-pperumal vi . ta tanmam tangal kedaparaikaga nayana 

andu . . rayauapura . . tukku ko 

Bangalore Taluq. 13 


At Lnmadihalli {same hobli), in the grazing ground to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti Sri S'akabda 55 mel sellaninra S^rimuka-samvarsaratu Tai-masa mudal-tiyadi 

Tim^a-kilamaiyum Shashtiyum perra ..ttu nissamka-pratapa Posala- 

vira-Vallal a *Devar prithivi-rajyam-pannaninra kalattu svasti srimanu-maha-vira-samantadipati 
Lakuma-nayakkan magan Kallaya-nayakkanum svasti sri Turaivali-nattavar Vaichcha-gamundar 

Poysalan Palidevar ullitta nattav.irum svasti sri Manikattil ■ . .. van Mara-kkavundar 

ma<*an S'okkannarkkum S'elvandaikkum kudamgai ur kuduttapadi Naga-gavundanpalli nimgal 
ana Pammasamudramum Pammakiraiyum ivvurukku ellai Naga-gavunuan ... ljt mudakku .. .. ... 

pai chandraditta-vaiai 


At Doddakannale {same hobli), in ihe tope in front of the village. 

(Grantha and Taniil characters) 

S'akabtam 1209 mel sehaninra Vaya-\ausbattu piirva-pakslia Piratamaiyum S'ani- 

kkilamaiyum Tiruvouamum perra trrai nal sva?ti sri ma-mandalisuraa Hariyappa-udaiyar 

prithivi-irachchiya n-partn: arula Vallapa .. nnayakkar mmaua.. .. 

rum Veyur-nattu-nattavarum Irumbiliyur ma-sanangum S'ara ... Marappanum PuliyanguJaiyar 

Sokkappan ullitta na varom Seml a-prrkadaijar oppa:n sri-Na ... suram-udaiyar .. n 

S'evida-perkadaiyarkkuUJaiyanpall'.kku ada t:a naiijai punjai nar-parlellaiyil menokkina maramum 
kinokkina kinayam purvayam apurvaya n utpada sarva-maniyam-aga pramanam-panni-kkuduttom 
Veyur nattavarom 


At Mulliir (same hobli), on a stone near the village gate. 


svasti sri subham astu S'aka-varusa 1 ... Piajotpatti-sarpvatsarada dvitiya-A grahana- 

nya harajadhiraja raja para daksliina-pas.:hima-samudradhi Deva-Raya- 

raaharayara ku Ka<ya;)a- r 6trala 

51 ^- U , 

At Giiiljur {same hobli), cn the basement of the Sdmes'vara tempte. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaeten"). 

svastisrisrimar-pratapacbakiavatti sri Hoy^ala-vii a-Vallala-Devar He^ar-Kundaii ia,(ia)jyam Virivi- 
nadu Masanti-nadu Murasa-nad t S'o! kuiajai-par.-u Pcnnaiyaudar-mada-naiu Aimbul tgur-nadu 
Elavur-nadu Kuvalala-nadu Ka,vi:a-'.i:*ida Ilaippakka-iiadu munn-ana ella i.alugalin ujla deva- 
sthangalil mada-patigalukkum stlianikarkkum vinnappan-jeyya-ppera Kaliyuga-varusbam 3311 idan 
mer mer-chellaninra Sakablam 1224 vadu Plava-varushattu Margali-madam 22 ti Tingat-kilamai 
nalinda rajyattudevanan-tiiuvidiiyatta-n.a 'a pura-maniyahgalilirukkum siddhaya-^kinikkai tariy- 
rai tattar-ppattam S arigai utpatta epperpatta verivugalu marrum epperpatta iraigajum tavittu 
indinda devarzalukku pu',a r kkumm-amudiikkum bhogamgalukkum tiru-ppanikkum dhara-pflr/am- 
a<-a udakam-panni-kkuduttom ippadikku Kufijiyur nayanar S'6manata-devar tirunamattu- 
kkaniv-ana ur S'urikkuttai Singamankuttai KovaSamuttiiamu marrum epperpattadudun nilamum 
kondu puiaiyum amudum bhogamgalum t ruppaniyun-guraiv-\ra nadatti namakku nam rajyatt- 
ukkum anhudhaiyam-aga valtti sukha'iie/-iru;)ptdu 


]4 Bangalore Taluq. 


At M&ratihalli (sanie hobli), on a stone near ihe asvattha mara. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahaua-saka-varshambulu 1429 Prabhava-sarrivatsara-Magha- 
suda 1 lu sriman-raaha-maodalesvara .. sabasa ... sti-virapratapa vira-Narasinga-Raya-maha- 

raya :... i-dharmara yavaru saganiyani dora-pedda-kodakunu tane Varauasini chatnpi 

a-mamsara tinavadu ani devatalu rishulu Brahmalu sapam Har-Haradulu sakshi 


At Dodda Nekhundi (sttme hobli), on a stone lyiny in yutte hola near the villaye. 

(Grantha and Tamil characten). 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prituvi-vallabha maharajidhiraia puraradisvara Dvaravati-pura- 
varadisvara Yalava-kulambara-dvirnani sarvajna-sudamani raalaraja-raja malaiparul ganda ganda- 
berunlakailana-prasanda ekanga-viran asahaya-suraSanivara-sidhi Giridugga-malla jalatunga-Rama 
vaiyribha-kandibhava Magarachchiya-nirmula Sola-rachchi-pratishthasariya Pandiya-kula-samudha- 
rana nichchanga-pratapa-chchakravartti H osala-sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasar valukkun-dolukkun- 
jeyam-aga svasti sri Masaudi-nattu Periya-nattu Melamugattu Vira-Vallala-Deva-nattu nayakafi- 
jeyvan Pilla-gamiudan ullitta nattavarum svasti sriraanu-maha-prasattauima. nan Machcban .. .. 
.... Tillappar ur .. .. adikarigalum svasti sri udaiyar S'ivagenge-udaiya-nayauarkku dana-sadhana- 


praraanain-panni-kkudutta-pparisavadu Devar Vira-Vallala-Devarasar vadakku Ariyar mel eduttu 
vittu Nakkigundi-kkottaiyura alittu venru padai i Dorasamuttirattilii elundaruli . . rnndu dushta- 

nigraham Sishta-Sishta-pratipanam-panni prituvi-rachchiyam-panni na ga.. prattigaiyil 

engal nattil Erumur-kkadappilli Nerkundi nafijai punjai uar-park-ellaiyum kinokkina kinaru 
menokkina maramum uttppada santiraditta-varaiyum nadippad-aga Kaliyuga-varusham 3649 
S'akhandam 1225 idan mel Sellaninra Krodhi-samvatchcharattu Purattadi-magam ]0 tiyum Mula- 
nakshatramum pe.rra nal udaiyar SMvagengai-udaiyarkku-ttiruppadimarrukku dara-purvam-aga 
udakam-panni kuduttom nattavarom sva-dattam-para-dattam va yo hareta vasundara sashthi varu- 
sha-sahasrani-visbthayan sayate krimi i-tanmattukku iyavan oruvan langanam-pesinavan Gengai- 
kkaraiyir-kkurar-pasuvai-kkonran pavatte pogakadavan i-ttanmam sri-Mahesva-rakshai subham 

At Krishnar&japura (Krishnardjapurahobli) , on a stone infront of V&sudeva-Rdijara chhatra. 
S'ripurusha-maharajar arasugeye Kannara porbakaru .. .. Posaura . 

Mareyanu ur alisi ... iridu bilda 


At Ky&lasanahatli (same hobli), on a stone in Appdjappa's field. 

svasti 6ri Kali-yuga-varshambulu. . .. 4467 looanu S'aka-varshambulu 1288 agu Parabhava-samva- 
tsara-Bhadrapada-suddha 5 S6 | srimanu-maha-vadda-vyava ... varika-nadiloni Gundapali ubhaya- 

margamu . . . . Bava-Setti kodaku Narapa-Setti daaiu Nagasani tana purushudu-madaluganu 

iruvaiy-okka-tararau-pitadalukunnu puny amuganu kattiuchitta charuvu a-chanirarkka-sthayi cha- 
langaladi mangala maha 


At Ddsarahalli (svne hobli), on a stone in front of the Chaudesvara temple. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 14 . . neya Khara-saravatsarada 
Magha-su-ekadasiyalu siimanu-maharajadhiraja raja-pararaesvara ari-iaya-vibbada bbasege tappu- 

Bangalore Taluq. 15 

va rayara ganda Sri-vira-pratapa sri-Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam gaiiittiralu Achyuta- 

Raya-maharayaru Kempa-Devarasa nayakatanake palisida Elahaiika-rajyake saluva 

S'ivanasamudrada sime-olagana Ckokkanakalli emba gramavannu namma ... mi Achyuta- 
Rayarige dharmav tigabek endu Parucheya-devara ....Yirayana deva-sthanake anga-ranga- 



At Sddaramahgala (same hobli), on a stone set up at the village gate. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri S'aka 268 n mel sellaninra Vyaya-varshattu A?;pasi-madattu apara-pakshattu 

Panchamiyum Ve]li-kkilamaiyum perra Mrigasirshattu nal svasti sdmanu-maha-mandalesvaran 
ariraya-vibadan basbaikku tappuva rayara gandan sri-vira-Ariyappa-udaiyarutn Bukkana-udaiya- 
rum pritivi-raebchiyam-pannanirkka svasti srimanu-maha-pattaviyapari Muttiyarasan llaman 
S'uvasa-nayakkarum Nigarili-S'6U-mandalattu Ra5endira-S'61a-vala-nat,tu S'anai-nattu Tendarru- 
tTuraivali-nattu nadavarum Tonda-mandalattu ... chchiur-nattu S'efiji-agarattil Savana-kKaus.ka- 

gotrattil Gamgadhara dhamana-vikrayangalu vad-aga dhara-purvam a 

rum pauna .. nni kudut ta ttu man tta 

idukku-kkila agara-nilattukku mer yum tey kku vada 

.. ., Hai .., ellaikku-kkilakkum vadak ..... ...ttu .. da .. na m ellaiy-Sga vittu . 

. ... duv-ulla m 


At the same village, on a stone set up in the bafdyi land to the icest. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj. 

A A 

svastisiiS'aka-varusham ayirattu-iranurr-embattettinmel sellaninra Isvara-samvatsarattu Ani-masa 

elan-diyadi purva-pakshattu Tri .. .. ..... .. Tingal-kilamaiyum Pusattinal siiaiat-pra- 

cUpa-ckchakravatti Hosala-vira-Vallala-Devar pritbivi-rajyam-panniy-arulaninra kalattu Turaivali- 

nattavarum vira-Vallala-Devar kumaia ...ya-nayakkanum Turaivali-mittu sima-samayattn 

vanda. . raiyum ..... kk-adaitta nafijay pufijai nal-pal-ellayum mel nokkina maramum 

kil nokkina kinarum ra-purvam-aga chamdraditya-varai sellakadavad-aga Vahgi-purattu 

Kaikula . yar ullittar pang-ettu S'ribhasai Rima-piran paiig-irandu Karambisettu Purushottaman pangu 
nalu Vaiigipurattu Andavilil paiig-onru Maruti ivargalukku sarva-manyam-aga-kkudutom 
inda dharmmattukku lamghanaoi-panninavan Gamgai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai-kkonran papatte poga- 
skadavan svabham astu (usual final verse) 


At Eudi (same hdbli), on a stone in BairaTiUr Pdpanna's icet land. 


svasti Sri S'aka-varusha 1255 salutavaralu Angirasa-samvatsarada Karttika-ba I BudhavaMcl 
andu sva^ti eri maha-maudalesvaram Hoyisauesvara sri-vira-Ballala-Deva Chola-maharaja-rajara 
besadi svasti sri Belagana Bemeya-Nayakaru Tambe-Naya[ka]nu To . va . ya-nada samasta- 
prabhu-gaixdugaju Tolavandiya Bommi-Settiya maga Bayire-S-etti . tama Mukuti-Sattigaligevu 
Chika-Hudiya pattana-sva-niy-agi santeya kattuvadakke kotta kodagi-sasanada kramav ent endade 
(here follow details of gift). antu ishtu manya dare-chandra-suryar-ullanuaka saluvudu pstna- 
keriyal tapu-tavudi-danda-vundige-hadara-hasu-karu santiyalu alla-kudi bilu kudi a-Guvilagavi- 
Lachi-Nayakana opa sri-Bhairava-gauda opa llastana Jakaiana baraha i-sasanava hoyidata 
Engojana maga Bairoja 

16 Bangalore Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the Talavdrds indm field. 


Aiigira[sa]-saravatsara 1 lu svasti mmaira-maha-mandalesvara Hoyisanesvara Sri-vira-Ballala- 

Devara besadi | Belagaiichi Mayi-Nayakaru Machi-gavudage uru-kcdage {back) purvva- 

mariyadi-meriya (details ofgift) chandra-suryyar ulanaka salaiidu Subham astu 


At Madivdlapdhja (Agtxra hobli), on a door-frame of the chhatra. 

S'alivahaDa-saka 1715 Pramadicha-samvatsara Atupakam Annamale-Mudaleyarravara dharma- 
patni Venkatammanavara dharma-chhatra ..ivara jeshtatmaja Raya-Bahaddur Ratna-Sabhapati- 
Mudaliyarravarinda jeshta-pitri Venkatachala-Mudaliyarravara dharraa-patni Mahgatayi-aramana- 
vara jnapakartha vriddhi madalpattaddu 


At the same plaee. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

S'alivahana-S'aka 1715 Pramadicha.. Attupakka Annamalai-mudaliyar-avargal darma-patni Venga- 
dammal-avargal darma-sattiyam ivargal jeshtatmaja rayabahadur Iratna-S'abapati-mudaliyar 
avargalal jeshta-pitru Vengadachala-mudaliyar-avargal darma-patni Mangattayammall-avargal- 
giyapakartam virutti-seyjappattadu 1887 , 

65 yii^ 

At Madivd/a (same hobli), on the basement of the S6rnes'rara temple. 

( Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sii griroat-pratapa-chakravatti sri-Hoyfola-vira-VallaJa-Devan Hesar-KundAni-raivam 
Virivi-nadu Masanti-nadu Murasu-nadu S'okkanayan-parru- Pennaiyandar-mada-nadu Aimbtilugur- 

nadu Elavur-nadu Kuvalala-nadu Ilaippakka-nadu raunn-ana ela-naduga ....lla 

devavatthanaiigalil mada-patigalukkum sthanapatigalukkum viunappan-jeyya-ppera Kaliyuga-varu- 
sham 3479 idin mer-chellaninra S'akabdam 1224 avadu Plava-varushattu Margaji-raasam 22 ti 
Tiiigat-kat-kilamai nal inda raVjyattu devadanan-diruvidaiyatta-madappuram pallichchandam ana 
dana-maniyangalil irukkum siddhayam kanikkai tayi-irai tattar-ppattam sarigaiy-utpatta pala-varivu 

galu marru ndanda vibhavamgal indanda .... gaiukku pujaikkum amudukkum bhogam- 

galukkum tiruppanikkum dhara-purvara-aga udakam-panni-kkuduttom ippadikku 
tTamaraikkarai-udaiyar SambUvaram-udaiya-nayanar devadanam Nedungattu Mallasamuttiram 
Ilaippakka-nattu-kKattuveliyakkipalli-kkKali-nadu-kKattakkaraiyum marrum epperpatta tuni- 

nilangalum adaivittu pujaiyun-diruppaniyum atnudum bhogamgalun-guraiv-ara nadat 

yam aga valtti sukhamey-iruppadu 


At the same temple on the ivall to the right of the inner doorway. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj. 

svasti sri T indKv ira-olii ta^aram sul vaiyyagattu-kKandichchuran karuma-marayan ppande aram- 
Seydfra seydan arui-gattan padam tirainbamar-chenni mM vaiyttu arujal Nigarili-S'6la-mandalattu 
Rasendira-5'6la-vala-nattu Masandi-nattu Veppur vada-kurrun-Tamaraikkii-ai-udaiyar S'6ma-isvar- 
am-udaiya,- koyil S'ittram*^li Perukkilan-Dirukkavanattu sri-Rudra-§ri-Mahesvarku maha-ganangalu 
madvpatigal tana-patigalum attiyana-battargalum tanmraakattar S'embandai devapatigalil Vaitti- 

Bangalore Taluq. 17 

batfcar Madeva-battar pil}aigaluui Mara-battar pi}[aigalum Kavarippina-por-koyir-Kaikkolaru Mulach- 
chedigal si'-Virabattirarum pala-paui-uimandakkararum pu^ikkuoa nambi talai kalinir-pugattuvan 
kadaiy-aga kondu tanmadanatt-irundu Parabava-varushattu Ani-mada-mudal emtnil isaindu purva- 

mari ... vittin kalinikku-kkodaikku kaudagam pasanattukku kandagam avichchuppattam 

ajakkakadavotn nikki rasa-karattal vauda kanikkai kattayam nayanar 


At the same tewple, on the wall to th". left qf the nich? containing Vighn^s'vira. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

fivasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvaran hariraya-vibhadan bhashaikku-ttappuva riyara-gandau sri-vira" 
Bukkanna-udaiyavar kumara . Kempanru-udiyavar prittvi-rajiyan-cheyyaninra kala S'akabdam 1287 

kku mer-chellaninra Visvavasu .. ...varsarattu-chC litra-mad Shashtiyum Mrihasirsham- 

umperra Budhan-kiJ.araai na . svasti§riNigarih-S'6la-:nandalattu Rajendra-S'61a-vala-nattu Veppur- 

nat i-tTamaraikkaraiyil udaiyar S'embisvarara-udai koyilir-Chitrameli- 

pPeruttalau-Diruttavanattu sri-Rudra-sri-Maheova nmmakattar S'embaudai-devar pijlai- 

galil .Tambana-si makkajil Pamma-batta pillaigajum S'onna-battar pillaigalum 

laru Mula sanatt-irundu Kausika-gotrattu Ta magan S'6mana- 

devarkku sasanam-panni-kkuduttapadi inda nayanir piijaikku adaitta nansey punseyil Veppuril se... 

n ivar magan Mudaii-pakkal inda-ttauapati Tambana-siyar kkondu vaiyttan 

munratt-onrum inda-tTam.. na-devarkku dhara-purvam-aga pon ..ndu manuura-kkudutten 

Kambana . mana-devarkku ippadikku sakshi Hariyapparayar 


At the same temple, on the basement. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters) 

avasti sri S'akarai-yandu ayiratt-orunurr-elupadu Senra Plavahga-sahnachcharattu S'ittirai-madam 

purva-pakshattu S'atur Tingat-kilamai nal la tojukkum valukkum jayam-aga- 

tTamaraikkirai-chChemban na udaiyan S'eyatnisuram-udaiya-nayanarku addhyayanam- 

panna-kkadavad-aga vaitta pa manarappava kKurava-nayan uvattiyar pangu I ivar 

magan Andapa pahgu I ivar magan Appi pahgu I da pandi ppa 

rai pam vasam pahgu | .. nkaran pahgu kadavadu illaiy agil 

# A 

nayanar bandaram-aga-kkadava pahgilum ... Devappillai pah .. lvar magan Ayappillai patigu I 

Kattu pahgu I ivar magan Alvar pangu I Nambur-ChellappiUai pangu 

Ayattar Gundur Si .. .. perumal pangu 1 aga-ppahgu 20 kku nila muppadin-kandagamum 

Nedungatti.. ivv-anaivarkku . m-aga-chchandiradi davadaga vitten Tamaraikkirai- 

chChemban .. • kudi unnakkadavargal itta...ttai vi Gengai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasu 

dakkadavan Veppiir Peramattaiyar S'emba^uram-udaiya-nayanarku Vengalur pe .. eriyil vitta 

nila iru-kandaga i-nnilara Kudal Amattiyar magan Araattiyanena sandatana-varai sella 

davada^a vitten Araattiyanena i-ttanma vilakkinan Gengai-kkaraiyir ku . . . . I-paSuvai-kkonran 



At S uhhenahalli (same hobli), on a roch in the Abdul Karim sdhib's garden. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

Tombaluril S'okkapperumalukku ivar 

18 Bangalore Taluq. 


At the the same village, on the basement of Basavanna in the Dodda-Basavanna temple. 

yi-Basavesvaraua padadalli Vrishabhavatiy enisikomba uadi hutti paschima-vahiniy agi nadeyutu | 
sri | da 



At Ibbalur (same hobli), on a stone in ihe enclosure of the Anjan$ya temple. 

svasti S'aka-varusha ? 1316 neya Bhava-samvatsarada Kartika-ba 1 sriraan-maha-mandalesvara 6ri- 

vira-Imraadi-Bukkanna makkalu vira rajyam geyivalli srimatu 



At Belur {same hobli), on a stone set up in front of the Somesvara temple. 

(Grantha nnd Tamil cJiaracters). 

svasti Bfl Talu . . kKulainja-battar pakkal i-nnayanar koyilil nangal kondudaiyom-ana muppadu 
vattattu padinainju nalum munnajil .. lla mannum manaiyum Pillaiyarku pponn-ara kkondu 
mann-ara-kkudutto:n Pamma-battar Sembu-battarom ippadikku Pamma-battar S'embu-battar 
eluttu ippatti ariven Varadi devakon ippatti ariven S'6kkannanyena 


At the same village, on a stone in Muniyappa's field to the south-east. 

{Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri S'akabdam 1302 idin raer-chellaninra Kaliyuga-varusham 4481 idan mel ^ellaninra 

Raudri-varushattu Tai-madam 29 tiyadi nal hariraya-vibhata sriman-maha-mandalesvaran sri-vira- 

Hariyappa-udaiyar-Channaiy Mulavayil svami-ddhohara gandan S'a .. .. da-ppiramada .... nanena 

Turaivali-nattu Veluril S'ivanesvaram-udaiya-nayinarukku enga .. sa .. ya rile .... 

vittu tta inda dhammattaiy-illaiy-enravan Gengai-karaiyil 

pasuvai k kon 


At the same village, to the north of the Basava temple. 

{Grantha and Tamil characfers). 

svasti samatta-punasereya §iri-pi,ratuvi-vallaba maharasadiraia irasa-paramesura .... Dvaravati- 
pura-varadisara Yadava-kularabara-duviraani vanfia-sudamani malarasa-rasa malaipparul 
gandakaciana-pi.rachanda ganda-beruuda ekangi-vira haBahaya-sura S'anivara-siddi Geriduruga-malla 
^alatunga-Raman vaiyiripa-kaudirava udakam-pauni kudutt6m 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Viranna temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characlers). 


Krodi-varushattu Ani-madam mudal ti .. svasti srimanu-S'aruga-nattu-pPeriya-nattu-nattavarum 

Vira-Vallala-Deva nattu nayagafi-jeyivar S'embi-devarum Villa-garaundarum gamunda 

.. sana-kkaraindarum Veppura, .... Deva-siyarum Kachchi gamindarum Aikka-Siya 

.. Veppur-pParasuramauum Mara-settiyum Malai-pe.rkadiyum Mukkana-settiyarura Gangakkonum 
Ilaiya ViUa-gamu-idarum idukku utta rum 

Bangalore Taluq. 19 


At Kempdpura (same hobli), in p&jdri Lahshmayya's inam land. 

(Granflia and Tamil characters) . 

avasti sri srimat-prathapa-chakravatti sri-PdsiJa-vira-Vallala-Devarasan pridhuvi-rajjiyam- 
panniy-arulaninr.i Bharabhava-samvatsarattu-chChittirai-mada-mudal-Villa-gamundan pajhyil 
nayanar Villisvaram-udaiyarku-ttevadanam aga Eruma.rai-nattu-chChattaidevanpal}iyum ivv-ur eri 
Avanjikattu marruin ivvurku adaitta nanjai puSjai nar-pars-ellaiyil kinokkiua menokkina 

maramum utpada-kkondu pusai punaskaram amudupadi nadattuva purvam aga udaka- 

panni-kkuduttora ivviir sarva-maniyam aga nadakkakadavadu inda-dhammattukku lamghanam- 
panninar undagd Gengai-kkara-yir.ilcurar-pasuvai-kkonra pavah-gollakadavargal Villa-gamundar 
magan Periya . .. kudaiyandaikku ivur kudi ningina devadanam-agavum iur sarva-maniyam-akki.. 

• • • • 


At Tdvarehere (same hobli), on a stone lyingin archaha Gangddharayya' s field. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

ga valtti sukha .. .. srimat-pratapa-cha ra-Vallala-De kkum jayam-aga Ku 

nattavarum pa ta... kanik i slrigai unma.ra ga adimai-chchari.. 

rai pudu-kkanik da ir.iigalum sa tom Penya 


At Jahkasandra (same hobli), on a slone on the jagati infront of the Gdpdlasvdmi temple. 

subham astu S'aka-varusha savirada-nanura-hadin .. .. Rakshasa-samvatsarada S'ravana-su II 

a " 

A-lu snmatu Lih .. rautara makkalu Lingaunanavaru ... Jakasandrada .. gadepuravanu Belura 

Naganatha-devarige bhaga eradu Chenna-Kesava-devarige oudu bhaga. sasana (usualimpre- 

catory phrases) 


At Agara (Agara hohli), on a stone in the wet land near the ivestem sluice below the tanh. 

svasti Srirajya-vijaya-samvatsaia Satyavakya-Permmadiya Kali-yugad Anuva Nagataranol Irvvu- 
liyiir-odeya Irugamayyana magam S'iriyamayyan eradu kereyam tumban ikki mudana-kereyam 
kattisi ruuru-kereya bittuvattavaop padedim (impreeatory phrases). 


At ihe same village, on a stone near the village entrance. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha savirada-nanura-muppattu-elaneya 
Yuva-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 15 lu soinoparaga-punya-kaladallu Kriskna-Raya-maha- 
rayaru prithvi-rajyara gaiutay iralu Sivanuappa-Nayakaru tamma tandege dharraav agabek 
endu Agarada kerege bhandi nadaiiclakke kotta hola 


On a stone brought from the same village to the Bangalore 3Iuseum. 
svasti sri Sakabda 1286 neya S'obhakrilu-sani- | Jyeshta-su 11 Bu | 6rimanu-maha-mandale- 
svaram ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tapi.uva rayara ganda srivira-Bukkanna-Vodeyara kumara 
Kampanna-Vodeyaru Mulubagila-pattinaclalu pruthvi-rajyam geyutt ire a-Kampanna-Vodeyara 
kumara Kamaiyya-Nayakaru yi-rajyadv gavundugala mundittu Elahanka-nada A*lala-jiyana maga 

20 Bangalore Taluq. 

Tanniyappange sila-sasanava madikotta kramav ent endide . . nti-nada tenkana-bageya Torevali- 
nada Bejarttaye mula gadde beddalu chatus-simey enulladacu sarramanyada kodagey agi chandra- 
dityar-ujlana-bara saluvant agi . . sila-sasanava madikottevu mangala maha &ri „ 


At Begur (Bigttr hobali), on a stone in Sravanappana-dinne, the ruined Jina-basti. 

srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || 

svasti S'aka-varusha 1349 neya Parabhava-samvatsaradalu sri-Mula-sanghada Desiya-ganada 

Kondakundauvayada Pustuka-gachchhadi srimatu Pra siddhanti-devara &ishyar 

appa srimachchhubhachandra-siddhanti-devara gudda Chakkimayyaua Nagiya Kariyappa-danda- 

nayakar appa danda Morasu-nadalvandekadi Kaliyur-agrahara kotta sarva- 

badha-pariharav agi Chokkimayya Jinalayam chandradityar ullannaka salvantagi .... ...dharmama 

nadasuvantagi (usual imprecatory phrases) srima ndanayaka Chokkim- 

ayya radu nilisidanu kalu ...... madisikotta 


On a stone now in the Bangalore Museum, brought from the NdgS^vara temple at Begtir. 

svasti samasta-bhuvana-vinuta Ga.nga-kula-gagana-iiirmruala-t,arapati jaladhi-jala-vipula-valaya- 
mekhala-ka]apalankriteladhipatya-lakshmi-svayamvrita-pati talv-ady-aganita-guna-gana-vibhusha- 
na-vibhu9hita-vibhuti srimad-Ej^yappa-arasar pagevar ellamam nih-kshatram madi Gangavadi 
tombhattaru-sasiramuman eka-chchhatra-chchhayeyol aluttam ijdu Bira-Mahendranol kadal endu 
Ayyapa-Devange samanta-sahitam Nagattaranam dandu veldode Tumbepadiyol kadi kalegam imb 
alidode aneyoj ant iridu sattod adara keld Ereyapam mechchi Irugange Nagattara-vattam gatti Bem- 
pur-ppanneradumam sasana-baidham kalnad itan aviiv endode || Berapuru Tovagiiru Puvina-Pulliman- 
gala Kutanidu-Nalluru Nalliiru Komarangundu Tggaluru Dugmonelmalli-Galafijavagilu Sajamu 
Elkunde Paravuru Kfidale initumam polainere-sahitam ittan Ereyapam sevucharan Naga[ttal range 
maugajam aha sri 

85 a 

At the same village, on the basement of the NdgSs'vara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

purva-pakshattu Dutiyaiyum S'evva .. kkilamai nal Vallaja-Siyarena engal nayanar 

Tirunagisvaram-u 1 tamappanar S'embandai-siyarkku naDr-aga Sittirai-ttiru- 

nal elundarula amudupadi sattuppadi ullitta sevaikka kke vittom idarku-ttappuna- 

van Gangai-kkaraiyir-kuraypasuvai-kkonran pavatte povan sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the santeplace. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters). 

Svasti sri Bajar&ja-Karkkata-maharaja Sokkanayanena Tirunagisvram-udaiya Mahadevarkku Orri- 
yavaupajji nafijai pufijai narppal-ellaiyum devark 

Bangalore Taluq. 21 

At the sanie place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svastisri Poysala-Deva-rajya Mudikonda-S'61a-mandalattu Raiendira-S'6la-vala-nattu Murasu-nattu 

nattu garaundugalil S'6la-velar magau Virudaraja-bayahkara Murasu-nad-alvar magan 

Tamattandan ana Murasu rajan Veppur periya eri udaippa padan-kandaga-kalani 

devadanam aga nadapoguram. devadanam aga vittu ainiiura-pon ner-madil-iduvittu i-kkoyilukku 

E.ra-battan magan Periyaudan ana Na.rpattennayira-battanukku madapattiyam kaniy-aga ssada .. 

k'cudu.tt6m inda dlnnraam ir.ikkuvan Gretigai-karaiyil kurar-pasu-konran pavam-padu- 

^an srx-Mahe 


On the basement of the inner mantapa of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

gapakkam-udaiyan magan Alagiyar elunda.. livitta Tiruvidi-nachchiyaruni Avudai 

yum elundarulivittar Puvadara,- ril Vilakkavayiran itta dipa-pattiram idai 



On a virakal in the wall of the enclosure of the same temple. 
svasti sfl Nitgatt.irana mane-maga .. Pegiira svargga-para-lokake sanda 


On another virahal at the same place. 
Nagattarana magal Tondabbeyu kattavya-velegondu sattain || 


At the same village, on the door-frame of the Nagarisvara temple. 

svasti sri Nagaresvara-devarige Begura Challandi-Settiya maga Gaildu-Sonnappanu kotta upakara- 
na hariyana addanige gampinavarati-diiparati battalu sahku 


On the basement of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 


svasti kn sarvabhuma-chakravattiga| sri-P6sala-vira-Ramanata-DAvarku 'yandu 40 vadu Adi-mada- 

mudal svasti sri Kul6ttuhga-S'6la TagadAdirayar Marasika-devarrena udaiyar KadikandiyaSuram- 

udaiva-nayanarku mun-nalil tiruppadimarr-illadapadiyale nam tiruppadimarru sellumpadikku nam- 

udaiya urgalil S'ikkanpajliy-eriyile kandaga-viraiyum Vettapajliy-eriyile kandaga-viraiyum Velluriy- 

eriyile iru-kandaga-viraiyum Idaiyiuril Munnilakuttaiyil kandagamum Tamaraikuttaiyil kanda- 

gamum aga viraiy-aru-kandagamum sandra-aditta-varai sella idukku vignam-panniavar Gamgai- 

karaiyil kural-pasuvai konra papattai povan 


At the same pla-e. 

(Grantha and Tamil chaiaciers). 

parikalam kalum tanni-vattil nal diipa-dipa mani sahgu sri-Mahesvara-rakshai i-dbarmam 


22 Bangalore Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in thejagati to the right of the 2nd entrance ofthefort. 

naya Parmtnanandi-bhattarakaru Ravikanti .. ra-siddhantiyarappa Mahkabbe-kantiyar 

. . .. , a ddhanta nillisida ... inangaja 


At the same placc, on a pillar. 
bhadram astu Jina-sasanaya Sriuiatu Nagattarana magal Toudabbe sanyasanam gaidu mudipidal 


At the same place. 

(The first part is gone) Setti Raya-putra na-siddhanta-bha vara sishyar 

Kumaranandi-bhattara Kamapura Bida-kandada Madambapattana . . bhimukhagaliyar kramadinda 


At BSgur, on a copper plate ofthe Agasdle-matha. 
Sri-Samba-Sadasivaya namah tambra-sasanada patra S'ivaya namah 

namas tunga-&c. 

namas tunga-&c. || 

vagarthav iva sampriktau vagartha-pratipattayei 

jagatah pitarau vande Parvati-Pararaesvarau || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshahgalu *1223 ne vartamana-Bahudhanya-samvat- 
sarada Kartika-su-1 5 mi-Induvaradalu deva-devottama devata-sarvabhauma akhilanda-koti-Brah- 
xnanda-nayaka veda-vedanta-vedya Kali-kala-CLola-prasanna Bhaskara-kshetra-Nimbapuri-vara- 
nilaya | Nagareivara-svamiyavarige paditara-diparadhane-archana-vritti-modalada | devata-6ave- 
goskarav agi | yajanadi-shat-karma-niratar adantha archakar ada | Triyambaka-Namas&vaya- 
guru-kulaiyyanavarige | sriman maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara raja-pratapa • raja-kanthi- 
rava | vuttara-dakshina-purva-paschima-chatus-samudradhi§varar ada | ... ..... . mandalikara 

ganda | Malava-Raja-raastaka-sula | ari-rayara-ganda-bherunda | sri-Vira-S'aiva | sri-Vira-Pratapa- 
Chola-Piayaravaru | sahasra-rushi-gotra-pavitrar ada | dvadasa-varshopanayana | shodasopavarshopa- 
kalyana i snana-sandhyopasana-nitya-karmanushthanar ada | Srimatu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya | 
jagad-aneka-koti-Brahmanda-nayaka i adi-Narayana-nabhi-kamalodbhava | Chaturmukha-Brahraa- 
rshi-jata sriman-mahambhodhi | Nandi-vardhana | para-vupakara | vanijya-kula-pavitra | marga- 
tatva | anavavata-parama-kalyana-pararaa-mahesa y nara-Pandya-kripa-kataksha | Maudgalya- 
muni-adi-sahasra-rushi-gotra-pavitra | dhana-kanaka-vastu-vahana-samudravali-abhyudaya | Na- 
rayana-nitya-naishtika Varanasi-alankararada 1 Rig^veda-yupanishattu I Ya'ur-veda-vupanishattu j 
Saraa-veda-vupanishattu | Atharvana-veda-vupanishattu yivu-modalada muvatteradu vupanishattu- 
galu tiladanthavarugal ada | garbhadhana-pumsavana-siraanta-jatakarma-namakarana-annapra&ana- 
chaula— vupanayana-prajapatya-agneya | snataka ( vaievadeva | baliharana | godana-bhudana | 
paitrikamedhila-karmangal ullavarugaj ada i Yirugala-devi-karunya-vara-prasadakar ada S'ri-devi„ 
priyar ada j Lakshmi-devi-vivahakke Gauri-devi-vivahakke kartar ada | Kishkindha-parvata-krida,- 
vinodigal ada I Pampa-nadMirtha-linga-pratilinga-pushpa-malikalankritar ada { Krita-yugadalli | 
KaSinagaradhiSvarar ada | Kasi-nagaradalli Brahma-putrar ada | Tuladhari-kula-sambhavar ada i 

* So in t l ie original. 

Bangalore Taluq. 23 

Kuberana maga Vittapala l Raghu-maharayara yaga-niinittav agi i dhana taruva samayadalli | rishi- 
eapadindallu | Kubera-vamsa Al?ka-nagaiadhisvarar ada TrSta-yugadalli | Ayodhya-nagaradalli I 
ubhaya-danangajam madi i hema-kundalangajani dharisi | Naisha[dha]-nagaradhisvarar ada | &ri- 
Ramachandra-svamiyavaru uana-varnasrainadavara kare kaluhisi yelu-donkina manikyakke sutra- 
mam ponisu yennalagi | yava-jatiyavara kaiyallu ponisuvadakke ligade yiralikkagi | Budhanu kot- 
ta buddhiyinda yeju-dohkina manikyakke sutratnam ponisalikkagi l sri-Ramachandra-svamiyava- 
rige saraarpisal agi i sri-Ramachandra-svamiyavara anumatiyinda I arddha-simhasanada mele kuJJ- 
irasi | sri-Raraachandra-svaniiyavaru kottantha | changaha-chhatra-chamara 1 andojika \ bheri-rarid- 
anga | garuda-dhvaja | simha-dhvaia | abhaya-Dravida \ dharma-Dravida i Iramadi-Garuda-Narayana i 
Sesha-siromani-manikya-simhasanadhisvarar ada 1 Ayodhya-puravaradhisvarar ada \ Dvapara-yuga- 
dalli | Dvaraka-nagaradhisvarar ada | Nandagopa-kula-sambhavar agi | Krishna-Balabhadrarige 
tandeyada gopala-krishi-vanijya-vaisya-dharmangaju | Varanasiyalli | sati-behara-dharma tapbade i 
beharava-madi aneka-koti-dravyangalu archisi akhanda-bharitar agi | 

tatakam dhana-nikshepam Brahraa-sthapyara Sivalayam | 
» vanani sat-kritis chaiva sapta-santanam uchyate |j 

yivu-modalada 1 sakala-dharmarigaju madidaiithavarugal ada | Nandagopa-kula-gotra-pavitrar ada | 
Madhura-nagradhisvarar ada l Tirikuchchi-Nambi-Tirikoada-Setti-vamSa-vistarar ada | Kaveri- 
nilayai Kaveri-nivasigaJ ada \ Agastya-purohitar ada | Kafichi-Varadaraja-svami yivara nabln-ka- 
maladalli beley-illada raanikyavannu samarpisidavar iida | S'iva-Kauchiy-Ekambara-svamiyavariga \ 
nitva muvattu-kolaga-pachcha-karpuradalli diparadhaneyannu madidanthavarugal ada | Tirajuru- 
kere muru-gavada-agaladalli kattisidanthavarugal ada | Chola-Rayara rajya-sthapanach;"ryar ada | 
Cnoja-Rayara muttina chen.da.di geddanthavarugal ada | Tuladhariyadanthavarugal ada Kanchi- 
nagaradhisvarar ada I Lakshmi-deviyavaru kotta-siriyujjavarugaj ada l Parvata-deviyavaru kotta 
kamyarthagal ujjavarugaj ada i Sarasvata-de/iyavaru kotta vag-jalagaj ujjavarugaj ada I Vighnesva- 
ranu kotta sakala-siddhi-pradayakar ada | Kumara-svaraiyavaru kotta ashta-kamyarthangaj ujjavar 
adai Brihaspatiyu kotta nitiy ujjavarugaj ada | S'ukranu kotta kantiy uljavarugaj ada | S'anesvaranu 
kotta amita-pratapagaj ujjavarugal ada|siiryanii kotta tejassugaj ujjavarugaj ada | chandranu kotta 
santiy ujlavarugaj ada 1 Angarakanu kotta ashta-aisvaryagaj ullavarugaj ada l Devendranu kotta 
Airavatav ujjavar ada | eka-Sankha | dhavala-saukha | nana-birudugal ujjavarugaj ada | Kubera- 
Najakiibara-Vittapalai Tuladhari | Dhanapala | Dharmapala i Hemakundala | Vikundala | Vichitra- 
Nandagopa | Tirukuchchi-Nambi | Tirikonda-Setti l Siriyaja-Setti | Hemaja-Setti | vamSa-vistarakar 
ada | Ayodhya-nagara | Madhura-nagara | Maya-nagara \ Kasi-nagara| Kanchi-nagara | Amaravatf- 
nagara |Dvaravati-nagara i sapta-mukti-pattunfulhisvararugajada | uttara-desotpanna-kamala-kanthira- 
varugal adal Ataja| Vitala 1 Sutala-Rasataja | Tajatala | Mahataja| Pataja | Bhuloka i Bhuvarloka l 
Suvarloka Maharlokai Janarloka | Tapoloka | (baclc) Satyaloka | yivu-modalada | chaturdasa-loka- 
prasastar ada | Anga-Vanga-Kaliiiga-KAsniira-Kfahbhoja-Kamarupa | Saurashtra-Maharashtra | 
Gujari-Magadhai Maiava-Nepalai Chola-Baiigaja i Maleyala | Si'mhaja| Dravida-Drav:da I Karnata \ 
Varata-Virata i Panata | Pandya-Pujinda | Sirnava | Bhoja | Kuru I flenijakuru | Gandhari | 
Videhai Vidarbha i Bahlikai Kekaya | Kosala i Yavana | S'urasena | Tenkana | Konkana l Matsya | 
Maudra | Sindhu-Gurjara \ Avanty-adi-cliapannadi-desaugajige praSastar ada | srimat-saraasta- 
sakala-guna-sampannar ada | sakala>dha:nia-pratipalakar ada | bandhu-jana-ohintamanigaj ada \ 
pada-vakya-pramana-jnar ada I nityanna-dana-vinodigal ada l Hari-guru-bhakti-parayanar ada J 
dasami-ekadasi-dvadasi-vrata-nema-punyoJayarada | a£rita-jana-kalpa-vriksha-9thayigaj ada | 
nigarva-siromanigaj ada initi-karya-dhurandharar ada I aniti-karya-pratipalar iida | sakala-rajasthana- 
pujitar ada | sva-£amaya-sthapana | \ ava-samaya-bhedakar ada | virodhi-matta-gaja-kanthiravar 

24 Bangalore Taluq. 

ada | akhandita-htkshmi-aisvarya-sarapannar ada l Maha-Meruvige sari saraana-dhirar adanthai 
TirumalaSetru {other setlis na'ned) yivaru-modalada j slhala-para-sthalala \ kula-svamigalige ' 
vijnapaneyanu madikonda karana | sakalaru angikarisi dana-patra barisikotta kramav ent endare I 
Nagaresvara-svamiyavarige paditara-diparadhane | uityotsava-pakshotsava-masotsava-muntagi I 
archana-vritti-modalagi | samasta-Saveyu nadavahage | sahasra-rusbi-go radavaru sakalaru ni^adi 
madida vivara | tamma inurane-jatiyavaru lyalliy iddagu mane 1 kke varusha 1 kke '1 vaoclu-hana l 
maduve 1 kke '2 eradu-hana | yi-prakara, varusham ptMtivaruslnikKu kottu uadisikondu baralulla- 
varu yendu vappi barisikotta-dana-patra yi-arthakke | (usual fuial phrases) yi-prakara | chandra- 
suryaru ulla paryantrakku putra-pautra-paramparey agi | nadisikoudu baral ullavaru yendu barisi 
kotta l dana-patra (usual final verses) yi-Nagaresvara-svauiiyavarige saluva sthalagalu (placcs 
mmed) yi-sthalagalige saluva gadigalu gramagalu saha | mattu aya-yi-simegalalli | yi-murane- 
jatiyavaru yelli yiddigyu. likhita-prakarakke vartaaeyannu kottu nadisikonlu baratakkadd endu 
barisi kotta dana-patra | yi-sasana tegadukondu archakaru sthalautaragalige bandalli yedura- 
kondu karadukondu hogi I bididi ulupe udugere sakalavu kottu vartaneyu kodasi maryade-gudi 
nadasikondu baratakkad dembad agi baresi kotta dana-sasana || 


At HoleyanaJcere (BSg&r hobli), on a stone in Gundu-tdpu. 

svasti Sri Sakha-varusangalu 1269 ueya Sarvajitu-sarav atsarada Kartika-ba 10 So sriman-raaha- 
mandalesvara ari-raya-vibala bashige tappuva rayara gauda Sri-vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyaru prithvi- 

rajyara geyivalli sriman-inaha-mandalesvaratn aliya . .. srimann 

Kali-nada prabhu Gaudappanavara makkala Honnapanavaru sarba-godage agi kotta 

yi-kodagi ... tapu taiidi danda undige hadara kamma girugenu vadada ta!e .. .. 

barana sarbaya-sahitav agi kotta kodagi (imprecatory phrases) mahgala maha £ri firi 


At Hongasandra (same hobli), in Yerrappa's field io the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characttrs\ 

S'akarai-yandu 1220 Vilambi-vatsarattu Mrischhiga-nayarru piirva-pakshattu S'ani- 

kkilamaiyum Triti yum Uttiradattu nal svasti Irajairaja-kKar^ata-maharajanena tava-chcha- 

kkravatti S^vajnana-pauditar S'embi-§iyavukku dana-pramanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu Veppiir- 
pparril Vamayanpalli uansey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyura kinokkina kinarum raenokkina raaramum ut- 
pada mada-ppuram aga dhara-purvam-a,2ja-kkudutt5ra ippadikku-chchandraditya-varaiyum anubavipp- 
adu idukk-ilanganau-jonnar Gehgai-kkaraiyir-kurar-pasavai-kkonran pavah-gojvan ippadikku tam- 
pra-sasanam sila-sasanam panni-kkolvadu ippadikku ivai Vettayir-chokkar eluttu ivai Nirukkanatti- 
udaiyar eluttu ivai Elumbodar eluttu 


At the same village, on a stone in Survey No, 50 in G6pdliengdr's pdlya. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri S'karai-yandu ayiratt-orunurru-enbattainju sen.ri Dindubhi-samvatsarattu Rajaraja-Kar- 
kata-maharaja Sokkanayanena svasti §ri tiribuvana-malla Puradirayar ana Tamattaraallai tiru- 

merukku kka. . y-ana Udayasamuttira. . nSeyu pu&jai nar-pal-al.. kuttai kulam ulpada 

nambima IJaya vil .... alvar Ba&indu-mau . . a sakka, Gamgaya-vibudan 

Ha maha-janamgalu 

iiangalore Taluq. 25 


At the samc place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charactert). 

svasti sri S'akarai-andu ayirattu 215 senra nal svasti sri sarvabhuma-chakravattigaj Sri-Poysaja- 

vira-Irainana-Devarku yandu napattu Vijaya-samvatsaratu Maii-madam 17 ti svasti sri Irajairaja- 

Karkata-maharajan Tamattamava dana-pramauam-panni kudutta pariSavadu Ve" 

puril yellaiyil Anuma. . muttiramum Unangimarao-kuttaiyumivaigalukku adainda nanjai puujai nar-lell* 

aiyu ki.l nokkiya kinaru rael nokina maramum utpada . Piraraana-posanattukku darama-danam i 

r irupattenbarkkum tanapattiyam sell&kkadaud-aga kudutten Va mmalukkum S'e. . .. 

ma Tevapperumalukkum Karambichche t Tamodara-pperumalukkum Kurava- 

80,. .. payam • kkum ta ttu a ma ma... 

kkan.. •• vaga pa vadakk-ura valndarkkum Kattukkai .. miyalvanukkum Kattuk 

vellaippiljaiyalvanukkum nr.ravar tirupattiyanukku nambur Pumiyajvar- 

ukkum kKarambisettu-kKesava-ppcrumalukkum S'ottattevapperulukkura Padagattu-chChi 

pperumalukku ta tira • S'ediroahgalam vija tta.. .. 

kku ndarkku pattar raia kum 

ur kum rula ga mahgalattu 

.. nna kum ko kkonda rumakum rra 

ppe ma .. Alagiya-manavahinukkum ti .. Periyapiljarukkum . . kum .. ynda- 

pillaikkura Kidainbi-andanukku ... ravai .. . . chChakrapaniya kum .. Savana-Damodara- 

perumalukkum pahgu irubattenvarku danadi-vikrayan-jella devai; tirumeuikku 

namakkum nanr-aga dharma-dam aga udakam-panni kudutten Tamattama ... rena i-dharraam 

sandra-aditta-varai sellakadavadu iduku lahganam-panuinar undagil Gehgai-karai kura-pasu- 

vai kon .. pavatte puguvar 


At Konappas agrahdra (same hobli), iu Yellappa's field by the side of the Hosur road. 

( Orantha and Tamxl characters) 

..... . ..... munravadu S'aruvari-varusattu Masi-madani padi ... ndan-di fiirimanu- 

ma a-mandalesura pasekku tappuva rayara ganda Yanyappa-udaiyar .. yalil Vallappa-dennayakka- 

rum Veppur-nattavar S'okkayappan Puliyahgudaiyan Ponnayappa-. palli daya pada ... 

£ e tta mmanai .. nattar ttom 


At Do<Jda Togvr (same hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

ka.... • ... nkattina eri ... ya rama asi yat ... Ulagiyajvar magan 

Appavukku tanma-k&niy-aga-kkuduttoin i-ttanraattai raarrina... ndagil Gehgai-karaiyil kura-pasu- 

vai-kkonra p:\vattile vilu .... 


At Bilakanahal/i (same hobli), on the brinddvana near the road. 
srimate Ramanujaya namah firimad-vpda-m\rga-pratishthapanachary6bhaya-vedanta-pravartakulaina 
sriraan Tuukoviluru Yatiraja-svami-tiruvadi-sambandhulaina Trisirapuram Torayura Poli-Setti 
ra II Krishnappa-Nayan.vari kumarudunnu Narasimhula-Nayaniki Perumaju-Nayaniki sahodarudu- 
nnaina Subrayalu-Nayadu. . Kali 4981 ki sanyaina Pi-amadi-nama-sam Bhadrapada ba || daSami 


Avani-nela 27 tedi Budhavaram ratri 11 ghadiyalaku Acharyula tiruvadigalu cherina tirupalji II 


26 Bangalore Taluq. 


At Hulimdvu (same hohli), on a stone in Biguru Muniyappa's field. 
subham astu Nandanu-samvatsarada Vayasakha-ba 1 ... vara[da]lu srimatu Channappanna .... 
yyanavara karyyake karttar ada Yallappa-Nayakaru Sarakeya simege niaduveya sunkavanu bittu- 
kota damma-sasanada kramav ent endare Sarakeya simeyolage Bhaudamda-grama Amrapura- 
devasthana-gramad-olagada gramagalo]age yiba nana-jatigajige maduveya sunkav illav endu kotta 
damma-easana (usual imprecatory phrases) 



Ai Kenqeri, on the wall of Ekabiiva-gavi of Bande-mafha. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1772 sanda vartamanav ada Sadharana- 
nama-samvatsaraua Maga-ba 14 Sthiravaradallu Bande-mathaday eka-dala.bilva-sannidhya nele- 
gond-irulvahanta Mari-Vrishabhendra-svamigala sannidhige srimat-samasta-bhu-mandaletyadi-sa- 
masta-birudaiikitar ada Maisuru-samsthanada Krishna-Raja-Vadeyaravaru madisi vappisida mathada 



A t Volagerehajli attached to Kengeri, on a stone in Khddar Sdb's field to ihc east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti 6l-1 Tiru-madu Puviy-ennum peru-madar iruvar tan ma-deviyar-akki. . d-olir-ven-kudaiy-uyartti- 
itin-Kali-kadindu tan siru-tadaiy-agiya eri-vaU-kKangaigonda-S'61anai-pp6ngiya Irumadt-Solan 
enrum poru-murattin-riru-ttambiyum tammil veri-kol Mumadi-S'6nai-tteramunaiy-adu-tiraj-Ch61a- 
Pandiyan enrun-GoJ.imaurokalal Vira-S'61anai-ttoi-puviyal-udai-kKarikala-S'6lan enrum poru- 
tolil val-vali-ttadakkai Madurantakanai-chChola-Gangan enrum tol-vali-mevu-nar-Paranta-de- 
vanai-chChoJ-Ayyohdhya-rajan enrun-dayaga-ko} tan-r,ruvulatt-anb6du karudu-kadalarul i-tta- 
lam pugal-Irajeutra-S'61anai TJttama-S'61an enm tott-ani mugaiy-avil-alangal Mudigonda-S'61anai-t 
tindirar-tinakaran kulattu-chchirapp-amar Sola-Janaka-rajan enrum sen-Damit-pidiyal Irattapadi- 
konda-S'61anai-chCh61avallaban enrun-dan kadalar kadular tammil medagu kaduran-ganai-kalal- 
Madurantakanai-chChundara-S'61an eru mana-chchilai ..kai ... r Anaichchevaganai Nirupentrar- 
S'61a eurum poru-mani-chchudar-mani-magutafi-jutti-ppadimisai nigalum na} igalpett-eluntu tindi- 

yal Irattamandalam eydun-girttiyum ga ... m nadum padigalum ma .. .. kamum alittanan 

Valavan ennum molivadu-ket^u vega-ven-jina-chChalukki Ahavamalla paribavam inakk-enreri-vilitt- 
elundu seppa-ma-tirtta-kKoppatt-ahavaiyir-chenramar-tudangiya polud-avan semjara-mari tan 
kunjara-kkuvattilun-dan-jiru-ttudaiyilun-gunru-kol-puyattilun-daiyppavun-dannudan adu-kajir eriya 
todu-kalal virar madiyavum vagaiyad-oru-taniy-anekum poru-padai-valangi moy . . mar S'alukki 
tambi Jayasinganum por-pPulakkesiyun-dar-tTasipaumanum raana-mannaparil mandalik-Asokanum 
manavan-pugal-alu Marai...num ten-avil matt-avij-alangal Mottayanum tappil ^anni-Nulambanum 
euum ivar mudalinar ennilay-araisarai vinnagam-erri manniya Revanu vayir-padai-tTuttanun-gonna- 
vil-padai-kkai-kKuudamayyanumm enr-inaippala-ven-jina-ppalav-araisarod-aujina Salukki kulakula 
kulaindu talai-raayir-virittu pinn-ura nokki venn-ura nelit 


At Byddarahalli (same hohli), on a stone near the Muhadevamma temple. 
svasti samasta-bhuvanairayam sri-prithuvi-vallabham maharaiadhirajam raja-paramesvaram para- 
ma-bhattarakam "Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajfia-chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu 

Bangalore Taluq. 27 

ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prackanda asahaya-sura ekiihga-vira Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga- 

malla chalad-anka-Rama lokaika-natha pageva[ra] ganda anatha-Svayambhu Dvaravati- 

pura-varadhi6varam Malava-Raya-mastaka-sfila Gurjjara-Raya-vajira-Bayirava Hemmira-Raya- 
Brahma-rakshasam Adava-Raya-banjana-nrartti Ckola-Raya-sthapanacharya Pandya-Raya-pra- 
tishtacharyya Magara-Raya-nirmmula Kadava-Raya-disapa (back)tta, vairibha-kanthiravam dak- 
shina-muli nissahka-pratapa chakravartti Poyisala-sri-vira-Narasihga-Devara kumara sYt-vira- 
Ballaja-Devarasaru Dorasamudrada bidinali nana-vinoda-sukadim prithivi-rajyam geyyuttav iralu 
Sakha-varusa-sanda 1257 Yuva-samvatsarada Magha-ba 1 S6 srimauu-maha-samantadhipati nara- 
loka-ganda Meyileya-Nayaka-Channaya-Nayakaru Kukkala-nadan aluttav irddali a-srimanu- 

maha-Kukkala-nada maha-prabhu neleya Hona-Gaudana makkalu Chikanna (others named) 

ada samasta-gaudugaju .. ... leya-Nayakana Channaya vahajiyanu earbba mauyada 

kodagey agi kotta manya yi-vurali hutida si . . daya purba apurba. . . . ya-danuayaka-deva Mayileya- 
Nayakara hodara kanike kandaya...dida kanike muntagi aramaneyaliy enu huttidanu Chenneya-Na- 

yakane kombanu yi .... tappu taiidi niru nenn sarbbamanya yi-matiyadiyali nayakara mak- 

kalu-makkalu nadavudu (usual imprecatory phrases) yi-mariyadege nada voppa sri- 

Muktanatha barada senabova-Jakkanna mangala maha sri 


At Eamasamuilra (same hobli), on a blaclc stone near the sluice tvest of Hirikere. 

svasti sri S'akabda 1262 neya Vikrama samvatsarada Kartika-su 5 lu | svasti samasta-bhuvana- 
Srayam sri-prithivi-vallabham maharajadhirajam raja-raja-paramesvaram Dvaravati-pura-vara- 
dhiSvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajua-chudamani Maleraja-t aja Malaparoju ganda 

ganda-bherunda Sevuna-Raya-sena, vana Chola-Gaula-Gurjjara-bhayankara Telunga- 

Raja bhadu pra ..kala-Rudra Kadava-Raya-mudninkanadakana-davanala raya-huliraya 

kadana-prackanda asahaya-sura ekanga-vira Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla vairibha-kanthi- 
rava Magara-rajya-nirmnralana Pandya-rajya-pratishthita Chola-Raya-sthapanacharya nissanka- 

uialla chakresvara Posaja-bkuja-bala vira-pratapa-chakravartti sti-Viahnuvard- 

dhana sn-vira-Ballala-Devaru sukha-sankatha-viuodadim prithvi-rajyam goyivalli rajyabhishekava 
madal agi sa... 1262 neya Vikrama-samvatsaradali devara kumara siimanu- maka-samantadhipati 
nara-loka-gauda Kodiya-Nayakanavara makkalu | 

svami-drohara gandam | svamige marmmaleva mandajikara gandam | 
svamiy-anuvarake tam nis- 1 simam bhuvanaika-viran .... jagadol || 
kula-kotiyan uddharisuvai balu .... annange maleva vairiya gandara | 
chhalad aiika-mallan i ... I gali-ballana ra-16kad ayura sriyum || 

(back) svasti sri-I.akshumipatiy aguttav irdda prasanna-murtti stiman Perumala-devara 

divya-sri-pada-padu:naradhakarura appa nara-loka-ganda Mayileya.Nayakanavara tamma Chenneya- 
Nayakanavaru .. bhutala ...... deva-nara-mriga-pasu-pakshi-modalada yoni .. jiva-rasigaj ella. 

vanu sarvakalavam rakshisal eudu anavaratavu sri-Ganga-deviyara ... gonda ... tatha-krama ... 
gi uelasi nalihu . . . . Ramasamudrada dharmmake ga 3000 muru-savira-honnan ikki a-Mayileya- 

Nayaka-Chenneya-Nayakanavaru chaudraditya-varegam prithvi-rajyam geyidu sukhadim ajuvantagi 

madida dharmmake barisida sila-'asana (nsu&l final phrases) Kukkala-nada madida dharmrna 

nada senabova Kesava-devana ...makkalu Anantannana baraha mahgah maha Sri sri 

28 Bangalore Taluq. 


At Vasantandhalli (same hobli), in Viragudi dlias Pdndavaragudi to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj 

svasti sti sri S'akarai-yandu ayirattu-ebjpattu-onbadu Datu-samvatsara sii-Narasimga-Poysala-Devar 
rajyam-pannanirka Kukkal-nad-alvar rajyattu perkadi Achchalaiyan tann-ur Tippur-mel Murasadi 
ra ..palar nattu-kkainundugalum tanu vand-adattu tann-urai-kkattu palarai konru pattan i-kkal 
eduppittan Taima kadi Machchi-devar ivargal sokkadi makkal pera..v... 


At Talegattapura [same hobli), on a stone in Syamannds fkld. 

svasti sri Rajaraja Ka .. kada-marayane Choka-Naya bita dharma | Talegatura-S'ivapura- 

chatus-sime samastavu Muttiaa Kamayyan-olagada saraasta-Mahesvararige bitta dharam 
a-chandrarakka (usual imprecatory phrases) 


At the satne place. 

(Orantha and Tamil characlers.) 

svasti £ri Rasarasa-Kakkata-marayan S'okka-naya vitta dharramam Talaigattur Sivapurama-si- 
Mahesura S'ilamuttiu Kamayan ullittarkku vittom Talaigattur S'ivapuram nafijai pufijai nar-pal 
ellaiyum ulpada vittom avan oruvan inda dharmmattai alivu-ninaikkiran avau Gengaiyir-kural 
pasuvai konra pavattil viluran ka . . la Munnilakuttaiyil elu-kandaga-kalaniy-alivu-sodichchu unbar- 
Chogudaiyan (Back lst 11 lines are in Kannada characters) Kavi-devaru vitti 5 Tekkukudai S'uriya- 
deva vitti 1 Malla vitti 1 Malappa vitti J Temayan vitti 2 Marayan vitti 1 Mafijayan vitti 1 S'6gudaiyan 
vitti i Peruma vitti 1 S'ivadeva vitti 1 S'omanata vitti | Vippadideva vitti | S'ellandai vitti | kalanilO 
kollai kandagam Vairi-setti vitti 1 S'6gudai vitti 1 Prasati Machchayan vitti 1 Ambalavar vitti 1 S'ikka- 
anna vitti 1 S'emba vitti 1 Ammayan vitti 1 S'adasiva vitti 1 Tevandai-velachcha vitti 2 Tripurati vitti 
2 peiiy-erii 1 Maraiyanukku kalani 10 kuttai onju 


At the same place. 

(Gra.ntha and Tamil churacters) . 

Kayakka Marayan Ponnapalava vitti 2 Arai vadigi vitti 1 S'arabanda vitti 1 Kumara-perumaJ 


vittil Manjayan vitti 1 Attayan vitti 1 Kuravayeii-nayanakku-pputterikatt-aga ... yerrakku Sellum 
perumalukku oru kuttai S'ivapuratai vittu ponalu kondaiy-adunalum avasari-adunalum tanda-iruttu 
vitti vittu turattuven Kamadevareua Suriya-devakku pattu-kulaga-kalani 


At Turahajli (same hobli), on a stone in Lahkannds field behind the Hanumantardyi temple. 

(Fron!) Vilambi-samvachharada Jesbta-ba 7 lu sriman-raaha-muv.iru-rayara ganda Baramaya- 
Nayakaru Battarayagalige kotta dharma-sasana nimage agraharav agi kottu yiha Tujuvalaiahali 

Balalapurada simeyalu toreyim teiikalu ...4ra simeyanu devara (bach) 

^riman-muvaru-rayara ganda Marikeya Bammaya-Nayakaru namma gurugalu Battarayyagajige 
Turuvalarahalliya gramavanu kanikey agi .. nidhi-nikshepa-siddha-sadhya-ojagagi kotta ura 
grama (usual final phrases) 

Bangalore Taluq. 2& 


At Haligevadeyarahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the boundary. 

svasti iainasta-bbuvanasrayam s>i-prithvi-Tallabham maharajadhirajara raja-paramesvaram pa- 

rama-bhattarakam Yadava-kulainbara-dyumaui samyaktva-chfidamani Maleraja-raja Maieparo]. 

ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda asahaya-sfira ekahga-vira Sanivara-siddhi Giridurga- 

malla chalad-anka-Rama lokaika-natha Dvaravati raya- 

mastaka • . sfila . . . . ika-rahaka . . mira-raya Andhi'a-Raya .. .. Chola .. ya- 

stkapanachariya Pandya-Raya-pratishtachanya Magara-Raya-nirmfila sapatta vairibha- 

kantkirava .. kshina .. sarti pratapa-chakravarti Hoysana-an-vira-Narasimha-Devara ku- 

mararu vira-Ballala-Devaru Dorasamudradali prithvi-rajyam geyyutt iralu Sakha-varusa sanda 

a a A 

.. 1262 ya Pramadi-samvatsarada Asada-su 5 A sriman-maha-samantadhipati .... ra-16ka-natha 

Kotaiya-Naykana kumararu Mayileya-Nayaka Banneya-Nayaka kumara Kotaiya-Nayakanavaru 

Kukkala-nadan aluvalli a-Kukkala-nada prabhuv ittanu (rest effaced). 


At Kottanur (saine hobli), on a stone near the village entrance. 

subuam astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-SaHvahana-saka-varshangalu 1627 ne vartamanakke sa- 
luva Parthiva-naina-samvatsarada S'iavana-ba 1 Angarakavara-subha-muhfirtadalu siimad-raja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara praiidha-pratapan apratima-narapati Atreya-gotrodbhavar ada Mahisfira- 
nagaiada s>i-Deva-Raja-Vaderaiyauavara putrar ada sri-vira-Chikka-Deva-maharaja-Vaderaiyan- 
avara putrar ada sYi-Kauthirava-Narasa-Raja-Vaderaiyanavaru S'rirangapattanada simbasana,- 
iudhar agi prithuvi-samrajyam aluvut iddu tamma alvikege saluva Bengajfira kotevalage tamma 
Appajiyavaru nfitanavagi pratishte madisidantha VenkateSvara-svamiyavara paditara-diparadhanege 
dana-pfiivakav agi bittu kotti grama Bengajfira kotege sauluv Gottegere valitav adantha 
Kottanfiru-graraa 1 yiy-ellege saluva vupagrama Kolatapurada-grama 1 Tidadahalli-grama 1 
Bilappanahalli-gra[ma] 1 antu grama 4 kke achchukattu saha yiy-ellege saluva chatus-simeyola- 

gana gadde beddalu . tota-yata-kapile-jala-taru-nidhi-nikshepa-akshini-agami-muntada 

sakaladayavanu Venkate^vara-svamiya padilara-diparadhanege a-chandrarka-sthayiy aginadeyaliy 
endu dana-pfirvakav agi bittagrama (usual imprecatory phrases) yendu barasikotta dana-sasanakke 
a-chandrarkam astu {usual final verse) 

sva-datta duhit i bhfimih pitri-datta cha sodari i 
anya-datta tu mata[.. ] yo haret sangami || 
ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhfibhujam I 
na bhojya na kara-grahya, deva-ditta, vasundhara || 

120 VM*tK$. V vb 

At Kdtan&yikanapura (same hobli), on a stotie near the Basava tcmple. 

Vyaya-samvatsaradaVaisakha-su 1 Betyavaradalu srirnatu Jirijanna-Nayakara makkalu Jakkanna- 
Nayakaravaru Bal lala -Ra va na kaladalli Kattu-Nayakaravara Jaddapuravanu Patalabhoji-vodeyara 
makkalu Siddayaji-vodeyarige Katta-Mallikarjunarayapurakke saluva chatus-sime-volitagi kottarn 

(usual imprecatory phrases) dharraa-sasanava hoyidava Avarigereya Nalojana maga 

Basava-vjjja mangala maha. sri 

80 Bangalore Taluq. 


At Kannelli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Ghannigardya temple. 
svasti srl Saka-varusarigala 1330 neya Sarvaihari-sauivatsirada Chaitra-sa 5 lu Iriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Deva-liaya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyihtt iralu adhikari Hayakasa- 
varu Kukkal i-nada Kauuelliya Tiruraalenatha-ievarige nam na devarige a-ICannelliyalu yeradu-magga- 
vanu sunka mluyav agi a-chaadrarkka-sthayiy agi kotta dharmina-sasana (usual final verses)- 


At Gohgadipura (same hobli), on a stone in Putfa-Channayya's field. 

fiubham astu svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-S'aiivahana-Saka-varusahgalu 1417 neya Rakshasa-samvatsar- 

ada Chaitra-su 1 lu sriman-maha-mandalesVara medini-misara ganda Kathari-Salva Saluva 

Yimmadi-sn-Narasinga-Riya-raaharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyiiitt iralu sriman-maha-mandalesvara 
Gode-Raya riipa-Narayana akalanka-mala raya-huli-raya ganda-bherunda Bharadvaja-gotrada Huliya 
S'yamayya-Deva-maha-arasugala kumararu Anantayya-Deva-maha-arasugalu Kasyapa-gotrada 


Apastamba-siitrada Vakkejallimahgalada stanapati Timmarasara makkalu Tipparasaru (others named) 
yivarugalige kotta dharmuia-slsanaia kraraav ent endare uamma Nayakatanakke saluva Kukkala- 
nada ardha-bhageya Kannelliya stha\a.d.&- (boundaries) Ananda-saravatsarada Magha-ba 30 S6 sflryya- 
grahana-punya-kaladallu Ramanathapurada Kaveri-sthaladali dhare ejrayittu (bach) madhyada praku 
Goiigadihalji emba grama-namakke pratinamav ada Timmannarajapuravanu. simege agrarav agi 
sa-hiranyodaka-lhara-purvakav agi Yimraadi-Narasinga-ttaya-maharayarige punyav agabek endu 
dhareyan eradukottev agi a-agrarada chatus-simege saluva a(ha)rama-kshetra-nidhi-nikshepa- 
akshini-yagami-modalada siddha-sadhya-ashta-bhogakke saluva svamyagalanu nimage adhi-krayakke 
saluvahage kottev agi nimraa putra-pautra-paramparey a^i a-chandrarka-sthayi agi anubhavisudu 


At Tasavantapura (Yasavantapurz hobU)*on a stone in Rudrappa^s field to the south-east. 

Elavaka-nada prabhu . . . . ra varada srimauu-Cheunaya-Gaudaru purada ?Kempa-Gaudarige 

kotta kodige 



At Kodigehalli (sanve hobli), on a stone west of the Anjaneya temph. 
sri-Ganadhipataye namah 

namas tunga-&c. [| 
svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-S'aka-varusha 1353 neya sanda vartamana-Viro.lhikrutu-samvatsarada Bha- 
drapada-su 1 Gu lu sYiman-maharaja raja-paramesvara§ri-vira-Vijaya-bhupati-Raya-maharayara ku- 
mararu Deva-Raya-maharayaru Vijayanagariya-3imhasanadalu sukha-sahkatha.vioodadinda pritivi- 
rajyam geyidta yidalli a-Deva-Raya-maharayara samukada niriipadinda Sakanasamudrada vola^ana 
ura-mundana Some-devara nayiv§dya-ahga-rahga-bhogakke snman-raaha-pradhana Mangappa- 
dannayakara makkalu Pratapa-Rayaru kotta dharma-6asana sn-S6veya-devara nayivedya-anea- 
rahga-bhogakke madida kaltale namma Nayakatanake kottiha Sivanasamudrada kela^e saluva 
Yelahahka-nadalli Taraniy-appana bagiy-olagana Devasamudrada gramada kaluvali Virupaksha- 

Bangalore Taluq. 31 

pura-gramakam praku guttigeya pramaua kanike saha huttuvali ga 16 1 a-gramakke andin-adaya 
a-purva-adayakk agi bitta kottadu ga3£ ubhayam varaha ga 20 varaha yippattu-honninagrainav agiy 
iralagi a-gramavanu Vijayadevarayapurav emba gramavanu madi a-Devarayapura yemba grama 
vanu Devasamudrada Hiriyakereya kejage bijavari gadde kha 5 bijivari gadde ayigandug.wanu 
Sravana-ba 30 suropa raga-punya-kaladalu a-Deva-Raya-maharayarige ayur-aiogya-ayisvariya-vjiddhi- 
ahantagi Sri-Paramesvara-pritiy agi (back) dhareyan eradu kot^ev agi (rest contain details of the 
rental ofthe ceremonies to be performed, and ofthe persons to be employed to Mmister to the god ; and 
usual final verses) mahgala maha sriinatu-Pratapa-Rayara baraha 


At Ndgasettihalli (same hobli), on a stone in ihe talav&ra's field. 

svasti Srioiatu Saka-varusha 1264 neya Vishu-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 1 Gu Srimat-pratapa- 
chakravartti Hosala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Unamaleya-pattanadali sukha-sankatha-vinoladini 
rajyam geyavutt iralu avara maneya yekkatiga srimanu-maha-samantadhipati miseyara ganda 
Chikka-Bayireya-Nayakaru (a number of others named) samasta-gaudugalu gudi Nagavarada Mara. 
Gaundanavara makalu. Lviarapanavarige Nagiseti . . . . yanu adake saluva Nagisetihalliyanu adak e 
saluvudu Hiriyakereyal arda-bagiyu Jala-Maohihaliy-olagada chatus-simey-olagula gadde-bedda- 
lanu chandra-suriyar-u].a-bara stirav agi nadasi kotta kodage maugala maha sri 



At the bSchirdkh village Dijdvasandra (same hobli), on a stone set up in front ofthe rained Aujaneya 


(Grantha &c Tamil characters) 

svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaran harh-aya-vibhatan bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara ganda piuva- 

dakshina-paschimottara-samudradhipati Induraya-3urattranan maharaja paramesvarau sii-vira- 

Bukkanna-udayar prithivi-rajyam-panni arujaninra Sakabdara 1290 idan rael &elaninra Nala- 

samvatsarattu Mithuna-nayarra purva-pakshattu Dvitiyaiyum Viyala-kkilamaiyum pejra Pusattu na. 

sriman-maha-samantadhipati muvarayara .. ndan bashaikku-ttappuva rayara gandan sriman. 

Mayataya-nayakar kumaran Devaya-nayakkau Ilaippakka-nattu Laja palli ana Devasa- 

mudrati na-gotrat na Brahmanarku ttu munrura deva-bhagam 

iranda siiidraditya-varai sarva-manyam a... chcheliakadava dana dhara-piirvam aga- 

kkuduttom inda dharmmattai kedutavan Varanasil kapile Gahgaiyir vadhittavan papattile poga- 


sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 

shashti varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimih j| 

At Vibhulipura (same hobli), on a stone set up in the land behnging to the matha. 

( Orantha S( Tamil characters) 

svasti sVima-pratapa-chakravatti sri-Posila-vira-VallaJa-Devar valukkun-dokkku nanraga .. 
Vallappa-dennakkarku nanragavum manu-maha-prasayitta Ninran MaSandi-nattu Menmugattu 
natU l -nayaga5-jeyvar S'embi-devarum Villa-gamundar S'anda-gamunda Veppuran Tanma-siyar ullitta 
nattavaruh-Govandaiyum Vachchi-devarku-ttana-pramanam-panni-kkudutta parisavadu Plavahga- 

varusha-mudal Peru-Erumurkk-adai...ppulattu-kkadu tti-kkaruvittu ur-katti eriyu manal-olukki- 

kkat+.i Vachchidevarpuram enru per-akku ivv-urku adetta nanjai punjai narpal-ellaiyu 

mada-ppuram aga ivarku-chchantraditta-varai s.irva-maaiyam-aga-chchellakkadavad-aga vittom 
ivv-anaiverum inda-ttanmattukku ilanganam-panuinar uudagil Gehgai-kkaraiyil kurar-pasuvai- 
kkonra pavah golvar ivai Ninrar eluttu nattu-kkanakkan Periyapiljai eluttu 

32 Bangalore Taluq. 


At Hebbdla (same hobli), on a stone in Karadappas garden. 
svasti srimau-uiaha-pratapa-chakravartti Hosala-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru sukhadim rajyam ge- 

vutt iralu firiman-raaha Devaunanavara Mudeya AUapa-dandanaykaru Elahaka-nadan alvalli 

sarvvadhikari Uriyannanu a-nada saraasta-pra[bhu]-gaudugalu Hebala halavu-kala .. 

katu Kilaka-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 11 So Sivagahgeya Bachanua-Uduyannanavaru 

. Hebala .... haka nada-gaudugalu akari Haripanna Vuraiyauna- 

na . . . . gadi sa 1 3 (usual imprecatory phrases) mangala maha, §ri 


At the same viUage t on a stone in the village gale. 

S'ukla-samvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 llu srtmatu Marige-Gaiidanu yidakke avan obbauige nau hatt- 
ana ayidana arana yi-meriyalu nada sanubova . . kola Mchappa-Gaiidara paddan ayida khu.... 
(imprecatory phrase) 


At the same village, on a stone in S'dnal>hdga Hdyliavendrappa' s yarden. 


firi Nala-samvatsarada Asada-ba 11 lu firimatu Rupa-Deva-Raniyara makkalu Balleya-Raya-Rani- 
yaru Samudradakote Dasara makkalu Nammaluvarige dasokakke kotta gadde namma Naya- 
katanakke saluva Hebbalala Hiriyakereya kelage Kumpatti-ranttara halla-gaddeyali ' 10 Rupa- 
satnudradv, kereya kejage .. .. kattida aneya kejage ' 10 antu kka 1 gaddeyanu dhareyan eradu 
kottev agi (usual imprecatory phrases) . 


On a roclc at the boundary ofEdval Bairasandra and Jibanahalli. 

S'alivakana-aaka-varufiahgaju 1460 neya Vijambi-samvacharada Bhadrapada-ba 7 lu Achyuta- 
Raya-maharayaru stira-simbasanadalu Mecharasayanavaru Sivanasamudrada simeya Anupe.... 
galanu bitta dharrna-sasana (usual imprecatory phrases). 


At KydtamdranahaUi (same hobli), on a stone in the icestern outlet ofthe tanh. 

sri Sakabda 13 .. ne Kskaya-3am l Va | su 10 S6 svasti firimanu-maha-mandalesvaram ari-raya- 

vibhada bhiishege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyaru Bukkanna-Vodeyaru sukha- 

rajyan geyivutt iralu srimanu-inaha-samantadhipati nara-loka-ganda Mayileya-Nayakara kumara 

Koteya-Nayakaiu Baiikodi-Deva-Perutnala maga Kharyya-devarige fiila-filsana . madi ko^ta kramav 

ent endade Yalahaka-nad-olagana Jubanahahalliya purvvadalulla chatus-simeyanu gadde beddalu 

enulla simeyanu sarvamanyada kodage agi chandradityar ullanna-bara saluvantagi madi kotta 

fiila-fiasana mangala maha sri firi 


At KdcharakanahaUi (Esvanchapura hobli), on the icest basement ofthe SHvanUvara temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil charactersj . 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-varusham 43 13 varusam Hevilambi-sammasarattu sarvabhavuna-chchakkaravatti 
Poysala-vira-Narasimga-Deva-rajyattil Ilaippakka-natti Mannimanavadai-udai gandan S'ikka- 
devar kalattil Pfriya Treloka-fiattiyanena S'ivanisvaram-udaiyar kovilu .. gopuram-panni S'61a- 

bhattan magan Ganga-battarukku kani pumiy-aga kuduten Tre .... chchettiyarena vimana 

..m-aga tira-ppani-fi •yvichchu kondea-Vairi-battan kar 

w O 

p^£jf <%m w^ %<mW^ ^ 

9 lipi i ii ^f^^a i# 



cr 1 

lli 5 


&:$$ C 




'r^ \0 

/0%<r5 Ql ., 

9 # 

a' r } iJ ^ ^ # «g 4 <*? £ ^ ^gp <*> * 



Bangalore Taluq, 33 


At the satne temple, 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

... ka-samvarsarattu S'it .. Rama-chchaturvvedi-mangalattu m-olunda 

. .. gaikku amudupadi naipura-ppadaivittil irundu y-aga-ddhara-purvvakam- 

aga i pradan a n ivv-ur vitt adu 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charactersj. 

.. Viya-samvatsarattu .. . ..... kam-udai-nayana, .. ..' maha-janangalum 

nal viiradu sri kk-ennaikknm .. . nifiuvara tiruvidaiyattam aga 



On copper plaies from the Inam Commisuoner'8 office. 

(Elephant on the. seal). 

(J l) tvasti Amarapurauukarina (d)vijayavata Kalihga-nngaradhivasakan MaheudrAchalamala" 
gikhara-pratishtitasya sacharachara-guio sakala-bhuvana-nirmanaika-sulradharasya sasahka- 
chudamauer bhagavato Golcarna-svaminas charana-kamalaiadhanaika-tatpar6'nekahava- 

sahkshobha-jata( JJ a) tijaya-sabdah prata[pa]vanata-sa[ma]sta-samanta-ohakra-chudamani-prabha- 
manjari-punja-raujita-vara-charana-yugalo maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-Rajendravarma-sunu- 
sn-Devendravarma-Deva[h] kusuli Varahavartanyam Sidhata-grama-samanvayami.. .. kotumbina[s] 
samajuapayati viditam astu vo yathayam grama[h] Parame3va[ra]*parama-bhattaraka-pujanartham 
cbaru-dhupa-ni(JJ ?>)vedyanam Palukosu-vastavya-Kateyasutra-paficha-vrata Patukaya bhu-dhana- 
mata-pittor atmanas cha punyayur-yasa(m)-adi-vriddhaye ayana-sahkrantyam udaka-pu[rva]kam 
kritva pratipadititi atra cha sima-lihgani likhyante (here follow boundaries) s otraya-stapitam 
idam S'r!parvata-7asi-Navinitarasi-gurave .. 

atra cha Vyfisa-gitani sloka bhavanti 

bahubhir vasudha datta. rajabhi[s] Sagaradibhi[h] | 
yasya yasya yada bhuini[s] tasya tasya tada phalam 1! 
sva-dattaru para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 
sa vishthayara krimir bhutva pitribhis saha pachyate || 

Utnina Srikhaudi vili ... 


On copper plates m the Museum. 

1 b) svasti jitam bbagavata gataghana-gaganabhena Padmanabhena Srimaj-Jahnaveya-kulamala- 
vyomavabhasaia-bhaskaiasya sva-bhuja-java-jaya-janita-jauapadasya darun;\ri-g:ma-[vida]'an6palab- 
rajasya putrasya pitur anvagata-guua-(JJ a)yuktasya vidya-vinaya-vihita-vrittasya samyak-ptaja-pala- 
na-matradhigata-rajya-praj ojanasya vidvat-kavi-kafichana-nikashopala-bhutasya Tiseshal6'py anava- 
^eshasya niti-s.istiusya vaktri-prayoktri-kusalasya su-vibhakta-bhakta-bhritya-janasya Dattaka-sutra- 
vritti-pianetuS siiman-Madhava-mahadhirajasya putrasya pitri-paitaniaha-guna-yuktasya aneka-cha- 
turddanta-yuddhavapta-chatur-udadhi-salila-( JJfc)svadita-yasasahsan ada-dvirada-turagadhirohanati 
^aj6tpanna->ejas6chatur-abhiy6^a-sampadita-sampad-v seshasya siinadd-Harivarinmamahsdhirajasya 
putrasya guru-go Brahm;,na-pujakasya Narayana-charananudhyatasya s.imad-Vishuugopa-mahadhi- 
xajasya Triyambaka-charanarabhoruha-rajah-pavitiikritottaiuan^asya yvayamolvritta-pina-kathina- 
• This inscription contain many mistakes. 

84 Bangalore Taluq. 

bhuja-clvayasya svabhuja-bala parakrama-kraya-krita-rajya9ya chira-prana9hta-deva-bh6ga- 

Brahma-de/aneka-sahasra-visarggagrayana- para-bhaya-harena vitata- -(III a) .... 

pratanavdblvd8yainana.ja[ga]tah Siiman-Madhava-mahadhirajasyaavikalasvamedhavabhrithabhishik- 
ta(h)-8rimat-Kadamba-kula-nabhas8thala-gabha8timalinah sri-Krishuavarmma-mahadbirajasya priya- 
bhagineyasya janani-devatanka-paryanka-tala-samadhigata-rajyabhishekasya parasparanavamardd5- 
pabhujyamana-trivargga-sarasya vidya-vinayatisayatisampanna-pariputantaratmanah aneka-samara- 
vijay6parijita--vipuk-yasah-kshir6-.laikarunavikrita-jagat-traya8ya sa-Madaua-sara-patana-vidhura- 
vanita-nayana-madhukara— kulakula—ruparavinda— jalasayasya kavi-janagraganyasya atipatushu 

{III b) patutarasya Siimat-Konguni-mahadhirajasya putrena tad-gunanugamina pitra sama- 

varjjitayapi lakshmya svayamgrahenalihgita-vipula-vakshas-stbalena vijrimbhamana-sakti-trayopa- 
namita-san asta-samanta-mandalena nirantara-prema-bahumananurakta-prakriti-mandalena nisita- 
nistrimsa-kara-kararddita-bhujonmulitari-manclalena pratidiuabhivarddhamana-purusha-vara-guna- 
mani-sanaf.h-sat-vrithabharanavabhasyamana-vapu . . .parinata-vay6-vilasito-. . parinata-satva-sampada 
prathitaneka-giina-gana-nidhana-bhutena yatharha-dandatayanukrita-Vaivasvate {IV a) ua * varnua,- 
eramabhilakshana-dakshina-disabhigoptum paryaptavata pratijaninena su-prajasa parama-dharmm- 
ikena bhagavat-Kanaloiara-eharananudhyatena kim bahuna yidam-yugina-Yudhishthirena sYimata 
Kougani-maharajena atmanah pravarddhaniana-vipulaisvaryye tritiye samvatsare S'ravane mase 

tithau syayam ahitagnayo Mahasena.mra-vastavyaya Vasasarmmane (rest illegible) 

(bth plate missing) 


On copper plates in the same plare. 

[y&gari characters) 

(I b) namah fasi-l.ala-koti-kalpamanankura ..... .. i 

lpa-kalpa-vriksbaya Sambhave ]] 

svasti samasta-bhuvanas\-aya sri-prithvi ... bham maharajadluraja parameWara parama-bhattaraka 
Kalyana-pura-varadhisvara gajarohaka-Bhagadatta-ripu-raya-kai.ta-datta-vairi-vaidhavya Chalukya- 
kula-kamala-maittanda kadana-prachanda Kalinga-kodanda ganda-tnarttanda ekanga-vira rana- 
ranga-dhira As^pati-Raya-disApatta Gajapati-Raya-samharaka Narapati-Raya-mastaka-tala-pra- 
hfiri^i-bhayankara nityakara parangana-putra suvamua- 
varaha-lafichhana-dhyaja-samasta-rajavaji-virajita-samalankrita 8ri-S'6ma-vamsjdbhava sri-vira-Non- 
amba-chakravartti Kalyana-pura sukha-(sukha)-sankatha-vin6dina raiyam karoti dakshina-disavare 
dig-vijaya-yatian bijaya karemi H< njara-gramat kata (IIci) kam utulitum S'aka-varsha 366 Tarana- 
samvachare Phalguna-mase krishn i-pakshe Bihavara-amava9yavam tithau Gangavadi-chhannavati- 
sahasra-madhya-khampina-Kundu-i,adu eppattara tatu-madhye Halarndi-grama mulika-Gangavadi- 
kara Chalukiyara-vadda-jyavahari Maro-Satti Hefijara-bavaradalu turukav iridu Kilva-Raya manna- 
una pauchanga-pasaya-chhatra sukhasana-bbala-gaddi-ahka-danda-khandane ashta-bhoga-teja-samya 
sarbanama^ya datta-bhumi (here follow details of land and boundaries and names of xoitnesses) 
atiknisala 0'.vach ; 'ri likita |[ 

gam ekaxp ratnikam ekam bliumer apy ekam angulani | 
haran narakam apnoti yavfd-a-bhuta-samplavam || 
oppa Ari-i aya-mast ika-tala-prahSri 

So iu the origin&l. 


:o: ■ 

At Sdladevanhalh (Nelamnhgcla hobli), on a pillar in Kdsi-Nanjun<layya's field. 
8vasti s>i Gangeyum Purvva-desimum Kadiramun and Odeyar K6-pParakesarivarmmar ada 
sii-Rajendra-Chola-Devargge yandu padinentlvudu Sri-Yuddhamalla-Devana dandanayakam Bha- 
radvaja-gotram Appanayyana magam Vnmanayyt.m tanna gurugal sri-Mauni-bhattarakar ssiddhi- 
yadand avara parokshadol Siddhe9Varamam m\disi devarggo nivedyakkam nandadivigegam Dadiga- 
valiyada Vikraraachola-mandalabi Kukkanur-nada nal-gavundam Ganga-gavundana magara Ratta- 
kulakala-Chola-gavundangam Banapurada Nityavinoda-Manika-Settigam pongotte Banapurada 
kereya kelage pannir-kkanduga galdeyum kondara rajanugrahadim deva-bhogam gottarn i-bhumi 
padinarugen-kolol sayirada nannfiri nalvattu kammam idarkke i-nadali vfira Vikrama-Chola- 
gavundanum (here cotne many names) sakshiyaggali silit-sasanamam baredam mahamatran Aiavarm- 
mayyana magam sasana-vachaka-chakravartti Punyasarmmam || 

sri-Chchhaya-paramesvarasya tanayah sri-Stambhanathahvayas 
tat-putras tu Kalagamarttha-nipunah sri-Dvipanatlio yatih 1 
tachchhisbyojani Mauninatha-munipas tat-padukajna-dharo 
dhiman Rfipasivas Sivagama-ratas samrajate bhutale || 

sri-S 'iddhesvarada sthanakke s>i-Rfipasiva-panditar odhyar | (usual imprecatory phrases) mangala 
maha sri || 

(baeh) svasti 


sri-vriksha-mfile' dhikrito' dhinathah I 
nasyanti purvvarjjita-karmma-seshah || 

tadiya-Sishyo narapala-jushyo jyeshtavali-jyeshtataro babhiiva | 
Chhayadhinatho dinanatha-tikshna-chcbhaya na samsparsati tasya murdhni || 
Stambhahvayah sri-Daiialadhinathah 1 
sri-Dvipanatho bhuvana-prasiddhah || 
tadiya-ftishyar para-vady-mlhrishyah 
sri-Mauninatho' jani Rudia-rfipah | 
tat-pada-padraa-bhramai opamanah 
dvijottamo Vamana-mantri-mukhyah || 
sa guror atita-kale silamayaii chakarot sva-guru-namna, i 
sri SiddhSsvara-hhavanam prakaradyaih samanvitam sakalam |! 
sri-Siddheivara-devaya kshetre dvadasa-khandikah i 
pradad Banapure bhaktya dandaDayaka-Vamanah Jj 
(usual final verses) i-bhumiyolag irldcanduga-bhunvge Siddhesvarachariy odeyam H 

' This pillar i» now at the Victoria Jubilej Ins itute, Mjsore 


36 Nelamangala Taluq. 


At Binnamahgala (tame hobli), on a stone in Mdra's field. 
subham astu i namas tunga-&c || 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'al.vahana-£ika-Vdru.Bha 1457 neya Manmatha-samvatsarada Aivija- 
Suddh» 15 Budhavaradi puuya-kaladali sriman-maharaj id liraja raja-paramesvara dakshina-pmva- 

paschima-samudradhipati ^ekara ^ri-Vcnlcatapati-Raya-maharayaru sri-Virfipaksha-lingana 

sannidhiyali Thumala-devi-ammanavara pattanada Vijayanagarada madhyada . . nnarayas 

Mallikarjuna-devarige . ■ . . . Penugonde-na. ya-nada sime-volagana Binnamangaja- 

gramavanu daya-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhya-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyagalu 

Mallikarjuna-devarige sarvanamasyav agi saluildu (usual final verses) 

Gangapana baraha 


At the same village, en a stone set up near the MuklindtleSvara temph lehw the tank. 

(Orantha and Tanil characlerg) 

svasti sri S'akarai-yanlu 1032 Vikrita-sanimitsara Pugal-madu vilanga Jaya-madu virumba Nila- 
magaj nilava Malar-magal punara urimaiyir-chiranta mani-mudi-sudi Villavar kulaitara Minavar nilai- 
keda enai-mannavar iriyal-urr-ilitara tikk-anaittun-tan sakkara-nadatti vijayabhishegam-panni. 
vtra-singasanattu Avani-mulud-udaiya]6dum virr-irunt-aru|iya Kov-Irajakesaripanmar ana sakkara- 
varttigal sri-Kul6ttunga-S'61a-Devarku yanduil narpattonravadu Rajaraja-Pandi-nattu Arikesari- 
vaja-nattu S'ayavaranallur S'ayavaranallur-udaiyfin Rajarajan Kulottunga-Solan ana Kulottunga- 
S'61a Atimurkachchengiraiyena Vikkirama-S'61a-mandalattu-kKukkanur-nattu Vinnamahgalattu 
Muttlsvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku i-nnattu Nakkur inta devarlcu devalanara aga ivv-ur vi}aiyir-chu- 
rrum nafijai punjai kodai paiyyanam kar-varagu kumm iri-kkadamai parutti-ppudavai ta.ri-ppudavai 
e.r-kasu vidu mridu . Asi-podu-makkal peral kula-th; liyumrkorum pala antarayauga}ura utpada mur- 
chuttum inta devarke devadanam aga-kkudutten Kul6ttun?a-S"\l.i Aumurkachchengiraiyena inta 
dhanmam santraditya-varai Selvadugavum inta dhanmattai rakshittan Gahgaiyidai-kKumariyidai 
punyafi-jeydar punyam-peruvagajagavum ittai aljvu-pauninar Gahgaiyidai-kKumariyidai pavafi- 
jeydar papam-peruvargajagavum kal-vefti niruttinen Kul6ttunga-S'61a Atimu.rkachchengiraiyena 
idu sri-Mahesvara-rakshai S'andichcharan-61ai sagaran-jiil vaiyyagattir-Kandichcharan karumara- 
aray .. n pando arafi-jeydan seydan a.r.ifi-gattau padim tirambauui-chcheuuirael vaittu 

bahubhir vasudha bukta rajabhih Sagaradibhi 

yasya yasya yada, bhumi tasya tasya yatha phalam | 

sva-dattara para-dattam va yo hare vasundara. 

shashtim varsha-sahasrani visLtayam jate krimi || 

At Hullegaudanahalli (same hobli), on a roclc in Biguru Rdma-Setii's field. 

Jaya-samvatsarada Chayitra-ba 7 lu srimatu Virupanna-Nayaka-ayyanavaru A|>payyapauditari"e 
Tammi-Settiya hola tunda 3 kke kham \ kotta manya 



At Alur (Mailnahalli hobli), in the upper floor on the village gate. 
evasti sri Tiru manni valara iru-Nila-madantaiyum p:\r-cheya-ppavaiyum S'ir-ttani-chchelviyum tan 
perun-teviyar agi inb-ura neduduyir-uliyul Idai-turai-nadun-tudar-vana-veli-ppadar-Vanavasiyufi- 
julli-chchul-madit-KolJippakkaiyum nannark-aru-muran-Mannaikadakkamum poru-kadal-Jlatt-arai- 
yar ta-mudiyum ahg-avar diviyar oh^-eli'- nudiyu-nunn avar-pak'<al Tennavan vaitta suntara-mudi- 

Nelamangala Taluq. 37 

yum Intiran-arammun-tendirai-lla-mandala-muluvadum e.ri-padai-kKeralan muraimaiyir-clmdun- 
gula-danam agiya palar pugaLmudiyuu-jen-gadir-malaiyuii-jang-adir-velai-ttol-pcruu-gava.r-pala pal- 
an-tivum ^ravir-chinavill irupattoru-kal araisugalai katta Parasuraman melvarufi-Jantima.rriv aran- 
karudi irufiya 33m-borriru-ttagu-mudiyuin bayangodu pali miga Muyangiyil mudug-itt-olitta S'aya- 
§ingan alapp-arum pugaloduin pidi Irattapadi ehrai-ilakkamum. . va-nedi-kkula-pperu-malaigajum 
vikirama-vira S'akkaragottamu mudira-vada-vallai Madurai-maudalamun-ga-midai-valaiya Namanai- 
kouayu ven-ji .. vira-pPufijappalliyuin pasadii-ppalana Mashni-desamuru adi-van-kitli S'adinagara- 
vaiyircliantirau-tol-kulatt-Intiraviratanai vilaiy-amar-kalattu kilaiyodum pidittu pala sanattodum 
ni.. rai-kula-dana-kkuvaiyum kitt-arufi-jeri-mil li Otta-vishaiyamum pusurar ^eru-nar-Kosalai-nadum 
Tanmapalanai vem-munaiy-alittu vand-urai-solai Tandabuttiyum Iranasiiranai muran-ura-ttakki.ttikk- 
ana-kitti Dakkana-Ladamum Go/intasantan mav-ilmd-oda tangada Saral Vafigala desamum todu- 
kadar-Changottal Mayipalalai ve3-jamar-vijagatt-afijuvitt-aru}i ondiral-yanaiyum ptndir bandara- 
mum nittila-neduii-gadal Uttira-Ladamum veri-mala.rrittatt-e.ri-puna.r-Kahgaiyum alai-kadal-nadu- 
vut-pala-k.tlan-jelutti-chCbangirama-visaiyorttungapanman agiya Kadaratt-araiyanai vagaiyam poru- 
kadal-kumba-kkariyodum agappadutt-urimaiyir-^irakkiya iru-nedi-ppirakkamum artt-avan-aganagar 
por-ttold-vasalil Vichchadira-ttotananmum moytt-olir-puuai-mani-ppudavamum kana-mani-kkadava- 
mum nirai-sri-Vijaiyamun-durai-nir-pPaniiaiyum pan-malaiy-ur-eyirron-Malaiyurum al-kadal-agal- 
sul Mayirudingamun-galanga-val-viuai Ilanga^jbamum kopp-uru nirai-punal Ma-pPappaJamun-gaval- 
ain-purisu Mavilibangamum vijai-ppantur-udai Vijaippanduruai kalai-takkor pugal kalai-tTakkola- 
mum tida-maval-vinai Madamalingamum kalamur-kadun-diial Ilamuri-desaraun-denaka-var-polil 
Ma-Nakkavaramun-dodu-kadal-kaval karu-murat-Kadaramum ma-pporu-dandar-kouda K6-pParakes- 
arivanmar ana udaiyir sri-Rajentra-S'61a-Devarku yandu iruppattelavadu Vikrama-S'61a-ir,anda- 
lattu KukkAnur-nattu-kKoJiyamburchcheyil Siddbisvarattil vadakku ilavattin-kil Padari S'amund- 
esvarikku i-nna$tu Vauapurattu Manikkacbchet^i ullittaromum nattu-kkamundu-seyiginra Vinna- 

mangalattu Rajentra-S'6la-gamundanum S'amundesvarikku pa fi-jeydu kudutta nilamavadu 

Vanapurattu nilam ana Manikkachchetti kamukku-kkilakku Mafijakattuchcheykku-tterkum peri-eri- 

kil-pperu-valikku merkum Ter. . pallikku vadakku naduvupada padinaru-san-kolal 

afifiuru kuli iv-ur-Padariyarkku oru-santi tiruv-amudukkum miiniu-santi tiruv-aradanaikkum tiruv- 

ai\\danai-83yvan oruvanukkum aga sandiraditta-varai lel-pogam aga-chcheydu r-varttu 

kuduttoox i-nnattu nattu-gamundan magan na mangalattu Rajentra-S'61a-gamuuda 

i-p . . . . 1 idine Vi . . ra. . . . . S'6la-mandalattu la ttu nra 

kul kone mun eluttu ippadi nanti po enn eluttu 

ippadi Ma kuchchilu 


At Sondekoppa (Sondikoppa hobli), on a copper plate belonging to the Mosque. 
svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-suka-varushangalu 1635 sanda vartamanav fula Svabbanu- 
samvatsarada Pushya-su 1 llu sVimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara prauda-pratapa apratima- 
Yira-narapati Mahisura si-Krishna-Raja-Vadeyar-aiyyanava u Ahimmadu-Saidu-Poshu-Yimamage 
barasi-kotta tantbra-sasanada kramar ent endare Nelavangala-sthaiida Sontekoppadalli ninu madi 
yiruva masidi-dharmakke Athavaneyindi varusha 1 kke kam gu 27 ippattelu-.arahadi merige kottu 
baruvalu sa.iy ashte yi-^anavige uttaravagi Nelavahgxla-stbalada Dabanavakanaha]li-gramava 
huttuvali kam gu 20 Matt inakuiuchi-gra nulaili hola gu 7 ubhayam Kantbirava gulige ippattelu- 
varahada huttuvaliy i-grama hola siha masi li-dhar.nake i irui aJhika-sarvamanyav agi kottu 
yidhevey ada-karana ji-grama-bbumiyalli chatus-sineyolagulla a-sa :ala-sv\myangalannu putra- 
oautia-pai-amparvav agi susvutav agi nalasikonlu buruvadu i yi-.nasidi-dbarraakke kottu yiruva 
V 10 

38 Nelamangala Taluq. 

yi-graina-bhum : -pattinalli (imprecatory phrases) yandu barasi-kotta tambra-sasana | 



At Manthd/u (same hobli), on a stune in thefield of Patelanapdlya. 

Saka-vaiusha * 10002033 ... S'rimukha-samvatsarada Marggasira-su 10 .. svasti samasta-bhuva- 
nasraya vallabha .... rajadhiraja paramesvara sarvvajna-chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu 

ganda ...... la-raya Tribhuvanamalla badana-prachauda asahaya-sura S'anivara- 

siddhi Giridurgga-malla kaika-natha vam Dvaravati-pura-varesvara Ma]a va _ 

Raya mastaka-sula barav aha Brahma ...Kshatriya ... Raya sthapanacharya 

Raya nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti Hoy &~(baclc) sala sri-vira-Balala- 

Devarasaru Hosabetadali sukhadim prithvi-rajyara gevalli sriraanu-maha-savantadhipati Naraloka- 
ganda Mayileya-Nayka-Janneya-Naykaru Kukkala-nada aluvalli srimanu-maha-Kambada-prabhu 
Mantapala Naga-gavuda ... Marappa-gavudange Hosakunteya ... yanu (various gaudas named) 

olagada samasta-praja-gavudugaju mund ittukota kodage cbandra-suriyaru nadavudu mangaja 

ma[ha]sii6ii barada . . . meyauna 


At Hdrdkydtanahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the Tirumala dSva iemple. 

Sabham astu Sii-Ganadhipataye na[mah] svasti sri jayabhyudayav ada S'alivahana-5aka-varusha 
1455 neya vartamanav ada Nandana-samvatsarada Magha-ba 14 lu S lvaratri punya-kaladalu 

6rimad-Achyuta-RAya-maharaya makkal ada. . Odeyarige...Mallappa-annanavaru adavagiyagrama 

Malbkarjuna-devarige namraa na Sontekoppada-sthalada .... Haroketanahajiya 

dav agi anubliavisikondu .... barasi kotta fiila-sasana llappa nija 


At Kittanalii (same hobli), on a 2nd stone in ihe yard of Bidimane Mallanna. 

nasrayam sii-prithuvi-vallabha roaharajadhiraja pura-varadhisvaram Yadava- 

kulambara-dyumarii Maler.\;a-raja Malaparolu ganda ganda Sanivara-siddhi Giri- 

duigga-malla chalad-anka-Raraa Pandya-rajya-pratishtacharya pratapa-chakra- 

vavtti Poysala ''ajyam | svasti (15 linesjiere gone) (baclc) la-nivaha-Ramana- 

Maganna(va) vol lgada samasta Dambalada halarola ge aru sattadam 

makkal illadiddade*anua-tamraandirige saluvudu tamm anna-tammandiru illadade aliya mama 

majige saluv ulu ivar aiu a-halaru nada dhannmakke saluvudu i-jatiya 

achara-pathakaiu nu a-halara sikshisuvaru vira-Ba Kadaha Dorasair.udra 

i-tipana-niariyadeyalu ...vambattu vana .,. ga ondu antu 

pa 1 nada varusam prati ruvaragi danda anyaya bilu danda .. .. 

Kaachi-gauda ka.nari lu] karunyam madi a-gurugala nari-Devanna- 

na kam Devaru 'dhareyan % eradu kottaru i-mariyadiyalu sukhadim ... .. baluvantagi 

kotta tamra-sAsanada padi-sila-sasana siimanu-maha,-pradhana jagad-orbba-ganda Jaleya-danna- 

yakange Kukkila-uada Ajuva kaladalu 'prabhu yav-o]agada samasta-gauda- 

galu maditt i nadisida 6ilA-3asana sri sri * senabova-Lingana-Marojana baraha 

•So in t'ie orij,'inal : it skould be 1255. t "Writteu>t the top. 

Nelamangala Taluq. 39 


At Ba/rahal/i (same hohli), on a stone in front ofthe village. 
S'alivahana-sakha *s\vi rad i-yinnuru-ayivatta-inu.raneya Khara-simvatsarada Chaiyitra-bahula-da- 
samiyalu sriman-raaha-mandalesvara Mallapaunangala aliya Virappanna-Naykaru Gejagaraguppe- 
battara Lakshmaya-divara sarvanuiyav agi Vimalasagara battagraharakke akista kallu 


At Bdnasavddi (same hohli), on a stone in a fidd in front of the village. 
avasti sriKali-yuga-varusam 4442 yada 1263 Vikrama-samvatsarada .. . na-samvatsarada 


A^vayuja-fiu 10 Ma || sri ... maha-mandajesvaram ari-iaya-vibhada bhasege tappuva rayara ganda 
chatus-samudradhipati sri-vira-IIaiiyappa-Vodeyaru prithuvi-rajyam geyuvalli Srimanu-maha- 
samantadhipa Naraloka-gaada Mayileya-Naykaru Kukkala-nadanu ajutiralu sriraanu-maha-Kuk- 
kala-nada liya honnu (rest illegihle) 


At Tirumaldpura (same hohli), m a stone in front of the Lakka's house. 

Vyaya-nama-sam- 1 Pushya-ba30 lu Sa | ? 1638 Khaki Sha, tamma Haji-Sahebarige kere kodagi- 

gaddege badulu Tirumalapura-graraake dare ha sila-sasana nalku-diku madikondu yidheve 

putra-pautra-paramparya anubhavisikondu graina akara-madikondu sukhadalliy iru yendu kotta 
kere ... godige sa • . . . 


At BuraHchikk.inahaUi (same hohli), on a stone hthind the Basava temple. 


svasti 6ri S'aka-varusha 1282 neya Vikari-samvatsarada Ashala-ba 1 S6 | s>imanu-maha-ari-raya- 
vibhada bhashege tappuva raya r a ganda sri-vira-Bukkanna-Vodeyaru Basapattanadali prithuvi- 
rajyam madutt iral agi srimanu-.naha-samantadhipati Mayileya-Nayakara tamma Yojaya-Naya- 
karu Santeya-Nayakaru srimanu-maha-Pa ...nada samasta-praje-gauadugaju Srimatu chatu 


At the same place, on a pillar lying on the ground. 

(Grantha and charactersj . 

.... rame nti6i ga kale kaiyir ttn lu 

marrava ■. s> nai saya dai pa.ra marr-avar devi vastu-vaba kai- 

kkondu pava . . kuri y-anjuvittu vagai.. . sa. . • S'6mi .. . 

si •• kada ndi kuna kadi kayavi ntra . .. 

kku-kki S'6 . tnudiga kka nidai Samut Mum- 

mudt .. SVdi-ga-nunda kandra . . ni y-aga-pperra muda Vagiyur eriyi.. 

rduvitta kosi kalani yar ana Mummudi 


At Mandikere (same hohh), on a stone lying to the south ofthe Mande$'vara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaeters). 

tin»al er-pera valar angadir-kkadavoi tol-kulam vilanga-ttonri malgiya vada-tisai-kKangaiyun-denri- 
§iiy-Ilangaiyuu-guda-tisu Maholaiyun-guna-tmi-kKadaramun-dandal kkonda tadai tan mandalam 

• So in Uie origina! ; but it sliould be 1273. 

40 Nelamangala Taluq. 

veu-kuJai-nilar-kil-Uan kudai nilarri-ttisaitorufi-jengol-ochchi isai-kelu Tennavar ta-rauvarul Mana- 
baranan pon-mudiy-ana-pparu-m 'ni -ppasu-ttalai poru-kalatt arindu Venatt-araie anai-chchenatt- 
odukki Stangatt-araisanai-chchengan tulaittu velai-kelu Kandal.ur-S'alai kalam-aruppittu-ttudi- 
keju Jayangonda-S olan-enu m uli-kehi Kov-Irajakesirip inmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajadhiraja-Devar- 
kku yandu 33 avadu senapati Jayangonda- (konda) S'6la Vanakovaraiyanena Va . nnappadiy-ana 
Vikkirama-Sola-mandalattu Mannai-nadu nir-arambam aifijil irandum katt-arambam nalil onru- 
meyi mel-varan-golvadagavum i-pparis-anri arenum i-chchandai-alippar kapilaiyum Vanarasiyurn 
alittan pavattai-kkolvar 


At Guttadahalli (saine hobli), on a roclc on the Ml. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushangaJu 1443 Vishu-samvatsarada Vai&akha- 

6u 15 lu srimatu Kaunlkshi-Deva-Rayana vamsada vamsada Tippana-Nayakara maga Kem- 

ba-Nayakaru ravaiu Karima-vadeyarige kotta pura (imprecatory phrases) 


On another rocli on the sante hill. 
srimatu Kemba-Nayakar a-kereya kattisi olu horav endu Karima-Vodeyarigo kotta purada sasana 
(imprecatory phrases) 

At Hesarugatta (same hobli), on the wall to ihe right of the ChandramaulUvara temple. 
namas tunga-&c. j| 
svasti siiman-maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyuta-Deva-maharayaru pritbvi- 
rajyam gaiiittam yiralu Subhamastu || svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varu3hnga]u 1454 ne- 
ya Nandana-samvatsaradaPhalguna-sudha 1 Adivara Rohini-nakshatra Mesha-lagnaudayadali ghalige 
6 yalu Cheluru-chavudige saluva Eelahanka-nada Sivanasamudra-sime-volagana Kakola-sthalada 
Hesarughattake pratinamav ada Sivasamudra emba sarvvamanyada agrabaradalu Bharadvaja- 
gotrada Asvalayana-sutrada Ruk-sakheya ..... .. . ..yi-gudiyanu kattisi Kasi-lingava tandu Chandra- 

maulisVara-devaru Vighnesvara-Nandikesvara-deva. devara pratisbtheyanu madi mahaja- 

narigalige binnaham madalagi nana-gotrada nana-sutrada uana-sakhe3 r a nana-namadheyar ada aneka- 
vidvan-raahajanangalu pratishtha-punya-kala Arkkavati-modalada nadi-tataka-tira Chandramaulis- 
vara-devara sannidhiyalu Cbandramaulis>ara-devai'a 
ladavam danavam kottu samarppisida hola gaddetou (here follow boundaries) antu hola-sthala 

samarppistar a-devara prakara sthauikara mane bidenu svamigey idakke 

muttida bhumiyauu mahajanangalu samarppistaru mahajanaiigalu mangalam astu namas S'ivaya 
.... dhare[ya]n eradu kotta vivara | Manmatha-samvatsarada Chaitra-ba 10 Mesha-sankranti- 
puuya-kaladalu nivesanakey agala ippatta ayadu nuru nila muvatta-marige agala salade iralagi 

mahajananaj elia madi tori kotta mana dhare[ya]n eradu kottaru .. khi-samvatsarada 

Vaisakha-suddha 1 lu mahajanangalu devara gudi kodige a-sthalake Da.sige bittadu a-totake 

badagalu tenkalu nalku-matu mudalu aru-nuru topige agala hadinaydu-.. ru nila nalvattu-naluku- 

.. yu nila kotta mudana ...rige agala muru nila 1 adul .. -kcreyinda baha dari mere ishtanu 

mahajanarigalu madikottaru samarppisidaru Manmatba-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 15 lu Achyuta- 

Rayara appaueyindalu ... gcnda Vitapa .. .. tiradalu devara amruta-padige . gramavanu[ya]n rradu kottaru (htrc follow boundaiies) ji-tatha-tithiyallu s\ ami-appaneyinda Achyuta- 
Rayaru Appanuagalu Chandramaulisvara-devara amruta-padige Kukkala-nada [rest illegiblc) 

Nelamangala Taluq. 41 


At Toiagere (same holli), on a stone near the Arjuna-r&ya temple. 
svasti Saupurusha-maharajena Kudrasarmuia-somayajinah putra-Sakkaharasarmraane Attigundur- 

nnama-gramo purvva-Brahma-deyam pasv-a4va-raja-vi. . mya-prabasy-adi-sarvva-badha-parihara- 

tvena prasadikri sya pariharasyipahartta, sa panchabhir mahadbhir patakais samyu.. bhavati 

yo rakshati sa punya-bhag bhavatiti Manu-git .[h] «loka .. 

.. m datum sumahachchhakayam duhkham anyasya palanam | 
danam va, palauara veti dinachchhrey6'nupalanam |! 

(pther final verse). 


On a virakal near tht same temple. 

svasti sri kali . Ettaldhora .... Kukkanare-nad .... Jatta talavara Poguudi kajegadula eridu satta 


35 - 

At Betnigere (same hobli), on a stone near the Basavanna temple. 
srimatu S'aki-varushi 1331 r^amathi-samv itsarada adhika-S'rivaru-ba ] sriman-mahi-muv.ira-ray- 

ara ganda g mda-bhernnda hara gaod i Chikkanna-Nayakaru Betliyagereya Gen<*e-dev- 

ayya . Liugadevapuravada Gadaba Malingadakoteyo .. .. lu namraa Nayakatanake saluva Ku.. nad- 

olagana S'ripatiy tamage umbalige simegc saluva Gadabadalu totv tudike aya achukatu.. 

karu sese sidaya (rest illegible). 


At Hiislclir (same hobli), on a stone in Kd(amma's field to the south. 

(Qrantha Sc Tamil chQracters) 

svasti srimatu Vallala-settiyaru Ayanadai-devarge Vyaya-saramasaratu Chitra-masattil vitta bhumi- 
danam i-ddanatai irakkinan kuri-ppa6u sri-Rimana prithi 


At Ayigandapura (same hobli), on the basemenf, of the Gdpdlakri-thna temple. 

(Orantha S( Tamil eharacters) 

svasti sri Tiru ma:ii valara iru-Nila-madantaiyum por-Chavar-pavaiyuu-Jir-ttani-chchelviyun-tan 
perun-tevir agi inb-ura nedudiyau-uliyul Idaiturai-nadun-tudir-vana-veli-padtr-VanavasiyuQ-julli- 
sul-raadit-Kollippakkaiyum nannark-arum-arao Mannaikkadakkamum poru-kadal-Ilitt-a .. 
yum ang-avar-deviyar-ong-elil-mudiyu munn avar-pakkal Tennavar vaitta suntara-mudiyum Inti .... 
. . la-inandala-muluvadu ... . Kerajan muraimaiyir sudun-gula-danam agiya palar pugal-mudiyuu- 

jan*-adir-ve'.ai-ttol-perufi-gaval ruv!r-chinavi irup itto sugajai katta 

Parasuraman meVaruri-Jatitimattiv- lran-karu liy-iruttiya s^m-bor-Tiru-ttagu-mudiyum bayan^odu 

pali miga Musangiyil raudug-itt-olitta ngan alapp-arum pugalodu pidiyal Irattapidi elarai- 

llakkaraum nava-nidi-kkula-pperu-raalai^alum vikkiraa-vira Sakkaragottxraum iuud'ra-padava-ilai 

Madura-man pala-d inattodu nirai-dana-kkuvaiyun-git m 

pusura-ser-nal-kKosalai-nadan-Taannpilanai vjm-raunaiy-alittu vani-urawolai-tTandabuttiyum 

Iranasuranai kkaua-Lidamun-Govintasantati raiv-ilind-oda tangala saral 

Vangala-de^araun-todu-kalajr-Chau^olottan Mahipijani :. ondiril-anaiyum pepdir 

bandaramum nittira-nedun-gadal Uttira-Ladamum veri-malar-ttirtt \ri-punar-Kangaiyum alai-kadal- 

naduvut kalan-jelutti S'angiraraa-visaiy6rtungapanraan agiya Kadaratt-araiyanai varkayam 


42 Nelamangala Taluq. 

poru-kada-kkumba-kkariy >dum agappadatt-irimaiyir pirakkiya peru-nedhi-ppirakkamum artt-avan- 
a^anagar-ppor-ttolil-vasalil Vijj£dira-t6ranamum moytt-olil-ppuna-mani-ppudavamun-gana-mani- 
kkadavumum nirai-sri-Vijeyamun-turai-nir-pPannaiyum vau-malaiy-UT-eyir-jon-Mala : yurutn al-kadal- 
agal-sul Mayitudingamun-galanga-val-vinai M a-pPappalamun- 

gaval-am-puris.ii Mevalimbangamum vilai-ppaintu ..... nai Madaraalingamun-gala- 

mudir-kadun-tiral Ilamuri desamun-tenakka .. ..... .. ..... .. ..... nda, K6-pParakesaripanmar ana 

udaivar sii-Bajentra-Sola-Devai; ..' pParakesaripanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra- 

S'61a-Devarku ya nurr aimbadinal Ko-nerinmai-kondan Rajamanikka- 

muventa-velanukku tu-kKolisambuchchaiyil Uyutthamallan dandanaya- 

kan Appayan Vamanaiyan edu koyil Sitthesvara-devarku i-nnattu-kkamundan Iratta- 

kula-kala-Rajeatra-Sola-kkamundanum Van ipurattu ur-kkamuudan NittavinocU-Manikka-chchettiy- 

um . .ivv-Appayan Vamanaiyan ponkuluttu Vanapurattu eri-kil-kkonda nir-nilan iru- 

veliyum a-ttevarku-ttevadanam aga kuduttom i-ppariAu kallil vettuvittu-kkudukkav-eDru tiruvayi- 
molint-aruli tirumantiravolai S'emba.. pparaiyan elittmal yandu irupittirandavadu naj nfi.ry- cl.udi prasadafi-jeyd-aruji vanta tirumjgappadiye Uyutthamallar dqndanayakan 
Appayan Vamanaiyan Kukkanfir-nattu-kKolisambfichchaiyil edippitta S.dthesVara-devarkku ven .. 

ntangalukku-ttevadana . . . ttu nattu-kkatnunda ma-lratta-kula-kala-Rajentra-S'61a- 

kkamundanum Vanapura udan Nittavinoda-Ma Kukkanfir-nattu Vanapurattu 

eri-kil uir-nilattu-kkil-park-ellai Ve y-ennum eri-karaikku me rui ennum eriyil terkil 

tfimbil-ninrum merku nokki 

38 W ^ 

At tht same village, on the basement of thc Dharmes'vctra tcmple. 

(Qrantha Sc Tamil charactersj. 

sva9ti sri S.imat-pratapa-sakravatti sVi-Hoyjbbx-vira-Vallal i-Devarasar vi-nadu 

Mu sindi-nadu Veppfir Erutnarai-uadu nadu Pulliyfir-nadu Nonda la- 

nadu Tekka'-aadu Aimbulugu-nadu nadu Elayfir-nadu .. yal-nalu Tagadai-nadu 

Paiyyfir yandar-mada munn-ana ella-nadugalil ulja devasthanamgilil ulla mada" 

patikkum sthaiapatigalukkum viunappafi-jeyya-ppera-k ? \aliyuga-varusham. . 79 idanmer-chellann- 

ra S'akabdam 1224 avadu Plava-varushattu Margali Tingat-kiltmai nal inda rajyattu deva- 

danan-diruvidaijatta-madappuram paJlichckandam ana dana-manyangalil irukkum 6iddhayan- 

ganikkai tariy-irai tattar-ppatta.. sarigai nall-erudu nar-pasu marrum epperpatta varivu- 

ga}um iraigalu tavurku indanda devargalukku dana firgalurn nilangalura . ... ulppada 

inda madapatigalum nda Mahadevarku pfi amudu bhogamun-diruppani- 

yum kurai ... . datti na ... rajyattukkum abpudayam aga valtti sukhamey-iruppadu idu rajya-rak- 
shai nattar-rakshai sri-Mahesvara-rakshai 


At the same temple, to the east. 

(Orantha 4" Tamil chaiaclersj. 

S'akarai-yandu 1035 Vijaiya samvatsaram svasti sVi Pugal-madu vijanga Jaya-madu virumba Nda- 
magal vajara Malar-magal punara urimaiyir chiranda mani-mudi-sudi Minavar nilai-keda Villavar 
j^ulaitara enai-mannavar iriyal-urr.ilitara tikk-anaittun-dan ^akkara-nadatti vi.jaiyabhishekam-panni 
vira-sinhasanattu Avani-mulud-udaiyalodum vitr-irunt-aruliya Kov-Irajakcs.irivanmar ana rhakra- 
vattigal 5ri-Kul6ttunga-S'6la-Devarkkuyandu 43 ravadu liajarajan Patidi-nattu Arikesiri-vala-natlu 
S'eyavaranalliir S'ayavaranallur-udaiyan Ras irasan Kulottunga-S 61 1 Atimurkachchengiraiyena Vikra- 
ma-S'61a-iriandalattu-kKukkaiur-nattu Periya Mattakkur Aivarka'.iditvata.nm-udaiya Mahadevarku 

Nelamangala Taluq. 43 

iv-ur-ppal}i Velapala inta devayku devadanam Aga-ppalji-vanaiyiy.chuyyu-muyrum nanjai puSjai 
kodai paiyyanam kar-varagum kummari-kkadamai parutti-ppudavai tayi-ppudavaiy er kkasu 
vidu madu Asi-podu-makkal peral kkula-tiyaiyuui korum palav-antarayangajum utppada mur- 
chuttum i-ttevarkku devadanam aga-kkudutten Kul6ttuhga-S'61a Atimurkkachchchgiraiyena 
inta darmmamam sandiradittya varaiyum selvadagavum inda darmma'.tai rakshittan Gangaiyidai- 
kKumariyidai-ppunniyam-seydar punniyam-peyuvargalagavum in-darmrrattai 
Gahgaiyidai-kKumariyidai-ppavaS-jeydar pavain-peyuvargalagavum kal-velti niyuttinen Kulo- 
ttuhga-S'6la Atimuikkachehehgiraiyena idu sri-Mahesvara-rakskai S andiohcharaolai sagaran- 
juj-vaiyagattir Kandichcharan karumam-araymin pandai ayaS-jeydan seydan arah-gattan padam 
tirambamai-chchennimel vaittu 

bahubhir vasudha bhukta rajabhis-Sagaradibhi 

yasya yasya yada bhumi tasya tasya ta;ia plia'am 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareti vasundbara 

shashti-vvarsha-sahasrani vishtayaS-jayate krimi 

At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaeters). 

sva9ti ssamasta-bhunasraya sri-prithivisvara-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara Yadhava- 
kulambara-dvini Dvaravati-puradhlsvara sarvajSa-sudamani malaraa-raja (ra) malapporuta 
gantha gantha-pperuntha kadana-prajantba e ... ga-vita asahaya-sura S'anivara-siddhi Giridurga- 
malla salatahga-malla virapakantha Makara-rajya-nirmulana Pandaya-raya-kula-samadharani 
S'61a.rajyapratishtbachayya nischaraga-raalla Dhaiapatisvara scbantha-pati pPoynala-siivira- 
Rainanatha-Devaykku yandu niuppattettavadu Ani-madam irandan-diyadi naj llaippakka-nattu 
Tigaikkottai Payayugattam naduv-aga udaiyar Aiyvarkanda-nayanar deva^anam nar-park-ellai 
u\ inda tanmattai-kkeduttavan tan svamikku tappinavan Gehgai-kkaraiyil kkavila ; ai-kkonya 

pavattile puguvan 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti fai .. . Pandiyan talaiyuh-Geialan S'alaiyum Uangaiyum Irattapadiyum konda •■••••• * a 6 a 

Vikkarama-S^ia-mandalattu Kukkanur-nattu nattu-kkamundan ftna Rajadir&ja-ve]a 

eppeyppadidilum pumiyal vantadilum pattil onrum devar-kkudimai-raakkal ivargal 


On a stone near the Kunttlinga in the enclosure ofthe same iemph. 
frimatu sri-Sarasinga-Devaru prithuv'-ra,iyara geyvuttiralu Lakkayya... . 

Byaya-san.vatsaradali Avvaragauda . devarige madisida uanda divige l 

At Begur {Begur hohll), on a stone in front of the Prasanna-Gaiigddharih-ara iemple. 

subham astu s^asti ht viiayabhyudaya-S-alivahana-^ka 1641 neya ViMri-saipvatsarada Magka su 

raiaiya-arisinavarige Nijagalla-durgakke pratinama S'uragi,i-du.ggavamvu Dasa-ra^ya.arnsmavara 
alvikevalli Teppada-Beguru yi-durgake hondiy-iruvad-addarinda parampareyu avarige makalu-many 
asiyiddantha Muddu-Basavaiya saha nMku yi-Teppada-Beguru agiddadakin a-Muddu-Basava,- 
yana mukhantrav agi Rajaiya-arasinavaru . . . . a-Gangadhara-svamiyavara pratishthe raad.s.dam 

44 Nelamangala Taluq. 


At BCulihdla (samc hobli), on copper plates belonging to Nijagal Bhimdchdr. 

{Ndgart efiaracfers ) 

(7 a) namas tunga-&c. tl 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah l 
Hemadri-kalasi yatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyam dadhau || 
trishu S'riranga-kshmapati-[vara]-kurnareshv adhi-ranam 
vijityarin khyatas Tiruraala-maharaya-nripatih | 
raahauj&s samrajye su-raatir abhishikto nirupame 
prasasty urvim sarvam api tisrishu murtishv iva Harih || 
yasasvinara agrasarasya yasya pattabhishikte sati parthivendre | 
danambu-purair abhisbichyamana devi-padam bhiimir iyam dadhati || 
yasyatikrura-tejas-savitari vimata-dhvanta-bhediny udirne 
kirti-kshi rarnavantah-sphutatara-vikasat-pundarikopamasya | 
sve:a-chchhatrasya madhye kamala-kalasika bhasate karnikabka 
tasyopante marala-dvayam iva vilasach-chamara-dvandvam aste |; 
Paulomiva suranam patyus chandrasya Rohiniva [subha,] I 
S'rir iva jayati Murares Channaraa-Devi sadharmini yasya [| 
(I b) avinita-jata-paripurna-varidher avanim balena mahata sarauddharan | 

Saranibhavan vinayinam samafijasam dharani-varaha-birudam bibharti yah 
avrityavritya sarveshv atanuta vidhivad bhuyase sreyase cha | 
devasthaneshu tirtheshv api kanaka-tulapurushadini nana,- 
danadyair bhu-pradanair api samam akhilair agamoktani taui |i 

rajadhirajas lejasvi sri-raja-paramesvarah | 

muru-rayara-bhattakhya$ sriman Atreya-gotra-jah || 

6r;-S'akabde guna-giri-vedendu-ganite kramat| 

Viiodhikiid-vatsare cha masi Kartika-naraake || 

sri-Raraachandra-devasya sannidhau sreyasam nidheh | 

nana-sakhabhidhanokta-sutribhyas sastra-vittaya || 

vikhyatebhyo dvijatibhyo veda-vidbhyo viseshatah |[ 

milite Hastinavatya, Penugonde cha rajyake | 

pratitayam Murugulu-nada-Guluru-simani | 

pashana-rucliita-sthanasyotsavena samanvite || 

Kakudgires tatha paficha-krose punyatame suhhe | 

Tyamagondala-simanta-mapitayas cha paschime|| 

(II a) (12 lines contain details of boundaries) 

etan-madhye sthitam srimat-Sillaghatteii-samjfiitam 1 
S'rinivasapuram namna Nrisirahapura-samyutam | 
sarvamanyam chatus-sima samyutam cha samantatah jj 
nidhi niksliepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitam | 
akshiay-agarci-sahitaip gana-bhogyam sukhavaham || 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha grihararaais cha samyutam | 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramad a-chandra-tarakara || 
mahipati(/7 6)s Tirumala-maharajo daya-nidhih | 
valaksha-pakslie chotthana-dvadasyam Bhriguvasare || 

Nelamangala Taluq. 45 

sa-hiranya-payo-dhari-purvakam dattavan muda | 

asmin grame krite clnishtadasa-vritti-samanvite || 

nana-gotrabhidha-sutra-pavitr. . krita-vrittayah I 

vrittimanto vilikhyante dvija vedanta-paragah || 

(here follow names &c. of vrittiddrs) 

evam ashtadasa vritti-bhoktard vipra-sattamah | 

suchitiiS kisane samyan nama-gotradibhih kraraat || 

(us^ial final verses) 

Indrah prichchhati chandalim ki:u idam pachyate tvaya,| 

sva mamsam (III b) suraya siktam nri-kapale chitagnina |j 

deva-Brahm na-vriitis cha balad apabaranti ye 1 

tesham pada-rajo-bhitya chaimani pihitam maya || 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo haiech cha vasundharara i 

shashti-varsha-sahasnini vishthayam jayate krimih II 

sva-datta putrika dh.-itri piri-datta sahodari l 

para-datta clu mata syat tasmad yatnena palyatam || 

ye bhunaipas satatam ujjvala-dharma-chittah 

mad-vamsa-jah para-mahipati-vamsa-ja va | 

mad-dharmam eva patipalanara ama'ianti 

tat-paduka-dvayam aham siiasa vahami || 

vira-Tirraala-Raya3ya easanat tamra-sasanam I 

Viraiya-Ganapacharyah vyalikhad Ran.a sannidhau || 

data Tirmala-Rayaaya hrit-stho Raghupatis svayam I 

sa eva vipra-rupena grahita PararaeSvarah || 



At Modalakot (same hohli), on a stone infront of Rdjappani Siddha-Nanjappa's house. 
Raktakshi-samvatsarada S'ravana-sudha 11 lu Srimatu Kambala-mathada patada Channavira-deva- 
ru Kempohalliya Kemp-odeyarige ura-sutta biruda saluhidakke kotta sila-sasana sura-chandradi- 
galu vulla-pariyantalu \imprecatory phrases) 


At Kulavanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in land No. 39 
Nijagallu-ta, || Tyaraagondla-jalekattinallt .. bande-kalininda yi-kallige Krishnaraja-gaja 5280 ko 


At TdlSkere (same hobli), on pieces of stone at givuthdna. 

(\stpiece) Saumya-samvatsara-Magha-ba 6 lu siimatu Kalisaleyaru Kambhaja Siddere-vcdeyarige 

kottadhaima-sasana Talokereya-gramavanu sii nan-maha-mandalesvara rnediiti-mise (2nd piece).. . . 

sri-Narasinga-Raya-makarayarige dharmav agabek endu koita (imprecatory 



At Kodaji Bommana\aUi (same hobli), On dont-are. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-£aka 1 suddha 10 lu ^riman-mahar.ijadhiiaja raja-para- 

mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Sadasiva-Raya-maharayara Koda^iya-Bommarahajiya Rama- 

samudra (rest illegib 7 e) 


46 Nelamangala Taluq. 


At Doddabele (Doddahele hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 
subhain astu j; svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahaua-saka-v irusha 1501 neya Bahudhanya-samvatsara- 
da Magha-ba 10 lu sriraatu rajadhiraja-raja-paramesvara sri-ura-pratapa-SMrahga-Uayaru rajyam 
geiit-iralu Rajeya-Deva 


At Tydmagondlu (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of KulispSle Rdmanm. 

Gubham astu || 

namas tunga-&". 1) 

Harer lila-varahasya danishtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemalri-kalaSa ya*:ra dhatri chchhati a-sriyam dadhau || 

svasti sii vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varshahgalu 1(384 ne sanda Svabhanu-nama-samvat- 

sarada Ashadha-sudha 3 yallu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara prauJha-pratapapratinia- 

vira-narapati Mahisura sri-Krishna-Raja-Vadeyaraiyyanavaru Abhala-soir.ayaji (others natned) 

saha barasi-kotta kraya-bhii-dana-ta nra-sasanada kramav ent endare Pattauada-hobali-sime- 

vicbarada-chavadi-valitav fida Suragiri-sthajada KambaJu-hoSali Machanahalli-grama 1 Grottikere- 

palya 1 kere 1 katte 1 sthal ida sanubhaga Narasaiyyana lekhkha-prakara Vishu-samvatsarakke 

huttuvaji sakala-suvarnadaya davasadaya saha kam gu 137-3 1 vihgadi maniha suhka vommu 

2-. . vubhaya 140 HegundaJa vajitada Appugondanahalji-grama ] kke gu 10 vubhayara gu 

150 nuraivattu-varahada-huttuvali-gramagalannu kraya-bhii-danav agi appane-kodisabek endu 

nivu kejikoudaddakke baluva kraya Kauthirayi gu 1500 ' savirada ainuru varahavannu Vefikata- 

rayana mukhantara, bokkasakke sakalyav agi vappisiddaiindi, yi-gramagajannu nimige kraya- 

bhu-danav agi kodisiy idhevey adda-kurtu a-myarigey i-gramajaja yalle-chatus-simevajagana 

nidhy-ady-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalu nimige salluvalu yillinda munde nivu maduva adhi- 

kraya-clana-parivartanegaj emba vyavahara-chatushtayarigaligu salluvad ada-karana putra-pautra- 

paramparyav agi nirupalhika-sarvamanyav agi sasvatav agi anubhavisikondu baruvadu (usual final 




At the same village, on a stone in the Cheluvardya temple. 
Akshaya-samvatsarada Jyeshta-ba 10 lu srimatu Kempa-Rayage dh irmav agaliy endu Kali-Nava- 
kanu Temagondla .. kuruva .. ttagaru katibiti Cneluva-Vehkatesvarage vaibhogakke aju 
vondake gati 71 (imprccatcry phrases) 


At MuddaUng inahalli (same h r ibli), on a stone to the north-tcest of the village. 

subham astu S'aka-varsba 1296 neya Ananda-sarpvitsarada SYavana-su 10 Guruv.iradandu svasti 
sriman-maha-mandale^vara mandajika-bente ... ari-raya-v hh\da bhashcge tappuva rayara ganda 
Sahgamesvara-Rayana kumara Sri-vira-Bukkanna-Vodeyaiu pr thvi-rajyam geyyutt iralu Hoysana- 

rajya (bach) yaragandi yka r a makkaju Bayappa nappanu 

tamma tande .... Chalo-nakittiya .. . dharmmav agalie'< endu ^Ganga-Deva-Odeyari 

., .. namma Manneya chatus simeyolagana (here folloiv delads o r gtft & final phrases) 

Nelamangala Taluq. 47 


At Munne (same hobli), on a pedestal to the ivest of the Anjancija tempilc. 

Manaayul Marasiflghaua kahadulam manuja-loka-Narayauan iyayyadi kondan odisi^an endandu 
devarkkal osadu svarggiilayakk uyda Kali-Tuiigana || S'ri satnpurunad o}daJ 


At the same villaye, on a rock on the Sakuniraiiga hill. 

Salivahana-saka-varusha 1242 ne S'idharti-samvatsarada S'ravana-ba 8 lii sti-vira-BallaJa Payaru 
Hiiiya-Tirumale-tirunalige halu-bcnne-sevege Chika-Dasara tatta 
Mothagara Prabhudeva-gaudarige kotta etana-manya 


At the same place. 
sri nan-Narayanane gati svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1449 Sarvajitu-saravat- 
sarada Margasiraeu 15 Adityav.ira-chandra-grahana-punya-kaladalu Arabalige.reya Marappa-gauda- 
na makalu Mottagara Chikka-DAsarige Sakunada Tiruvengalanatanu prasannan ada maba-raokti 
S'ivagahgeGuliiru Manneya simeyadore chaujramada prabhugalu kotantastana-manyake (usual final 
phrases) sri-Rama 


At the same village, on coppcr plates in posssssion of Silivattia Radwppa* 
(I b) svasti jitam bhagavata gata-j. hana-gaganabhena Padmanahhena si iinaj-Jahnaveya-kulamala-vyo- 
mavabhasana-bhaskarah sva-khadgaika-prahara-khandita-maha-sila-stambha-labdha-bala-parakrarao 
darunari-gana vidarauopalabdha-vrana-vibhushana-bhushitah Kanvayanasa-go.rah s>imat-Kon"ani- 
varmma-dlwmma-mahadhirajah tasyapitrah pitur anvagata-guua-yukto vidya-vinaya-vihita-vrittah 
samyak-praja-palana-matradhigata-rajya-prayojano vldvat-kavi-kahchana-nikashopala-bhuto niti- 
s.istrasya vaktri-prayoktri-kusalo Dattaka-sutra-vritteh praneta, srimin Madhava-mabadhirajah 
tat-putiah pitri-paitamaha-guna-yukt6'neka chatur-ddanta-yuddhavapta-chatur-udadhi-salilasva- 
dita-yasas srimadd-Harivarmma-mahadhirajah tat-putro dvija-guru-devata-pujana-paro Narayana. 
charananudhyatah srimin Vishnugopa-mahadhirajah tat-pitras Tryambaka-charauambhoruha-rajah- 
pavitrikritottamangah sva-bhuja-bala parakrama-kraya-(7i" a) krita-rajyah Kali-yuga-bala" 
pahkavasanna-dharmma--vr!shoddhara i ia--nitya-satinaddhah srimai Madhava-mahadiiirajah tat. 
putra[s] sr:mat-Kadamba-kula-gagana»gabhastimalitiah Krishnavarmraa-mahadhira.jasya priya- 
bhagineyo vidya-vinayatisaya-pavipuritantaratma niravagraha-pralhana-sauryyo vidvatsu pratha- 
ma-ganyah sriman Kohgani-mahadhirajah Avinita-nama tat-putr6 vijrimbhamana-sakti-trayah'ca-samara-mukha-makha--huta-prahata--sura--purusha- 
pasupahara-vighasa-vihastikrita-Kritan'.aini-;nukha\i Kiratarjuuiya-pancha-dasi-sargga-tikakaro 
D lrvvinita-nimadhoyah tasya p utro durdd int vvimardda-vimridil a-visvambharadhipa-mauli-raala- 
makaranda-puuja-piu;arikriyamana-charana-yugala-naliii6 Mushkara-namadheyah t tsya putraA 
chatur-ddafi i-vidya-sthanadh : gata-vimala-matir vviSeshato^navas^shasya niti-s istrasya vakri-prayo- 
ktri-kusalo ripu-timira-nikara-n : raka[ra]u61aya-bhiskarah S'rivikrama-p -athita-nafina] dheyah tasya 
putrah aneka-samara-sampidita-vijri illh) mbhi^a-dvirala-radana-kulisal.highata-vrana-samrfidha- 
bhasvad-vijaya-lakshana lakshikrit;:-visala-vaksliasthalih samadhigata-sakala-sastrarttha-tatvas ssa- 
maradhita-trivargg5 niravadya-charitaHi] pratidinam abhivatddharaana-prabhavo Bhuvikrama- 
namadheyah api-cha 

48 Nelamangala Taluq. 

dharasvada-pramatta-dvipa-$ata-charana-ksk6da-sammardda-bhime | 
sangrame Pallavendrara narapatira ajayad yo Vilandabhidhane 
raja S'rivallabhakhyas saraara-sata-jayavapta-lakshnu-vilasah || 
tasyanujo nala-narendra-kirita-koti- 
ratnarka-didhiti-virajita-pada -padmah I 
Lakshmya svayam-vrita-patir nNava-Kama-nama 
sishta-priy6'ri-gana-:larana-gita-kirttih || 

tasya Kohgani-maharaiasya S'ivaraarapara-namadheyasya pautrah samavanata-samasta-samanta- 
Narayana-charana-nihita-bhakti[h] sura-purusha-turaga-nara-Tarana-ghata-sanghatla-daruna-sam- 
ara-Sirasi bbitatma-k6p6bhima-k6pahprakata-rat : -3araaya-samanuvarttana-chatura-yuvati-jana-16ka- 
dhurtto loka-dh&rttah sudurdharaneka-yuddha-raurddha-labdha-vijaya-sampa 1 ahita-gaja-ghata- 
kesari ra> kesari api cba 

yo Ganganvaya-nirmmalarabara-tala-vyabhasana-prollasan- 
raarttand6'ri-bhayankaras subka-karas san-raargga-(ZITa)raksh;\-karah \ 
saurajyam samupetya raja-samitau rajad-gunair uttamai 
raja S'iipurushas chiram vijayate rajauya-chudamanih || 
Kaino ramasu chape Dasaratha-tanayo vikrame Jamadagnyah 
prajyaisvaryye Balarir bahu-raahasi ravih sva-pra[bhut]ve Dhanesah | 
blrayo vikhyata-saktis sphutataram akhila-prana-bhajam vidhata 
Dhatra srishtah prajanam patir iti kavayo yam prasamsanti nityam || 

sa tu pratidina-pravritfa-mahadana-ianita-puuyaha-ghosha-mukharita-mandirodarah S'ripu[ru]sha- 
prathama-namadheyah[ma]hadhirajah tat-putrah pratapa-vinamita-aakala- 
mahipala-raauli-niala-lalita-charanaravinda-yugalo nija-bhuja-viraji-nisita-khadga-patta-samakrish- 
tanishta dhar.ivallabha-jaya-sri-samalihgita? samara-mukha-sammukhagata-ripu-nripati-gaja-ghata- 
kumbha-nirbhedan6chch;ilita-rakta-chchhata-pata-pJtal;ta-nija-bhuja-stambhah a-karnna-samakri- 
shta-cbapa-chakra-vinirmukta--naracha-parampara-pata-patitaratiinandal6 bahu-samara-samarjjita- 

yasmin prayatavati kopa-vasani mahi^e 
yanti kshanad ahita-bhumibhujo ran;?gre | 
antravnli-valaya-bhishanam Antaka (III b) sya 
vaktiantaram kshataja-karddama-durnnirikshara !i 

satu sisirakara-nikana-nii7umala-nija-ya§6-ra^i-vi^vdikrita-dasasa-chakra[h]saraasta-chakravartti-lak- 
shan6palakshit6 nirapeksha-paropakara-sampadanaika-vyasanah pravarttita-uyaya-bala-samunmuli- 
ta-Kali-kala-vilasito nipuna-niti-prayogapahasita-Brihaspatih ku-nripati-kadambaka-kapata-koti- ;ila-stambba.yamana-charitah satata-pravritta-dana-santarppita-dviia- 

pronraulita-vikaiena sarvva-lokopakarina I 

yasya danena din-naga-dana-dharapy adhah krita. \\ 
a pi cha || 

jatanam sanghatair iha bhuvi krito'nuna-vipadam 
kalanam adharo ludha jana-hitah palana-parah | 
gunanam suddhanam api niyatam utpatti-bhavanam 
nripanam neta.. kavir iti matah kavya-kusalah || 







































Nelamangala Taluq. 49 

durvvagaha-Phanisata-mata-paravara-paradrisva, pramana-sastra-s^ina-nmtikrita-dhira-dhishanah sa- 

gabhira-matir vvidva'i-mati-vitati-vikalpa- -vichara-vichakshaa6'agi!q-i[ta]-turahgamaga- 

ma-prayoga-parioato dhaaur-vvidyambhoruha-vaua-gahaoa-vikasita-vidagdha-ma (IV a) richimali 
uija-airmniita-gvja-mata-kalpaaanulpa-cheta virajita-setu-bandhano nandita-vipaschin-mandalas sa- 
kala-nataka-vishaya-sandhi-sandhyangali-yqjana-chaturo nirupama-nija-rupa-nirjita-Makaradhvajo 
Makaradhvaja-guru-charana-saroja-vinamana-pavitrikritottamahgo Mudukundur-nnama-gramo- 
pavishta-Rashtrakut^-Chalukya-Haihaya-pramukha-pravira-sanatha-Vallabha— sainya-vijaya-vikhya- 
pita-prabhavah | api cha | 

Dhorasviyam samantat prabalam upagata-vyapta-dik-chakravajam 
nirjjityaoeka-saakhyair ooisita-aija-bhujonaiukta-oaracha-jalaih | 
devo yah prajya-tejas timiram iva mahat tivrabhanur mmayukhair 
ddmvvarolara-patair udayam abhilashaa svan nivesam vivesa || 

sa tu Harir iva satata-sambhavita-Dvija-patih sahasrakiraoa iva pratidivaso^hitodayah bhuiariga- 
loka iva vigata-bhayo(r) Atmakara ivasprishta-kalaoko Duryyodhano' py abhinanditarjjuna-guoo vahi- 
ni-patir apy ajadasayah sitakaro'py analingita-raalina-bhavo Rashtrakuta-Pallavauvaya-tilaka- 
bhyam murddhabhishikta-Goviocla-Raja-Naadivarmmabhidheyabhyara 6amaaushthita-rajyabhi- 
shekabhyam nija-kara-ghattita-patta-vibhushita-lalata-patto vikhya[ta]-vimala-Gangaovaya-nabha8- 
tala-gabhastiomli Koogaui-maharajadhiraja-paramesvara-sri-S'ivamara-Dev<:h (IV b) \\ tat-putro 
nija-bhuja-nihita-nisata-lieti-pata-patitarati-varggo vargga-dvayoparjjanarjjitorjjita-ya^is-santana-san- 
tarppita-samasta-jana-hridayah prabhavat-Kali-kala ... vivarddhifa-kalauki.. laya .. kalya-kalyaoa- 
charitah sva-vamsa-visada-viyad-amsuraali saraasta-niti-saslra-prayoga-pravinagragauyas turah^a- 
mar6haoa-naipuaya-priaita-ksli5uipati-suta-sahasra--labdha— sama-dhvanir aneka--saogara-rao<*a- 

yasmiochchhasati satya-dhaoini vimale rajanvati medioi 
yasmi ... ryyam upetya brirahita-balo dharmmo'dhikam jrimbhate I 
yasyaivabhaya-dayin6'tidayita dos-salinas sasvati 
Laksmir yatra yaso-nidhau patimati jata jagad-vallabha || 
sa tu Pitamaha ivaneka-rajahamsa-samsevitah padmava9as cha Madhumathana iva tril5kadhika-vikra- 
makshipta-bali-ripur ahina-3thitir avis" cha Dhurjjatir ivavinasvaresvara-bhavo vira-bhadras cha 
Karttikeya iva sakala-jagad-udirita-3varai-s tbdas 6akti-sampaunas cha maha-Merur iva sva-mahima- 
dhahkrita-mahibhrin-mandalo mahasatvas cha | api cha || 

Manv-adi-(shoda) (V a) shodasa-mahisa-gupaourago 
yam prapya vismriti-padarn ja[ga]to jagaraa | 
yasya pratap adahao6'hita-buddhi-varddhav 
aurwayate oarapater atidurato'pi |j 

ya§ cha samara-lrasi.. .. kajatre cha oija-jaoe mitrayale ripu-timira-oichaye cha aneka-prakarana- 
ranakardditantahkarananam siranayate sampadam cha atiprabhuta-raati-oiketa-taoias-tati-tiraa- 
kritau pralyotayate .. . khila-iagad-anullaughitajna-sampattau cha sakala-kuvalaya-lochanananda- 
karatavam Dvijesayate Han-vahana-nihita-chittatve cha | api cha | 

yasyaikasyapi sarwam jagad api sa-rusho nagratas sthatum ishte 
ditsa-sambhuta-buddher api nava oidhayo yasya nalam nripasya | 
*jihretivabhioianat kapata-vijayinam yad-dhriter nnakadhamnam 
[ra]juam vijnata-kirtifs sa] sakala-jagatam nandano Marasimbah || 
* So in the original. ~" ' ' 


50 Nelamangala Taluq. 

yafi cha satata-samradita-kamalanand6'py aprachanda-karah punya-jana-satva-samet6'py anrisarasa- 
manasah matta-matanga-skandha-lalit6'py ati-suchi-svabhavah priya-dhanur apy amargganah sam- 
anushthita-danda-uitir apy adanda-krama-gatih | api cha ) 

dhusaiikuuite yasya charanambhoja-jatu rajah i 
pranatananta-samanta-chudamani-madhuvrajam || 

tena L5 (V b) ka-Tnnetrapara-namadheyena samadhigata-yauvarajya-padena bhagavat-Sahasra 
kirana-charana-nalina-shateharanayamana-raanasena !| tasmims cha prasadhita6esha-samanta« . .. 
akhandain Ganga-mandalara anusasati sri-Marasirahabhidhane asit samasta-samanta-senadhipatih- 
param Arhatah paraina-dharmmikah mantra-prabhutsaha-6akti-sampannah Srivijayo nama yas cha 
sahasradidhitir iva tirohitakhila-para-tejah para-tejah-prasai 6'pi asantapita-bhiitalah Sunasira iva- 
khandita-sakala-janaj56'pi agotra-bhedana-karah Guha ivasakti-samutsaritarati-varggo'pi akrita-bala- 
bliavah Sis ragabhastir iva prahladan6dyotana-3araartth6'pi adoshasrita-vigrahah va.rira.sir iva apari- 
mita-satva-samasray6'pi apanka-mala-grihitah Vinatanandi[na] iva atidura-da[n§a]n6'pi api&tasanah 
S'atakratur iva budha-gimt-initra-parivrit6'pi na[pa]ra-lata-rati-saptah Jhashaketana iva sva-va&i- 
krita-sakala-jano'pi aprahrita-b.U vbalo-tapa.. ya.4 cha araritamayo bhrityanam sukhamayo mitra,- 
nam sudhamayo rarainarn utsahamayah prajauam vinayamayo guruuam nayas skha (VI a) lad- 
vrittinaa agrani rasikanam srashta kavya-rachananam tipaleshta nayanam drashta, svami-karyya- 
nam vidveshta krita-doshanam yashtl maha-maghanan? pcirimarshtv papanara prashta, nirmmana- 
hetunam parikrashta sritagasam I api cha | 

udanvan iva gambhiryye vivasvan iva teiasi I 
fa^alakshmeva lavanye nabhasvan iva yo bale || 
Manobhflr iva sauiupye Maghavan iva sampadi | 
Suramantriva sastrartthe Usmeva cha yo naye || 
gratr.e pure nadi-tire girau dvipe saro'ntike | 
pravarttayat sva-kirty-abham y6'nekam vasatim prabhuh || 
sa Manyanagare Sriman S'rivijay6'ka.ta[ya]ch chhubham | 
Jinendra-bhavanara tuiigam uirmmalam sva-mahas-samam || 

tasya cha prasadhitasesha-samanta-chakrasya sri-Marasimhasyanu.fjaya, S'rivijay6 mahanubha- 
vah Kiru-Vekkura-gramam ndfvya Matiyapura-vinirmmitaya bhagavad-Arhad-ayatanaya adad iti tasya 
cha graraasya (here follow detnils of boundaries) | api cha | 

asiJ a-T6ranaoharyyah Ivoiidakund.viivayodbhavdh | 
sa Taidad-visl.aye dhiman S'almali-giamam asVitah || 
nirakrita-tam5'iatih sthapayan sat pathe ;anan | 
sva-tejo-dyotita-kshonih chandarchchir iva yo habhau :] 
tasyabhut Pushpananditi Sishyo vidvan ganagranih | 
tacb-chhishygS cha Prabhachandrah tasyeyam vasatih krita j| 

(3 lincs c.ontain details of gift) idara S'aka-varsham ehiuia pattombhattu varshamum tin^a- 
Jum Ashadha-5 ikla-pakshada pnfichamiyum Uttarabhadrapatemum Somavaramura sasana nirraita i 
asya danasya saks-hinah shanviavati-sahasra-vishaya-prakritayah yo'sya| ahartta lobhan mohat prama- 
dena va sa paucbabhir maliadbhih pa'a'cais samyukto bhavati y6 rakshati sa punyavan bhava'i 
api chatra Manu-^itah slokah 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 

(VII a) shashti-varsha sahasrani vishtha[yam ja] yate krimih || 

svam datum sumahach-chhakyara duhkham anyasya palanam | 

Nelamangala Taluq. 51 

danaip va palanam \ eti danach chhreyo'nupalanam || 
bahubhir vasudha bhukta rajabhis Sagaradibhih | 
yasya yasya yada bhuinih tasya tasya tada pbalam || 
Brahma-svam tu visham ghoram na viaham visham uchyate | 
visham ekakmam hanti deva-svam putra-pautrakam || 

sarTva-kaladharabliuta-chitra-laxlabliijneya-Visvakarmraacharyyenedam slsanam likhitam chatush- 
kanduka-brihi-bijavapa-kshetram dvi-kanduka-kahgii-kshetram tad api deva-bhogara iti rakshaniyam || 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of Sdnabhdtj Narahariyappa. 

{I b) sa vo'vyad Velhasam dhama yan-nabhi-kamalam kritam | 
Hara6 cha yasya kantendu-kalaya kam alankritara || 
bhuyo' bhavad brihad-urasthala-rajamana 
S'ri-Kaustubhayata-karair upagudha-kanthah | 
satyanvito vipula-bahu-vinirjitari- 
chak:6'py a-krishni-chariio bhuvi Krishn^-Rajah || 
durllanghyad aparair aneka-vipula-bhrajishnu-ratnaovitat | 
yfis Chalukya-kulad anuna-vibudha, [ . .. ] 6raya[d] varidheh 
Lakshmim Mandaravat sa-lilam achirad akrishtavan Vallabhah || 
tasyabhut tanayah prata[pa]-visarair akranta-din-mandalas 
chandamsos sadriso'py a-chanda-karatah prahladita-kshmadharo I 
Dhoi 6 dhairyya-dhano v;paksha-v inita-vaktrambuja-sri-haro 
harikritya yaso yadiyam ani&am d;h-nayikabhir dhritam || 
jyeshthollanghana-jatayapy araalaya Lakshmya sameto'pi san 
yo'bhuu nirmmala-mandala-sthiti-yuto domakaro na kva chit | 
Karnnadhah-krita-dana-santati-(77 a) bhrito yasyanya-:lanadhikam 
danara vikshya su-lajjita iva disAm prante sthita dig-gajah || 
anyair nnajatu vijitam guru-sakti-saram 
akranta-bhutalam ananya-samana-manam \ 
yeneha baddham aval^kya chiraya Gahgan 
diire sva-nigraha-bhiyeva Kalih prayat\h || 
ekatratraa-balena varinidhinapy anyatra rudhva ghanan 
nishkrishtasi-bhatoddhatena viharad-grahatibhimena cha | 
matangan mada vari-nirjhara-muchah prapyanatat Pallavat 
tach chitram mada-lesam apy anudinam yas sprishtavan na kva chit || 
hela-svikrita-Gauda-rajya-kamalafi. chantah praviSyachirad 
unmargge Maru-malhyam a-pratibalair yo Vatsa-Rajam balaih | 
Gaudiyam S'arad-iiidu-pada-dhavaja-chchhatra-dvayam kevalam 
tasmad ahrita-tad-ya2o'pi kakubham prante sthitam tat-kshanat [| 
labdha-pratishtham achiraya Kalim suduram 
utsaryya 6udlha-charitair dharani-talasya | 
kritva punah Krita-yuga-eYiyam apy aSesham 
chitram katham Niruparaah Kali-Vallabho'bhut |; 
prabhu-(II b) d dharma-parat tato Nirupamad indur yyatha varidheh 
suddhatina Paramesvar6nnata-Siras-sarasakta-padas tath^ | 

52 Nelamangala Taluq. 

padmanandakarah pratapa-sahito nityodayas sonnateh 
Purvvadrer iva bhanuman abhimato GJvinda-Rajah satam || 
yasmin sarvva-.;unasraye ksh ; tipatau sti-Rashtrakutanvayo 
^ate Yadava-vamsavan Madhuripiv asi 1 alanghyah paraih \ 
drishtvi savadhayah kritas su-sadrisah daneua yenoddhatih 
muktabara-vibhushitah sphutam iti pratyartthinopy artthinah || 
yasyai<aram a nanusham tribhuvana-vyapatti-rakshochitam 
Krishuasyeva nirikshya yachchhati pad im yady adtiipatyara b huvah | 
astam tata taveyam apratihata d itta tvaya kanthika 
kintv ajfiaiva maya dhrite^i pitarara yuktam sa tatrabhyadhat || 
tasmin sv.irg^a-vibhushai.iaya janaiie yate yasas sJshatam 
ekibhuya samudyatan vasuraati-samharam adhitsaya i 
vi-chchhayan sahasa. vyadhatta nripatin eko'pi yo dvadasa 
khyatan apy adhika-pratapa-visarais s imvartta(771 a) kolkan iva || 
yeuatyanta-dayalunogra-nigala-klesad apasyanatas 
svam desam gamito'pi darppa-visir"id yah pra[.. "]kulye sthitah ) 
lila-bhru-kutile lalata-phalake yavach cha nalakshyate 
vikshepena vijitya tavad achirad abaddha-Gahgah punah |l 
sandhayasr siliinukhan sva-saraiyat banasanasyopari 
praptam vj.rddhita-bmdhu-jiva-vibhavaip padmibhivriddhyanvitara | 
sarvvam kshetrani udikshya yain sarad-ritum parjjanyavad Giirjjaro 
nashtah kvapi bhayat tathapi samayam svapne'py apasyan .... n 
yat-pfidjnati-matra.. ka-saranan alokya Lakshnii-dhiya 
diiran Malava-nayako naya-paro yatratibaddhafijalih | 
yo vidvan balina sahalpa-balavan sparddham na dhatte param 
nites sutir asau yad atma-parayor adhikya-samvedanam II 
Vindhyadr^h katake nivishta-katnkah s.utv.i charair yyan nijaih 
svam desara samupagatah Dhruvam iva jfiatva dhiya preritah | 
Maiasarvva-mahipatir hritam agad aprapta-purvva (III b)m parair 

yyasyechchham anukula [ ] dhanaih pada-pranamair api || 

nitva. Sribhavane ghanaghana-ghana-vyaptam param pravrisham 
tasmad agatavan saraam nija-l alair a-Tuugabhadra-tatam | 
tatra-sthah sva-karagatam prakritibhir nni^sesham akrishtavan 
vikshepair api chitram anata-ripur jjagraha tam Pallavat || 
lekhahara-mukhoditarddha-vachasa yatra ... Vehgisvaro 
nityam kihkaravad vyadhad aviratam ... rmma svam atmechchbaya, | 
baliyal r -7ritir asya yena rachita vynmavalagna rucham 
chitram mauktika-malikam iva dhritam murddh[n]i sva-tara-ganaih f) 
santrasat |ara-chakra«rajakam agat tachchhuddha-seva-vidhi- 
vyabaddhafijali-sobhitena saranam murddhna yad-ahghri-dvayam | 
yady adatta pararddhya-bhushana-ganair nnatahkritam tat tatha 
ma bbaishir lti satya-palita-yaSas-sthitya yatha, tad-giia || 
tenedam anila-vidyuch-chanchalara av ilo'fya jivitam asaram | 
kshiti-danam param punyam pravarttitam deva-bhogaya |l 

sa (IV a) cha parama-bhattaraka-maharajadhiraja— parame^vara— siimad-Dharavarsha-Deva-pada- 
nudbyata-parama-bhattaraka-mahaiajadhiraja-paramesvara-prithivi vallabha-Prabhutavarsha-srimat. 
Govinda-Raja-Devah | 

Nalamangala Taluq. 53 

bhratabhut tasya sakti-traya-namita-bhuvah S'aucha-Kar£bhabhidhan6 
jyeshtas tyagabhimana-prabbriti-guna-ganadhah-kritadi-kshitisahl 
i*aja rajari-lokasthira-timira-glnita-patane suddha-vrittah 
sa sriman dikshu kirttis sasi-visada-ruchis sthapita, yena bhuyah || 

tena S'aucha-Kambha-Dovena Ranfivalokapara-namna rajadhiraja-paramesvara-ii i- Prablratavarsh- 

Kondakondanvayodho gano'bhut bhuvana-stutah | 

Taidat-vishaya-vikhyatam S'almali-gramam avasan li 

asit [ . ] Taranacharyyas tapah-phala-parigrahah I 

tatropasama-sambhuta-bhavanapasta-kalmashah |j 

panditah Pushpananditi babhuva bhuvi visrutah | 

antevasi munes tasya sa-kalas cbandrama iva || 

pratidivasa-bhavad-vriddhi-nirasta-dosho vyapeta-hridaya-tnalah | 

paribhuta-chandra-vimbas tachchhisbyo'bhut Prabhachandrah || 

(IV b) tasya dharramopadesa-paritushta-hridayataya cha satyeua Dharmma-tanayah sphurat- 
pratapena padraini-bandhum daneaa sura-dviradam jayatitaram yas sriyo bhartta 

vivisur gguna ripunam | 
hr dayany api yasya satya-sauryyadyah | 
teshani urassthala-sthita- | 
Kamalam akrashtum i[va] ramyam || 

tasya Vishuor iva bali-pra*ap.t-nirvvapan6dyata-parakraraasya parakrama-valokasya pratapa- 
nirantaratayakranta(h)-samasta-subhata-16kasya kesarina iva vikramaikara[sa]sya sri-Bappayya-iff 
su-grihita-namnah kumarasya vira-S ri-latarohana-kalp.ivrikshayamana-bhuja-danda-danditarateh 
priyatmajasya vijnapanakarnnanopajata-kutuhaiataya cha | raiadhiraja-paramesvara-sri-Nirupama- 
Deva-Prabhutavarsha-prasadopalabdha-maha-samantadhipatyalankrita-mahanubhavena bhagavad- 
Arha[d]-bhataraka-charana-paricharana-pranata-pavitritottamahgena maha-vijaya-vikshepadhipati- 
sri-S'rivijaya-Rajena nirmmapita-(F a) ya Jina-bhavanaya Manyapuripaschima-dig-angana-lalama- 
bhutaya chatur-vvimsaty-uttaieshusapta-sateshu Saka-varsheshu samatiteshv atmanah pravarddha- 
mana-vija [ya]-sainvatsare Manyapuram adhivasati vijaya-skandhavare soma-grahane Pushya-nak- 
shatre su[bha]-lagne vara-vilasini-virachita-nritta-gita-badya-bali-vilepana-deva-puja-nava-karmma-pra- 
varttanartham Edediude-vishaya-madhya-vartti-Pervvadiyur-nama-gramam sarvva-badha-pariharam 
udaka-purvvam dattah tasya simantaram (here follow boundaries) Padari-urul pattu-bhagadol 
ondu-bhagam devargge kottattu | (usual final verses). 


At Kddipdhja (same hobli), on a stone in Channalihgappa s wet land. 

svasti S'aka-varisha entu-nura enbattaneya Siddharthi emba samvatsarada . . shya ba[hu]la 1 f 
Vaddavara srimat lurivige Bivayya (rest illegible). 


At the same place. 

(Granlha and Tamil ckaracters) 

ranasri. . Kama. • deva r ana karuma ati Rajendira-S'6Ja. . 

.... varena mmachcha na nattu-ttan Dombalur na 


54 Nelamangala Taluq. 

Sokkapperumalukku . . .. ttu vettiya .... nansey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyum kkina 

kinarura mel uokkina maramum se;ai siddhayamu vaiyum sarva-maniyam aga dhara- 

purvam-aga udakatn kkuduttom 


At Nijagalhi (Nijagallu hobli)., on a stone near the road behind SamLavanaJcere. 

svasti sriinanu-maha-pradhanam raja Nichaya Rayarasaru Sarva- 

dhari-samvatsara svaranu .. S'iva-Mallikarjuna-deva-pra 

savira sthanake amritapadige a-nada sarwadhikari lingattada 

• ## a-raaradolage Naraseyapurake saluva Nijagaliyapurada chatua- 

sime kuppeya munde tamma siddayada a-kereya a-devara 

amritapadige a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi saluvadu a-Nijagaliyapuradalu a-guddagala aramanege 

varusa-niba yagi te.ruva allade adhikarigalu a-devasthanavanu a-Nijagaliya- 

purada ju-kujavadadu kereya kelasakkevu devarigeii saluvantagi siiraan-maha-pradhanam 

Kambayya-dannayakar .. asi tavagi kotta sasana mangala maha sri 


At the same village, on a stone near ASvattha-Jcatte. 

CN&gart charactersj. 


Subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varshangalu 14 neya A.ngira-samvat- 

sarada Asvija-suddha 5 lu srimanu-raaharajadhiraja raja-paraneWara sri-vira-pratapa bhuja-baja 

(rest effaeed) 


At NijagaUu (Nijagallu hobli), on a stone near the AJckatangtyara-donc on the hill. 

firi-Ganadhipataye namah 

namas tnnga-&c. || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshahgaJu 1620 ne Bahudhanya-saravatsarada Margga- 
sira-ba 10 lu srimatu Chikka-Deva-Raya-Vodeyaraiyyanavara aluvikeyalu yi-vura svamiyavara se- 
vakan ada Bi[!u]geli-Kemparajayyanavara komarru Dasarajayyanavaru Nijagalu yenisikondu 
prathnmahkitava hondida S'uragiri-durggake kallu-kote kattuvadakke arambha madiddu Bahudhanya- 
Pramathi-Vikrama arahhya kote-kottalagala purvva-dikkina vuru-bagilu saha piirnnav ayitu | Vishu- 
Chitrabhanu-samvatsaradalu dakshina-dikkina vuru-bagilu ayitu | Partthiva-sarnvatsaradali kumbhi- 
purwa-dikldna bagilu 1 yi-huli-mokha-bagilu hajarada chavudi 1 dakshina-dikkina vuru-bagila 
baliyana Vighne'varana gudi 1 || 


On the roclc right of the ParamS';va?-a cave, on the same hill. 

fiiir astu subham astu nir-vighnam astu || sri 

namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti si vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-§aka-varshangaJu 1620 neya Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Margga- 
sira-su lo lu srinatu Chikka-Deva-Raya-Vodeyaraiyanavara ajuvikeyalu yi-alida-svamiyavara seva- 
ka Bilufj;uU-Kemparajayanavara komararu Dasarajayyanavaru Nijagalu yenisikondu prati- 

namankitava hondida devara pratishte-madi . . . . 

rajayyanavara komarru Dasarajayanavaru madisida sevege 

mahgala maha, |' sVi || 

Nelamangala Taluq. 55 


At Hcggunda (s.vne hobli), on a roclc at the entrance to the Mallihdrjuna temph on the hill. 

{Granflia and Tamil cliaraclers\. 

svasti srimanu-inaha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Tahukkadu-konda bujabala Vira-Ganga- 

pPoysala-Deva prituvi-rajyam Sayd-arula Nigarili-S'6J.a-mandalattu Mannai-nattu-tTendar- 

ril Pokkuntattil Mallikarsunam-udaiya Mahadevarku Tiribuvana-malla Poysala-samanta-Mannai- 
nad-alvan atchiyil Kora-gamundan magin S'a,ma-gamundan ivv-ur Vidiyamkattin kil pattu-kanda- 
ga-nafijai-nilamum ain-gandaga-ppuiVjai-nilamum devadanam aga vi'ten i-stana-pusikun-ganiyalan 
Kauvus ka-gottirattu Siva-Brahmauan Pala-battan i-dhanmam-rakshittln Gingaiy-adina palam- 
peruvauperi-eri-kilam-gandaga-kal.ini Rrahrnana-danam Kaiyapa-gottiratu Mara-batta nalato .. 
.... ni udaiyan 


At the satne temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil ekaracters). 


svasti sri Angira-varuSam Narasi . ga-Devar r ijyattil Komu-ganiuudanena inta uril devarku pattu- 
kandaga-kalaniyura (y)eri-kil Brahmanarku ain-ganda-kajani ga vitten 


At LahhHr (same hobli), on a stone in Bajd Hus§n-sdhib's field. 

Hevftlambi-samvatsarada Asvija-su 2 lu Ajaraka-Khana maharaja-raja sri-S'ahuji-Raja-sahebaru 
tamage dharmav agabek endu Bavanura Ahammadarige Lakurali hola gade kam hakisikodaheji 
saraha . . . . dara Chanda-Khananavarige appane kodalagi appane-prakara hola ka 1 gedeya kuda 
kha 1 s vida bandara bhumi kota . a-kota-bhumi ' 2 yi-prakara kotadu (imprccatory phrases) 


At Narasimhapura (same hobli), on a stone near the 8'dnubdga's house. 
namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti srimatu vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-3aka-varush:ingalu 1642 ne sanda vartamana-S'arvvari- 
nama-samvatsarada Karttika-su 15 Guruvasara-punya-kaladalu sriman-maharajAdhiraja raja- 
paramesvara praudha-pratapan apratima-vira-narapati Mahisura Krishna-Raja-Vodeyaraiyanavara 
Hovsala-lesa Kuruvanka-nada-sthala Gautama-kshetra ubhaya-Kaveri-madhya pasehima-Raoganatha- 
svamiyavara S'rirahgapattanadalu ratna-simhasanarudharagi sukhadim pjithvi-sambrajyam geuti- 
ralu S'uragiridurggada Lakshmi-Narasimha-svamiyavara paditara-;liparadhane-rnuntada sakala- 
sevege Bilagali Dasarajaiyanu vijnapane madikond;tdaseyind a-Suragiri-sthalada Heggundada- 
hobaliyada Gotigerege pratinamadheyav ala Narasingapura^a grama upagrama saha sakala-vid- 
vamsaru. sakala-sS.majikaru saha iddalli Krishna-Raja-Vodeyaraiyanavaru sa-hirany6[daka]-dhara- 
purvvakav agi Nar&simba-svamiyavara severe a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nadeyatakkadduy endu 
barasikotta Narasimhapurada gramakke sila-sasana || (tisual final verse.) 


At Billanahdte (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village. 
Kali-varusha 4608 ne Prabhava-samvatsarala S'ravana-sudha 6 Gu-lu bhumi nadugitu vara 4 lku 
Billanakodeya khabina-gelisi Viraiyana maga Doda-Vfraiya hoyida sesana | 

56 Nelamangala Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone near the Tirumala-deva temple. 

subham asiu sn-Uaraaya svasti sri vrjayabhyudaya hana-saka-varusha 1473 neya Virodhi- 

nama-saravatsarada S'ravana-su 6 Aditya kaJadalu Sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 

mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Sadasiva-Deva-raaharayaru. pruthvi-sambrajyain gaiiitt iralu sriman- 

maha-mandalesvara esvara-Deva-maha sriinad-veda-margga-- pratishta- 

charyyar ada Ahobala nacharyya a svamyav agi kotta 

patrada vivara sriraan-maharajadhhaja raja-paramesvara Sadasiva-niaharayaru. 


Niiyakatanakke palisida Aae Gulura-simege saluva stalada Bilanakote-grama 

myav agi kottu a-gra chatus-sime-volagada nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana. 

akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyahgaj etnba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya . . agumadikondu sriman-maha- 
raVjadhiraja raja-pararaesvara sVi-vira-pratapa-Stdiuva-Deva-maharayarige tamma tande-tayagali- 
ge punyav agabek enau srimau-maha-.nandalesvara sri-Rija-Aiibhalesvara-Deva-maha-arasugala 

(stops here). 


A , 

At Devarahosahalli (Same hobli), on a stone to the east of the Anjaneya tempte. 
siibham astu 

namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-5'a.livahana-saka-varusahgalu 1482 neya Dumiati-samvatsarada Chayitra- 

su 7 Uu sriman-maharajailhiraja raja-pararaesv tra sri-vira-pratapa-Sadisiva-:naharayaru pruthuvi- 

rajyam geyiiitt lral agi srimau-mahi-mandalesvara Rama-Rajayya S'rirahga-Rajayya-Deva-maha- 

arasugalige Sadasiva-tnaharayaru a-vura Nayakatanakke Gulura-simeya palisi nadasikodal agi S'ri- 

rahga-Rajaya-Deva-maha-arasugalu Gulura-simey-olagula deva-daya Brahma-daya sarvvamanya .. 

dharraa pratipalisi nadasikol il agi srimaii-raaha Chikana-Setiyaru S'rirahga- 

Rajaya-maha-arasu Hosahaliya Virabhadra-devara Hosahalji • purvva- 

kaladali PrahucL-Deva-:nahi lihga-deva sahalliy emba grama- 

vanu dhareyan ere .. Hxnahalli sriman-maha-raandaleSvara Rarna- 

Raiayya-SVirahga-Rijayya (stops here). 


At S^ivagahge (same hobli)^ on a pillar to the right in the door of matha. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka ? 1690 neya Sarvvadhari-samvachehharada 
Kartika-su 10 Guruvaradalu raiadhiraja raja-pararaesvara Krushua-Raya-raaharayana maneya 
kudure-chakala Bovana maga Channananu .. .. Gahgadhara-devara bithefl 


At Ihe same village, on a roch near 8'anabhoga Honna Somayya^s house. 

subham astu Vai-ba 7 Lihga-Rajaya S'ivagahgeya sthanika 

(rest gone). 


On a bell nfthe Virabhidra teinple m the cave of Melagavimatha on the S'ivagahgS hill. 


eri Nafijunda Ahgirasi-nama-samvatsarada 1 Kartika-su 10 Guruvaradallu | Melana-gavi sirahasa- 
nada Mali Virehara-svaniyavara de[va]sthata-ke miharaja-si-i-Dalavayi-Xaujundaiya-arasinavara 
seva | tika >er i 50 '| 

Nelamangala Taluq. 57 


At the same place, on a 2nd bell. 

Pramati-samvatsarada Magha-su 5 llu S^iva^ange Melana-gavi-mathada Male-Virabhadra-devarige 

Hafichchipurada Kempunulu-Sintappanavara koraarru Virappa-Maleyappana bhakti doda-ghante 

vandake seru 41 


On the same hill, on a rock near the m&vina-marada mantapa. 

subham astu l Sali-Nayakara Bairava-Nayakara komara Chikaiya-Nayakaru niadisida giri-pavade- 



On the stme hill, on the iron Gjruda-bvnbha in front ofthe Gangddharesvara temple. 


Yikrutu-samvatsarada Chaitra-bavala pauchami Buduvara Ahala-Nichakatani raaga Guyana 

maga Chiteya madida kala karaba 


On a.rock in fronl of ihe same temple. 
sri-Siddha-Rame-devaru G-Hngadharari-olagadaou 


On a stone to the east of the main entrance of the sanie temple. 

subhatn astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivihana sj,ka-varusha 1466 neya Krodhi-samvatsarada 


Magha-ba 14 A || sri-raaharajadhirajapara[me]3varasri-vira-prata,pa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Deva-maha- 
rayaru pruthvi-sambrajyam gaiiittiralu Bnandiya Basavana-Nayakarasara maga Sadasiva-Deva-maha,- 
rayaru araara-nayakatanako palisida Male-nada Giiluru-Mauneya-simeyali S'iva gangeya Gangadhara- 
devarige saluva puragalu Honnamraana simhasana-mahattige saluva puragalu Melana-gaviya 
simbasanake saluva puragalu Chinnada Kantheya-raathake saluva puragalu Dharmada-gavLya pura 
Bayala-Basavana-gaviya pura KambalamurulaSiddhaya-devara pura yivara ellarige saluva chiluvana- 
kodagigalu yiv-eliavaku jodi bedigiy ellavanii sarvvamanyav agi bittu Sadasiva-Rayarige punyav 
agabek endu S'ivaratri-punya-kaladalu Koratnara Marugauatha prati .... Setiyaru Rameya-gaudaru 
Halaga-Settiyara anumatadinda Bhandiya Bisavanna-Nayakaru sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvva- 
kavan samarpista sila-sasana (usuil imprecatory phrases & verse) 


On a stone in the kal.ijana-mantapa of the same temple. 

svasti samasta || Nala-samva^sarada Bhadrapada-su 13 Mam sriman-maha-mandalesvara bhuja-bala 
Vira-Narayana Pandya-Raya-gaja-kesari Pandya-Raya-pratishtacharyya ahud-emba-raya-bharana 
raanlilika-lavudi-Narayana bagalinge kaha heluva raindilikara ganda Bhagavati-devi-ankakara 
mandi-velke nudiva mandalikara ganda raya-maudalika-tale-chavara raandalika-rana-huli hanondu- 
mam-manclalikara ganda BagaJi-Raya-kapali mam-savautara ganda ensikoduva rayara ganda navalaka- 
telu-chavula tanag eke birid emba rayara ganda Sidhanata-devara divya-sri-pada-padma- 
raih&karum apa Raghava-Devarasara kumararu Tipparasa Bayira-deva BomraarsanavarigeBallala- 
Deva Yalagaliyada-nada .. . Ballaja-Devaru prithivi-raiyam madabek endu tamma tottina makkalu 
Tipparasa Bhairava-deva Bommarsanavaru a-nad-olagana Kenkereya S^ivagangenathan^e amrita- 
padige sarvvamanyav agi kotevu (usual imprecatory phrases) . 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani svana-yoni-satam gatah | 

*chandra-divakaram narakam jayati || 

*So in the original. 


68 Nelamangala Taluq. 


On a pillar of the Nandi-mantapa of the same temple. 

svasti 6ri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1454» neya Nandana-samvatsarada pratama-Bhad- 
rapada-ba 30 suryyoparaga-punya-kaladallu smman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Kathari Salva 
Sri-vira-pratapa sri-Achyuta-Raya-maharaya prithvi-rljyara geyiutta yiha kaladallu sri-dakshina- 
Kasi-nivasa sri-Gangadhara-devara ahhisheka-puje-nayivedya-diparadhane-modalada amritapadige 
sarvva-kaladallu sallabeku endu avara kattigeyaKamanna-Nayakaru sri-Achyuta-Rayarige dharmav- 
agabeku yendu SYipatiyahalliy emba gramavauu puravagi kottu a-gramakke salluva chatus-simey- 
olagana sarvva-svamyavanu sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvvakadim sri-Gangadhara-devarige sam- 
arppane madideii (usual imprecatory phrases) 


On a pillar of the mcintapa of the same temple. 

etan Mitra-kulambhoja-bhaskarasya yasas sthiram | 
Vishnor Adala-vainsa-sri-Nayakasyaiva sasanam || 
lalitendu-dyutiyam teralchi bhavanam mad ittaro Sankara- | 
chalamam mfin kadid ittaro S'iva-griham raal it^aro punya-sau- | 
kujamam pelim enalke kiirttu S'ivagaage*adriyol madidam \ 
kuja-namam gadim endu deva-grihamara saraarta-Kanjasaaam || 
Adaja-kula-rataa-bhushanaa | Adala-kulambhoja-bhanuv Adajesvaram end- 1 
udubhava-charitam inadida- | a^ha-yasim Bitti-Devaa i-S'iva-grihamam || 
puvali pfije aivedyam | divige jala gaadha dhiipav akshate patrara | 
pavulam enippuvaa araid j avagam avam kapake barppa dhanamam kottara || 

antum alladeyum nija-janakana pesarim Brahmesvara-.levalyam vuram Brahmasamudramam ne- 

galda .... mattam | 

AdaJa-JinalayaDgal Adajesvara-devagrihangal iut iv end l 
Adajasamudram eud eseva Vishnusa nudram iv endu dharmadim | 
pudid avan andu madisida kattisidain kereyam nijanvayakk I 
udubhavam agal end Adala-vamsi-Sikhamaiii [Vijshnuvarddhanam |j 

allim balika tammavage paroksha-vinayam age Bochasamudram emba kereyam kattisi 

S'iva-mahimey-edege Kesava- l bhavanoddharanakke ... ai-kodige dharmma- 1 
pravarargge bedit anit ar- | tthaman ivan iva Bitti-DAvan aiatara devam || 

svasti sri Vishnu-Bamantam sthiram iivi 


On o rock near the Mtchen of the temph. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana Prajotpatti-samvatsarada Pushya-ba 30 Ada .... 

. . pesaii-Hanuma S'ivanna Gangadhara-devara naivedyake kota Bittisamudrada-grama 

ondu (usual imprecatory phrases) 


On a rock infront ofthe Honnd-devi temple on the hill. 

subham astu svaeti Sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusangalu 1643 neya Plava-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-b? 4 lu (rett fflegible) 

Nelamangala Taluq. 59 


On thc same hill, on a stone toest of Kempe-Gquda's hall. 

Sakha-varusha 1288 neya Parabhava-samvatsarada S'ravaua-su 15 Bu-dandu | Hegundada Bayira- 
Dasana maga Mara-Dasanu S'ivagangenatha-devarige machasaleya mundana areya mele nilisida 
dipa-maleya kamba mangala raaha, 5ri sri 


On a rock near the Ganapati temple near the Maudgala-iirtha on the hill. 

Kali-yuga-Chola-Rayana Keucha-Somana dinadali Gangadhara-devarali 12000 Odeyaru salusuvaru 
Bitajedeya Nafijeya-devaru Chavarada Ganga 


At Kambdlu (same hobli), on a roch north ofthe lane leading to the hill. 

subham astu Tirtha-Gangadhara svasti Sri vijaya . .. S'alivahana-£akangalu 1G42 ne .. .. Plava- 
samvatsarada Vai£akha-ba 15 lu S'iva-gavi-Odeya ... (rest oroken off) 



: 0: 

In Mdgadi, on a copper plate in possession of the archaha ofthe S$m§§vara temple. 
eubham astu | sobhanam astu | sri-Ramachandra-paripujita-sri-Ramesvaraya namah I 

nauias tuhga-&c. || 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyam dadhau |J 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varshahgalu 1552 ne vartamanav ada Pramoduta-samvat- 
sarada Vaisakha-suddha 5 llu sriinad-deva-devottama devata-sarvabhaumar ada sri-R-amesvara- 
svamiyavara divya-charanaravindagala sevege srimad-rajadhiraja raja-parame§vara sri-vira-pratapa 
S'ri-Ranga-Deva-maharayaraiyanavaru Ghanagiriya ratna-simhasanarudhar agi prithvi-stbira-samb- 
rajyam geyyut iralu nimma priya-bhaktar ada chaturtha-gotrada Yalahaka-nada prabhugal ada 
Kempa-NaSje-Gaudarapautrarada Hiri-Kempe-Gaudara putrar ada Yimmadi-Kempe-Gaudaru binn- 
ahara madi barasi kotta tamra-sasanada kramav eut endare Magadi-simege saluva KanchugarrahaUi 
Halusinganahali yi-grama-yaradannu samarpisten ada-karana yi-gramagalige saluva chatus-simey- 
olagula nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshiai-agami-siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-Bvam- 
yahgalanu danadhi-kraya-vinimayahgalige yogyav agi nitya-katle-paditara-diparadhane-maba-rathot- 
sava-parva-tithi-sakala-utsavagalannu nammalli purna-katakshav ittu ahgikarisi nanige ishtabhisht- 
ahgalanDu kottu rakshisabek endu binnaham madi barasi kotta tambra-sasana | 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupalanam | 

para-dattapaharena sva-dattam nisbphalam bhavet || 

sva-dattam para-dattam va, yo hareta vasundharam | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih || 
(}>a.cJc) na visham visham ity ahuh deva-svara visham uchyate | 

visham ekakinam hanti deva-svam putra-pautrakam || 
yi-dharma doregale agali udyogastare agali droha-budhi yanisidar-adare avaru tri-murtigaligu hora- 
gu yiha-parakke salladavaru yi-tambra-sasanavannu niyogi Vehkaiyyana mund-ittu rayasta S'esh- 
ayyana kaiyali barasida sarvamanyav agi barasi-kota tambra-sisana i yi-svami-archane agama saha 
S'ikhamanaiyanige 'Sivarpitavagi dhareyan eradu kotevu I Yimmadi-Kempe-Gaudara vapitta 

On a 2nd copper plate in possession of the same archalca. 
Subhaui astu \ sobhanam astu | sri-Virabhadresvaraya namah 

namas tuhga-&c. || 
6vasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivlhana^aka-varushahgalu *1592 yeradaneya vartamanav ada Pla- 
vahga-samvatsarada Vaisakha-sudha 10 yalu sritnatu deva-devottama devata-sarvabhaumar ada 
§ri-Viresvara-svamiyavara divya-sri-pada-padmahgala sevege srimad-rajadhiraja raja-parameSvara 
sri-vira-pratapa-S'ri-Rahga-Deva-maharayaraiyanavaru Ghanagiriyallu ratna-simhasanarudhar agi 
pruthivi-sthira-samrajyam gaiyutt iralu nimma priya-bhaktan ada Sadasiva-gotrada Yalahahka- 
nada prabhugal ada Kempa-Nai5je-Gaudara pautrar ada Hiriya-Kempe-Gaudara putrar ada Yim- 
madi-Kempe-Gaudaru binnaham madi barasi-kotta tambra-saaanada kramav ent endare Magadi- 

• So in the origina!. 

Magadi Taluq. 61 

eimege saluva llanclnkupo V6 a Atimigere Kempapura saha 4 nu samarpisi yidhev ada-karana yi- 
gramangalige sa'uva chatus--siraeyo'a ,'-ula nidhi-nikshepa-iala-raihana-akshini--agami-siddha-sa- 
dhyangal emha ashta-blioga-tejas-svamyangaja-inu dan\dhi-k raya-vinimaya-bhogyangalige yogyav 
agi nitya-sVi nitya-mangalav agi a-rla ldrarkav agi devara sevartthav agi nitya-sii nitya-katile - 
paditara-dipara(lhane-maharat!i6'pav;i-paks!iotsava--parva-tithi-sakala-utsavni'igalanu nannalii pfir- 
na-katakshav ittu (back) aruikarisi nanage yishtabhishtangala kotu rakshisabek endu binnaham 
madi barasikota tambra-sMsana | yi-devastanada s»anikanada Lingamaya devastanada abhi- 
mana i Namass vaya-S'ikhamini-lik3hitarige S'ivarpitav agi kotevu | sunka | gida-gavalu | biduma- 
niyu aramane[ge]karanav ila | (usital fmal verses ani imprecatory phrascs) yi-tambra-sasanavanu 
niyogi-Koaapanu Yenstatagiiaiyana mund itu rayasada Enkapana kaiya sarva-namasyav agi barasi 
kota tambra-sasana | vapita 


On a 3rd cpper pJa'e in posseptim of the same arcldka. 
subhim astu | fobiaiam ast.i | siinad-Gavi-Ga isadharaya nimah 
namas tung; -&c. || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'aliva'lana-saka- , ai-shangaju 1634 ne Vijaya-^amvatsararla Vai^akha- 
su 10 lu srimatu deva-devottama clevata-sarvabaaumar ada Gavi-Gangadhara-svamiyavara divya- 
charanaravindagala sevege srimad-rajaduiraja raja-paramesvara s\i-vira-pratapa-S'ri-Rangi-Deva- 
maharayaraiyanavaru Ghanagiriyallu ratna-simhasanariidhar agi prithvi-sarnbrajyam''gaivutt iralu 
ninrna priya-bhaktar adi Sadasiva-gotrada Yalahanka-nada prabhugal ada "Mummadi-Krmpa- 
Gavudava pautrar ada Mummadi-Dodda-Vit-ippa-Gaulara putrar ada Mummadi-Kempa-Virappa- 
Gaudara binnaham madi barasi kota tambra-sasanada kramav ent endare Magadi-simege saluva 
Udduralahalli-gramavanu pamarpisten adakarana yi-graraakke saluva chatus-simeyolagula nidhi- 
nikshepa-iala-pashana-akshini-aganii-siddha-sadhyangaj emba asht i-bh6ga-tejas-sv"imyaficalannu 
d\nadhi-kraya-vinimaya-bhogyangalige yd-yav :gi nitya-firi nitya-mangalavlagi a-chandrarkav 
a<n devara sevarthav agi nitya-katale-paditara— diparadhane-maharathotsaha-pikshotsaha- 
m as6tsaha-paiV:i-tithi-eakala-vutsavangaluinu nannalli purna-katakshav it i angikarisi nanage 
yi*bt\bliishtagala kotu rakshisabek endu binnaham madi barasi kota tambra-sasana (usual final 
vcrsss & impncatory phra-tes) yi-tambra-s\sanavanu riyogi-Annajaina mun (back) d itu rayasta- 
Venkatapati kaili sarvamanya barasi kota sasana svami-archane agama Komaraige S'ivaipitav 
agi kottevu | agima ubhayatra madikondu iralullavaru 

svasti sri Yalavanka v imsa-tilaka s>i-Kempa-bhupatma.ia- 
Sri-Vira-ksbitipala-sunur akhila-kshma-mandaladhisvarah I 
Sriman-Mummadi-Kempa-Vira-nripatis SomeSvara-sthapako 
jiyat sai-iana-palanaya rachita-kshemagraharafi chiram || 
Kempa-Virappa Magadi-sthalada pafichanga Ummannage S'ivarpit;iV agi kottevu Ungasagara 
a-^r.ihriaaa .... Kerapa-Virapi a 


On a 4th copper plate in possession of the same archaka. 

sri-Soine^vara-^vamine namah subham astu | 
namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti sri vijaya!ihyudiya-S'alivahana-saka-varshangalu *1639 ne Nandana-saqiVasarada Vai^akha- 
bahula 5 lu Siimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara-s:i-vira-pratapa-S'ri-Ranga-maharayar aiyan vnu 

*So in th« original . 


62 Magadi Taluq. 

Ghanagiriyali ratna-timhasanaiudhar agi sthira-sambraiyam gaivuttiralu nimma priya-bhaktar ada 
Sada&va-gotrada Yalahanka-nada prabhugal ada Muramadi-Kempa-Virappa-Gaudara pautrar ada 
Mummadi-Dodda-Vn-appa-Gauiara putrar ada li-Kempa-Virappa-Gauiaravaru binnaham 
madi kondu barasi kottatambra-sasana-kraraam ent endare Magadi-simege saluva J.ittanahalli-gran.a 
1 Shupatahalli-grama 1 i-Kampaviranagadapete saha samarpisten ada-karaua i-gramakke 
saluva chatus-simey-olagida mdhi-nikshepa-jala-p\snana-akshmy-'igami-siddha-sadhyangal emba 
ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalannu danadhi-krayd-Vinimaya-bhogyahgalige yogyav agi nitya-sri 
nitya-mangalav agi a-chandrirkav agi devara sevarthav agi nitya-kattale-paditara-diparadhane- 
maharathotsava-pakshotsava-mafcOtsava-parva-tithi-utsav a lgalannu naunalli purna-katakshav 
ittu angikarisi nanage yishtahhishtahgalam kottu rakshisabek endu barasi kotta tambra-sasana i- 
devasthanadaagama archane saha pratishta-kaladaili sv.uni-sannidiyadalli S'ivarpitav agi sa-hirauyo- 
daka-dana-dhara-purvakav agi Koaiaraiyage dliareyan eradu kottevu | agama archane kattale 
Tirumali-prakara ivarige svastyagaju saha namma matapitrigalige dharmav agali yandu a-chan- 
drarkav agi putru-pautra-i aramparyava^i nadejuvaluige barasi kotta tambra-sasana | (usual final 
verses dk phrases) yi-tarabr..-6isanavannu niyogi-Anrnjaiyya H lchchannana raundittu rayasta Ven- 
katapati-kaili sarvamanyav agi barasikotta aasana | i-devasthanada abhimana Huchchanna Rahg- 
aiyage kajeda Krishnanapalyavannu trivachakav agi svfuni-sannidhanadalli Sivarpitav agi kottevu || 

svasti 6ri Yalahahka-vamsVi-tilakah sii-Kempa-bhupatma'ah 
firi-Vira-kshitipala-sunur akhila-kshma-mandaladhUvarah | 
sriman-Mumtnadi-Kempa-Vira-nripatis Somesvara-sthapako 
jiyat saj-jana-palanaya rachita-kshe nagrahaiafi chiram || 

Mayanayakanahal}i agrara gana-sahke yippattaidu || Mumniadi-Kempa-Virapa-Gauda 

In Magadi, on a stone 

A A 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya.S'alivfihana-suka-varsnangalu 1596 ne Ananda-sarnvatsarada Ashr.da- 
su 15 llu £rimad-rajadhir\ja paramesvara S'ri-Rahga-Rayaraiyyanavaru Gbanagiriyallu simhasana- 
rudhar agi prithvi-sainlrajyara gaiyutt iralu | Yalahahka-nadu pravudha-prachura Mummadi- 
Kempe-Gaudaiyyanavaru tamage salluva Magadiya buliyallu Harangahalli yambuva gramakke 
pratinamadheyav ada Mumn adi-Kempasagara-kerege bhatta Dns-boyige kotta bhumi Halasetti- 
halliyallu kauduga S'ripa'ihalliyallu muganduga antu nfiganduga holakke raaduva vudyoga- 
dallu 4 konadinda hanneradu-goni antu 48 suryo layav ada melakl e madutta, putra-pavutra-pa,- 
ramparyav agi a-chandarkav"igi hakisi kotta sila-sasami ulakke apaharisidavanige deva-loka-martya- 
loka horagu 


At Tirumah (Mdgudi hobli), on a stone near tho Gantda-lcambha ofthe Raiigandtha temple. 

6vasti sii vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-laka-varusha 1446 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Vaisakha- 

su 13 lu siinau natha Magudiya T>ruvehg:tles.-arage abharana-; evege Kiishna-Raya- 

maharxyarige i unyav agabek endu a-mathada Tiruma[la]rasaru mad da seve samige saluva gra- 

mahgalali suhka vi^esha adaya bitti birada ye.ium svimiya suhka bidige .. .. maga vise- 

sha-adaya sahav agi bhandarakko kotta scve {usual impneatory phrases.) vanu i;6dikondu 

Timmana-dannayakaru Tirumajjal-Rayarige dharraav aganek cndu munde nadada avasarakke salTu- 
vadakke madida katana suhka visesha adaya 

Magadi Taluq. 63 


On the raisel ground to the right of the mahd-dv&ra ofthe same tem}ile. 

Bahudhanya-samvatsarada S'rivana-su 5 lii Yiruvara Vira-.radigaru Tiruvehgalanatharige Pemma- 

nahajjiyali gade kha 1 1 Bommanabajliyali hola kha 11 nu nitya-kattana-harivanake samarpi- 

sidevu ava 


On a copper plate in possession of Tirumale S'iiijaiyangdr. 
S'alivahana-6ika 1603 ne Durmati-samvatsara.Bhalrapada-6'i 15 yalli firlmad-rajadhiraja para- 
mesvara i- •i-virapratipa-S'ri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maharayaraiyauavaru ratna-simhasanar&dhar agi 
bra.jy_.ra gaiyuttiralu chaturtha-g6irada Yalahauka-nada p:a')hugal ada Immadi-Kempaiya-Gaudar- 
avara pautrar ada Mummadi-Kempaiya-Gaudaravara putrar ada Mummadi-Doddi-Virappa-Gauda- 
raiyanavaru S'iivatsa-g6trada Timmappsiyahgiru-muntada 15 jana Brahu.auarige Magadi-simege 
salluva Yelayuru-hobali Kallikere 1 D rakanapura 1 i-2 grair.agalannu Kanya-sahkranti-punya- 
kaladallu dana-k^ttu 


At Valagerepdlya attached to Uduvagere vilhge (same hobli), on a stone in Gun'Jaijya's fidd. 
svasti sanv\sta-bhuvaiias\ayam sri prithuvivallabham Srtnatu pr itapa-shakravartti 6 i-vira-Ballila- 
Devaru prithuvi-rajyara geyutiirddalli Saka-varusha 1 ] 16 neya Ananda-samvatsarada Ashada-bahu- 

11 (stops here). 


On a 2nd stone at the same pJace. 

svasti samasta-brravanasVayam sri-pnthuvi-va'labham maharajadhirajaparaineivararri Yadava-kulam- 
bara-dyumaui Maleraja-riia Maleparolu ganda gauda-bherunda § imatu prat&pa-ohakravartti Sri- 
Hoysani-sri vira-l'>allila-l)evaru prithuvi-rijyarn geyutt irddalli Saka-varuslia 11 16 neya Ananda- 

saravatsarada Ashadha-ba 11 S6 | srimanu-maha-pradhana Gauda Deva <pa-Gaud i « 

Nayaka srimatu maiduua Chavadappanavaru DasarayanahalLya-nada volagina Vufjuvagereyanu 
Chakkarabbaviya Mafjja-S'ettiyara maga K6tiyappa-S'ettige dhara-piirbbakam uvidi kotta kodige 
(usual imprecatory phrases), 

At Ndyasettihalli (satne hobli), on a stone in the western wall of the Basavanna temple. 

svasti s i v.jayabhyud tya-shrishti-yutanada S' Uivihana-saka-varasha 1412 ya Vikrama samvatsarada 
S'ravana-$u 13 lu siiman-maharaiadriir.ija raja-paramesvara si-Krishna-Raya-maharayarige dharma- 
pratipal lkar agi ka yyakke kaltar ada Saluva-Timmirasayanava"-aliyandiru App irasayyanavarige 
Krushna-Riya- nahirayarii Nayakatanakke palisida S6!ura-simege saluva Nagisettihalhnu nXvu 
Krusbna-Raya-mabarayarige dharmav agali endu nivu namma aradhyaru Tatayanavara deviru Nalla- 
dayammanavari^f eka-svamy v agi n.ivu namma tri-karana-sudhadindalu daren ejradu kotta agrara 
a-»ramake saluva chatus-simey-olagada gade-bedalu-t6ta-tudikp-e!a giide-guyyalu-mane-vana-suhka_ 
kadirambha nirirambh i-std lh i-sadhya-nidhi-niksliepa-jala-pashana-mukhya? agi e(fcarfc)nula sarwa- 
svamyavanu ojagagi sri-Krushna-Raya-mabarayarige dharmav agali endu kotta agrahara | 

Vishnu-5akti-samudbhu'e nina-varna-mahitale | 

aneka-ratna-sahkase s>i-bhu(mi)-devi namo'stu te II 
idakke tappidar^ pala-grante | (usual final verses) si sri Solura kall l-kutiga Timmaya hoyidanu 

•From a copy suprlied by the owner. 

64 Magadi Taluq. 


At Bydiadakere (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the Lahshmi temple. 

Srimatu Angira-samvatsarada Jyeshta-Sudha 1 5 yali Belake.reya-amnianavara sevege graraadaliy 

fira samastaru hola gade 1 leke cndure ere reke ho 1 yidu aru alupidaru ammana suriya 

vayidavaru yendu katu inadidavaru LiSga-Gauda MudJa-Vire-Gauda Marapa-Gauda yivar-olagada 
gauda-dayadyar-olagadavaru appa jauangalu mukhyav agi nilisida sasana 



At Mddabdlu (Mdlabdlu hobli), on a stone ofthe Virara-gudi west of the Anjaneya temple. 

S'aka-varsa 1262 neja Vikrama-samvatsarada Karttika-ba 1 Mam-d-andu sri-vira-BallaJa-Dev- 
arasaru prithvi-raiyara maduvali Kaya-danna[ya]kara maga Balapa-Nayaka madi ...tiya Madambala 
Danti-Settyara raaga Alappanu Savandiya dariyali kalaru . ...simeyali kadi svarggava surekondanu 
mangala ma[ha] sii 


At KarJamahjala (sa:ne hobU), on stone pieces ncar the Vtraragudi in S'dnuhhdga Putfa- 

Bahganna's field. 

(istpicce) svasti sriman-maha-mand;tlesva!arn Ovaravati-pr.ra-varadhisvaram 

bhuja-bala Yiia-Ganga pratfipa-Hoysala sii-Narasimha-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyvutt iralu Virodhi- 

samvatsaradalu Kalaramangala Diira-savanta (othcrs named) moneyam tagi maralichi .... 

enda kote kadi voJade ra igunldu iridu mejradu birdu eurarajana-sadanakke sandar agalu 
mattam paragune parid eydi tagi kondar avara Heggade Chennanam || MiScha-Gavudana raagarp 
kacchuvara.. .. Kallaramangalada Chottaaa magam Setti-<>avundanu magalu (rest illegible) 


At KaliUru (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Varadardja tcmptc. 

sva9ti sama.ta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-TaHabha maharajadhiraja paramesvaia pnrama-bhataraka 
Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulamharadyumani saivvaiSa-cbiidamni Maleraja-raja 
Malaparolu ganda ganda bheruuda kadana-prachanda ekanga-vira asahaya-sura S'anivara-siddhi 
Giridurgga-malla ch ilal-anka-Kama sangrama-bhima vairi-bhayankara Magara-rajya-nirmmulaka 
Chola-rajya-pratishthacbaryya. . .. . ..... .. ...nissankc.-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala-sri-Vishnu- 

varddhana-sYi-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam maduttihalli S'aka-varusha 1237 neya 

Ananda-sam atsaradi Maga-ba 3 S.imatu Kalulnra srima kadi vaddaliyaru 

cliatuia-chaturyyarurn Parabrahina-tatva-siddhantakarum ashta 

vidyabala natharum vidya-samudrarum hata-vairarum . .. 

sankhya-praviuarum jagad-guru Varadaradhyarum sVi-D6rasamudrada Hiri bediga- 

mukhyav-ada nalku-nada badagi kamraara akasale r-Dlagada samasta- Vira-PaSchala- 

ru kudi kramanav agi kotta sila-sasanadakramav entenda.Ie a-Kalulraia sri-Allalanatha 

sarvva gadeyu sa uvatnagi mariyadeyelu tapu-tavadiyanu dbara-purvvaka 

saluvantagi dhareyan eradu kottevu i mariyahadike Kalur.i chandr.ldityar ullanna- 

bara saluvudu (usual imprecatory phrases) i-hadikeyanu. . . . nada teruvanu. . . . vanu Alajanathango 

a-samasta-PaSchalamaru dhareyan eradu ko y ta . ga]a maha 

6ri si i sri sanduhake-vanikka-na]a .. 

Magadi Taluq. 65 


At Sdtanur (Sdtanur hobli), on the wallofthe Gdpdlasvdmi temple» 

(Ndgari characters) 

fiubham astu svasti firi jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-§aka savirada-nanura-hadinentaneya Nala- 
■amvatsarada Pu8hya-bahu]a-ashtami-Budhavaradalu Srimatu Satanura Vithala-devarige Vasishta- 
gotrada Va Nala-soniayaji svamiya manya-kodagiyagi ...Brahinarige 


*• , 

At Kalya {same hobli), on a stone infront of the Aiijaneya temple. 

svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varu5a-Salivahana 1484 ya Dundubhi-samvatsarada Chayitra-suddha 
5 lu Briman-maha-man.dale$vara Raraa-Rajaya-De/a-ma[ha]-arasugalu Sati-nada Kaleyada-stalada 
prabhuga]u Sati-prajegalige maduve-teravina sadhana Sadasiva-Rayaru maduve-teiava raundu 
kattu-madidu teraii ga 9 sunka-manya (usual imprecatory phrases) yi-dharmavanu Cholenayaka- 
haUiya Gangapa-Nayaru tamma sahayaru (stops here) 


At the sante villige, on a stone in Chih]e/anna's field. 
sva8ti samasta-prasasti-sahitam 

S^riranga-r&ja-charanambuja-mula-dasah | 
Ramanujo vijayate yati-raja-rajah || 

S'aka-varsha 1290 neya Kilaka-samvatsarada S'ravana-su 2 S6-dalu s^ioaan-maha-:nandales>aram 
ari-raya-vibadha bhashege tappuva rayara ganda su-vira-Bukka-Rayanu prituvi-rajyavan aluva 
kaladali Jainarige bhaktarige samvadav adalli Aneyagqndi-Hosapattana-Penagonde-Kalyahav-olagada 
samasta-nada Jainaru Bukka-Rayange bhaktaru anyayadalu kolluvadanu binnaham mldalagi 


Kov'lu-Tirumale . Perumajkovilu- 1 Tirunarayanapura-raukhyavada sakalAcharyyaru sakala-sama- 
yigaju sakala-satvikaru moshtikaru tirumani-tiruvidi tandavaru nalvattentu-tale-makkalu Savanta- 
bovarkkalu Tirukula-Jambavakula-volagala padinentu-nada-S'ri-Vaishnavara kayyalu Maharayanu 
...nirama Vaishnava-darusanada marevokkeruv endu kotta-sambandha paScha-bastigalali kajasa- 
jagale-jagate-modalada pancha-maha-vadyau saluudu anyari[ge] barakudadu Jaina-saraayake salu- 

vud endu vriddhiyada Qeft side) 3'ri-Vaisbnava-samaya yi-maryyade , olagula 

basti •• S'ri-Vaishnava nettu kotteva (rest illegible) 


On a stone in the panya field in front of the same village. 
svasti 6ri bhuvanaSraya prithvi-vallabha raabarajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka Ya,- 
dava-kulambara'dyumani sarvvajua-chudaraan; Maleraja-raja Maleparolu gauda Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvara apiirbba-rupa-Kandarppa Ch6}a-Varala-Gaula-Gurjjara-bhayankara Chola-Raya- 
sthapanacharyya Pandya-Raya-pratishthacharyya Makara-Raya-mastaka-sula Pa lavaditya Pal- 

lava-Trinetra Jagadeva Javanike-Narayana benkonda pratapa-chakravartti 

Hoyisana-srivira-Ballala-Devarasara besali Saka-kala 1263 neya Vishu-samvatsarada Chaitra- 

su 1 So 1| dandu Hu}eyanahalli Huletiahalli.-nada Vira-Pafichadake kotta Sasanada kra- 

mav ent endade srimatu kula varum Visyakarrama-niratarum para-Brahma-vara-mula 


66 Magadi Taluq. 

... silaru kha-pati Pafichajake devarugalu Sasana 

devaru . . huttida tottige arev-illa Kamatesvara-kula . . . dera-pura Aruhala-nada 

sarbbamanya-dana tamma nada samasta-Panchalake kotta sasana (usual impre- 

catory phrases) 


At the same village, on o rock on the hill north of the Hulle-lihgana-are. 

6ti a-vighnam astu svasti 6ri 6ubha-S'aka vaiusha 1310 neya Vibhava-samvatsarada Marggasira- 
su 13 S'u siimammaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sii-vira-pratapa-Bukka-Rayara banta Vithala- 
nathagalu dharmmavagi madisida keregu kaluvegu mangala maha 6ri sri. 


At the same village, on a rock on th* hill, norlh ofthe KallSs'vara temple. 

sva3ti sn jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha sa 14.. neya Khara-samvatsarada Asvija-su 15 
Ra-lu §riman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Achyuta-Raya-maharayara mayiduna 

Nilaka-Rajagaba, Singa-Raja-Vodeyara nirupadinda raayiduna .... jagalu Kalle 

Kallesvara-devarige visesha-amritapadi-naivedya-diparadhane .... purav emba gramavanu 

samarppisidake §ila-sasana .... puradali 


On the samc rock. 


Angirasa-samvatsarada Jeshta-^uddha 15 lu Sriraan-maha-Krishna-Rayara kaladali Mayi-Deva. . .. 

kojaga 1 .. ... Nayaka gavudu Kalinatha-devara kotta manya-hola-gadde (usual 

imprecaiory phrases) . 


On a rock north of the same temple. 

Virodhi-sam[va]charadaBhadrapada-suddha 10 lu sVimatu Kesa-Sorae-Nayakaru Kallehada KalleSva. 
ra-devara amritap^dige saluva Devanakereya gadde Hulikatte-gadde-hola-vobagada adavalisi-ko|.ta 
sammandha munde avanan obbaindaru adava. . kodalilla hidiyalilla hididare aramanege 120 honna 
aparadhava teruvaru avara eridavana gala javaji deva-loka marttya-lokake horagu ... 


On the eastem side ofthe same rock. 

srimad-Durmati-samvatsarada A^ada-ba 11 lu KalleSvarana puje-maduva sthanika-Linganna . 
vodeyara maga Chandrasekhara-vodeyaru Yalahinka-nala prabhu Yimmadi-Kempe-Gaudarige 
punyav agabek cndu Komarana baraha. 


At the same village, on a rock, near the Kalledeva's wet land below the tanh 

Virodhi-samva[tsa]rada Bhadrapada-Suddha 10 lu srimatu Keficha-Somana-Nayakaru Kallehada 
Kalle-devara Sulura-simege saluva Devanakere-Kuligatte-kodagi-gadde-hola bhangara yippattam a- 
deva (imprecatory phrases). 

Magadi Taluq. 67 


At the same village, on a roch ncar the village lane. 
svasti 6ri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusham 1481 Kal&yukti-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 
12 lu sri-maha[ra]jiraja-paraniesvara sYi-vira-pratapa-Sada&va-Rayaru pruthvi-rajyam geyiiita yira- 
lu ^rimanu-maha-mandalesVara Konda-Raja-ayyanavara karyyakekartta[ra]daKorlakunte Kondama- 

Nayakanavaru Kalyahada Achapa-dannayakaru munde .. Virabhadra-devaru samayachar- 

adasevada Kempa-Sidde-devara . .. bhadra-devaiige kotta dharuia-aadhaua-kramav ent endare piirv- 

adali Narasinga-Rayara kaladali Solura Basapa-Naykara, prakara sarvamanyavagi kota Para .. 

.. iga nimage nau saivvamanyavagi kotteii {usual final phrases and verse) 


At Kempasdgara (same hobli), on a stone south of the Basavanna temple. 


subhain astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1596 Ananda-samvatsarada 

Ashada-su 15 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-pararaesvara raja-sri-vira-pratapa S'ri-Ranga-Rayarayanava- 

ru Ganagiri-simhasanarudharagi prithvi-samrajavanain ajutiralagi Yalavanka-nada prabhu Mummadi- 

Kempe-Gaudayanavaru tamage saluvautha Magadi-hobliyalu HeraligauahaJli ambo gramake prati- 

namadheyavagiddantha Mummadi-Kempasagaradalli kshetrangaju hanneradu madida vivara (here 

follow details) i-gramake salo anthl nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshiui-agami-siddha-sadhyangal 

embantha ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalanu putra-pautra-paramparyavagi nau kot^a-prakara(da) 

Bti[ra]vagi a-chandra-tarakavagi gramake banda upadra parisikondu hanneradu-mandi sukadalu 

anubhavisalullavaru endu somoparsiga-punya-kaladalu sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakavagi kotta 

dana-sasana (usual final v(rses) 


At Halakettihalli (same hobli), on a stone at the sluice of the tanh. 

A A 

svasti srt vijayabhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varshangalu 1596 Ananda-samvatsarada Ashada- suddha 
15 yalu srimad-rajadhiraja paramesvara S'ri-Ranga-Rayanayyanavaru Ganagiri-simhasanarudharagi 
prithvi-samrajyavan aluttiralagi Yalahanka-nada prabhu Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudayyauavaru tamage 
salovantha Magadi-hobaliyalu Horaliganahalliy embo gramake pratinamadheyavadantaha Mura- 
madi-Keinpasagarada-kerege Bavala Dasa-boyige kotta bhiimi (herefollow details of gift and usual 

imprecatory phrases) 


At Kondahalli (same hobli), on a stone south of the Basavanna temple. 

svasti jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sak^-varusha 1418 neya Rakshasa-samvatsarada S'ravana-ba 30 lu 

surya-grahana-punya-kaladalu snman-iiiaha-maiidales\ara Yimmadi-Narasinga-Rayarige .... 

vagabekendu Va&sbta-gotrada Asvalayana-sutrada Ruku-sakheya Sanka Manugala San- 

kara-deva nayivedya-pujege {usual imprecatory phrases) yidake aru ajupadilla endu 

kottadu.. -. maiiga]a inaha sti 


At HulihaUe (same hobli), on a stone in Patil Narase-Gauda's field. 

svasti sYi vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-s' tka 1406 Krodbi-samvatsarada dvitiya-Chaitra-6u 2 A-lu 

snman-maha-mandalesvara medini misara ganda Kathariya Saluva ga-maharayaru prithvi- 

rajyam geyuttiralu yi-gramavanu Sidadeva-odeyara makkalu Oangeya-odpyarige 

gadde beddalu hana bhatta saka 5 a-ndaya llavanu srotriyavagi ga 20 honnige kotevagi (usual 

imprecaiory phrases) Nayakara page abhimana varu 

68 Magadi Taluq. 


At Yalagadahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Mdra's fkld. 
Vikruta-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 10 lu srirnatu Chakrabhaviya simhasanada patada Marula-devaru 
Chikkappa-vadeyara-devaru Herura Gaviya-mathada pattada Siddaviranna-vader-dfevarige tamma 
Maruladevara-katte Chikkavadera-kattenu adake saluva bhuiniya bhakti-madideu (usual imprecatory 


At Alalakup^e (same hobli), on a beam in the roof of the village entrance. 
Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Jyeshta-suddha-paurnomiyu Mangalavaradalu Kasi-vasi-Kademane- 
Visvesvara-bhattaru madisida Alalukuppe-gramada ura pratishte * ViSveSvara 


At the same village, on a stone south of the Basavanna temple. 
Plavahga-samvatsarada Kartika-bahula 11 lu sVimatu Yalahahka-nada prabhu Hiri-Kempe-Gauda- 
ravara pautrar ada Yimmadi-Kempe-Gaudaravara putrar ada Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudaravaru 
Kasiyalu matavannu kattisi Iinga-pratishteyannu madisi yi-matada dharmmakke ko$ta Alalukuppe- 
gramavannu Visvesvara-pritiyagi kotevu ide-dana-sasana Akshantala Mudu-bhatarige 


On the pedestal in the same temple. 
(North side) Virodhi-samuatsarada Marggasira-sudha 5 lu.... tu-Kottahajli-Santayyana maga 


Madanaya geyisida Basava (east side) Arulakuppe Ramayana mommaga Sambhuliriga geyida 


Halasabelu (some hobli), on a stone in the Is'vara temple. 
\Uppcr portion is gone) S'alivahana-saka-varusharigalu 1654 neya Paridhavi-samvatsarada Karttika- 
6u 15 S'ukravaradalu siimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara praudha-pratapa apratima-vira-narapati 
Mahisura ratna-simhasanarudhar ada Chama-Kaja-Vodeyaraiyanavaru | deva-devottama devata- 

sarvabhaumakhilanda-koti-brahmanda-nayakar ada ChamundesVari-yammanavara 

divya rajanat^arada madisidar adakarana yi-gramakke saluva chatus-simey- 

olagada nidhi-nikshepajala-pashana-akshini-agarai-siddha-sadhyagal emba svamya 

(rest illegible) 


At Gejjagdralcuppe (same hobli), copj ofa stone inscripiion from the Jodiddr. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam | prithvi-vallabham | maharajadhiraja pararaesvara parama-bkatta,- 
raka | Yadava-kularabara [ . .. . ] | sarvajna[.. . ] | Maleraja-raja | Malapara ganda-bherunda i 
kadana-prachauda | asahaya-.4u.ra \ yekariga-vira, | S'anivara-3iddha | kadu-gali chalad-arika-Kama 
Chola-Raya-stapanaoharyya | Pandya-Raya-pratishthapanacharya vairi-raya-mastaka-sula jagad-eka- 
nialla i Nepala-palla [....] vat3alya i Trinihetra Javanike-Narayana pu&vara ganda \ kotafi- 
jikombavara ganda | avara javara | pratapa-Narasimba-Rayaravara komara Hosaja-Ballala- 
Rayanu prithvi -ravjyam gaivutt irdalli | S'akha-varusha 1 2. . ne Nala-samvatsarada Kartika-su 5 llukai- 
vara-viru | kaivar i-kara | nisluikha-raallu kaivara-kara tatodaka, | Vidya-raju bhatu | sririgara-hatu | 

* In Nagari characters, 

Magadi Taluq. 69 

Kavundalya-vamsodbhava ganake kottadu | ane ta padedukondu Ballaja-Raya | ati-Sankha- 

kshiti-kirti . . gata i a-BallaJa-Devanu tyagav agi kotta sthajam | Gajagaraguppe-sthaja-kshetra- 
yele-vajagey iratakka aneka-manika-jala-taru-tyagava (usual imprecation) yint appudakke chandra- 
suryar ujjanaka kota sila-6\sana 


At the same village, on a stone on the Vidyardja-jagati-hafte. 

6ri svasti samasta-bhuvanasYaya 6ri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja parameivara parama- 
bhattaraka Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajna-chudamani Maleraja-raja Maleparoju ganda 

ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda:) asahaya-sura ekanga-vira vairibha-kanthirava 

Pandya-Raya-pratishtacharya Magara lava-Raya-kanda-kuddaJa Trinetra 

Javanike-Na Kamakoti snmatu vira-Balla Saka-var- 

sham 1238 sanda tana-Raya-ripu pavula gopu vidyadha- 

rara suli raja aneyam hadedu aneya kottalige 

ar obbaru (usual final phrases) yi-sasauavanu bareda 



At MdymdyalcanahaJli (same hohli), on a stone to the easi of the Is'vara temple. 

namas tunga-<fcc. H 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangaJu 1634 neya Nandana-samvatsara la Vai- 
fiakha-bahula 5 lu Srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramfisvara S'ri-Ranga-Raja-maharayarayyanavaru 
Penugondeyallu ratna-simhasanarudhar agi chira-prithvi-sambrajyavam gaiutt iral agi Kasyapa- 
gotrada Yalahanka-nada prabhugaj ada Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudaraiyanavara pautrar ada Mum- 
madi-Virappa-Gaudaraiyanavara putrar ada Mummadi-Kempa-Vlrappa-Gaudarayyanavaru tamma 
agraharada yippattu-nalku vrittiya mahajanaiigajige barasi kotta bhu-dana-dhanna-sasana-kramavent 
endare namma Magadi-simege saluva Mayinayakanahalli MadanahaJJi Hanumapura Kempasaga- 

rada kereya kejagana vajagereya totadalli sa 200 mara sthaja tota saha namadheyav ada 

Muinmadi-Kempavirasagara agraharadalli gana-sankhe .. yippatta-nalkaralli (here follow names &c. 
of vrittidars.) antuv ippattu-nalku-vrittiya agraharavanu SomeSvara-svamiyavara pratishta-kaladalli 
dhara-dattav agi kottev ada-karana nivu a-chandrarkav agi anubhavisikondu baruvadu endu 
barasi kotta sila-fiasana 


At Ndrasandra (Ndrasandra hohli)^ on the GarudaJcambha ofthe NadaMri-rdya-temple. 

svasti samasta-Sri Sakha-varusa 1397 neya Manmatha-samvachharada Marggasira-ba 5 Gu .. .. 
leyali Deva-Raya-maharayaru sakala-sambrajyavan aluvalli SambuvanahaJJiya HaJJikara Tippe" 
Naykara makkalu Tirumala-Naykaru madisida kamba 


At Kempohalli (same hobli), on a stone in the land No. 6. 

(Tht first part is gone) Solura Kempanapuraia-grama 1 Damminakatte-grama 1 ubhayam grama 
yaradanu Kenchada Tiruvengalauata-devarige amritapadi-nayivedyake anga-ranga-vaibhogake bittu 


70 Magadi Taluq. 

kotta sila-Basana-kramaventendarei-eradu-gramakam saluva chatus-sime-volagada siddha-sadhya- 
nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-olagagi enuja sarwa-svanyavanu agurnadikondu Tiruvengajanatana 
seve nadasi Krishna-Kaya-maharayarige punyav agabek endu kotta gi-amakke fiila-sasana (usual 
final verses & phrases) 


At Kallipdlya attached to Mddigondahalli (same hobli), on a stone in'Gudda's field. 

svasti prasasti sriman-maha-manndalesvara Talakadu gondaganda ... 

... . Ganga pavaram suttu loka mandajargge bhima 

yajda permeya torugum 


At Maruru (same hobli), m a stone by the side of Javara's house. 

(N&gari characters) 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varsha 1461. ..ya Vikari-samvatsarada 
Pushya-ba 2 yu Makara-sankrauti-pnnya-ka. . . . Tungabhadra-tiradalli 6ri-Virupaksha-lifigana 

sannidhiya raja-parameflvara ni-vira-pratapa-Achyuta-Deva. . . maharayaru Mara- 

vura purva-sasanav iralagi sri-Narasanna-Nayakarige dharmav agabe radu 

jirnoddharav agi nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pa akshini agami-siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta- 

bhoga-tejas-svamyadimfi-chandrarka-sthayi. . . sukhadira anubbavisi endu Achyuta-Deva-maha, . .. 
. . jirnoddharava madi palisidaru (usual final verses) sri 



At 8'rtgiripura (Kudur hobli), on a stone in front of the AnjanSya temple. 


sva9ti sri S ; aka-varusha 1292 neya Sadharana-samvatsarada Ashadha-su l Somavaradalu svast- 
sarnasta-prasasti-sahitarn Nandinatha-Bhrunginatha Vi, abhadra-devaru-mukhyav ada abhinava- 
Kayilasa dakshina-Varanasi enisida pruthvige rnula-stanav enisida sri-Sivaganginatha-devarui 
mukhyav ada maha-mahantu-olagada yatisvara-raya §ri-Sirigiri-deva-odeyaru tamma karunya- 
sisu Mayauappanavara makkalu Kajlappanavara tamina Virappauavarige tamm ananu samya- 
dindalu S'rigirisamudrada puravanu katfc heli nirupava kodal agi a-Virappanavaru hosatagi madida 

S'rigirisamudrada-grama 1 kam ulla chatus-sime-olagada gadde beddalu vojavaru melu 

apitrbaya saha varusha 1 kara rajarddhake madida kattu ga 50 ya ayivattu- 

honnanu a-devarige kondu gramada tappu taiidi danda undiga hadara mikka sikshe sunka 
anuvu maduve-dere-muntagi sarvamanya ayvitu-honninda mela . . nd utaralisakke (imprecatory 


On the back of the same stone. 
(2 lines gone) subham astu .... S'arvari-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 5 lu Sri 

Deva-maharayaru pruttuvi-rajyam gaiu Uchangi-Basave-Naykarige dharmmav agaheku 

y eQ du simeyalu . . . saluva Sirigiripurada stalada haljiya vanu 

sarvvamanyav agi bittittu (usual imprecatory phrases) 

Magadi Taluq. 71 


At BisMr (same hobli), on a stone in the roof ofthe cillagc gate. 

Subhain astu || svastis>i vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusa 1486 neya Raktakshi-sainvatsarada 
Chayitra-suddha 10 lu Bisagura Kariya-Channappa-gaudara makkaju Govinda-gaudatm inadisida 
Bisagiira paduvana-kalla-hebbagilu | Subhara aatu Halaga-Sriyya gaidanu 


At the same village, on ihe eastem pillar of the mantapa ofthe village entrance. 

Virodhi-samvatsarada Bhadrpa da-6u 15 lu Krishna-Raya-maharayara kaladali Ela yya- 

navara pu . . 6ri . dapa-Nayakaru madisda kalla-bagilu 


At Bisagfiru (same hobli), on a stone in Virappa-Gauda's land. 

svasti bhuvanairaya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara parama-bhattaraka 

Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvajna-chudaraani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu ganda kadana-prachanda 

ganda-bheruuda ekanga-vira asahaya-6ura S'anivara-siddhi Giridurgga-maila chalad-anka-Rama 

vairibha-kanthirava Magara-rajya-nirmmula Choja-rajya-sthapanacharyya Pandya-kula-samuddha- 

rana .. nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt irddalli 

havasa .... dubhava-VUvakarmma-nira tri-bhuvana-bhavana-vimaua-vinaya 

vistirna-puritarnava barada guru-Basavaradhya . mukhya-Vira-Pancha .... Saka-varusha 

A * 
1229 Parabhava-samvatsarada A6vija-6u 3 A-ra-lu sana-kramav ent endade gana sarbba- 

manya-stalangala hastadalu Nayakavadi gal ojagadavarige Iangaju S'ivapura 

.... mane Kammajra de Vira-Panchala ...... Je tammadi-manya raaduve 

makkali yidu ivarige desara ....diya . ...nadasu 

ti acharyyaru pancha-karuka da mudre vadi hana- 

uiariyada ge kondu ... nivanu ettuva varusam prati teruvavaru anyaya .. danda.. . 

uduvil endu kotta tamra-Sasana ... Kanchugara .. aiyali karuuyam madi a-guruga]a kayyali 

dhareyan eradu a-Panchalaru raaduva dharraakke biteii yi-mariyade snkhadi baluvant agi ko^ta 

fiasana (usual final phrases) 


At Tippasandra (Tippasandra hobli) on a stone near the tank. 

subham astu S'ukla-samvatsarada Magha-su 15 lu Panchagni-dibhitaru kodiyanu terapagi tegis 
vodavanu kattistar-agi Panchagni-dikshitara jirnoddhara 6ri 


At Eebbalalu (same hobli), on a stone to the north ofthe Sonnenahalli temple. 

svasti firi Hoyisaua-pratapa-chakravartti Sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyvutt ire 
Saka-varus\\ 1237 neya Kakshasa-samvatsa | Karttika-su 5 Mara-d.indu sriinanu-maha-pradhana.. .. 
natha Devappa-dannayakaru 7l Ponnannana Kamayya-dannayakaru | Hujej anahalHya-nada .. .. 

devanolagada saraasta-praje-gaidugalu I HuJ j yanahalliya-nadolagana devara tottina ... 

Hiriya-S.iuvareniya senabova Rajaiinatige ida ... chandran-uilanakam | koclageyagi 

72 Magadi Taluq. 


At HulUnahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front ofthe Basavanna temple. 

8Ya8ti srijayabhyudayas cha S^aka-varusha 1240 neya Pingala-samvatsat-ada Bhadrapada-ba 5 A-dan 
du svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hosala-bhuja-bala sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam 

gaivali a-devaru raya-dandanatha volag-ada Aluva-dannayakara raakaju Gangeya- 

danuayakara adhikari navaru Hulinahalli-hola ka dudanu ... a-ura madu- 

va dagi kodasi a-ura uditodinavankala nerava-dandava .. 

...varugaiida varaha 500 saluvudu pattana (here follow details of gift) saluvud endu 

kotta 6ila-sasana (usual imprecaiory) 


At Mallasandra (same hobli), on a stone on the tanlc bund. 

subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka .. .. 1462 Sarvari-samvatsarada Sri- 

raan-maharajadhiraja raja-parameSvara sri-vira-pratapa 6ri-vira-Achchuta-l)eva-Raya-raaharayaru 

sukhadim prithvi-rajyarp geyvuttam chavarada Tiraraa ........ deyarige punyav agabek 

eadu Tiruvengajanatha-devarige amrutapadige- dhareyan eradu ... mudada- 

gramaii Tiruvengajanatha-devarige amritapadige a-chandrarka-stayiy agi saluvudu endu 


At Soluru (same hobli), on a stone in Nannu-sdbi's garden. 

Salivahana-saka-varsha 1459 Hevalambi-sam[va]tsarada Margasira-Sudha 1 lu Srinian. 

maharajaiihiraja paramesvara 6ri-vira- Sri-vIra-pratapa-Achyuta-Deva-maharayaru bhuja- 

bala-prataparada chatarala Papeya-Nayaka-ayanavara karyake karttarada Timmapa-Naya- 

kayanavaru Solura simeya maduveya sunkavanu bitta samaya-dharmake (usual final impre- 

catory phrases) 

At the same village, on a stone lying in the bachyard of Ghalume matha, 

(Orantha and Tamil ehareeters) 

n-aguvan inta dbamma Salakkadavad-aga Vikra-3anvarsarasattu Uttara- 

yana-sarikranti-nal Bharadvaja-gottrattu SS'iva-suttrattu sS'iva-Brahmanan Panmideva-bhattanukku 
inta sri-kovi . . . m bhumiyum dhamma-danam aga nir-varttu-kkudutten Irugamanena inta dham- 

.... v-irakkuvan Gangaiidai-kKumari chcheyda papamun»gura .. pasuvai alitta ... n 

papattai konda .... arara aravarkku ajram alladu tunaiy-illai 


At the same village, on a stone in Survey No 172. 

Salivahana-saka-varusbada 10 ..Siddharti-samvatsarada Chaitra-sudha 5 

yalu srimatu Ramappa-rauttaru Nilagiriya Tiravengalanatha-devarige kota sasana pura-huvina-tota 

Puragiri-hiriya-kereya hinde saluva gadena nadasi halaru katisidanta, devastana 1 yidake 

muliga sujanarige 2 kasu belarada yettige 1 kasu 


At Vombhatianahunte (same hobli), on a stone in old village site. 

A A 

svasti fiii jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu *10047 .. . . ne Ananda-samvatsarada Ash- 
ada-modala-ekadaSi-punya-kaladalu sriraan-maharajadhiraia paramesvara Sri-vira-pratapa-Sada&va- 

*£o in the original. 

Magadi Taluq. 73 

Rayaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu Rama-Raja S'rirahga-Deva-maha-arasugaJa karyakke karttarada 
S'ahkarayanavaru Solura Nilagiri Tiruvehgalanathana diparadhane-amrutapadige kotta dharma-sa- 



At ArUinakunte (savie hobli), on a stone near the Anjaniya temple. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 3438 ne varushakke saluva uttamam-bisige- 
olagana Dhatu-samvatsarada Kartika-su 10 lu sViman-maharaja-rajadhiraja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapaiila Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-r jyarn geyyutt iraluavara karyakke karttarad uligada 
Made-Nayakaru Arisinagunteya-purada Jaggeya-Viranua-odeyaru-devarige Kartika-su lOyali Mahg- 
alavara-dinadalu sri-Virupakshana sannidhiyali kot v a purada-dharma-sasanada kramav ent endare 
Krishna-Raya-maharayaru namage Nayakatanakke palisida Soluru-sime-olagana Arisinagunteya-pura- 
kke nivu praku jodiyatettu baral agi Krishna-Raya-maharayarige (5acfc) dharniav agabek endu raya- 
rige binnaha madi a-jodinu. bidisi nimage sarvamanyavagi kotta-sambandha yi-purakke saluvantha 
chatussime-olagada nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agarai-siddha-sadhyahgal emba ashta- 
bhoga-tejassvamya-suhka-suvarnadaya-muntada sarva en-untadanu agumadikondu nivu a-chan- 
drarka-sthayiy agi sukhadim anubavisuvudu endu kotta purada dkarma-sasana (usual final verses 
and impreeatory phrases). 


At Gdruru (same hobli), on a stone to the east, 

svasti sri Ganadhipataye namah l 

namas tuhga-&c. || 

kshoni-chakram abhiprasarita-payah-purabhiramam mahat | 
sanandam vikasat-saroruha-dhiya. sadyas Sarojaiayam | 
arudham hasitah potri Haiih patu vah y 

Narasirnha-niahipala svasti saraasta-bhuvanairaya sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhi- 

laja paramesvaram | Dvaravati-puravaradhisvaram Yad.tva-kulambara-dyuruani sarvajna- 
chudamani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachandan | asahaya-suran | 
ekanga-vira S'anivara-siddhi | Giridurga-malla chalad-arika-Ram i vairibha-kanthirava I Pandya- 

rddana Makara rajya-nirmniula Raya 

charyya-varyya sama chakravarti-Hosana . ." 

sri-vira-Narasimha-Devarasaru Satta-varshahsfaju 1204 neya Chitrabhanu-samvatsa- 

rada Vaisakha-sudha 15 Guruvaradandu devara-mele ... 

vara-Srimad j.igad-dalana ... Raya 

vara-jagad-dala Rayana pata-harana Rama 

Cliajavidiya bavarada vara-gaja briha devara .. .. 

karunya-be avara he Vikramapalesvara-devara pra^iddha-sima 

Narasimha-Devara Vikramapajesvara devarig? srikarya. 

kaivaram salluva S'ivapuravada (usual final verses) .. 


74 Magacli Taluq. 


At Bdnavddi (same hobli), on a stone near the wastc-iveir of Doddahere, 

fiubham astu svasti sii jayabbyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varsha 1469 neya .. Plavahga-samvatsa- 
rada S'ravana-ba 30 Sojnavara-punya-kaladali sriman-maharajadhiraia paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa Sadasiva-Rayaru pruthivi-rajyam geyuta yiralu sriman-maha-mandalesvara | Salaha-Raja 
Chennaya-Deva-maha-arasugala karyake kartar ada Mudugatta-Panditayyanavaru | Sadasiva-maha- 
rayarige punyav agabeku endu | Banavadiya Virabhadra-devarige Banavadiya-3talada Ramapurada- 
gramavannn raangalarati-naivedyake palisidaru | {usual imprecatory phrases) 


At Mudhipdhja attached to Vduhinte (same hobli), on a stone near the Mugasdle temple. 
svasti ... Saka-nripa-kulatita-samvatsara-satangal entunura-enbattaneya Krodhana yemba sam- 
vatsaram pravarttisutt ire Kannara-Deva prithuvi-rajyam geyutt ire Durvinita-nama-Ma .... dana 

maga Ganga-Bhima Manne-sima - -. .. krita-satya-saucha ... sila- 

sampanna . sida degula .... nakke salvadu rupporole dhali-geyvali jayodyogi sri-Manne- 

nadu-munur .. .. nalgavunda .. Gahga-Gacbchina piriya-magam Dadigam Vaikontha-vasiyadode 
Dadigesvaram end a-degulamam madisidam degulake salvudu Devarakereya mudana-kade godinali 
peggalde khanduga salvudu deva-badagana-deseyol khandu .. salvudu i-degulada dbarmam 
Dadigahge salvudu mangala maha, eri i-degulamam Gahgachari besageydam 


At SiraganaliaJli (same liotii), on a roch in Und No. 20. 

svasti srimatu A^ishnuvarddhana-Hoysana-pratapa-vira-Narasinga-Devana rajyadandu Gangi- 
Settiyara maga Papi-Settiyaru Narasinga-svamigalige dhara-purvakavagi kotta kere 


At VaddarahaUi (same hohli), on a stone in Randa.ppa's field. 
sri-Pramathi-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 1 Guruvaradandu srimanu-maha-pratapa-chakravartti 
raya-huli-raya ganda-bheruuda Royisanesvara sri-vira-BallaJa-Devara besadim ... inadiya Maleya- 
Nayakana maga Busavayya-Nayakana, nija-nada Yennegere-stalava aluva-kaladali srimanu-maha. 
vadda-byavahari ubeya-Nana-Desiyarge mukhyar appa Banavadiya Kalinatha-Settiyaru Ballala- 
Settiya Bomraanuana-volagada samasta-praje-gavudugala pura-patigalu Bicha-gavudana makaju 
Iliriya-Narana-gavuda Bairappa Chika-Narana-gavudanavarige Malasamudravanu kodagiy agi 
kala nattu kottaru bhumi-chandran-ulannaka saluvadu Nayakara vappa sri-Alanatha nada oppa 
&i-Gahganatha sukhadim baluvantagi madida kodagi sri 


At Bittisandra (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village. 

namas tuhga-&c. || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S ; alivahana-saka-varusha 1433 ne Prajotpatti-samvatsarada S'ra-ba 30 

\ punya-kaladalu sriman-maha-gaja-betekara pesalike Hanuma sri-Gangadhfira-devara 

namankitavada sri-vira-Chikka-Vodeyaru Prasanna-Gangadhara-devarige amrutu-padige kotta Bitta- 
aamudra (usual imprecatory phrases) . 

Magadi Taluq. 75 


At T&varekere (Tdvarekere hobli), on a stone near Mdgadi road. 

, yidumba-gavundana Mayya reganur aleldale kad 

satta A.. . vamraachariya besam kalu 


At Baichaguppe (same hobli), on a stone in Naiijundayya's field. 

sri Vikrama-samvatsarada Asada-su 11 S6-dandu sri-maha-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-sri-vira- 
Ballala-Devarasa-kumara sri-maha-samantadhipati nara-loka-ganda Mayili-Nayaka Chikkanna (many 
others named) olagada samasta-gavudu a-Honnappana magalu Bayichavvege dandigeya biyake 
kotta Tavarekpjre holad-olagana a-Bayichave tanna hesara halli adakke salva Chattanakunte Anni- 
devana maga Honnappa Hariyappana maga Devapa Marapu anna-tamma yivaru Bayichave hadada 
yi-kodagiya anubhogisuvaru a-hali enu huttita tappu-tavudi danda kanike kandlya bitti sarbba- 
manya chandraditya-kala yi-kodagi tappidavaru Gangeya tadi kavile konda papadali hoharu yint 
appudake Nayakara voppa "sri-Daraodara-peramalar-oppa sri-Maranatha yintivaru be[sa]dim 
Kesavana baraha iira hesaru Bayiravvehalli sarbba-kodagi mangala maha sri 



At Mdrenahalli {same hobli), on a sfone bt,hind the Aujaneya temple. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-3'altvahana-saka v irsha 1446 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Margasira- 
suddha 2S'ani svasti sriman-maharajadhira a raja-paramesvarasri-vira-bhuja-bala-pratapa Gajapati- 
Asvapati-vibada sri-Krishna-Deva-maharaya-udarabdhi-chandra sri-TiruraaIa-De>a--maharayara 
kaladalu sriraan-raahasena-Saluva chatus-samudradhisvara Timmanna-dannayakara desadalu 
svasti 6ri-abhinava-Kafichi-sama Kalu-ura Varadar.vja-devara uttama-sandi-dadhyannad-avasarake 

sri-Krishna-Deva-maharayarige Gauijodaka-sevitarappa Konapa-Nayakaru Tirumala-Deva- 

maharayarigu Timmanna-dannayakarigu dharmav agabeku endu Marayanahallige pratinaraa 
Danayakapuravanu Konapa-Navakaru Var idaraja-devarige samarpisidaru tavu lnadida seve a- 
ehandrarka-sthayiyagi nadeyabek endu raadida seve (ttsual imprtcatory phrases) 




At Lingdpura (Hullukunte hobli), on a stone in the garbhagriha of the Lakshmi temple. 

subharn astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1433 neya Pramoduta-samvatsa- 
rada Kartika-§u 12 So §riman-maharajadhiraja raja-paiamesvara bhashege tappuva rayara ganda 
muvara rayara ganda purva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhisvara sri-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru 
prithivi-raiyam geyaiittam yiralu i-rayara taude Narasauna-Nayakaru tanna bhuja-bala-pratapa- 
dinda Narapati-simhasana-rajya[va]n ellavanu sadhyava madi sthira-rajyam siyida a-Narasanna- 
Nayakara dalavayi Gandarago .... Nayakara makalu . . . a-tamma {rest in the ground.) 


A.t Edmdpura (same hobli), on afragment of stone to the north of the vtUage. 


.. subham astu svasti sri S'alivahana-saka-varusham vatsarada Ashada-sudda 12 

dalesvara rajadhiraja raja-para pa-Achyuta-Raya-maharaya uttamyiralu .... 

, . agraharav agi graha- 

rakke praku saluva chatus-siDie nadunna .... sanubova pautra-param- 

pariyagi anubhavisi ,, .. ya sila-sasana , 


At Doddabelavahgala (same hobli), on a virakl near the Chennardyasvami temple. 

svasti sii Muhendra arasugeye sri-Gangarasa kadu Aradaje-odeya . Chi Kakamose hachchidu ... 
viya kajagadolu ... lakam madipi tanum Indra-loka-praptan ada Kalamani 


At (Tippuru hobli), on a stone near Kote-Rdmaif,na's house. 
svasti erimatu S'alivahana-saka-varushaugalu 1508 neya Vyaya-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-sa 1 lu 
sriman-inaha-Avatiya-nada prabhu Havali-Bayappa-Gavudaru Tipuiali Namasivaya-Kempi-Setti 
kattisida kalu-matakke bittu kotta mulegasina kramav ent endare Hanabe-Tippura-simey-olagagi 
tenka-badagalu muda-paduvalu naduvanta vutugalali invile ka .. . . . ru 1 kke mule-gasu 1 lek- 
kadalu tekombadu yi-mule-gasige sime-mele banda parupatyagaran agali sarkarada gauda-sena- 
bovaragali sunkada manegaranagali aru yidakke vigada acharisidaru avaru tande-taya^ala Vara- 
nasiyali konda papake hoharu 


At the same village, on a stone west of the Basava temple. 

svasti srirnatu S'alivahana-saka-varashanga]u 1508 neya Vyaya-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 1 lu 

a * 
sriman-maha-Avati-nada prabhu Avatiya Payappa-Gaudara kumara 


At Antrahalli (same hobli), on a stone east of firaipias house. 


sri-Rama Durmukhi-samvatsarada Vayisakha-su 7 lu Avati-nada prabhu Yirnmadi-Havah-Bayir- 
apa-Gaudaru s6darali[ya]Panne-Sonnayage kanachi-Sasana Havali Barapa-Gaudara avantaradalu ninna 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 77 

bage granragaju kami ... vagalagi avakeya-sammandha ninage gauda-godagi # Antaravali-gramadalu 

Burada balrya pebala-kkanduga yi-kere-kelage gadde khanduga rada baravanu uinage nau 

kotev ada-karana )i-nianyagajanu ninna putra-pautra-parampariyagi a-chandraikaii k ... 

agi anubhavisi bahudu (usual imprecatory phrases). 


At Vahgarahalli (same hobli), on a stone south-east of the Ahjaniya temple. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-S'ali-sa-varusha 1190 neya Vibhava-samvatsarada Pushya-£u ...6rimatu 
pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisaua-bhuja-bala vira-Somesvara-Devara kuraara Vira-Gahga-Deva-Nara- 
6ihga-Dev-arasaru prithvi-rajyam geyut iralu srimanu (rest effaced) 


A t bechirdk Jakkasandra (same hobli), on a stone in Sunnakalhi N&gappa's field. 

svasti sri S'aka-varisha ndaneya varisha prava .. ...tire Bahudhanya-samvachara 

Jyeshta-masa-ba 6 Solu .. .. Ayyapa-Devana magara Nolipana rajyadoje . . . . laga- 

kovara Basava-Settiya magam Chabbi-Setti vrittig adityam Basuna-. . gari Chomoniy-ankakara 
gadi Sandimalla bandu .. rayam Kadalvagila Chabbi-Setti turu go]e tujuvan ikkisi satta svaggakke 



On a stone at the same place. 

flvasti Arjuna Rahan-alakeyoje Velanga-kovara Chabbi-Settiya tamma Maniyama-Setti turu go}e 

turuvan ikkisi sattu saggakke sandan 


At Eulhtkadi-letta (sume hobli), on a rock to tlitnorth-west ofihe Mukkannesvara temple to the east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters\ 

svasti srimanu-maba-mandale3vara Tribhuvana-malla Talaikkadu-kkonda bhujabala Vira-Ganga- 

Poyisala-Devar rajyam 12 samvatsarattil Vikkirama-3'61a-mandalattil Manuai-nattu nattu-kkamu- 

ndan Viruntaraya-bayahkara Mannai-uad-alvan magan S'attayan ana Viruntaraya-bayahkara 

Mannai-nad-alvanena Purkodiyil malaikku-kkilakkil sikarattil Mutisvaram-udaiya Mahadevav- 

udaiya stanain udaga-piirvam panoinen S'iva-Brahmanan Penna-battan magan Pamma-batta- 

nukku Virudaraya-bayahkara Manuai-nad-alvauena en vamSamum Panma-battan vamsam ulkala- 

vum pujippanagavum Panma-battau-tannaiyum tan vamsattaraiyum Muti4varam-ud.aiya.rai 

pujikkaveodav-enravan Gehgaiidaiy-kKumariidaiy-kkura r-pasuvai-kkonran pukka narakam-puguvan 

ivai S'amasari eluttu || 


At Tubagere (Tubagere hobli), on a stone north-east ofthc Vehkaiaramana temple. 

Sannada ... Besta Lakka-Nayaka Sihgi-NayakaTubagere-kasabe gaudke-kkidamatannu ninage maka- 

rara madisiy iruvaddarinda ninna gujaranu-Lagye yi-gramadalli yinamati Mila-Saida-Amina 

.... beddalu hola grama kempu bhumi (back) rakarada hukum-name- 

prakarakke Arailana rajatalabinaliy iddukondu sarakarada Ahammadi davalatti^e sreyassu apek- 
flhisikondu sukhadalliy iroiu taiiku (rest gone). 


At Hdddnahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Mallammas fe\l. 

svasti sriraatu Saka-varushahgalu 1251 neya Vibhava-sarpvatsarala S'r ivana-ba 10 Fu svasti 
srimatu pratapa-r.hakravarti Hoyisala-sri-rira-tfallala-Dev-irasaru Ur^amale-patfcin; ddli sukha- 


78 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyisuttum Sriinanu-maha-pradhanam Punnanavara makkalu sii-Meya- 
dannayakaru Elahanka-nada Maladipanapura .. Chanaga Haduvanahalliya chatus-simeyanu 
chandra-aditya-taram-baram kodisidam 


At the same village, on a stone in the right tcall of the stairs of the Channa-KSsava temple. 

1449 neya Sarvajitu-samvatsarad Ashadha-su 1 Ma srimanu-maharajadhiraja raja- 

paramesVara sri-Krishna-Raya-maharaya katisida Savaka-Raja-Nayaka (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on the basement of the Hanumanta-Garuda-Jcambha. 
8vasti Srimatu S'aka-varusha 1338 neya Durraukhi-samvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 Gu sriman-maha- 

rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara AsVapati-Gajapati-Narapati-muvaru-rayara ganda pratapa- 

sri-vira-Harihara-Rayara kumara ... Raya-Vodeya Tribhuvana-chakravartiga .... piriya- 
maga Obam giriya masidiya madida Tirumale dipa-kambake mangaja maha 


A t Kurivigere (same hobli), on a stone in Pille-gauda's field. 

svasti srimatu Saka-varusha 1251 neya Vibhava-8amvatsara-S'ravana-su 15 S'u-varadandu 

pratapa-cbakravartti Hoyisala-£ri-vira-Ballala-Devarsaru Vunnamale-pattanadalli sukha-sankatha- 
vinodadim rajyam geyuttam srimanu-niaha-pradhanam Ponnananavara makkalu Kama-dannaya- 

karu Elanka-nada -Gaundange chandraditya 

vitta kotta 


At Kauchigand/u (same hobli), on a stone in 8'ivdchdra Rudrappa's garden. 
svasti ari vijayabhyudaya-S alivahana-sakha-varusha 14.. Pramathi-aaravacharada Marga6ira-su 

12 srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prithvi- 

rajyam getitt iralu Bharadvaja-gotrada Apastamba-sutraya Rama-bhatta-puranika Kaundinya- 

gotrada YajuS-sikheya pandita samudra 

Kaiichiganahalu-grama-pratinama-Singasamudra-agraharakke a-gramavanu nimage (rest effaced) 


At MaleJcote (Edjagat/a hobli), on fragmentanj stones at the outlet ofthe tanh. 

{Grantha and Tamil characters) 

(a) Paridhavi .. mv.itsara . tu prathivi u .. dai .. pasidha,.. ta mavai .. laidai .. rorrina na. .. 

. . . . tta 

(b) naja mai-deva Raksha-samvarattu Vaigasi-masam padinelan-diyadi Ve 

lamai Ut .. mari . ta.. var.. Jaindu ma . .madai .. havairanar 


At HancharahaUi (same hobli), on a\stone in Ma/hada Ayya's fidd. 
firimatu Vyaya-sam?atsarada Palguna-Suda 7 Ma-llu Saji-mathada janara matha Sambaji-Rayanu 
Channa-Basapa-vaderige kota Hanchipura yidake yava-dore tappidaru yiha-parav illa moksha ... 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 79 


At Nandigunda (same lidbli), on a stonc irt Tammanna's field. 

svasti sri Saka-varusha 139,'< neya hakka-nada Hiriya-Bayire-Gaudanamaga Mafiche- 

Gftundarige Nandigundada chatus-simeya. - 


At Konagatfa (same hobli), on copper plates in posstssion of LaJcshnri-Narasimha 8'dstri. 

(N&yari characterfj 

(I h) sn-Ganadhipataye namah || 

namas tunga-<£c. || 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-kala&i jatra dhatri chchhatra-sriyam dadhau H 
kalyanayastu tad dhama pratyuha-timirapaham | 
yad gajopy Agajoibhutam Harinapi cha pujyate || 
asti kshiramayad devair mathyamanan mahambudheh l 
navanitam ivodbhutam apanita-tamo mahah |] 
tasyasit tanayas tapobhir atulair anvarttha-nama, Budhah 
punyair asya Pururava bhuja-balair ayur dvisham nighnatah | 

A A 

tasy Ayur Nahusbo'tha tasya parusho jajfie Yayatih kshitau 
khyatas tasya tu Turvasur Vasu-nibhah sri-Devayani-pateh || 
tad-vamse Devaki-siinur didipe Timma-bhupatih | 
yasasvi Tuluvendreshu Yadoh Krisbna ivanvaye || 

tato' bhud Bukkama-janir Isvara-kshitipalakah | 

atrasam aguna-bhrarasara mauli-ratuam mahibhujam |j 

sarasad udabhut tasman Narasavanipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kamo De?aki-nandanad iva || 

vividha-sukritoJdame Ramesvara-pramukhe muhur 

mudita-hridayas sthane sthane vyadhatta yatha-vidhi I 

budha-parivrito nana-danani yo bhuvi shodasa 

tri-bhuvana-janodgitam sphitam yasah punaruktayan || 

Kaverim asu badhva bahala-ja!a-yutam yo vilanghyaiva §atrum 

jiva-graham grihitva samiti bhuja-balat tam cha rajyam tadiyaml 

kritva S'riranga-purvam tad api nija-vase pattanam yo 

kirti-stambham nikhaya tri-bhuvana-bhavana-stuyamanapadanah || 

Cheram Cholam cha Pandyam tam api cha Madhura-vallabham Manabhushara 

viryodagram Turushkam Gajapati-nripatim chapi iitva tad-anyan | 

a-Gahga-tira-Lanka-prathama-charama-bhubhrit-tatantam nitantam 

khyatah kshonipatinam srajara iva Sirasam sasanam yo vyatanit || 

Tippaji-Nagala-Devj 6h Kausalya-sri-Sumitrayoh | 

devyor iva Nrisimheudiat tasmat Pahktirathad iva || 

virau vinayinau Rama-Lakshmanav iva nandanau \ 

jatau vira-Nrisimhendra-Krishna-Raya-mahipati |l 

virah sri-Narasimhah sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasana-sthah 

kirtya, mtya nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahushan apy avanyam athanyan | 

80 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

a setor a Sumeror avanisura-nutah svairara a chodayadrer 

a-paschatyachalautad akhila-hridayam avarjya rajyam sasasa || 

nana-danany akarshit Kanakasadasi yah sri-Virupaksha-deva- 

(II a) sthane sri-Kalahastisitur api nagare Venkatadrau cha Kasyaml 

S'risaile S'6ua6aile mahati Hanhare'h6bale Safigame cha 

S'rirange Kumbhaghone hata-tamasi maha-Nanditirthe Nivrittau |j 

Gokarne Ramasetau jagati tad-itareshv apy asesheshu punya- 

stbaneshv arabdha-nana-vidha-bahala-maha-dana-vari-pravahaih | 


kshmabhrit-paksha-chchhidodyattara-Kulisadharotkanthita kunthitabhut || 

brahmandam visva-chakram gbatara udita-mahabhutakam ratna-dhenum 

saptambhodhims cha kalpa-kshitiruha-latike kanchanim kamadhenum | 

svarna-kshmayohiranyasvaratham api tula-purusham go-sahasram 

hemasvarn hemagarbham kanaka-kari-ratham paacha-langaly atanit || 

prajyam prasasya nirvighnam rajyam dyam lva sasitum l 

tasmin gunena vikhyate kshiter indre divam gate || 

tato'py avarya-viryah sri-Krishna-Raya-mahipatih | 

bibharti mani-keyura-nirvi£esham mahim bhuje j| 

kirtya yasya samantatah prasritaya visvam ruchaikyam vrajed 

ity aSarikya pura. Purarir abhavat phalekshanah prayaSah | 

Padmaksh6*pi chaturbhui6'jani chatur-vaktro' bhavachchatmabhfih 

Kali khadgam adhad Rama cha kamalam viaam cha Vani kare 1| 

satmnam vasam ete dadata iti rusha kira nu saptamburasin 

nana-sena-turanga-trutita-vasumati-dhulika-palikabhih | 

samsoshya svairam atra pratiuidhi-jaladhi-sVenikam yo vidhatte 

brahmanda-svarna-meru-pramukha-iiija-mahadaaa-toyair ameyaih II 

mad-dattam artthi-sarthah 6riyam iha suchiram bhuiijatam ity avetya 

prayah pratyuhah6tos tapana-ratha-gater alayam devatanam l 

tat-tad-dig-jaitra-vrittyapi cha biruda-padairahkitiims tatra tatra 

stambha.5 jata-pratishthan atanuta bhuvi yo bhubhrid abhrankashagran || 


avrityavritya sarveshv atanuta vidhivad bhuyase sreyase yah | 

deva-sthanejhu tirtheshv api kanaka-tula-purushadiui nana,- 

danany anyopadanair api samam akhilany agatnoktiini tani || 


S'esha-bhuia-kshiti-rakshaua-saundah || 

bbashege tappuva rayara gandah 

tosha-krid arthishu yo rana-chandah || 

rajadhiraja ity ukto yo raja-paramesvarah | 

muru-rayara-gandas cha para-raya-bhayankarah || 

Hindu-raya-Suratrano dusbta-sardula-mardanah | 

gajaugha-ganda-bherunda ity-adi-birudanvitah |J 

alokaya maharaja jaya jiveti vadibhih l 

Aiiga-Vanga-Kalingadyai rajabhis sevyate cha yah || '■&?$ 

stuty-audaryah sudhibhih sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasana-sthah 

kshmapalan Krishna-Raya-kshitipatir adhari-kritya kirtya Nrigadin i 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 81 

a purvadrer athasta-kshitidhara-katakad a cha Heraachalantad 

a, setor arthi-sartha-sriyam iha bahuH-kritya kirtya babhase (| 

kritavati sura-loke Krishna-Raye nijajnam 

tadanu tad-anujanma, punya-karmachyutendrah | 

pmkatani avani-lokam svamsa (II b)m etyari-jeta 

nivasati hridijeta, vidvai-isht i-pradata || 

yat-kirti-chandras charati kshamayam 

tithishv aseshasu vivardhate cha | 

tanoti chakrasya '-.udam aamindhe 

diva, cha sayam kumudair virundhe || 

madam manasi marutani sithilayaty ameyai rayair 

yad-asva-patali khuraih kshiti-rajobhir utthapitaih | 

ajijanad iti krudha kimu visodiayaty ambudhim 

Bala-pramathanasya no *raya-Virodhino vajinah || 


daravali-kara-vichalita-chamarasya | 

viradikani birudini hahuni yasya || 
S'6nadi-paivata-Virinchipureshu Kaiichyam i 
Sri-Kalahasti-nagare'pi cha Kumbhaghone 
danani shodasa bahu.ii kritani yena |i 
ambhodena nipiy<niana-v\lil6'gastyena pitojjhitas 
tapto llaghava-sayakagni-sikhaya, santapyamanas sada, \ 
antas sthair badabanalasya cha Sikha-jalair visushko'thava 
yad-danambu-rayair ahar-nisim aho purnas samudyotate || 
Angenapi Kalingena Vangena c'ia parair nripaih | 
jaya jiva maharayety anisam giyate cha yah || 
sa jayati narapalo ratna-simhasanastho 
Vijayanagara-vasi kirti purtya, vilasi \ 
Nriga-Nala-Nahushadin nichayan rajya-nitya, 
nirupama-bhuja-viryaudarya-bhur Achyutendrah ;l 
S'alivaha-sakabde tu sahasrena chatus-^ataih | 
pa5chas\ta cha sankhyate dvayabhyadhikaya, kramat | 
vatsare Vikritakhye tu Vaisakhe purnima-tithau | 
Tungabhadra-nadi-tire Vithalesvara-sannidhau || 
Apastambakhya-sutraya Kaundinyaya mahatmane | 
YajuS-sakhadhyayine cha vedantagaraa-vedine |] 
Rama-bhatta-taniijaya Veiikatesvara-yajvane I 
dharma-silaya sautaya sad-^unadhyaya dhimate || 
Morase-nadake samstham Hosakotakhya-siina-gam l 

{here follow details of boundaries) 

Sambapuram hy agraharam Myaklatimmanapallitah. \ 
upagramais tribhir yuktam uamna Kafichigajalakam || 

* So in the original. 


32 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

pratinamnachyutarnabarayambudhir itiritam | 
sarvamanyam chatus-sima-samyutam sasya-sobhitam || 
nidbi-n-kshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalauvitam i 
akshiny-agami-samyuktam eka-bhogyam sa-bhuruham || 
vapi-kupa-tatikadi-sarah-kulya-sair.aiivitam | 
{.utra-pautiadibhir bhogyam krainad a-chandra-tarakam || 
danasyadharaanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitam | 
paritah prayataih snigdhaih puiohita-puiogamadi |i 
vividbair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair gira | 
Achyutendra-inahaiayo mananiyo manasvinam || 
sa-hiranya-pay6-dhara-|juivakam dittavan muda | 
gramasya yajamanas tu pratignhyagraharakara || 
chatur-vimsa (III a) tika vrittih paiikalpya maha-matih I 
tasu samsthapya vrittiuam svartham asht.iu cha kalpa . . || 
dvijebhyah sruti-sastrartha-paragebhyah samahitah | 
vrittimatito vilikhyante g6tra-sut:a-pura>sarah || 

(here follow navies, <&c. of vritlid&rs) 

asya graraasya isanyadi-diKshu vidikshu cha dvatrimsachcbhila Vamana-pratimarikitahsthapitah [| 

purayato budha-vafichham 
marayato vairi-bhubhujam girvam | 
Achyuta-Rayasya Sasanam tad idam || 
Acbyutendra-mahaiaya-sasanan Mallanatrnajah | 
tvashta, sri-Viranacharyo vyalikhat tamia-'^asanam || 
(usualfiml verses.) 



In Dod-Ba!ldpur, on a stone in the fort. 
( Persian eharaeters). 

.. .. alzafar mohi-ud-din-Muhammad Aurangzeb B.ihadur Atam^ir Badshab ghazi-ul-maghazi san 
e julu3 raaimanat manus siv o do muttabikh san e Hijri ek hazar o ek sad o ek khila e Balapur 
Kariyatu ba kbana e Samha bud. Az dast e Samba-dud valad e Siva-dud Marhatta ba sai 
Khasim Khan Faujdar e Sarkar e Karnatak min mazaf e Suba e dar-ul-zafar Bijapur dar 
tassaruf e aulia e daulat e qahira dar atnad. Dar san e siv o char julus e bala az huzur e lam 
e anur bar azaf-ul-libad Sheikh Abdullanndat ul Farukh al raashurfil Hind rain aulad e Sheikh 
Farid-ud-Din Masaud Chishti al Hijrami sakin e balda e Badayun rain mazaf e Chittur dar us 
saltanat e Hazrat Shabjahanabad uruf Dehli ast tafviz yatt. in sangra dar san esi jehat 
e imarat az budkhan e Faraya ke az klnla ba fasila e do kroh janib e isan vakhe bud kamal 
e ganje bardasht o lia uehura bar i i sang ba hivz se bad vae ushtamal bar khairat biid az .. 

hazb ul farmuda e Sheikh e Masharun illae akhar ul ibad Sbeikh Muhammad Hafiz 

tahrir namiid 

firi namas tunga-&c. j| 

svasti saraasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesvaram Dviiravati- 
pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kuiambara-dyumani sarbajua-chudamani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu 
ganda kadana-prachanda ekanga-vua asah.iya sura nissanka-pratapa chakravartti sri-vira-Hoysala- 
*In Kannada oharacters. 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 83 

vira-Narasimha-Devarasatu Dorasamudrada nelavidinoju sukhadira rajyam gaiyuttam iralu 
sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvanamalla Nandagiri-natha Bhangi-kula-kama]a-vikasita- 
divakara sitagara-ganda scnasuvara ganda vairi-vrishabha-sardula annan-ankakara Eechi-Devara- 
saru Yelahankada nelevidi[nolu] sukha-sankatha-vinoJadim rajyam gaiyuttam iralu I svasti saraasta- 
bhuvana-vikhyata paScha-sata-vira-sasana -labdhaneka-guna-gananankrita satya-saucha-charu- 

charitra-naya-vinaya-vijnana-viravatara Yira-Bananju-samaya-dharmma pratipalakarum vi&uddha- 
gudda-Garuda-dhvajarum virajitanuna-sahasottungarum kirty-angana-vallabharum nija-bhuja-vijaya- 
iakshmy-alingita-vi^ala-vakshas-sthalarum tri-bhuvana-parakramo matarum Ahichchhatra-pura-vara- 
dhisvararum Baladeva-Vasudeva-Kiiandali-Mulabhadra-vamsoJbhavarum chaUunki-danda-hastarum 
kanaka-kanchulike-Kamadevarum chelabharana-bhushitarum Ohola-kulanvitarum Chalukya- 

nvayarum • . .. nakaru raadida Jambu-ivipa Ayyavaleya-ayanurba-svauiigajum 

ubhaya-Nana-Desi-mukhyarappa triilokya-patina-svami vira-Ballala-Settiyarum (other Settia 
named) samasta-ubhaya-Nana-Desa-halarum Nakhara-raummari-dandamum 18 samayadavar ellarum 
kudi S'aka-varusha 1189 neya Prabhava-saravatsarada Chaitra-suddha 10 Bri | sri-Gavaresvara- 
devara sri-karyyakkam anga-ranga-bhogakam panchainrita-amrita-padigam shodasopacharakkam 
khanda-sphutita-jirnoddharakav enclu chandrarka-taram baram kottu nadiauva datti (rest contains 
details ofgift) 


At Dargdpura (sarne hobli), on a stone. 
svasti Jaya-Kaman vira-labdha vinata-tale Mande-Mari tombhattentara itide. 


At Sivapura (sumc hobli), on a stone in KarigirFs fielcL 

sri-S alivahana-s ikha 1273 ne Khara-sarpvatsarada S'ravana-su 3 S'ukravaradallu Raja-Narendra- 

bhupalaru rajyavam gaidu 


At the same village, on a stone in Ajjappa's field. 

svasti sr-iyam S'aka-varushanga]u 1251 neya Vibhava-samvatsarala SYavana-masa-su 15 Ra-lu foi- 
Vira-Ganga .... pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana 6rimarn Yalalaparasaru Punnada -ya- 

patta-nadavara saokatha-vino.laiim rajyam geyuttiralu Yenapaya-pradhanatn Varahares- 

vara ahara gottam 

At Aralamallige (same hobli), on a stone. 

sriman-maha-raandalesvaram I ari-raya-vtbhada basege tappuva rayara sira-gganda sri-vira-Buk- 
kanna-Vadeyaru prithvi-rajyam geyuva S'aka-varusha 1289 neya Plavanga-sara- | Kartika-^u 1 So 

sriraan-maha-samantadhipati muvaru-rayara ganda nadu yakana makkalu Bommayya-Nay. 

akaru Anuappanavaru sriman-inaha-Hulukadi-nada prabhu Bummarala Kota-Gauda {stops herc). 


At GandragoUipura {Honndvdra hobli), on a stone. 

subhaai \st t svisti «ri v'naya')hyidayaS 11 vih loa-saka-vanisha 1461 neya PUvasamvatsarada Va : - 
sakha-^u 15 punya-kaladalli srimatu Gandragolli-dalavayi Sonnappa-Nayakara makkalu Ba ; rappa-Na- 
yikaru S'ivagin7eya Melana-gaviya simhasana-la Maleyakanta-devarige kotta dharma-sasanada 

Beyond the end of the first line is the letter Vi in Nagari. 

84 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

kramava ent endare maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Iri-vira-Narasihga- 

Deva-raaharayaru sukha-rajyara gaivuttiralu sri-vira-Narasinga-Devaru-maharayaru namage nayaka - 

tanakke palisida Httlukadi-tmdolagana Hanaheya-sitnege saluva Simpadipurada-simey-olagana 

bburaiy-agidda holavannu ondu-kuuteyannu navu nimage Narasinga-Dovami-.harayarige dharmav 

agali yandu Gandragolli-dalavayi Sonnappa-Nayikara makkalu Bairappa-Nayikaru Gandragolli- 

purav emhudanna modalu dana-purvakav agi danavann eradu kottevu | a-Gandragollipurada chatus- 

simeya vivara | (here follow details of boundaries) adar-olagad.iddu sarama-kshetra-nidhi-nikshepa- 

jala-pashaua-akshiny.agami-siddha-sadhyahgal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavannu Gandragolli- 

S)unappa-Nayikira makkalu Bxirappa- Nayikaru i Gandragolliya-puravannu st i-vira-Narasinga- 

Deva-maharayarige dharmav agi srimatu Gandragolli-dalavayi Sonnappa-Nayikara makkalu 

Bairappa-Nayikaru S'ivagangeya Melana-gaviya simhasanada Maleyakanta-devari^e sishya-param- 

pareyagi a-chandrarka-sakshigal agi S'iva-pujeyam madikondu sukhadinda, anubhavisuvudu yandu 

kotta pura-dharma sasana l) (usual final verses) 


At the satne village, on a stone south of the Basava temple. 
6ubham astu svasti sri vijaya.bhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varsha *1 484 neya S'ukla-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-su 1 5 punya-kaladalu (rest corresponds with the above No.) 


At Puttahjanaagrahdra (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the village entrance. 
subhau astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-3aka-varashahgalu fl415 neya Sarvajitu-satpvat- 
sarada Pus/a-su 10 iu sri uan-mAharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara raedini-misara ganda Katari- 
Saluva Sahiva-Yimmadi-Riya-maharayara konura Salava(ya)-Devapa-Nayakaru Tipura-simeyanu 
stira-rajyam geyuvalt sViman . .. Hulukadi-nada prabhu Bayana-Gaudara makkalu Bayipa- 
Gaudaru koti siU-3asanuda kramav ent endare Ttppiira-stalake saluva Hejajiya-simeya Varadohallige 
muialu terikal ada simeyali Bayirapurav emba a-puravanu Sirigapayagala makkalu Tiparasayanige 
Ma^ara-sankrantiyalum eka-bhogyav agi dhareyan eredu kotu a-Bayirapurada a-purada chatus- 
simeyolagaua kera kuatj akshiui-igimi-siddha-iidhyav emba ashta-bhoga .... a-chandrarka- 

sthayali nimma putra- >autra-parampariy agi (back) yeka-bhogyadalu anubhavisiko yandu 

kota sda-sisana (usual imprecatort/ phrases.) 


At S'dkaladevanap)tra (saine hobli) , on a stone in the garhha-gudi of the Basava temph. 
svasti sri pratapa-chakravaiti HosaJa-sri-vira-BaUala-Devarasaiu Hosanadinali sukha-sarikatha- 
vinodadim prithvi-nV.yam geyuttam iralu 


The same as No- 42, above. 

At NdgenaJiaUi (same hobli), on a stone infront of the village. 

subbam astu svasti s>i viiayabhyiidiya-S'aliva!iana-saka-varushahgalii 1532 neya tad-upari Sadha- 

rana-samvatsarada A^vija-ba 30 lu sri.nad-rajaylhiraja rija-parames/ara s:i-vira-pratapa-sri- 

* So in the original : but Saka U84 expired = Duudubhi ; S'ukla=149l expired. 
t So in the original : but Saka 1415= Pramadtcha. Vide No. 45. 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 85 

Tiru-Vehkatapati-Deva-maharaya samrajyam geyutt iralu chaturtba- 

gotrada . . vati-nada prabhu Bayire-Gauda-ayyanavara pautrar ada 

HavaJi-Bayirapa-Gaudara-ayyanavaraputraradayimmadi-Havali-Bayirapa-Gaudaru Atre[ya]-gotrada 

Asvalayana-sutrada Ruku-sakhadhyayigalada panditara pautrar ada Tirumala panditara 

putrar ada Putanna-panditarige Hanabe namakke pratinamav agi Yimmadi- 

Bayirapurav einba sarvaraanya (descent &c. stated) Tirumala-panditarige sur)6pa- 

ra^a-punya-kaladalu tamma tande Havaliya Bayaraya-Gauda-ajaiavarige puuyav agabeku yendu sa- 

° A A »j 

hiranyodaka-daua-dhara-purvakav agi sadyah-parichchhedav agi Atre[ya]-gotrada ASvalayana-sutrada 

Ruku-5akhadhyayigalada Gujura Putanna-panditarapautrar aiaTimma-panditara putrar ada Timma- 

nna-panditarige ch iturta-gotrada Harahati-nada prabhu Gaiidara- 

ayanavara pautrar ada Havali-Bayire-GaiidarJ-ayyanavara putrar ada Yimmadi-Haval.-Bayire- 

Gaiidaru daren eradu kotteti yi-agrahaiakke va chatus-sime harama-kshetravanu 

nidhi-uikshepa-jala-pashana- (JbacJc) akshini-agaiui-sidha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svam- 

yavauu samasta-valitavanu sakalotpatyavanu nivu nimma putra-pautra-p;iramparey agi a-cbandra- 

rka-sthayiy agi ... sukhadali anubhavisuvudu yendu haki 

koita sasana (usual final verses) 


At Kajanuru (Kodihalti hohli), on a stone. 

subham astu svasti sii vijayabhyulaya-S'al vahana-saka-varuskahgalu 1453 neya raele nindu nadeva 
Khara-samvatsarada Margasira-su 12 Somavaradalli sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paran esvara 
sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Achyuta-Ray i-maharayaru pnthvi-rajyam gaivutt iralu Gandragolli-da]a- 
Vayi-Sonnappa-Nayakara makkalu Nagappa-Nayakaru Kadanuru Channa-Kes.iva-devarige kotta 
pura-dharma-sasanav ent endare svami namage Nayakatanakke palista Hulukadi-nadige saluva 
Hanabeya-simeya-olagana Kadanuru-gramavannu sarvaroanyav agi Tuhgabhadra-tiradalH Virupa* 
ksha-devara sannidhyadallie dva la?i-punya-kaladalli sa-hirauyolakav agi dana-purvakav agi Gandra- 
golli-dalavayi-Sonnappa-Nayakara komara Nagappa-Nayakaru Achyuta-Raya-maharayarige dbarma 
serabek endu dhareyan emdu kottev agi a-gramakke saluva ckatus-siraeyolagada hiriya- gadde-beddalu ane achchukattu kate-kalave tota tudige kadarambha niraram- 
bha nadevar oyyalu giile^oyyalii sunka suvarnadaya mane-derige magga-derige pattadi pasar-aya 
grima-derige sakala-suvarnadaya sakala-vastu-dayavannu sarvatninyav agi a-gramakke saluva 
akshini-agami-nidhi-nikshe^a-iala-pashauM-siddha-salhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svainya-saina- 
stavannu palisi aya-svamya vasuladi mele kandi Kadanura Channa-Kesiva-devara amrita-padi- 
naivedya-ahga-rahga-vaibhava-rathotsahavannu nadisikombudu yandu Gandragolli-dalavayi Souna- 
ppa-Nayakara makkalu Nagappa-Nayakaru Kadanuru Channa-Kesava-devarige tri-vacha dhareyau 
eradu kottevu a-chandrarka-sakshiy agi dcvarige nadisutta bahev endu ko v ta Kadanuru-pura- 
dharma-sasana || (usual final verses) Nagappana baraha || 


At Kanasavddi (same hobli). 

Tirana-samvatsaradi Asvija-ba 10 Itu &v.tsti sri samasta-.. vana-viseshonnata saiva-s.iilo .. .. 
Kakudgiri-nama Bakala-siddhodava-karanavarana Gahga-traya-sakha sakaja-prakarana diya-payo- 
nidhi mannisi vara-sakala-3'iiput'aka samasta-siddha-kula-dayakar;i Gangadhara-devarige hari- 
vanada amrita-padige sallalek endu srima ■l-maha-muvvaru-rayara-g&nda-bherunda Mallikarjuua- 
maharayara kumara Juniana-Ravara saivi-nayakaru kotta dbarma-^asanaiia kramav ent endare 

*rhe copy supplied is very corrupt. 


86 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

namma Nayakatanakke saluva Nelavangalada-simegi 8aluva Kanasavadiyannu dharmav agi 
kottevu (usual imprecatory phrases) i-puravu kalal agi iralagi odtyanu bandu paripalisi snmau- 
maha-mandalesvara raedini-misara .... palise iruvalannu dayamadi Narasinga-Rayaru- 
maharayara kumara Satiri-i^evana.Nayakara dharma-sisma yembudagi kottaddu a-chandrarka- 
• sakshiy agi || 


At Tsluru (same hobli), on a stoie near the Kabbalamma templc. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham m thirajidhirajaip parames^aram parama- 
bhattarakam Dvafavati-pura-vai-adhisvaram Yad.iva-kula nbara-dyuraaui sarbtjira-chudamani Male- 
raja-raja Maleparola ganda-bherunda kadana-prach\uda eijiuga-virau asahiya-sura Sanivara- 

[siddhi] Durga-giri-malia chalad-anka-Rama vairibha-kanthirava Magara-rajya .- Chola- 

rajya-sthapinacharya Paudya-rajya nissanka-pratapa-chakravarti vira-Ballala-De- 

varasaru pri .sarbijuam karma-nirmita vara-. . . . tacharya 

nayikaranu rana ... divi-dipikarum (rest effaced) (bich) .. ua-varanarum 

pasayarum jaga [d-e]ka-guru jagapar ada karav embaia Saka-varusam 1229 

neya Parabhava-samvatsarad i Asvija-5u 30 srimatu raiadhini-Dorasamudrada Hiriya-Kala-mata 
Japigu-inata maha-.. .. nilku-nada balagi kammara akasale yivtirolagada samasta-Vira Pauchaja- 
ru kota tambra-sasanada kramav ent endare {here follows ihe list of tnxes yranted.) 


At Madhure (same hobli), oi a virakal in ILdasur Hanumantayya' s field. 

a a 

evasti sVi S'aka-varusba 1341 neya v.irusa Vilambi-samvatsarada A s vayuja-masada A MadhureYalala- 
hegade-gaundana maganu Samayadi Karaaranu kadi Kare Pomma Tirumaleya. . . •• •- sagi barutt 
iral agi svargga-sthan ada 


At the same villagc, on a virahal. 


svasti sn S'aka-varusha 1341 neya v.trusha Vilambi-samvatsaratla Asvija-masadslli Madhurejalli 

... nada-Giudhaia magana samayaddlt dhanuka chakra yalati hogi chakra-dallige 

sutta 12 aliya alalalli kratu ... dodagal.ige sattigavane khavandanu yellige sagidadeju 

{stop.s herc) 


At Kdholu (same hobli), in the bachyard of the Sharibogs hoitse. 

(Grantha aud Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Prajapati-varushit u Sittirai-ma lam-mudal Perumali-devar magan Ponnappanum Allapp- 
anum tanga . tavappan Vembi-devar ara«ar Anaividi sraddliam-panuinapodu Madiyanuril Achchan- 
pijlaikku e .. satva-maniya .. .. alakada ditya-vaiui Sellakadaivad-i 


At Kd ndhsipura (samc hobli), in a bla-h stone on the west dinne. 
SuUvihana-iSika-samitsarav adi ?1569 ne Saiv.ii'u-samvatsara-Mnga-su 10 sii-Yirupaksha-Raya 

Kamak-raipur tke saluva a-Visvanatha-Ma!ipura ajrahan 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 87 


At Dodda-Tumlclru (same hobli), on a stoM by the side ofthc raised ground 

A . 
in front of ilie old Anjaneya tewple. 

svastt samasta-bhuvanasraya 6ri-prithvi-vallabha raaharajadhirajarp paramesvaram . ke. 

sarara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajiia. . .. raani Maleparolu ganda ganda-bherunda 

ekahga-vira S'anivara-siddhi Giridurga-malla chalad-auka-Kama vaii ibha-kanthirava Magara-rajya- 
nirmmulana Cholu-ra;ya-stapanacl)ariya Pandya-raiya-samuddharana Hoyisana bhuja-bala nissahka- 
pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru pivthvi-rajyam maduttam svasti srisarbbajna . 

.. rada Visvakar.iuna-ntrinmita eka-vedmta bhuvaua-bhavana-vijanata charyam tambra- 

daranarum anda samasta S'aka- 

varusha 1229 neya Parabhava-samvatsarada Aivayija-su .. A-li sriraad-iajadhaai-Dorasaraudra ... 

mukhyavada akasaleyavar-olagada samasta kotta tambra-sasanada kramav ent 

endare (rcst efaced). 


At Gaudahalli (same hobli), on a stone north of the village gate. 

svasti sri S'aka-varusha 1259 neya .... samvatsarada Bahudhanya 

. vira-Ballala ..• . . sukha-sahkatha-vinoda rajadhani (5 lines gone) 

chatus-simeya piriya. chandraditya raahgaja maha 


At Bdchahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Sdnajhoga's field. 

svasti srimatu 8'aka-varusha 1 ... ne Paridhavi-saravatsarada Palgurja-ba 5 sriman-maharajadhi 
raja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa-Deva-Raya-maharayaru rajya (rest illegible), 


At Mdoalipura (sarm hobli), on a stone near th n , Ha iwnantardya tcmple near the village gate. 
namas tuhga-&c. || 

Harer Iila-varahasya damshtra-dandUs sa patu nah l 

Hemadri-sikbara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'altvahaua-SAka-varushahgalu 1637 ue Mantnatha-samvatsarada Pushya- 
ba 2 S'ukravarada Makara-sahkranti-maha-punya-kaladalu srimad-rajadhirija raja-para- 
niesvarabhivandita sri-Vehkatesvara-svami Vehkatachaladallu simhasanarudhar agi prithvi-sam- 


rajyam. gaivutta yiralu chaturtha-gotraia sriman-maha-Avati-nada prabhugal ada Immadi-Sanna- 
Baire-Gaudarayyanavara pautrar ada Gopala-Gaudarayyanavara putrar ada Dodda-Bairapa- 


Gaudarayyanavaru Haritasa-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus sakhadhyayigal ada . Barflra 
Tirupati-bhattara pautrar ada Yal am-bhattara putrar ada Subba-bhattaravarige kotta eka- 
bhogya gramada dharma-sasa la-kramav ent endare namma Devanapurada-rajyakke saluva S"ige- 
kote-hobaliyalli Kurubarahalli-upagrama-sahitav ada Mavaltpurakke pratinanav ada Dodda- 
Bairasagaiav emba eka-bhoga-sarvamanyagrahlravanu sri-G6pala-svamige pritiy agi sa-hiranyo- 
daka-dhara-purvakav agi tri-karana-tri-vachakav agi dnaten eredu kottev ada-karana i-gramakke 
saluva nidhi-nikshepx-jala pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyahgal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas* 
svamyahgalunu nimma putra-pjutra-paramparyav agi a-chandrarka-stliayigal agi sukhadalli 
anubliavisikondu ihudu yaulu kotta eka-bho/a-grauia-danala dharma-sisana [usual final verse) 6ri 

gft Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 


At Malhnapdlya (same hobli), on a copper ptale from gdradigdra Sanjtva. 
sri-Rama || svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-sakba-varushangalu *I609 ne Kilaka-nania- 
samvatsarada Magha-su 5 llu rajadhirajagalu Kauthi-Raju Kantaiya-Raju Mantreya-Raju Khara- 

churi Nangaiya-Raju .. . . svamigalu kartaru Magadi-Ranga-svamiya bale aneya kondanta 

auege sunya-madisidaru pakkeyolage tode-tode-tora hulagalu bidu sayodagi yi-aneya yaradaru vasi- 
madidare avarige rajyadalli dana-patiangalu koduttadey embud agi | gajaukusa vanta Tuli-Bairava 

.... yinnu yaru yilla bumiyalli yitane samartanu yambud agi dinake i-anege madisi sunya- 

vannu vase-madal agi mechchidaru yarada-kaige pachchada kadagavannu aki tumba-udugare madi 

(back) savira-vara[h]avannu kottu santaisi kelara namma rajyadolage yitanige madi- 

kottanta dana-patra-vivaram | urige vanda ' 1 kasibige ' 2 kampanige vandu kuri maduvege 
• 10 kanakke ' 1 ragi ' 1 vandu honte hullu yidharmake tappidare 

yuge yuge cha go-hatya, stri-hatya cha chatur-yuge | 

kalpanta-biahma-hatyam cha rinam cba na kada cha na || 

mata cha... pita cha . da6a-ratrena | 

Kurukshetre || 

Kasiyolage go-hatye madidahage Brahma-hatye stri-hatye yidikke tappidare yint-ishtu dosha | yi- 

dana-patra Nanjundeivarana sannidhanadalli baradu lyidake sakshi akasa vanni bhumi-tayi | sfirya* 

chandr&dgalu sakshi yida baradata Gangapana baraha sri-Naujanaguda Nanjuniesvarana padave 

gati || 6ri • 


At Mailappanalialli (&ame hobli), an a stone lying to the soulh of the outlet of the tanh. 

(Grantha and Tamil characttrsj. 

Yadi.ulanvaya-vari-rasi-kumudkllii .. h\ kapura-sri ...sya kali mat- 

Kriskna-kumara .. gadamo la-pradam praudhika ja sasi-taraka ...ssarva-manya. bbuvi 


(First part gone) vasti sri S'aka-varushangalu 1328 neya Vyaya-samvatsarada Pushya-su 10 

Makara-sankramana-punya-kaladalli an-raya-vibhala basege tappuva rayara ganda >sri-vira-Hari- 

yappa-Voleyaru prituvi-rajyam maduttira (bach) Venkannana maga 

gala maha sri sri -dharana-bhuja-danda srimanu 

dipati .. .. rayara ganda Mayila muganna srimanu maba-kula- 

prasuta {rest illegible) 


Mallohalli cojper plates. 

(1 a) svasti jitam bhagavata [gataj-ghana-gaganabhena Padmanabhenasrimat-Jahnaveya-kiilamala- 
vyomavabha3a(bha)na-bhaskarasya sva-bhuja-balarjjitorjjila-rAjya-sii vibhavasya sila-stainbha-pra. 
hara-prakhyata-kirtteh Ianatigahaua-kaksha-pradaha-davagnah srimat-Koriganivarmma-dharmma- 
mahadhirajasya putrasya pitur nnvagata-gunasya Dattakasutra-vyakhya-praiietuh aneka-samarava- 
gahanopal ibdha-vrana-vibhushaiya Bhagavat...(I b) ti-(bha)vibhavasya sVirnan-Madhavadhirajasya 
putrasya aii&ka-chatur-ddantavapla-chatur-udadhi-salilasvadita-yasasah piavara-kan-turaga-vara- 
rohana-dakshasy a kshapitari-paks'iasya sriinadd-Harivarmma-marajasya putrasya pitri-pilamahanva- 
ga[ta] mina-gana-yuktasya naie.idra-iitau Brihaspati-tulyasya yavad-ayu...khaudita-na .. tsahasya 
*2o in the original : but Saka 1609 = Prabhava Kilaka = 1590i 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 89 

S'akra-tulya-parakramasyasrimad-Vishnug6pa-raja8ya putrah vara-yudbi... {Ila) raviada-prabodhana- 

pravntta-taruna-divakara amrita-vishasama-prasada-kopa aneka-go-hiranya-bhumy-adi-pradana- 

diksha-kshapita-kalmashachiropahrita-Brabmadeya-pradana-prakhyata-yasah aneka-yuddhadhvara- 

yajakaika S'akra lvapratihata-vikramah Dhanada ivakshina-ko§a-kottagarah Yama ^ivayishu-vari- 

tanka-varana-pravara-vijaya-vikramasya Madhava-Rajasya putrah Kongani-Rajakhyah datta Kada- 

svamisvaTaittiriyya-sa-Brahma (Ilb) nasya Hiranyakesi-siitrebhya Marugareya-rashtreTippura Kada- 

svainigajge Brahmadeya-kraraade . . Melura, kere kile padi-kandugam vrihi-bhumim dattavya ashta- 

ddia-jatibhih sarva pariharas sa-paniyya-pata Brahma-deyikritya puuyarogyabhivriddhaye dattavan 

tad anugamya Sarvvayu ivadharanitalapratihata-balah parama-Brahmanyah Hara-charanaravinda- 

pranipata (Illa) Kanvayana-sa-gotra- srimat-K ougani-maharajasy a atmanah pravarddhamana- 

vipuja-vi[ja]yaisvaryye ekona-trirnsa-Vijaya-sambatsare S'ataya-nakshatre Madela-sa-gotrasya Kada- 

SvamisvasarvvatairyyaMadavallabhasva Kadasvamina nuta bhumi tathaiva pariharantu parihara- 

yantu cha ya etad asmachchhasanam a[ti]kramet sa papah sarira-dandam arhati apichatra [Ma]nu- 


sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam i 

gavam 6ata-sahasrasya hantur bhavati dushkritam || 

{IVa) svam datum su-raahachchhakyam duhkham anyartha- palanam | 

danam va palanam veti danachchhrey6'nupalanam || 

bahubhir vasudha datta rajabhis Sagaradibhih | 

yasya yasya yada bhurais ta6ya tasya tada phalam |l 

maharaja svam anujhapyam Divakara.. .. perggalaui. panirkkanduga-vede nel-mannu ondu palurp 

ondu % 

68 2 

Malldhalli copper plates. 

(1 b) svasti 3 jitam bhagavata, gata-ghana-gaganabhena Padmanabhena sri[ma]j-Jahnaveya-kulamala- 
vyomavabhasana— bhaskarasya sva-kbadgaika-prahara-khandita-raaha-sila-stambha-labdha-bala-pa- 
rakrama-yasasah darunari-gana-vidarana-ranopalabdha-brana-vibhushana-vibhushitasya Kanvayana- 
sa-gotrasya srimat-Konganivarmma-dharmma-mahadhirajasya putrasya pitur anvagata-guna- 
yuktasya vidya-vinaya-vinitasya samya[k]-praja-palanamatradhigata-rajya-pray6janasya nana- 
eastrarttha.-sadbhavadhigaina-prauita-mati-viseshasya vidvat-kanchana-nikashopa- ( II a ) 
labhiitasya viseshato'py anavaseshasya niti-sastrasya vaktri-prayoktri-kusalasya su-vi- 
bhakta-bhakta-bhritya-janasya Dattaka-sutra-vritteh pranetuh srimat-Madhava-mahadhirajasya | 
putrasya pitri-paitamaha-guna-yuktasya aneka-chaturddanta-yuddhavapta-chatur-udadhi-salila- 
svidita-yasasah SA-inada-dvirada-turagarohauatisayotpanua-tejaso dhanur-abhiyoga-sampadita- 
sampad-viseshasya srimadd-Ilarivarnima-mahadhirajasya | putrasya guru-go-Brahmana-pujakasya 
Narayana-charananudhyatasya (II b) srimad-Vishnugopa-mahadhirajasya | putrasya Tryambaka-cha- 
runambhoruha-rajah-pavitrikritottamaugasya vyayamodvritta-pina-kathina-bhuja-dvayasya sva- 
bhuj:i-bala-parakrama-kraya-krita-rajyasya kshut-ksham63hta-pisitasana-pritikara-nisita-db;1ra&eh 
chira-pranashta-deva-bhoga-Brahraadeya-visarggagrayana-karinah Kali-yuga-bala-pahkavasanna- 
dharmma-vrishoddkarana-uitya-sannaddhasya sriman-Madhava-mahadhirajasya I putrasyavichchhi- 
nnaivameJhavabhrithabhishikta-srimat-Kadamba-kula-gagana-gabhastima (III a) linah sii- 
Krishnavarmma-mahadhirajasya priya-bhagineyasya janani-devatahka-paryyahka evadhigata-rajya,- 
bhishekasya vijrirnbhamana-sakti-trayasya parasparanavamarddenopabkujyainana-trivargga-sa- 
rasya asambhraraavauamita-samasta-samanta-mandalasya nirantara-preina-hahuinananurakta-pra- 

From here, the inseription eontains several mistakes. 
This and tlie previous sasaia belong to Timme.gaucU, ex-patel of Rauiadevanhalh, Kodihalh hobli. 


This word is mscnbecJ in the beginning of third line. 


90 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

kriti-varg°asya vidya-vinayatisaya-pariputantaratraanah Karttayugina-raja-charitavalambinah ' 
aneka-samara-vijay6parjjita-vipula-yasah-kshir6daikarnnavikrita--bhuvana-trayasya niravagraha- 
pradana-sauryyasya avishahya-parakrama (III b) kranta-pratiraja— mastakarppitapratihata-sasana- 
sya ancka-mukhabhivarddhamana-vibhavodaya-parajita-Dravinapateh prathitaueka-guna-nidhana- 
bhutasya vidvatsu prathama-ganyasya pranayi-jana-hridaya-nandanasya maryyadalanghana- 
lankrita-ratnakara-vrittasya yatharha-dandatayanukrita-Vaivasvatasya pratapatisayanugata-vi- 
vasvato Vaivasvatasya va Manor vvarnnasramabhirakshane Dakshinam disam abhigoptum paryyap- 
nuvatah pratijaninasya su-prajasah srimat-Kongani-mahadhirajasya Avinita-namnah putrena Pun- 
nada-raia-3ka(IP a) ndavarmma-priya-putrika-janmana sva-gurunanugamina, pitra para-suta-sama- 
varjiitayapi lakshmya svayam abhipratyalingita-vipula-vakshas-talena vijrimbhamana-sakti- 
tray6panamita-samasta--samanta--mandalena Andariya-Alantura-Poru] 
ena suraat-Kongani-vriddha-Rajena Durvvinita-namadheyena samasta-Pannada-Punnadadhipati- 
na Vaivasvateneva Manuna varnnasramabhilakshanat Dakshinam disam abhigoptum paryyaptavata 
pratijaninena su-prajasa(JF6) atmanar pravarddhamana-vijayaisvaryye paficha-trimsat-Vijaya-samvat- 
sare pravarttamane \ sViinad-Valmiki-namni jagat-suryya-vam3akhara-Mahadevak[h]ya-Kasyapa-sa- 

gotra-Vaiasenyam udaya-srimad-Devasarmmanam KeJ.ale-namna Bempurisvara-stanam udaka- 
purbbadattam. (here follow details of gift with botmdaries) etan Mahadeva-divya-dattam api chatra 

Manu-gita[h] sloka[h] 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani gbore tamasi varttate [| 
bahubhir vasudha bhukta rajabhis Sagaradibhih | 
yasya yasya yada bhiimis tasya tasya tada phalam || 
svam datuj-n su-mahat sakyam dushkham anyartha-palanam | 
danam va, palanam veti danach chreyonupalanam || 
adbhir dattam tribhir bhuktam shadbhis cha pritipalanam | 
etani na nivarttante purvva-raja-kritani cha || 



















> ZJ 



' cg^*gjfaz*^5&fcvn® 

159 ^ T/ 

^ n p a i 



~* ^fc3(9 ^©^ ^5^n n 




: o: 

At Tindalu, (Kunddna hobli), on a stone near the Hanumanta temple. 
Srimatu S'aka-varsha 1251 neya Vibhava-smvatsarada S'ravana-6u 1 ... svasti srimatu pratapa- 
chakravarti Hoysana s>i-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Upnamale-pattanadali sukha-sankatha-vinoda- 
dim rajyan geyuttam srimat-maha-pradhanarn Ponannavara makkalu Kamaya-danuayakaru 
Yalahakka-nada Nagavara gaundan^e Tinnalu chatus-sime 


At the same village, on a stone in Hanumanta's field. 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-jana-vikhyata rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Deva-Raya-mabarayaru prithvi- 
rajyavan aluvalli srimatu Penavale-Nayara makkalu Kadanna-Nayaru Tinnala Tirumala-gaudara 
makkalu Bachaya-gaudarige kha 1 


At Jdlige (same hobli), on a stone in the Mddiga-Kadinga's threshing floor. 

(bacJc) svasti §ri S'aka-varusha 1267 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Phalguna-sudda 3 Adivara Sriman- 
maha-naya[ka]charyya bhasige tappuva nayakara ganda Viramaji-Hiriya-Pemmaya-Nayakaru Bha- 
radvaja-gotrodbhavar ada sri-Ranganatha-bhattara makkalu Bhavabhiitigalige Elahakka-nada 
Jalige-chatus-simeya volagada gadde-beddalu-ntdhi-nikshepa-saha sarvva-svamyavanii dhara-piirvakav 
agi chandradityar ullanna-bara sarvam^nyad-agraharav agi (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a vtrakal at Sat&nahalli bande. 

S'aka-varusha 871 neya Kilaka-samvatsara pravarttisutt ire svasti sama maha-sabda Palla- 

vanvaya-kula-tilaka Kanchi pura-varesvara prachanda-dakshina-[d6r]danda-danditarati-mandajan 

Pallava Narayanam ganad-ankakara snmad-Ajryapa badavan 

aluttum ire Kannandi ...... van iridu satta kaduvatta Birayyara viravan abhyantarisi 

Sri kalnatu gottar (imprecatory phrases) 



At Solw' (same hobli)> on a stone infront ofthe Aiijaneya temple. 

damshtra-dandas sa patu vah \ 

sriyam dadhau || 

Budhavara . .Srimanu-maha-mandalesvara rajadh i raj a paramesvara chatus-samudradhipati 

ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sYi-vira-maha-Deva-Rayaru prithivi-rajyam geyutt 
iralu svasti srimat-pradhana-Hirana-dannayaka-voderu Yelahaiika-nad-olagana Devarayasamudra 
Patasaleya, .... a-ura chatus-sime (rest effaced) 

92 Devanhalli Taluq. 


At Byddarahalli {same hobli), tn a stone in Muttas'dstri's field. 

svasti sri S'akabda 1 297 neya Rakshasa-samvatsarada S'ravana- sriman-maha-mandalesvaram 

ganda. . . . Sri .. .. Bukkanna prithvi-rajyam 


At the same village, on a virahal to the ivest, 

(Qrantha 4" Tamil eharactersj 

svasti sri virame tunaiy-aga-ttiyagame aniy-aga sengol-ochchi-kkarun-Gali-kadiyndu Ahavamallanai 
afijuvittu Viykkalanaiyum S'ingaunanaiyum udaipuian-gandu vira-singasanattu virr-irund-aruliya 
R6-pParakesaripanmar aua udaiyar sri-Virarajendra-Deva.rkI;u yandu aifiju avadu Vikkirama-S'6ia- 
mandalattu S'anuai-nattu-tTippur-kkaniyalar Mojippala-gamundar magan Vasava-gamundar ma- 
gan Machchaiyan ana S'6}a-Vichchadira Vilupparaiyar magau Vasavaiyan ana Rayaraya-velan Pra- 
madi kKa.ruva.rugam-udaiyar S'6makkan ti-ppaya i-kkal-seyvittar Tippur-udaiyar Pasuponnamemti 
Rajadiraja-muventa-velar vanna 


At Devanahalli (Divanahalli hobli), on copper plates from Arcfiaha-Narasimhdchdr of 

the Gqpdlasvdmi temple. 
(7 b) sri-G6palaya namah sri-Gopala-svami-charanarpana 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau |l 

namas tunga-&c. || 

kalyanayastu tad-dhama pratyuha-timirapaham | 
yad-gajo'py Agajodbhutam Harinapi cha pujyate || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushangalu 1619 nevarushakesaluva Yisvara-nama-sam- 
vatsarada Magha-su 15 Sthiravara-maha-parva-kaladallu akhitenda-koti-Brahmanda-nayaka pur- 
ana-purushottania auanta-kalyaua-guna-gana-paripurna sri-Madana- \laaielumanga-sameta sri- Venk- 
Gopala-svamiyavara divya-sri-pada-padmanga}ige nimma mukhya-dasarada chaturtha-gotrada sii- 


man-maha-Avati-nadaprabhu£falada Mudu-Bayire-Gaudara putrarada Yimmadi-Sona-Bayire-Gaudara 
dharma-patni Kempammanavara putrarada Gopala-Gaudaru srimatu Gopala-svami-seve-satkaradi- 
galige samarpisida gramagala dharma-Sasanada kramav eut endare Devanapurada rajyake saluva 
Vadigehali-h6ba(IIa)li-graniagalu Sometihali-grama 1 Meluru Vudluru grama-yaradu Chatuhali- 
grama 1 Sagepabali grama 1 tota 2 nu Savakanahali-baliyaua hosa-kerege sri-Madana-G6pala- 
svami-sevarthav agi samarpisida vivara nityotsava-pakshotsava-masotsava-samvatsarotsava-parva- 
kala-samprokshanegaju ratotsava-muntadasevegalu adiyagi nadavautada utsavagalu nitya-paditara- 
diparadhane-kanike-vastradigalu archakange nadavanta Vuparahalige pratinamavada Gopalasagarav 
emba grama adiyada yi-varige nadavanta sakala-svamya-svastegalu palaki-chhatra-chamaradigajige 
Bayichapura Bayirapura archakaru agama-jnaru puroh:taru veda-pirayana-mantrapushpa-saha- 
sra-nama-yaj56pavita-tomale--parupatyagara-syanabh6garii-mela-tala--naiavaiu--muiitada sakala-vi- 
niyogavu sasvatav agi nadoyabeku yidaralli yaru sevege tappidagyu avarige badalu hakikondu 
svami-seve madisabeku Gopala-svamige samarpisida totada,llu yenu kilu-payiru yi-totadavara 
sainbala kaladu svamige samarpisidda kaladu nintada svamige abharana raadabeku yi-barada- 

Devanlialli Taluq. 93 

[II &] arthake svami-sevege saraarpisida Meluru Madluru grama 2 Savakanahajli-hosa-kere 1 saha 
sakala-suvarnnadaya-kadarambha-nirarmbha-sahitavagi yiginavarige kanda sakala-suvarnnadaya 
leka nodi nirnayamadida arthake hana davasa vechavaddu kajadu nintada svamige abharaua 
madisabeku yidake kadame biddare aramaneyinda kottu svami-seve nadasabeku mattu atisaya- 
kaladalli rajopachara yappattu-yaradu-viniyogavu svami-seve madalullavaru svami-abharana- 
bhushanadigaju yenu yiddaru sakala-vahanadigalu yenu yidaru yinnu svamige madisuvantha bhu- 
shana-vahauadigalu yenu samarpisidaru sasvatavagi nadiyabeku yi-gramagalu tere hortagi kade- 
yalli kattu raadida paditara chilara, yenu yiddaru nadasabeku yi-arthake Brahma Kshatriya Vaisya 
S'udra mattu nana-varuasramadavaru tappidaru tamina tarama kulacharakke horagu mattu 
diparadhane paditara-gramagalu tere hortagi svamige samarpisida-vubhayagalu yenu yiddaru 
ea^vatav agi nadayabeku yentha. nirunaya-raadida tamra-sasana (Illa) (usual final verse) 

mad-vamsa-jah para-mahipati-vamsa-ja va 
ye bhumipas satatam ujjvala-dharraa-chittah I 
raad-dharmam eva satatam paripalayanti 
tat-pada-padma-yugalam sirasa namami || 

{after 4 usual verses) — 

aditya-chandrav anil6'nalaS cha dyaur bhurair apo hridayam Yanias cha | 
ahascha ratris cha ubhe cha sandhye dharmas cha janati narasya krityam || 
aho Raghava rajendra sapta-kalpanujivy ahami 
na srinomi na pasyami svayam dattapaharinam || 

[ ] S'ivam sita-galam vedan anuchcharanan 

Brahmanam . . pafichamena sirasa, S'ambhum tu a-Ganga-jatam | 

Iudram ... amantham abdhi Kamam cha sad-vigraham 

sailam paksha-yutam .... Raghu-pate dattam svayam harinam || 


At the same uillage, on a stone in the Ve nu-G 6 pdla-Kr ishna-svd mi temple. 


svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-8aka-vaiushangalu 1619 ne Isvara-naraa-samvatsarada Magha- 


suddha 15Sthiravar;i-parva-kaladallu Avati-Immadi-Baire-Gaudara pautrarada Souna-BaireGaudara 
putrarada Kempammanavara kuraara Gopala-Gaudaru sri-Iiukmini-Satyabhama-saraeta-sii- 
Madaua-Gopalara nity6tsava--paksh6tsava--mas6tsava-samvatsar6tsava--rath6t9avada sevarthamagi 
Vadigenahalli-ho \ Meluru-grama 1 Malluru-grama 1 archakarige Soruattanahalli-hobali Avara- 
halli-grama 1 Ilosakere ] Kempanimanavara tota chhatri-pilakiyavarige Savakanahalli 1 Baichapura 
1 grama 2 yivugalalli ada huttuvali devarige utsavadig;tlu puje sariyagi nadiyabeku mikkaddaralli 
devarige abharana madisabeku yanne araraane maligeyinda kodabeku saladiddare bekadadu arama- 
neyinda kodabeku devastanadalli bandavarigeanna-prasada kodabeku (usual imprecatorij phrases) 


A A 

At Avati (Avati lidbli), on a ilrakal in Do(/danna's ficld to the north-west. 

(Grantlia and Tamil characters.J 

svastisri Tribhuvana-.nalla Talaikkalu-konda bhujab;*l;t-Vira-Ganga Poyisala-Deva pirutivi-rajyadolu 
Prammi-saravastarattu S'annai .. nattu Avattiyur-kkaniyalan Gangarudaiya perungadi Ganga- 
vansattu Uya . -gamuudan magan Polla-gamundan magan Kav.i-gamundan magan Machcha-ga,- 
mundan kattuvi ...bilagam 


94 Devanhalli Taluq. 


At Mudagurihe (same hobli), on a stone in the Governvient land to the west. 

srimatu S'aka. . samvatsarada 1264 Chitrabhanu-samvatsara-S'ravana-6u 1 Guruvara sri-vira-Ballala- 

Defvaru] Virupakshapada .. . . dalu suka-rajya gayavalu Ta Naykaru a- ayankara 

mammakkalu Sonnaya-Naykaru srimanu-maha-Kilalura-nada ra ya nadavatteyagi 

.... geya Durgaleya-gaudam :.(back) yagi kotteii sarbbamanyav agi yidam chandra-suryya 

(stops here) 


At the same village, in Gavudan-tdpu canal to the north. 

(Grantha dnd Tamil characters) . 

svasti sri Poyiala-vira-Ramanata-Devarku yandu muppattunalavadu Ilaippakka-nattu nadavarum 
adikariyum Vallalanum vitta tanmam Vallala 

Gangayir-kural-pasuvai konra papate povargal 


On a viraJcal to the north west of the satne village. 
svasti sri S'aka-varisha 896 varisha (rest illegible) 


At BuUahalli (same hobli), in Gaviga's field to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sii S'akabda-varushani 1280 mel sellaninra Vijambi-samvatsarattu Margali 13 ti TingaJ- 
kilamai Asvani Dasamiyum perrav-anru srimanu-raaha-inandalesvara sri-vira-Bukkana-udaiyar 

prithuvi-rajyara-seyyaninra S'61a-mandala Kaiv. . .. nattu Aiyya rajan ana Brahma- 

... yan S'elvAndai-devar kumarau kattu-maniya vitta 

tanmam • . . . ttil . . • 


At Kdrahalli (same hobli), on a rock to the west. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri nanu-maha-mandaleran Tribhuvana-mallan Nandigiri-natha . Vembi-devan . na Nandi- 


devarena S'akabdam ayiratt-iru-nurr-aSju sanra Svabhanu-varshatt-Ani-masam nalan-tiyadi 
Nayarru-kkilamayum Punarpusamum Triyayum vyadipadam perra 6ubha-dinattil Nigarili-Soja- 
mandalattu Saunai-nattu vada-kurri Koduvattiyil kKulaimamballattai Nandi-samu ... m aga .. tti 
enga.nayanar sri-Nandisvaram-udaiyarkku Vishuv-ayana-samkramangalum ursava-divasangalum 
adhyayanam-panni ssevikkakadavargalacravum ssevaiyi-padi-perakkadavargalagavum .. .. dandam 
undigaiy santanam-arra vastukkal taagale vangi enakkurn i-koyilkuai idakkadavargalagavum idin- 
kil Vilanguttai-kkaraiyur ten-pal vada-pal nir payinta nilan-galamy-agakkadavadagavum tiru- 
murra .. .. koyil utpada muppattirandu-perkku kraya-vikraya-dana-yogyam aga Brahmanarku 
udakam-panni kudutten Nanti-devarena idil bhagam tiru-murrattukku irandu sri-koyiluku 
irandu Kuoiandur Gam^ayaga-bhattan 2 Allala-bhattan Kondi Ilaiyan sri-Hasai Attiyur-bhattan 
Ilaiyavilli Alagarsingam Periyasingam Kappani-bhattan bhatta-vritti paiigu | Yirayur-tTuraivan Va- 
llalarkku pangu Vidakodam Gamgayadi Mongalur Anantalvan-bhattm 2 Piljai.. .. kaniyumagai.. 
Kattapilanavani Evurasu-kKumandur S'angandan ana Peruinal.. Yirayur Perayiram S'augu-ppijlai 
Madavan Koduvati Peramal-devan maga Savaninavaidyan sri-Mahesvara-priyan ana Ambala-perum- 

Devanhalli Taluq. 95 

k\ pahgu ] ivar magan S 'ikkannannukku paiigu 1 aga pangu irandu naliyanan aga pan- 

gu mupattirandu gramasrayattal pangu nalu aga pangu 36 ivv-erikku satus-simai ivv-eri kilakku 

Vijahguttai edir-vayir idan me.rku Michchondan pulattd kuttaiy-uravum ivv-eri ten-pal vada-pal 

m kalaniy-aga nichchayittu kudutteu Nandi-devanena i-dhammattukku vikkanam-panninavan Gam- 
gay karaiyil kkural-pasuvai konran papatte povau 

Ambala-perumal-kkariyattu mun kkayale kuduttom avan vamsam ulladanaiyuin ippadi-chchelutta- 


aditya vasavo vi kasa sva-dattam para-dattatn vayohareta vasundharam shasht 

varsha-sahasraui vishtayam jayate krimih S'ula-panischa bhagava. . . dam 



At Vadigenahalli (Vadigenahalli hobli), on a stone west of the Anjaneya tentple south of 

the village gate. 

avasti Sri Sakabda 1 274 neya Nandana-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 5 S'ukravaradalu sriman-maha,- 
rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa .. .. Kaya-maharayara sirah-pradhananada maha- 
pradhanam Naganna-daunayaka-odeyaru prithivi-rajyan geyiiitt iralu s^iman-maha-samantadhipati 
muvaru-rayara ganda Balavanka Darahkiya-Nayakara makkalu Tanimeya-Nayakarige saluva Anjadu- 

nada Vadigeyahalliyalu rmma-sisanada kramav ent endade sriman-maha- 

.. .. naka-devara Gavaresvara-devara divya-sripada ayivattaru-desada salu 

vaddavyavahari ppayirige diya madhyama 

Gavaresvara-pa, galallu yavanu nadasabahaii yi- 

a-chandrarka-sthayiagi madidanta sasana mahgala raaha, Sri ki nada oppa Sri-Gavaresvara-devaru 
halara oppa sri-Gavaresvara-devaru. ... Siddiya baraha .. .. .. baraha 


At the same village, on a stone in the enchsure of the ChannaMsava tenvple. 

flarer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah l 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau | 
svasti vijayabhyudaya-Salivahatia-saka-varshangalu 1650 ne Kilaka-nama-samvatsarada Phal- 
guna-suddha 10 maha-punya-kaladallu sri-Veakatachalesvara-Vehkate^vara-padaravinda-pari- 
palita-sri-Devanapurada rajyakke saluva Vadigehalliyallu yiruva Channakesava-svami-sevarthav- 
a»i siirnan-raaha-Avati-nada prabhu Immadi-Sona-Baire-Gaudar-ayanavara pautrar ada Gopala- 
Gaudar-ayanavara dharma-patni Kempammanavara putrarada Dodda-Bairapa-Gaudar-ayanavaru yi- 
Channakesvara-svamige nityotsava—iia^shotsava-masotsava-rathotsava-muntada-seve-paditara- 
diparadhane-sa^ala-viniyoga-payikake samarpisidu Vadigenahalli-hobalige saluva S'ettihalli-gra- 

ma 1 Ahgatti-grama 1 vubhaya-graraa vada-karaua yi-graraa-yaradaku saluva kadarambha- 

nirarambha-sunka-suvarnadaya-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana, akshina-agami-siddha-sadhyahgal emba 
ashti-bhoja-teias-sv.imvangalu sa*ia a-chaadrarka-sthayiyagi putra-pautra-paramparyavu nadasa- 

lulavaru yandu baraha barasi sthapana madi kottantha, sila-&isana (wuil final verses) 

sri-Channakesavaya namah sri-G6palam 


In the same temple, on a stono in the ivall behind the Saumyandyaki image. 

bhyudaya-S'alivahana-s\ika-varushangalu 1447 neya rajadhiraVa para ;i- 

es^vara iri-vira-pratapa Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-raiyam (rest illegible) 

96 Devanhalli Taluq. 


At Manhasandra (same hobli), on a stone in Suryandrdyanappa' s field. 

gubham astu svasti sri Sakabda 1329 .... saluva Kali-yuga-samvatsara 4508 neya Sarvajitu-samvat- 
sarada Vaisikha-ba 30 surya-grahanada punya-kaladalu sVimau-maha-raandalesvaram.. ..rayara... 
ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-pratapa-Deva-Raya-maharayaru chatus-sa- 

mudradhipatiy agi simhasana-sthar agi sthira-rajyam geyiutt iddalli a-rayara samantadhipati 

gandara-guliyadavaru-rayara ganda bhashege tappuva rayara gauda | pujya-mata- 

puja-parayana hmarugajige Kesavanatha-devara sannidhiyalli sa-hiranyodaka- 

dana-dhara-piirvakav agi kofrantha dina-sMsana-kramav ent endade namage saluva A5jadu-nadu- 

vojagana Mangasandravanu deva-saha pafichadasa-bhageya vriiti a-Mangasaraudrada chatue- 

sime-volagadantha grihatama-kshetra-gadde-beddalu-aue-achchukattu i-volagadantha, nidhi-nikshepa- 
jala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sMhya, ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya sahavagi Timma-Nayakaru 
mahajanangalige i 

aifia, kshetrafi cha yad danam sulkam siddhi-karam tatha, | 
nidhanam karam raude || 

yemba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya-sthav agi surya-grahana-punya-kaladalu namma sva-hasta- 

dind odambattu kotta Mangasamudrake (usual imprecatory phrases) 

subham astu svasti sri Timeya-Nayakara oppa sri-Kesavanatha (bach) subham astu svasti srimatu a,- 

mahajanangala vrittiya vivara (herefollow details of gift, & names of vrittiddrs) 


At Kondenahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Kariijenahalli Venhataramana' s field. 

. .. svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-S^alivahana-Saka-varusha 1495 ne S 'rimukha-samvatsarada Magha-ba 
1 lu 6rimatu VadigenahaUiya Channe-devara gudiya stanika Chennappaya-Ramappayanu Bommana- 
hajliya Chika-gauda Kanti-gaudatiya VadigehaUi pratinama (rest illegible) 


At Dandigdnahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Mdri temple. 
(The ftrst portion is gone) VadigenahallUkoteyannu svadhinuv-Addarinda niuige meharban-agi Vadige- 
nah^lli-hobalige salluva Dandiganahalji-graraa ] Kondanahalli-graraa 1 kere 1 saha ninige umbali- 
yagi kottu yidheve ninu putra-pautra-parampareyalu anubhavisikondu sukhadalli yiruvadu yandu 

barasi kotta sasana 


At the same village, on a stone in the Rahgayya's grove. 

svasti £ri vijayabhyudaya srimatuElahanka-nada srimatu Kana- 

.. ka-Gauda samarpa Gopala-devarige Dandigenahalliya chatus-simey- 

olagaua beddala-sthaja-sahitav-agi uliga-mAnyavagi chandradityar ujlanna-baram kot^a 

agrahara (usual imprecatory phrases) 


At Somatanahalli (Channardyapatna hohli), on a stone near the village gate. 

sri-G6pala Harer lila-&c. || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-s\ika-varusharigalu 1619 YisVara-nama-sarpvatsarada Magha- 
su 15 Sthiravara-u aha-parva-kaladallu srimacl-Alaraelumariga-saraeta sn-Veiikatesvara-svaini- 

Devanhalli Taluq. 97 

padaravinda-paripalita-Devanapuradalu sri-Rukmini-Satyabhama-sameta-sri-Madana-Gopala-svamige 
sevarthav agi sriman-maha-Avati-nfida prabhu Muidu-Baire-Gaudara pautrar ada Immadi-Sonna- 
Baire-Gaudara dharma-patni Kempammanavara patrar ada Gojjala-Gaudaru svamige nityotsava- 
samarppisida Vadigenahalli-hobaliyali Melura-gra, 1 Madiura-gra 1 Malluru-hobaliyah Setu- 

hali-gra 1 Singuhali-gra 1 Soaiatahalli-gra 1 Savakanahalji-baliyana Hirekere 1 a- napatna- 

baliyaraa vasa-tota 1 Channavirarainana tota 1 diparadhane-yaune aramanege guttigeyali sallabeku 
pallaki-bUanigeyavarige Baichapura-Bairfipura-gra 2 archakariga Aparahajli-graraa-adiyagi-sakala- 
svamyavanuu yi-archakadiyfigi sakala-pa . . haragi aru tapidaru badalu hakilcondu svami-seve mada- 
belcu svami-seve^e nirnaya-raaji barala arthvke viniyoga-paika paditara-vechavanuu tegadu ninta- 
hana-davasa svamige abharana raadasabeku kadirae biddire aramaneyinda kottu nadasabeku nitya- 
mahanaivedya-kaladali bandanthavarige anna-prasada kodabeku rathots.^va-sambandha nellu kha 40 
aramaneyinda koiabeku svami-sampratigalah aramane-sampratigalali svami-seve-nimittavagi enu 
baradiddaru tappade nadasabeku yi-arthake Brahma-Kshatnya-Vaisya-S udra-aaua-varnasraraadavar- 
olagagi aru tappidaru tamma kulacharake horagu (usual final verses). 


At Dharmapara (same hobli), on aslone in thetoti-indm-field northof the Tirum'ila-deva temple. 

§ri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-sa 1369 neya Prabhava-samvatsarada Kartika-Su 15 ... lu sriman. 

maharajadhiraja raja chatus-samuiralhisvara Virupaksha-Deva-Raya-maharayaru sthira- 

prithivi-rajyam geyutt iralu .. Nallura-nadige saluva Mumba ... Darraanapurav emba gramavanu 

... yara ...tarapa tayi Singayi manna tande vagi nivu nimma putra- 

pau a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi sukhada ... ru endu kotta 


At Nalluru (same hohli), on a stone at the Garuda-hambha in front of the Rdmasvdmi temple. 

&ri Kali-yuga-samvatsarada olagana Vishu-samvatsarada Sravana-su J Gu-dalu Tirumalenathana 
sri-padake nimma bhntyara bhrityara bhrityaru Pc;rumala Setiya maga Marapanu madida tottu- 
gelasa J yi-pratishtheyanu madida Achari Aka-nayana maga Pati-ojanu raadida tottu-gelsa 


At the same place, on another stone. 

svasti sii KalUyuga-samvatsara nalku-savirada-nanura-embattu-elu yidarolage hingida S'aka- 
varusha savirada-miiniira-entu-inda mele nudavanta, Kshaya-samvatsarada dutiya-Ashadha-su 1 Gu 
Vaira-yogaii Bava-karanaii kiidida Pushya-uakshatradalli srimam-maha-savantadhipati Sonnaya- 
Nayakara kumara Chikka-Ankiya-Nayakaru Tirumalenatha-devarige prityarthavagi yidirug antu 
pratishtheya madidi dipamaleya-kambha Tirumalenatha-devara bhrityara bh.rityara bhrityaragf 
yidantha Chika-Aiikiya-Nayakaru madid i tottu-gelasa subham astu yi-kambhava madida achariyu 
Pouna-pileya maga Odeyappa 

At Aradekahalli (same hdbli), on a stone south-west of the Gopdlasvdmi temple. 

svasti sri Alde kalnadu Punnad»ar asara magandir Simarasa 


98 Devanhalli Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone near the village gate. 

svasty Akalavaraha-sri-prithivi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara bhattaraka prithivi-rajyam 
geye tat-prasadade Gangav&sana magam Govindaram Saliie-munu.rum Kunungil-aynurumam pratipa- 
lisutt ire Nandigundada Pasuvonnamojiyim. . . . gani-gavunda nad-ella para dodam Nandiya-sthana- 
Mume-nayaga .. man iripen end aldege vand ildu turuvan ikkisi sattam || 


At the same vtllage, on a virakal near the Karagada-deva temple. 

varasaru ... Kadukalla Pullamangala teridara Punnadan aje 

At SuradhSnupura (same hobli), on copper plates in possession of Patel R&mappa. 

(Ndgari characters—Bour seal) 

(Ib) sri-Ganesaya namah |j syasti jitam bhagavata gata-ghana-gaganabhena Padmanabhena srimad- 

Ganga-kulamala-vyomavabhasana-bhaskarah sva-khalga-khandita-sila-stambha iti vikhyata-yasah 

Kanvayana-sa-gotrah sriman Konkani-dharma-varma-mahadhirajas tat-putrah pitur anvagata-guno 

vidvat-kavi-kafichana-uikashopalabhuto Dattaka-sutra-vritti-praneta sriinan Madkava-varma-dharnia- 

mahadhirajas tat-putr6'neka-chaturdanta-yuddhavapta-chatur-udadhi-salilasvadita-yasah srimadd- 

Harivarma-mahadhirajas tat-putro Narayana-charananudhyata Vishnugopa-mahadhirajas tat-put - 

rah parama-Mahesvarah sva-bhuja-parakrama-krita-rajyah sriman Madhava-mahadhirajas tat-put- 

rah KadauiDa-kula-gagana-gabhastimalinah Krishnavarma-mahadhirajasya priya-bhagineyo vidya- 

vinaya-sampannah sriman(n)Avinita-uama tasya putro jrmbhamana-sakti-trayo vidvatsu prathama- 

ganyah Kiratarjuniya-pafichadasa-sarga-tikakaro Durvinita-namadheyas tat-putro ripu-timira-vibha,- 

karo Mokara-nama-raja tat-putras chatur-dasa-vidya-sthauadhikrita-matih S'rivikrama-namadheyas 

tasya putrah Pallavendra-vijaya-vikkyata-vikramo Bhurivikrama-namadheyas tad-anujo natarati- 

mandalo Nava-Chokka-nama-rajatasya putro Narayana-dhyana-parah pratidina-pravritta-mahadana- 

janita-punyaha-ghosha-ghushita— inandirodarah siiman Purushottama-nama inahadhirajas tasya 

putrena samara-mukha-sammukhagata-madebha—kumbha-nirbhedanochchalita— rakta-truti--pata- 

patalita-nija-bhuja-stambhena a-karna-samakrishta-chap;i-chakra-vi [Ila] nirmukta-naracha-param- 

para-patitarati-mandalena samasta-chakravarti.-lakshanopalakshitena nirapeksha-paropakarina 

dhanur-abhiyoga-tomaradi-prahana— mokshabhivyafijita-vidya-prabhavena sa-mada-dvirada-turaga- 

dhirohanatisayotpanna-karmana, sakala-kala-kusalena Kali-yuga-pratikula-vartina, niti-prayoge 

Brihaspatina bhoge Divaspatina, tyage Kalpa-vanaspatina, hastiui-vaktrodbhuta-yati-vara-matava- 

bodhana-gabhira-matina Mudugundur-nama-gram6|>avishta-Rfishtrakuta-Haihaya--pramukha-pra- 

tivira-sauatha-Pallave;idra-varuthini-vijaya-pataka-?ata-sabalita--uabhas-tal4na Pallavanvaya-tila- 

kabhyam Govinda-Raja-Nandivarmabhidhabhyam nija-kara-ghatita-patta-vibhushita-lalata-patta- 

vikhyata-vimala-Ganganvaya— nabhas-tala-gabhastimalina, sva-vamsa—charitanukramatta-vikrama- 

kramenoparjita-rajadhiraja-sabdena raja-paramesVarena S'ivamarapara-namadheyena srimata Na- 

rasihma-rUiarma-varma-mahadhirajena mahatmanah pravardhamana-vipu]aisvarye tritiye Sarvajit- 

samvatsare Magha-mase sukla-pakshe tithau saptamyam Ravivasare Asvini-nakshatre Morasu-nadu- 

nirdishta-Kakola-nagara-mandale Suradevapura-nama-grame sa-sarva-bhoge kritns chatur-virp^ati- 

sankhyata-vrittayo Vasishtha-Bharadvaja--3'rivatsa-Maunabhai-gava-Gautama-Rathitara-'Visva- 

mitra-Kasyapa-Kaundinya-gotrarnava-kumudahandhubhyo dvija-kula-kamalakaramodakarebhyah 

Devanhalli Taluq. 09 

sakala-veda-sastra-paradriSvabhyah Saivagama-vaktri-prayoktri-kuSalebhyah shad-anga-vidbhyah 
sha$-karma-niratebhy6 dvijebhyah sarvopahara-sanianvitam sapaniya-patam dattah asmin agrahare 
pratigrahitaro likhyante {here come the names &c ofvrittiddrs anddetails ofgift) nsyagraharasya isan- 
yadi-dikshu vidikshu cha shodaia-Sila Vamana-mudrankitas sthapitah | asya tu sima purva-bhu. . nka- 
kramenohitavyam | ^as tam paripalayati sa datri-sama-phala-bhagi bhavati yas tasya lobhadinapaharta 
sa sarva-pataka-phalam anubhavati | tathaiva Manuna gitam | (usual final verses) iyam tamra-pa$tika 
Linganacharyena likhita *(ihi-Virupaksha) 


At the same village, to the south of the Surathesvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sauaasta-bhuvana^raya pratthi-vallabha mahaiajadhiraja paramesvara Yadhava-kulambara- 

dyuni Dvaravatipura-varadbisvara sarva chudamani malaraja-raja malapporu.. gan^ha gantha- 

pperun^ha kadana-prasantha Vira-Gamga sahaya-6ura Sanivara-sidhi Griridurga- 

malla chala^amka-Rama nthi Makara-rajya-nirmulana Paudiya-kula- 

samuddharana Chola-kula-pratishthachayyan atunga-pradhapa-chhchhakravati Poysala-sri-vira- 
Kamanatha-Deva . rkku yandu muppattelavadu Ani-madam irandan-diyadi nal Ilaippakka-nadu 
S'anavaranathanalur-pparm ivaiyiriu kkul devadanan- tiruvidaiyatta-mada 


At Sddenahalli (same hobli), on a stone nenr the Guru-Muniyappd s field. 

ua-saka-varu 1265 neya Chitrabhauu-samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 5 S'ukravaradandu sri- 

manu pratapa-chakravarti Hoyisala-bhuja-bala sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru leyada-pattana- 

dali sukha-sahkatha-vinodadali rajyarn g^yiiitt iralu srimanu maba-mandale^vara sri-biruda-raja- 

bhayankara nada ......nada dalipu srimad voppa mindara ..lara 

Hanuma .., devara darasaru vunda-Devarasaru 

Elahanka-nada praje-gaiindugalu .... devara . .. 

47 and 49 

At the same village, on a stone in Veruru Krishnavibha((a's field. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

&vasti sri Ara. . yur perkadi S'anniridayau magan Puliyannan vi ...ttina kesari 


At the same village, on a stone in Kempulingapura Muniyds field. 

sYi-Saka-varu ?1248 Akshaya-samvatsarada pratapa-chakravarti Hoyisala- 

bhuja-bala sri-vira-Ballala-Devara 


At Katigenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Tailagere-Kempa' s field, 

svasli sri S'akabda 1271 neya Survvadhari-samvatsarada Margasira-su 10 S6 srimanu maha- 
mandale£vara chatus-samudradhipati (h) ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira- 

* In Karmada characters. 

100 Devanhalli Taluq. 

Hariyappa-Vodeyaru Bukkanna-Vodeyaru sri-pritbiviya rajyam geyuttam iralu sriinanu-maha-saman- 

tadhipati ra gauda Maileya-Nayakaru sriman-maha-Ela[ha]kka-nada prabhugalu Bairi-Deva 

(others named) samasta-gaundugalu a-Bairi-S^ttiya maga Kariya-Nayakangekotta kodigeya sasanada 
krauiav ent endade KodigeUalliya chatus-simeyanu kodagey agi sarbbamanyav agi kodageyagi kotta 
kodage-rnanya-sasanakke chaudra-surya-ullanna saluvantagi kotta kodage mahgala maha sri sri sri 


At Beguru (same hobli), on a stone east of the village gate. 
Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah l 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

svasti sri vijayabUyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushahgalu 1619 ne varusha S'aka saluva Yisvara- 
nama-samvatsarada Kartika-suddha 15 Bhaumavara-somoparaga-punya-kaladalu srimad-rajadi-[raja] 
sri-Vehkateavara-svamiyavaru Vehkatachaladali ratua-simhasanarudhar agi prithiyi-samrajyah gaiv- 
utairalu chaturtha-gotrada sriiuam-maha-Avati-nada prabhuvugal ada Muddu-Baire-Gaudarayya- 
uavara pautrar ada Yimmadi-Sonna-Bayire-Gaudara putrar ada Gopala-Gaudarayyanavaru kotta 
agraharada dharnia-sila-sasana-kramav ent endare namma Devanapurada rajyakke Nalluru-hobalige 
Begurige prati-namavada Gopalasagarav emba sarvvamanyad-agraharadalu gana-sahkhye yippatt- 
aydu 25 vrittiyanu sri-Madana-Gopala-svamige (rest illegible) 


At Bayanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Patel Devalingappa's field. 
Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 1 lu srimatu Sonnappa-Gaudaru Peddapanige kotta manye 

(imprecatory phrases) . 


At the same village, to the north-west of ihe Tirumaladeva temple. 

(Grantha and lamil characters) 

svasti sri S'akara-yandu ayirattu-iru-nurr-onbadu srimat-Poysala-chchakkaravatti vira-Ramanata- 
Devarku yandu muppattumu ... vadu Sarvajit-samvatsarattu Makara-samkrandi nal bhiimi-putrar 
sarva-guna-sampanuar ana . laippakka-nat . 1 •• Ma . deva-nayakan .. Kama ... 6etti Kandaya-Mara - 
rna-nayakau u ... tta nattavarom Iramanata-Devar tolukku valuklum-jayam aga nattukku nanr-aga 
Kudirakiraiy-ana Ramanata-Deva-chchaturvedi-mangala .. nanjai punjai nar-ppark-ellaiyum Kanjai 
Narayana-battan S'andur Pillan-bhattan ullitta Brahmauarukku. . tam-agav-udakam-panni . kuduttom 


At Kddiganahal/i (same hobli), on a stone in Uganavddi Bairanna's field. 
svasti sYimatu S'abara-sak 1262 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada S'ravana-su na.. srima...srimatu-pra- 
tapa-chakravarti Hoyisala-s i-vira-Ballala-Devarasar Unnamale-pattanadalu sukhadim rajyam gaiitta 
yiralu sri Elahakka-nada Hojalada Kesavanatha-devarihge (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a stone near the Hanumanta rdya temple. 

svasti vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushambulu 1440 bainatavanti Bahudhanya-sarpvatsara- 
Bhadrapad i-ba 30 Sthirav <ram sury6paraq;a-maha-patva-kalamandu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvarabhivandita sri-Vehkatesvara-svamivaru Vehkatachalamandu ratna-simhasanarudhulai prithi- 
vi-rajyam eluchundaga Ahuti-nada prabhu (rest illegihle) 

Devanhalli Taluq. 101 


At Dodda-Jdla (samc hobli), on a stone in Tirumaladeoappa's indm-land east of the Amanikere. 

svasti sri S'aka-varushasavirada-munura-yembatta-o<rabhataneya Sarvajitu-samvatsarada Bhadrapa- 
da-su 10 S6 siiman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Ari-vira-pratapa-Deva-Raya ... yara Kajagiya 
Amara-Nayakaru Jalada Bhlma-Settiyarige kotta kodagi nimage munde dhara-purvakadalu sandu baha 
gadde mtt-ganduga hola mUvattu-kolagavanu kottev-agi yi-kodagiya bhumi chaudrarkar ullanna-bara 
sukhadim bhogisudu voppa 6ri-Amaragunda-devaru mangala maha. 


At Chikka-Jdla, {same hobli), on a stone north of the entrance ofthc Kesava-ddva temple. 

svasti sri S'aka-varusha savirada-munura-nalkaneya Dundubhi-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 8 S6 svast- 
sriraatu Jalada Kesavanatha-devarige Morasa-nada sunkada adhikari Ramarasara makkalu 
Devarasaru kotta dharma-sasanada kramav ent endade yi-JaladoJagaua grama . . .. .. duve magga- 

derebadagi asaga navinda kumbara gana ettu ra olagada ... 

volagagi lam ada .. . rige dhara-purbbakavagi a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi .. .. 

(usualfinal phrases) mahgala ruaha sri 


At the same temple, on the wall north ofthe same entrance. 

svasti hri S'aka-varasha savirada-munnura-nalku-samvatsarada mele nadeva Dundubhi-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-su 8 S6 svasti srimatu Jalada Kesavanatha-devarihge Elahahka-nada suhkada adhikar 
Ramarasara makkalu Devarasaru kotta sasanada kramav ent endade grama-derigeya-suhkada 
nuru-honnanu nandadivigege dhara-purvakavAgi a-cnandrarka-sthayiyagi nadasi baharu (usual final 
phrases) mahgala maha sri 


At tlic same temple, on a slone in its Outer endosure. 

svasti sVi 3'aka-varusha savirada-munu.ra-muvatta-nalkaneya Nandana-samvatsarada Bhadrapada 

ba 10 Gu-lii Jalavada sri-Vishuuvardhana-ehaturveilimahgalada &ri-Channake£avanatha-devarihge 

ushah-kalada uparakke sri.nan-raaha-samantadhipaii Chalavalikada haundiya-Nayahkara kumara 

Chaundeya-Nayakaru jSTallura-nada I>LUttagadahalliyalu kshetra-palaneya maduvantagi kotta- 

dharmma-sasana-kramav ent endare a-kereya kelage kotta gadde ayi-ganduga a-chatus-simeyolage 

korji-hola mu-ganduga autu ubhayam eatu-khaudugavauu Kesivanatha-devara prityarthavagi a- 

Ke&avanatha-devara sannidhiyalli a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi dhara-purvvakavam mad: nadasi-bahan- 

tagi dhareyan eradu bitt.i dharmma-sasana kshetradallu chakraga nadisi kotteii (usual final phrases 

and verses) sri 


At the same place, ou another stonc to the soufh-east. 

svasti §ri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1251 neya Vibhava-samvatsarada Karttika-su 3 .. dandu 
siimat pratapa-chakravartti-Hoyisala-bhuja-bala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Urannamale-pattana- 
dallu suklia-sahkatha-vinoiadim rajyah geyutt-irppa prastavadolu svasti srinoanu maha-pradhanam 
Pounayanavara makkalu sri-Hoya-dannayakaru Elahakka-nada M°yilage-gauda (others named) 
olagada samasta-gaudu-prajegalu Jalada sri-Chan; akesava-devaric .- a-Jala-Tarabanabal]i Anu- 


102 Devanhalli Taluq. 

dala 2 nu a-sri-Chamiakesava-devarige a-Elahakka-nadindam kulava kadida kotta sila-sasanada 
kraruav ent endade a-Jala-TarabanahalJiya chatus-siineyalu ulla gadde-beddalugalanu siddhaya 663i 

purbbaya-apurbbaya-khana (baclc) hidi hodaki kandaya-dauda-kandige-tappu ... 

,. sunka-kirukula-muntada . . . dikegalanu agami-nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-siddha-sadhya- 
volagada-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svarnyavanu a-Hoya-dannayakaru a-nada-gaundu-prajegalu tammol eka- 

vakyavagi odambattu Tarabanahalliyalu ppa-gauda Mayappangala mund-ittu a-sri-Channa- 

kesava-devara ahga-bhoga-ranga-bhoga-amritapadi-nandadivige-patra emba-Brahmana 

kodisida dana-datti yi yidakke end-endu a-chandrarka-sthayiy agi yi-dharma 

nadevantagi a-sri-Channakesava-devarige sri-Lakshumi-Nrisimha-prityarthavagi a-sn-Lakshumi- 
Nrisimha-devara sanmdhiyalu dhara-purvakam madi dhareyan eradu baradu kotta sila-sasana mah- 
gala maha sri sii sri (usual final verse and phrases). 


At the same temple, on the pillars of the mantapa in front. 

(Qrantlia and Tarnil characters) 

S'irukahji-ppadagattu Rama-piran magan Allajar seyvitta tun 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters) . 

Avar ana S'emba-gamundar magan Pemmandai sevvitta tun 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

Ariyavauigan Maran pattana-svami Periya-devan seyvitta tun 


At Uttanahalli (same hobli), on a stone east of the Tiruniala-diva temple in ruins. 

vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka Sriman-maha-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 

sri-vira-pratapa- purvva-dakshina-paschima-samudradhisvara sri-Sadasi va-Deva- 

maharayaru prithuvi-rajyam geyyalu Rama-Rfija Tirumaleya-Deva iresi illegible) 


At MisiganahaHi (same hcbli), on a roch to the north. 

Yisvara-samvatsarada S'ravana-ba .. . llu srimat-Hiriyana-Gaudaru Maradehalliyali .. Golamaya.. 
holada kattu-kodago (usual final phrases). 


At Handarahajli (Budigcre hobli), on a stone east of tlte Bangasidmi temple. 


svasti sii vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varuslia 1416 neya Ananda-3amvatsarada Magba-£u 1 lu 

sriman-maha-mandalesvara agresara Narasiriga-Raya-mabarayaru prithivi- 

rajyam geyutt iialu (herc follou: deiails of gift and names &c , vrittidfirs — rest illegible). 


At ChamlappanaliaJ/i (same hobU), attached to Gatigavdra, ona piece ofstone near the Gdpdla- 

svdmi temjite. 

svasti sii P>hivommaKuraligada alarole Konamiru Gahga duradul Daggamarara pade otta eridu bilda 

Devankalli Taluq. 103 


At Bdgalur (same hobli\ on a stone uear the fort-gate. 
Prabhava-samvatsarada Jeshta-si 13 Bu | snman-raaha-inandalesvaraui Tribhuvanainalla Rau- 
traya-Saminiyaha Elahakka-mida samasta-gauudugalu Bagaliira Anta-gaunda Banna-gavudange 
nada raanycV..gau\rda-kodagivagi kotta ke)i.. chandra-surya iila yishtu-gala . . halula anubhavisudu 


At MahadSvahodigehalli (same hobli) t on a stone near the asvatha-tree east of the village entrance 
subhain astu sri-Garalipura-svamiya padake 
namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-*aka-varushangalu 1673 ne Pra noduta-sanivatsarada Bhadra- 
pada-su 2 la srimad-rajadhiraja Mahisira sri-Krishua-Raja-Voderaiyanavaru .... Nanjanagudu- 

Nanjundesvara-svainiyavara pada ... sisanada kramav ent endare Channarayapattanada- 

hobalige saluva Dyavandahalli-stalada Mahadeva-Kodagehalli-grama 1 Gerapura-gra 1 Yadayiiru- 
gra 1 Pura-gra l antu gra 4 kere 1 sa a-giana yivarige sarvarnanyav-agi voppisidu 


At Sihgarahalli (nm? hobli), on a stone soulh ofthe Gangamma tem-ple. 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtril-daudas sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa, yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau I 1 


svasti sri viiayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushangalu 1619 ne ISvara-nama-samvatsarada Magha- 

su 15 Sthiravara-maha-punya-kaladalu prabhuvada Baire-gaudara putrar ada 

Immadi-Sonna-Baire-Gaudara Kempa nmanavara putrarada Gopala-Gaudaru sri-Mada- 

na-G6pala-svamige paditara-diparadhane-intyotsava-pakshotsava-masotsava-rathotsava-viniyoga-payi. 

ka,-sametav-agi kottadu Nalluru-hobali Chiidcohalli-grama 1 Singo.iahalli-grama 1 Vadigenahallj 

hubali Madluru-grama 1 Meluru-grarna 1 Savakanahalli Hosakere 1 Hosavite 1 Harabi-baliyana 

tota 1 



At Setahalli attached to the same viltage, on a stone. 

Harer iila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hernadri-kalasa, yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau |l 

svasti sn vijayabhyudaya-Sahvahana-saka varushangalu 1619 neya Isvara-nama-samvatsarada 
Magha-£u 15 Sthiravara-maha-punya-parva-kaladalu sriman-maha-Avati-nada prabhu Mudda Baire- 
Gaudara putrar ada Immadi-Sonna Baire-Gaudara dharma-patni Kempammanavara putrar ada 
Gopala-Gaudaru srl-Madana-Qopala-sva uige paditara-diparadhane-nityotsava-pakshotsava-inasots- 
ava-rathotsaha-vinijo^a-payika-sahitava,;) kotiadu Nalliiru-hobalige saluva Ch.. .. obalh-grama 1 
Siiigohalli-gr&ina 1 Vadigenahalli hobali Madluru-graraa 1 Meluru-grama 1 Savakanahalli | Hosake- 
re 1 Hosatota 1 Harabi-baliya to$a 1 pada-sevege Bayichapurada-grama 1 Bayirapura-gr ma 1 arch- 
akarige nadava Uparahalli-grama-sahitavada kshetra-svasteya-sakala-viniyoga-payikava sakala-pad- 
itaravu svami-seve madabeicu yaudu samarpisiduyi-viniyoga-payakada-valagagi yaru tappidaru bad 
alu hakikondu svami-seve nadasabeku yi-arthako Brahma-Kshatriya-Vaisya-Sudra-nana-varnasra- 
mad-olagagi yaru tappidaru tamma kulacharake horagu. 

104 Devanhalli Taluq. 

deva-dravyam guru-dravyarp vipia-dravym tathaiva cha | 
,, narakam yanti bhakshanara tu kula-kshayam || 


A\i Bande-Kodigenahalli (scwne hobli), on a stone icest of the Rangasvdmi temple. 

S'aka-varusha 1260 Bahudhauiya-saravatsarada Bhadrapadi-su 15....manu maha-samantadhipati 

Manchaya-Nayakana maga Gunannaya-Nayakanu Devannana maga Bayiri-devange kodagiya ... 

tta pari ahara (here folhw details of gift) sarvvamanyavagi Yalahakka-nadavara mund-ittu Nallura- 
Dadavara nama samasta-praje-gavudugala mund-ittu kottevu end-endigevu. chandra-suryar-udayisu- 
kala sukhadali anubhavisudu mangala maha 6ri \\ 


At Gangavdrapalli, (same hobli) on the left tvall of the inner entrance of the S6mes'vara temple. 
Virodhikrit-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 1 Guru stanikaru muvaru vodambattu barasida sasanada 
vivara Nallura-nadan aluva arasu tangidda-pattana-sahita tanu bahaga banda jati-hudugu agasa- 
maneya jati-hudugu mikka-jati horagu arasugalu devange koduva kanike rupa ade modalu adake 
kadeyagi enu bandodatu tanna tanna moreyalh tane anubhogisuvadu 


At the same village, on a stone at the village entrance. 

svasti Sri Ajjavarmma Kasarur aji Pannandur .. Kirttannan GangapuraduJ Dug- 

gamarar-ppadeyu erjdu vildor 


At the same temple, on the left side uall. 

{Grautha and Tatnil ' chiracters) . 

svasti sri tingal-er-taru tan-rongal-ven-kudai-kkil Nila-magaJ nilava Malar-magat-ppunarntu 
sengol-ochchi-kkarun-GaU-kadintu tan siriya t:\daiyaiyuin tiru-ttainaiyanaiyun-guri-kol-ttan ilan- 
gokkalaiyum neriy-unar tan tiru-ppudalvar tammaiyun-tuur-elil .. navan Vallavan Minavan Gangan 
Uangaiyark-iraivan pulan-galar-pPallavan Kannakuchohiyar kavalau ena-pponn-ani-sudar-maui- 
magidan-jiitti-ppadar-pugal ang-avark-avar nad-anili-ppang-ura mannu-pall-u.liyul tTenavar muva- 
rul Manabaranan pon-mudi ana-pparu-madida-pasun-talai poru-kalatt-arintu var-alav-iyal-kalal- 
Vira-Kerajanai munai-vaiyir-pidittu-ttan Ativarana-kkada-kkadav-kalirral udaippitt-aruli antam- 
ilad-arum-pugal-uda S'untara-Pandiyan-ovrai-ven-kLidaiyun-gari;ai-ven-kavariyun-jinga^anamum 

ven-galatt-ilantu-ttalai-viritt-adi talarnt-oda-ttoU-aiyal-Mullaiyur-tturatti olgal-il Venatt-arai- 
sai-chchenatt-odukki mevu-pugal-Iramakum muvar keda munintu vidal-kelu Villavan kudar- 
madi-kkondu tannadu-vitt-odi-ld<adu-pukk-olippa, aCjiy-am-pudu-malar-malaint-ang-efiial-il velai- 
kelu Kantalur-chChalai kalain-aruppittu AhavamaUanum arljark-evu-tan-rang-arum padaiyal an(g-a) 
van Senaiyun-Gandappayyauun-Gangadaranum vand-amar-kalirrodu madiya-ttindiral virudar 
Vikkiyum Vijaiyadittanum taru-murat-Changappayanum mudaligar samara-bhiru-ott-udaiya nimir- 
6udar-ponnoday-an-gari-puraviyodum pidittu taiinadaiyiy jayan-gondu tunnar Kollipakkaiy-oll-eri- 
maduppitt-oru-tani-ttandal poru-kadal-adutta Ilanga>yar-k6iuan Nigala- Vikkiramabahuvin paru- 
mani-makutamum kandagu tanad-akki-kKanmkuchcliiyilu . ar-kadal-Ilamuin sirid-enr-enni valan- 
gol-nadum tann-uravodum puguntu vilaiigu-mudi-kavitta Virasalamegan por-lalatt-anji tan kal- 
kal r-ilmtu kavvaiy-urr-6di-l<kadaliy6dum tan-ravvai-j idittu tayai mukkarintu angamanam ningi- 

Devanlialli Taluq. 105 


dark-aga mitturaantu vattold-ulantu veh-galatt-ulan'a a-chChihgalatt-arasan ponn-ani-tada-mani- 
mudiyun-gondu Kannaran vali vantu urai-kol llatt-arasan agiya S'ri-Val!avan Madanarajan mell- 
oli-ttada-mani-mudiyun-gondu vada-pulatt-iru-kalavadum poru-padai-uadatti Gandan Dinakara 

Naranan Ganavati vand-alar-teriyal Madisudana nr-enai-ppalav-ar; sarai munaivaiyirraratti 

vamb-alar-taru-polil Kampili-nagarul S'alikkiyar maPgai tagappit-tilakkam-il Villavar .Minavar 
Vel-kuh Salikkiyar Vallavar K6;ahr Vanganar Kohgauar S'intukar Ayyanar S'nigalar Pangalar 
Antara-mudaviyar allar achchar idu-tiraigalum aril onr-avaniyil kur-ula porulgalum ugantu niin- 
maraiyavar mugantu kola-kkuduttu visva-lokattu vilangu-Manu-neri-ninr-asvamedah-ied-arasu- 
vi.rr-iruntu Jayangonda-Solan uyarnta perum-pugal Kov-Irajakesarivanmar ana udaiyar sri- 
Raiadiraia-Devarkku yanlu irupattonbadavadu Vikkirama-S'61a-mandalattu S'nnai-nattu-kka- 
mundan Kuradi Vasavayan Viaian ana Jayahgonda-S 61a-velanum Naduinanhr Vasavayan Mach- 
chiy-ana Kidarangonda-S'6h-velanu Ilaippakkattu Vallavan Kattiyau kuma . . . . Kusa-kkamun- 

danun-Gaugapurattu S'aniu , ndan Kaliyan ana Tayila-kulakala-velanum Pattantal 

S'amuudan ana Raiaraia-velaaum Vittiyur Pu gamundan S'61a-gamuu- 

danum Sinnagara-sabhaikk-amaiuta Brahmanan Vasavanagayanum Somayan Machchiy-ana 
Rajendra-S'6h Brahma-Virarasanum Vayilur-sabha ; kk-amainta Brahmanan bovintan Padanum 

j»ala panmanum Kurappi-sabhaikk-amainta Brahmanau S'ingadukkanum 

S'ingan lsvaranum Brabmapurattu sabhaikk-amainta Brahmanau Dasauu Madavanum Dasan S'a- 
muudanum l .. ttuiai-sabhaikk-amainta Bra, ... uan Jannaiya-kramavittanum Angadi-kramavitta- 
num Arattai Sorau Kulamauikkan ana Rajadiraja-kKadarangonda-S'61a-vel\num Nedunallhr 

Samundan Panman aua Salukki-gamunda tti Aniiaman Vasavarasanum Tippur Vasavan 

Machchi Machchiy-ana Madurantaka-Sol.a num ULsattar Vasavan Machchiy-ana 

Vikkirama-S'61a-gamundanum Sannaippa n ana Kadarangonda-S ola-gamundanum ... 

sautanun raja-S'61anu ka-kkadavom aga emmil ... ndu panna 

ippadi sasanah-jeydu kuduttom ivv-anai ... va tirumeniyum sasanamuh m uljitta 

uatto.. . . kara S'rivati Manniyasarikku i-stanattil perumpadi santraditta-vara Devi tiru-velavil 
kudina padiyil po .. . . i-dhanmah-gappar santati vriddhikka avargal sri-padangal e .. talai mele 


At the same temple, on the pillar in front. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti . tiu^a .... taru ven-kud u-kkil Nila-maga nilava Malar-maga .. 

naintu sehgol-ojhchi-kkarun-Gali-kalintu tantaiyun-tamai . . mbiyar tan tiru-maintar enr-ivaraiy. 

un mani-mudi-...di Kanni-kavalan Tennavar muvarul vanagam iruvarun-ganagan oruvan-uga 

kalittu poru s.lai-S e.alan velai-kelu Kantalur-cChalai kalam-ajuppitt-Ilaihgayark-araisaiyum mal- 

ahgal Vallabanaiyum Kannakuchchiyar kavalauaiyum pon»-ani-mudi-ttalai-kadintu tan ko ppa- 

daiy-evi-klvaruuadagar vida vida kada-kari purala tannaiaiyil Tamil-pani-koud-onnar vachchira- 
nedu-val Vijjayan veru nelitt-ahjiy-oda-ttan vanjiy-ara-padaiyal ang-avan pitavai matavodum tamalj- 

* A 

viiija nir-pundu . veh-jamatt-agappadutta-ppadai Ahavamallan bayattodum varavidu-korrarai-ppid- 


ittu aiig-avar . marvil Ahavamallan aiiganum anjinan enna nang-eludi-chcheluttiya pinnana puli-kko- 

di padaiharod-ott il Ativaraua va:a pa^ai-kkadal-purai S'iruturai Perunturai vi Umadiy.en- 

r-aranturai munril ular panal-itti ahg-avan Nettigiriyil pengiyal uluvaiyar-eludi uyara Jayastambbam 

elil pera nirutti tan kalil ntola-kudi-arasirgalodu s^ndadi poru-puli vira-kali .. rinolum- 

aga-kkodiy-edattoa malaivar tton-ned -ppirakkamum lravalar ...kkivanta vira-Vallavar . vidu- 

tandattil kavin-iravi-purala . nianun-GaJidasanura Vi. . raperuntur Samuudanum po:-kKommayya- 

num llava-iuara, aaum vel-samatt-iriyala-poga-pperu-nedi-kavarntu kur-saran . palina komma- 

ppas.iu-talai-tar-tailappan-tad:ntaa-ppagai-s3guttu-ppalana-vjliyil tappiyavar s.lrangadum-ilagamatt- 


106 Devanlialli Taluq. 

adu tana pun-galal saran-ena-ppuguda aran-avarkk-alittu-tTammudikk-idan-gudutt-iruuta S'a- 

yakairavan tappai paipparittu . na-koudu pontu turai-punal Irattapadi eri- 

maduvitt-aviram-elarai-ilakkamurn inid-undu visva-!6kattu vilahgu-Manu-nen-ninr-asvamedan- 

jeyd-.iras.i Virr-irun'a S'ayahgonda-S'6lau uyarnta perum-pugal sri-Kov-Irajakesaripaumar ana 

udaiyar s i-Rajadirija-Devarklcu yandu 33 ravadu senJpati Rajendra-S'61i-Brahmiwnarayar jivita- 

manan-Ta ligaivaliy-ana Vikkirama-S'6j|a-mandalattu S'aunai-nattu varah-gollumpadi sasanah- 

gal-vettavittu kuditta parisu nicanila.n vasiyum ur li naliyumm erri rael-varam onrurn kil-varam 

onr-araiyum kattaram merpadi vasi ... rri mel-varam onrum kil-vara-munrum ertta pulam vasiy- 

erri rnel-varaui onrim kil-vara-munrum kummariy-onrukku vasiy-erjri nilamum i-pparisu-niruttuvan 

santati v.i ... kka id-alippan Gahgaiyidai Kumariyidai pavan-jeydan pavah-golviin kavilai-alichchan 

pavah-golvan Vallavaraivan sularavu 


Kannanan s\»\v.tta kal 

Vamanan chche\vitta kal 

At the same tenipJe, on the doonvay. 

{Grantha and Tam'1 characters). 

A t tlie same place. 

{Grrtnlha and Tamil clitiracters). 

78 and 80 

At the same vtllage, on a stone set up in Gundappa's compound. 

(Grantha and Tamil cJiaracterS). 

nda.. nda-pperu .. kagana-prachanda egam .. vira hasahaya-siira S'anivara- 

siti Garadurga-malla cbalatamga-Ra vveyarapa-kantira Makara-rajya-nirmulana Pandaya-raya-kala- 

samuddharana Cho . . dlnam tiruvidaiyatta .. batta-virutti pallichchanda 

mada-ppuram Tukkai-patti Pidari-patti ivai ella sarva-maniyam aga vittar i-ttammattai ilahganam- 

panninarr undam-agil Gehgai-karaiyil kura-pasuvai konran papattille vilakkadavan Gahga 

.... tta devadanam anavai ellam .. .. r 


At the same village, on a stone set up in front. 

(Grantlia anrl Tamil charactemj . 

s\asti s;i rnaha, mandaleiura Tribhuvana-mallan Nantigiri-nata Munru-nad-alvar sitagara-ganda 
Annan-ahkalvP.ri V e ubi-Jevarrena Kshaya-(samma)s.un r.asarattu Tai-raadattil Bhayapepalliyai 
Gahgapuratu-chchi/arkku dana vitti kall-ettu ponnum ... va..ttu i . kku P'^je nal-elaiyura 

vitten __ 


At SddahaHi (Kunda>ia hobli), on copper plates in possession of Jodiddr App&ji-ranjitn. 

{Ntttjnri characters). 

6ubl a n astu 

idam akhila-raja^ekhara- 



sasa^am avani!a'a-parijatasya || 

Hcrambas sampaiam siddhim a-vighnam adadhatu vah | 

kshctraimm abhava*; kulya sphita yad-dana-sikarah || 

Devanhalli Taluq. 107 

namo Yajiia-Varahaya Hlayoddharate mahim | 
bhuvanam bhnjag&ndrauam maraau yasya khurarpane j| 
Yadiinam anvaye purvam asit Sangama-bhupatih | 
vairi-stri-dirgha-niivasa yasya chamara-raarutah || 
tasmad abhud Bukka-nripo mahiyan 
upaghna-bahur vasudha-latayah | 
varan prasuyajishu yat-kripani 
fevasrutvam agat sura-kamininam || 
ajani Kariharas ta*6 narendro 
bhuja-bala-durita-bhogi-raja-garvah | 
kalayati bhuvaneshu yasya kirter 
Nakusha-nripas charanarpanamsukatvam [| 
pushpa-stoma-madhudravayita-ripu-stri-loka-netrambhasah | 
apraptani chiraya shodasi mahadanani purvair nripair 
arukshan bhuvi nitya-dana-padavim atyanta-yatno. . tam || 
sa raja-paramesvaras sakala-veda-dharmodvaho 
Gajasva-Nara-nayaka-kshitipa-mauli-nrityat-padah | 
ajijanad ari-priya-sravana-bhushana-cbchhedinam 
dayalum apararp suram jagati Deva-Rajam sutani |l 
sa palayan sagara-mekhalam gam 
a-kantakam astra-sakbena doshna | 
[II a] ajijanat kan-kanam angakeshu 
bhayakulanam ari-parthivanam || 
asit tato Vijaya-Bukka-nripas tarasvi 
vidya-vadku-hridaya-pankaja-bala-suryah | 
vani mukhamburuhi yasya kripa katakshe 
vakshas-sthale cha kainala su-chiram nanartta || 
chatuh-samudri-sarasi[m] vigahya 
padmasrayena prathamana-tarsha | 
yat-kirtti-hamsi kabnlichakara 
virodhinam kirtti-bisankurAni || 
tasyajanishta tauayas taruni-Manobhuh 
pratyarthi-parthiva-vana-dvipa-kesarindrah i 
daridrya-dava-samanambudharo jananam 
Sri-Deva-Raya-nripatir jagad-eka-virah || 
chandrah kiritarn lva Meru-sarasanasya 
bhogam bhuiangama-pater iva Padmanabhah | 
arukshad a-skhalitam anvaya-bhadnipithara 
sVi-Deva-RAya-dharaniramanah kramena j| 
niaudara-druma-mula-ve hshu muda brindaraka-stri-ganair 
gitam yasya yaso nisamya sutaram visranancrjasvalam i 
Karnah klamyati Kamadhenur ayate nidram mrisha mu&chati 
draghiya-svasitam Dadbichir upalas Chintamanir jayate || 
cbakram kutra tiraskritam sasi-kala kutra pratishthapita 
S aktih kutra nivesita vmihitam kutrekshubanasanam | 

108 Devanhalli Taluq. 

vajram kutra punas tvayarpitam iti pratyakshatas tad-gunam 

pasyantyah kathayanti pakshmala-drisas" sii-Deva-Rayara muda || 

Hindu-raya-Suratra [II h) nas trividha-kshmapa-vallabhah | 

sa Deva-Raya-nripatih sakshat dtiarma ivaparah |j 

Yajur-veHavate slaghya-Kasyapanvaya-janmane | 

khyat Apastamba-sutraya bhishag-anvaya-maulaye || 


putrayodrikta-kirtti-puraya | 

vidushe Salagrama- 

para-namne K'esavabhidhanaya |) 


S'akabde Visvavasau varshe | 

Marge masy uparakte 

nisakare Mrigasirasy Arunavare ; | 

prasaste Bhaskarakshetre Tumjabhaura-tata-spnsi | 

sri-Chandramauler devasya snnnidliau sarva-sannidhau |) 


S'ivanasamudrasya simni madhya-gatam ! 

Halasura-sthal i-stham Yilitore- 

namanam gramam esha ra^endrah || 

Madigondanahalliti Saduhalliti cha srutaml 

giama-dvoyain upagrami-kritvadat su-manoharam || 

hiranyodaka-dharaptam sarvamanyagraharakam | 

a-chandra-tara-bhogartham akhilo.iadhi-duritam j| 

nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-jala-sekbaritant. ram | 

chatus-simo:lara-gatair ashta-bhogair alankritam || 

agaminam ascahauam bhoganam api bhajanam | 

sthanam karishyamananam tataka-kshetra-S3mpa : am |i 

jayina Deva-Rayena dattam Kesava-panditah | 

eka-bhogagraharam tam bhunktam a chandra-tarakam || 

hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakara eka-bhi>gataya dattasyasya Yilitore-namadbeyasya Devarayapurasya 
parisara-grama-namani sarvabhijnanartham atah param Karnata-des.i-bhashaya likhyante {here 
follow details of boundaries and usual final verses) ::: sii-Virupaksha 

* In Kanada characters. 



At Nandagudi (Nandagudi hdbli), ou a xtonc in front of fhe MalUsvara templc. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1482 Siddharthi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada- 
suddha 5 lu sriraanu-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-mahaiaya- 
ru prithvi-rajyam geyiuta yiralu sriman-maha-mandalesvara Rama-Raya-Tirumala-Rajaya-maha- 
arasugala karyyakke karttarada Suguturu Timmapa-Gauda-ayanu tamma tande-tayi-guru-daivakke 
punyav agabelc endu Sugutura-simege saluva Nahjiguli yemba graraada Simasandravanu idakke 
saluva kere kunt3 samasta-suvarnadaya-bhattadayavanu Nanjiguliya Amrita-Mallikarjjuna-lih- 

gakke amritapadi-naivedyakke saniarppisidevu vanige dharmtnav agabek-endu stanika-Apaji 

pujeyanu samarpisikondu yir-endu kotta dharaa-sadhana (iisual final phrases) 


On a stone to ihe south-east of the same temple- 

svasti sri vijay'ibhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushah5alu 1482 neya Siddhartti-samvatsarada S'ra- 
vaua-su 5 lu srimanu-maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-vira-Sadasiva-maharayaru pyithvi-rajyarn 

geyiuttam yiralu sriman-maha-raandalesvara sriman-Narayana-Rajaya .. 

tamraa tande-tayige puuyav agabek endu Amrita-Malli- 

karjjuna mage saluva Nafiiig'iliya gana Vittasandra-gramavanu yidakke saluva 

kere katte (stops here) 



At Nelavdgalahalli (svne hobli), on a stone behind the Isvara temple. 

subham astu svasti s\i vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahaua-saka-varushahgaJu 1489 neya Kshaya-samvatsarada 
Bhadrapada 10 lu sri-Sailasiva-maharayarige punyav agabek endu Sugatiira Tammappa-Gaudaru 
Dasarahal[ige pratinamavada-Devapura-dana-patrike bittevu (usual imprecatonj phrases) 


At Mchardk Ettiaavadempura (same hobli), on a stone beloiv the asvattha-tree near the ruined temple. 

A , 
sabham astu Vishu-samvatsarada Asvija-ba 5 lu £rimatu Sugutura Taminaya-Gaiidaru | Devapura- 

da Hiriya-Raya-vodeyaru-devarigu | Ettina-vodeyaru-devarigu kotfca dhanna-sasanada kraraav ent 

endare i nimage navu kottuyiruva Devapurake | (taxes spccified) modalagi ellavanu sarvamanyavag- 

biteva a-pur.ulali uiii (back) japa-S'iva-pujeyanu madikondu sukhadali yihudu endu kotta dharmai 

sasaua ... Mirtiayyanavara pa[di]d ane yidake tappade nadasal ulavaru endu kotta dharma-sasana 

(usiuil final phrases) Tamraayya-Gaudara voppa 


At Jodi-Dalasigere (sam n , hobli), on a stone south ofthe Koldr road. 
svasti sri Miinduu Nol inban Gah?-ar i-sasirarau ale Nelligelieya turu-gondalli tulkava sikki Sire- 
Sagaran...yaa Posa Meudi sagqara erida besa-geydira Ponpra Pota ... raahajana paii-koja kalani 
kotta aliva, pata'tan 


110 Hoskote Taluq. 


At ihe same village, on a stone in the tanh bed. 

svasti sii Rajendra-Chola-Devar prithuvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satan- 
gal ombaynura-nalvattaydaueya Rudhirolgari-saipvatsararn pravarttisutt-irc Padiyarakkara Jol- 
ayya-gavundira magara Palayya-Gaundara tange Manniyabbe degulada-suttum .. Nelligereya kere- 
gam kotta pom ayvattu-elu gadyanun .ponnum battam munnurayvattombattamum nalvatteradu 
porulum Brahraanarggaip tapasiyarggarp kotta porulu muvatt-elum Aadadiyara Nolamba-Settiya 
rnagam NTirugunda-Ssttiyurp Maniya bbeyum ivar-ibbaru (hach) karapakaragi geysidar i-dharmmam 
Padiyarakkara Palayya-g ivundage salvudu mahgalam 


At SiddanahalH (same hobli), on a stone lying below the tank hnnd near the rild u-asteweir. 

Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satanga 963 Vishu-samvatsaradal sri-Rajendra-Chola-Devar pprithu- 
vi-rajyam geyyutt-ire Kayvara-nadaS.i rakkanura Kittambi Masara-gavundana maga Malli-gavundan 
avana maga Cb.avayya-gavun.dan avan-aliya Macha-gavundan avana inagal Lakshamma-gavundi 
Sarakkanura ermine turu parid-atti puyyal vandu pagire yald-atti kadi turuvam malchi sattu 
sagga ada baradom Mudigonda-Chola-Patti 


At the samc j)lacc, on another stone. 

svasu srl i\c*'niadi-arasa Kaivara-aada .. S'ubhivanJrinam Charukkanurola ... munria 
onriyum kotta irareyurp ninratu (imprecatonj phrases) 


At the same village, on a v\rak%l in the Kenchamuniyappa^s field. 

svasti srimal-Urala-Kkalavara tiru-rajyadal Malle-gavundarum Cliava-gavuudaru 

Tuva-gamunda satta Erreyaggar puldegarp 


At the same place, on unother stone. 

svasti Ayyapa-Deva prithuvi-ra go]al satta niadisidara Duggapa 

At the same rillagc, on a stone lclow the Bagula-lccre, north qfthe village. 

Parthiva-san/.v .tsaiada S'ravana-suda. . lu srima laji-Raja-maharayaravaru Sonneyage kotta 

kattu-kodage [ga]dde klia 2 


At tlte sameplace, on a 3rd stone. 

Nandana-saoivatsarada Marggasira-ba 2 lu sriraatu Sonuaya-Gavudaru Banahalliya Sekharayyanige 
kotta kereya kattu-kodagi Bagula-kere vodeyalagi navu ninage kotta-sarnmanda ninu yi-kereyanu 
kattisikondu kha 2 gaddeyanu aVchandrarkka-stayigaligi anubhavisal ujlavaru yendu kotta rnanya 
(usual impresiiorij phrascs) 

Hoskote Taluq. 111 


At tke same village, in Chikka Sonnaiyas ficld to the west. 

{.Grantha and Taitiil ckaracter s) 

svasti sri sainasta (ta)-prasatti-sampannar ana Ti-ipuna-malla Talaikadu Kongu Nanga(ka)li Koya- 
rrur Uchchahgi Panungal Gangapadi Nulambadi konda bujabala-Vira-Ganga-Posala-Devan tiruv- 
irajiyattu Kaiyvara-nattu Gandamanikka-Bramadirajan tiruv-iraja-£eyanirka Nigarili-S'61a-manda. 
lattu Kaiyvara-nattu Ma .. Solamarasingakaturil amudakali-sammaohcharattu Mudigonda-velan 
magan Muttan Machcha-gamundannaliy-ana Mudigonda-tonivalan raagan S'anmagan Machchanangar- 
an ur-alivil porudu pattandal avan magan Nagan Sakkura-sMsanam a kallu-niruttinen ivan adukku 
periy-eri-kil mu-kkandaga-kalani kudangai vitten Kodi .. pan Machcha-gamundan ,.. na 


At BMmdpura (same hobli), on a stone in Basappds field soutk-east ofthe village. 

Krodhana-nama-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 5 Rabilakaru-te 4 lu Hajaratu Navaba-Dilavara-Khan- 
sahebaravaru .... Daraga-Snlatanaru tamma Jhana-sahebaru S'ivanapurada Kalayana koraara 
Tirumala-Veiikatage kotta kota-manyada gadde-sasana. 


At the same village, on a stone in tke Government waste land, east of the village. 

Parthiva-samvatsara-S'ravana-ba 14 lu Bhimapurada Sunnapadi-kere-katte sithilavagi yiddadarinda 
sanabhaga Sivayyanu kattisida kattu-kodagi-manyada gadde-sasana 


At S'ivandpura (same hobli), on apillar south-east of tke ckdvadi. 
svasti srimat-Kongoni-Muttarasara besacta Kaduvatti dand i.ridu Kovalaladul eridor Siya-Vallav- 
arasa sri-Kama nirasidan 


On anotker side of the same pillar. 

svasti sYi Siya-Vallavarasar Kuvalaiadull al:da unnata Kamar mmuppattu-muru parihar^ 



At the same village, on a stone in Mdligappa's field north-west of ihe village. 

svasti viiayabhyudaya-Sakha-varusha 1416 ne Rakshasa-=amvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 10 lu 3ri ... 

raandalesvara medini-misara ganda Katari-Saluva Saluva-Yimmadi-Narasihga-Raya-raaharayaru 
prithvi-rajyam gaiyivutt iralu Siiman-maha-pradhana Gaude-dannayaka-odeyara karyyakke kartta- 
rada Jagapa ... adliikari Titnmayagali scri (details of gift) 

24 * 

At tke same village, on a stonc on the edge of the Maggada-Kariyappa's field. 

Krodhana-nama-saravatsarada, Vaisakhs-mddha 5 Rajebina-tingalu 4 llu Husukuru-Navabar Ul- 

la .»;•• senu-sahebara ma Daraga-Sulatan-makkalu Husenu-sahebaru Sivanapurada baliyana 

Morasin .. Venkatanige 5 kol igadalli mugula kotta bhu-sasana Ba£ett!du hagu-palu 

112 Hoskote Taluq. 


At the same viVage, ou a stone in the Govemment land soulh-east of the village. 

S'arvari-samvatsara Jilah. j ju-ia,rikuu 5 llu H-ijarat D.u-aga,-Kati-Pira-sahebaru S'ivauapurada 
• (details of gift) £ri-Vehkata-Ravu anubhavisikondu iruvadu siisana 


At the savieyillage, in Gangddharappa' s field to the north-icest. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters.) 

Dummati-vaiusattil Devi-siyar magati Sokkappan Achcha-gammidanum kumara Ahkananuin ku- 
<?utta sel .. ri-kalaniy-a ■• n-koiagam 5 S'okkappa-nayakan siya 


At VoddarahaUi (same hobli), on a slone in the north-east corner of the Lakshni-Ndrdyana tcmple. 
subkam astu svasti sii vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1452 inele saluva Vikriti-samvat- 
sarada Bkadrapada-su 12 lu sriman-inaharajadliiraja raja-paramesvara purva-dakshina-paschiraa- 
sainudraduisvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Achyu- 
ta-Raya-mahaiayaru prithvi-rajyam geyiiittara yiralu Kasyapa-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Mu- 

luvagalu-Saluva-Kehchanaa-Nayakaravara kumara Virappa-Nayakaru Dasappa-Nayakaru 

.. .. ru ekastaragi kotta sila-sadana Aslayana-sutrada Ruku-sakliadhyayigaiada Chaturvedi-mahga- 
ladalu yiha Krishna-bhattara makkalu Somauatha-dilvshitarige kotta dharma-sasanada kramav 
ent endare Nalluru-rajyakke saluva Naadaguliva-stkalada Voddarahalliya (4 lines effaced) 
(bach) gajig ettisi ...■ubhayam gramavanu sa-hiranyod.ika-dana-dhara-purvakavagi dhareyan eradu 

kottevagi ji-gramakke saluva chatus-simeg-:)lagaua gaddc-beddalu-tota-tudike-hittalu 

taru-iala-pishaua-aksliina-agimi-siddha-sadhyagal emba ashta-blioga-tejas-svamyada Mulavagilu .. 
.. KeBchanna-Nayakara makkalu (rcst\illegihle) 


At Hosahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Venkafaddsappas hodigiland. 

Aksbaya-samvatsarada S'ravana-su 1 !u sViraatu Tavarekereya Viraya-Biraya 

Gavudaru Hosahalliyalu yiha Muddanahalliya-stana Tammaya-gaudara maganu Uchannanige kota 
kattu-kodige-man}ada gadde khandaga sukhadalu nade .< .. 


On a stone lying infront of the Dharm§s'vara temple. 

Dundubhi-iama-sarav. tiarada Vaiiaka-si 3 lu srimatu Dharniesva-rlevara stanikaru Hiriyappa Cha- 
ina-jiyara makkaji Clicaaa {uthers named) Kappayya-purushan atanige dhara-purvvakavagi kotta 
sasanada kramav ent cndare (rest illegible) 


At the same tcmple 9 in the nortl-zast ofthe enclosure. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svastiE ^rimanu niti murai valara ma-ailattai-ppodu-iiitkki-chchtmgolar-karun-Gali-kadindu ven- 
kudai-nilaj-kil vira-sihLasanattu virr-irund-aruliya Kov-Inijakesirivanmai' ana udaiyar sii-RAja- 
inahentra-Devavku y?nlu 2 &vadu Visii-najentra-aiandalatt'1 Kaiyvara-nattu Nondukolli Brahma- 
nan Kovundiliya-g6'tiraUu KamVayyan lrugay}a'i ?.na Gandarmariikka-Brahma-marayanena 

Hoskote Taluq. 113 

Iravisandira-Irugisvaram ana S'6ausvaram-udaiyar stanam Jayaugonda-Sola-mandalattu Perumpan- 
appadi., nti-nattu .. vikkur ana Jayahgonda-S'61apurattu tiruv-uril madam-udaiyan S'adasiva- 
pandita udara-puttiran Tiruviyalur Paranjotiy-ana Agorasivauukku avi-bali-achchana-bogamum 
stana nokki va... duinm ivanukkum ivan vasattarkum ulagu sendradityar ulladanaiyurn kaniy-aga 
kudutten Gandaramanikka-Brahma-rnarayanena S'6ivaram-udayarkku eri-kU'nur?-aimbadu kuli kra- 
hanattil vitten ippadi niruttinau santati vaddhikka idanai alippan kavilai-alitta pavan-golvan 


At Kondarahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the wasteweir of the tank. 

svasti samulhigata-pancha-maha-sabda Pallavanvaya sri-prithuvi-vallabha | Pallava-kula-tilaka 

Pallava-Hama gandan eka-vakya srimad Iriva-Nolambadhirajara Nandigoliya gavunda .. 

miya Bhasappake taima Kayvara-nada Nekkundi-nada uraliya deva-bhoga ... elia salsudu (usnal 
imprecatory phrases) Eriva-Nol imbana darmmainan ida sallisidohg abhivildi.y akku 


At Vdba/aliatli (same liohli), on a stone below the liiii-irasi tree north ofthe village. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya S'alivahana-saka-varushaiigalu {147 1 neya Kilaka-samvatsarai 
da Pushya-ba 14 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raia-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva- 
Raya-maharayaru pruthivi-rajyam geyiuttam yilaru Bharadvaja-gotrada Surjya-vamsada Kotakara- 

Rama-Rija-Odeyara maga Raja-Odeyara makkalu Rama-Rajagalu a-tammandiru aliya-Lmga-Rajaga- 

lu Atri-gotra la Aivalayana-sutrada Ruku-sakheya Pitamra-devagala makkalu Rangapagam 

Kasyapa-gotrada Bodhayana-sutrada Yajus-sakha ... na maga Maucharasa-volagada mahajanangalige 

kotta blui dana-dharmma-sasanada kramav ent endare Behira-chavadige saluva Ersa-nad-olagana 


namma Nayakatanada Neiavagila simeya Obalahallige pratinamavada Tippasamudrav emba 

gramavanu sanmdhiyalu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakavagi agraharav-ag- 

dharen eradu kottavu agraharakke chatus-simey-clagana nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-ukshina-agami- 

siddlia-sadhya-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavauu saha nimma putra-pautra-paramparyav agi- 

.. dana-dharmma-sasana 



At Obalenhalli (same hobli), on Etlubande to the ead. 

(Grantha and Tamil chat aciers). 

svatti srimanu-maha-mandalesvara sii-Narasimiia-bhujabala-P6sala-Devar piritavi-raiiyam-panni aru- 
nirka Nigarili-S'6l i-mandalattu Kaivara-nattu nattu-gamundan sVi-Narasinga-P6 iala-Brahmadirajan- 
ena i-nnattu Nondaiigolari periy-eriedir-vayil Sihgakat ... Tamaraichcheru-agarattu Karumanikkal- 
varku £6mapa .. yu.... ril Devesa-bhattanukku somapadayum aga Karunakhra-samudL'am enru 
per-ittu tanmi-danam aga (y)i-kkuttaiyyai nir-varttu-kkudutten Bndimadirajanena (y)i-Devesa- 

bhattar tame periya yeriy-aga kalluvitiu konda Tamachche. . .. lv;in a m-dnttu . v-eriyum 

a .. kallivittu ; 6:nipadi sri-Govinduperamalukku viduvittan .. tanma •• kala .. palan-ila .. tta.. 

pa adaikkala .... von ivar pakki kilakku .. dirpala kki .. kku .. periya nila .. (yu- 

Devesa-bhatt;\rkLe kudutten (y)i-taumattukku al vu-nhaippar Gamgai-kkavaiyil kural-pisuvai 
konran Brabmavatti-paduvan Brahmadirayar adiyan (y) Iiu ... .... 


114 Hoskote Taluq. 



At Korati {same hobli), on a stone in Ddpanrfs field, south-u-cst of the villagc. 
Bahudhanya-nama-sam || Rfiiita-Raya Koltutanahalli Hoiayarige barasi kotta kere-kodage-sasana- 

da krama hyag-endare Doddagavanahalli-kerc-kelage manyavagi ninna kayicda .. .. ninage 

kottevfigi gadile ubayam kba 2 


At the same villige, on a stone in the Niraganli-in&mati field north-east of tke vlllage. 

svasti sunasta-bhuvauasraya sri-prithivi-vallabha mabarajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Yadava-kulam- 

bara-dyumani sarvvajua-chudimani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu gauda ganda-bherunda kadana-pra- 

chandan asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla chalad-ahka-Rama vairibha-kanthirava Ma- 

gara-rajya-nirmmulana Chola-Riya-sthapanaeharyya Pandiya kula-samuddharana Adiyama ... 

nissahka-pratfvpa-ehakravartti Poyisala-buja-bala sri-vira-Ballala-Devaia-sarunijada virada eka-raya- 

rajavagi s.i-vira-Vijaya-Virupakshapuradalii nelavijagi sukha-rajyam geyutt-iralu S'aka-varusha 1261 

rindavu mele nadava Bahudhauya-samvatsarada Maga-su 5 ... v aradalu tasya rajanvaya-(&acfc) 

pradhanam Dahya-S6:naya .... saravara putranu Rayana anurupa I Bana 

Jallappa-dannaya (rest Ulegible) 


At the same village, on a stone in hodagi-field of Subbardyappa, north-ivcst ofthe villagc. 

Vikrama-nfima-samvatsarada Maga-su 2 lu Subbarayariga barasi-kotta kere-kodagi-slsanada kramav 
ent endare Korati-dodda-kere nela-saman adadrinda ninna kaiyinda muttiddu Subbaraya-ga 100 nuru- 
varahakke ninage kattu-kodagi-manya hola kha x gadde kha H ubhayara kha 2 yaradu khandaga 
manya anubhavisikondu putra-pautra-parampareyagi anubhavisikondu sukhadalli yihudu yaudu baresi 
kotta keie-koclig>sfvsana 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Basavana gudi. 

(Grantha and Tamil cJiaracters) 

Bahudhanya-varusattu Tai-mada-mudal Muludum-udaiya-Pillaiyarku valakudiya Nilattur 

mand.'.likan-aya Vaiyyappan magan Ila. . ppan pan-nuvitta 


At HadakanahaUi (same hobli), on a roolc in Munibaire-gauda's fiehi. 

Plavaiiga-samvatsarada Sri-rajadhiraja Manukoji-Raja-Sahebaravaru Hadakanahalli 
Bayhe-gaudage kotta ura mundana kere-kattu-kodage hola kha h na kha ± 


At the. same vdlige, on a viralcal in Chikkabaire-gauda^s field south ofthevillage. 

praiistya-Pallavai.vaya sri-prhhivi-vallabha Pallava-kula-tilakan eka-vakya sriman-Nolambadhirajar 
prithivi-rfijyam geyyutt-:re Chola Bijayitamahgalada Nolambana dandam kadu Perdeleyol Nolamb- 
arasa kadi sattam sottode Nolamba Nolamba-Raya-priya-pu (stops here) 


At thc same village, on a stone in the gdmdla-ground south-west ofthe village. 
svasti sri kavajiya Ranugayya tannatamma Nolambarasana Mallapa [Ma]ncarakadu Mannarakondu 
pa kadi Ranugayya {usual imprecatory phrascs) 

Hoskote Taluq. 115 


At Nelavdyalhalti (same hohli), on a stone lyiny infront ofthe Isvara temple. 

(Granlha and Tamil ckaracters). 


svasti 6ri Vikrama-varushattu Avani-masa-mudal srimar-pratapa-chchakravatti Poysala-bhujabala- 
sri-vira-Vallala-Devar prituvi-rachchiyam-pannanirka Tehgal Vallappa-dannayakkarum Kaivara- 
nattil nattavarum inda NelavayppaJl' naujai pufijai nar-ppal-ellaiyum Kaivara-nattil pahgal ulladu 
Periya-GomaliKariya-Gomali-dasugalukku danam aga tiruv-ali-kkallu-natti kuduttom (y) indatanma 
lahganam-panninavan Gehga'-kkarayil kural-pasuvai konran papattile poga .. davan. 


At the same villaye, on a stone set up beloiv the bunoZ of DoddaJcere. 

(Gruntha and Tumil characters) 


svasti sri S'akabdam 1302 (y) idan mer chellaninra S'ittarti-varushattu Avani-madam 1 tis rimanu- 
ma-slmantitiati S'onnaiya-nayakkar kumara Ahkaya-nayakarum Nondahguli-nattil nattu-nayak- 
karum . .-.r Achcha-gamindarum Noud* ... lil S'elva-Narayanapperumal kovil nambimar ... 
Narayauanum .... Vehgadam-udaiyanum P.i ... padamaa .... r ana Vayasiya-vaniya-nagarattaril 
Poya ■ • • • mara Pammi43ttiyar magan Pcriya-perumal-settiyar Noudanguliyil na .. tiruvidai .. na 

kondanpa He eri-kattugaiyil inda eri-kil kalaniy-ana mudal (y)irandu varusham 

sarva-maniyam aga nadattakkadavom aga (y)idan me .. tu ... irandu kudahgai kondu nikki 

ninra kalani perumalukku m Sellakadavadu inda eri-kattina Pammi-£etti 

magan Periya-perumal tanmam 6antraditta-varai sellakadavadu (y)i-pperuma ...... dattinavan 

fii-padam irandu en talai-mele Hari 6m subham astu Nondahguliyil S'elva-Narayana-perumal 
tiruvidaiyattam aua eri sandiraditti-varai sellakkadavadu. 



At the same villaye, infront ofthe AnjanSya temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil cJtaructers) . 

svasti sri S'aka-varusham 1267 n inel Sellaninra. . sva ... svasti siimanu-maha.. .. ntadhi- 

pati Manjeya-nayakkan kumaran S'iva-nayakkau kumarau Ahkeya-nayakkarena Pa. . lambam I.. 
vara^a-gamundan magan Ma .- .. mokki....kku Nelavagilpaljiyai kudahgai kuduttom Kusa- 

gamundan S'okka-nayan tta nattavaru . ...samapro ••.. nam .... .... nafijai 

pufijai .... 


At ChoTcl-asandra (same hobli), in Chanmppas field to the south. 

( Gruntha and Tanul charactersj 

svasti srimatu Narasinga-Devar kumaran maleraia-rasan maleporuda-gandan 

ganda-bheruudan isahaya-suran vira-Vallala-Devar .. . rachchiyam-pannaninra kalattil 


At Sulibelc (Sulibde hobli), on a stone in Bantiji-Rdtja's hodayi-field, north ofthe rillaye. 

Plavahga-samvatsarada Maga-ba 15 Somavaradalu raje-sri-Annaji S'esho-pantarige Sulibela-vura- 
mundana doda-kere Virannana-kere kattista katu-kodige hola (usnal imprecalorij phrasesj. 

116 Hoskote Taluq. 


On a stone in the same field. 
Plava-samvats.tradaPushya-ba iOluSuguturaMuminad -Ohika-Eaya Nafijapa-Gaudaru Grolla-Balana 
maga Eramadanige kott nettaru-kodigi-manya hola 


At ihe same village, in Channa-Basettis fiehi. 

A repetition of No. 53 above, 


At the tame village, on a stone set up in the bed of the tank. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters). 

dirain andu rushattu m mudal kkalatti 

Poysala-sri-vira-Vallala-Devar pradaniga. . . . Dati. . . ya. . . . nnayaka . num 

Pulliyur-natti. . r Periya-Na i ambi S'6ma-settiyar Masi-setti Ammai-(naya) 


nayan Itti Simandai Pulimara-gamundar nattu-kkanakku Anaiyar ullitta nadavarum nambi Devi- 
settiyarku S'attiparattukku adaitta Attivallai Sulivallai irandukkum naduv-ana palla Iravigattam per-ittu maual-olukki en-kattum idattu tvarku saiva-maniyam aga-kkudangaiy-aga chantraditta- 
varai sellakkadavad-aga sadanam-panni-kkuduttom idukku iyavan oruvan lenganam-pesina ivan 
Gehgai-kkaraiyil ippadikku S'6.nanadan ippadi sri sri-Allala-nadan bri nattu 


ippadi sri-S'6manata ippadikku ivai Eduttakai Alagiyar Pandiya-devar Anaiyar eluttu 

At Siddenhalli (same hobli), on a stone in Mun>sdnii's } garden west of the village. 

sva9ti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 144G neya Tarana-samvatsarada Pushya-sudha 
8 lu srimanu-maha-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prutuvi-iajyam geyiiitt irppaga Krisbna-Raya- 
maharayara kumara Sakshi Chinnama-Naykarige palsida Muluvagila-simey-olagana Bettahailiya 

Kaladolana-sime Bettahalliya hosa-kereya mudana-des>yali puravagi pujeya- 

Virann-odeyarige Betahalliya Beukacheya-Gavudaru tamma tande-tayige punyav agabek endu 
puravagi bita dharmma-sadanada sila-likitada kramav ent endare chaii-muleya lihga-mudreya- 
kallige volagada sime bhumiyanu hosa-ke.reya-kelage kha 1 gaddeyanu madikondu chandiarka- 
sthayiyagi Siva-pujeya madikondu sukadal-ihad endu kotta dharmma-sadhatia (usual final phrases). 


At Ettinavadeyapura (same hobli), ou a stone in the Venkappa's field. 
sri-Ganadhipati S'altvahana-iaka-varushahgala .. .. Vibhava-samvatsarada Vayisakha-su 15 lu 
Hajaratu || China-Appayage kotta surugu-manya Ettinavadeyapura nutana kattalage hola ^3 kke 

ga £2 yidu anubhavisikondu sukadali yiliadu || 


At BearligdiiihalU (s%ne hobli), on a stone in the tank-bed north west ofthe village. 

svasti ka-varusha 1334 neya Nanduia-samvatsarada P-a Irapada-sudda 1 S6 Kali-yuga-sa- 

luva 4513 Nandana-samvatsarada sriman-maha-mandalesvara rajfidiiraja iaja-paiamesvara 
chatu-samudradhipati Ha -ihara-Rayara kumira Deva-Raya-Voleyaru pritivi-rAjyam geiitt iralu. 

avara senadhipati Sonuaya-Nayakaru (others named) volagada hatu-hali .. . . .. ravaru 

mityavagi dareyan eradu kotevu (usucil imprecatory phrases) 

Hoskote Taluq. 117 


At Nagarenahaj/i (same hobli), o« a stone north of ' thc Timmalcdeva temple. 
sri-Veiikatesvara Khana-saheba Yisamala-Mamatu-Khanaru Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Phalguna- 
ba 15 lu Beiigalura Venkata rayara maga Bala-settiyaru Nagarenahalli-grama ... 


At Begiir (same hobll), in front of the Tirumafadevara gudi. 
(Grantha and Tamil eharacttrs). 

svasti Kaliyuga-varushara 1400..... 1 niiigiya 8'akara-yan sella 


At BettahaUi (sdme hobli^, on a stone in the yindmati fiefd of Bdbiji-makkdn. 

Bettadahalji hattara svasti sri Krodhana-nama-sanivatsarada nija-Vaisaka-suda 6 lu Bubu-sahebara 

kabara-nimityavagi Girapanaliajiya Dilavarabayi magalig ayur-a chiru-chatra bandavarige 

anna yikko-nimityavagi kanduga hoia (rest iUegtble) 


At Kadamanapura (same hobli), on a stone in the Govindappas field. 

sajjana-suddha-Sivachara-sampanna Nama?sivaya-devar- 

avarige Sulibaleya svastigp Kot : pur«da bhun-ii-dana-dharmma-s?sanada kramav ent 

endare Attibeleya-stalake saluva Kadumaaapura Sulibeleya 

nimage dhareyan eradu kotta-sanimaiulha a,-giamakke saluva chatus-simey-olagada kaqarambhake 
saluva hola uirarambhake saluva gadde beddalu-kere-kaluve-aue-achchukattu-saha nidhi-nikshepa- 
jala-pasana-akshina-agami-siddha-sadhyagal emba ashta-bhoga-svamyavanu Sivanaya-gavuda-mak- 
ka}u Devaya-gavudaru tamma tayiyammanavarige punyav agabeku endu Suttiira Chennaya-devara 
sishyaru Naniasnvaya-devarige dhareyan eradu kottevagi nlvu nimma (rest illegihle). 


At hechirdk Rdmapurix (same hobli) , on a stone in ihe Patefs field. 

Subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1450 ya Vuodhi-samvatsarada 

Magha-ba 14 lu Sivara .... gala srimatu-Deva-Raya-Nayaka • • •• tura Ganganaya .... maga 

Chennaya-devari kayarige kramav ent endare (rest illegibh) 

71 # 

At Batagdnahajli (satne hobli), on a stone in the chikka-tdpu. 

svasti sri vijayabhytulaya-S'alivahana-saka-varsliagalu 1572 Viiolhi-samvatsarada Bhr.drapada- 

ba 12 yalu Hiriyagira-Kayanavara sri-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 

pratapa S'ri-Ranga-Raja-Deva-maharayarayyanavaru Penugondeya sri-ratna-simbasanarudharagi 
(rest iflegihle). 


At AnupufiaUi (same hohti), on astone in the grwe of tamarind trees. 

svasti sri 1482 sanda varttamana Ravudri-samvatsarada 
Pushya-sada 11 Sanivira-Makara-sankranti-panya-kaladallu sriman-maha-mandalesvara ..... .. Eja- 


118 Hoskote Taluq. 

Soma-rajayyanavarige puuyav agabekuendu Sukutura Tammappa Gavudaru Neluvagilu-stkalake sal- 
uva Anupuhalli-gramavanu S'ivagangeya Praganna-Gatigadhara-L hgage amritapadi-naivedyakke sa- 
marppisi u... {usual final phrases) 


i Grautha aud Tamil rharac/ers). 

At Hidlur (liullur hohli), near the poiul to the east of tht Kadapa road to the south-a-est. 

svasti srimauu-maha-prasayittar S'ikka-Vittappanavar adikari Sangananavar svasti sri .. vattaii . 
la .. .. ulitta daslgalukku sasana prama ... nni-kkudutta parisava.. Bahudaniya-varushat . Taiy- 

masam padinanjan-diyadi-mudal Pulliyiiril gattu vallaiyile . . . dipuram kattakkada- 

varagavum kattum-idattu-ttahgalukku Pullijur-kile 


{Grantha and Taiwl characters). 

At Nidaga/fa (same hobM), on a stone lying in Sonnaiyana Huchchanaa^s field. 

sasti Sakabdam P265 me.r r.bellauinra Svabhanu . pakshattu .. .. Pushya- 

nakshatramum perra irrai-nal svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya prithivi-vallabha mabarajadhiraja 
paramesvara malaraja-raja malaporuj-ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda ekamga-vira 
asahaya-sura S'anivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla chalad imka-Kama S'6 .. Pandya-pratishthAchayya 

Magadha-raja-mastaka-sula samastu-divijaya Narayaua-raya gaja-benikara srimatu 

Visvanatha-deva-divya-sri-pada-padinarAdhakar ana srimatu pratapa-chakravatti Hoysela-sri-vira- 
Ballala-Devar prithivi-rajyam-panni arujaninra kalattu devarku sira-pradhanar ana srimanu- 
maha-pradhana .. di Somaya-dannayakar kumaiar Vallappa-dannAyakkar sena-pradhanar ana 
srimanu-maha-samantadhipati gandara kii .. Manjaya-nayakar kumarar Ankaya-nayakkarum 
S'emana-nayakkarum srimanu-maka-samantadipati Mi . nayakkarum 6vasti sri Nigarili-S'61a- 

mandalat .. nrur Kunji-nad-ana Pulliyur-nattu nattu-nayagan-ieyva . biravi-settiyar 

ma Irama-settiyar Sima settiyarr ullitta nattu .. nattu-nayagan- 

jeyvar Turavar Ammai-nayan makkaj S'imanan ullittarku innattil Neduvattattukk-adaitta .... 

.. .. y puniSey nai.-park-ellai .. ra idir-ki .. .. na kina ... me ... kina dana-manya 

rpattadu . m tvarku-kkuda .. .. y-Aga ..chandraditya-varai sellakk?;davad- 

n Gamgai-kkaraiyi 


At KdlappanahaUi (same hobli), on a done wed of the Basava temple. 

svasti sri vijayab'iyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1430 neya Vibhava-samvatsarada Magha-ba 10 lu 
sriman-maba-mandalesvara uttara-dakshina-put vva-paschima-samudradhipati vira-pratapa sri- 
VirupAksha-Kaya-maharayaiu prithvi namavada Somapuravanu 

(rest tUegibh) 


Karapanahalli (same hobli), on a .stone vear Munist:ara's dlada-mara, .sOuth-West ofihe village. 

subham astu Sidartti-samvatsaiada Kartika-ba . ..siiaiatu Banalura siiuiatu raja-sii Anantaji- 

panditaru tinn-ura Satyavarakeiehi Katarai ahallya Ms ra-gaudage stala-nanya vutanmdi- 

kondu sukadindalu yiruvadu 

Hoskote Taluq. 119 


At Mummayi-Hosahalli {same hobli), on a stone on the banJc of Ntrina~kun{e. 

Dundubi-samvatsarada Margasira-su lu Sugutura Tamme-Gaiindaiu , Karapahalli 

(rest illegible). 


At Dodda-Nallur (same hobli), on a stone infront of the village 

svasti sri vijayabhyuday ;o'alivahana-saka-varushagalu 1582 Plava-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 5 lu 
srimadraiadhiraja parameivara sri-vira-pratapa-S'ri-Kaiiga-Deva-maharayara-ayyanavaru prithvi- 

sambrajyam gaiutt iralu .. •. urtta-gotrada Sugatura Tammappa-Gaudaru Puraclionahalliya 

sad.i Basavaraja-devarayyanavarige kotia dharma-danada kramav ent endare 

nige Baluva Dodda-Nallu namma Iun nadi Tamme-Gaudarige punyav agabek endu 

dhara-grihitavagi kota sda-sisana (usual final phrases and verse). 


At Chikka-Nallur (same hobli), on a stone in the Channe-Ganda'$ field. 
svasti sri vijavabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varu*hangalu 1460 neya Vilimbi-samvatsarada Bhadra- 
pada-su 12 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-par.imesvara purva-dakshina-paschima-uttara-chatus- 
samudradhipati sti-vira-pvatapa-Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geuttam yiralu Banka- 

pura na-Nayaka Channakesava-devara srikaryyakke dana-Naykaru . .. 

hiriyarige ekadasiyu devarige kottevagicha amritapadige* 


kottevu yidakke a (rest illegible) 

At ihe same village, behind the Channardyasvdmi temple 

(Gnuitlia and Tamil characters) , 

svasti sri Sakara-yiindu 1247 Kaliyuga-varusha 4427 S'ukkula-varushattu Tai-masaui svasti srima.r- 

pratapa-sakkaravatti sri-Peysala-vira-Vallala-Devar pridivi-irachchiyam-panni arula 

galil manu-maha-pradani S'ingaya-dennayakkar nayakkapadiga maha-samanta sa dipati 

Pulliyur-na. 8'omanatanura nattavaru-nattu-nayagan-jeyvar Tuyavar Nambiravi-setti 

Mara-setti Rama-s^tti Sim. . ndai-setti Pulimarai-gamindar ullitta nattavarum Nallurpalli Vadagaru- 
palli raanal-olugina Tayila-siyar magan Vaiyannan kattina Tayila-samuttira maniyam aga kal-natti 
kuduttora sandiradita-varai sillakadavalu niitta m sri Soma . . ta ippadikku na. . .. 

kkanakku Anaiyar e...ttu 


At ChikkanahaUi [same hobli), o>i a stone in Mtiidenaha/li -Channappas field. 
svasty astn punya-vriddhir bbhavatu Ugra-Kamesvar-akka Arasararabha dodauku ... ella-nelak-alatta 

kavala ayadikadull om-kanduga-manamum Nirattura pannir-ppalliya ellam kand- 

uga-manamum Nagarattoru-Perkigi-deii^e kottar (usual imprecatory phrases) 


On another stone in the same field. 
svasty astu S;ngav.d!.uasar kKamara Ka narar kkottodu Perbba Paridele.reyar-emboikkum 

kudereyar kkun.k.\-vil Ppe.rum mmannum mmaneyum Bruhmi-deya n (nsual imprecatory 


120 Hoskote Taluq. 


At tlte same rillage, on a virakal in Mvgavdja Basappa's field, noith-east. 
vasti sii Ganga-maha-naigara magan Badeyanni-iatti tuni-golol kadi tujruvan ikkisi sura-lokada 

bhogi adanb 


In the same place, on a broJcen viraTcal. 

A A 

llaha Cholana mel eld Ayyana makkal Maldayyanu besegeydo Avanyadi Kama- 

sara-achariya maga Kevali 


At ISchirak MdrenahalH (same hohli), on a sione in the north-east corner ofthe Bhimesvura temple. 

svasti sri S'iipurushayya Kerikundaddi munurum aluttire pattam gatti Ganga-maha-naigage. . galani 

verasu miivattu gula aygula palu kottor S'ripurusha-nayigage patta-gatti kotta kalani (hcre folhw 

details of gift and nsual fxnal phrases). 


At At/ur (same hobU)' t on a stone in Channa-Basave-Gauctd 's field north-vest of the village. 
svasti sri Kojota-gavundara maga Ereyarnma-Velachi-gavundana pattadala Ponnachari madidarn 


At same villagc t on a stone in a bush in front. 


svasti sii viiayal)hyudaya-S'a1ivahana-6aka-varushangalu 1488 neya Krodhana-samvatfarada Asvija- 
bahula 12 S'anivaradallu sriman-maharajadhirajar ada Sadaiiva-Kayaru simhasana-stharagi rajyam 

geyuvalli rajaru-. pati salineya tamma yappana 

amrita nai (?;ac7j)vedya-diparadhanegagi kotta Eajaguttasimege salu- 

va Hajevura-gramake saluvachatus-sime-volagada gadde-beddalu kere-tota nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pash- 
ana-akshini-agamisiddha-sadhyagal emba ashtabhoga-tejas-svamyavanu Devappa . . rige punyav 
figabek endu dhareyan eradu kottevagi (usual final phrases). 


At thc same villarje, in patel Channabasavaiya^s fiehl to the south tcest. 

(Grantha and Tamil chaiacters). 

svasti sii Poysila sri vira-Vallala-Devar aramanailil siiinanu-maha-pradanan Dati S omeya-dcnna- 
vakkar vara-ppittiraa S ingeya-dennayakkar tambi Vallappa-dennnyakkar manaiyil siimanu 
maha-prasuyittan pPa*al iva S'ikka-Vittappan annan Devapparum Pulhyiir-nattil nattavar Turavar- 
nayan Ammai . . yar Siyanan Tambiravi-Settiyar Mari-s.-tti Irami-settyar SlmAndai ullitta nat- 
tavarum Pulliyur-iiattil iiattu-nayagan-jeyvar Turavar SVivukka-devar S'iyananukku kudangai 
kallu-nattina parisavadu S'ikabdam ayiratt-iru-nuirii-aruvattelu Visha . . . Masi-madam aujan-di 
pPattipalikk-adaitta naiijey puujey nar-pai.k-ellaiyum utppnda-kkudarigai aga kuduttom Pevap- 
panavar \ pa .. S'in .. .. ga natt-oppam sri-Somanatha. 


At CLd/appanahal/i (same hobli), on a stone lyingin Mdrappa^s field. 

(Orantha and Tamil charactera) 

tvasti sri S'akabdam . 250 Kaliyuga-varusha...487 nd-ulla.. duro varushattu 

...ti S'ani-';l;ijUmaiyum S'6 ........m Pri...thi-y6gamuin peria i.rr m gada prasasti- 

Hoskotc Taluq. 121 

vijayigaUVy-irund-uJla sa ma-chakravatti sri-vira-Harihara valukkun-doliikkuri-jayam 

aga ..srimatu...Kantikara-rayara ganda N&ganna-udaiyar prituvi-rajyam-panniy-arttla Teppanna- 

ndaiyar dharmmattu svasti sii Rasarasarum Pulliyur-nattu-nayagau-jeyvar Turavar biva 

settiyar .ullida nattavaru. . kshetra-pramanam-panni-kkudutta paris.ivadu Pulliyur VaradaraAanukku 

tiruvidaiyyattara aga i-nnatil Tolappanpalli kula iduk-adaitta nahVjai pu r-park-ellaiyum 

varam mejr-pon kauikkai ennai stavaram kanti pulai tirai sodimmai viyam 

vedukol suuka magamai taravalikkai llerudu nar-pasu eppalpattiruvum sandt aditya-varai 

saluva-maniyam inda dhammattu ilaugaih-jonavan Gamgaiyil kura-pasuvai konravan pavam 


At Mugabdla (same hobli), on a eqpper plate in possession ofarchaka Chandrasekharayya. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'aiivahana-saka-varskahgalu 1186 . ...saluva Raktakshi-samvatsa- 
rada K:\rtika-Sudha 15lu srimad-raiadhiraja raja-paramesvara ari-raya-vibhadam bhashege tappuvara 
ganda, purvva-paschima-uttara-dakshina-s.-iraudradhisvara sri-vira-Vikrama sri-vira-SadaSiva-Raya- 
maharayaru prithvi-rajyara gaivutt iralu Yaradimina-Rayaravara karyakke karttarada Suguturu 
Sadasiva-gotrada Mummadi-Chika-Raya Tamniappa-Gaudaraiyyanavara pautrarad i Tammayya-Gaud- 
araiyyanavara putrarada ChikaRaya-Tamma-Gatularaiyyanavaru namma yishta-devam sri-S6mes- 
vara-devaru-sri Virabhadra-devarige amrita-padige kotta grama-sisana-kvamav ent endare namma 
ajikcge saluva llosakote-simeya Hulura-pattidiyj, Mugubalu emba gramake pratinama Virabhadra- 
purav-emba grama 1 i-gramake purva-bhagadalu Rama-gaudanahali emba kila grama I i-gramake 
nairutyabhagadalu kilu Hosahali emba grama 1 antu gramagalu 3 sri-Somesvara-devaru-sri-Vira- 
bhadra-devarige | amrita-padi-modalada sevegala nadavadakke navu hiranyo.laka-putvvakav agi 
kottevu i-gramagalige salluvayalle chatus-sime valagana kadarambhake saluva hola uirararabhakke 
salluva kere kuute nidhi-nikshepa-jala-taru-pashftna-akahina-agami-siddha-sadhyaiigal emba ashta- 
bhoga-tejas-svamyagalanu ^ri-Somesvara-devaru-sri-Virabhadra-devarige amrita-padi-niodalada-seve- 
galige saiu (badfi vadu endu navu tri-karana-manah-purvakavagi dhareyan eradu kotevu i-gfaiuagaj- 
alli banda phala-pushpahgalalli ^ri-Soaieivara-devaru-sri-Virabhadra-devara anirita-padi-diparadhaue- 
rathotsavagaju modalada-sakala-sevegalannu madikondu i-archaka Nilakantbaiyanu putra-pautra- 
paramparyavu sukhadalli yituvadu endu bar isi-kotta grama-sasana I (usual final verses) 


At the same village, on the basemmt of the Somesvara temple. 

(Granlha and Tamil ckaracters). 

svasti sri S'akabdam 1257 sellaninra Bhava-samvatsarattu Mithuna-ravi 25 tiyadiy-ana Tihgat- 
kilama apara-pakshattu Tritiyaiyun-diruv-Onarau perrav-anru svasti saraasia-piadapa-schakravat- 
tiga sri-vira-Vallala-Devar pridhuvi-raiyam-pannanirka devar kumarargalil Singa-danuayakka 
tamhiyar Vallappa-dannayakkar . kalattile Nigarili-S ola-raandalattu Kurukkunji-nattu mu . . . . 
.... 1 Tiruvegambam-udaiya-riayanarku munbu muttumbaiyai-kkalaindu tiru-kkattalaiyuB-jeyvitta 
ishtagaiyay-uuuda pidamuhlittu silaiyale pidanuS-jatti-ttivu-chchelvam-uudakkiiiau tiru Maiyi- 
lappur-udaiyan Turavan ana Gahgapura-mandahkan nattu-nayagah-jeyivan Pali-devan magan 
Nadanjai ,van magan Ammai-nayan kalattil ivv-tirii -periya eriyuh-gatti irandu varamburn iduvittu 
ivv-urk-adaitta Aras.upaii-kkattaiyuh-(ga)tti-ttuinbura iduvittu-kkapparritgaiyil nattavavum 
rajavutn kattu-kkudahgaiy-aga vitta p?ri-eriyil nilatn panniru-kandagamum Arasarpal[i-kkuttaiyil 

hilam aru-kandagamum en gavuudu-kudahgaiy-ana Nallurpalli Aminai-siyarkiim lva 

.... siyarkum otta pahgu nadappadagavum nayan.irku tirunamattu-kkaniy-aga v tta uilam i-pperi- 


122 Hoskote Taluq. 

eriyil munb-ulla padinaitt-gn}aga uikki en kkat$u-kudaiigaiyil iru-kandagamura Ar.isarkuttai mu- 
dar-takkil nilattil vitta nilara kandagamum flrku kilikku vitta kollai kandaganuun urku vadakku- 
kkollai kaidagamum koyil-mun mun-ual nadakkun-gollai muppadin-kulagainum Nallurpalli peri-eri 
mudar-takkil vitta lulsn-gandagatt-ain-gujaga mun-nalil nadakku nilam pattu-klutlagamum kollai 
kandamum Periya-Nullalam Siru Nallalaiu l-nnal-uiilum piranda talli-siidi irattai-kkanr-inra pa- 
suvum kavvukari pasi .. lauuri putter pugai-kkanru ivv-urgalil kudirai-virravan panam onrum xn panam i-kkoyil-kkaijiyalau Kasyapa-gotrattu Bolhayana-sutrattu S • tti-battar ma- 
gan S ovajaiyappan inakkal Marappanuin S'6vudaiv-appanum i-nnayana.rkku pttjai amudu irandu 
sandikkum nanali ansiyum tiru-vilakku kdla-sandhikku irandum sandhya-kalattukku ainjum tiru- 
malaiyum tivu-manjanamum saiigu ugachcbu pala-pani-nimandanga]ukkum udaka-puivam agafi,- 
chaitdraditya-v irai s dlakka(da)vad-aga vitten i-dharmattai vilakkinavan Gamgai-kkara'yil kura.r- 

ppasuvai vadhaittavan papattile vilakkadavan idu pan-Mahesvavarum i-nnatt\rum rakshai i-nna 

I irasivin rakshai palatudai rakshai 

Ma ; yi!a : .-ppadi Turavan Ammai-nayan aiam-valarttu- 

kKayilai-ppadi Tiruvegambanadav kalal-adaindan 

Seyalir-pugundini ivv-avam ini kakkir-Chiva-lokama- 

mayilir pugund-idu mar.V di.r Ktirruvan vakk-iraiye 

i-nnilam iruj aUiuial-adiyum vilakkadi i-kkoyil-Seyda Tuvavai\ri Kaliyuga-meyyarku peri-eriyil ain- 
guiagamu n Ar is irkuttaiyil ain-gulagamum ivv-eri devadanattil ain-gulagamum Nalliirpajli-eriyii 
aiu-gulagamum kollai aiii-gulagamum ivv-ur devadanattil kollai ain-gulaga Periyuril kollai ain- 
gulagainum vitteu 


Af the «nme viflage, Ou the pillar ofthe Juiec of Knilige AnisinaJcerc. 

{Qrantka and Tamil charaeters). 

Sakarai-yandu 1254 s.dla linra kalattu svasti . .si srima-pradapa-chchakravatti vira-Vallala-Uevar 

pi.rathvi-rajyam-panni arulaninva kalattu Prajapati-samva.rsarattu S'ittirai-mudal Tirukkuiiji-nattu- 

uayagaii-jeyvar tiru-Mayilappuv-udaiyar Turavar Nadandai magah Ammai-nayan 

ivv-eriyuii-g uti-ttu iib-iduvittir ivv-erikku-kkadi Kongai-nadu 


At ihe same village, on a stom set up in Sh&nhop Munin&gappa's garden. 

{Q-runtka «nd charaetersj . 

svasti sii Isvara-varushuttu Adi-ina^am-mndal sri-vira-Vallala-Devar iiajiyam-pannaninra kalattu 
Tur.ivar Ammii-iiyai magan Tanappan tolan tattan Marosai magan Vav.ulau Murin-devar kuma.- 
rar Tamaraikkiraiyil mattai pidittu-kkondu pogaiyil Nalliivpalliyil kil-eriyde mfide- 
m'ttu tanum p.ittan ippalikku Tanappau uruvuin samaittu eluttum vettuvittAn 


At the name plare. 

f&rantha aml Tumil eharacters) , 

A A 

svasti sri Isv.tra-varushattu Adi-ma*am-mudal Turavar Ammai-siyar maga i Tanappan tattan 
Marosan mac;an Varadan Timaraikkirai madu-pidittu Nallttrpalli kadai-kkil eviyile madu-mindu 
pattan : ppadikki uruvu"i-'a ... t!u elu ... vettuvitten Tanappanena 

Hoskote Taluq. 123 


At Jdf/i Bdsarahalli (samc ha!>1i), on a stone set up at foe village entrance. 

(Orantha and Tamil charactersj. 

sv.nti sri Pulliyu.r-!i ittil nattavarum Vaicticha- »a nuada S'6jianatanum vii - a-Valla]a-Devar valu- 

kkun-dolukkum nanr-aga N iraiinga-Nirayani-p3rura\lukku snnpralVyam-se/.kka Tevaperuma- 

Jukku Sokkaperumal ko .. lli kama .. vitta Param isandaga . . purattukku periy-eriyi . . k i I na,- 


At the b§chirdkh village M-irHahalli (same hobli), near the Bhimesvara temple to the south. 

(Grantha. and Tamil charactersj. 

svasti sri Saka-varisha tolayittu ... riurru rottu chakravvattigal sii-Kulottunga-S'61a-Devarku yandu 

aravadu Nigarili-Sola-mandalattu Kaivara-nattu Nilattur Perubalapura ku .... gapparasan 

magan S'6:naraisanum Nagamaraisanum Pal ivaraHanum Ganai . . ndaraisanum ivar . . muva 

Somaraisanum A . varaisanum Udayamarai sri-ttamisvaram-udaiya Maha,- 

devarku KaAyava-gottirattu S'iva-Brahmanui periy-eri-kil Mahadevajku 

i-ttiru-kkoyil kkam 


At Chilcha Nalldhi (same hobH), in MalUhja' 1 * fie.hl. 

(Orantha "nit Taniit characters). 

svasti sri Prabhavn-sammasarattu Sittirai-mada-muda . tiyadi nayanarkku uchchi- 

sindikku amudupaiikku S.inabu-!cuI6rpavaii (l)I\viri-vallavan virudaraja-bhayankirau Trayilokka- 

rayan ana Tammasayanena S'iriya-Nallalain nans>y pun^ey nar-pal-ellaiyum kudutten i 

navan Gagai-karaiyil kural-pasuvai koravan 


At the same vfflagc, in ^ralWs field to the, east. 

(Qrantha an-t Tnmil characters) 

S'avumiya-varushattu Vaiyasi-madam 10 svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvara hariraya-vibhata 
bhashaikku-ttappuva rayar ganda m-vira-Kampanna-udaiyar adaippatti .. Ila . . . ppar manittaril 
S'iidaiyaka . . takkuran Poludannav.iyattaya r iyattanu . . ketra-pramanam-panni kudutta parisivadu ....chchan Muduvola - . lattai . . sa . . chchali pogaiyil pra •. tam-panni m 

pekkalai Periya Sattavaratil Nagalatotti Pdakuvallaiyil Puvatotti ullayitta sidiyum kudi 
Tekkalile perra vilakku pallikku oru panam v.ttu kuduttom kudadavan nattukkum palaiuk;ura 
Pafijalatarkkum sadikki puraiubu .. tappam i Vilikkuiiiattukku sakkaliyitturakkugaiyil handukkuiB 
pun-karaiyay kottaiyeri vetti tam prrra padiyale udaiyar tiiuppadikku Ilakkappar sorrapadikku 
S'iru-N T allala n Vayifijanukku ratti -kudangaiy-asfa kallu-natti kuduttom Pulliyur-nattil Tamaiaikka- 

raiyil Tottivaiyyan Kandikkaiyan Mugumbajil Tottivaiyyan magan S'a .. kkasi . . . na udai 

nayena lettare kandu niga .. .. tinavai tu tan vuru Bhayirnva-perumalukku kollai 

ain-gulsgam kalani ain-gujagam kudutten 


Al the sanie place. 

(Oraiitha and Tamit c/iaraclers) 

Simyaya-varushattu Vaiyg.isi-midam 10 svasti siimanu-maha-mandalesvara hariraya-v.bha . . 
kku tappuva rayara gandaa .. . . Kampanna-udaiyar adappattil lat'a . . nirla . 1 S,'udaiya 

124 Hoskote Taluq. 

rena po du kkura ma savaga duvena 

pogai., da . daiyama na ila rn sanattu sa virutta 

ga sila kaiyil irandukku .. kkai dai udaiyar thuppadikka 

ru-Nallalam kku ratta-kudangaiy-aga kallu-nnatti kuduttom Pulliyur- 

nattil Tottigan-sad y padihettu-naduy-ujjaga pajli . nara v.ttu kuttora nukku 

kudadavan nattukkum palarukkum Pafijalattukkum pajraiykura padinettu-nattukkum purambu 


At Satyac&ra (same hobli), on « stone eet up in Garike-itatta to the we&t. 

(Orantha and Tamil CharactersJ. 

a a 

svasti sri S'akabtam 12ul Kaliyuga-varusham 4432 uel sellaninra Ahgira-varushain Avani inadam 
mudal-tiyadi Velli-kkilaraaiyum tiruv-Onamum naj svasti srimanu-maha-pratapasakkiravatti sri- 
Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar kumara S'ihge-dennayakkar nayakka-padigalil manu-maha-saraantadipati 
Vaiyichcha-gavundarum Niraga-devarnm Konga Irarae-nayakkarum Pulliyur-nattu Turavar Ammai- 

nayairara Variyandai-elichiyaru Nambiravi-settiyarul litta nattavarurn kanar Kilvatta-devar 

magan Siyananukku S'ir-Chattiparattukku adaitta nansii punsai nar-pakk-ellaiyum d\na-nianiyam 
nikki kudahgaiy-aga kuduttom ippadikku sandiraditta-varaiyum sellakkadavadu ilahganam-pesinal 
Gengai-karaiyil kurai-pasuvai konra pavattile povar nattu oppam S'6manata 


On a copper ploie rrctiverf from Major Cole. 
sri-Sahkara || 

svasti sti vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshahgalu 1615 ne varttamanakke salluva Srimukha- 
nama-samvatsara-Kartika-suddha-paurufimi-&6m6paraga-pun)a-kaladalli srimad-rajadbiiaja para- 
mesvara praudha-pratapa srirappa narapati S'ri-Rahga-Raya-Deva-maharayaru Gbanagiri-durga- 
dalli ratna-simhasanarudharagi prithvi-samrajyam gaivutt ira:u Sadasiva-gotiarada Suguturu-Mum- 
madi-Chikka-Raya-Tamme-Gaudatavara pautrarada Clnkka-Raya-Tamme-Gaudaravara putrarada 
Mummadi-Chikka-Raya-Tamme-Gaudarayyanavatu s:imad-vt da-marga-pratishthapanacharyyobhaya- 


vedantacharyyarada Kauiuka-gotrarada Apastamba-sutta-Yajus-sakhadliyay galada Hosakote- 
sthalada gurugalada Tirumala-Vinjamuru-Siinivasacliaryaravara p.iutrarada Anantachaiyaravara 
putrarada Vehkatacharyaravarige barasi-kotta vartane-bhu-duna-dharrama-sasana-kramav ent 
endare adagi narama alvikege salluva Anekullu-nbhaya-peteyalli yiruvantha Setti-vartakaru-mun- 
tada samasta-phana-kattu-janarige desada peteyalli Nandi-kolu-meravanige-nimityavagi Nagartta- 
peteyalli Kalika-devi-meravanige-nimityavagi Samayagara-Mutta-dasari-muiakadinada kalaha-bandu 
ubbaya-peteyannu arupavaddu sariyashte tavu yi-samvatsara-Asvi|a-suddha 10 llu pete-manige 
dayamadi vubhaya pete-Setti-varttakaru-muntada, phaua-kattu-janarana karisikondu a-janarige 
sammati-raadi purvva-prakarakke desada peteyalli Nar.di-kolu-meravanigeyannu Nagarta-peteyalli 
Kalika-devi-meravanigeyannu agamadisi ubhaya-peteyannu kshemadalli yirasida-karana tavu yi- 
sthaladalli nirantara vasutnadikondu dayamadiyuuva-niraitya yi-ubhaya-pete-Sttti-vartakaru-mun- 
tada sakala-phanastarinda kula 1 kke .. adda 1 kke ' 1 vaudu hana yi-sima-muladalli 
yituva gavuda-prajegalindakattidayeru 1 kke ragi '1 vandu kolaga maduve 1 kke ' ] hana Kartika- 
Vaisakhada gadde-phalagalalli kula 1 kke rasi 1 kke nellu ' 1 vandu kolaga koduva-prakara sarva- 
jana-sammatiyinda dana-patra barasi-kottu yidhevey ada-karaua jimenge yi-vartanegalannu 
varsham-prati-varshadailu bararaadikoudu yi-kasabe-baliya kotege hola purva-bhagadaiii yiiuva(Acre 
follotc cliails) uUha/ani hola gadde bijavari 2 ' 4 yaradu-khandugada n;t!ku-ko]aga bhumiyannu 

Hoskote Taluq. 125 

hola-gaddege saukha-chakra-sila-pratislith yu Vamanaraudreyu f&\k pratishteyannu madisi yi- 
samvatsarada Kartika-sudha-paurnami-som^paraga-punvakaladalli saHiranyo.laka-dana-dhara- 
purvakavagi dhareyann oradu-kottu yidhlveyadi-kirana yi-bhumige aillatakka Ikahmana-nivesana 
S'udra-nivesana tota tudike tippo muntadaunu anubhavisikondu yiral-ujlavaru yambadagi (grant 
repeated) ada-karana yi-bhumi-chatus-siina-valagana nidhi-nikshepa-jala-taru-pashana-akshiua-agami- 
sidda-sadhyahgal emba ashta-bhaga-tejas-svamyahgalunnu nimigu salluvadn yandu (again grant 
repeated) tri-karana-tri-vachakavagi dlmreyann eradu kottu yidhevey adakarani yibhumigalanu 
nimma putra-pautra-paramparyavagi adhi-kraya-dana-parivartanegal emba vyavahara-chatushta- 
yakke yogya a-chaiidrarka-sthayigallgi uarama aramane sreyas-chintanavaunu ubhaya-pete-pra- 
jegala sYeyas-chintaneyannu n'rautaiavaniiu maclikondu sukhadinada anubhavisikradu baral ujla- 
varu yandu Amrita-Mallikarjuna-svamiyavar.i sannidhanadalli barasi-kotta vartta,ne-b!n:-clana- 
dkarmma-sasana yint appudakke sakshigalu Hari Haradigalu || (usualfinal verses) 


At Hanasigd/u (Hosakd/e hobli), ou ihe slince of the tank north of the village. 

svasti saraadhigata-paiicha-maba-sabda KaGchi-pura-paramesvara sri-Baravi- 

goudam Narasingha atana bha . .. bariyn-Nandivarmmana mauam sriman-Satyamahgalada Cho . . 
sri . . . . sahana pendati . ... kabbe [rest tllegible) 

108 and 109 

At the samc vittage, on a stone set up in front. 

(Granihct and Tamil characlersj . 

svasti sri Kaliyuga-varusham 4040 idanul ningiya S'akara-yandu 1299 sellaninra 

Kalayukti-varushattu Masi-inadam 2 Viynla kkilunai nal Srimanu-maha-raandalesvara ariraya- 
vibhada bhashaikku-ttappuva rayara g anda Immadi-Bhukka-rayan prithuvi-rajyam-pannaninra kal- 
attu srimatu K&ndikkara- rayara ganda Nagannvdaiyar pradani PettiyaraSar Rachcharasar so.rpad- 
ikku Malaimandala-pperumal Pulliyur-nattu maha-prabhu Nambi Iravisettiyareoa nammudaiya 

magaludaiya laigalil Iraviyannan Kesava-settiyar u]]ittarkku Pulliyur-nadu munrattonril 

nammudaiya pangiy Paiigaipalliyai ^idanam-akki vundikkaikku-chchellum Satur-simaiyum Seluttikk- 
ondu onrekar-panattirkul mariyadikku iruttu santraditta-varai nadakakadavadu idu am allav-enra- 
var Geugai-kkaraiyile kurar-pa^uvai-kkonra papattde pogakadavar aga sadanah-guduttom Nambira- 

vi-Settiyar oppam sri mbaraya-eluttu 


At KimbaladahaHi (sawe hohli), on a vtrakal in Saidu Sdbi's garden. 

svasti Sri sri-Ncdambam prithuvi-rajyam geye Koyyara Ajayapalla Gorava Kojasudipa kadavu 
parivalli mundage bandu Tadarabandi-Anileyara maga Nelmalla Annarmman aliye toruvan ikkisi 
saggiyadam ay-gola-kalani padi-kolam aduvu .... (imprecatory phiases) 


At Kammasandra [saine hobli , on a stone in pujdri-Naiijappa's back-yard. 

svasti Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satahgal 920 neya Hevalambi-samvatsaram pravarttisutt ire 
tat-kalam sri-Bajaraja-Devam rajyam geyyutt \n Ayyapa-Devana magam Gannarasam Daliga- 
vadiya Kuru.Kshandalchiyan aluttire avara d.indauayakara S'iidharayyaiiiiip nadura nal-gavundam 
Sinda-gavuudanuv ijiu Sattimangalada samiya-samtiiaudam Max-ayyanum Puniseyammanuv ildu 
Tammalopadi gottar Chivandayyahge pelj nadu-sasanam gotta. 1 idarkk ay-niannigar sakshi 
akkarara boyda Kovarachariya raagara Manik*icharige kanlugj, galde kodahge gottar 


126 Hoskote Taluq. 


At the same village, in L ugappas wei land to the west. 

(Tamil and Orantha characters,) 

svasti sriman-pratipa-chakrava sii-ura-Vallala-Devar prithivi-rAjyam-pannugi.ra ualile So- 

bha-sanvarchaia,tu S'ittirai-masam-mudal svasti s>imanu-mahfi-pradhanan Vettarasa-dannayakkar- 
ena Nambiravi-sett yarkku Gangapura . . turaiyil kilai-kodi .. le ivarukku kudangaiy-aga vitta kala- 

ni nilam panirandu-salagai nilam 5 .. m .. idukku mudalile 5 man i-kkandaga pannirandum 

santiraditta-varai sellakkadavadu inda kudangaiyai marrinar (r)undagil Gehgai-kkaraiyil kkurar- 
pasuvai-kkonra papattile poguvan 


Atjodi Lakkoadalialli (same hobli), on a stone south of the Vehkataramana-svdmi temple. 

svasti Saka-varusha 1301 Ka!i-yuga-varusha 4480 neya Sidartthi-samvatsarada Pushya-bahula- 

chavutiya Mahgalavara ta-kaladalli sriimatu rajadhiraja raja-parainesvara 

ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-Hariyappa-K.a!yaru prithu-rajyam geyi ...» 

... riy avara se.iapati Kantikara-Rayara ganda Naganna-Vodeyara kumara Devappa-Vodeyaru (others 

named) Nikariiichola-mandalada Hullura-nada Lakka^aundanahalji Madarachasamudrada 

chatus-simey-olagana nidhi-rrikshepa-jala-pashana-sidha-sadhya-akshina-agami-tejas-svamyada (rest 



At Gubbi (Gubbi hobli)^ on a stone near the Garuda-kambha of the Somesvara temple, 

svasti §ri Kali-yuga 4528 Sakha-sam 1348 Parabbava-samvatsarada ^ri-rajadhiraja parame- 

Svara Pratapa-Deva-Raya-Vodeyara simhasanadalu pruthuvi-rajyam geyuva Piri-Settiya kumara Poli- 

Setti nillisida kamba 


At Kitiganuru (sanve hobh;, ona stone in the sdnabhdga^s indmati field. 


svasti sri S'akabde 1 28^ mele Plavanga-samvatsrada Ashada-ba 1 llu srimanu-maha-mandalesvara 

bhasege tappuua i ayara ganda firx-vira-Bukkauna-Vodey.iru prithuvi-rajya-maduvalli srimanu-maha- 

savantadhipati . ..-rayara ganda Lihgaya-Na.yi.karu Yalahanka-nada prabhu. . .. re-Deva (others 



At the same village, on the slab ofthe Garuda-lamba infront ofthe Gopdlasvdmi ttmple to the east. 

(Grantha and Tatnil charactersj . 

svasti Sri Kaliyuga-varusham 4500 idil S'akabdam 1323 sella svasti sri i-ajadhiraja paramesvara 
sri-vira-Harihara-rayan pridhvi-rajyam-panaaninra kalattu Vishu-varushattu krishna- 
pakshattu S'6 liyum Sam-varaniurn p(fra Pratliamai nal S'annai-nattu ten-kurril Kitteyanuril 

gavun Perumbachcheriyil sattu Tevappt.rum:Uukku devarum 



At Bomminahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the village gate, 
svasti sii jajabhyudaya-S'alivahana-^aka-varushanga!u Z 531 neya Saumya-samvatsarada Pushya-su 1 
Bu-lu srimad-raj ; dhiiaja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Venkatapati-Raya-maharayaru 

sasana-gallu yavara appane vididu Tavarekeieya 


Hoskote Taluq. 127 


At Jyotipura (same hobli), on a stone sonth of the Jyotisvara temple. 

£ubhamastu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-3aka-varuska 1427 Kshaya-samvatsarada...... 

punya-kaladalu Kathari-Saluva Salu[va]-Immadi-Narasinga ...raaharayaru prithuvi-rajyam 

gayivutt iralu Bharadvaja-gotiada Bodhayana Yajus-§akheya Kesarasara makkalu Somayyagaru 

dhareyan erndu kotta Somesvara-devastanada bhu-dauada dharmma-sasanada kramav ent endare 

Kojala-chavadi Somesvara-devarige leya sasanad-olagada tiya Tiru-Siva- 

mundura-stala hanneradu-halli—volagada deva-hanada hola--gaddegalu devata-sVamya-sarvvotpa- 
... tanumata-purassaravagi namma tande tayi uamma mund el ippatt-ondu mata-pitrigalige a-Gaya 

punya-loka-prapti agabek endu tri-vacha-pura^saravagi dhareya nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana- 

yakshini-yagami-siddha-sadhyahgal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyahgalu sarvvotpatta-samavagi 
nivu niadikondu So.nauatha-devarige shodasopachara nadevantagi a-chandrarkka-stayigalagi danadhi- 
krayahgalige yogyavagi sukhadind anubhavisutta baral ullavaru yendu navu namma manah- 
purvvakav agi vodambattu kotta ... (usual final verse). 


At Bayiratti (same hobli), on the Jademuniyappa rock north of the village. 

Musukanda-raaha-iushiya pitama Uevana-Siddtya-devar iddant Avanasi-mamunigalu pujeya madida 


Al the same village, on a stone on the ridge of S'itdrap>pa's field, east of the village gate. 
svasti srimatu S'akha-varu5a ]250neya Vibhava-samvatsaradaS'ravana-su 15 Sukravaxadandu svasti 
6rimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala-sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Unnamale-pattanadalu sukhadira 
raiyam gevutta yiralu &rimanu-maha-pradhanam Ponnananavara raakkalu Kamaya-dannayakaru 
Elahanka-nada seoabova Allalapahge Bayirattiya gade bedalu chatus-simeyalu ulladanu saha 
godagiyagi koteu a-chandrayittar ujlana-bara saluhudu 


At Munduru (same hobli), on stones below the Garuda-kamba of the Channakesava temple. 

(Oraniha and Tamil characters.J 

a Bvasti sri Kaliyuga-varusam 4000.. ri-vaniiattu Panni 

b idil Sakabdam 1330 Sellani 

c nnaninra kalattu 

d Manjatima-dannayakan 


At the same village, on a stone set up in Sunkada Pillayya , s garden. 

(Oraniha and Tamil characiers.) 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1247 Kaliyuga-varusham 4448 sellaninra kaJam svasti sri siimar-pratapa- 

sakkaravatti siri-Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar pritivi-rasiyam-panniy-arula nta 

varasham devarkkal Vayiri-devarkkum S'ikka-devarkku iru-kandaga- 

kollaiyum takku . . . ga kallu-n.Uti kudutom idu raarrinavan Gehgai-karaiyil kura-pa&u- 


128 Hoskote Taluq. 


At Vdgata (Vdgata hohli), on the north hasement qf the Varadardyasvdmi temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

Bhava-varuSattu S'ittirai-mada-rnudal Sengalunirppillai-asarikku Maruderiyile katia vitta- 

kalani ku 4 Periy-eriyile 44 kollai 55 


At Vdgata {Vdgata hobli), on the north hasement of the Varadardja-svdmi temple. 
subham astu svasti srimatu vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha savirada 1413 raneya mele sal- 
uva Vir6dhikn[tu]-samvatsarada Karttika-sudha Utthana 12 punya-kaladalu srimatu sriman-raaha- 
pradhana Gavureya-daunayakaru Vagatada Bhagirathapurada mahajanangaligeu vodavantu-karyy a 

Vagatada gavuda-setti.pattanasvami volagada samasta ura halarige...rupa nimma vura- 

Varadaraja-devarige Parbbanahalli dakshinada chatus-simeyanu Varadaraja-devara 
amrita-padige Utthana-dvadasiya-dina devara 6ri-padakke samarppisidevu ada.. rasi namma aliya 
Appaji-Deva Vagattada adhikari Tippayara mund ittu sila-stapanavanu hoyisi kottu a-chandrarkka- 
sthayiy agi nadasibahudu (nsual final phrases and verse) 


On the uppev portion of the outer side ofthe temple wall. 

svasti Sri bliash<gp tappuva rSyara ganda sri-vira-Pradapa-Deva-Raya-rnaharaya ratna- 

sinihasanaiialu Mujuv.eilige saluva kanna-Vodeyara nirupadim bhu. . . odeya ravaru 

yi-Muluvagalina {rest illegible), t . 


On the platform of the dhvajastamhha in front the same temple. 
Dundubhi-samva^sarada Marggasira-su 1 Su srimatu Mulavagila Malahari-Deva-ravuttara makkalu 
Maya-Deva-rajeyaru Chandali-Deva-ravuttaru Vogattada Varadaraja-devarige dipamale-kambavanu 
tamma darmavagi madisidaru 


At fhe sarne temple, on the soufh basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj . 

svasti sri Sakabdara 1258 iciin mel sellaninra Yuva-samvatsarattu Adi-masam 22 tiyadi S'ik ... 
danaka Ksbetrupalappillaikku kshetra t Yajana-devi va 


At the same temple, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersh 

Viya-varusattu S'ittirai-mada-mudal Sengalunirppillai-asarikku Maruderiyile kani aga vitta. 
kalani .. 4 Periy-eriyile .. 4 kollai .. 5 


At the same temple, on fhe u-est hasement. 

(Grantha and Tamit eharaetersj. 

. Vattatil Ya.Y.darajanuku tirumulai-tirunalil S'rivat6a-g6tiatu E6dlia-su .. .. 

Hoskote Taluq. 129 



At tlir same village, on a xtone set up to the ea*t of the Ahjaueya temple to the 

southwest yf the village. 

(Gran/ha (iinl Tamil churacters). 

svasti §ri samasta-bhuvanairaya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paiainesvara paraina-bhatta,- 
raka Dvaravati-puravaiadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dr.inani sarvajua-chudamani jayaiajo-iaja 
malaiporuda-ganda ganda-bherunda kudana-prachanda ekamga-vira asahaya-sura S anivara-siddhi 
Giridugga-malla jaladaiiga-Rama vairibha-kandirava Magadha-rajya-nimmulaka Paudya-kula- 
samuddharana Chola-raja-pratisbtliachfirya nissamga-pratapa-chakravatti Aii-rosala-vira-Valala- 
Devar prithvi-rajyam-panni arujanirka 5'akabda 1258 idin mel sellaninra Dhatri-varushattu ArpaAi- 
masa 25 ti srimanu-maha-prasayittan Dati Snige-dennayakkar tambiyar Vallappa-denn.ayakkar 
svasti sri Pulliyur-uattil Brahmadeya Ivattam ana Varadaraja-saturvedimangaV.ttu asesha maha,- 
janangalukkum udaka-puiva pramanim-panni kndutta parisavadu iv-agara Kalkirai eri-kil Nara- 
simha-vaykkalukku teiku tiruvidaiyaitam ana Paruderikk-adaitta tirattukku vadakku nal-paleyum 
ujpatti kalaniy-adaugalum. . varukku-tti r *ku kal.mikku merkku Varada ... ellaikku vadakku si .. .. 

.... kibakku inikkuS munpa .. dukku littu sarva-manim aga santiraditya-varaiyum. 

Sellumpadi dhara-purvara aga-kkuduttom chandiaditya-varaiyu ipadi kalblum sembilum vettikkola- 
vum i-ttanmattukku anniyaya . . sa Savan Gen ... kkaraiyil kkural-pasu-kkonran papain-kolvan 
ippadikku .... Vallappa-dennayakkar oppam 


At Karihirana Hosahaj/i (same hohli). on viralcal No. 1 to the south of the viUacje entranee. 

(Oruntha nnd Tumil characters.) 

svasti sri Ka . . . . varusham 4442 ida .. 1-ana Sakabdam 1263 mel salaninra Vishu-varushattu 
Masi-madam 8 ndiyadi sri-vira-Vallala-Devar pritivi-iachchiyam-panni arulaninra nalil Ivattam an a 
Varadaraja-chchaturbedi-mangalattu asbesha-maga-janangalukkum svasti sri Pulliyuril Periya" 

nattil Turavar Nada-setti magsn Mari-6etti Irami-setti S'imandai-setti ujlitta natta- 

varom sadana-pramanam-panni kuduttom ■. 

136 and 138 

At ParamanahaUi (same hohl>), on a stonc lying near the tanh to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters.) 

svasti srimat-pratapa-sakkaravattigal sri-P6sak-vira-VisVanata-Deva.rku yandu 4 vadu Hevijambi- 
samvatsarattu Karkata-nayarru purva-pakshattu Shashthiyum Attamum perra Viyala-kkilamai 
ayanattu nal Nigarili-S'61a-mandalattu KunivaSgi-nad-ana Pulliyur-nattu Ivattattil Varadaraja- 
chchaturvedi-mangalattukku munal Karkirai-eriyil adatta nilam oliya nikki ninranilam Narasinga- 
vakkalukku tor/cu samastamum idukku puSjai nilattukku Ponnachchanpajli naSjai ruii ni nar« 
pal-ellaiyum S'evidai-Narayana-chchatiuvMi-mangalattu udayar Tuibuvaoa-S'61isvaram-udayarl;ku 
pangu 4 kuli 

sv.i-dattain para-dattam va, yo hareta vasuudhara shashtir varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate 



At tltc same place. 
(Gruii/ha and Tamil characters) 

svasti §ii sama-bhuvanasriya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhatta- 
raka Dvaravatipura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dvimani sarvajua-chudaraani jayaraia-raja 


130 Hoskote Taluq. 

malaiporuda-gagda gaada-bheruniia kadana-prachanda ekamg.i-vira asahaya-sura S'anivara-siddh 
Giridurga-maUa jaladamga-Rama vauibha-kanihirava Maga.lha-i\i.jya nirmmiilaka Pandya-kula- 
samuddharaua Chola-iajya-pratishtachayya nissanga-pratapa-chchakravatti Ari-Posa}a-vira-Valiala- 
Uevar prithivi-rajyam-panni arulanikka S'akabdam 1258 idin mel chrhellaninra Dhatri-varushattu 
Appasi-masa srimanu-maha-pradhanan Dati S'inge-dennayakkar tambiyar Vallappa-derjnayakkar 

svasti sn Pulliyur-nattu Brahmadeya Ivattam ana Varadaraja-chchaturvedi-marigalattu 

asesha-maha janangalukku udaka-purva pramanam-panni ku pansavadu iva ...bhava 

naa nnayakkar tambiyar Vallappa-den.iyakkar bvasti sii Fulli- 

yur-nattil Brahinadeyam Ovattam ana Varadaraja-chchaturvedi-mangalattu asesha-maha-janan- 
galukkum udaka-piirva pramanam-pani kudutta parisavadu ivargal Kalkirai-eri-kil Narasimha- 

vaykkalakku terku tiruvidaiyattam ana Maruderikk-adaichcha T: ... kku vadakku achchuk- 

kattukku ulpatta ulpatta kalani adarigalum puna-pratishthaiy-akki ivargalukku 
dhara-purvam-aga munbu irukkum kanikkai ullanuvum kalittu sarva-manyam aga-chchandradi- 
tyav..raiyim-je!!umpadi kuduttom ippadikku-chehandraditya-varaiyum i-nnilam ulladu sarva-mani 
.. .. m-aga-kkrmdu nadattikkollavum i-ddhanmattukku yavar silavar vigghnan-jonnar undagil 
kKerigai-kkanvyil kkural-pasa-kkonran papari-goll .kk.ulavar ippadikku-kkallilu(m)ri-jembilum vetti- 
kkollavum ipi adikku nam oppam 


At tlir same cillage, on a stone set Up in Nanjundabhatfas wet land to the south-east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti Srimat-pratapa-Sakravatti sri-P6£ prituvi- rachcbiyam-panui arulaninr- 
ulla Sakarai-yandu ayirattu-iru-nuiru 37 vad-ana Ananta-varushattu Vaigaii-masam manu-maha,- 
pradhana Tamma S'ingaya-dannayakkarena Damodara-somiyarukku pramanam-panni kuduta parisu 
Pulliyur-nattu Karkirai udatta pal kadakkail eri-kaUa kudangai kudutta kalani ka 3 i-kalani mu- 
kkandagamum 6anndravarai selvadaga-kkallu-nattu kudutiom S'ikaya-dan m Pulliyur-uattu nsitt- 
avarum kudutto idu lamkanam-pesinavagal Gerigai-karai-kkura-pasuvai korna pavatte povargal 


At Devasetfihalli (same hohli), on the sluice at ihe eastern outlet ofthe tank. 

(Grantha and Tamil characiers.) 

svasti sri S'akabdam 1253 mel sellaninra Prajapati-varushattu Mi-nayaiu piirva-pakshattu Lvitiyai- 
yum Velli-kilamaylim perra Revati nal sri-sarvabhauma-chakravatti vira-VallaJa-Devar manu-maha- 
pradhanam S'iri-daiinayakkar nayakkavadiga . Vaisa-gavi ndan Nagadevalagar . . manni Vira Gari- 
gan ujlitta nayakkavadiygajukku sellanina Pulliyur-nattu nattu-nayagam-Sesavar Tura ...Ainnrai- 
sa . . yan 


At TiratfahttH (same hohli), on a stone hjing to the south of the tanh to the west ofthe village. 

(Granilm and Tamil characters.) 

svasti Sri S'akabdam 1253 mel chchellaninra vira-Vallala-Devar prithivi-rajyam-pauni aruja Prama- 
dhicha-varushattu Kumbha-nayarru Pulliyur-nadu rajyam-panni . rulAninra manu-maha-pradhana 
S'ingaya-dennayr.kkar pradhanaril Vaichcha-gavundanum Nagadevarum nada-nayagan-jevar Turava 


Ramabadriravi-settiyar Mari-4ettiyar Iramisettiyar S'iinara-2avundan Anaiyar ullitta nattavarum 
Kunachchabai Elayidiru K.ummali-§iyar magan Vaithchannanukku urnkku kil kKittaipaljattai ma- 
nal-olukki kattinapadiale kudangai aga vittom idukku adaichcha nilam ivv-erikku adaichcha nilam 
a ullad-ellam sarva-tnanyam aga chandraditya-varai sellakadavad-aga kudangai aga kuduttom i- 

Hoskote Taluq. 131 

dhamniattai atilariganam-panginavan Giu-jai-karayii kura-l-ptsuvai konran piivatte pukatUvau sri- 
S'6mui;i'/i.i (y)ipadikku (y)iv eri-kattirien Mayila-garaundir magan Vaichchayananena 



At Kolatur [same hobli), in the manfapa of thc AnjanSya temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

S'akabda:n 1246 Kaliyuga-varusham 4425 iivadaya lliiyun-gudutt-arulugaiyil 

ivarukkun Da li S'ii'igaya-denn"iyakka riyum idukk-adaitta nafijai pufijai nar-park- 

ellaiyum kinok 


At the same place 

(Grantha and Tamil cha> aciers). 

la-kkilamaiyum Attamum purva-pakshattu Tritiyaiyura Rrahma-yo r Nainbi- 

ravi-Settiyar Ammai-nayan Mari-settiyar Irami-set vadagavum idil ivar pillaigalukku-p- 

Periyilun-Uumbiykuttai ku kshetra-pramauam-panni kudutta parisavadu Vada 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and characters). 


Dunmati-varusattu Ani-mada ppillai magan Vayisava-pperumalukku dayattattile kaniy- 

aga-kkudutta kalani la: kujagam pattuin sanduaditta-varai 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

Rakshasa-varushattu S'ittirai-masam pattan-diyadi Vana 


At the sante place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaeters). 

n ana Kongaraiyar Mayili-siyar magan Tolappanena inda Narasinga-Nara 

vattu nal vitta Mundisvavar tiru-munbey-oru tiru-vilakkukku Tolappa varai sellak- 

kadavad-aga udaka-purvam aga sila-sthapanam-panni-kkudutte 



At Kddagodi (Kddayodi hobli), on the base of Garuda-Jcamba infront qfthe Anjaneya tcmple. 

svasti sri S'aka-varusha 1329 neya Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada Ashada-sudda pa 1 Somavaradandu 

Devi-settiya raaga Malli-setti Hanumanta-devaianu pratishteyanu madisi dipamaleya karabava 

madisidanu subham astu mangaH maha sri 


At the same villayc, on a stone sct up near Ayasara vadapu 

(Orantha and Tamil characters ) 

svasti sri Purva-iesamun-Gangeyun-Gidaramun-gonda K6-pParakesaripanmar ana udaiyar sri-Ra- 
jeudra-S'61a-Devarkku yandu muppattindavadu Tadigaivaliy-ana Vikkirama-S'61a-mandalattu 
S'anuai-nattu nattu-kkamuudan Permadi-gamuudan magan Rajaraja-vejan Tattantureri-kattu- 
vichchu munru tumbumm-iduvittu Dugaiyun-Gettirapalarun-Ganavatiyaraiyun pradishtittu putterun 

132 Hoskote Taluq. 

pinaiyulachchalun. . ttanaraun-guduttu terkil tumbi...lerippatti elu-niirreymbadu kuli nila.. vittan 
idark-ahitam-ninaippan Gangeyidai-kKumariyidai patt'r pavan-golvan tangal ammaikku-ttane 
manavalan i-ttanmam rakshippau santati vaddhikka 


At the same village, on the basement ofthe Rasi-Visvesvara teniple to the nnrth-east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Vikkirama-S'61a-mandalattu Sannai-nattu Pattantur Rajadiraia Bangisvaram-udaiyar 
Mahadevarku Kanta-mangala-eri ulvay Punnagarakattu eri ulvay kar-madi-kalauiyum Kuravan- 


kiraiy-eri-kij nir-nila ulladu ivv-erikku pugunta S'elaikulipa}latu vadakk-ulla nilamum Alamba]lattu 
terku ivv-irandu-pallattu ulpatta nilam Kadamangala Bamkiyar vamsattu kudangaiy-anubavik- 
kum-adhay i-nnilam Vahgisvaram-udai Mahadevarkku iraiy-ili murruttu vittu kudukka.. da (y)i- 
damatai irakkuvan Gahgaiyidai Kumariyidai nadu patta papain-kolvan Vanarasiyum Kavilaiyum 
alittan pavattu paduvan 


At ihc same place. 

(Orantha and lamil characters) 

svasti . .. Prajarati varusatiu Kattigai-mfidatn . . Edarigodiyil udaiyAr Vaugisuram-udaiyan kovil 
.... yitta ponnukkum koyil £and-itta ponnukkum.. pattarom ehgalil S'einbattar magan Naga-battar 

i-nnaya devadanam aoa Kuravangii;ai...ugalam idiga yitta ponnukkura ivv-uril . udaippu- 

kkatta padi pon kudukkayil.. padi . .. nda.. lakadal ga kanda ,, .. kuduttom 

.. ya S'emba-battar magan Na, •- battar. . ■• mbattayarurn .. .. battarum udaiyar kum.. .. 

.... eluttu 


At the samp, templc, in the upper part of the north wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil ch aracters) . 

svasti sii Parajvadi-gotrattu Damodiran S'amundann ana Slva-Brammanan Rajadiraja-Bangiivaram- 
udaiya kaniy-udaiya Mudigonda-S'61a-Bramha-marayan 


At the same place, to the easf. 

(Grantha aiul Tamil characters) . 

svasti sti Kas appa-kottirattil. . radaraiyan maganukku Kol6ttunga-S'61a S'annai-:iattu-kula-rajar 
Rajadiraja-Vahgisvaram-udaiyar koyil kani aga kuduttar kuliyum kuduttir sandiraditta- 
v.irai nirka fisydar 


On a stone brought from the same viltage und set up by the side of the icall fo the north ofthe 

Bangatore Museum. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaetert). 

svasti sii S'akabdam 1211 mer-chellaninra Makara-nayarru purva-pakshattu Dvadasiyum Viyala- 
kkilamaiyum perra Rohini nal manu-maha-prasayittan SYindilyan Koyil-uuidaliyarena Irumbiliur 
aua Vira-Vallala-clicliaturvedi-mahgalattu maha-janangalukku dana-pranianam-panni-kkudutta 

ppakka-nftttil Dommalur-pparni.chChayanaiivayuii-Goppipalliyiim ivai pajrukk-adaitta 

nansey punsey nar-pal-ellaiyil munbu yattam batta-vritti pajlichchandam mada-ppuram 

Hoskote Taluq. 133 

nikki ujja nilam S aya-maguttar pakkal pperja 

dagil Gamgai-kkaraiyir-kurAV-paravai-kkonran pavatte pogakkadavan Subham astu 

samanyoyam ddhamma-setu nripanam. 
kale kale palaniyo bhavatbhih 
sarvan etan bhavinah pattivendran 
bhiiyo bhuyo yachate Ramabhadrah 


At Pattandur (same hobli), on a stone near the hill. 

svastisri Sakabda 1265 neya Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Pu3hya-su 10 S6 svasti srimatu p r atapa cha- 
kravaitti-sri.Hoysala-si-i-vira-Ballila-DevarasaruUuuamale-pattanadandu sukha-rajyamgeyavuttiralu 
srimanu-maha-samantadhipati Clnkka-Kajlaya-Nayakkanu §rimanu-maha-Saui-nada tenkaua-bagiya. 
Toravala-vitiya Kadago jiya-stal ida samasta-gaundugaju i-Sani-raiyada senabova Perumba- 
cheriya 3 atusava-Allalarnge sda-sasanava madi kota kramav ent endade i-stala-inAladolagana Ha- 
tandura gadde beddalu chitu-sime purba-maryade yen-ajlahola-simeyauu sarbamanyada kodagey- 
agi chandra-adittar ullanna-bara saluvantagi sila-s.isanava madi kotevu inangaja raaha sri tiri 


At the same village, on a stone in Shdnboj Sampaiigi Rdmayya's bachjard. 

( Grantha and Tamil characters), 

^slitti sii S'aka-varusham ayirattu-munnurru-muppattumun.rin raer-chellaninra Kaliyuga ualayirattu- 
nanuira-napattonbadu idan mer-chelUninr i Kara-varushattil S'ittirai-ma 1 ti sriman-maha- 
maudajasura ariraya -vibada pasaikku-ttappuva rayara gandan Ai*iaia-Deva-rayar kumarar Sri-vira- 
visaiya-Bukkaraya valukkun-dolukkum nanr-agavenum Mulavay-nattd suiikattil . . dikari 
Tiyaga-pperumaJ mauittaril Erumarai-nattil sunkattd Karaikilan Puliyarum Alagiya Varadar 
S'okkaru Kruma.rai-natttl Samaiyamandiripaljiyil Keiava-natar tiru-munbi tiiu-nandavilakkukku- 
chchellun-jamayamandiripaljiyil paraiyar-raaggattil . . muttiraiyil ulla panam ulldau ettanai raaggam 
irundalun-dirunandavilakku sa.ruva-raaniyara aga-chchandirattitta-varai nadakka'jkadadAga-kkall-adi- 
•chchu-kkudutten inda danmattukku iyado . . var tappinal Gengai-kkar^aiyir-kurar-pasuvai konra 
pavattile pogakkadavan soshtti sri srima 


At Dodda-Binahalli (same hobli), on a slone in the yindmati field of S'dnahl.d(ja. 
Kalayukti-samvalsaradali Mummadi-Timmaya-Gavudaru Yalapanahalli Gabige netara-kodage ... 


At ihe same village, on a stone east of Subbaya's indmaii-field. 

•Subam astu SvabhAnu-sam-|| Pushyu-ba 5 lu Nauje-gaudaaakoraara Kapar.nage fiabi Hosahalli-kere 
kattidakka katu-godige hota kha | 


On a stone icest ofthe same field. 

subham astu Svabhanu-sara-Pushya-ba 5 lu Nafijc-gaudana komara Kapa inanu Gabbi HosahaJJi-kere 
kattista-karana kodige gadde kha 1 .. 


J 34 Hoskote Taluq. 


At the same village, on a brolctn stone tying in the holloic to the south. 
(Graniha and Tamil chiracters) , 

., • .. mindar magan Ysichcha-gnmund- 

aru ■ . . « tarn . . Irayapparukkum kudaugai 


dt Chikka-Banahalli (same hobii), ona stone in Muninaiijc-gauda^s field. 

svasti sii S'aka-varusha 1304 rinda raele saluva Dundubhi-saravatsaiada Karttika-suddha 5 S'6ma- 

vara-Uttarashadha-iiakshatr.i-subha-yoga-subha-karapa-yuktavaila punya-kaladalli svasti siinian- 

raaha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda chatus-SRinudradhipati sri-vira- 

Hariyanna-Riyara, kumua Bukkauua-Oleyaru simbrajyam geyaiitt iralu yivara senadhipati 

mangalada meya-Nayakara kumara sri-Viravala-Simha-Rayanavaru gaiida Nageya- 

Nayakaru tamage sarvva-vfjayarttavagi Jayangondachola-mandalada Toravali-nada Banahalliya 

mudana-deseya Pemmas.unudrada-simeyali KavuAika-gotrada Purushottama-devanu vattu 

kattida kereyu yidake saluva chatus-siaiey-olagana nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-siddha-sadhya- 

akshina-agami teias-svannani agranara Toravali-nada prabhugalu Raya-gaundana Marappa (other 

gaudas named) olagada gavud t-prabhugaju a-chandrarka-sthayi dhara-piirvvakavagi kottevu (impre- 

catory phrases) 


At Belatur (sanie hobli), on a Garuda-kambha in front of ihe Gfrpdlasvdmi temple. 
svasti sri S'aka- varsha 1355daneya sri-Pramadicha-samvatsarada Marggasira-su 10 Sa sriman- 
raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvarasri-vira-pratapa-Deva-Raya-maharayaru sakala-sambrajyaro geyu- 
tam viralu sriman-maha-rnuvaru-ra (east face) yara-ganda . . rakiya Pemmaya-Nayakara makalu 
Pemmeya-Nayakaru prithuvi-rajyam geyuvali Toravali-nada maha.-pr.Hbhu Machi-Devana Devi-jiya 
Devi.jiyana maga Choki-jiya Choki-jiyana maga Devi-jiyanu Tirumala-devara sevege madisida kam- 
bhake mangala raaha srl (north face) devara nayavedyakke hola 4 gadde kbam .. 1 gavanu salisi 
bahenu (usual final phrases). 


At Handenalvilli (same hobli), on a stonein Balagai-Honna' s fiehl west ofthe village. 
svasti sri S'aka-samvatsara 1296 neya sri-Nandana-samvatsarada Karttika-Su 1 S6 srimanu-maha- 
raandalcsvara ari-raya-vibhada bhasege tappuva rayara ganda sri-vira-Bukkanna-Odeyara kumara 
sri-vira-Kampanna-Odayaru pritivi-rajyava maduva-kaladali srimanu-maha-mandalesvara tura 

... (back) . . rahutu-raya . sujiva 

gayda ya raandalikara ganda arsaru Masi-nada Seshavabana-Devarsaru .... 

sambandham O.le-nadu-rnuntagi a, vagitanu yida are .... tolagida de 


At MutluliUru-agrah&ra (same hobli), on a stone south of the tillage gate. 

(The upper portion is gone) ddeya-Naykaru srimatu dakshina 

•• •• ...•• •• S'ivacharya-ayyanige namma Nayakatanakke saluva Heramari-nada nada gavuda 

Kambu-jiyara Chikka.-Muttakura dakshina bageyali chatus-simeya madi kotta agrarado]age yidda 
Chikka-Amma .... dere sunka ., 

Hoskote Taluq. 125 


At Arahalli (same liohli), to the soutlt, of the Gdpdlawdmi temple. 

(Gran/ha and Tamil characters) 

a A 

svasti sri Sakarai-yandu 1237 ftftllaninra ! raksha-varushattu Avani-misam 12 ti Ekadasi Tingal- 

kilaniaiyum Siddha-yogamum Mulamu pprra .. iiva .. siddhi\a najil udaiyar S'ovii]ai-nayanai;ku .. 

ma-samantadipati S'akkaya-nAyakkan kumaran Vaisandaga]i-devan dhara-purvam $Ua vira- 

Vallala-Devarku nanr-Aga namum nadav\rum Muttakkur-parril Araiuranpalli nansai jmnsai nar-pal- 

ellaiyum menokkina maramum kinokkina kii.ani i-iiril kAnikkaran ana kudi niakkalum utpada nam- 

mida perale nal-vali oru santikku nir kul igav-uri idukku vendumpadi venjanimum tiru-vi]akkum 

chantrattita-varai s\>llakkadavad-A2a ivv-urai sarva-maniyam aga vittom inda danmattukku ilauga- 

nam-panninargalum kattina padikattai kir lichchavargalum yavar-chantra-suriyarkkaj u]adanaiyum 

kavurava-narakattile kidappirgaj idu Tamarai-kilan AvudaiyAr eluttu i 

sri-M ahesvara-rakshai 


At Pandita agrahdra (<ame hobli), in Mimiyappa 's fieJd to the north. 

(Gmvtha and characterxj 

svasti sriman-maha-mamlajesvaram harirava-vibhata bhashaige tappuva rayara ganda sri-Harihara- 
ravan prithivi-rajyam-pannaninra Tarana-varsha'.tu VaisVghasudrlha Paurnam^vum Guru-viramu 
Atta-nakshatramum pe.rra soma-grahan ittu sritnan-muva-rayara-ganda .. S'6paya-nayakar kumaran 
Mutteya-nayakkar Kasyapa-gotrattu Dakshinarautti-chakravattigaju .. Erumaiai-nAttu Muttasam- 

udratu .. 


At Gundur (same hobli), on a sione near the Timmardyasvdmi temple to the horth. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaetern) 

svasti saraasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prirlhivi-valabha maharaiar1hira]'a parame>vara parama-bhnttaraka 

Dvaravati-pura-varathisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumnni farvaifja-chudAmani malairaja-raia mai 

laipporu]u-ganda ganda-berunda kadana-praohanda ekimga-vira asahaya-siira S'anivAra-sid<ih- 

Giridurga-malla jalatamga-Rama MagirJha-rajya-nimraulaka Choja-rajya-pratishthachayya Pandya- 

mandala-khandana nissanga-pratapa-chchakravatti sr!-vira-P66a}a-Ramanata-Devar prituvi-raj- 

yam-panniy-aru]anirka yandu muppatonbalavadu Kaliyuga-varsham nalayirattu-raunnuiru-ttonnu- 

ri - u-nalu Sakabdam ayiratt-iru-nurru-ppadinanju s?nra Vjaya-samvarsarattu-tTai-masam mudal- 

ttiyadi S'attuvayar Tiyigarena'<ku-tten-karai Gundur nanjai puujai nar-pal-ellaiyum 

ulppada-chChokka-nayan tanda sasanattinpadiye nayan tamakku nani;-agavum Iramanata-Devark- 

kum enakku nanr-agavum Brahmanarukku udaka-purvam aga-ddinam-panni sila-3thapanam-panni- 



At Tattanur (sanie hobli', in Nanjaiya's hay back-yatd. 

(Granlha and Tamil characters) ■ 

svasti sri Kudaiyamulin Ajagai-kkoiena Kundaniyi-nayinar tiru-Attiyur-perumaJukku mudaliyar 
Purvada-ravar vitta Matandi-nattd Tiitanuril kudirai-chcharigaiy-adimai-chcharigai taragu ma- 
ganmai pattana-ppagudi epperppatt idum v ttea danam aga ivai Kudaiyamulan eluttu nanr-aga 


At the same vilfage 

(Grantha nn l Tamil characler.t) 

suvartti siri Attimallannukku nanr-aga n yu katti chakravatti S^iramaja. 

karku manisam aga vitten 

ANEKAL taluq 

-: o : — 

At Sarjdpura (Sarjdpura hobh), on a boulder in Jdgirddfs Jield infront of the Pa(dlamma's temple. 

svasti srimaa-maha-mani]alesva ,- a ari-raya-vibhada hhashege tappuva rayara gatida muvaru-rayara 
ganda pQrva-pas.:hima-vuttara samudradhipati maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa. 
Vijaya-Deva-Rayara kumararu Deva-Kaya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geydali .... 1352 Saka-varsha 
salluva Saumya-samvatsarada dvitiya-Bhadrapada-. . S6-lu chandra-grahana-punya-kaladallu siiman- 
maha-man ... vara-rayaia-gan la .. ya-Nayakara makkalu Mayagaya-Nayaka (rest illegible) 

At ihe same village, on a stone in Sollepura-Venka(aramanaiya's field in the bed of 


Nandana-samvatsarada Ramaianu-tihgalalli Mahammadu-Abdul-Bi.kuma ti Asru-Bi Mogadum- 
sahebaua hendatige lla.arattu-Khana-Sahebaru kotta manyada hola. 


At the same village, on a stone near Mohadin-sabi' s house. 
maha-Paiasi-ja Mahammad i-Khana-Sahebaru . . . baba Katira kotta kabarastana-manyada hola 

At the same village, on a stone to the nnfih of Kdlike)icha's house in tltc Mddiga sirett. 

srimanu-maharajadbiraja paramesvara sri-vira-Harihara-Rayara kumararu Deva-Kaya-Vodeyaru 
prithivi-rajyam geyuva S'aka-varsha 1340 ra Vilambi-samvatsarada Kartika-sudda 1 Su srimanu- 
maha, muva[ru]-rayara-ganda Junjubaya-Nayakara makkalu Jaka-Mudde-Nayakaru tamma Nayaka- 
tanakke salluva Himmare-nada Balla-gaundara kayalu santeya kattisi Bala-gaunda Chanda-gaunda 

Madi-jiya tamma devagam ayivatt-aju-desada halarihge mukhyavada setti- -Tammi- 

setti-olagada-samasta-(6arft) nada halaru ku svamitanavannu Sadu-Goki-settiya makkalu 

Vehkata-setti Malli-setti-makkalu Maniga-settigahge kottu salisuva manya-hola kha 1 gadde kha 1 

sante-aya hi ... suhka sarvvamanyavagi a-ehandrarkka-sthayi agi salisuvivu (usual 

Jinal phrases) 

At the same village, on a stone in the Chikkdpura grove to the south-east. 
Abdula Phukana magalu Akuba-Bi Mogadum-Sahebana hendatige kotta manya 

At the same village, on a stone in Doddaker e-kodige-hola , west ofthe village. 
Sri-Rama .. , . ra komara Bujahga-Dasara Sontakere-kattu-kodij;e-hola 


At the same village, on a stone in the mango-grove of Jdyirddr Mahomed Gauskhdn, son of 

Mahomed BudanJchdn. 
Haphija-Mahammada-Khana-sahebaru Mohabata-S'a-'!atige kotta kabarasthana-manyada hola 

Anekal Taluq. 137 


At the same place, on another aione. 
sriman-oia rajadlitraja raja-parauiesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Rayaru ... prithvi- 

raiyam geye 


At the same village, on a rock in Teligudi Naiijundayya's field. 


S'ukla-samvatsarada Ashada-su 5 lu Channa-devarige Mumrnadi-Tamme-Gaudaru kotta manya 

Belanahalliya Annadanadavara 


At the same village, to the south of Naknraddfs 'liouse near the Bangalore gate. 

(Qraniha and Tamil characters) 

mu.. ma Vallala-De surakku i-tte 



At Sarjdpwa, copy of a sannad in Tadmandhha-bhatta'spossession. 

svasti sii vij nyabhyudaya-Salivakana-saka-varushagalu 1655 vartamana-Pramadicha-rjama-sam- 


•vatsara-S'ravana-suddha 10 yallu Apastamba-sutrarada Kasyapa-gotrodbbavarada Tekura-Rama- 

sastrigala pautraradi Ananta-bhattaravara putrarada S'ama-bhattaravarige sammatu Sarjapurada 

■Gopalayya Se-happanu nada-gauda Chinpe-gaudanu eaoa barasi kotta bhfl-dina-dharA-grihita- 

dana-patra-krama hyagandire adagi sammatta Sarjaptira taraph Mugaluru mavuje Nerigadalli 

rajesri-Subba-Ravu Venkojiyavaru bhu-dana kottantha bhu-svasthya hola kham l hattu kolaga 

gadde kham £ aidu kolaga i-prakara namma putra-pautra-parampariyagi navu nadisi-kodalullavaru 

nivu nitnma putra-pautra-paramparyanta anubhavisikondu r.adisidanthavarige kalyana-chir.tane 

madikondu sukhadalli ihadu (usual final verses) Gopalaiyanavara Seshappanavara vappita Chiune- 

gaudana vappita 


Gopy of another saiinad. 
•svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushambulu 1655 aguteti Pramadi-nama-samvatsaram 
Jyeshtha-suddha 1 Guruvaram srimad-yajanadi-shat-karma-niratulaina vedamurti Tekuri-Rama- 
sastrulavari pautrulaina Ananta-bhatluvari putrulaina Sama-bhatluvar ane Kasyapa-gotram Apas- 
tamba-sutramvariki rajesri-Per.delay-ammaji-pantulavari pautrulaina Venkanna-pantulavari putru- 

A A 

laina S'ivaram-pantulu-Venkatasubba-rayaluvaru Atreyasa-gotra Asvalayana-sutram nne memu vra,- 
yifichi ichchina bhu-dana-dhara-grihita-dharma-fiasana-dina-patram san 1143 pha^ali miru bahu- 
dinalanunchi mammunu asrayifichukoni i-simalo ganuka mi-pflrvottaram v eharifiche 
-vyalalo miv;>rlu pedlalu bahu-kutumbulu ani manassuna yeuchi miku sukhanga. grasopayara 
nadichetattu blmdanam iyyavalen ani maku sankalpam undi i-Hosakota simalo sammatu-Sarjapuram 
tarphu Mugalurilo chelle majare Nerigem ane gramam ma-jahagirulo "miku bhfl-svastyam ichchina- 
vivaram kadarambham gramanaku uttara-bhagana Jantakondapalle sarahadduna chenu kharu l 
nirararabham cheruvu-kinda s:u-3vaiui-t6puku purva-bhaganaaehchukattu madi kham \ i-prakaranga 
padi-tumulu-chenu yedum-madi sthala-airdesam chesi i-dinam so noparaga-punya-kalatnandu sa- 
liiranyoiaka-dana-dhara-^rihitamuga sri-svamiki arpitamuganu tri-purusliolde&imuga, tri-vachika- 
inuga, tri-karana-suddhiga bhu-danam miku saiv.imar.yamugi ichchinaramu-gara i-samvatsaram 
arabhya rai-putra-pautra-paramparyantam prati-virushara kadaramba— nirarambhanulu sajinchi. 


138 Anekal Taluq. 

phala-parachukoni mi-sadvrittito snana sanihyanushthanadi-sat-kriyaluchosukontu miku nirachchhe- 
danaga bbu-svasthyam nadapinche prabhuvulaku kalyana-chintana chestu iri-svamiki piLiganu 
sarvamanyamu anubhavistu sukhana undedi (usual final phrases) itul auivrayifichi ichchina bhii-dana- 
dhara-grihiia-dana-patram (usual final verses) i-8lokala artham lessaga grahifichi nadipisttiravalenu 
(repetition of the same in Hindivi) 


At Gdnigattapura (samc hobli), on a stone ncar thc Basava temple. 

vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushaugalu 1488 mele saluva Akshaya-samvatsarada 

.... ralu srimunu-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sri-Sadasiva-Rayaru pmhivi- 

rajyam Ayyanna-gauda-ayyanavaru (rest illeyible) 


At Kutugon (Jahalli (same hdbli), t,n a stone near the Tirumala-deca tem-ple. 
subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'aIivahana-saka-vaiusha 1454 neya Nandana-saravatsarada 
Vaisakha-suddha 1 lu srinad-rajadhiriija raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya maha- 
rayaiu prithivi-rajyam geyuttum yiralu srimatu bianika-dandanaykara makkilu Titnma-Nayakaru 

Atri-gotrada pati Agastya-devarige Atrija-gotrada Asvalayana-siitrada 



At V ' olagcn-KaUuhaUi (same hobli), on a stone near the villaije gate. 

sriman-malm-nayakacbaryarada Lakka-Nayaka-Katama-Nayakatu Raghuoatha-clevaru Hanumanta- 
devarigu. *Bilagondanahalliya-simege salluva Kattarikuppa-gramavanu amritapadi nandadipa 
nadavahage . bula-dasayanige kotta dharma-sasana (usual imprecatory phrases) 


At Tindlu (same hobli), to the south of the village entrance. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sYi Tiribuvana- nalla Piirvada-rayar va|ukkuu-do}ukkun jayam-aga Sandichchuva .... sarku 
mana .. tta kaliui ksndagam vittar. 


At KattariJcuppe (same hobli), near the chdvadi within ihe village eutrance to the south. 

(Grantha and Tamil character.s). 

svasti sii .... ppada . . ra .. Nagana Odappana-udaiyar nirupapattikku .... kasiva .. ppadabadaippa 
Vana-udaiyar Kasarum sanapovan Erumarai-nattu-nayagan-jevar Madi-siyar Kambayarum Naganna* 

udai muttira .. orattu tam aga ditya-varai nadattakadavar aga 

i-tdhammattukku tappmava] Gangaiil kura-pasuvai kora pavattile pogakadavan Bramma-hatya- 
doshattile pogaka.lavan. 


At thc same place, 2nd stone. 

( Grantha and Tamxl charaetersj 

svasti s i S'agabdam 1298 Nala-varushattu Adi-ma«am 20 m tiyadi mudai stira-mahanda .. ka 

lattile sriman-(ina)-maliaiajara]'a paramesvara 6ri-vira-Bukka-rayaru pritivi-rajyam-seyaninra kalattu 
* The old name of Sarjapur, 

Anekal Taluq. i39 

sriinan-maha-mandalesv.ira arir.aya-vibada bhashaikku-itappuva rayara ganda yara ganda Naganna- 

udaiyarukkum ... mara Deppana-udaiyaiukkuni dhamrnattha-kama-mokshattu st .. 

r Deppanna-udaiyar suhastav-agi Paulusya-gotrattu Sadasiva-battar Pamba .. tara .... lurnda .. 
na-mudaliyarukku £e .. ho... da eluttu yura eluttu 


At ChammenahaUi \same hobli), near the shanbog's field. 

(Granlha and Tamil characters') 

sri-P6sala-vira-Iramana-Devarku yauda 3 vadu Irajairaja-Karkata-marasarTamattalupar.. tolukkum 
valukku nanr-aga Erumaraiyil Mattapina Virapartra Ilaiyapillaia.rkum vittar .... lattai-ckch unru- 
i . . kandaga-kkollaiyum vittea AtUlarena ittai marranavan Gengai-karaiyil kura-ppa§u-kkonran 
papan-golvan.. tama rukku ava .. yarulayoru .. .. kkum... pada . . lukum ..nga 


At Kommasandra (same hobh), near the shanbogs field to the south. 

{Granthi ani Tamil c7iaracters.) 

Nagana-udairuku Erumarai-nadu sellu-kalatil \iadeya-nayakka Nar. . m Ka'akcsi S'aviindeya-naya- 

kkau Turuniipalli-chChakkai.. Syan sa . . ruku ivv-uril tuka .. kail ivarukku kalattukku 

6el!a .. kollai 9 ku kalani 9 ku aga kujh . . . . Uakadavad-aga. . vu sarva-manya udakam 



At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

sovatti srimatu S'aka-varusam 1307 senra .. .. ku Kabyugam 44SG idaumer Huriyaiia-udaiyar 
tiru-rasiyam-panugita kalatil 


Near Channigapura (same hobli). 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

vadu Arattama .... vali-pPallavaraivan seyvitta tun 


At Hemvr? (same hobli), near the cnlrance. 

Grantha and Tamil characters). 

Tan sa ya .. ttu kKandiyachtharar karumam-aray .» ...pande aran- 

ieydan sedan anm-gattan pada . ram tirambamar-chenni-mel vaittu aru]lal Nigarili-S'61a-man- 
dalattu Masandi-uatt-Irumanami-virutti 


At Chintalamadivdla (Bidaruguppe hobli), on a stone in 8iddd-reddi's field. 

svasti sri S'akabda 1354 Paridavi-samvatsurada Magha-iuddha 1 S6-lu srimat-m;«ha-mrndalesvara 
raiadhiraja-paramesvara purva-pa£cltima -dakshina-samudradhipati sri-vira--pratapa Deva-Raya- 
maharayaru prithuvi-rajyam geyiva-kaladnlii Mulavagila-rajyada Savakkiya pPemmeya-Nayakaru 
Badda-Bisilandege kotta tyaga-sasanada kiamav ent endide namma Naykatauakke saluva Bekura- 
nada Husukurali kotta manya (hcre foUou- detafls of gift and usual final phrases) . 

140 Anekal Taluq. 


At Ndranagatta (same hdbli), on a stone in Doddamuni-reddi' 's field, icest of the village. 
suddha 4 Somavaramandu Harihara-Raya rajya-maduttiruvalli Singevo Naya- 

karu (others uatned.) 


At Muttdnalluru (samehobli), on a stone near Vaddar-Rdma's honsc. 

stimatu-S'aka-varusha 144 . neya ... saravatsarada VaiMka Guruva svi-niaha- 

rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri vira-pratapa . .. va-Raya-Vodeyara Singa-Nayakaru 


At Handenahajli, (same hdbU), to the north of the entrance. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri .. maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla (y)irasa-Karkata .... yar tolukkum vajukkun- 
jeyam aga Mandala-raya .... nal kattina eri ana Dasa .. rile Brabmauar pannirandu perku padi- 
nettu-kkandaga-kkalaniyum kollai danam a .. gai .. 1 tto .. ndala ... rri kadava 


At Mdtjhandra (same hobli), on a stone in KdlJcdr Chanda's garden. 
foiman-maharajadhiraja rapt-paramesvara vira-Hatihara-mah"trayana kumara Deva-Raya-Vodeyaru 
prithvi-rajyam geyuva S'aka-v.tni9ha 1332 neya Naudana-samvatsarada Marggasira-su ... sriman- 
maha-muvaru-rayara-gatida JufijOjt-Nayakara makkalu Euiya-Mudiya-Nayakaru namma Nayaka- 
tanakke saluva llirasu-nada Somagondanahalliyalu . . . . santhenu kattisi a-Hirasu-rtada prabhu 
Chokka-Deva Mara-Deva Nimi-nada Ketappa Gangi-Devan .... prabhugalu ayivattaru-desada 
halarige mukhyarada Gunde-setti Tararau Tirumalla-setti Sahadevi-settiya Manchi-setti-volagada 
samasta-nadu Halayakote-pattanasamitanavanii Mari-settiya makkaju Daudi-setti-Tirumala-setti- 
gajige kotta salisuva mauya-hola (details of gift.) santeya aya namma niaite patt irli hasu-ettu-katte- 
kudare-tottu mauiveya sunka sarvamaayavagi a-chaodrarka-sthayiyagi salisu koduveu (usual final 
phrases) yi-mariyadeyalli sukhadim bhogisuvantagi nadu hala ... rii kotta sasana mangaja maha 
sri Mancha-setti-sameta muru-bhagavagi anubhavisuvaru yivarige mane hattu-ankanavanii sali- 

sideu sri 


At the same village, near the large entrance. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

na-malla da-rayar tolukkum valukku jayam aga S'6ma-gavundan 

Madaiyan magan Vairan kayadina eriyil Kiholur Madavan Vallala-perumajuku Bava-samvarsar- 

attu Nana .. raiyil danam vitta kalani elu-ku .. gant idu pallam a . ladu kar-kkalani . kula- 

gam Kottaiyur Mudali-pijjai kalani ain-gulagam Madila . Udaiya-pillai kalani ain-gulaga-mau vittad- 

uttaivayida kai 


At Balihalli (same hobli), on the south basement of the Varadardjasvdmi temple to the ivest. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti ari vira-Valla}a-Devar pri.... rajyara-panyaniTka Kiodhi-varshattu Vaigasi-ra Irugaluril 
ninra Narayana-pperumal tiruvidaiyatta-ppangu irandukku Mattikirai.. .. nnaga peri-eri ullittanafi- 
jai-nilattukku kottu-kkonda nilam S'ogudidevanpalli eri achchukkatt-ulladu va 

Auekal Taluq. 141 

nakki ullitta kku vadakku SVmbalvarpallikku-ttcrku iruvad-adi-kkolal trandayir- 

attu 500 kubyum itril uatta-praptikku vaiikk 1 Mudu ... 1 pannir-adi-kkolal aimbadu kuliyun-gai- 
kkondu sri-seaapati parivattanay-agi t-pputg-irandum vitt j i-nnilan-gai-kkondu tiruv-ali-kkallu- 

nattu-kko ya liyapalli mapalli 



At the samc temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaet&rsj. 

sva va-samvaisarattu. . ttirai-masa Vijaya-Tantrapa- 

lan ana madanena ... na-malla rayarudaiya valukkim-dolukk- 

um vijayamaga Mudigonda-SoUi-mandalattii l!ajentra-S'61a-vala-natt,u Mura&i-nattu Pajaiyapa.. .. 

. . . . yi vatta • . darma-danam a ri-mangalam ana Varada .... 

... . palli kattu pattagal Madeva-battan Narayana-bhattan S'emba- 

bhattan Devaraja-bhattan Vallala-battaa D vika>-a-bhatta . S'6m\siyarayyar-bhattan 

bhattan S'iya . la-bhattan Allala-bhatt m Madhava-bhattan . . vagal padine man ana . 

bat . . .. ve .. naivar ana . . leriyile terkada v-ppallatn agappada kudutta kalani irupattaru kauda- 
gamu Marudarkuttai mel-kattilS kollai p uliuoru-kancUgamum ilargal natta-iruppum dend-irai tand- 
irai vichchuppattam ullitti anaitt-ayam ilamlu .. nayane vikrayattukk-uritt-aga chandradita-varai 
dhamma-dinam aga-kkudutten Visayatarmmu ana Tantrapalanena i-dhammattukkungaui ninaitta- 
va» Gam^ai-karaiyil kural-pasuvutn Rrahmattiyuui kollakkadavan 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam 
shashti varsha-sabasraui vishthayam iayate kri.r.i 



At Anekal, on a copper plate in possession of Annad&nappa. 
sri-S'aukara | sri-Chikka-Raya-Tammappa-Gaudaru I svasti S'.i vijayabhyudaya-S'alivaliaias ika- 

A A 

varushangalu 1536 ne Ananda-nama-samva'sarada Kartika-suddha 15 lu srimad-rajAdhiiaja raja- 
paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sriman-maha-mandale^vara sri-vira-Rama-Deva-maharaya-ayyanavaru 
Penagondeyalli ratna-simhasanartldharagi sambrajyam gaiutiralti srimatu Sadasiva-gotrarada Su- 
galuru-nada-prabhugalada Chikka-daya-Tamiuappa-Gaudara pautrarada Yimmadi-Tammappa- 


Gaulara putrarada Mummadi-Taramappa-Gamlaru Kapda-gotra Apastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhya- 
jigajada KrUhnaiyana pautranada Lakshumaina putranada Kadu-Bharati-Timmaiyage barasi kotta 
bhu-dana-dharmma-sasanada kramav ent endare namma alvtkege saluva Hosakote-siine Sametana- 
halli-valitavada Halasihali-grama 1 yidakko serida vupagrama Tippasandra-grama 1 saha somopar- 
aga-punya-kal adallu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhata-purvakavagi Sadasiva-pritiyagi kotev adakarana yi- 
gramakke salluva yalle-chatus-sime-val mana kere-kuntegalu ane ackukattu tota tudtke phala-vriksha 
suiika suvarnadaya sakala-bhattadaya uidhi-uikshepa-iala-taru-pashana-akshina-agami-siddha-sadh- 
yangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svammyavannu agamadikondu danadhi-kraya-bhogyav embo vyavaha,- 
ra-chatushtayakku nimma putra-oautra-piramparyavigi a-chandrarkavagi anubhavisikolutta 
yihadu yandj {<jrant repeated). hoge-terige kuri-tenge maga-terige sakala-kanikegalannu agamadi- 
kondu danadhi-kraya-bhogyav embovyavahara-chatushtayakku nimage saluhage nimma putra- 
pautra-paramparya sukhadalli anubhavisikolutta yihadu yand i birasi kot?. dharma- 
sasana (usual final versts) 


142 Anekal Taluq. 



At the samevillcge, on thehasement of the Anjaneya temple inthe sonth of the Timmardyasvami 

temple to the east. 

(Orantlia and Tamil cliaracters). 

svasti sri ... 1302 Kaliyuga-varusharo 4481 fellatiinra S'iddhatthi-samvatsarattu Tai-mada 23 ti 
purva-pakshattu Trayo.lasiyum Vpjli-kkilamai nal Rattigaiyilum svasti sii Indu-raya-surattan 


Harihara-nathan kumira Bukka-rayan sabrajyam-paimavonum enru Muiasuril Tamandai Adinatar 

A «« . A . 

magan devar dhammam aga Adi-NHrfiyana-perumalai eri arulappanni 


At the same village, on a rocJc inthe grasing groundio the east. 

( Grantha and Tamil charactern). 

svasti sri Bujabala-Vira-Gau-pP6sala nda u Maha- 

devarku vitta deva-danam Pommnlakattu 


At Bahadarpnra (same hohli) r on a roclc in the Shanhog's jieldto the south. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri lukku kaluk nir-viitt-aru .. Pcriya-devar madam ittai marrina .. n 

Gamgai-karaiyir-kura .. pasuvai konran papah .. lvan 


At Vanakanahalli (same hohli), to the south of the enirance. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj. 

Vinaya yana 

svasti sri Bra. .. putranam utarpanna vaisyar Hasra-gottira sa .. vanittaya 

Kayavanan .. kkapattanattu vaisya-vanigan Kasa .. tiram desintarikku-kkusalukkuh-galukkura nir- 
vartt-irukkum Periyadeva-mudaliyarukku i-mmadattukku nangal vaittu-kkudutta Nogu .... manai- 
yum .. .. lakkinavan Gangai-kkaraiyir-kurar-paSuvai-kkonian pukkanarakam-puguvan i-ttanma Tav- 
alam Parmman Mihesvara-rakshai Ha . nanr-aga 


At the same village, to the notth of the entrance, 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Vikkiramu-varushattu Taiy-madara-mudal srimar-p-ratapa-sakkaravatti sri-Poysala-vira- 
Vallala-Devar kumarar A marai-udaiyavar araimanaiyd Nagadevara^ar kumaran S'6gudaiya-nayakkar 
kalattil ... nnattar pattanattil vairiya . . . . ya Nalla-nayan perral Nalla Vinayaka-pillaiyarrukku 

Angu]akk6n .. Ahgulakkanayum sellavu aru .. na dai lavau 

... Nalla-nayanena 


At Geratiganahele (same hobli), on a stone to the north ofthe village entrance. 

svasti sri 1447 neya Saiv.rjitu-samvatsarada Vaisaka-suddha ..... .. Tyaganna- 

Gauda .. .. Nayakatanake salluva Saviteya-nadolag.ina Geretenabeleyanu kota darma- 


Anekal Taluq. 143 


At Kdmandyakanahalli (same hobli), on a boulder in Chikkantws kanddyam field. 

Raktakshi-sarpvatsarada Ashadha .... siimatu Sugatura Mummadiya-Thainme-Gaudra Jayasingana 

maga Mummadi Singasena-Nayaka raja-jagaladalli saya Kalinayakanahalli-gra- 

mavanu nettara-kodegeyagi (stops here) 


At Bidarugere (same hohli), on a stone near the northem kodig§ field. 
Pramati-samvatsarada Magha-su 2 lu srimatu Sugatura Munimadi-Chikka-ltaya Tamme-Gaudarayana- 
varu B:durugei;e gaudarayarige kodisi darey ereda kodige surya-chandrarugalu. 


At the same villago, to the norlh of the entrance to the west. 

(Qranlha and Tamd characters) . 

svasti sri sarvabhiioia-chchakkiravattigal P6sala-vira-Va laja-Devar prithivi-ra.yam-panniy-arulanin- 

ra shattu Adi-ma Periya nattavarum Iras8ndira-S'6la-nattu- 

nayagan-jeyvvarum nayagan-jevvarum na devada 

vira-Va varum .. lLkkudaiya ka ave 

yil S'akka-devar S'6 .. num .. lal Keta-settiyarum Murasu 

ttu ainuuiTuvarum lattu S'6nasiyura S'ogudapadi Vira-S'61a . kkaium sarudaiya . 

yil yum S'uguli Parangalanum asssha-maha-janahgalum Machchi-devan Paliyal- 

analari-devanum Vannakkaya 


At MdUenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Chikka-Rudtappas wet land. 
svasti simatu Saka-varusha 1349 neya Parabhava-samvatsaradi Phalguna-su 1 lu sriman-maha- 
rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-Vijaya-Raya-maharayara kumara Pratapa-Deva-Raya-maha- 


rayaru prithivi-rajyam ^eyavagaiu devara banta sriman-maha-muvari-rayara-ganda Jufiju-Obeya- 
Nayankara makkalu Chikka-Timmaya-Nayahkaru sriman-maha-Morasu-nada maha-prabhu Chok- 
ka-Deva sime-nada-volagada maha-nadu sriman-maha-vodda-bevahari ubbaya-Nuiia-Desiyarge 

mukhyarappa Trayalo (back) .... dige enisidda Macha-Deva vaha .... pattana-sami 

(rest illegible)— 


At hilallige (same hobli), in the street near the Shanbog's house. 

(Granlha and Tamil characteri). 

ndalesvarat ... ... rajat malaiprava-ganda S'61araya-stapan:ichari.ya Pandiya- 

raya-pratishtachariya Magadaraya-mattaka-sfila iraya-puli iraya-gandaber inda sri-vira-Valala- 
Devar inaharaya-kumurat srimanu-maha-sarnantali Ekkatti Virakkanba S'6.nisiraiya-nayakkanna 
makkan Vageyarakkarum Allapparamakkarum Veppur-nattu ... li palagai . . lapattanattil Kalum- 
alangilan Pattanakavarim-Marapan-jettiyarku ... tan ... ludi-kkudutta parisavadu ivv-ur S'amana- 

malur Ta .. .. daduvan S'6na . . . irupadu muppadam udaiyar er.yai 

ivv-e ..... . . le pala pala lutn pattanattukku surattukkum muvaral 

1 pxttana-su langilln ma ttaya Kesava-de . . ma la 

ka. yaril iv ta . . . la tto ma na patana-su 

141 Anekal Taluq. 

...scttiyarkku ka la ... ru. na ditta-varai llum pii 

llakku ..... .. ... ttunai catxi kudut la malluga .. .. napaia ... vama rappa- 

settiya mana ... JLn 


At Haragadde, to the north of the entrance. 

fGrantha and Tamil cliaraciers). 

viyaparigalu padinen-biimiyil virakodiyarum S amaiyamandarikku katti-kkudultom Parangalani tal- 
am aga-ttesa-anai aifinurruyar auai i-kkaisalaiyum palliyum pugundu nalivar undagil valahgai-ttal- 


At the same vfflage, on the slab laii infront ofthe inner doorway of the GhannaUsava iemph. 

fGrantha and Tamil characiers) . 

svasti sri Attimalla-Puradirayar Parangalaniyil maha-jauaugaluk Pasumayattil eriyile irupadin-kan- 

da-kalauiyum Attcmlasaganapalli nila-muludum danam aga vittom i-ttanam-alikkuvar Gengaiyida- 



At the same tempfa, on the south basement. 

fGrantha and Tamil chararters). 

Varaileviyar Macbchala-doviyar S'ukla-samvatsarattu S'ittirai-masa sii-Vaishuai 



At S'idiho^ikote (Hdragadde hobli), on a stone on the southem banlc of Mari-Rdchanna's field. 

svasti srivi!ayabhyudaya-S'alivaliana-.saka-varushangalu 1723 ne varushakke salluva Durmati-nama- 
samvatsara-nija-Jeshta-bi 13 Budhavaradallu Marri-Gauda-pautra Tammanna-Gaudana putra 
Mari-Gaudanada ...'etti-pautra Madava-Setti-putra Rama-S'etti.. nadayavaiu yikkartaru 
kattista kere kunte topu kodige-hola bijavari kham .. 1J 


At Kddajalcanahalli (sarne hobli), on a roclc in the pasture-ground. 
Sugatura Immadi-Cliikka-Raya-Tamme-Gaudaraya-ayanavaru Kadajakanahalliyaru a-Timmanige 
nettara-kodige aki-kota manya (imprecatory phrases) 


At Bommondaha/ji (same hobli), on a stone in a dung-hill pit behind the Karaga temple. 
svasti Konganivartnma-duarmma-[milhara[ja]dhiraja Kovalala-pura-varesvara Nandagiri-natha 
sri-Njti-Permmanadi-varmma r^yarjipa prithivi-rajyam geye Nagattaran-aju Manga'a-Bivannan 
embortu Naga-Devan embonu Kadarnbure turugalnola kadi satta mangala maha £ri 


On the baclc of the same stone. 

(Grantha and Tamii characters). 

svasti sri Kui6'tunga-S'61a-De va-rayar ana Kasiva-devar prithvi-rajyam-panniy-arulanirka Tirut- 

tulay-ammekku annurruvd dimayanandar pattanattil Alaga-pperumaTukku 

Attalvar ...... n:"r-pal-ellai deva-daua vitten ittai yarakkinavan ^on ,. 


Anekal Talt/q. 45 


At BommondahalH (same hohli), near the Anjaneya temple to Ihe ivest. 

(Qrantha aad Tamll Characlers). 

avasti sri Kundfiniyil nayanar KeSava-pperumaJ Arpasi-ttirunfijukku Pongai Sri-parril Kannaman- 

galamum (y)idark adaitta nanjaipunsii nfir-pal-ellaiyum vira-VallaJa-Devar tolukkum valukku 

nanr-aga i ga vedikkalai Tiruvala . . v-urrd pperumajukku tiruvidaiy 

attam aga danam-panni-kkuduttom 


At Jigani [Jigani hobU), on afragment of rirakal at Siddhdnti Suhrahmariya-s'&8tri , 8 house, 
svasti Kd[nsu]nivarmma-dbarmma-maha[raji]d ilraja Kova pura-vare giri-na... 


At the same village, on the soutli wall <>f the Varadardja temple. 

(QranPta and Tamil Chardciers), 

svasti sri Raktakshi-samvatsarattu Ani-madatu Tiribuvana. malla-pPurvadarayar tolukkum vajuk- 
kum iayam-aga-ppallichchivigaiyarum tirumunkottigalum talaiy-edupi arum katti-kajaru marrum 

epperpatta dayamu. 


At the same village, on a stone in Kun fluru-Reddi' s field souih of the viliage. 

svasti sri 1344 neya sanda S'ubhaki-itu-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 1 S6 lu ariman-maha- 

mandalesvara rajadhira.a raja-paramesVara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege-tappuva-rayara-ganda chatus- 

samudradhipati vira-Vijaya-Raya-inaharaya ... prithivi-rajyam geye Mulavagilali 

prithivi-rajyam geyyuttam iralu srimatu . . . .... Maficbaya-Naykara makkalu Naujaya-Madeva- 

Nayakkaru Chikka-Sangama-NSyakkaru Jiguuiyalli sakhaja-sambrajyam maduttiralu .. majan- 



At thc satne viliage, on the bund of Doddalere to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil Character»), 

ra-Vallala Devar |>ritivi-rajyam-panniy-arulanh;ka S'iddhatihi-samvatsaratu 

Margali-ma§am elan-diyadiyil Vaichchaya-nayakkarura 5'ingaya-nayakkarum Suguni-alugira kalat- 
til Suguniyil periy-eri udaigaiyil S'irik6sa Marappan tan kaiyil pon vittu elu udaippu-kattugaiyi-1 
Suguniyil asesha-maha-janangalum nattavarum Vaichchaiya-nayakkarum Singaya-nayakkaium kiidi 
ivveri kil kudangai kalani irandu kadappu chandraditta-varai sarva-manyam aga kuduttom idukku 
ilangannam-panninan agil Gengai-karaiyil kura-pasuvai konra papattile povan. 


At Bannirugatta (same hobli), m the northem portion of the main entrance of Champakadha t»a- 

sami temple. 

svasti sriSaka 1 ...sanda Krodhi-samvatsarada Ashadha-ba 13 A sYimanu-maha-mandalesvara ari- 

raya-vibhada basege tappuva-rayara-ganda raiadhivaja-pararr>e'<vara chatus-samndradhipati sri-vira- 

Harihara-Raya-kumava sii-vira Bukkauna-Vodeyaru svasti sriman-Bannurugalta-Damodara-devavige 

upara-nanda-divige-manamale .. Kamanaiira-vajitada Ramarahaliya-sthajada Khanamangala- 

vanu a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi dhiira-purvakavagi kotteii (ttsual final phrases) mangala maha $ri 



146 Anekal Taluq. 


On a second stonc at the samc place. 

svasti sri S'aka-varusha 128."> neya S^ubhakritu-samvatsarada Asvija-ba 12 Va srimanu-maha-manda- 
lika-sii-via-Btikkauna-Vodeyaravara kumara Mallapp.i-Vodeyaru prithvi-rajyam gevutiralu srimanu- 
maha-saniant.idhipati .. vudJa-ganda Bachanalli .... . riiyara kumara torahatta-vira-ganda Vira- 
bhadra-desra-kanti-maduva rahutara-ganda Venuikala Mayi-Naykana kumara MalUppanavaru 
svasti sii Bannuraghattada sri-Damodara-devarige voppara-tniiiria-divige-vanamahge Homaliga-nada 
sunna-bareya salage ...karupa ragi kottevu. 


In the lower portion of the iwrth wall of thc same donrway. 

(Gianiha aml Tamil characters). 

svasti sri . arula Vilatnbi-varushattu Tai- . ..... .. ..... . nal ..... 1-mudaliyar 

rayanar Damo lara-pperumal da na mgalukku maru kkum tari-irai tattar 

ppat kadai-irai ulmavatta ...iraiyum alai-ivai sarva-mauiyam aga vitta tamam idu 

marrinavargal Gengai-karaiyil kural-pasu-konra pavam-k dvargal 


On thr, north pilhr of the same doOrway. 

(Graaiha atid^Eamil characiersj. 

svasti sii Dunmuki . Taiy-madam Datiya S , 6.naiya-daunakkar magan Sih-daunayakarupPonmaniga- 
nattu-pPeriya-nattavarum S'ihgaya.-danuayakkar vafiilil natta pidigalum nayanar Damodara-pperu- 
mal tiruvidaiyattam ana palliyu ullur ullavaiyarril aliv-anniyayam apurvayam manai-tirai erper- 
patlanavum sn.uvva-nianniyaii! aga kuduttom idukkku (y)ilanganam-panninavan Gehgai-kkaraiyil 
kural-pasuvai-kkonran papattile povan 


At the samc place, ou a stone /o thr sou'h. 

svasti sri S'aka varsha 1336 neya Manmatha-saravatsatada l'ushya-s i 12 S6-lu srimanu-maha-raja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara sii-vira-pratapa Deva-Raya-niaharayaru prilhivi-rajyam geyuttiralu sri- 
manu-maha-pradhanam dakshina-samudradhipati Yi;anna-d inuayakaru liannflragattada sri-Damo- 
daia-devar:hge erada nanla, vanamalegj (rrst illegible) 


At the same place, on a tvail to the south of it. 


svasti $t. Saka-va us'ia 1343 sinrla Plava-samvatsara Ashada-.iudha 2 Va. sriman-maha-maudale- 

svara ari-iaya-vibhada I asege-tappuva-rayara-ganda chatus-samudradhipati sri-vira-Bukkanna- 

Vodeyara kumara sii vira-Mallappa-Vodeyaru gevuttiralu sliman-maha-pradhanam 

Kasyapa-gotrada Viia. . ... nta Mallappa- Vodeyarige sakala-saukyav agabek endu svasti sri-Bannura- 

gattada Dam6dara-iie\arige ... voparage.. vopara-nanda-divige-mauamalenadava ... pemmaliga, 

darada ... YindilavaJiyanu ... yanu nado .... madida a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi dhara-purvakavagi 

kotteu (nsiial finil phrasss) 


On the sanie wnll. 

svasti sri S'aka-virusha 1278 neya M.mmatha-samvatsarada Rhadrapada-Sudha 11 Budhavaralalu 
svasti siimanu-maha-manda^fcsvarnm sii-vira-Mallappa Vod -yara kumara Bukkannanu Mallappa- 

Anekal Taluq. 147 

Vodeyarige darmraavagi Bannurugattada sri-Damodara-devarige bitta patr.i-pavitra . madideii yi- 

darminakke (rest illegitfe) 


At the same place on a pillar to the south. 

subham astu svasti sri Dhatu-sarnvatsarada Alvija-ba 12 lu srimanu-maha-mandalesva- 

ram ari-raya-vibada basege-tappuva-rayara-ganda sri-Tiramana-Rayana kumaia Narasimha-Vode- 
yaru prithivi-sambrajyam geyu (red illegible) 


At the same village, on a beam ofthe mantapa near Suvarmmnlzhi-'Artha. 

subham astu S'aka 17-11 ne Bahudhanya-samvatsarala Vaisakha-su 'dha-Aksha-tritiya-su-rauhurta- 
dalu Beviira sthaladaBensaluru-Phavuiudaru Lihgarajayya-arasinavaru Champakadhama-stha-Rama- 
devaraprityarthavagi Vahni-giri-stha-Suvarnamukhi-saiovara sopana ramyavagi kattisidu su-tiitha- 
bhivriddhi || 


At Bingtpura (same hobli), on a stone near the villago gate. 

svasi sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1632sanda vartamanavada Piamadi-saravat_ 
Barada Vaisakha-ba 12 lu srimad-raiadhiraja nija-paramesvara-apratima-pravudha-pratapa vira-nara_ 
pati Mahisura sri-Krishna-Raja-Vadeyaraiyanavaru Atavala-Sahage baresi kotta tarara-sasanada kramav 
ent endare ninu maduva paki •a-darmakke Behgaliira-sthalada Jigani-hobali Bihgipurada-gramada 
huttuvali kah ga 200 iunuru-varahakke kraya kah ga 2000 yaradu-savira-varahannu Haidar-Ali Badure 
anu Lokkasakke vopistan ada-karana yi-gramavanu nirupadhika-sarvmanyavagi pakirara dharmakk- 
kodisi yirudarinda ninu-muntfida pakiraru yi-Jharmavanuu sasvatavagi A-ehandiarka-&thayiyagi vam- 
_a-parampareyagi nadesikondu gramavanu anubhavisikondu baruvadu yi pakira-dharmakke bittt!_ 
kottiruva Biugipurada gramada pattinalli (usnal iuiprecatorij phrases) endu luresi-kotta tamra u 
sasanada prati sibWasana sti-Kr slma-Ra. a 


At VdjaralviIU (same liobli), on uppara-bande to the south. 
svastisri vijayabyudaya S alivaharia-saka-v rushatigalu lrj86 ne vartamaiiukke salluva Partbiva-nama- 
samvatsarada Kartika sudda 15 llu s:iman-Mahifeira-nagarada simhasanada alv.keg« salluva Benga. 
luru-valitada Jigani-hobali Vajaiahalli-liattira yiruvanta Sriyavara devasthanada paditara-cliparadliatip 
laja-^irvada-habba-pai v.i-tithi-stapana-huwn a-sambala-bbarti-mela-muntsda sevegalannu saioddaiav 
agi-devara s5ve madikkondu yiio-ritige avaravara ayakattina-merige a-chandrartit-sthayiyagi nad idu 
baro-bagge yi-devasthanakke nadadu baruva manyada bhumi vingadisi koda beli niaharajeiiiyavara 
appane-prakarakke Jigani-sthalada adhikarru parupattegarru sanubhagaru gauda Jigani-panchJnan 
adavaru saha manyada bhuini 


At (he same village, on a stone near the Somehara temple to ihe south. 

{Qrantha ■'</•? Taniil ckaraeters). 

svasti sii •. rumattu .. . Sembisura ya-na, .. nsir tirudai da-nayanar ti 


148 Anekal Taluq. 

At Bidumgere (samc holli), on the sluice of the tctoh. 

(Grunlha and charactcrs). 

svasti 6rim'iha-rnanda}isuran Tripuvana-raalla Puvatra-rayan gandar-suriyan padai-ttalaivan kond- 
aiyar-gandan .... kkappan S'embandaiy-ana Purva-marayan ^'ivachchamutti .. 
kku Irakshasa-Jsarasatu Masi-madam iduvitta tumbu 



At Nettagere (SomanahalU hobli), on astow: in the voaste land to the ead of ('hinnoyana-katte. 


svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1416 neya Auanda-samvatsarada Pushya- 

su 1 Adityavaradalu bharadvaja-gotrada Asvalayana^sutrada Yaju Soma-jiyarige 

siimau maha-daimayaka Timmayya-Deva-maha-arasu dharraa-sasanada kramav 

ent endade nada bhumiya dharmavagi 

eradu kottgv agi 


At Ifatt-Agrahdra {same hoblt), on a vtone near Doddivura- neita. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya saka-varusha vartamana-Sarv;.jitu-samvat*arada ... 

sri-maharajadhnaja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Harihara-maharajara kumara 

Ramachandra-Deva-Odeyaru prithivi-rajya maduttihalli Vommalige-nada maha-pra 

agrahara sahavagi 

sarvva-badba-pariharavagi a-chand arkka-sthayiy agi Nandanatha-devara 

sannidhiyaludhareyan eradu kottevagi sukhadim eka-bhogyav agi bhogisuvaru sunkada Appannagalu 

saviracU sunkavan {usual final phrases and verses) ... 

nada oppa sri-Damodara 


At H&rdhalli (Hdrohatli hobli), on a stonc at the western waeie-iveir of YehgalayyanaJkere. 

^vasti §ii vijaya-S'alivahana saka-varusba 1455 mele saluva Nandana-samvatsarada Asvija-ba 2 

lu srimat-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa Achyuta-Kaya-maharAyaravara Timraa.y- 

ana Varada-Timmayanu Haruvahallnalu salisi ... Tiruvehgadaiiatha netta 

vrittakke avu koita ganrlana luva . ., anubhavisikondu 

baruvadu kotta graina-dana-dhaima-sadhana (usudl imjwccatory />Jira*es) 


At Dijdtasawlra {sume liobli), on a sfotie thc 1/pi-dhithi-iaara. 

^rimatu Uudhiro Ig.iri-sanivatsarad t Chaitra-s i 1 ln Madayana mammakkalu Cliatiiiaiyannanavaru 
Nagulubana maga Bommapage Chujlakana-simeyobuie t:'iu kattida kereya kelagana chatus-t-imeyam 
a-chandra-siiryaru-ulavopariyantara kolage-manyavagi kotteu \usual imprecatory jihrascs) &ena- 
bova Adeppana baraha sri srisii. 


At G&n&lukojypa fsame hobK), on a stone in Siddols field to the eas f . 

svasti sri pratapa-chakravaitti sri-Hoyisala sri-\ira-Ballala-Devarasani pritlmi-rAjvarn geyuttiralu 
Nala-samvatsarada Phalguua-sudha-pauchami-Budhavaradalu... .Singaiya-dahhayakara vinoya 


150 Kankanhalli Taluq. 

Maeheya-Nayakaru Hommaliga-nada (various persons named) Chokka-uadan-ojagada sainas:a-gavu- 

dar-olagala lialaua-hadi[ri]entu-3amayaa kndi pattan.a-sa.mi Nagapparta maga Chokka-Settiyarange 

Galihala sante-kattisuvallige ura mudana kejeya niodal-eriyalu kodige (details ofland and Various 

tollx specified) 


At HuUugoijffahalli (same hoblij t near ihe Basavana gudi at the entrance to the west. 

V . V ^^l [Grawtha nud Tamil charaeters). 

svasti sri S'akar.i'-yan.du 1220 senia Durmu -samvatsar.attu Ani-masa pfirva-pakshattu 

Pafichatniyum Sovara Magatnum perra na.1 Sokka-nayau magan Tama .... Iva 

Deini-devarkku Pullagamundanpalli naiije punse nar-park-ellaiyuiH dhara-purvakam aga danam 
aga kudutteu i-tdham idukku ilauganam-pesinar undagil pratapa-sakkaravatti Poysalan vira-Vallala- 

Devar natta natta . ..... lamburattil sarva-maniya-sadhanam aga kallilum sembilum eludf 

kudutten devarku sellu pan Dasipuram . . . . ..... 

tturpuram Pu la-devar rayai Vaigundamanga .. .. 

nattil iw-urkka .. kkuppaipuram arruka rku .. mbalapuram i . makka 

nd i . sarva idu tauma prata ada 

te .' 


At Chilha-Maralatddi (Maralavadi hobli), on a stone in the lane to the south-iv<st ofthe villagr. 

sri-Gurtilingaya namah | subhara astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1403 ne 
salutiha Plava-samvatsarada Jeshtha-su 10 lu sriman-maha-mandalika medini-misara ganda Kathari 
S&luva Saluva.Narasinga-Raja-Odeyaru Mangandilalliya Madirajagala makkalu Domma-naykagalige 
liotta purada-dharma-easanada kramav ent endade namma Channapattauada-rajyakke saluva Hom- 
maligeya-nado|agana Chikka-Manalavadi a-kelagana Habbuhalli-sahavagi nimage sarvamanya-purav- 
agi sa-hirftnyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakadim kottev-agi a-grama-a,-.. .. vali-HabbuhalH salia ehatus- 
simeyolagada \ api-kupa-tataka-paribalita nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami-sidha-sadhyan- 

gal-embn ashta-blioga-tejas-svamya-muntagi siddaya sese sunka suvarnadaya mukhyav- 

ada sam sta-...yanu nirama pntra-pautra-parampareyagi dana-adhi-kraya-parivartanakke 
saluvant&gi a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi auubhavisikondu sukhadal ihad-endu tri-karana ... yindavodam- 
battu kotta dbafrma-sasana | (usual findl phrases & verse) sri oppa sii-Tirumalayya yint-i Oja-Basa- 
vayyana baraba 


At Aqrahdra (savne hobli), on a ntone in y<re-hola to the south ofthe tanh. 

sri-Gan&dhipataje nauah | subbam astu jayabhjudaya-S'ali ahana-saka-vai usha 

14(jl neya Vilainbi-sauivatsarada S'ravana-ba 7 lu sriman-mahaiajadhiraja raja-pararnesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa-Achyuta-Raya-maharaya prithi vi-ra j j am gaiiitam iralu CbannapaUauada-siiiie\a Homra- 

alige-nada sthalada Brahmasamudrada-agraharada Raruanna-bhattana maga Nagay- 

ana. raaga Piilaraya yana makkalu Varadaya (rest illegiUe) 


At Le.varahalli (same hobJi), lo the east of the Divammana gttdi to the soutl . 

(Graniha and Tamil characttrsj. 

svasli sri Saiuniaiya-samvachcharattuMasi-madam 15 ti raikkar.iril Mauji-setti magan 

Anni-5:tfci . panri vete p">y pan.ri kkutti Sokka llihgattou nayam pattu tarium [lattanan 

Kankanhalii Taluq. 151 

ippailikku iv-Anachchetti. . tar nelanam kudutte seyvittana Surauda Mafiji-setti i.. 

varu seydAn valaitta. . inanai-magan S'ikl<unni 


Ai Elachavddi {samc Jiobli), in Honnegaudas' jiehlto the irest. 
((! i-auilia and Tainil chwractern). 

svastiori Pugal-madu vinga Je-madu virumba Nila-magal nilavaMalar-maga pnnara urimaiyir-chiran- 
da mani-miili-sudi Minavar nilai-keda Villavar kulaitara enai-mannavar inyal-urr-ilitara-ttikk-anai- 
ttum • tan sakkara-nadatti visal-abhisliekam-panni vira-Suighasanattu Avani-mul ul-udaiyalodum 
virr-iiund-aruliya sakkaravatti sVi-Kuloitun^a-Sola-Devarku yandu narpattonbadavadu Mudigonda- 

S'6 vagu soyaina ttinoni de?a yapa-setti . . 

Sii la-mandalattu Rajentra-S'6li-vala-nattu. . lattu 

tu kallill Iruga n S'akka-gamuuda S'ifi|a-gamunrlan puli-kutti .. 

pattan ivan agamudaiy 1 Vasava-gamundar inagal S'ikkavai ti-ppatiial 


At Chikka Balligerc (same hobli), lo the west ofthe Basava templcto fhe north, lctu-een the twotemples^ 

(Grautlui and Tamil characters). W V U»\^ 

svasti sri Sakarai-y.uvlu ayiratteru-nurru-ttonnurru ettu senra. Nala . svasti sri saniva-buvana. 
cbchakkiravaUigal PoyisaUi-vira-Irarainita-Devarkku tolukkum valukkum seyim aga . ttara-uttira- 
arpudaiyam aga ko/agaipapandama. . vad-aga Viraraallisvaram-udaiya-nayanarku devaiu raa-Mage- 

sura . m pusukku ..amudapadi na arsi 20 nai-i uppu uri milagu al- 

^kku tta-kkariyarau ru manam pala n 4 velam 4 pal nali tayir nali tiru-nanta- 

vilakku 2 pagal-vilakku 10 sandi-vilakku 40 tiru-nier-puchchu 2 iru-kajanju i-chChivasthana-edupp- 
ichcba Pevalayanclarkku 6 ppusikka vitta kollai 4 kandagam kalani 3 mu-kkandagam achchana- 
virutti s.da.kadavadu ivavkku mada-ppur im a r i vitta maa 3 ka maiigala Para. . svaram rakshai 


At tlie .same vilUige, in front of thc tank to the east. 
(Grantha aml Tamil charaeterx). 

svasti iii ^a. . vira-Vallah* kula Vimisavaram- 

udaiya Ma i-ttanmam-irakkinan kurar-pavattil vilan 


At K6te-Kobbaho,Jli attached to Dorlda-Kal/b ihalli (Kodiha/li hobli), on a stone to the south of 

a tamarind tree. 


svasti Parabhava-samvatsarada Ashadha-su 7 lu sriman-Chama-Ra;a-Voderaiyaravaru G-uinmala- 
purada simhfisanakke karta Racharanni-Gangasvami-avarige KabbahalH-sthala paduvana 
Basabali-grama 1 kke saluva dharma-bhumiyaiinu ...agi bidisi kottu a-chandrarka-sthayiyagi kotta 
matha-manya yidakke prati-namadheya Gahgaibarapura vaud.i stil i pr.ibhu Mallapa-Vodera 
oppita sri-Nadani-Vodeyaru (vsnal final vcrsc) 


At Bannhniikkondlu (same hobli), on a rock in Mandana-lco te to ihe north < f the villaijc. 
sri-S'aka-vai usba 1407 yelmoya Visvavas l-s unvalsarada Vaisakha-sudlia-Aksha-tadigpyallu srimat- 
Chikka kunvxra Sivanappa-odeyara kattis ; da aneya-bami 

152 Kankanballi Taluq. 

At thesame village. on a pillar at tlie <lo<,r of the H&mHvara temple. 

Sukla-saravatsavada Margasira-Sudha 5 Besigala-nada. maha-ptabhu Channa-Viranna-Odeyara 
komara Vire^vara-Odeyaru hanavige yi-bala maruva baraiolage niua-yippattu-honnu nura-yippattu- 
salage-bhattavaiu kottu Iiameya-deva.ra kallu nilisuva piuialui-piatishteyagi nadasidaru kallu- 
kutiga Pebojananu voudu-gala hattu-mandiyanu taleya burndeyanu uruti hoguvada ulahidaru 


At Balepura (sawe hobli), in Durgegautfa^s field, 

( Grantha and Tamil charactern). 

Svasti sti Mudigonla-S'6ia-mandalattu Rajentra-S'61 a-vala-nattu S'iysd-nattu Kalagarru sii-Polir- 
pullakaran-andan Pali-andan magan Ilaiyandan Poysala-Narnsinga-Devan S'iyal-nattai keduttu 
AnnaiyanpaPiyill itta pougu .. rayun-gudaiyum vila konru .... du pattan ivan 


At Hosadurga (same hohll), in Kartgavda'? fiehl fo the north. 
(Grnutlia and Tairtil characlern). 
. .. sala-chChigal-nad-alvar Mara-devarena cn ngaramKa.. vayalavapa-chchaturvedi-manga. 

lattukku nan dbara-purvakam aga-kkudutta Settieriyiun Kuttattamman eriyum Turaiyudaiyan- 
palliyum Pammadipalliyum Vasavandaikoppamutn ivai nanscy punjey nar pal-ellaiyum chantra- 
ditta-varai-chchellakadavad-aga-kkudutta i-ddharmmatnkku langhanam-panninavan Gamgai- 
kkaraiyir-kural-pasuvai konra pukka naragattir-puguvan Prayagai S'riramganata-bhattanum 
Mundalapodaitan Venkadu-bhattanum ullitta asoshamum anubavikkakkadava devadanam tiruvudai- 
yattam veda-vritti nikki vritti muppattornum sai va-maniyam i-clharmattukku lamghanam-pannina- 
van Gamgai-karaiyir-kural-ppasuvai-kkonian pukka narakam-puguvar subham astu 


At Allakadajcalu, attached to KSlagondahaHi (same hohli), in Till6gauda's fiehi to thc south. 

(Gfiiidha mid Tamil characters). .... popittira Sikkayan pendatti S'avakkammai Anilpadi-kkamundan 

S'tkkaya-nayakkan tambi Pukkaya-nayakkan 


At. the mme place, 2nd stone. 

(Granthi' nnil Tiimi/ vharaclers ) . 

svasti sTi vira-Vallala-Devan prithvi-rajyam-panniy-ainlaiiirkka Mudigonda-Soht-mandalattu Ira- 
jentra S'61a-vala-nattu S'igal-nattu Mukkudal vada-kuru Anilaivadi kaniyalan Visanayakkan man 
Sikke-nayakkan Virodikri santmachcharattu ulavar muraime .. ttingal S'igal-nad-alvaru Murasadi- 
rayarum pagaiyiiy S'igal-nad-alvaru Murasfuh-rayar pa. . ta nile Tumbikireku ..aimbadu kudurai 
pidichchavidattu Murasadira .. r .. .. du vandu Tumbikireil vittu K.ivep:'iley-al'chcliu Anikvadi ay .. 
idattu Visa-nayakkan magan Sikke-nayakkan kotte i adu vpjhkkaran povan6v-en;;u Murasadi- 
rayar •. nayakkan 

Kankanhalli Talnq. 153 


At Chilifca- Mudade (UyyatuhalU hobli), on a stone between the Vira-.gudi and the Basava tenvple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1485 ne Rudhirodgari-saravatsarada Chayitra- 
su 1 sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Sada4iva-maharayaru prithivi-rajyam 

geye ... raha (10 Unes illegible) (baclc) .. ndeya saluva chatus-siiney-olag- 

ada kula sakala-suvarnadaya (rest illegibh) 

At Kbtekoppa (same hobli), on a 4one in Vuj&ri-Mallayya: 's field. 

svasti srimat-pratapa-[chakravartti] Hosala sri-vira Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyirtt iralu 

Nandana-sarnvatsarada Sravaua-su 2 Bri • layada Mara-deva Ramanatha-pjevara 

pradhanaru Baliba . . harandayanahaliyalli 

Mara-devaru a-dalava yiridu kadidalli a-Mara-devara baseyavanu Bhima-ieyana maga 

ariya-Madeya-sahaui a- dalada-kara saranam-adalli hinde hati hoydu kedahi samayava miul 1 

Bvarga-uakasthan-agalu nad-alva Vira-Deva Kaveri-vallabha 

todadara donke medini-miseyara gandara gauda Mara-levara baseyavatiu Sareya-Madayanu kadi 
Bvargasthau-adanu atana anna Bhimaya-sahauiyu tamma Meleyanada-Nayakanu nettida vira-gallu 

madida achari Pukanda Devoja mangala maha sri sri 


At Dodda-Koppa (same hobli), ou a stone near Kanderayya'* jiekl. 

SVimukha-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 sriman-maha-mandalesvara sri-viia-Narana-Deva-Odeyaru 

prithvi-rajyam geyuvalli srimat-Sigala-nada-maha-prabhu Dandagaltutana dammakarta 

kesagandanavaru Koppa agi yiddalli Banajiga-payikakke ar-ondakke ga 1.V man ... dere ... 

... vodambatta jaivagana okala-maganagi aramba, yavange odambata.. .. mana (usnal jinal phras< s) 

vojana maga Atiyojana baraha mangala 



At ChiTclca-Koppa (same hohli), on a stone near the Aujaneya tenrple. 

svasti srimad-raja prithivi-rajyam geyuttam iralu Saka-vaiu- 

«ha 1259 sanda Yisvaia-samvatsarada Chaitra-sa 5 S.-varadalu svasti s:\ la . nada 

savira pattaaa-svami kaddaya sunka (rest 



At NallahaUi (same hobli), on a stone in S'riJcantaiya's field. 


svasti sri vij^yabhyudaya-Salivahana.-saka-varushara 1452 noya Vikrutu samvatsarada Asvija-su- 

•dha 11 Adivaradalu snman-maha-mandalesvara sri-viia-pratapa sri-viraAchyuta--Deva-raahara- 

yaru prithivi-rajyam geyutt lralu Sigala-nada maha-prabhu Raya-Vodeyaru Channappanavaru namma 

sri-guru Caaitanya-devarige AnnigahaUiya-sthalada Mukodala-simeyadoja Natanapura-Nalla- 

halliya graraa 2 se guttigeyagi kota sila-sasanada kramav ent endade a-graruagalige saluva 

cliatus-sime-volagada kere-gadde— beddalu-tota— tudike-suvarnadaya-sunka--nidhi--nikshepa-akshini- 

agimiyanu a.chandrarka-sthayiyagi anubhavisikondu baruvadu kareya ga 30 honnu a-kshe- 

tradalu (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a rod: in Naraijondahajli R&chappa s field. 

svasti s>i vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-Saka-varusha 1485 melana Rudhirodgar-samva^.sarada Kar- 
tika-ba 1 lu sriinan-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvrara sri-vira-pratapa sriman-maha-mandalesvara, 


154 Kankanlialli Taluq. 


raSdini-misayara ganda Kathari-Saluva Narasinga-Rayara kumara Tam;na-I\aya-arasara pradhana Al- 
uva-sri-Narasinsa Rayara maga Narasana-Nayakaru Vidyanagaradalli sthira-rajyam geyutt iralu.. .. 

aminanavaru Sigaia-nada maha-prabhu sana-Nayaka hireya komara Devappa- 

Nayaka mayanu sthira-Nayakatanava nade. . ttalli kanapurada Keuchaviraya-Yodeyura 

makkalu . .. yarige mukhavulige saluva Chapagali a-stalada Channasamudravanu pudavagi 

kota-samandha gal emba asht.i.-bh6^a-teja-svamya kottevu || 


At the same villagc, to the north of the Virara-gudi in Putt§gaudn's fiehl to the icest. 

( Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti s:imanu-maha-raaucLlesvara Tribhuvanamalla Talekitdu Kongu Nangili Koynr&r Uchchangi 
Panungal Gangapadi Nujambavadi Vanavasi-panriichchayirainum konda bhusabajU Vira-Ganga 
Vishnuvarddana Posala-vira-Vallala-Devar pritivi-rajyiya-panna.nj.rka Mudigonda-S'6.1.a-raaudalattu, 
Rajentra-S' Siyal-nattu sri-Narasinga-P6Sala— S'iyal-nad-alvar Vindiir— kottai-mel 

edutta piisalil Padi-nattil Ilamarudur tTi kka Kamafija-gamundan m?gan Aleruballil Saman 

Kumarandan Saka-varusa ayi ttu-padinettu Vilambi-sammachcharattu Mituna-masattu Pa- 

diva Nayirru-kilamaiyil Syal-nad-alvar Madevan udane S'aman Kumarandiin vira-suvargattukku 
kkudangai ayiiatt-aiSimi kult 


At Muralehekuppa (same hohli), on a sfone in Kempir§-Ganda's field. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudayav ada Saka-varusha 1387 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Chayitra- 

Su 3 allu S riparvvatada Mallaraja-devara amritapadige Mallikarjuna-Kaya jyam geyivali Pa- 

vitara-gaudana makkalu Sivanappa-gaudanavaru Kallapura-gramake saluva ckatus-sime-valagagi 
(haclc) purava kottev agi (imprecatorjf /dirases) bodidava Sugunachari Chenna-Basav-annaayagalu 


At the same vi/Jage, on a stonc i)i Mdde-Gauda's field to the south of Sdvanahatte. 

svasti srimatu piatapa-chakravartti Hoyisala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarayaru pruthvi-rajyam geyyuttain 
yiralu srimaim-maM-pradhanara Somaiya-dannayakaru srimatu Kaveri-vallabha Sigala-nada Mara- 

Devaru (others ncuncd) yamahalliya kere-olagada saraasta-prabhu-gaudagalu Pramadi-samvatsar- 

ada Palguna-su 1 . balire Yararaya . na maga Mallannange Dadigola . salluva nad vagi sande 

yaradu Pidari kotta kramav ent endade (details specified, ) 


At tlte same villaye, on a stone north of the Basava temple. 

svasti vadi sri-gurubhyo Damah svasti 6ri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sakabda savirada nanuia 
yippatt-entaneya. Kshaya-saravatsarada Sravana-su 5 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 

gaja-bentekara maha-mandalesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Chikka-Raya-Odeyara bhanda- 

rakke saluva Magani-simeya Sigala-nada maha-prabhu Vignesvara-Odeyaru Halage-Odeyarige namma 
Naya...nage saluva Marehalli-gramavanu sarvamanyav agi kotta dharma-sasanada kramav ent 
endade Marehajlige saluvanta sime-yaleya chatus-simey-olagada kere-gadde-beddalu-yattu-guyalu- 

kattu-kaluve-ane-achchukattu-tota-tudike kola-sakala-suvarimadaya-bhattadaya-kadaram- 

bha-«iraramblia-iala-pashana-akshiui-agami-ashta-bh6ga-teja-svamyavanu anubhavisikondu a-chan- 
drarka-sthayiyagi putra-pautra-paramparey agianubhavisikolliy endu namma sva-ruchiyim tri-vacha 
bittu-kota-baradaya-muntagi sarvamftnyada purada dharma-sadana (usual imprecator}/ phrases & verses) 

Kankanhalli Taluq. 155 


At fhe same rilhu/c, on a stone to the xonth of ihe Virara-gudi 

svasti snroan-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bha-ege tappuva-rayara ganda sti-vira-Bukkanna- 
Odeyaru prithivi-rajam geyuttain iralu S'aka-varisa 1273 Khara-samvatsarada Ashadha-su 13 Bu 
Sigala-nada Marehalliya Sivana-gaudana maga Vira-S6m\ji danava kaya-ho:lalli hebbuliyav iridu ta 
sorggastau adanu mangala maba sri 


At Muttahat/i (same hdbli), on a stone near ihe Basava temple, vest of the vitlage. 

sri svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyasala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarsaru prithivi-rajyam 
gevidav-iralu S.iga-varusha *1246 sati-ia S irvari-vatsarada Kartika-suda 7 A svasti sri buja-bala 

vira-ballala Sigala-nadan aluva Mara-devanav iru Andiganavolu kotta vrittiga hagalu Agarada 

Brahmesvara-devarke (manij gaudas namtd) olaga ia samasta-gaundagalige kotta sasanada kramav 
ent endade tappu taiidi danda undige (other taxes specified, and usual imprecatory phrases) mangala 
maha Sri S anabova Aligana baraba. 


At the same vdlage, on a stone in Sonnaya^s field. 
prajotpatti-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 13 Somavaradandu sri svasti sri bhuja-bala vira-Ballala- 
Hoyisala Sigaa-nadan aluva 


At the same village, on a rock in toti MdstVs field to the north-ea*'. 

(Qrantha rin</ Tarnil characters) 

svasti 6ii Vira-Vallala-pPoyisala-S'igal-nad-nlyan-a ..1 Prabhava-samvarsarattu Purattasi-masa- 

ttu-chChevvay-kkilamaiyil Mara-gamundan ....kana manda .. Tinnur Mullaipalliyil 

Toruganuril Namasari magan Ketterasaiiukku Mo .. .. Mara-devan ajkkaiyil kudutta eri 

Rakka-ga, n ma li-gamindan Madivala Masa 


At Hatehiinis&koppa, attached to the same ritlage, in the Vifedevara gudi. 
(Grantha and Tamil cJiaraeters) 

svatti sirimanu-mandalesvara Tribuvann-.nalla Talaikkadu Kongu Nangili (Ko) Koyarrur Uohchangi 
Panungal Vanavasi Gangapadi Nulambapadi Palasigai-pannirur-chayararnun-gonda busabala Vira- 
Ganga-pToyisala siri-Narasinga-Devar pitivi-rasiyam-pannanirka Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu 
Irasendira-Sola-v.ila-nattu-chChigil-nattu-kKara-sammarchcharattu apra-pakshattu Purattadi- 

masattu Panchamiyum Attamun-Tinga-kijbmaiyum pena rku ndi-nayakka .. m 

S'igal-nad-:'ilvar Madevaruni .. .- payandigapalliyileyu m porudav-idattu Tandalapadiyil 

kanikkaranamu .. ta Irasan magan Aukaya-nayakkan kudiraiyaiyun-gudiraiy-alaiyun-gutti-ppadai- 
mugattai-kkeduttu vira-^uvarkam-perran 

*So in tlie oris?inal: but Saka 1246 = Eaktakshi ; S'aivari = 1222. 

156 Kankanhalli Taluq. 


At Gdnadoddi, attached to Madivdla (same hobli), on an cil-mdl. 

fQrantha and Tamil eharacters). 

Amballudaiyan S'avanandai S'e yar magan panni Satnundai ndai magan 

Maralvann ltta gina 


At Purusagondahalli (same hobli), on a stonc in a Vira-gudi, south of tlw Bdnd-deci tcmplc. 

svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala-vira-BailaJu-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt-iralu 
Vijaya-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-bahuja 10 Bra-varad.indu Kaveri-vallabha karad-iva-dani toda. 
dara donki mare-hokara kava biredara bayi-boudige rniseyara gandara ganda Madiga-Devana-gauda 

Purusagoudanabaliya Bima-gaudana inaga Bame-gauda Ranna-CMeya Madiga-Deva- 

gaudana Majichiyana raele etti h6gi kaduvalh tanna bese-vakkajada dak ... kumara Raya. 

Hiradana maga bedige navidanauge bigan ojagadavaru ardava mudalli Rama-gauda band-ajan 
i.ridu kadi svarggastar adaru atana tande Bime-gauda madida vira-gallu madida achari Tistatipura 
Kandap-oja mahgaja maha Sri s. i 


At Ndyalcanahalli (same hobli) , on a stonc iuJavaras old baclc yard, <ast ofthe vtllage. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanaSi ayam sri-pruthivi-vallabham maharajadhirajam paramesvara parama- 
battarakara Dvaravati-pura-vara Ihisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani Male- 
Raja-raja Malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-pi achandan asahaya-^iira S'anivara-sidda Giri- 

durgga-malla chalad-ahka-Rama vairi-Bhairava Magara-iaya Pandya-rajya-pratishtacharya 

Choja-rajya-sthapanacharyya . . . . pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala pratapa-chakravartti 

sri-vira-BallaJa-Devarasaru pruthvi-rajyam geyuttam italu srimanu maha-pradhanam 

Dadeya-Somaya-dannayakara kava Narasihgaya-dmnayakaia kumara Jaya.. .. mund-ittu srimatu 
bhuja-bala Hoyisaja vira-BallaJa Sigala-nad-aja Mara-Devaru snmatu Sigala-nada maha-prabhu 
AruJahaJJi Marappa (others named) ojageyage kotla sila-sasanad* krainav yent endade Aruji. 
bajjiya chatu-sime-volaguja gadde-beddalanu sarbbainauyavAgi madi Modale-Settiyara ntakkaja 

karya-kaulannabara salu .. manya (usual imprccatory phrases) 

Mara .... 


At Sdlanur (Bdlanur hobli), on a rirakal in Maddrsdffls field, west of the rillage. 
S'ri-rajya-vijaya-samvatsara-Satyavakya-Permmanadiga}-ippatt -ombata neya Chayitra-masada pe.rey- 

adiyage Ereyapparasara maga vjgi .... Yarappa-daja vappa 

darmma .. .. Santanu ... kalarud-yodedadi talt iridu almi sattam 


At the same village, on a stone in^Sanie bidi. 

pratapa vira-De[va-Raya-maharJyaru] prithivi-rajyam geyutt iralu gaja 

sri-Mandanna Mallappa-Devaru vasara 

yi-dharmake kotta kere hire-ger;yara )i gaunda Dammadapurake 

[rest effaced) 

Kankanhalli Taluq. 157 


At the same villagc, on the bund of the tanh to the south-ea-4. 

(Graatha and Tamil chamclerx). 

S'attanur sri-Kadavuli .... ram-udaiyarkku ivv-ur Tamarai-eriyum idin kil .. ., 

kkiyattil bhumi vitta vu-seydan kural .. Gengai-kkaraiyi 


At Kemmdla, atViched to the same vittage, near the Garuda-Jcamba to the south ofihe Basava 

temple to the icest of the village. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Kella-gamundan magan S'otta-gamundan vitta manai f> Michchandaikku 
ittai alippan Gengaiyii-kurar-pasu-kko . rari pa • 


At Dunturu (same hobli), on a stone in Kapinappa's field eati of Kunduru-doddi. 
svasti sri Erayapam prithivi-rajyam geyutt ire Nolamba-Senemarana maga Mendanna tu .. ru- 



At KanchaiiahaUi (same hobli), on a stone in Nanjayyana Mddaiyyas field vorth 

of the viUage. 

„.. vijayabhvudaya-S'aUvahana-saka-varusha 1461 neya sarpvatsarada lu srimat 

rajadhiraja vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya-inaharaya charyar ada 5riman-maha- 

dandanayaka sukha-rajya (rest illegible) 


At the same vittage, on a stone in Agasira-Subba' s field icest qf the village. 

S'rimukha-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 11 snmanu maha-maadalesvarara ari-raya-vibhadabhasege-tapp- 
uva-rayara ganda sri-vira-Narasimha-Voderu prithhi-rajyam geyutt iralu Oevara-Vodeya-Nayakaru 
bettada ... Halsuru kottiddalli Dugga-Bommeva Nayakaiu Haiuva T)yk(bachj vana maga Malsana 
makkalu Chokkoji-Virojiga (usual imprecatory phrases). 


At SdmandtJtapura (same hobli)> on the Garuda-hambha in front ofthe Somandtha tetnple. 

svasti sri S'aka-varusha sanda 1347 neya Visvavasu-satpvatsarada Chayitra-ba 12 srimanu maha,- 
mandalesvarasri-vira-Vijaya-Bukka-Rayara kumara Pratapa-Deva-Rayaru sukha-rajyarn geyye Hani- 
ura-nada maha-prabhu Rama-Devana maga Devappanu yi-tirtbadali svarggasthan agutale Somayya- 
Devara diparadhanege yi-kamba-pratishte madidake marigala maha. 5ri 


At Kurubarahalli (same hobii), on a stone in Manchas fidd souih-icest of the village. 
Durmati-samvatsarada Jeskta-bahu}a 2 lu ?Vimat-Acbyuta-Raya Malapanna-ayanavarakaryya-karttar 

ada Virupana-Nayaka-ayauavaragalu kodage-shasanada Amritanatha devarige kotta 

{rest illegibl) 


158 Kankanhalli Taluq. 


Af Kabbdta (same hobli), on a stone in the Vira-gudi north ofthe Kabbdlamma temple, 

svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hosala sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithivi-rajyan geyutt iralu S'aka- 
varusha sasirada 2J3 neya Khara-samvatsarada Marggasira-ba 11 BukajaStara-kulada Kabbahala 
Soma-gaundatia maga S'aiuaunanu. sadanu Haniyiira Sahaneyura santege hogi barutt iddalli kallaru 
tagi kadi svargga-sthan ada atana kade Soma-gaundanu atana annandaru madisida kallu maugala 
inaha *ii 


On a stone to the north of the same temple. 

Saumya-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 3 S6 svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam , deva- 

divya-sri-pada-pa ltnanidhakar appa sri-Mulayi-Raya-rajadhaui sri-Pratapa-Deva-Riya-maharaya- 

ra tauaya china-baudarada aliya Chikanna-Nandachariyara makkalu Malepachari- 

yaru (others named) olagada samasta-Nagaratara Panchalaii Maroji-Bayirojanava- 

rige kotta sasanada kranmv ent endade Kabahala stala .. halli Hiriyura .... marake akasa- 

like anubavisuviri (rest illegible) 


At the same rillage, infront of the Kotisvara temple to ihe soidh-west. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaetersj. 

svasti sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Rajentra-S'6la-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu-kKalaguru Kaclapav- 

ana.. sd-Kesava-satuppedi-man ...?.. kkaniyalan Kadapa-maraya mulattanam-udaiyar 

devar Kottisvaram-udai . . .. kku dara-prirvam pannina bumi puiijai-nilam ayirarn udan .... 


At Hachchalu (same hobli), on a stone in ihe lane east of the village near Chdbu-sdlns field. 
svasti sti Kumara vira-Narasinga-Deyaru prithivi-raiyam geyyutt irddagalu Nala-samvatsarada 

Jeshta-su 10 Adivaradalu sn-bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga vira-Ballala-Deva Bandahaljiya... 

iiyana (rent Hlegible) 


At the same village, on a stone in Mohadin-sdbi 's field to the east. 

svasti sri bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesvaram parama-bhattar ada 

Dvaravati-pura-varadisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktv a-chu 

charyya pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Dorasamudradalli prithvi- 

rajyam geyutt iralu Saka-varusha 1240 ttaneya Kajayukti-samvatsarada Magha-ba 1 Bu . svast 

sri dannmavixgi niyoja Sigala-nad-aluva Mara-Devanavaru a-nada 

samasta-praje (others named) 

Rakshasa-samvatsarada aramaue nad-olagana Achala-nada 

• diyagi sanda raa Achala ... simeya ya volagagi nidhi- 

nikshepa^muntagi (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a stone in Channdchdri's field, north-ivest ofthe vitlage. 
.. -. buvanast[ay]am sti-prithuvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam . parama-bhataraka Yadava-kulam. 
bara-dyumani sarvajna-chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda pratapa-cha- 

KankanhalH Taluq. 159 

kravartti vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prituvi-rijyam gsyuttam ire Sikha-varusha 1240 neya 

Kajayukti-samvatsarada Magha-su J2.. .. hala .'. pradhanam Dadi-Soineya-dannayakaru Maradevi- 

Devanavaru Jogai Akkaladu pattan -i-vva , ni Parepa-Settiyau sanala kraraav ent endade .. 

sunka Sivalayaka 

.. (rrst illegible) 



At Chikk Alahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Pujdri Basacayya's field, cast of the village. 

Ananda-samvatsarada S'ravana-bahu]a 5 S6 svasti samasta-bhu sri-prithvi-vallabham maha,- 

rajadhirajam paramesvaram paratna-bhattarakara Dvaravati-p tra-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani sarvajna-chudamani Maleraja-raia Malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachandan 
ekanga-vira asahaya-sura Gindurgga-raalla chalad-anka-Hama vairibha-kanthi[ra]va Makhara-rajya- 
nirmmula Chola-rajya-pratishtacharya Pandya-rajya-kula-samuddharana nissaiika-malla pratapa- 
ehakravartti sri-Vishnubardhana-bliuja-bala-deva Hoyisana Kaveri-vallabham kared-iva dani 

todadara donka bayi kota maha-dani Mara-Devanu (others named) raja-guru 

Haradayya-devarige a-S6vanna-devarigi devarigo Mara-Devanu nadagala .. galu kotta sasa- 

nada kramav ent end (rest illegible) 


At Hosahalli (same hohli), on a stone to the left of the Vira-gudi in Ko/e-hola, south-east 

of the village. 

svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala sri-Narasimha-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttam iralu 
Siddharthi-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 1 A , kavalagara Goleyana ... Chikka-Bodi Suranahallige daleya 
hariv-iridalli Baranjaraka-gauudana makkalu a-ur-alivina sere turu harivalli tammaya bhumig- 
agi biddavara Keta-gavunda (pthers named) Aru manisaru bittu sarggastar ada anibara kallanu Kali- 
gaunda Mude-gaunda a-Kali-gaundana kudi madisida kallu sattu hadada bhiitni mangala 
maha sri yi-biddavarige (here follow details of grant) 


At Halkur (Halkur hohl<), on a stone in Pdurhdlada Manfedayya's garden, nOrth-west ofthe village. 

Subham astu | sri namas tuhga-&c. |l 

Vinavaditya-nripalanindav E.reyangam Bittigam | 

a-Narasimhaninitan achalam Ballalanim Narasim- i 

ha-narendragraniyiudj Soma-uripau-emb .. c bala | 

vinayambhonidhi Narasimhan aras adam Hoyisananvayadol || 

svasti sama .... nasrdyarp sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja svaram para-bhattat akam 

Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Jambara-dyumani sarbajna-chudafraajni Maleraja-raja Mala- 

parolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda S'auivara-sidda Giridurgga-malla Chalad-anka- 
llama vairibha-kanthirava Ma >;ara-rajya-nirinmulana Ch6la-raiya-pi*atishtacharyya Pandya-rajya- 

samuddharana Kadava-Raya pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana sri-vira-Narasimhva-Dev- 

arasaru srimad-rajadhani Dorasamudrada nelavidinolu sukha-sahkatha-viuodadi prithvi-rajyam 
geyiuttam ire atana mantri-chudamani svasti srimanu raahix-pradhanam Somaya-dannayakar-aliya 
gayi-govala ganda-pendara mandilika jubu svasti srimanu maha-pradhanam Kumara-Dorabkakkare- 

160 Kankanhalli Taluq. 

dannayakaru mudana .... daradim .. . . jyam geyiiitta Saka-varusha 1199 neya Yisvara-samvatsa- 
rada Murggasara-ba 30 Somavaradandu Chikka-Gaugavadi-iiadd.tgala Maddur ada sri-Narasimhva- 
chaturvvedimangalada S'ivapurada Svayambhu-sri-Vayijyanatha-devara kandu namaskaram madi 
a-devarige deva-danav agiha a-nad dagana Haluguru Bodarahalliyaln nAii kota khana nibandi (taxes 
specified) ojagadam ahav ellavanu a-devara amruta padigtiim nanda-divigeiim cnd-endigcum sarwa- 
badha-pariharavagi a-devara sthanapati. para-desiya appar ada Bavayijade-jiyara maga Vodeyappa- 
jiyariugeiiip maga Vayijade-jiyarigtftn dara-purbbakam madi koteft (usual fmal phrases 
and verse) Dannayakappa £ri-guru ;i 


At Harihara (same liohli), on a stone norih of the Basava tcmple east of the village. 

Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 lu srimatu Krushna-Raya-pradhana Kampa-Odeya-dannaya- 

karii Nanjayanige handayara madida grama Hariharada grama 1 Chamhapura- 

grama 1 Soligiri-grama 1 antu 3 grama Harihara-devarige ...= .... madida manya 

(usual imprecatory phrases) Malaiyana baraha 


At the same village, on a stone sou'h of ihe Vira-gndi. 

srimatu chatus-samudradhipati Harihara-Rayara kumara Praudha-RAya-Odeyaru prithivi-rajyam 
geyyutt iralu Sakha-varusha savirada-munura-muvatta-nalkane-varu[sha]da Nandana-samvatsarada 

Vaisakha-su 13 Sodu Bettada vijaya-sthalada Hariharada Basavaya riipisida 



At Nitturu (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the enlrance ofthc Ahhanatha tewple. 

Nittiira Ankanatha-devara gandhakke Nittura sunkadijage varusha-varttaney-agi ga 1 pa 2 


At the same village, on thc basement of the southern outer wall oftlie same temple. 
nauoas tunga-&c. || 
svasti samasta-bhuvana&rayam sri-pritvivallabham maharAjadhiiajam ra ... paramesvaram parama- 
bhattarakam Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani Malaraja-ra .. Malaparulu 
ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda Sanivara-siddi Giridurgga-malla chalad-anka-Raman asaha- 
ya-sfira rana-ranga-dhira vairibha-kanthirava Ch6}a-rajya-pratishtacharyya Pandya-kula-samud- 
dharana Kadava-R&ya-disapatta nissanka-pratapa chakravartti Hoyisala bhuja-ba!a sri-vira-Ballala- 
Devarasaru Dorasamudrada nclavidinalu suka-sankata-vinodadim prithvi-rajya geyvuttam ire S'aka- 
varusha 1221 neya Vikari-samvatsarada Asada-su 5 Bra || srimanu-maha-vaddabevahari vubaya-Nana- 
Desi-Malayala-mukhyar appa Vasudeva-Nayakara makkalu EJambilakatu Narauna-NayakaruChikka- 
Gangavadi-nadolagana Relavale-nada Nittura Mandala-svamiyara maga Sovanna (others namecl) 
sainasta-prajega}um damraala sarbbaikamatyav agia-Nittura sii-Svayambhu-s^i-Ankanatha-dtivura 
6 tanapati Marijiya Appananavara sodarada aliya Rama-jiyana maga Suri-jiyange gotta sasana- 
kramav ent endade (here follow ditaVs of grant) gadde beddalanu sakala-bada-pariharav agi a-Aiika- 
natha-devara nandadivige-amruta-padigey udaka-purbbakam madi a-Rama-jiyana maga Suiiyade-jiy- 
arige dareyau eradu kotta datti 

Karikanhalli Taluq. 161 

mattam Saka-varusha 1220 neya Parabhava-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 5 S6 || srimau-mabaraya- 
rajaru Kurarada Paneya-Raiittara maga Brahma-Devanu a-Nittura halli Haranur saraasta-ga- 

udugalum halarum haiinentu-sanieya dunmala sarbbaikamatyar agi Svayainbhu-sri-Anka- 

natha-dcvara stanapati Suri-jiyana maga Mayi- iya (others named and dehdlsof grnnt specified) sarbi- 
bade-paribaravagi a-Ahkanatha-devara umrtta-padi nandadivige dara-purbbakam madi kotta datti 
(ln re follow fitrth r details and usiial final phrases and verse) 

77 a.ul 78 

At th( siiue temphf on the vcest an 1 $>uth baiements of the outt r will of Ihe garbha-gri! i. 

{Qrantha and charaeters). 
svasti samasta-biuivanasriyam siiprithivi-vallabham maharajadhir.ija paramesvaram parama- 
bhattaraka Dvaravat -pura-varadisvara.Yadava-kulambara-dvimani sarv.ijSa-cluidamani malairaja- 

raja raa lu gaida-ganda-berunda gagana-prachanda an&cimga-nra hasah-iya-slira Sani- 

vara-siddhi Giriclurga-malla fialadamka-Rima vairiba-kandirava Makara-rajya-nirmmula S'6Ia- 
rajva-pratishtachayya Pandiya-kula-samiiddharana nissamka-malla Vishnuvaddhana nissamka-pra- 
tapa-chakravatti Poyisala-sri-vira-Narasimha-Devar prithivi-rajyam-panniy-arulaninra, Sakarai- 
varusha n ayiratt-iru-nu.rr-orupatt-iraudu senra Sarvadari-samvatsaratt.u S'ittirai-masam onbadan- 

diyadi Asviuiyum Panchamiyum pe yirra-kkilamai nal svasti srimanu-malia-vatta-viyapari 

ubhaiya-naaidesi Malaiyala-mukhyar ana II imbUakkatiu-kKovinlan-devau ana Vasudera-nayak- 
kar Kilalai-nattil Nettunl Aiikanatisvaram-udaiya-nayanar sri-vimanam jirnoddharamum panni i- 
nnayanar tiruvaraud-utpnda alivukku vitta danam periy-eri-kil.l Idaiyaniyil kalani aymbadin-kula- 
gamum Settiyeriku vadakku-tTandinpalil kollai raunru-nuram periy- e.iyil ..n kodiyil tiru-nanda 
vauattukku vadikke kandaga-kkalani i-nnandavanan-jeygira alukku jivanattukk-agavum ippadikku- 
pponn-a.ra ittu mann-ara-kkondu vitten inda aymbadin-kul iga-kkalaniyil koiai pasanammo lu po- 
gattal mel varam-un . . narpadihaiynju ssdagai idil nal onr.ikku tiruvamudukku aiiii munnaliyum 
Aindra-pujaikku ars. nalyum iv-ansikku-kkuttuv-ars.y-utpada and-rmrukku-kkaliyu nrllii irupatt- 
onbadn ialagai nikki nelhi-ppadiuaru-salaguikkum panam onnikku-chchalagai viiaippali panain 
padinarum inda-kkollai min . , . . nurrukku iraiy-uniam pana-muppattarum aga-ppanam aymbatt- 

lrandu ippadi ual oni; akka-tti 1 ikkukku ennai ulakku na . . . . chch-llakkadavad-agavum 

idukku e . . . . sdagai aiiibatturnu . . . idukku-kkaliyum panam padinettu val u-ppa- 
Iam n\i onrukku pal iin nal Aga nadattakica iavad-agavum and-onrakku-kkaliyum panam pattum 
vellam nal onrukku irand-aga nadattakkadavad-ngavum and-onrukku-ppanam ettum ney nal kku-kkai-rnanam nadattakkadavad-.iguvum and-onrukku-ppiiiam ettuua uppa milagukku- 

ppanamna.. ga melpucbchukku Snd-onrukku-ppanara arum aga-ppanam aymbattir- 

andu ippadi kuraivu ... raannun-galaniyuii-gondu §andiraditta-varai pujai sellakkadavad-aga i- 
ttanmam vitteu Ilambilakkattu Vasudeva- nayakkarena i-ddhammattukku vighnam-panninar unda- 
gil Gemgai-kkaraiyil kdrar-pasu-kkonriin pavah-golvan 

sva-dattam para-datiam va yo hareta vasundharim 
shashtir varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jiyate kriiui 


At the same feniph , on the basement to thr south of the doorway. 

(Grautha aml Tamil characlers.) 

Viroiikratu-samvat. . rattu S'ittirai-mada-mudil Irungauda-Varadarenn Nettur Aiika aatesvaram-ud- 
aiya-nayanar ammutdupadikku Va dattil vitta mun sa^agaiyum pattt-kkula- 


162 Kaiikanlialli Taluq. 

gam Ldukku liaj onyukku amudupadi arisi nanAliyum 3 kuli sellakkadava .... 

m pulluui bumiyum uljada . . . . yuni inda tanmam nada 

. i-ttanmattai 


At the same villagc, on-u stone a> the notih tcaste u-eir of f.lie fanh. 
svasti sri 

namas tunga-&c. || 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajarlhiraja paiamcsvara parama-bhatta,- 

rakam Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvajna-chudamaiii Malaparulu ganda gauda-bhcrunda 

kadaua-prachanda Magara-rajya-nirmmulana Kadava-Ray;>-disapatta nissahka- 

pratapa sri-Narasimha-Devarasaru srimad- rajadhani-Dorasamudra-nelpvidi pratipala- 

nadini sukha-sankatUa-vinodadim rajyam geyuttam iralu 

pradanam gonda ganda-penjara ... gavavi-dannayakar-ajiya Hiriya-Keleya- 

dannayakaru sVimad-rajadhani-Chikka-Gaagavadiya Honrmun oelavidinoju dagiri-Soma- 

natha dayadim kotta stiti tontiarp Cholanahalji alalagi Ray&-ji ... 

... ganda svatni . . .. sitara-ganda Behura sri-Ramanatlm-deva-dibya-Sii-pada-padarada 

karum sadu-guru Hadadayya-dcvara padaradakarum Adamalati-devannana Ala-deviya su- 

puttarappa Vira-Ghantyaya Bhimana. . staya-Xayakanu tamm-aradyaru dayya devatariidisu . .. 

sri-liamanatha-devara devalyava mad:si a stimanu-maha-pradana-S3meya-dann.ayaka . . .. 

kayyalu Kelale-na Gavudanahaljiya bediknnda Saka-varslia 1188 neya 

Krodana-samvatsarada A6vayija-ba 12 Budaviirad andu tamm-aradyaru Haclapayya-dtvara&u-putra 

Saraghghata-Mayanua-Sovannahgala kalam kachchi Gavudanahalliya dara-purbbakam madi 

bitta dattt sri-Nittura-S6mabanathage Bettadi Gavudanahalliya bittanu devara boga 

dauahajjiya sime isaiiya [rest effaced) 


At the same vi-llage, on a stone in AuJce-gaiidas Jield, nortli ofthe rillagc. 
svasti sri samasta-bhuvanasraya (ity-adi-birudankita) sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt 

iralu Parabhava-samvatsara-Asvija-ba 13 ^o netta sila-sasana-kramav ent endade 

.... pradlianaru Naykaru vojag ada nadugala Vira- 

PahVhaJa-v.ttiyoJa aru sattadu taiidi-manya a-na .. luvadevara makkal'ge saluvaudu makkal illad- 
iddade anna-tammange avare acii (rest cffaced) 


At the same villagc, on a stone in Mai/,che-</auda's fuid, north nf the vlllage. 

svasti siimanu maha (ity-ldi-biiudankita)-sii-Visl>niivaidaiia sti-vira-Narasiniha Dorasamu- 

drada nelavidinoju su Saka-varu>ha 1206 neya Svabhanu-samvatsarada Chayitra-su ] 

Bra-varadalu siimatu Chikka-Gangavadiy-ada Kije-nala Nittura siima sri-pratishte-madalu 

(rest effaced) 


At Dahiidiji-Kodihalli [same liobli\ <n a stone near the Basav§s'vara temple. 

samvatsatad i . . . . \ara makkaju Serupayi-dannayakaru hitta 

S.vapuiada .. mukbyav.idi ganang; lu kajapil ondu ...saraya v.tti ya 

Kankauualli Taluq. 163 

Kuleya Machaya manegila saluha gullebedlala dana 

saluha gadle bedda . gagi iira chatu-simeyalu saluhi chandriidityar ujjanna-bacalu salu- 

vautAgi kotta S'ivapura Jhidra-pratishthe-vibhuti-prasadav 5g! ganisu [rest illegible) 


At the same temple, on a f>tone on the j<igati of the Garufla-kamba. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters ) 
svasti Mudigonda-Sola-mandalattu Irajendira-S'ola-vala-nattu . Kilai-niittu Peruvedakkottaiyil 
irundu sri-NaraMnga-pPoysali-icKilahuliiaya-kKachchi-devar Khara-sammaciicharattu Vaiga- 
inasattil S endapadi raele eduttu-pPondattil kKachchi-devar padugirapodu inindu pattin Kilalai- 
nattu Nedu-.:Vattil ptimiyalan Mannayar . tt arasan 


At the same place 

(Grantka aiul Tamil chaiaciers). 
svati sri Mudigonda-SiiJa-mandalattu Irajend ni-S ola-vala-naUu-kKii ilai-iiUui-p Peruvedakottai 

il Bujabala-Vira-Ganga-p Poyiala-vira-VallaJa-kKilaladiraja-Vajhchi-devaf Nagayan 

eduttu vandu Plava-sammachcharattu Aipptsi-m.isattil Tippaliyar rundu kadugira- 

podu Kauaiya 


At Hagddur (seme hohli), in front of the Basava temple to the west. 

(Graaiha and Taniil cliaracters.) 

.. kkum vellalan Madai-kulattil Ala-gamundan . . .. Attiyar-kulattil Pauima-gamundan 

....marugan Angandin karambai vettaiyil puli paoja vidattil puliyai-ppada-kkutti pattan . 
ngiindan . chchittira chcheydan Indojan .. .. ttu .. .. k kaniyalan Mudaiyana 


At Elachavddi (sam'> hobli), on, Gaviya hande to the west. 

(Orantha nail Tamil eharacters). 

sv.tsti samasta-prasasti-sahita £ii nanu-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talaikidu Nangali 

Koyarrur Ujhchaiigi PanurVgal Vanavasi .. .. Nolambavadi Palasige . pan gonda 

sanka-malla pratapi Poyis ila-s;i-Vishrriv ind lana sri-vira-Ballala-Devar .... chchiyam-pauniy- 

arulanirka Mudigonda-S'6l i-mandalattu Irajend ra-S'61a vala-nattu-klvl i diraja- 

maugatam . .. ngaiyar Kililadirija-Vachcha-devar ta ,. S'akarai-y 'iiulii iiyirattu-nur- 

er.battirandu smra kiilat kkiruti-sunvaiarattu Peruv-ttukkoUai . 1 cduppichcha koyil 

deva Mallikachchun i-devarcku de/a-Siva-danant a;i Ilanjiki vam aga ikkandu 

.... tauipati Mahga-denUtu ... kuvi 


At Kunltir (same liohli), on a ih-abil to the east of Holageri, soutk oftke village. 

svasti 6i Eamasta-bhuvaiiasrayara sii-pr tlivi-vailabham satigrama- 

Bhiraa v.i ribha-kula-kanthiravam Adiyama Kanehi-kaucbana Kad tva-kula- 

Kalantakan Magara-raiya-nirmmulanam Chola-r.iiya pratishtacha .. Pandyana-nijya kolihala Ka„ 
dava-Raya-disapatta nisanka-pratipa chakravartti sri-vira-Narasiuga-Devarasam prithvi-rajyam 
geyuttam iralu Saka-varisa 11.. Yisvara-sarnvatsarada Pushya-su ] d-andu Kaluvara Mad - 

104 Kankanhalli Taluq. 

gattdana maga Sakala-gaudanu Kundaturalu ga. . . valli kadi svargastan adanu .. gaiidana 

inag.t M;\di-gauUnu Mikagaudanahaljt-kalivalli buldu svargastan ada a-Saka ... gaudana maga 



At Yelachagere (same hohli), on a fragment of a virahil. 

Satyavakya Pe.. .. digal rajyam.. yuttire Ktttapalli.. dir-alivu turugojola Chi[kka]-Marayya satta... 



<)n a coppsr plate frotn Kdnkdnhalli Agasara Ndt/o. 
subham astu || .. .. udari samtsanim-nadu putinadi sasauaml yidi ledannuvaru gardhabhan ai jan- 

minchumi |! Kalyana-pattanamandu YiAvamui chamatanu Virabhadrudu janmiuchchina-nadu | 
Kalyana-pattanamandu ?.ila-sa,sananga Virangantta Madivalayya-jananam i a-Kaiyana-pattanam 
paramata-bhagamandu Madivjlayya-raatam gaddu | anddu sila-sasanam vadannavadu gardhabbam- 
kadupuna bittuuu t yinchi na]g;i-samudra^a'6*\nu S imb i-Sidasivudu ekenna nirnayam chatus- 
sainudralayan.Whinim | vartana chesiyiehiuadu ganku vabbaku nirnayara ru 1 tki yil-gudlci yillu- 
varusa-prakaram bhojanam vakk-akunu sahaganu yi-prakaram Madiyayya nirnayam chesi nadi- 
piuchinadu yi-prakaram yiyyanivadu kulanaku durastudu adi-nimityam raiakuniki a-Yisvaruridu nir- 
nayaiit chesindi i agam-katta | sugam-katta i dobbudu-giujalu | nanabalu-katta | gniijimadi guggullu l 
murikongu uadividi-kumbalu moga-sisu buttite rupayi 1 ada-sisu buttite ardba-rupiiyi rajasvala ayite 
vastraip | san va;tam i ney; ii untadu | danya ...... toka konguna akshantala biyyam . . . . solalu 

vakkalu 12 akulu 12 pasupu-gommulu 12 yi-prakaranga desamulo sakala-janulu chakalavaniki nadi- 

pifiohagalavfiram talakattuku gatn pendliki gam-. vachchi yiyyagalavaram yi-prakarara nadavaka- 

vunte Kasilo Hrahmatya chesina-patakana bo.luru (ojv thetop) Kalyana-pattanamand i Basavesvara- 
svamalavatu nirnayain chesindi | Madivalaiyaku challatagindi | mallepuvalu | talabala btyam | bodu- 
ganta \ puli-tolu | kalipsm dhara-biyam turikasulu. . (back) dem | pasuvu-toka | varisarivi | yi-birudulu 
yabaiyaru-de.ialavaru yichindi | yidi kadu ledaute Kasilogo-hatya-Brahmatya-sisu-hatya chesina papam 
vachuuu i nadi[vi]di-kumbam gora-talakayi 


Copy of a cojipir inseription froin thc sanie pcrson. 
svasti Si i viiayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sakabdah varushangalu 1622 ne sattda vartamanavadanta 
Marga£ua-kiddha 10 Somavaradavarige Vuttaiadi-Gundalapyate-bali Bhutanahalliyinda hajamaru 
valagakke malligt j -huvu mudisi mattu tamma kuutige suttikondu Bhutanahali-Channigarayana 
devastauadalli vilagi rnviutt iralu dito-gramtd .dl-iruva i-Channa Settiyu yi-valagadavaranna 
nivtigalu malhge-huvva mudilakka-pabati villav endu huvannu kilalu ashtarale hajamaru namage 
saluvadu yilave navu uivu desa-nadinavara hattarakke hogi keluvay endu yivaralli matan irigalu ava- 
ralli matabarigalu vikarUaragalu seti-gramadhipatigalu yinnu muntada janagalannu yi-Mad.vala- 
Setgalannu desadavaru nadinavaru gramadliipatigalannu kelidaru nivugalu hajamaru mudidu-yidda 
inallige-hiivanuu hyage kittiri yandu keluvalli haiamaru mudadukondidda nammi tayi mallige-hu- 
vannti hiianaiu mudiy aku la lu yendu yi-Madivala-Setigalii desa-aadi iavara knda heluvali Itajama- 
rali matub tri llunpuri-Venkatachaluv.inu des.i-nadinavaru keluvali niniage hfivu saluvadu yilav eudu 
Madivala-Sttigalu heluttare nivu hyage muddiri yandu keluvali desa-nadinavarige Pauipun-Venkata- 
chaluvanu hebdanu avarannu nammannu Kauchige kaluhisi-kodt alli sisanadalli hyag ■ yiruttado 
hage nadiyuttevendu heluvali hageagali yendu Madivala-Setigalalli matabari Dod lapyate-1'alya-Ven- 
kat i-Setiyatmu karasi keluvali hajam.iru Kaijchige kariyuttare ye iu lieluttiri yendu keluvali navugalu. 

Kankanlialli Taluq. 165 

8timmane hoguvadu yilla Kafichiyalli mallige-huvva namige yillavayite navugalu desa-nadinavarigu 
kulakku tappu kodutteve yila hai&tuarige yilavayite avaruga]u yide-tappu koduvahage kararu baiadu 
kaluhisdcottare navu hogutteve yeudu desa-nidinavarannu Madivaja-Setigalu keluvali hajauiaraltf 
Rampuri-Ohaluvanu karasi desa-nadinavaru kejuvalu h§ge Agali yendu yivaragaju avaiagalu 
desa-nadinavarige kararu baradukottu Kanchige horataru MadivaJa-Setigalu-muntkiavaru 
Doddapyate-Veiikatachaluva-Siti ipthers namad) yiunu-muntadavaru madivaligaju hajamarali Doda- 
pyate-Gundayya (others named) yinnu-muntadavaru avarali yivarali niatabarigalu kudi yinnu desa- 
davarali Dauapala-Seti Gundal-Alaiyyanavaru saha kudi Kahchige karadukoudu hogi Kanchi-gra- 
mada adhipatigalu karanikaru adhipatigalu dei ulavaru nadiuavaru doda-doda-manushyaru subakshata- 
d.ivaru Maisum-mahasastrigalu Varadaiyyang >ru Ramanjaiyyanavaru Kondapadhanigalu Varadai- 
yahgalu Ramanjaiyyanavaru tamma staladivaru Danapala-Setaru yinnu-muntSda-samastaru kudi 
haamarannu malig>-huva raudadu-kondu-yidarinda Madivali-Satigaju kittuhakidarinda, navugalu 
yivarugalannu karadukoniu bandu yiruttev eudu Kaiichi-desa-nadinavarannu yi-Danapala-Setaru 
keluvali avaragilu helidaru Nisikambhala-devasthanadalli yiruva sasanavannu tegisi nodidare 
heluttev enda heluvalli vivuragalu tegiyari yandu heluvali adara kharchu 40 rupayi agabek endu 
ali grainadhipattigalu kcMuvali hajamara kaiyali 20 rupayi Madivaia-Setigala kaili 20 rupayi 
saha 40 rupayi kharchu kottu syaiyauavannu tegisi volisuvah hajamarige kempina -ganagala-huvu 
kempina-hodapu sine katakade-bagahi yidu hajamanige saluvadu yendu syasyanadali yidadarinda 
hajirmnge raalig^-huvu saluvadu yi'av endu clesa-nadinavaru gramadhipati^alu baraaikaru saha 
helidaru mattu Madivali-Setigalu syasyaatvainu tegiyuvali madivahge Malige maha-devige saliy- 
iruva H u malige-huva bili-gmagala-huvu hili-chhttri bdi-hodapu kuda e-yeri yiruvalu Malige-maha. 
devi Madivala-Setange saluvtdu endi Kahchi-syasyanadalli Nisakambhada-devasthauadalh yiruvadu 
yidannu Kalyinala B isappanavaru mtdida syasyanav eniu heluvaru idannu bhed.i-madidare (impre' 
cition) yidimm no lidavaru channagi bheltsuvadu hajamaru desa-nadinavarige tapu kotuyinnu malige 
hiwjvannu mudiyuvadu ydav end i Kauchiyali kararu baradu-kottu bandu yiruttare yidara nakal- 
annu namma kulastarige kalisirutteve yidara vi!e-patrike Dodapyiiteyali yirutte tilad ruvadu 


In Kankdnahalli, on a stone in the Degala-matha. 

sVi sri vijaya-jaya ... svasti SMlivahana- saipvatsara *1608 ne Plavahga-samvatsara- 

Jeshta-Aud Iha 15 yallu srimad-rajadhira;a pravudha-pratapa sri-vira-Maisura-sidda-vadeyar ;ida 
Deva-Rija-Vodeyaru aluttiralu Virupasam nlrad i-gramadillu Dalavayi-Komaraiyyana tayi Timmam- 
manavaru .... . . svastiyannu sthirav agi agumadi mathavannu sangavagi nadesutta anubhavisutta 



At KdnMnahalli, on a stone n&ir Ghannaddsayya's house in Vajara-lidi. 

svasti samasta-bhuvariasrayain sri-prithivi-vallabham maharajadhiraja Dvaravati-pura-vara- 

dhisvara nisanka Hoyi I^evarasaru prituvi-ra .. . 

S akha-varu svayija-su 13 .... . dahiriya Kamma 

nadad ; ga ana badagi kammava thavada samasta-vira 

stanach padiya alutta lugadola . . . . stalahgalu 

lagada sakala-bada gadal miinya 

saluvudu (baelc) salluvadu ndikaru yilladirdade a 

..;i ha.iru suttidainaia saluva !u . ... achara-vicharavu suda a-Panchala- 

•S'aka 1603 = Kshaya ; Plavaftw = 1688. 


166 Kankanhalli Taiuq. 

Arasikere sa a pancha-gadukada'yanu Dorasannidrada ... 

maryadeyaman itta maryadeya Haiiliara ... .. Hoysila uiangala 

maha sri 


At Malagdla {Kdnkdnahalli hobli), on a stone to the south of the Mahadecesoaratemple. 

niaha-mandalesvaraari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva ray;iiagandapurva-dakshina-paschima- 

samudradhipatiHindu-Raya-Suratrala sri-Bukkanna-Vodeyara kumara . . . . Odeyaru prithvi-rajyam 


geyuttiralu svasti sri vijayabhyu S'aka-varusha 1296 Ananda ... samvatsarada Magha-Su ... 

Sod-andu- na-samantadhipati Doda-Kallimaya-Nayaka navara uirfipadinda vappa 

... kaniya hada kula pana maga nappa Kampanna svarai . . 

kotta ddale sahavagi maue . .. .. 


On a stone in front of the same temple. 

srimat-Salivahaua-saka-varuska 1581 ne Subhakritu-samvatsarala Margasara-su 15 Sthiravara- 
dalu srimad-rajadhiraja-rajeiri-Maisura-Deva-Raja-Vaderayyanavaru Mo!agala-Mahade[ve]svara- 
svamiyavarige sisanava hakisikot,a kra n\ yent endire sva niyavara parlitara-dipara Ihane-rathotsaha- 
sevege namage saluva Kanikaranahalli-simegala gadigil adiy agi gurikaru parupatyagaru sunkada 

manihyagaru senabogaru raiitam ranuve modaladavarige nau miti madida vara Kanikaranahalli- 

gurikara kam ga 19 (back) yi-parapatyagara ' 3 senabog u-u sunkada senabogaru saha jana 1 kke ' 1 
mukhaui rautara ... rege .. kam ' 2 ranuve sunkada karakouaru saha jana 1 kke kam ' 1 lu varu- 
sham-pratiyu prati-varushangaligu Mahade[ve]s/ata-svamiyavara bhandarakke koduvahage kattale- 
yannu madisi yidheve yi-dharmakke gurikara-parupatyagara-senabogaru manihyagaru rautaru 
ranuve-modaladavaru (imprecatory phrases) 


At Vir&pasamudra (same hobli), on a roclc near Devarakere. 

S'alivahana-sakhadavarushangalu 1594 ne varushada Viro lhikritu-samvatsarada Chaitra-ba 5 lu sii- 
matu Deva-Raja-Vaderaiyyanavara alikeyalu Srirangapattan u<ke saluva Kanikaranahalliya sthalada 
Volagala-Mahadevesvara-svamige kotta Virupasamudrada bhumiyaiu vadadu yiruva kereyanu kattis 1 
jirnnodharava madidavaru Horalugalla Viranna-vadera-devara pautrarada Virabhadrayara putrar 
ada Bhadrapa-devara kere || 


At Budikuppe (same hobli), on a virakal in S'ankara-gauda's field. 

Vijaya-samvatsarada Chayitra-su 1 lu Budikuppeya gauda Chudappana raaga Devappana huli kachch; 
sattaddakke hoyida viragallu Paliyada Nagoji tiddida ruhu 


At Araldlu (same hobli), on a stone in the plain of the agrahara north east of the village. 

svasti S'aka-varusha 1323 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Pusbya-su 10 Guruvaradallu sriman-raaha- 
mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva layara ganda sii-vira-Harihara-Rayaru prithivi- 
rajyavan aluva-kaladalli £riman-maha-mandalesvara sii-vira . malla-Rayana kumara vira-Naiayana- 
Deva-vodera pradhani ... Chanua-vodeyaru Arulabala-iajyavanu aluva-kaladalli Sigala-nada maha- 

Kankanhalli Taluq. 167 

prabhu Arulahala Vura-g.iudana su-putra AUa-gauda Marasamudrada ke.reya tu(6fflcfe)bai) ikkuva 
thavinalli hogalu addabidda. . munna Voba-kalukut ga madi . • . . a-kalakutigj» tuban ikkuvadakke 
kalakutiga-Guliyojana vodambadisi kha 2 gadde kha 1 hola mur-ankaua mane yishtu manya namma 
saruchiyinda vodambattu kalla nettu kottevu tubu hodevodey adare Gulijoja maduva umbali-gelas- 
ava iniu keduvtu Tirumalenathana baraha 


At the same villcige, on a stone in the yard of the oil-miller Muddamma. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaj a Saka-varusha 1312 neya Prajotpatti-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 5 Gu-llu 
sri:nau-maha-inand;ile~vara sri-viraari— raya-vibhada bhashige-tappuva-rayara ganda Bukka-Rayan a 

kumara- • - Vodeyara pradhana Sidhaya kaikondagi Siga'a nada noaha-prabhu Aralahala- 

Marappana maga Sidyaya bhannana koppada Bommannaua vole dana .. .. kuva nagarava 

tirigibahAga . Hagabeya-guddadalli hoyalu tagi 


At the same village, on astone in the field belonging to the Ndrdyana tcmple south-west ofthe villaqe, 

svasti srijaya.. varusha 1315 daneya S'riiuuk!ia-samvatsarada S'ravana-su 1 Su-dina 

Srimau-maha-mandalesvara sri-Viramalla-Rayana kumara Narana-Deva-Vodeyaru prithiri-rajyam 
maduttam iralu Sanga-appana adhikaradalu Sigala-nada inaha-prabhu Arulahala-Maragaudana 
maga Chikka-Ayivaunanu sri-Narayana-devara amrita-padige (back) Hiriynkereya kelage khanduga- 
gaddeya dhara-purvakav agi kotta-dharmakke alupidavaru Gahgeya tadiyalli kavileya konda papadalli 
hoharu mangala maha sri senabova-Appannana baraha. 


At Bekuppe (same kobli), below the Peepul tree to the ivest. 

(G-rantlia and Tamil characlers) . 

ra-Vallala-Posa magan Mara-devan I-ra ramarc- 

hattu Vaigas-ma, Embayilakachchuva magan Mara-gamundan .. .. n 

mel Mara-devan koodu varugiya yudakottaiyi kuduraiyai 

magan Maratta ka! 


At Tuhgani (Tuhgani hobli), on a stone near asvatka-kaf/c near the tank buntl. 

svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasara kumara vira-Somapa-dannayakaiu 
Sigala-nadan alva-kaladalli Vannigahalli-Mara-Devan alda-kaladalli vodadarigalura .... ukara-ganda 
mari-ala kava Turiganiya Go >ayya-Nayaka Dallalapa-Nayakanu tann-uralli iba Dara-S'etti. • . . 

Erumala-S'ettige Nala-samvatsarada Kartifca-ba 15 A-dalu madisida k*»jrf 

kotta koiiagiya endu sa ige-gad leya ru Mila-setti bitta dana 


At Rdmpura {same hobli), on a atone near the village yte. 

svasti sri Saka-varusha ? 1507 neya sanda Vyayn-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba 13 yaiu «rimau-iuaha- 
mandalesvaram *'ri nad-R-iutara-hVty v-Odeyaraya pritlnvi-taiyan geyalu sVimat-Nu^a-nadaria maha- 
prabhu Tnrigvniya KajayaVpnavara makkilu Ramaya (others namcd) Danmd ua-devara ariga- 

168 Kankanhalli Taluq. 

ranga-bhogakke namma halli Rainapuravanu kotteu a-urolage deraru ga 12 honnu mikada 

(buck) gramavanu naramadu yi . . . . ar adaru alupidade Gangeya tadiyalu kavileya konda papa- 

dalli hoharu vi-sasanam 


At Kallahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the village in GhikkcCs grove 

svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoysalada vira-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu 
Saka-varusha 1216 ne Vijaya-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 10 Bhri-vaiadandu Kaveri-vallabha 
karad iva dani mare hokkare kava todardara donki biridara baya ■ hondige miseyara gandra ganda 
Madiga-Deva (otliers named) tamma Sataya-Nayakanu tanna raaga Koreya tande-makkal-irbbaru 
bageyada Meb.iiyana melueti hogi kaduvalli a-dalava mii lali ravuttanan ittu erad-alan iridu kadi 
svargastaru a-Sateya-Nayakana makvalu Viranna-Ramannanu madisi vira-gallu-madidi achari 
Tittadanpura Kandapoja mangala maha sri sri a-Sateya-Nayakana maga Raiiianna-gaudanii ba<-eya 
Choka-Settiya h iyidu svargasthan adanu 

iosy s ^f . 

At Alldlusandra (same hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

sri-Dui nniki-samvatsarada Jyeshta-bahula 7 lu raja-sri Komara Imadi-Jagadeva-Raya-ayyanavnru 
Rasapuyap ili ala Javanaru pratishte madida Kasi-Visvanatha-svamige Kanukanali-sim< yolagma 
Alalusamudra-graniavaunu sarvva-manya-agrarav agi kottevu i-gramakke salluva ... danav iigi 
kottevu endu barasilcotta -ila-^isana sri-Visvesvara Devaru 


At Hebbidurumdflu, attached to Bannikuppe (same hobli), in Vir§yauda's field to the west. 

( Orantha and Tamil characters.) 

mauna la-nbalippu ramanan S ivarappuratt .. . Pami-s;iti aru 

vidavaguttan Kindai Vaiyichehi-devan vi .. .. . . nai-ppadattil Vimanadan 

gnvun karu .. mu ngai-kkaraiyil kural-pasuvai-kkonrin pavatte pogakada- 

van Kaliyugi varuskittu-chch akarai-yandu 1368 clichenra Kro Ihana-samvatsarattu 

Purattts -na-sattu TiiVgit-kiJamu-pPauchmiinalninra sidanam oppa sri-Virabhadra (the underlined 
fortion in Telugu charaeters) SellappTlai eluttu 


At Mudavdti (Mndavd'/i hobli), on a stone in Kdnkanahalli 8ubbayya's field. 

gauda-bhe Hoyasala-pratapa-chakravartti-8ii_ 

Devtrasaru prithivi-rajyah geyutta... prabhavam Visvakarma-kulasthar-ada 

deva-guru-jaua ru Visvakarma-nirmitarumappasamasta S'aka-varusha ? 1228 neya 

Parabhava-samvatsarada Asvija srimat rajadhaui-Dorasamudrada Hiriya-Kam- 

mata-Biti-Kammata-mukhyavada nala-koaa ia kammara akkasale yi-prakarav ada samasta- 

vira-Paiichalakke kotta tamra-sasanada pxdiya sila-Sisanada kramav ent endade evage aluva rajyad- 
olage sirva-namasyadi stalangalu pradhanaru pasayitaru nayakavadigalu makkalugal olagada 

kanda ... b ira liha stalin^alu Siripura-maha-mine vlanne iut ivu-olagada-nadugala badagi 

kamnr.ra akkasale yivar-olagada samasta-vira-Pancha|ahgala yi-jatiya halar (bach) 

a-Ohokkappanakere a-Paucha-karukakalada tamma Vadippana inariyadi sambala haga ant u 

daravanu padi teruvaru yi-voleda (karunya-darmakke kaiyali dareyan 

eradu a-Pancha!a • . . . dirmakke bittevu sls.uia mahgala maha sri .. . . achari Karivojana 

Mavanni nilisidaru 

Kankanlialli Taluq. 169 


At the same village, m Gollahalli Linge-gauda's field to ihe east ofthe lane in the north. 

(Grantha dnd Tamil charactersj. 

n Saina . . .. ttu ma .. .. tu kila poy mura Sivana ttu ke 

. daga maga n mana 


At Ghikka Mudavddi (same hobli), on a stone in Channe-gaudd 1 's yard. 

S'ubhakritu-sain-Chayitra-6udha 1 lu srimatu rajadhi ha| raja-sri Muduvadiya ppa-gauda- 

rigii yi-Bandiganaballiy emba gramavannu .... yagi nimage putra-pautra manya 


At Murakani (same hobli), on a rock of Sulikatte. 

Dundubhi-satpvatsarada Magha-ba 5 lu §rimatu ChannapattanadaSVrumare-Deva-Vodeyaru Kaggalla 
Bayireya-Nayakana maga Tippanage Nayalcatauakke bitta Murukuaiya-gramadalu. a-Tippana-Naya- 
karii Bayireya-Nayaka 


At Vuddrahalli (same hobli), on a rock in front of the ttmple in the Siddesvara hill. 

Pramadicha-samvatsarada Asvija-ba 1 lu bagilu nirisitu Siddaya-devarige 



At Bandiganahalli (same hobli), on a rock behind the Anjaneya temple. 
subbam astu Subhakritu-samvatsarada Chayitra-suddha 1 llu srimatu rajadhiraja-maharaja-raja-sri- 
Mada...prabhu Vodeyar-ayanavaru Muduvadiya Timappa-gaudarigii Channe-gaudarigu yi-Bandigana- 
haJiiy emba gramavannu a-chaudrarka-sthayiy agi inimage kodige-umbaliyakotteu i niu nimma putra- 
pautra-paramparyau yi-gramavannu anubhavisikondu bahudu | (usual final verse) sri-Rama. 




At Gollahalli attached to Bdnanduru (Bidadi hobli), on a stone north ofthe Basava temple. 

Vijaya-samvatsarada Jeshta-suddha 2 lu Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru prithivi-[rajyam] geyuttam lralu 
bhandarada Kondapparasayana karya-kartaru Timma-Bajagalu Magadi-Kenchenamallaya Sidaya- 
gaiida ... (rest illegihle). 


At Bannignppe (same hobli), on a stone in Shdnbhdg Lakshmindranappa's field. 

Plavaiiga-samvatsarada Kartika-su svasti srimam-maha-mandalesvara sn-vira Triyambaka-Raya- 
Odayarige saluha Sondeyakoppada kaluvplli Bannikuppeya ayagaju Bayirappa Bayichanua. . kotta 
Dandana maga Sonavirayanu a-Bannikuppeya dauava kajadu hodadu hohalli kallara kudi kadi 


At Kempadydvanahalli {same hobli), on a rock infront ofthe Atta-Basava temple. 

srimatu Dalavayi-Jufichaya-Nayakaru Virodhi-samvatsarada Jeshtha-suddha 7 Paradahajli Narasinga 
palyadalli kotta pura (rest illegible) 


At Gdpanaha/U (Bairamangaia hobli), on a stone in the Shdnbh6g's field, on the river bank. 

svasti samasta-sri-prituvi-vallabharn maharajadhirajanum parame^varanum Dvaravati-pura-vara- 
dhisvaranum Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sa. . .. chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu-ganda gau- 

da-bherunda kadana-prachandaekanga-vira subhatar-Aditya marttanda .. ...Chola-Raya- 

stapa ... Pandya-[Raya]pratishtachariya Kadava-Raya-nirmuba raya-huli-raya ganda-bherunda 

nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaravar rajyam geye ahantagi Sakana li 

*mui;u-savirada ainura aVvata aidaneya varisada Praiota . .. -sauvacharada Chaitra-su 5 Soma- 


varadandu Holattiyakala-stalad-olagana Kariyahoriya Kadahinapuravanu Benahaneyapurada Echi- 
devara maga Sai-Devanu Marumurichi-devangeu Karapangeu punar-ddhareyagi kottanu (herefottow 
details of grant and usual final phrases) barada Bommana. 


At Closepet (Closcpete hobli), on a pillar nearthe house of Sundarasing, a black-smith. 

Kulusapeteyu Ra,e-Maharaje-sahebaravarru tamma dostarada Karnala Kulusa-sahebaravara hesarri- 
ualli S'a!ival):uia-,?aka j 721 ne S'iddharthi-samvat8aradalli kattisidarru 
*So in the original and is incorrect. 

Channapatna Taluq. 171 


At Harisandra (same hobli), on a stone to the east of Chikke-Gaudana-doddi. 

Partthiva-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 9 Bu svasti sVi vira-MraBihga-Devaiu prithvi-rajyam gevutt- 

iralu TolaviyadanJinge yibaru ...yadu etti uadadalli Boiuma-devana maga inech' 

murudi. . Bucha-devana munde samayava madi satu svargasthan adauu sri mangala maha isri 


At Hdgalahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Pa/el VenkatS-Gaudas land infront 

ofthe village. 

svasti saraasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesVarain parama-bhatt- 

araka va-kulambara-dyumani sarva]Sa-chudamani Malera:a-raja Malaparoju ganda ganda. 

bherunda kadana-prachandan asahaya sura ekanga-vira Sanivara-siddhi Gi ridurgga-fmalla] chhalad- 

anka-Eama lokaika-natha pagevar-Antaka- svara-Svayambhu Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvara Hoyi- 

sana-pratapa-chakravartti bhuja-baja . . .svararu vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Dorasamudradanele- 

vidinalu 9va-rajyam gevuttiralu varusha 1256 neya Bhava-samvatsarada Karttika-suda7 lu sri, 

manu-maha-savantadhipati Nayakaru rajyam ma £rimanu-maha 

vuda-makalu bhu int-olagada-slmeya praje-gavundagalu kudi i-nad-olagana Hagala- 

haliyanu sarba-godagi agi srimanu-maha-... kala-nada prabhu Kittanaleya Honna-gavudara raakalu 

Biranna Honnapa Maleyapa Manchapa Chika- (rest illegible) 


At Channamdre-gaudana-doddi, attached to Sugganahalli (same hobli), on a sione in 

(Jhannamdra's land. 

svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala sri-vira-Ballala-Dev-ara3aru pritvi-rajyam geyutiralu 
Srimanu-maha-pradhanam sri-vira-Somaya-danrnyakara makkalu Si. . .. dannayakaravara besadim.. 

Katimaligeya banda na S'aka-varsha 1240 neya Kalayuktakshi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada .. 

.. ... ...rama Muduvettada Biicha-Devana maga (many named) olagada samasta- 

gavundugalu kudi nattu kotta sila-sasanada kramav ent endade a-Manneyiira chatus-simeyanu 
dkara-purvvakam madi Buchi-devana maga Bittapana inakkalu-makkalige saluvantagi bhumi- 
chandrarkkar ulja nattu kotta kodage inaiigala maha, sri ivariiige dandi sa.. <=• ge saluva banda 
sanava .... voppa sri-Vithalanatha sri Balabhadra 


At Channamdnahalli (same hobli), on a stonein front of ihe Hanumantardya temple. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam paramesvaram parama- 
bhattarakam Yadava-kulambara-dyumaui sarvvaina-chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu ganda 
ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda S'anivara-3iddhi Giridurgsa-malla Dvaravati-pura-varadhiava- 
ram apurvva-rfipa-Kandarppa Chola-Raya-stapanacharya Pandya-Raya-pratishtacharya Magara- 
Raya-mastaka-sula Kadava-Raya-kanda-kunda)a raya-huli-raya ganda-bherunda pratapa-chakra- 
vartti Hoyisala sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru Dorasaraudradali prithvi-raiyam gevutt iddali S'aka- 
varu=a 1241 neya Kalayuktakshi-samvatsarada Pusya-ba 7 Va srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Tribhu- 
vanimalla betey-odde-ganda .... hatta-mala bhuja-bala-Bhima hadavala-\laii...sabauiyaru Bombiya- 

dannayakara Chikkeya-sahani iback)ya.v i kumlra Sihgeya-dannayakaru vali-uad-olagana 

Chandimadiyahalliyanu ..gudisi pattantvam madisi Raraalihga-bhattage kotta sila-sasana-kratnav 

] 72 Channapatna Taluq. 

ent endade Mayi-bhattage nadava svamya (here follaw details ofgiftwith certain regulations) .. . . bi- 
Nayakaravaru tamage ... pattanavanu. madi santheya kattisi terige ... vali-nada samasta-praje 
avudugajanu mund-ittu a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi nadavantagi kotta sila-sasana (imprecatory 
phrases) mangala maha sri Singeya-dannayakaiugala voppa sri-Na.idinatua i-sasanava barada 
senabovaru. . maneya . . rauuanavara tamma nada-senabova Ti . . mannana baraha 


At the same village, on a stone built of ihe Viragdrara-gudi in front of the village. 
svasti Srimatu pratapachakravartti vira-Narasinga-Devaru prithivi-rajyam geyuvutt iralu Bahu- 
dbanya-samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 5 A Chennamadibaliya Kauchiya-Naykara maga Cheluvaiyyann 
Honganiiringe Chikka-Ketayya-dannaykaru tone hohutav iddali hodeyali tagi taii besagondu deva- 
lokake sandaru 


At Aij&ru (same hobli), on a stone near the Mdri temple. 


svasti sri S'aka-varusha savirada yinnu . neya Kara-samvatsarada Asvayija-ba nu maha-manda- 

lesvaram ari-raya-vibada ba . . . ppuva rayara ganda chatus-samudradhipati sri-viia-Bukkanna- 
Vodeyaru prithivi-rajyam gaivittiralu srimadu Kaluvaji-nada prabhugalu Talavadiya Bamanna Gafiga- 
vadiya Madanna (others named) olagada samasta-praje-gavundugalu srimanu raaha-savanta-deva 
dinara-loka-ganda Moyale-Naykara tarama Chenneya-Naykaringe emma Kaluvali-nada Vayijuru ita- 
kke saluva chatus-simevu kodageyagi chandri-suriyaru u]lanna-bara Baijuru kodage nadevantagi 
Channaya-Naykage nadu kotta kodege itakke en-ondu bandadu. nadu parjharsi koduvudu {usual 
imprecatory phrases) mangaja maha sn 


At Banniguppe (same hobli), on a stone near asvattha-Jcatte in front of washermen' 's houses. 
svasti 6ri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushangaJa 1689 sanda vartamanavada Sarvajitu-nama- 
samvatsarada Ashada-su 1 2 lu Srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesVara apratima-vira-narapati j| ma || 
Navabu-Haidar-Ali-Khan Badaravaru pritvi-samrajyam geyuttiralu Sa . -Saidu-Mahammadu 
Akalu-S'a Kadriya vrittige baresi kotta parav&neya kramav ent endare uivu maduva phakira dhar- 
makke Channapattana-sthalada Bannikuppe-gramavannu nimige yinamagi kodisi sila-pratishte- 
madisi kottu yiruvadarinda yi-gramakke salluva vupa-grama yelle-chatu-simeyadudali .. ... 
bhumi 8alidante nivu nimma puti a-pavutra-pararaparyav agi a-chandrarka-stayigajagi sukhadim 
anubhavisikondu baralullavaru yandu barasi-kotta darma-paravanu yi-Banrakuppe-gramada pattinali l 
yi-dharmakke Hindiiralli yaru addi-madidagyu Kasiyalli go-hatya madida-hagu matri-gamana- 
madida-hage Musalamanaralli yi-dharma-pattinalli addi-nadasidavaru Makkadalli handi-bhakshane 
madida-hage yandu baresi-kotta paravane 


At Hullukere-GuniMru (same hdbli), on a stone in the teru-bidi, on the B§vana~ 

Siddekvara hill. 

mah svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-arvusha 1454 noya Naudana-samvatsarada 

Bhadrapada-ba 2 lu snmanu-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sri-Achyuta-Raya- 

maharayaru prithvi-rajyam gettttam idda samayadalli s>i Chavappa-Rayanavara karya-kart- 

arada (rest Ukgible) 

Cliannapatna Taluq. 173 


At Bydlakuli, attached to tlie same village, on a stone near the Basava temple. 

svasti subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushangalu 15G9 neya Sarvajitu- 
samvatsarada Margasira-ba 7 lu Maisura Kanthirava-Narasa-Raja-Vadeyarayanavaru Channapat- 
tanada-simeya Malaura Apraineya-svainiya sannidhiyalli ... mahajanakke nana-gotra nana-sutra 
Brahinaua Balakuji-grama 1 kkeyi-grama cha .... (rest illegible) 


At Kdtahalli (same hobli), on a rOck t.ear S'idddbdyi's field. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varushahgalu 1449 neya Sarvaiitu-samvatsarada Kartika- 
ba 12 lu s>imam-maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Krishna-Deva- 
maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyiiittiralu ... Tipanna-aya-vadeya Krishna-Deva-maharayara nirupa- 

dim punya darma-sadana-kramav ent endare dara-pflrvakavagi Tirumaleyali Yisvara-deva- 

rige kotta ... Krishna-Deva-maharaya halli Sabakereyannu naii Bamesvara-devarige 

amritapadi-ahga-ranga-bhoga . . . chatu-simey-olagada nidhi-nikshepa (rest illegible) 


At the same village, on a stone in Sdle-gauda's cocoanut garden to the north. 

svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti §ri-vira-BallaJa-Deva-arasaru prithvi-rajyam gevuttam iralu Virodhi- 
kritu-samvatsara-Asadha-su 5 lu srimauu-maha-pasayitaru Mahamanda-Devaru Majaluru-Rama- 
gaudahge yalu ko$ta kodigeya sasana-kramav ent endade (rest illegible) 


At Ndgdhalli (same hubli), on a stone near the village gate. 

svasti Sri vyajrabhyudaya-S'alivahana-Saka-varusha 1563 neya Vikari-samvatsarada Magha-su 10 lu 
srimad-rajadhiraja sri-Khavana-sahebara-ayyanavaru S'iddalihge-gaudar-esarigeyu umbaliya kottev- 
agi Kejale-nada Channapattana-stalada yiha ... a-sthalada Nagavalli-grama chatu .. .. ge umbali 
(rest illcgible) 


At Jakkanahatli (same habli), on a stone in thejungle to the south-east of the village site. 

svasti Sri bhuvanasraya sii-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesvara Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani (5 lines gone) pratapa-chakravartti Hosana sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam gevutt- 

A A 

iralu Saka-varusha 1236 neya Ananda-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 1 Asrimanu maha-manda- 

lesvaram (4 lines gone) ";rasara mayduna ko^tadu (details ofgrant and usnal impreeatory 

phrases) • 


At Kavandputa (same hobli), on a stone in Banniguppi-Chude-gauda's field. 

svasti srluiatu prata Hoysana sri-vira-Ballala rajyam geyuttire Saka-varusha 1242 

neya Kaudri-samvatsarada Jeshta-sudha 12 Sanivaradandu srimanu-maha-pradhanam Siageya- 

dannayakara Malesigereya . . . . Nanjanahalliya Mafiche-gaudana maga Viji-gauda 

(imprecatory phrases) 


174 Channapatna Taluq. 



In Channapatna, on a copper plate in possession of Akil Shd Khddri Dargaddr. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-varshahgalu 1682 saiula vartamanavada Pramadhi-sam- 
vatsarada Vaisakha-ba 12 llu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvarapratima-praudha-pratapa vira- 


narapati Mahisura sri-Krishus.-Raja-Vadeyar-aiyaiiavaru Akala 3'ahage barasikotta tamra-sasanada 
kramav ent endare | ninu maduva pakirara darmake Channapattana-sthalada Mogehali-gramada 
hutuvali kam gu 600 aru-niiru-varahakke kraya kam gu 6000 aru-savira-varahavannu Haidar- 
Alli-Bahaduranu bokkasakke vapistan ada-karana yi-gramavannu nirupadhika-sarvamanyavagi 
pakirara-darmakke kodi5i yiruvadarinda niuu-muntada-pakiraru yi-dharmavannu sa^vitavagi a- 
chandratka-sthayiyagi vauisa-parampareyu nadasikondu gramavannu anubkavi&kondu yi-pakirara 
dharmakke bittukotiruva Mogehali-gramada patinalli Hinduralli yaru adi nadasidare (usual final 
phrases) Musalamanaralli yaru yi-dharmada pattinalli adi-nadasidaru Makkadalli haudi-bhakskane 
madida doshakke hogal uljavaru endu bareSi-kotta tamra-sasana | 



In Channapatna fort, on a stone west of the doonvay of the Afijaneya temple. 
subham astu svasti eri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana.saka-varusha 1475 neya Prarnadi-samvatsara- 
Sravana-ba 10 lu srimanu-maharajadhiraja paramesvara Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaiu prithvi- rajyam 
ge ... sriman-maha-mandaleSvara Ramaraja-Kote-Deva (rest illegible). 


In Channapatna, on a stone lying near the Railway line, abont half a vxile 

west of the Station. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'aHvahana-saka-varushanjralu l678sanda vartamanavada Dhatu-nama- 
samvatsarada Kartika-suddha 10 llu Mahisiira Dalavayi Dodaiyanavara pautrarada Kalale Viraraja- 
arasmavara putrarada Nafijarajaiya-arasinavara manavarte-gurikara Viraiyyanavaru yi-kere-kattisida- 
bagye yi-kere-kelage kattu-kodigye banda gaddeya devarige Brahmarige saha dharey cradu sila-pra- 
tishte-madisi kottuyidhe (usual final verse) sri-Apramaiyya-svamiyavaru 6ri 


At the same village, on the sluice of Bdmammanakere to the north uiest. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti ir\ siriya Malavuril irukku vryapari Kalumalam-udaiyan S'ivanan Vadugappannai Seyvitta 
ttumbum tottiyum 


At Harur (same hobli), on a stone near Vdjara Narasimha^s house in the southern street. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanairayam Sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhirajam Malaparolu ganda ganda-bher- 
unda kadana-prachandan asahaya-Sura Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla chhalad-ahka-Rama Pandya- 

Raya-pratishtacharyya Choja-Raya ,.. Hoyisala bhuja-baja nissanka-pratapa chakravartti 

sri-vira-BallaJa-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttam iralu Saka-varusha 1222 neya S'arvari-samvatsara- 

Magha-su yamala janahga Srimanu-maharaya 

kamayya Surappanavaru s>imanu-maha-vaddabyavahari ubhaya-Naua-Desi- 

Malaya mukhyar appa settiyarige kotta sila-sasanada kramav eut endade Malalura ... 

kiru-kula gaja tappu tavudi mavu alasu saluvadu (usual 

imprecatory phrases) 

subham astu 

Channapatna Taluq. 175 


At the same village, on a stone iu Mdri-Jcodige field. 


aamafiritambhdja-sahasrabhanuh | 

jiyach chiram i-undra. . Guudanathah || 

svastisamasta-16ka-natha sri-dharani-ramana nikhila-lokesvart stapanacharya - ... Sriraan- 

mahSrajftdhiraja raja-paramesvnra chatus-samudrfidhipati 8ri-vlra-Harihara«inaharayaru sriman- 

maha-pradhanam sakala-danuSma-saha mariyada-stapana-danda sakala-guna- 

gana-ratnakara sakala-kala. piriya mata sakala-iaga kamala 

,. para-rayara sthapanacharya sri sri-vira-Harihara-Raya-maharaya .... 

.. . . guna gauatisaya Tiramala-sri .... Gundapa-dannayaka-vo.le\ ara sukha-samaya-vinodadim 

prithvi-rajyam geyuttam ire S'aka-varu3ada 1318 neya Yuva-samvatsarada .. ba 1 Adityavara- 
diuadalu .... srimatu maha (6 lines gone) Nana-Desiya .... .. vagi Kelale-nadige mukhyav-ada 

hinya-Malaura-stajada chatus-simey-olaaana Hmyurada Vijayadanufiyakkapattanada Horapattana- 
giriya sriman.maha-mukhya-vadda-byavahari Sindava-kulada pattaua-svami Keti-Settiyara raakkalu 
Kahyappa-Settiyarigu hadiuentu-simeya keyali kotti sanstha-sasanada kramav ent endare Vijaya- 
dannayakapattanada patta ... (rest illegible) 


At the same villagc, near the eutrance to the north. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Rajeitra-S'611-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu Malavur ana 
Rajentra-simha-chchaturvedi-mangalatil vada-pida^ai Pavuril So.nisvaram-udaiya Mahadevar 
koyilil tiru-kkarraliyum amudupadi Sattuppadi parikala-narichcbinnamum tiru-vilakkum ullaga 
venduvanav-ellam ^eyvittan sri-Narasimha-Devan pridana sarvadikari samasta ........ nadipati 

Naduvi-nattu-ttiru-Mu . . .. ppadi-nattu Emapperur MuRular-devar Tiruvalanduiai-udaiyar seyvitta 

tanmam i-ttanmattukku ahitam-uinaippln Gegai-karaiyil kural-pa^uvai konra pavattile viluvan 


At Maindltanahosihalli (same hohli), on a stone north ofthe Krishna templc. 
subham astu sri-Nanjunda-lingave gati Kshaya-amvatsarada Chaitra-ba 8 Bu sriman-maha-deva- 
devottaina sn-Naiijundesvara-devarige aneya-beteya Nauiaraya-Vodeya .... Mallaraia-Vodeyaru 
sarvamanyavigi samarpisida joiiya Hosahalli-si neya hnga-mudre-kalla haki ... ..... 


At the same riUage, in Siddejanda's field to the south. 

(.Grttntlm mttl Taaiil ckaracters) 

srirnat-pratapa-chakravatti Posala-sri-viia-Vallala-Devarasar pridivi-tajyam-pani arulaanirka 
Praraathi-saravarsaratu Kattigai-mi.sam . p ittu S'iminiuavara Malavur a-esha- na 

lai ma; lla ayamum aahandrarka-sthayiy-aga 


176 Channapatna Taluq. 


At Honganur (Honganur hobli) , m apillar infront of the Ammanavara gudi in the GdpdlaTcrishna^ 


(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Tiru inanni valara iru-Nila-niadandaiyum por-Cher-pavaiyum Sir-ttani-chchelviyum tan 
perun-deviyar agi inb-ura nedu-tuyil ultyul Idaiturai-nadum tudar-vana-veli-ppadar Vanavaiiyum 


iulli-chchul-madit Kollippakkaiyu uannark-aru-muran Mannai-kkadakkamum por-kadal Ilatt- 

araiiar-tam-adiyum ang-avar-deviyar-ong-elil mudiyu muun avar-pakkal Tennavan vaitta Sundara 

mudiyu Indiran-aramum tendirai-lla-mandala-muluvadum eri-padai-kKeralan muraiyir-chudura 

kulara danara agiya palar pugal-mudiyura S'en-gadi-malai-chchang-attir-velai-ttol-perun-gavar-pala- 

palan-divu ma-ppo .dandai; konda K6-pParake^a.ri manmar ana ^ri-Rajendira-S'6la-Devaku 

yandu elavadu Mudigonda-Sola-mandalattu-kKelalai-nattu-pPunganur Trilokkiya-madevi-chcha- 

turvedi-mangalattu S'ava 


At the same place, on another pillar. 

(Orantha and Tamil charactersj. 

ppatta S'6mayasiyar magan Palaiyan Brahmani Ponnakkan Ma£appai iva 

Kundavai-Vinagar-alvarku . ru santi tiruv-amud-ari& ... liy-aga irandu santiku ttiruvamudu 

seyvarkku nel vilaiyum nilam avadu Karaundayyan Ulpatti katterikku merkum ten- 

paikk-ellai . ri Rayana-battar pulattukku vadakkura rael-parkk-ellai merpadi 

lakku kilakkum . . da-parkk-ellai lama . . kka i-nnilam iraiy-iltchchi-kkudut . . m Punganur 

ana tTrayilokkiya-raade-chcharuppadi-mahgalattu sabhaiyora chCharavaniyabaiy-idai . . nbadin 

kala . ju i-ttevarkku ivv-ur 6abhaiy6m ^antiraditta pon laiga ... . 

ivu .. .- mbadin sa .. di-kolal padi kula nila . m it varkku . . .. Irajendira- 

S'61a-Devarku yaudu 2 vadu mudal iladi i-kallil vettu ... tta i-koyil . nanakkan 

Palligondan suvanti i-sa§anam eludinen ivv-ur ur-kanakka . Brahraauan Arahgan Bhimayanena 

ivai . n eluttu Harih 



At the same village, on apiece of stone lying to ihe south ofthe Anjaneya temple near the eastern 

village entrance. 

1 uliyul Ededore-nadum todar-vvana-veli-ppadar vVa sundara-mudiyum Indi- 


r anaravum tendire-Ila-mandala-muluvam eyi Ramam melvarum Chandimat-tiv aran- 

karidiy irittiva chembom Tiruttagu 


At the same village, on a stone to the south of the Mdri temple near ihe village entrance. 

... mabarajadhirajam raja-paramesvaram ganda ganda-bherunda kanga-vira 

Sanivara-siddhi Giridurgga raya Male-raya pratishtacharya Kadava- 

Ea nissahka-pratapa-chakravartti ... varasaru dradalli pr'thvi-rajyam 

pa-Nayakarayya (rest ittegible) 


At the same village, on a virahal near asvafha-Jcaffe to ihe south of the iSvara temple. 

svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Narasimha-Devarasaru pritvi-rajyam gevutiralu ant avara 

pradhana MaUi-Deva-dannaya .. nayaru Yuva-samvatsarada Jeshta-masa sagundada-koteyali 

kadi Kanaka-NAyaka ..... svargastan adanu atana hendati Nagavve madida viragallu 

Channapatna Taluq. 177 


At Mdgenahalli (same hobli), on a stone on ihe tanh bund. 

Tiru-uia^al-^o Nela-chelviya . .. ..yme pundame mana kko]a m-a.ruttarali Vehga-nadu 

Gangavadi mbavadiyu Dadigavadiyu bcra dum Kollamu mandalamu 

tindiralu .. ...ta rana sri-Rajaraja-Devarkku yandu Kelale-nadu 

Puhganura.. .. chaturvvedimahgalattu paduvana Jlujeleyole. . ..... ...Rajaraja nama madida 

....... padi seva... kudutta man 


On a stoue near the icestem sluice of thc same tanJc. 
svasti srt 

niti-sastra-krama sada mahim | 

palaya ... dharmmajfin Nitimargga-nripottamah || 

srimann- Niti nadi^al prithvi-rajyam geyye va-samv.ttsaradol svasti srima 

S'ivamaresvaravum Jagdharavum Nagharesvaravum koteya Nitimargge.svaranuman alva 

Sriman-Muvadi-Cliilluka-devar hiriya-piriya-keregaru tat-simantaradol-ulla kiru-keregalgam edeyam llam bitruvattava ntivuljaanegam kundade var-ellam biftuvattava kala- 

do}e kuduvar (usual imprecatory phrases). 


At the same village, on a stone north ofthe Mdri temple 
(The same as No. 32, above) 


On a stone in the satne village. 

subhain astu | maharajadliiraja raja-paramesvara . . . . vira-pratapa Acbchuta-Raya-maharayaru 

pntvi-rajyam gaiiittam yirallu. Naujuudesvara-devara amritapadige salluva masahgalu 

.. . sahaya i-gramadaili purva-modalagi devarig endu baha suukavaunu bhandarada boksadalli 

. upayugav ahante koduttiru | ninig anujfieya arasa-Ahgada-Kaya pantam madiru Bomma- 

raju Achchuta-Raya-inaharayaru hadidavol ., mmugari Nafijundesvara-devara hoge 

.... Kempa Bomma-raja bidisidiva suhka (imprecatory phrases) 


At Mdlagdlu (same hobli), on a stone near the village entrance. 

svasti samast;!-bhuvanasrayam prithvi-vallabham maharajadhira/am raja-paramesvara Yauava- 
kulambara-dyumani sarbbajfia-chudamani Maleraja-raja Malaparolu ganda kadana-prachandan 

asahaya-suran ekahga-vira vayiribha-kanthirava Chola-Raya-sthapiuachirya pi atishtacharyya 

Magara-Raya-mastaka-su...duva-R,aya-kanda-kuclclalaja^ada-G6pala patta tnbhu. . . . Chanakya- 

Narayana abhahga-rautta-raya migevara-ganda-kaya Kotambara-devi-labdha... . .Narasilima-Raya- 
gaja . . sri-vira-Ballaha-Devarasaru pritvi-rajyam geyuttiralu Saka-vaiusha 1126 Raktakshi- 

samvatsarada Karttika-ba 1 13ra ... baadi ripu- Ravana kapalli .... mukodu kadete. . 

lobhi-raya-gajahkusa sakala-Vidyadhara tila-Devi-sukumariTU Tateja-shuputra 

Tirtharaianuja u Naga-Deva Chanda-Devam Sihghaua-dvipada sVi-vira-Hallala-Devarig 

olaisi stala madisi ... Moligehajh chatus-sineya vivara (cktails gont) (impre- 

catory phrases) 


178 Channapatna Taluq. 


At Kodamballi (Virupdkshapura hobli), on a stone south ofthe Malalesvara temple. 


svasti sii vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-saka-vartisha 1421 neya Siddharti-samvatsarada Aslvlda- 

su 1 lu sVimanu-maha-mandalesvara medini-miseyaia ganda Kathari-Saluva Saluva-Immadi-Narasiii- 
ga-Raya- uiaharayara karya-kartarada Narasanna-Nayaka-Vadeyaru prituvi-rajyarn geuta yiralu Asval- 

ayana-siitrada Bharadvaja-gotrada Penugondeya Ha ...dereya Ma, arasara Mummadi-Devagala 

makkalu Timmarasaru Poyisana-nada Channapattauada Kodamballiya Malalesvara-devarige kotta 
sadanada damma-sasanada kramav ent endare namma Virammarasam . • yavara Nayakatanakke 
saluva Kodamballiya simeyolage Nittura bhatavittiya-staladolag Elasigeya-gramavanu Kodamba- 
lliya Malale vara-devarige ... amrutapadi-nayivedya anga-ranga-vayibha ... prativarusha maso- 
tsavagalige yi-gramava [rest ittpgible ) 


On a stone to the south of the entrance of the same teniple. 
uamas tunga-&c. || 

Subhain astu svasti Sri vijayab!iyudaya-S'alivahana-6akha-varusa 1457 neya Jaya-samvatsarada 
Badrapada-su 12 yu punya-kaladalu. sriman-maharajadhiraia raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa- 
Achyuta-Raya-mahariyar u pruthvi-iajyam geyuttiralu Hoyisana-nada Channapattanada-simeya K6- 


damballiya srimau-maha-deva-devottama sri-Malalesvara-devarige Asdayana-sutradi Ruku-sakkeya 
S'rivatsa-gotrada Penugundcya-sinieya Adyada-Varanasi-Surappagala uiakkaju Madarasarii poda- 
vatta kotta bhu-dana-dharma-sadhana-kramav ent endare namma vodeyandiru bhandarada Timmap- 
apayyanavara Nayakatanakke saluva Channapatanada-rajyada Kodamballiya-simeya-Nitturu-bhata- 
vittiya-sth tl ida Saraguru-gramavanu Achyuta-Raya-maharayarige dharmav agabek-endu Kodam- 
balliya ^ri-Majalesvara devarige anga-vayibhava-teru-tirunalu-tirupani— masotsava-pallakiya-sevega- 
lige Saragur i-gramavanu naii dara-purvakavagi kottevagi yi-gramake saluva chatus-simege &ila- 

sthapanava madiiia yelleya sthalada vivara (here follow details of boundaries) (back) 

nidh -likshepa-iala-pashana-akshina-agami-sidha-sadhyav emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavanu yiu 
elau Malalfs/ara-devarige Madarasaru tri-vacha.. dareyan eradu kottaragi Saragura-grama-Malale- 
svarada baandarakke a-ehandrarka-sthiyiyagi Achyuta-Raya-maharayarige dharmav agabek endu 
kottevagi a-cliandrarka-stayiyagi salaluladu yendu kotta dbarma-sadana (usual final phrases and 
verses) yi-Saragunna stanikatanakke Chandrasekharage gadde hattu-kolaga hola khanduga saluudu 


In the loicer portion of a stone to the south of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri . ka .. . Kodambuliyur ana sri Saturvedi-mangala Manalesva- 

ram-udaiyar koyilil tanmam sarva-adikari Seranandi-nayakkar ana S'eraman-peru ... 1 tanuia 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Ganesa temple. 

da Pusya-su 2 Bu i ^rimau-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibada basege-tappuva-rayara-ganda 

chatus-samudradhipati sri-Vira-Mallapodeyara kuraara Timmanua ., {inipreca- 

tory phrases) 

Channapatna Taluq. 179 


Ai Garukahalli (same habli), on a stone near ihe village entrance. 
sri subnam astu | 

namas tufua &i*. 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-sika sanda vartamanavada Visvavasu-samvatsarada- 

Magha-ba 12 Guruvara-S'ivarat,ri-punya-kala .. . Kaveri-madhyavarttiya punya-kshi tra- 

dalli S'ri-Rauga-svamiyavara sannidhiyalli dhiraja raja-paramesvara raja birud-entembara 

ganda dharani ruda-nana-varna sri-Deva-Raja-Vodeyara kumara Deva-Raja-mahipala- 

karu Siirangapattana-simhasanarudharagi sukhadim pruthvi-rajyam geyalu tau madida Garikha- 

halji-grama-pratinamadheyavada Devaraja .... kotta sasanada kramav ent endare 

Chaina-Raja-Vad?ya[i'a] p.iutrar*ida Deva-Raja-Vadeyara putrarada Deva-Raja-rnahipalakarn taii. . 

Sogila-grama Ivalik •re-gramn .... grama Dasaiahaiji-grama Ramenahalli- 

grama (rest illegible). 


At th", same village, on a virakal to the sou'h of the village entrance. 

svasti srt vira-Narasiriga-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttam iralu Parthiva-samvatsarada Phalguna- 
dasami-Guruvaralandu .. . , .. . . Tun. ani-nad-aluva Gavudana maga Bima-gaudauu huyalalli biddu 
svarggastan adanu TJma-gavudana na Maramnia madi niltsida viragallu 


On a second tirakal, at the same place. 

svasti firi vira-Deva-Raya-Od >yaru pritvi-rajyam geuttam iralu Saka-varusha 1339 ne varusha He- 
valambi-samvatsarada Badiapada-su 8 sri-Garikehalliya gramada ...gaundana makkalada Dakivanna 

Sannaha-Ketauna ibbaru tamma kambi-sa yara . sattaddakke mad da 



At the same plac, On a stone of the jagati-katte. 
svasti srimatu pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru pritvi-rajya geyuttam iralu Krodhana- 
saravastarad i Bhadrapada-sn 2 S6-du sri.natu vanta mahajana Chakravartti-bhatta . . .„ 

(nst illegible) 


At Banantahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Hanumanta temple. 

sri-Visvauathaya namah i subham astu s^i-vijayabhyudaya-S'aUvahana-saka-varusha 1459 

ne samvatsarada S'ravana-ba 14 lu Krishna-Raya-Vodeyara kumara Kampa . .... 

sarvamanyavagi kotta (resi ' iVegible) 


At Iggalur (same hobli), on a viralcal near the Sambhulinga-deva temple. 

svasti srimanu-raaha-mandalesvara ari vibada basege-tappuva-rayara ganda sri-vira-Bukkarma- 

Vodeya karyya-kartta Hariyappa-Vodeya pritvirajyam geye Saka varisa 

1365 neya Rudhiroigari-samvatsatada Kartika-su 1 Mangalavaradallu Iggalura bhumikararu 

heggadegalu deva (rest Ulegible) 

180 Channapatna Taluq. 


On a stone near the same temple. 

Bvastisri samasta-prasasti ...srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Tribhurana kadu-Kongu-Nangali- 

Koyatturu-U Hanungalu-Heddore-adi konda Ganga Vishnuv.irddhana sri-Na- 

ra3in<?a-rIo [Ba]l)ala-Deva prituvi-rajyam geyuttam i ga-varsha *sa.sirada tombatta-entu 

Vikari-Sctinmachcharada Vaisakha-bahula-pafichami-Vaddavara ... Icfgalura Kauvara- 

Bainma-gavunda (others named) ... rugaloju kadi sattu sarggasta sri .. .. 


At Yeliyur (same hdbli), on a stone near the eostern gate ofthe villaoe. 


svasa sri viia-Narasihma-Devaru pritvi-rajyaro geutiam iralu Bahudhanya-samvatsaMda Ashada- 
fiu 1 lusri.nanu-maha-pradlianamKumara-varaChikka-Keteya-dannayakaru Pflrvadi-Kavana melena- 
varu banda tionnu .. radalu b'ttu Chudanatha-dev a rige uamaskara-madahodalli devarige belliyahari- 
vanavanu kottu pattavannu kattiy a-devara Chikka-Gangavadi-nad-olagana deva-danada Yalevuru- 

Banatiyakalliya nadu-vattada .... nele-nibandi-kallaru-benya-tappu-taudi-vola kalani 

ga 300 kke a-Keteya-dannayakaru a-devara amruta-padige dareyan eradu parithavisi kotta padi akki 
nitya-padi dina 1 kke ko 12 lekkade varusha 1 kkam akki sa 316 kkam nellu sa 432 yidu yaradara 
lekkadallu eruva nellu sa 8Q ko 4 antu. nellu sa 518 ko 4 kkam ga 1 kkam sa...ra lekkada ga 103 
pa 6 a tuppa .... 1 lekka varusha 1 kka sa 4 ko '-0 kkam pa 1 kkara ba 2 lekkada, ga 18 enne dina 
1 kkam ko 1 le varusha 1 kkam sa 18 kkam pa. . lcamha 2 lekkade ga 2| ganda nitya pala 1 lekkade 
varusha ] kkam pala 360 kkam ga 1 knam pala 10 lekkade ga 36| a-dupakke ga9| a-vileyadapa- 
chchakarppurakke ga 30 devara vastra panniru ele adake artiya-karppura-vojag-ayitakke gadya- 
na 31 pana 3 T 9 o antu yi-mareyadeyalu devara amrita-padi-srikariyakke kottu sarvva-bade parihara sar- 
vva-namasyavaya agi a-stalada honnanu devarige kotttii yi-maryyadeyalu barada &la-sasanau 
magga-dere hoga-dere sarvvamanya (usual final verse and imprecatory phrases) 


dt the same village, on a stone to the south. 
svasti Sri bhuvauairayam pritvi-vallabham maharajadirajam paran:e.svaram Dvaravati-pura-vara- 
dhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumapi sarvajfia chudamani Maleraja-raja Maleparolu ganda gauda- 
bherunda kadana-prachandan asahaya-stira ekanga-vira S'anivara-siddi Giridurgga-malla chalad-an* 
ka-Rama vairibha-kauthirava Magara-raiya-nirmmulam Pandya-rajya-disapatta Chola-vajya-pratishta- 
eharyya nissaiika-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisaua-sri-vira-Nar-asimha-De^aru prithvi-rajyam geyuttav 
iralu Chaudanatha-devarige Saka varusha savirada-yinnurr.-hannondaneya Sarbbaptu-samvatsarada 
Magha-ba 14 S6 Ghatada-kelagana dapdinalu Ammaliyall id lalh Bivaratnyalu Palavura-Chafichama- 

gauda Banarattahalinu dev*r» amudupadi-puj6ya mag<:a-tere-hoge-(1pjre-lavana-paficha-karuka- 

kalu-kaibanna-nulu-karbbuna-d:lamidi-heneya-l<ula-mukhyavada sarvva-ayavanu a-Chudanatha- 
devari^e sarbbamanyam madi dhara-purw ilc iv agi bitt i dh\reyan eradefl (usual imprecatory phrases) 
raiyabhyudaya mangaja maha sri ser.>tb6va-S'ainayana mavaru. 


At Bivuru (Maluru hobli), on a rock in Timmappana-betta. 

Pramathi-sainvataarada Vayisakha-suddhadalu mahatu-Mallikar,una-devara karunada sisu Bettada-vo- 
deyaru Ramayya-Devara niriipa-vididu Tirumala-devara pratishthe-raadidaru Madava-Dasayyanu. devara 

*So in the original ; but S'aka 1098 exp.=sDurmukhi ; Vikiri = 1101 exp. 

Cliannapatna Taluq. 181 

pfije geyisidaru chandra- uryanu vulLua^ca yi-tanakke :Yladhiva-Dasayy.uiavar alla ya:id andoru 
(usual imprecatory phmses). 


On ihe east pitlar of vuyyale-muatapa to the south of the same temple. 
6ubham astu S'alivahana-s«kheyuli 1582 varushada me!e nadava inadyama-bisigeyalli Plava-samvach- 
arada Bhadrapada suddha 2 lu. deva-dtvottama Revura bettada Verikatejvara-svamiyavara sevege 
Balqji-Haipnti-Rayara kuinara Dundqi-Haipati-Rayaru raadista-seve Mada-arasugalu i-devastanakke 
terige gatida modal ada (rest Ulegible) 


At the satfte temple, on aroclc to the north. 

sVi-Sandhikavata-na.rna-gramasya S'ru'.ashen6 guru-sishyo S'antishena-prasishy6 S'rishena-?ishya- 

Nimba-gramasya varunyam d si Kunda-sila-tale | 
siddhas Sandhikavatasya bahavo muni-pungavah '! 


Ashadha ... panchamyam Uttarabhadraya f-aha i 
chandre sannihite siddhas Chandrasena-muni-prabhuh || 

sad-bhavana-visarana-visadatina dagdho malia-vrata-maha-mani-bhasi-kosah | 
sushkas susila-jalaflhi . . suvrittih idyeshu sad-gati-gtte muni-Chandra surau || 
S.isir iva sakalam prabhaswi lokam 6rita-guna-sila-tap6 . sva-bhasa 1 
gatavati param astam adyaChandre tirayati lokamimam tamas aamastam || 

Chandrashena-guru-pra6ishya gasheua-achajya Janati Sidigata ardda-masa-samaptih 

N^dyavasi-gaua Damakadali-kantiyar ardlha-mlse samaptah A?;ela Gangasena-kantiyar .... 


At the same place, on a westem stone. 

bhadram astu Jina-sasanaya >audh;kavat.i-gaaa v.i)a Chandrase Nagasena-gorava Ki.rukun- 

dadul sanyasanam nontu mixjippidar. 


At the same vlllage, on « stone in S'ydmaiyangdr's field, close to (Iolag§ ri. 
Subham astu 

namas tunga-&«. ; 

6ri svasti samasta-vastu-vistara-prasasti-sahitam samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-pritivi-vallabharn 
Malaraja-raja Ma'aparolu ganda Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvajna-chudamaui Ma.lava.Raya- 
mastaka-sula Hammira-Raya-Brahiuarakshasa Kadava-Rlya-krola-sarddula RurU-Raya-vadabanala 
Pandya-Raya-pratishtacharyya Chola-Raya-sthapanacharyya Magara-Raya-nimmulana tenkana- 
chakravartti raya-huli-raya ganda-berui.ida nissanka-raall* pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisa]a &ri-vira- 
Ballala-Devarasaru Arunasamudra-nelavidagi prithvi-rajyam geyivuttam vihali avara maneya 
piadhanam s>imanu-maha-mandaleSvaram muvvara ganda Pesali-Hanuma aras-anka-sunega.ra gena,- 
yada chakravartti Yedavankada Kamalarasara maidunandiru Nagarasaru Behura Kandappa- 
Marappangalu raund-ittu Hariba-S 'ettige kotta sila-sasanad i krainav ent endade Saka-varusha 1253 


]82 Channapatna Taluq. 

neya Prajotpatti-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 Bu | a Beliiira tehkana-kadeyalu Bommarasana 
he8aralli patt tuavannu kattisi a-pittana . * shtara chatu;-4mi;y.uiu hasubeya-kallauu nedisi kottu 
a-patt,inadalli (bach) 

da terigeya modal agi ya/aln ... s ir i subbamanya (rest effaced) 


A t the same villaye, on a virakal lying to the south of the teniphon the Rdme'.varadeva hill. 

fOrantha and Tamll charaetersj . 

svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talaikadu Gahgapadi Uchchangi Panungal 
Vanavasi 1'alasigai Vejikkiramam Petturai-pariyantam-aga-kkonda bhujabala-vira-Gahga-1'oysala 
hasahaya-sira-chCIaiiivara-sidJhi Giridurgga-malla salatariga-Rama nisariga-pratapa Hosala sri- 

Vishnuvar llala-Devar pratuvi-rajyam-panni arulanirka Mudigonda-Sola-mandalattu 

Rajenira-S'6la-vala-nattu-kKilai-nattu varipusavala-Vira-uauga-pPoys\ihi. . vira-Vallala- 

kKulaludi-raya-Poyala-devarku niuri-ganikkai Maraiyan turanda bhashai kkuduttap.t.Iiy-avadu 
Na}a-sammasarattu Margali-masattu S'a . sa .. kilavar natta ua, . la nalu-pagaiyilum ulligi ural 
... panamnm pada 


At MdginahafU (same kohli), on a st<me to the south of the eastern entrance of the village. 
Sri uamostu. 

namas tung.i-&c. || 

svasti samasta ra-prasasti-sah.iaui samasti-bhuvana .. .... pnthvi-vallabham 

Chalukya-chakravartti Male . . ja lalana-M moja Walamol i ganda prachanda Yadava- 

Narayana ... da ... ra ma,ti9V.n vira-M;ihe<vara chhalad-auka-Rama bala-ma 

dugga-malla birul chhalya Samvara da-bherunda ara 

pa ...... parvva a tta ma.... 

gauda .... . Vrikodara sakala-Vidyadhira DhaDanjaya medi niya 

S'aniva ma-Raya-kroda-sarddul i Rudi-FU\ a-vadab:inala Chola-Pandya-prafcishthapauacharyya 

Yadava-kulambara-dvimani sarbbaju i-chudamani ekahga-vira vairibha-kanthirava 

Cho!a-Raya-sthapanacharyya PanHya-Raya-pratishthachariya Makara-rajya-iiirmrnfila raya-huli- 
raya ganda-bherunda raya-gajarikusa nis«arika-malla pra^apa-chakravartti Hoyisala sri-vira-Balla- 
la-Devarasaru A runasam udra-nelavidagi prithvi-rijyirn. gevutt iralu avara maneya pradha- 
nam snmanu-- maha-mandalesvara Somarasaru K>lavala-nad-olagana Maguvanahajliyanu 
Chittari-Bala-Setti— Masana-Settiyavarige kotta sila-sasa (bach) nada kramav ent endade 
Saka-var8ha 1241 neya Kalayuktakhya-samvatsai ada Marggasira-su 1 A Mugulanahalliyalli tamma- 
dey adade annan-odave tammarige tamman-odavey annange anna-tammandir arfl illadirdade nantar- 
ishtaru-tottina-roagahge mukhyav agi saluudu ant aru illad-iddade a-aputrika-dana-kaja devalyakk 
ikkuvadu tammadi emba vartte illa vodava-tale vokka-barana hadara . . d.iuda undig° muntagi a- 
udu illada sarbbamanyav agi a-Mugalanahalli Naua-Desi-pattanav agi santheya katti chandrarkka- 
taram-baram ullannabara nadavantagi nattu kotta sila-sasana (umal imprecatory phrases and vemes) 
int i-sila-sasana int-appudakke a-S6;narasara s^nabova Siva-devana baraha a-S6varsara voppa sri- 
Suryanatha mangala maha sri sri 

Channapatna Taluq. ]83 


At the sume village, on a stone within the vdlage :\ate to the north. 

subham astu I sriinatu mahanijadhiraja raja-pi.ramesvaram sri-vira-pratapa-Achyuta-RAya-maha- 
rayaru prilhvi ra yam gaiftiaip yiralu Nafipu.desvara-devara amrita-padige sahiva Mugujanahdli 
Gaudigere Hosahalli yi ... gramaa.illi pfirva-modalilgi devarige sandubaha sunkavannu bhaudarakke 

Hiriya Timmappayyanavaru atikatav iralu nadeya Kempadevarasa-nnuagala . . chika- 

tammandiru Bommaraia .. . varu Acbyuta-Rayamaharayarige Timmappa Bomma ... 

gulanahalli Nafijuridesvara-devara padtge sallabek endu BoramarAja risi- 

danta. surika (intprecatory phrases) 


At Chikk§nahalti ysame hobli), m Bokkann Hanmiia , $ field to the wfist. 

(Gran tha and Tam il charactersj 

svasti s:i S'ikkayanpalliy sanrudimum kondattu mu Hin dhammattukku- 

kKana ppa-sett yarkku vitta kuchnggai . .. chchaya-kapilaiku irupattirandu-adi-kkolal kuli 
ayiiatt-aififium iuda dhammattukku ilanganatn-panninar undagil Gangai-karaiyd kural-pasuvai- 
kkonrinukk-ulja pavam undu 


At Mlur (sa'ne hobli), ona stone to the south-side of the main entrance of the Kailds§svara temple. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sii-pritvi-vallabha maharaja Ihiraja paramesvara parava-bhattaraka 
Dvaravati-pura-varadhi6vara Yadava-kulambara-dyurcaui sarvvajfia-chudamani Ma^eraja-raja 
Maleparolu ganda ganda-berunda kadana-prachanda ekanga-vira asahaya-sftta Sanivara-sidda Giri- 
durgga-roalla chalad-auka-Uama vairibha-kanthirava Magara-rajya-nirmmulaka Chola-ra ya-p; atisht- 

acharyya Kafichi-kafichana-kann tpuraka Kadava-Raya-kulantaka ...rvantaka Pandya- 

disapatta svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala sYi-Vishnuvarddhapa-sVi-vira-Baliala-Devaru 
sukha-sankatha-vinodadim pritvi-rajyani geiiitt iralu Saka-varusha 1228 neya Parabhava-sam- 
vatsarada Phalguna-b.i 1 Va-du srimad-anadiy-agraharam R-ljetidrasimha-cliaturvedimanga ada 
srimad-a>esha-mahajanangalu srimatu-maha-pradanaai JAtraya-dannayakara ... avaja ... gaua- 
kumara Kesappatm a-Malaura sri-Kailase3Vara-stanapa .. riyagideyara maganu sri-Krittivasa- 

hridayarige kotta sila-sasanada kramav ent endare a-sri ... gandu-makkal- 

ullavaru anubhavisuv tru hennu-makkal-ad.ide maiyolage asesha srikaryyakau 

saluvudu a-Kalakani adavarige saluiidu yi maryyadeya ... madi dharaunavanu... a-maha- 

janangaju aras ippana a-chandrarka-stayiy agi . saluvant agi b.iresidi sili-si^ana (usudl 

imprecatory phrases) 


At the same temple, on the north wall near the garbha-griha. 

(Grantha and Tarnit characlers) . 

svasti sri p tgal sfilnta punari...agal sulnta puviyil pounemiy-alavun-tan-nemi nadappa vilangu-Ja. . 

Jai ilan-go-pparuvattu vikkirama-ttolilal S'akkaragottattu-ppadu-manara-punarntu 

maduvaraiy-ittam Vayiragarattu vari ayira Kontalav-araisar tan-talam viriya 

val-urai-kalittu-ttol-vali-katti pov-pari-nadatti vadai-tisai vaga'-sudi-ttenr.sai-tte-tiiaru-kama 

gal podumaiyum Ponnty-adaiyu nan-NiUpp-avai tan tanimaiyun-tavirttu punida-narriru- 

mani-tnakntam muraimaiyir-chudi tann-adiy-inai y-aga-tton-nila-ventar 5uda ... 

nai peruga varuppa sen-gol tiAai-torun-jella ven-kudai iru-nila-vilagatt-enga 

134 Channapatna Taluq. 

.. .. tu veu-uila-tti . .. oiu-tani-Meruvir-puli vilaiyada var-kadariivvaiitarattu 

puvar tirai-vidu tanlu kadaS-jori-kaliru rnurai-murai nirpa giya Tennavan kar- 

un-talai parunt-alaittida-ttan pou-nagara-purattidai-kkidappa i-nnal pir.kula-pirai-pola nir-pilaiy-eun- 

uti .. . dir kodirr-alladu tan-kai-vill-edir-kod;\ Vikkalan kall-edir Nangili tudansji Mana- 

lur uaiuv-jua-tTungabattiraiy-alavum m patta ve . . veii-galurum vitta tau- 

manamun-gurma viramun-gidappa erina malaigalum mudugu nelippailinta nadigalufi-julau ,.,: 

nd-6da vilu kadalgalum talai-virittal-amara kuda-tisai-ttan-nad-ugan- 

tu tatmn-dan.. . t mudugu uelippa . yand-edir-marij a Jaya-pperun-tiru 

ntu kudutta pugali . S'elviyum vala vitta madandaiyar-it. mildu kudutta ven-gari- 

riiraikkalun-Gariga-mandalainufi uav-ennu . pa.. iranduir. oru-visai-kkondu indi 

galodum P.iudi-niandalan-golla-ttiruvullad-adait ritta ra-variyum udai- 

ttay v;indu vada-kada ten kadal-padarvadu-pok tan perun-jenaiy-evi Pa. . . . varum 

poruda porukalatt-adugi veruvi mudugu nejiltt-odi .... nena-ppukka kad-ara-ttudaittu nanudalai- 
ppadutta marr-avar . mmai-vanjagar tiriyum pochchai-vefi-juram-erri-kkorra vi...ya-sthambam tisai. 
toru nirutti inuttin-salapatnum mu-tTamil-pPodiyilu matta-veri-gari-padum maiyyi-chChayyamum 
Kauniyun-Gan kulaiya-kKottar-utpada niiaigal-itt-aruli- 
ttirai-kola siuihasauan-taritt-aruli-ppa . .sai mevalar vauariga vira-simhasanattu-pPuvani-mulud-udai- 
yalodum virr-irunt-aruliya K6v-Irajakesari-vanmar ana chakravattigal sri-Kulotturiga-S'61a-Devai- 
ku yandu padinelavadu Mudigonda-S'6la-mandalattu Raiendra-S'61a-vala natyU-kKilalai 
nattu-pPeriya Malavur ana tJajendrasimka-chatuvvedi-marigalattu maha-Sabhaiyoai erigalfir Ra,- 
;eiidrasimha-isvaram-udaiya Mahadevar koyilile kutta-kkuraiv-ara-kkudiy-iruntu erigalur-chchirr- 
arigadi-ppattattal. . lla ayan-gondu ivv-u Rajendrasimha-isvara-udaiya Mahadevarkku nangal vaitta- 

ttiru-pPanari^ad-udaiya tiru-nandavilakku onrum i-tdevarkanmigale i-ppattah-gondu chandrad- 

itta-vara seluttuvaJ-aga thara-puvvam-aga kuduttom maha-sahhaiyom paniyal ivv-ur madhyasthan 

makkodan aras-ana Dharmapriyan eluttiual tanta sabha ppadi kal-vettinen ivv-ur kal- 

tachchan Aravmdalochanan Chandrasekaran ana Rajendra-Sola-kKiIalai-natt-asari , 

n ena |||— 


At the sameplace. 

(Qrantha ttnd Tamil characters) 

svasti sri svasti samasta-prasasti-sahita srimanu-maha-maudalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talaikkadu 
Kohgu Nagili Koyarrur Gari . . padi Nu|aoibavadi Uchcharigi VanavaH-pannirclichayiram Pammgal 
1'alasigai Ve]i ; -:kiraman-gouda bujabala jagadekama .. ta . . sri-Narasimha-Poysala-Devar prithivi- 
lajyam-panniy-arujanirka Malavur ana Rajentrasiriga-chchatuppedi-marigalattu Valliyatt-Ilaiyavilli- 
nilam iW-uril melai-ttumbil nilam kil-park-ellai terku-nokki-ppona kannikkalukku merkum te.- 
park-tllai IlaiyaviJli-nilattukku vadakku mel-pAvk-ellai terku nokki-ppona kannikkalukku-kkila- 
kkum vada-park- . l a i kilakku-nokki-ppona kannikkalu . kku-tterkum i-nnar-park-ellaikkun-nadu- 
vitta nilam peruri-golal kuli Svabhanu-samvatsarattu Ani-masattu ivv-iir sYi-Kayilasam- 
udaiya Mahadevarku-ttiru-nantavlakku-kkudutten Mahadevannena pon.aray-ittu man-ara-kkouden 


At the same temple, on the north wall ai the front angle. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti srimanu-maha-prachana sarvadikari 9ri-Kansiputa-varadisvara Nayaka 

Chanaapatna Talnq, 185 


At the same temple, on tlie toest basement ofthe gdpura to the north ofthe entrance. 

(Orantha and Tamll characters). 

svasti sri Malavur ana Irajentra-Jmha-chchatiirve li-mahgalattu asesha-maha .... .. m Hemalainbi- 

samvirsarattu Atti-masa 16 nti Satyananda-svamigal raa^an Niiakanta-devarkkum ipadi ljaiy-iliy- 
aga sila-sasanara-panni-kkuduttomasesha-raaha-janahgaloni i-nnilat ... 


At the sime teniple, on the east wall and basement. 

(Grautha and Tamil chira-tcrs). 

svasti s>i Malavur ana Iraieutra-siraha-chchaturvedi-mahgalattu ashe-maha-janahgalom Vikirama- 
samvasarattu Atti-inisa-mudal Satyananda-svamigal magan Nilakanta-devar i-nalil ivanukku 
kudahgai aga A ... mettil kalani .. 400 m tittu-tteruvil ma 3. m sarva-manyam aga vit ... bhanda 

kku vahgi itta ga 160 kil na sii-Aprameya-peruma). ko/ilukku n erikkum vangi itta ga 

250 kkudahgaiy-aga 800 m tittu ruvil m t 3 m aga kalaui kuli ayiratt- 

iru-nur.rukkum manai araratkKura . kina ga 200 k rupaium kai-k ivanukku aVmand- 

rarka-vtahi aga ivan makkal raaruuiakkalukkum i-ddhanmattukkum nadatta-kkadavom a, 

mmanaikkum kudahgai tirai manai-panam nir-kuli vi pputta adi .. .. kakkakka javo 

82 and 83 

At the same temple, on the back of the north watt. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaeters). 

svasti £fi Tiru manni vajara lru-Nila-madandiiyura por-S'aya-ppavaiyum S'ir-ttaui-chchelviyum taa 

perun-deviyar-akki inb-ura nedu-tuyil-ujhyul dun-tudar-vana-veli-ppadar-Vanavasiyum sulli- 

chchul.-ma<li . Kollippakkaiyum naunark-aru-muran-Mannai-kkadakka -kadar-Ilatt-araisar 

ta-mudiyura ang-avar-deviyarohg- . mudiyu raunn avar-pakkal Tennavar vaitta sunta yum 

Indiran-aramum tendiraiy-lla-mandala-mulupadu padai-kKeralar muraimaiyil suduh- 

gula-danarn-agiya pa gal-mudiyuni Seh-gadir-inalaiyum sahg-alir-velai-ttol-peruu-^aval pa!a- 

palan-divum 6iruvil Smavil irubattoru-kal araiSugalai katta Para^uraman mev-aruh-Jaitimar-riv- 

aran-karudi iruttiya §3ra-borriru-tagu-mudiyum hayah-godu pali miga Muyahgiyil mudug-itt-olitta 

Jayasihgan alapp-arura pugalodu pid-iyal lra$tapadry-elirai-ilakkamuin nava-nedi-kkula-pperu- 

malaigapuui vikkirama-virar S'akkaragottamum mudira-vada-vallai Madura-maudalamum ka-midai- 

valaiya Namanaiyakkoaaiyum veh- ilai-virar Pahiappalliyum pasadai-palanaTVI isuni-desamum ayarv- 

a ■ • 
il-van-kirttiy-Adinagaravaiyil saudiran-dol-kulatt-Intirairatanai vilaiy-amar-kaiattu-k yodum- 

ttu pala-danattodu nirai-kkula-dana-kkuvaiyum kitt-arun-je.ri-milai-Otta-vishaiyamum pusura- 

ser nadu ....ttu vand-urai-§61ai-tTandabuttiyum Iranasuranai muran-ura-ttakki 

da-saral Vahgala-deSamum todu-kala .-S en pUanai veh-jama-vilagatt-ahjuvitt- 

arub ond : ral pernbr-bandaramum nit ttira-Lada lar-ttirtat-ejri-punar- 

Kahgai ... lutti vijayo . .. . . daratt-arai . . nai var-kayam poru-kada . kumba- 

kkariyodum-agappadu inaiyil pijr ikkiya nidi-ppirakkamu-n kana . . por-ttolil- 

vaSulil Vichchadira-tto .. namum moytt-o pndavamuin ka la-mani-kkadavum nirai nnai- 

yum .. . r-eyir-ron-Malaiyurum al-kadal-agal hgamura kalanga-val-vinai-Ilahgaso .. .. .. 

nirai ppalamum kavalam-purisai Mevilibangamu . v lai-ppa .. . dai Valaippandurum kalai- 

ttakkor.. gal kola ... tida-ma-val-viuai Madamalingamum kalamu dun-tial .. 

lamuri-nesamum teinkk^lar-pobl Ma .. kka .. ramum todu-kaj d-kaval-kadu-murat-Kidaramum ma- 


186 Channapatna Taluq. 

pporum dandal kkonda K6-pPara . . sari-panmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-S'61a-Devarkku yandu 
irupattumunr-avadu Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Haientra-S'6lu-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu Ra- 
jendrasimha-chehatuvvedi-mahgalattu maha-sabhaiyom udaiyar sri-Rajentra-S^ola-Devar pani- 
raa^an S'6la-m m lalattu Kshatriya-sikamaai-vaja-nattu Vula-natou-pPuliyur-pPuliyur-klavan Vin- 


galakuUau pakkal ppon-koudu engalur Rajentrasmiha-isvaram-udaiyar koyilil elunt-aruluvitta Ada- 
vala-Rajentra-S'51asimngarku irandu podaikku p6d-onrinukk 1 tiruv-aniid-arisi iru-naliy-aga arisi 
nanaliyum i-ttevar nambir.attiyarku irandu podaikku pod-onrinukku tiruv-amid-arisi iru-naliyaga 
arisi nanaliyum aga ariSi kuruniyinukku nellu padakku nu.nal.iyum ivargalukku kariy-amuclukku 

nellu naliyuin ueyy-amudukku nell i iru-nfiliyu ku nellu irft-najiyum adaikkay-amudukkum 

ilaiy-amuduk .. . lu iru-naliyum iiga . sata naliy-aga nal muunurr-arupaditiukku 

nellu nu.rr-oru-ka ni irai-ilichchi-kkudutta nilam-avadu Irajenha-S'61a- 1 ii' payum S'61.a-sikammi-vi .. gattd i-ttevargaluuku irai-ilichchi kudutta niiam-nvadu 
. . kalukku tei-park-ellai uf-nilattukkum . . .. ntan-solai . tta nilattukkum vadakkum ...... vakka- 

lukku kilakkum vada-park-ellai Nagala-deva kkum devadananilattukku-t .... ma ... la ... 

kku merkum naduv-ulla nilam oli ... nri ivv-ur-kkolal kkuli ayiramum i-ttevargalu ngalai i- 

nnilattal vanta irai irultu devargalukku .. saluttuva . . kuduttom maha-sabhai- 

yom ivargaj p.inikka iw-ur tachcha nen ivai enn-ejuttu 


At the same ttmple, on the west basement. 

(Graniha and Tamil charactersj . 

svasti siiTiru manni valara iru-Nila-madantayu r-pavai r-ttani-chchelviyum tan 

perun-tevir-akkiv-inb-ura nedu-tuyil-uliyul Idaturai-nadum tudar-vana-veli-ppadar-Vanavasiyum sulli- 


chchul-madil-kKollippakkaiyum nannark-aru-muran-Mannai-kkadakkamura poru-kadal-Ilatt-araisa- 
ta mudiyum ang-avar-deviyar-ohg-elil-mudiyuai munn avar-pakkal tTennava . vaitta suntara-mu.. .. 
ila-mandala-muluvadutn eri-padai-kKeralan muraimaiyil chchudiya kula-danam-agiya palar pugal- 
inudiyun-ien-y;adir-inalaiyuu-iang-adir-velai-ttol-peruh-gava-ppala-palan-tivu . n-jeruvir-ehina-vel iru- 
pattorukal arais malai . . tta Parasuraman mel-varun-Jantiraar-riv-aran-karudiy-iruttiyasem-borriru-tta- 

gu-mudiyum bayangodu pali miga Muysan^iyil mudugi lapperum pugaledu pid-iyar-Irattapa,- 

diy-elaraiy-ilakkamum nava-nedi-kkula-pperu-mala ; galum vikkirama-vira S'akkaragottamum mudira- 
vada-vallai Maduiai-mandalamum kamidai-valaiya Namanaikkonaiyum ven-jilai-viia-pPanjappalliy- 
um paisadai-ppalana Masuni-desamuin ayarv-il-van-kirttiy-Adinagaravaiyil clichantiran-tol-kulatt- 

Intiraviradanai vilaiy-amar-ka ... ttu-kkilaiyodum pidittum pala dana-kkuvaiyuh- 

gitt-arum seri-mulaiy-Otta-vishaiyamum pu6ura-ser-nal-kK6salai-nadun-Tanmapalanai vem-munaiy- 
alittu vand urii-'61ii-tTunchibuttiyum Iranasuranai rauran-uga-ttakki-ttikk-ana kirtti-tTakkana- 
Lajamum Govintnsantan mav-ilint-6d i-^tahgada-saral Vangala-^e^amum todu-kadar-Chahgamotta- 

MahipUauai Vim-;ama-vilagatt-afijnvitt-aruli ondiral-yanaiyu . pen m nittila-neduh-gadal-Uttira- 

Ladamum veri-malar .... tat-er:-punar-Kahgaiyum alai-kadal-naduvut-ppala-kalan-jelutti-ehChahga- 
rama-v iaiyori; incjapanmati agiya Kidaratt-araisanai vagaiy-am poru-kadal-kkumba-kkariodum aga- 
ppadntt-urimaiyil pp r ikkiya peru-nedi-ppirukkamura artt-avan-aga-naga-ppor-ttolil-vasalil Vijjadira- 

tonatnum mottalir-puna raani-ppudava-kkana... . nirai-sri-Vi$aiyamun-turai-nir-pPannaiyum 

van-malaiyure . . r-ron-Mabiiyurum al-kadal-agal-sul Mayirudingamuh-galahga-val-vinai Ilahga- 
fcopamun-gopp-uru-nirai-punal Ma-pPappalamuh-gaval-am-puri§ai Mevilibahgamura vilai-ppan-dur- 

udai Vilaippanduran-jjakai-ttakkor pugal talai-tTaklcolamun-di naiMadamalihgatnun-gala- 

mudir-kadun-tiral Nilamuri-desamun-de lil Ma-Nakkavaramun-dodu-kadar-kkaval-kkadu 

murat-Kidaramu-ma-pperun-dandar-konda K6-pParakesaripanmar ana udaiyar sri-Rajentira-S'61a- 

Channapatna Taluq. 187 

Devayku yandu 13 .. Mudigonda-S'61a-muulalattu vada-karai Irajentira-S '61a-vala-nattu-kKilalai- 

nattu Iras§ntira?ihga-5aruppedi-mahgalattu sabhaiyom ivv-ur paramasvamigalukku viri.u- 

kkudutta ndani-avadu kil-park-ellai Mara shaya-deva-battan bumikku nierlckum ten-parkk-ellai 

U .. kka .. .. pulavaymari-vaykkalukki kil sabhai .. ku kidania raunnum kulikku 

kilakkum aga i-nuar-pall-elaikku na.luvu-p itt i ndatu .. li munnuium virru-kkuiiuttom sabhaiyoui in 

ppiunikku vendu yamum stnuratita sabhai ... . ta ... kuduppadarku irai-tiha- 

viyamum Devaridai-kkondu virru-kkudutto n sabhaiyotn ivv-Irajentira-simha-chchatuvvedi-uiah- 

galattu s,il>ha;youi ivv-ur-yaluh-ganattar .... ... kkikKa ..... kkiramavittan magan Ton.uya- 

kkirauiawU.mukku virru-kkudutta nilara-ava 'u kjl-park-ellai ivv-ur-ttiru-mulastanam-udaiyar 
niLttukku me.rkum teu-park-ellai ...kkilakku 


At the same temple, on the west wall to the soubk. 

(Grantka and Tatnil characters) . 

puyatt-iru-nila-valayam tan~mani-ppun-ena-ttahgi-ppan-m mi-kkorra-ve .... .. ga-pperra 

tayihun peni marr-ulav-arai-kalal-arasar tann-a ras? kkuin Vikkalau-raunodu 

vari-sdai-ttada-kkai ma-saman ga-tturatti ahg-avar Vengai-uatt-idai mindum-avar vitta .. .. 

ndu keda-ttakki ma-dmdanayakan S'amundarasanai Sdrr-avan siiattinaiy-aruttu inar 

.. Nag; lai-eiium togaiy-an-jayalai mugattodu mukku verakki pa^ai porudu panbavan- 

dirv-3na kkarudi-pporu-punal-kKudalsa giya Vikkalau S'ihganan enr-ivartam.nodum enn-il- 

samantarai .. . vittu tau-runai-mannarun-tanum pinn-adutt-irundu vada-kadal-e:ia vagu 

ki adal-puri-K6Salai-S'inganai kodi-ppa veh-galirrodu 

,. Ketaraiyan tindhal Maraiyan Irasayan igal . ya poi-kodai .. ri sinua- 

binnan-jeyd i pinnai niudaliy-ana Maduvanan oda viritta talaiyodu )an 

mudaligalana varum a:nar-|j6r-ppanni-ppa^ad-!liut-6.1a nanuiya Ahavamallanum avarkku 

vtn-galirruiai vilakki vagai-kond-ah^-avar ttaramum avar kula-da:iamum sahgun-toh- 

galun-daraiyum pe .. n-samaraiyuni kaga-kkodiyum niakara-toranam ini ottaga-niiaiyum 

u 16ka«aramum Putppa^a-ppidiyum pora-kalirittamu . parittu sey-oli-vira-sihgiJs.inam 

par tolav-eri eld-tarum Ulaga-muhid-udaiyal-odum visai-mani-iiiakuta-veynui .. tti ravi 

Pottappi-ventanai varan u vanai-kalal-Keralan rumai tar-chChananatau tambiyai por-kkalatt-alahgal 
Sul-pasuu-talaiy-anntn polan-galal-Tennanai 3ri-Pallavan magan S'ii;uvanai min-navil-maui-mudi 
Virakesariyai maduvaraiy-onral ulaippittu . . .. ll S eralar-taumodu S'ehgiraiyar-kula'n ver-parint- var-inai ...rjgiri-chchelut I mn-aruh-gilirriu Irattarai-kkavarnta 

kannayal-kalirrodum katti pannu-ppidiyodum-ithg-avar idun-tirai-tanta raindun-jul- 

punal-kondattu kuritta vem-bord dandanayakar-tammil tindiral-Val 

m Vanjippayyanaiyum pilgu-mada-kkaliriu-pPirama-devanaiyum Bandara-T6raiyan-tanna.iyum on- 

diral S'attiyaruianaiyuin 6andivikkirami Pattiyannan-tannaiyum .. . . ttagu teriyal Vi- 

manayan-tannaiyum ma-madi-Vahgaranaiyum na .. .. Gah . Nulambanai-kKadavar-konai mahgul- 
mada-yanai-Vaiytumba-rajanai irun-talaiy-arintu terum-punal ttanadu-kKahgai-ma-nagar tadaittu 

pohga ... varara par-chcheh?61-s^lntti vela-nidivai vilakki nitiyil vira-ttani-kkodi ttiyaga- 

kodiyodum erpavar varug-enru nirpa-ppor-ttold di virr-irundu mev-aru-Manu- 

nei.i-vilakkiy i K6v-Irajakesarevaumar ana udaiyar -ri-Virarajentra-Devarku yandu nala 


At the same temple, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Gahgai-gonda-S'61a-vala ... 1 S'iva-Braramnan BaradivaSi S'ama 

188 Chamiapatna Taluq. 


At the sameplace. 

(Grantha and Tamil characlers). 

ttu Irajeniitra-3'ola-vala-nattu kilalai-na i-kKunamahgalam-udaiyar chChanpaka 


At the sameplace. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti 6ri Thbuvaua-iualla Koner.minkondau ttu Rajendira-S' Kilalai-nattu 



At tlie same place. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters). 

.. . . .. turai-nfVluin tudar-vana-veli-ppadar-VanavaSiyun-julli-chchul-madil-kKollippakkaiyum nan- 

nark-aru-m i .. n-Mannai-kkadakkamu poru-kadal-llatt-araisar-ta-mudiyum fing-avar-cleviyar ohg- 

elil-mudiyuin munn-avar-pakka ... var vaitta su yum Intiran-aramum ti ndirai-Ila- 

mandala-;n:il ivalum eri-padai-kKeralan mu ... v-aran-karu 

mudiyum bayaiigodu pali raiga Muyahgiyil mud i». tt-olitta Jayasihgan filapperuni-pugalodum pid-iyil- 

Irattapadiy-eliray-il;ikkamum nava-ne-kkula-pperu-mal .ligalu rna ppeiun-tan Ko-pPara- 

ke.ianvanmir ana pri-frajentra-5'6li-D§varku yandu 3 avadu Mudigonda-S'61a-niandalat ... 

.. nnudaiya pahgu mu irdura oru-pangu nan kalluvitta kula-kkarai Durkeyarku dAra-purvam-aga- 

kkudutta pari ta ennudaiya iiandam-ittile laichchittu ga-kkudutta kuh 300 

rum i-tTurkaiyar-koyilil si agappada kuli 15 m kirama- 

vittan tot^attukkun . ka iiivira nirna iraiy-ilichchi-kkuduttom sabhaiyom i- 

nnilattal vanta suvami-bkogattal va vittana nellu enbadm-kalam i-in-llu ttukkum vaitta 

nivantam-^vadu i-tTurkaiya.rkura sa kkn-ttiruvnmu ... risi liyinal vanta nellu 

vaitta nellu ney-enuai naliyinukku n>>\ ppadakk-Aga vaitta nellu padinain-galamum 

., rpadi aradippanu llu aiy-naliy-aga 6:r-'itta kku vaitta uellu padinen-kalaney-iru-tuni-kkuru- 

niyum padi ttu ... .. nkalane-tuui-kkuruniyuni aga i-pparisu i-tTurkaiyarku 

santiraditta . £eyit-i-chehila lekai kalhl vettineii iv-ur ; achcha-Asariy-ana Murinurruva 

Karunakara-asariyaouna lvai e tu 


At the same hlace. 

(Grantha aiid Tamil characters) ■ 

svasti .iri Malavur ana Raeutrasimha-saturvedi-maugalatt i yalun-ganatta ruj Arigippurattu Tiru- 
varahgamali-bhattan ana S'riramgadasan ena ivv-ur sri-Kaiyilasam-udaiyarkku-ttiru-ppaJli-eluchchi 
sandiradita-vara sellakkadavad-aga S'iddati-samvai;charattu Katigai-masain i-kkoyil kaniyalar S'i- 
valokam-udaiyan vasinnum Deva-ppil}ai vasamum knduta ga 1 ikkachchanam 1 .. poli.. yale nittam 
oru-kulaga-arisi amudupadi sellakkadavud-iga tiru-ppali-elichchikku kudutten iv-iruvar vasitilum 
tiru-nundavilakku kudutta ga 1 Swd^-vilakkuku kudutta panam 5 i-kkachchinam mu. . ..nam anjj 
. . polisayale sandiraditta-vara sidiakkadavid a,M i-t'.r i nandavijakkum i- ;hchatidi-v4 ikkum Sella- 
kkadavid-aga i-tta.imam mahajana munuaga i-kkoydil S^a-Birnnanar v,i§ m-gudutte.i Yirahgada- 

.. nena yi-ttamattukku alivu-ninaittan G(rigai-kk; raiyil kura -u.... kctLjftn pavan-golvan 


Channapatna Taluq. 189 


At the same place. 

{Grantha and Tamil characters) 


sri Naduvil-nattu Mudiyur-udai-cn«'hiyar Avadaiyandi Malavur sri-Kayilasam-udai Mana- 

devarku sandhi-vilakku vaittapadi koyil pujikkira Tillainayakan-bhattxn-pakkale Virodhi. 

samvatsaruttii-tTai-masa-mudal naln-pauaui :iiigat-pa ttikku-kkuduttu i-ppagava 

idakka . . .. r 


At the sam6 place. 

CGranlha and Tamil characlers). 

kkiyun-terku nokkiyum pona vaykkalukku vadakluim kilakkum vada-park-ella* 

Kalakkolil kilakku nokki-ppcma vaykkalukku i-'inal-ppall-«41aikkuni naduvu-patta 

nilau-guL nurru-nalu i-nnilam ivv-ur ^ri-Kaiyi daiya-paramasvami.ijalukku-ttiru-nunta- 

vilakkukk-aga i-nnilam sabhaiyar-idai Iwaykki-tTmaiy-kkiramavitta'i vilai-koud i i-nnilalial vanta 

kre-draivyaraum irai-draivyamum santira sabhaiyome irai iruttu-kkuduppad-aga 

Ivvaykki-tTonaiy-kkira.naviuan .. .. du sabhaiyomv santiriiditt i-v^ra i-bhumikku epper- 

ppatta iraivum lttu-kivuduppad-anom sabhaiyom i-nnilam sii Kaiyilasam-ud uya-param asvfHmigal ai 
aradinpare tan vendutn payir-chedu murruhtum anubavittu i-itiiu-nuntavilakku muttamai uisatam 

fiali-ulakk-onnaiy mu. ..nuntavilakku erikka-kkadavargal-a^avum i-ppari-su iila-lekai-sedu 

kudutto n sabhaiyo n i-ddhanmam sabhaiyome rakshippom-agavum i-ddhanmam sri Mahesvara-rakshai 
ivv-lraieiitrasMiiha-chchatuvvedi-inangalattu babhaiyon ivv-ur yaluit-ganattarul Iwaiykki-kKauak- 

kainil-kkiramavittan magan Konaimagan e . nritiiiurrukk-adutta nilam-avadu i-nnilatt- 

ukku lul-park-elai Pulava . laveri-kkalin-ninru terku-nokki ppona punarkkalukku merkkum tou- 
park-ellai -kkal inerk.-nokk.-ppona vaykkilukku vadakkum tuel-park-e(ke)llai ur-mlattidvku-kkil&k- 
kum vada-pai k-ellai arakkal-kkolal merku-uokki-ppona kalukku-tterkum i-nnal-ppall-ellaikkum 
naduvu-pa . . . • - • nilam kuli nu.rr-irupa'ta : yntu i-nnurjr-iiupattaiyntu kulivinn ivv-ur Appira., 
nieva-Vinnagar-alvarkku maddiiyamttukku nisatam iru-nali-aiHi tiruvamidukkum tinsal naliy neyy- 
amuduku ... - L.. yay kondu i,i ataraum tiruvarnudukku muttamai ida . . . nn.agavum i-nnilam 
sabhaivar idai Iwaykki-tTonaiy-kkiramavittan vilai-kondu i-nnilattal vanta kre-draivyamum irai. 
draivyamum Iw;,ykki-t,Touaiy-kkiiamavitt m-idai ara-kkondu sabhaiyome santiraditta-vara i-bhum. 
ikku vantairai eppeippattadum iruttu kuduppom-anoinsabhaiyo.n l-nnilam Appiraineya-Vinnagar-alv- 
arai aradippare tan vendum payir-§eydti inurruttum anui-havittu i-ttiruvamudu . i-nneyy amudu 
nis.ita. . amudu-3eyvikkakkadav'ir-agavum ippadikn sila-lekai-seydu kuduttom sabhaiyom i-ddhanmam 

sabhaiyome rakshippom-anom Alvar aruluchcheya ivv-amudu-seydu tiru-ppari i- 

ttirukkoyilodum adainta Karumanikkam-ennum .. nantavAuam ulakka-kkadavarkke nivantam-aga 

Al dittar idu sri-Vaiyisbnava-rakshai i-ddhanmam iranduin rakshikkum sn-Mahesvara-sri- 

padaugalum sri-Vaishnavar-sri-padangalum en-srisin-melana sabhai panikka i-kkallil eluttu-vettinen 
iw-ur-'aohcha-asiriyan ana ?>?un Karunakara. . s «riyauena enn-eluttu 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil choracters), 

svasti sri S'riimikha-samvatsaram S'61a-manla .... Narayani-kkiramavitta nilam a 

ponn-ara ittu mann-ara-kkondu 

. 48 

]90 Channapatna Taluq. 


At the same temple, on tlie south basement 

(Orantha and Tamil eharaetersj . 

svasti sri Malavui- aua Rajeiidrasknha-chchaturvedi-mangalattu ase6ha-maha-janahgalom Satyan- 
anda-devar magan Nilakanta-devarku Manrnadha-samvarsarattu Masi-madam lrupattu-onran- 

diyadi munnal Aprameya-pperumaitiru-kolan jikattale semah-gilambuga'yil i-ttirukkolahgal 

midatale Nilakanta devar nginaga 130i-ppon nuril-inuppadukkumivanukku-chchandraditya- 

varai kudingaiy-a tta tittu-tteruvil ten-si.ragir-K6madattu-kkond;ir maligai manai 

munviDal a-mnuippadum Arasauiettile Padagattu-chChihgapperuma} ka.nakku-ite.rkadaiy-kkalani 
kuli ... . nuruin ivai i-prakarattukku ^ila-sasanam-iianni-kkuduttom asesh«-maha-ja 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters), 

Yallala-Devar ...srimanu-maha-pradhanan Ahgi 


At the same place. 
(Qrantha and Tamd charactersj. 

1 < .rreya-p; avaiyuni sir-ttani-chchelviyum tau peruu-deviyar-akkiy-iub-ura nedu-tujir-uiivul 

Idaiunai-naduu-dudar-vana-veli-ppadar- Vanavasiyuin sulli-chchul-niadil-Kollippakkaiyuin narnark- 


aru-muran-Mannai-kkadakkaniuin poru-kadal-Ilatt-araijar-ta-mudiyuui ahg-avar-deviyai-ong-tlil- 
mudiyum munn avar-pakkarjennavan vaitta suntara-tnudiyum Intiran-aramum tendiiaiy-lia-mauda- 
la-muluvadu. ..... ttol-peruh-gaval-pala-palan-tivuin seruviral-siuavil irupattotu-kai araisugalai katta 

Paras\naman mel-varun-Jantimarriv-arani-kaiudiy-iruttiya sem-bor Tuu-ttagu-mudiyum bayah- 
godu pali miga Muyahgiyil mudug-itt olitta Jayasmgan alapperum-pugalpdu pid-iyal-Irattapadiy- 
elaraiy-ilakkamum nava.nedi-kkula-pperu-malaigalum Vikk>rama-vira Sakkiragottamu mudirai 

yada-vallai Madurai-mandala ..... ..midai .. nagaravuyil santiran-tol-kulatt-Intiraviratana- 

vi)aiy-amar-kkalattu-kkilaiyodum pidittu-ppala-sa ttodu pirai-kula-dana-kkuvaiyumn-gitt-aruii- 

ieii-mulaiy-Otta-vishaiyamum pusura-fier-nal-kKosalai-nadun-Tamnapalanai vem-muuai alittu vand- 
urai-solai-tTandabuttiyum Iranas-uranai muian-uca-ttakki-ttikk-anai-kkitti-trakkana-Ladainuh-CTOvi 

ntasauran mav-ilitt-oda-ttahgada saral VahgaJadeS ;mun-todu-ka yum alai-kadal- 

naduvir-pala-kalah-jelutti-chCliangirama-viiaiyortun fa-p inm.ui afiya Kidaratt-at aiyauai vagaiy- 
ani-poru-kadal-kumba-kkariyodum agappadutt-uriinaiyir-p ru-nedi-ppirakkatnurn artt-avann-aga- 
naga-ppor-ttolil-vasalil Vidyadhara-ttoranamum moyit-alu -punai-mani-ppudalvamum kana-mani- 
kkadavamuin nirai-sri-Vijaiyamuni turai-tiir-pPannaiyuni van-m.tlai reyirrun-Malaiyurum al-kadal- 

agajUul-Mayirudihgamum kalah .. . naiy-Iianga pugal tala ; -trakkolamum kida- 

mavah-vinai Maiamabhgamum Ilimui-desamum tenakkalar-polil Ma-Nakka- 
varanum todu-kadal-kaval kadu-murat-Kidaramuin nia-pperiin-tandar-konda K6-pParakesaripanmar 
ana udaiyar sri-Rajentra-S'61a-Devarkku yandu 18 iv;idu Mudignnda-^'61a-mandalattii Kilaiai-nattu 
reriya-Malwur ana Rajentrasimha-chaturvedi-uiangala 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

arulA.ui.rka Vibhava-sammatsara't i Sitti ara ittu n:ann-nra-kkondu 

sandiradita . . . . 

Channapatna Taluq. 191 


On the south wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characteri). 

Mudigonda-S'61a.raandalattu Karikala-S'61a-vala,-uattu Periy.i-Mal ivur Rajendrasimha-chchat " 

uvvedi-mangalattu Rajeiulrasimha-isvaram-udaiyar koyilil 3'61a-mandalattu Arumoli .... ... 

.. . . y-ana S'ivanana Gaudarachtta napatigal Rajaraia ....Ji va... elund-aru- 

Juvitta-Uma sahita Gandaraditta .. vidingar .. ya .. vilai-kuduttu 

irai . . chchi n kaj[ani lippallattil lam kil-park-ellai Raje- 

ntira-S'61a va ve nda-Sola-Brahmadhirajar Vlra 

... rnet vayk .. lukku . . ... terkum .. .. ■ 

koyilile simheavaram-u kku kudutta mlamum lvan vara-ttavasam 

m anubhavittu v. unn-i.rai .. . . ta ku-kKurikkimalai-pputtai . ...ppu 

munnuium aga-kkuli na raiy-ilichchi kachchanam pannirandn 

ponn-ara-kko Malavu ... daiyar Narayanan Kida .... Vijayapalan 

ivv-ur .... 200 . ta . . vi y-ara kondu . rai udaiya-p 

ngolal vittan 


At the same place. 

(Granlha and Tamil charaeters.J 

svasti sri inta lnandapamaii-jevittan kKarikkudaiyar-tTillaikkiittan 


At the same village, on the soath hasement of the Apramiyasvdmi tempte. 

( Graniha and Tamil charactersj 

svasti sri Rajendrasimha-chchatiirvedi-maiigalam ana Periya-Malavur prahara . ttukku Brahmana- 
ttavudaiy-dlai tavudaikku idam-kuduttar undagil Gamgai-kkaraiyile go-Brahmanarai vadhitta 
patakam-anubhavikkakkadavargal ippadikku sri-Aprameya-pperuma]. 


At the same temple, on the south ivall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters.) 

svasti sri Mudigonda-Sola-mandalattu Malavur ana Rajentirasihga-chchaturvedi- 

mangala eluchchikku santiraditta-vala selvad-agavum Pingala Vaugippurattu- 

tTiruvarang;imaJi-battan kulaga-arisi amudupadi 6elvad-aga kn-iutta ko m 

nambimarum anusandittu mchcha oru-kulaga-arisi 1 munnaga Appirameya-pperu 

... selvad-aga .. .. ttiru-nandavilakku 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj. 

.. .. meya-ppeiumaiu lun-ganattarul Kattigai-ma 1 nan kudutta 

mudupadi chantira adai seluttakkada . tu si ttagal .... 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters). 

svasti sri Malavur ana Bajentiasihga-satu Appirameya-pperuraal-koyille kutta-kku .. 

sahvarchcharattu Tai-masa-mudal inta Appira ttasa itiruppacji- 

marrukku inta Appirame 

192 Channapatna Taluq. 


At the same place. 

(Tamil and Granthu characters.) 

svasti £ri Malavur Appirameya-a.lvarkku ttu tiru-nantavilakkukk-aga Appirameya- 

nambiyar 3 yi-kkachcha, ttale santiradi 


At the same e, on tlic north wall. 

(Oraatha and Tamil characiers). 

ndu irupattu-munvavadu Mudigorida-S'61a-manda!attu Iraseiitira-S'61a-va]a-nattu Kilalai 

nattu Iraseiuirasinga-chchaturvedi-man maha-sabai vattil 

ugant-aruliya Manaval-alvavkku aal-amudupadikku vitta i-tumbile me.-.kadaiy rnev-pavk- 

ellai Sola-Pandiya-vaykkalukku kilakku terku nokki rkkuni vada-park- 

ellai Komapu.valtu Damodaran nilattukku tevkkum i T nuav-pavk-el . sVmanikka-vaykka- 

lukku kikikkum patta nilam na nam-aga iv-ur-kkolal kuli 140 idanukku kilak- 

kil Mambalai mel -park-ellai Sola vkkum teu-par .. .. lai ku .. vi .. .. vadakkum i-nnav- 

pavk-ellaikku naduvul pntta nilam iv-uv-kolal kuli 120 kalavaipalaikku mel-pavk-ellai 

vk-ellai Nimbayanu kku naduvul patt;i nilam iv-uv-kolal kuji 120 i-ttiru-muriatil uganta 

mbilhukku nangal ;imudupadikku vitta na vaykkalukku ter 1 terkku 

nokki pona vaykkalukku kilakku nokki | 6ia vaykkalukkum ur-nilattukku merkkiun ten-rark- 
e...i;kku uokki poua vaykkalukku tevkkum ... kku kilakkum .. pavk-ellai mevkku 


At the same flace. 

(Grantha and Tamil eharacters ) . 

laikku vay ... tu tu iv-ur Appirame 

tu Kondangi pavkk-ellai i , lattukku tev 

lai Madur5,nt:ika-va . .... kolal kuli 


At the mmetemple, on the north hasemcnt. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti sri Malavur ana Irajendrasiinha-clichatuivedi-maiigalattu asesha-maha-janamgalom Sid- 

dhatthi-sa sarar,tu Adi-masa vyavasthai-pannina padi iv-uril grihamgal-ullavai 

kshetram nashta ajiia lum grihamga trattodu upatuiy-aga ajfia- 

krayam-idakkadavoin-allav-agavum grihamgal sa jya . yagai ga . . tti 

l e ko panukku a-cmandrarkka-sthayiy-aga-chcheilakkadavad-agavum i-dharmmatukku ati- 

lamghanam-paninar unda^il Garaga-tiratte g6-Brahmai.<arai-kkonra pata pe-kkadavargal 

kkadavom ippadikku iiv-oppam sri-Aprameya 


At the banie place. 

(Qrantha and Tainil characters-J 

asesha-maha-senangalukku Satyananta-svamigal magau Nilakanta-devar Vam samvat .. .. tu 

V > .^S-masam erigandikku kudutta ga .. 5 m m ga 260 m aga ivanukku aprishtam-aga 

Uuduttan mun-nal lvanukku narigaj sarvamanya-nimannyam-akka vitta griha-kshetrangalukku van- 
da ad karigalukku vishamafi-jonnargal undagil kalimku nir paynmpodu yivar kalanikku nir-paya- 
kadavad-aga kalanikkum 

Channapatna Taluq. 193 


At ihe same place. 

( Qrantha and Tckmil characters.) 

simha-chchaturvedi-maugalattu Aprameya-pSruraahikku svasti srimat Madakkudi Nana- 

mutti-devarenaivv-uril Apraraeya-peruraajukku Vilambi-samvarsarattu Avani-iuasa-mudal Sandi-vilak- 
kuku kudutta panam 5 i-ppanam anjukkum tingal aivv-ulakku-ennai polisai polivad-agavum po...ra . 
tiruv-arathanam-pannuvare tiru-vijakku Seluttakkadavargal-agavum ippadi isaindu kudutten Madak- 
kudi Nanamutti-devarena i-dhammattukku aniSayam-ninaippar Gamgai-kkaraiyil kkural-ppasuvai- 
kkon van-papam-kojvar aram-aravark-a 


At the same village, on a stone in Ghahravarti G6pdl£ch&rya , s garden. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanairayam prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja radhisvara Maleraja 

kadana-prachanda nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyis ana sri-Vishnuvarddhana 

sn-vira-Ballala-Devaru sakala-pritvi-rajyam geyutt lralu Sakabda 1249 ne vartamanadav Akshaya- 
samvatsarada Kartika-su ... mi sriman-maha-pradhanam ... Surai-damiayakara makkalu Singova- 
dannayakara asraya-adhikari Permmadi ane-vairi Madanachari Madanangal adhikaradalu Mudi- 
gondachola-mandalada .... mahasraraada srimad-anadi-agraharam Hiriya-Majavurada sri- 
Rajendrasimha-chaturvedimangalada srimad-asesha-maha]'anangaUi sriman -maha-vaddabyavahari- 

ga}u Nana-Desi-nakhara mandaguddali sarva-desa nada sarvarige 

kotta niyama-sasanada kramav entendode (rest contain details, which are much effaced) 


At ihe same village, on a stone near the Vtrdchdri's house in the 3rd street. 

subham astu Prajotpatti-samvatsarada Pushya-su 10lu Sriman-maharajadhiraja sri-vira-pratapa 
sri-vira-bhuja-bala Tirumala-Raya-Deva-maharayarugaJu danuayaka-Narasappayyanavara karya- 
kartarada Hamparasayyanavaru Malaliira Appanna-hebaruva | Pajagoda Timmana-hebaruva yivar- 
ojagada Hebaru Majalura janarugalige kotta-§ila-Sasana-kramav entendare | nidu ........ 

manya-gadde bhiimi kodagi-gadde .... liruvu udu | kattu-madiruva chakrana ga 4 aksharadalu naku 

varaha yidakke kotta-kodage Lingana 


At the same viUage, on the south pillar in (ront of the G6pdlasvdmi temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil chatacters). 

svasti sri Tirumayilappuril Tiruvirunda-peruma „i rra *• .. *. .. 

m 6ai 


At the sameplaee, on the north pillar. 
(Orantha and Tamil eharactersj 

svasti sri G-undur S'uriya-devar seyvitta tun 


At the same place, on the front pillar. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Odalan S'61an Mutti-pillai seyivitta tun 

194 Channapatna Talnq. 


A t the same temple, on the upper south beam of the Rangamantapa. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters), 

vasti sri Tirumayilappfiril Tiruvirunda-perumaJ samaippitta dhamma inda uttaram 


A t the same place, on the upper beam. 

(Granthaand Tamil charaeters). 

svasti sri Punganfiril Rayappa-setti magan Nilappa-s-ttiyar dhammam indav-uttiram. 


At the same place, on the beam of the south atikana, 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Irungaudi-p Purushottaman dhammam inda uttiram. 


At the same place, on the south front pillar ; 

(Grantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti sri Pavftr S'6mannan seyvitta tfin. 


At K&dlHtr {same hobli), on a stone near the entranee of the cooh room ofthe Rdmadiva temple. 

sri-Rama svasti sri-vijayabhyudaya S'alivahana-saka-varushahgaju 1751 ne sanda-vartamanavada 

Sarvadhari-nama-sam 1 S'ravana-suda 2 Mangalavaradallu KanakanahaJJi Vehkatalakshmiyu 

Kfidlfiru 6ri-Ramasvamiyavara devastana sri-Ramanavami-utsavada katle nadeyuvante Kfidlfiru 

sanabhaga-Kapampataiyanavarinda kraya-lah Ihavagi banda Mattikada tengina totavannu voppisi- 


At the same temple t on the south side ofthe entrance to the east. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

evasti £ri samasta-prasasti-eahita firimanu-maha-mandajesvara Tribuvana-malla Talaikkadu Kongu 
Nangili Koyarrur Gangapadi Nulambapadi Uchchanei PAnahgal Vanavaii Pala&gai-pannijchayira- 
muh-gond-arujina sri-Vishnuvardd ina asahaya-$ui\i vira-vijaiya-VallaJa-Devan pirutuvi-rachchiyam- 
panniy-arujugira Mudigonda-Sola-mandalattu Rajentra-S'61a-vaJa-nattu-kKilalai 


At the same tcmple, on the south wall. 

(Grantha and characters) . 

svasti sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Ra;,entira-S'6la-vaJa-nattu Rajaraja-chchatungalattu tiru- 

mer-koyil Sargunarama-pperumajukku iw-firil irukkum i nila-pparivarttanai-panni- 

kkudutta parisavadu Raksha-simmarsarattu Purattadi-masa Budan-kilamaiyum perra 

Magattu naj Minukkahgiraiyil kollai-nilam-ay tini-nantavanam vi ..... ku fir-kkalaniyile 

kilai irandam ittile nang-and-udaiya Surasarambi Uyyak r-cnbadum i-Sargunararaa- 

pperumajukku i-ttiru-murrattu S'rivayishnavarum asesha-maba-ja dfir S'ihga-pperumal- 


tiru-murrattn S'rivayi»mnavarum ariya vittSn Ambalfir-kkaliyay ha 

Channapatna Taluq. 195 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characfers). 

8 vasti 8>i Kiidalu Rajaraja-cbchaturvedi-mahgalattu Sa.rkunarama-pperumalu 

madappuiah-guli ... i-kkuli aififiu.rum tirutti-chchantiraditta-vara selvad galappadi- 

udaiyan Tirumalapadi Rajasihganena. 


At the same temple, on the south basement. 

( Grantha nnd Tamil characters) 

svasti sri Miul:gonda«S'6ja-vala-nattu Kilalai-nattu Kudalur ana Kajaraja-satuipedi-mahgalattu 
asesha-maha-jenahgalom .. ntana-samarchcharattu S'ittirai-ma£am S'ashti vira-Narasinga-Devar 

pituvi-rajya vundikkai marakka gamuudu-kuduttu ivanukku 

purva-mariyadi kudangai kuyyal aga ku kudangaikku mejrku kollai kuli nanflru 

mauai-nilaiyum sandiraditta-vara vom asesha-maha-jauahga 


At the same place. 

(Qrantha and Tamil tharaciers) % 

svasti sri i-kkoyilil Manavajaraman . . . mesa-pperumalai elunt-aruluvittan agammi ...ja-suriya-s- 
auri-pandita-pada-pujyan aua Tirunarayana-bhattan 


At the same vtllage, on a stone infront of Dodda-Yalle-gauda' s house. 

8 vasti Sri vijayabhyudaya S'alivahana-6aka-varushahgalu 1689 ne sanda vartamanavada Sarvajitu-na- 
ma-saravatsarada Sravana Su 10 lu Srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesVara praudha-pratapa vira-nara- 
pati | ma ra, | Navabu Haidar Ali Khan Bhadar.ivaru pritvi-sambrajyam geyuttiralu ha i Saidu Ma- 
hammadu Akala S'a Khadriyavarige barasikotta-dharma-paravanige-kramav entendare | nivu maduva 
pakirara dharmakke Channapattana-sthalada Kudluru-gramavannu nimage yinamagi kodisi sila-pra- 
tishthe-madisi kodisi yiruvadarinda yi-gramakke saluva upagrama yalle chatus-sime-madhyadalli 
go-padad agala bhumi nilladante nivu nimma putra-paramparyav agi a-chandrarka-stayigalagi sukha- 
dim anubhavisikoudu baralujlavaru yandu barasikotta-dharmraa-paravauu yi-Kudluru gramada pat- 
tana (imprecatory phrases) 


A t the same village, on the west basement of the Mahgalehara teniple. 

(Grantha and Tamil c7iaracters). 

svasti 6ii Kiidalur ana Rajaraja-chchaturvedi-mahgalattu MahgalisVaram ana VallaliSvara-udaiyarku 
Kacbnhulan magan Maniyandanena Santi-vilakkukku ltta . . 4 santiradita-vara selvad-aga vitten 


At the satne temple, on the north basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti Sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Rajantra-Sola-vala-nattu-kKilai-nattu-kKudalur aua Rajaraja- 
chchaturvedi-mahgalattu udaiyar MahgaliSvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku oru sandi-vilakku sandira,- 
ditta-varai selvad-aga vaiytten Purushamanikka-sjtti . . ti Maraiyyanena panam muina-araiyum i- 
ttarmattukku agitam-ninaippan Gehgai-karaiyil ku 

196 Channapatna Taluq. 


At the same place, 

(Granfha and Taiwl characters). 

S'aka 1334 n iriel Sellaninra Panmathi-samvatsarattu . . 


At the saine tetnple t on ihe west basement to the south af the entrance, 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri ldangai-ma-£enaikku-chchenapati S'araanta-Mipdandi na Manahir arrukku- 

kkilakku natta tichchakula-kkallukk-utppatta punsey ni 


At the same temple, on the north outer basement. 

(Grantha and Tamil charattets). 

svasti sri Kudalur ana Rajaraja-Saturvedi-mangalattu udaiyar Vallalisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku 

lla Eyurpuduvulan a.. ndanena Santi-vi}akkukkum itta .. 4 i-ppana 4 Santiraditta- 

varai selvad-aga vitten 


At the same place. 

{Grantka and Tamil characters), 

svasti sri Kiidalur ana Rajaraja-chchaturvedi-mangalattu VallalisVaram-udaiya Mahadevajrkku .. 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaetera), 

svasti sri Muilia;onda-S'6la-mandalattu Ra]entra-S'61a-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu Kudalur ana Raja- 

raja-chchaturvedi-maugalattu udaiyar Maugalisvaram-udaiya Mah "idevarku nitta vam S'aa- 

trasekara-devarai elunt-aruluvittan 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Mud gonda-SoJa-mandalattu Rajentra-S'61a-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu-kKudalur ana Raja- 
raja-chchaturvedi-mangalattu udaiyar MangatfSvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku Tiruvalangad-udaiyar 
magan S'embondiyagiyena santi-vilakku itta pana munr-araiyum nitta .... vam Santiraditta-varai 
selvad-aga vitten 


At the same place. 

( Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti sri Mudigonda-S'6la-mandalattu Rajentra-S'61a-vaJa-nattu-kKilalai-nattu-kKudalur ana Raia- 
raja-chchaturvedi-mangalattu udaiyar MangaliSvaram-udaiya Mabadevarku-tTottangilan S'angauda- 
nena itta pana munr-araiyum nitta-ttavara santi-vilakku santiraditta-varai selvad-aga vit|en 

Channapatna Taluq. 197 


At the same temple, on the south basement. 

(Qruntha and Tamil charactersj. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya Sri-pri barajalhiraja parauiesyara parama ravati- 

pura-varadhisVara Yadava-kulambara-dvimani sarvajna-chudamani malai raja- raja malai .... la- 

ganda gaudabherunda gadana ba-kandhirava Magara-rajya-ninmmulana Pandya .... 

... • ...jya-prathi VisVavasu-samvaehcharattu ni-ki|amai-naj Mu .. gonda- 

S'61a-mandala ... udaiyar Vallalisva ............... devarku dupadi 


At the same temple, on the north basement. 
(Qruntha and Tamil characters). 

svasti hita maha-mandalesvara Tribuvana-malla ..... Koyarrur Uchchangi 

vira-Vallala-Deva sri Kudaliir ana Rajaraja-chchaturvedi ... 

ram-udaiya Mahadevarku ttara-chchenapati magan Vayira tiru- 

nantavilakku ro.likkirutu-iamvachcharattu-pPangani-masa-mudal-aga vitta ira 

iru-uurru-narpaduku itta 


At the same temple, on the south outer basement. 

(Qrantha and TamU charactersj* 

svasti Sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Rajentra-S'61a-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu Kudalur ana Raja- 
raja-saturvedi-mahgalattu udaiyar Mahgalisvaram-udaiyarkku S'6lapambar-kkilan Udaiyandanena 
6anti-vi]akkukku itta . 3£ 


At the sameplace. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charactersj. 

. Pumandi-nayakkanum Iru Sakkaya-nayakanum m-udaiya 



To ihe west of the same temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil charaetersj. 

deva-danam-aga vittom Kilaladiraja ..... .. devanu chchi-devanum i- 

ttanmattu ... . diy-aga-ttara-purvam panni-kkudut yandfir ana Viraba lira-ppillai 


At Malurpatna (same hdbli), on ihe south outer ivall of the Ndrdy inasvdmi temple to the west. 

(Grantha aud Tamil eharacters). 

svasti sri Ko-pParakeiari-panmar aua sri-EAjendira-S 6la-Devavku yandu munravadu Kilalaiy-nattu 

Manalur-ppal Nigarili-S'6lapurattu nda-S'61a-Vinnagar-alvarkku Punganur ana Tirayi- 

lokkiyamadevi-chchaturppeli-mangalattu devadana iraiy-iliv-asta §andirklitta-va ..... 
kudutta nilattukku Manalur-eriyin-ninvum nir-pachcliikkoHa sandiraditta-vala nir paya udaka-piirv- 
van-jeydu knduttom Manalur urkku simanda Kottayan Uttamaa aua S^^Vichchidira-gamun- 


198 Ckannapatna Taluq. 

dauum Idava-gamupdanum ullitta urom i-nnir-payaraal taduttaraiy a ; y.nbid inkalauju poa manri 
iruppiyttum nir-paytti kkolvad-aga ittu-kkuduttom . ...lakku ............ k-ellai .. ..... vada- 

park-ellai Manaltir ... la pallam agappatta e ..... .. kum ten-park- 

ellai lu.rellaikkume.rku kalum lam Jayahgonda- 

S'ola I •• raja talai S'61a-V;chchadira-gamundanum 

Idava-gamundanum ullitta urom ivargal 6olla eludineu S'6la-Vichcha<lira-gamundan kanmi Velli- 
yannannena ivai enn-eluttu Hari..,.. .< 


At the same temjple, on the west wall. 

(Oranthaand Tamil charaeters). 

svasti sii Tuu-magal pola-pperu-Nila-chchelviyun-danakkey-urimai pundamaiy ma na-kkola-kKanda. 
lur-S'alai kalam-arutt-aruliy Vehgai-naduh-Gahgapadiyun-Nulambapadiyun-Dad igaivaliyum Ku- 


damalai-naduh-Gollamun-Galihgamum murattolir-Chihgalar Ila-mandalamum Irattapadi-elarai- 
ilakkamum munnir-ppalan-divu pannir-ayiramum tindiral-veuri-ttandar-kkondu tann-elil valar- 
u.liyulJ-eUa-yandum tolu-tagaiy vilaiigum yandey S eliyarai-ttesu-kol sri Kovlrajarajakesari-pan- 
mar aua Irajaraja-Devarkku yandu 23 avadu Gahgapadi-kKilitlai-nattu -pPeriya-MalavGr analrajan- 
dira^ih^a-chchaturppediy-mangalattu sabhaiyom i-nnattu Manalur-ppal Nigarili-S'6lapurattu Ja- 
yangonda S'6la-Vipna jar-alvax pirutish^ai-seyda naj nangal i-ttevar koyilukkey kutta-kkuraiv-ara- 
kkudiy-irundu Jayangonda-S'6la-Vinpagar-alvarkku nangal udaka-parvvam seyda parisi Jayahgop- 
da-S'6lan raarak!<al<*>d-okku nali Jayah<*onda-S'6Iana! nisatara iru-nali arisi tiruvamirdu-kkudutta 
nilam mu-kkandugara i-nnilam mu-kkaudugamum Madeva battar magan S'ahkara-kkiramavittar 
dasakkattu mer-kkadaiy vadakkd tumbil kilakku nokki ponda vaykkalukku vadakku Odappurai Da- 
modira-kkiramavittar bumikku terkku eri-karaikku kilakku i-nnang-ellaikku utpatta nila-mu-kkan- 

dugamum nahgaley ujudu payir-Aeydu ko hgonda-S'61an-ennu-raarakkalal nellu-ppadi- 

nen-kalane iru-tuni-kkuruniyum niraxhch-alavu tiiya nel Jayahgouda-SVda-Vipnagar-alvar sri- 
"oyilukkey kodu-vand-alandu attuvad-aga sandiraditta-vara sas>at,ikam-aga inda sasanara Jayau- 
gonda-Sola-Vinnagar-alvarku seydu kuduttom . . Periya-Malavur ana Irajendirasihga-chcharup- 
pedi-raahgalattu sabhaiyom i-nnila-mu-kkandugamum i-ttevar-kanrnigale ^uttu-kkadanukkum varat- 
tukkum aduu.uUolla-ppera otti-kkuduttom sabhaiyom sabhai panikka inda sifanam-eludinen ivv- 
ur kan» tan Gandan Gandaradittanena ivai enn-elattu 


At the same temple, on the north wall. 

(Oranfha and Tamil charaeters). 

svasti sri K6-pParakesari-varnmar aoa sri-najentra-S^ola-Deyarku yandu 3 avadu Gahgapadi-kKila- 
lai-nattu Vnpdur aoa S'6k-madevi-chcharuppedi-maogalattu Vachcha-gottirattu-pPa .. .. chcbaya- 
num Kausika-gottirattu Subrahmapi-kkiramavittanum Bharatduvaja-gottiiattu Vishyayanum 
Attireya-gottirattu Jannaya-kkiramavittanura Bharattuvaja-gottirattu" Madisiidanaiyanum Vachcha- 
gott ; rattu Divakarayanuu KauSika-gottirattu Kumarayanum ullitta sal>hai}6u-gaitt-ittu i-unattu 
Manalur-ppa! Nigarili-S'61ipiuattu Jayahgonla-S'61i-Vinnagara-ttevar d^a-kanmigal kaiyyal i- 
ttevar sri-bandarattil j angal kondu kad.iva neliu inudal Jayahgond t-S olan marakkalal.. munnurru- 
irupadin-kalamuh-gonlu kalav6m konda p;ir;S\vadu oivrattaikku kalattu vay .. mu-kkuruni-aru- 
rali ppa!isaiy-\ga po!indu v\^di nellu nurrn-kkalamatn i-nelu payyaoa^i veliya oelu aimbadin- 
kalamum kod »iyil kariya oelu aimbadia-kalamum a .. ourru-kkalamuni yan(lu 3 avadu mudal 

Channapatna Taluq. 199 

saudiraditta-vara ka.r-padar se ... ttala mulai madi nikki-kkuttil vedumbadan niraichch-alavu tu.- 
nellu i-ttevar tiru-murrattile kodu vandu Jayangonda-S'61an marakkalale alandu attuvad-agavum 
inda nelu tanda-vandarkku uaey-kkandu nisatam iran ... kuduppa i-a^avum nirum neruppuin 
pugatnai-ttaduttum va .. naittum tandi-kkoUa-pperuvargal-agavum taduttu-kketta- 
du taduttal mell-edutad-agavum i-naellu-chchandiraditta-vara seluttom-agil i-ttanmam-rakshikka - 
kkadava Srivaiyishnavarum Tiraiyayirattu Ainuurruvarumm-iraiy-ili ayira-kkal.ahju pon manrf 
iruppittum sandiraditta-vara seluttuvittu-kkolla-pperuvargal-agavam i-ppari<-otti Jayahgonda 
S'61a-Vinnagar-alvar bandarattile kodu-s;nri 6r-andu imrru-kkalam-a^a-chchandiraditta-vara nel 
at^a-kkadavom-aga otti-kkaitt-ittu-kkuduttom i-ttevar-kaomigalukku Vandur ana S'6la-niadevi- 
chcharuopedi-mangalattu sabhaiyom idanukku vikkan-jeyya ninaittar Gehgaiy-idai Kummariy- 
idai naduvu seydar seyda pavan-golla javastai-seydu sandiraditta-var a sella nelu atta-kkadavou- 
aga otti-kkuduttom sabhaiyom sabhai panikka-ppaniyal Sasanam-eludinen Kilalai-nattu nattu- 
kkamundan S'6la-Vichc!iadira-gamuudan kanmi Velliyannanena ivaiy-enn-eluttu Hari 


At the same temple, on the south ivall. 

("Oiantha and Tamil charadert). 

Bvasti sri etad visva-nripa-sieni-mauli-malopalalitam 
sasanam Rajarajasya Rajakesarivamman j 

svasti sri Tiru-magal pola-pperu-Nila-chchelviyum-danakkey-urimai-pundamai mana-kko}a-kKandalur- 
chChalai kalam-arutt-aruliya Vehgai-nadun-Gangapadiyum Nulambapadiynn-Dadigaivaliyum Kuda- 
malai-naduh-Gollamuh-Galihgamum murattolil-S'ingalar Ila-mandalamum Iratiapadi-elarai ilakka- 
mum munnir-ppaUn-divu painiir-ayiramun-lindiral-ven.ri-ttandar-kkoudu tautwlil valar-uliyulj-ela- 
yandum tolu-tagai vilagum yanjey S'el.iyarai-ttesu-kol sri-Kov-Irajaraiake^ari-panniar ana sri-Raja- 
raia-Devarkku yandu 23 avadu Gahgapadi kKilalai-nattu-pPunganur aoa Tirayillokiya-madevi-chch- 
aturppediy-mahgalattu sabhaiyom i-onattu Manallur-ppal Nigarili-S'61apurattu Jayaogooda-S'6Ia- 
Vinna^ar-alvarkku pirutittai-seygira nal tiruvatirdukku udaka-pfirvvam panniua arisi niiatam iru- 
naliy-a a a vaiytta nellu msatam ai-unaliy-aga 6r-andu muunur-arupadu nalaikkum vanda nellu Jayan 
gonda-Solann-ennu-marakkallal vandanellu padinen-kalane-iru-tuni-kkuruui i-nnellu padinen-kalane- 
iru-tuni-kkurunikkun-^udutta nilam-avadu Poriki.rai edir-vayil mel-palk ellai Manalur ellaikku 
kilakkum ten-park-ellai ehgalur-kkollaikku vadakkum kil-park-ellaiy kal-nattin ellaiy-pperu 
varambukku merkkum vada-parkk-ellaiy Manalhir-ninrum ehgalu-pPivrikiraiy-erikku nir-payum 
pallattukku terkum i-nnant; -ellaiy-uHum agappatU nilattiley engalur alakkum kollal padin- 
sannum.. oru-pidi-kkoll ; il irand-ayirattu-^ nilam Jayah2;onda-S'61a-Vinnagara- 
alvarkku sandiradittvvala tiruv-amirdukku-tteva-daoairaiy-iliy-aga vaiyttu-kkuduttom Punganur 
ana Tirayilokkiya-madevi-chchaturppedi-mangalattu sabhaiyom i-ttanmattaiy-alikkt ninaittan 
Gengaiy-idaiy-kivuraari-idaiy naduvu seydar seyda pavattaiy-kkolvad-agavum i-pparis-otti f=asanan- 
ieydu kuduttora Jayahgonda-S'61a-Vinn'igar-alvarkku Punganur ana Tiraiylokkiya-madevi-shcha- 
ruppedi-mahgalattu sabhaiyom sabhai panikka sasanam-eludinei ivv-ur-kkanattan Divakarayan 
Va<avayanena ivai enn-eluttu Hari var 


At the sameplaee. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters) . 

svasti 5r! Ti . . magal-pola-pperu-Nila chchelviyun-danakkey-urimai-pur.damai mana-kola Kan(ta)- 
talur-chChalai kalam-ai;utt-aru]iy Vehgai-naduh-Gangepadiyu Nulambadiyum Tadigaivaliyum Kuda- 

200 Channapatna Taluq. 


malai-na. . m Kollamum murattolil-S'ihgalar Ila-mancLlaiuuin Irattapadi-elarai-lakkamum munnir- 

pralan-divu pannir-ayirainum tindi.ral venri-ttandar-kkondu tann-elil valar-uliyull-e 

; ttu-kkuduttu 

sandiraditta-vara sfifivatikam-aga 6'tsanafi-J8ydu i-ttanaia s lvad-aga vaiyttu-kkuduttom Nigarili- 

S'61apurattu nagarattom i-ttaninafi-jellamal ninaiyttan G*m»a'-idai-i<Kuma'i-idaiy naduvu seydan 

patta pavattaiy-kkojvan-aga i-pparisa devarkku sasanam-seydu kuduttorn Nigarili-S'61apurattu 

nagarattora ivarkal so!la Sasana n-eludinen nagara-kkanakkan Sevulan Malaiyan-devanena inda 

sasaiam £eyvittan Taniil-Mupperaiyan Gandaradittau ivai enn-eluttu aram-ava(var)- 

varkku aram-alla tunaiy-illai 


At the same temple, an the north outer wall. 

(Gtantha and Tamil cliaracters). 

svasti sri Tiru-magaJ-pola-pperu-Nila-chchelviyun-danakkoy-uriinai-pundamai mana-kkola-kKanda- 
Jur-S'alai kalam-arutt-aruliy Vehgai-naduh-Gahgapadiyun-Nulambapadiyum Tadigaivvaliyuni 
Kudaga-malaiy-nadum Kollamum Kalihgamum muiattoliv-Chih-jalar lla-mandalamum Irattapadi- 
elaraiy-ilakkamum muunir-ppalan-divu pannir-ayiramun-dindival venri-ttandar-kkondu taun-elil- 
valar-uliyujl-ella-yandum tolu-tagai vijahgura yande Svliyarai-ttesu-kol sri-Kov-Irajarajakesari- 
panmar ana sri-Irajaraja-Devarkku yandu 23 avadu Gahgapatii-kKi],alaiy-nattu Vandur ana S 61a- 
madevi-chcharuppedi-mahgalattu sabhaiyom i-nnattu Manalur-ppal Niganh-S'61apurattu Jayah 
gonda-S'61a-Vinnagar-alvar pirutiahtai-^eyda nal i-ttevar sri-koyiiiley nahgal kutta-kkuraiv-ara-kkudi- 
y-irundu i-ttevarkku udaka-purvvafi-jeydu tiruvamiid-arisi Jayangonda-S'6lan marakkalod-okkun- 
naliyal nisatam arisi iru-naliy-aga ivv-arisi iru-nalikkum kudutta nilattukku kil-park-ellaiy Muguli- 
ppangun-ninrum tevkku nokki-ppona vaykkalukku mentkum ten-paikk-ellai Periyavadikku vadakkum 
mel-park-ellaiy Tanma-setti-vaykkalukku kilakkum vada-park-ellaiy Kudal-maduvukku terkkum 
aga i-nnang-ellaikkum agappatAa nilattiley ehgalur nilam-jlakkuh-gol panniru-san-kol Irajendira- 
Solanal mu-kkaudaga-nilanriuin deva-dana iraiy-iliy-a>a sandhalitta-vaya sisvatikam-aga sasanan- 
jeydu kuduttom i-nnilattukku ehgajur eri nir-payu uir-pachchi-kkojja-ppe.ruvad-agavum iraikku-nir- 
iraittu-kkolla-ppejfuvad-agavum i-pparisu sasanafi-jeydu kuduttom sabhaiyom i-ttanmam sandir- 
aditta-vara sellarnai ahitam-ninaittora Gehgaiy-idai-kKumariy-idai naduvu seydar se . yda pavah- 
golvad-aga javastai-seydu Sandiraditta-vara sasanafi-jeydu kuduttom Jayahgonda-S'61a-Vinnagar- 
alvarkku Vandiir ana S'6la-madevi-chcharuppedi-mangalattu sabhaiyom sabhaiyar panikka sasanam- 

eludinen Kilalaiy-nattu nattu-kkamundan S'61a-Vijjadira-gamundan VeJJiyannanena lvaiy- 

enn-eluttu i-nnila-mu-kkandugamum i-ttevar kanmigaley vara ttu-kkadanukku aduttu 

kolla otti-kkuduttom sabhaiyom inda sasanam adikanyal Nittaviuoda-pPallavaraiyar adikarattil 
Kilalai-nadu uljitta nadu vagai-seyginra KijUru-kilavan Tamil-pPeraiyan Gandaraditan seyvittadu 
aram-aravarku aram-alla tunaiy-illaiy i-ttanmattai irakshi|>pan nisatam ayirah-gurav-pasu-ttanam. 
seyda palan peruvan sri-Vaikundam-peruvan 


At the same place. 

(Grantha and Tamil rharactersj. 

svasti sri Ko-pParakesari-panmar ana sri-Irajendira-S'61»-Deyaikku yandu 3 avadu 


At the same placo. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters ) '. 

svasti sri Tiru ma uh valara iru-Nila-madantaiyum por-Cheya-ppavaiyura S'ir-ttani-chchelviyum tan 
perun-teviyar agi inb-uru nedutuyil-uliyul Idaiturai-nadun-tudai-vana-voli-ppadar-Vanavasiyum sulJi- 

Channapatna Taluq. 201 


chchul-madil-kKollippakkaiyum nanna.rk-ani-muran Mannai kkadakkamum poru-kadal-llatt-araisar 
ta-mudiyum muun avar-pakkal Tennavan Vaitta suntara-mudi- 
yum Intiran-aramum tendiiai-Ila-iiian.lala- nuluvadura eji-padai-kKeralan muraimaiyir-chuduft- 
gula-danatn agiya palar pugal-tnudiyuu-jVi— gadir- m alaiyun«jang-a(Hr--velai-ttol-perun-gaval-ppala- 
palan-tivum seruvir-chinavil irubattoru-kal araisugajai katta Parasuraman raelvarufi-Jantimarriv-aran- 
karudiy-iruttiya sem-borriru-ttagu-mudiyum bayangodu pali miga Musangiyil mudug-itt-olitta 
S'ayasingan alapperum pugalodum pid ya l.attapadiy-elaraiy-ilakkaniuni nava-uedi-kkula-pperu-raa- 
laigalum vikkirama-vira S'akkira°ottamu mudira-vada-vallai Madurai-mandalamum ka-rnidai-valaiya 
Namannaikkonaiyura vefi-jilai-vlra Panja-ppalliyum parsadai-ppalana Masuni-desamum ayarv-il- 

van-kirtiy-Adinagaravaiyil chchantiran-tol-kulatt-Intiravidanai mar-kalattu-kkilaiyodum 

pidittu-ppala-danattodu nirai-kula-dana-l<kuvaiyun--gitt--arun-jeri-mi|aiy-0tta-vi3l)a yamum pnsura- 
solai nar-K6salai-nadun-Tanmapalanai vem-munaiy-alittu vaud-u.rai-solai-tTandabuttiyum Irana- 

suranai kki-ttikk-anai-kkirtti-tTakkana-Ladamum Govintasantan mav-ilint-6da-ttang\da 

saral VangaIa-de%mun-todu-kadal-chOhanja notta-Mahipalanai ven-jama-vilagatt-injuvitt-aruli oud- 

iral-yanaiyum p*ndir-pandaramum nittila-nedun-gadal-Uttira-La . ttittat-eri-punar- 

Kangaiyumalai-kadal-naduvir-pala-kalan-ielutti-chChaugirama-vijaiyormnga-panmanagiya Kidaratt- 
araiyanai vagaiy-ara-poru-kadal-kkumba-kkariyoduram-agappadutt-urimeyil ppirakkiya peru-nedi 
(Ahout 8 lines are wanting here) 

kku vam seyda ari*i Jayangou 1 i-S'61an marakk\16iokkun nali Jayangonda-S'6knal 

ni^atam iru-nali arisi tiruv-amirdu-kkudutta nilara mu-kkandugam i-nnilam mu-kkandugamum 

pu. . van rk-ellaiy S'idaraiyan nilattukku mSrkku ten-parkk-ellaiy Tippayan nilattukku vadakku 

mel-parkk-ellaiy Kariya Vasavayan nikttukku kilakkum vada-pjurkk-ellai ur-ppumikku terk 

nar-park-ellaikkura naduvu patta nilara mu-kkandagaraum nangaley uluvittu attuvad-ana nellu Jay- 

angonda-S'6lann-ennu marakkallal nellu-ppadi ney-iru-tuni-kkuyuuiyum l-pparisu Jay- 

angonda-S'6la-Viiinigar-alvar -u-i-koyilukkev kodu alandu attuvad-agavurn otti sasanam-seydu 
kuduttomKudahir ana Irajairaja-saruppediy-mangalattu aavaiyyom ivargaj panikkav-eludinneu ivv-ur- 
kkanattau Orri Tiruvengadattena ivaiy-enn-eluttu Hari i-nnila mu-kkaudu°awum i-ttevar kanmjgaje 
suitu-kkadanukkum varattukkum aduttukolja otti-kku 


At the same village, on a stone to the nofth-east of the ArMs'vara temple. 

samasta. maharajadhiraja Kolala-pura-parameSvara Mandagiri-natha sri-Permmlnadi- 

gal rajyam gevyuttire... 


At the same temple, on thc outer side of the south ivall. 

(Granlhei and Tamil charac/crs). 

ava.. udu 2 avadu Manalur Kotfayan Uttaman ana S'61a-Vichcliadira-kkamundanum 

Vidiyan Kottayau ana Idava-gamundanum ullitta urom Perundar.a Adittau Kuttadiy-ana Irumadi- 
Sola-marayan-idai nangaliw-ur-ppal Nig.inli-S'61apurattu Aruuiolidivisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarku 
tiru-utsavam edukka Ganapatiyar vili-ppouda nill mudal 


At the same temple, on the wall to the sonth of the itmer door. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactersj . 

avasti sri Arumolfcvirara-udaiya, .. PiMJapati-sauinarcharattu Taiy-ma mudal tiruv- 

arattamattuku rppidi .. ..... ...lan Malaiyandane .. .. po...y-att-a,ga Komali ra, 

kaiyyil odukkina chantraditta-va^ai 


202 Channapatna Taluq. 


On the wall to the north of the same cloor. 

{Grantha and Tamil characters). 

svasti prasasti-sahita srimariu-maha-mandalesvara Tribuvana-inalla Talaikkadu Kohgu Nangi Koy- 

arrur Uchchangi Pauangal Palasigai-pauuicbchayiraman-gonda busa-bala Vira-Gahga PoSala jaganeka- 

malla PoySala-sri-Narasiraha-Devar pirutuvi-ra .. chiyam-panuiy-arulanirka Mudigonda-S'6la- 

mandalattu Irajendira-Sola-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu Manalur ana Nigarili-S'61apurattu udaiyar 

Arumolichchuram-udaiyarku-ttiru-nundavilakkukku Merpadi-kilin Malaiyandauena Praniadisa- 

samva^arattu purva-pakshattu Purattadi tiru-nuntavvilakku vaitten 

Merpadi-kilan Malaiyaudanena ti dtvijakku vaittu pon munru 

.... (4 lines illegible) 

vum itten Merpadi-kilan Malaiyandanena i-ttanmattai a^ita-ninaippan Gehgai-kkaraiyil kural-pa§u- 

kkonra Piramavatti-paduvan 


On the outer side ofthe north ivall. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters). 

Jiysuvaram-udaiya Mahadevar Marudandaka-devan magan 

Pajjiperiya kk-itta venkala-ttupa-mam oru pon . tten Palliperiyanena 


On the north outer wall. 

(Grantha and Tamil charactert). 

svasti sri Tiru manni valara iru-Nila-madandaiyum po.r-Cheyar-pavaiyun-Jir-ttani-chchelviyun-dan 

perun-deviyar agi inb-ura ne siyum Sulli-chchul-madit-KoJlippakkaiyum nannark- 

aru-murau Mannai-kkadakkamum ma-pperun-tandar-kouda Ko-pParikesari-pamnar ana udaiyar 

ftri-Ra, madevi-chcharuppedi-mahgalattu sabhaikku-chchamainda sabhaiyar-ay Ba,- 

r attuvaji Echchalayan magan Marayanum Barattuvaji Narayanan magau Pa mayajiyar 

magan Kommayanum Barattuvaji Madavayan magan VaSavananuin Barattuvasi Narayana-kkirama- 

▼ittarmagan Durgayananum Kau&kan Marayap var magau Narayananum Barattr.vaii 

Kuvarayan magan Vasavayanum uljitta sabhaiyom Kilalai-nattu Manalur-ppalNigarili-S'61apurattu Aru 

kkum iraiy-ili deva-danam-aga n^hgal kudutta nilam-avadu Idavan-kiraiyum Uraattan. 

kiraiyum ullitta nilam kil-park-ellai Arakkiyurkku-ppo yil S'amantan-kiiaiy-ellai- 

kku vadakkum merpadi S'ulliur-ellaikku vadakkum mel-park-ellai Nigarili-SoJipuratt-ellaikkum 

Mana m i-nnang-ellaiyul agappatta nilam oliv-inriye punseyyum nir-nilamum poan- 

aja-kkondu mann-ara virru-kkuduttom mur-chol m i-ttanmattukku ahitam-ninaippan 

Gehgaiy-idai-kKumariy-idai 6eydar seyda pavah-golvar sabhai paniyal sahasanam 

ivai en eluttu Idavan-kirai AruinoliaVaram-udaiyar uvachcharkkum Jayah s>ydu kudutta 

nilattukku ellaiy-aiarudi S'amantan-kirai kij-kadai-koppukku-ppona valikku merku mur-chollappatta 


On the inner side of the east xvall- 

(Grantha and characters). 

vana-raalla Tajaikkadu Kohgu Nangn nahgal konda busVbala Vira- 

Gamgajaga prithivi-rajyam-panniy-arulinirka Mudigouda-S'6la-man... w 

Ohannapatna Taluq. 203 


On apillar in the same temple. 

(The upper portion is effaced) *ta-gunagraru kamini Kanchiyabbegam j| puttidal ariv abhimanam .. 

. .yang pa ... charitam .. .. vattu .. .. yijaka ...yen erasi .. ..|/ 

n ahava-£aunda viran udaram Kannaya bharada Nannapa-nripam maha-sainantam I a-Nannapayya 
.. raja-bhti . .. tega ... 1 migila nanela .... tegu SVivijayahvayarurn ... ti-devi .... 


At the same viUage, m a pillar in potter^s field. 

(\st side) rajadhiraja Kovalala-pura-varesvara Nandagiri-nathara jasad-uttaran kulantakam 

samarai kadana-kauthiravam s>i-PermmanadigaJ prithu ...... geyye tat-pada samasta. 

guua .. ta-pfita-kanjata la-sarabhavam vam6a-pradi (2nd side) 

fijanlya iraveya kalakalapa pandita-priya mala .....ratua .. . bbushana 

. . . . dvijati-ko nallam mallam (Zrd side) maljinga .... Malaliirol madida 

(ith side) raua vara kavile hodavara .... 


On a virdkal at the same place. 
svasti Saka-varsha918 neya Durmmukhi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-masada su 4 Kadambayyana 


ma . . . 6ri . yammoj aneka . . kuja Kakkayyanu Ayyayyanu 


At the same village, on a stone built into the steps near the Varadardjasvdmi temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil CTiaracters). 

. nu-maha-mandalftsvara Tribuvana-malla Ta n asahaya-6ura S'anivara-&ddi 

Giridurga-malla rka Mudigonda-S'6la-mandftlattu Ra 


At the same village, on a stone near the tank to the north. 

svasti Sii vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-8ika-varushaficalu 1680 varushangalu sanda vartamanavada 
Svabhanu-samvatsarada Pushya-sudha 2 lu sriimd-rajadhiraia pnrameSvara maha-pratapa Navabu 
Haidar Alli Bahadaravaru rrrithuviya-sambraiyam geyuttiralu Saidu Mahammadu AkalSha, Rhada- 
riya akshara barasikotta-paravanige-krama yent endare | ninu maduva pakira-dbai makke Channapat- 
tanada sthalada Mahirupattanada gramavannu yinamagi kodisi sila-pratishthe madisi kottide gra,- 

makke saluva upagr.Ymagalu elle chattus-sime svamya nimma putra-pautra- 

paramparyavagi a-chandrarka-stayiyagi sukhadind auubhavisikondu baialullavaru yandu barasi- 
kotta-paravanige i-Malurupattanada grama (imprecatory phrases) 


At the same vilhge, on a virakal infront of the ChaudSs'vtri lemple to the nirth. 

svasti Siiman-maha-mandalesVara ari-raya-vibhadha bhasege tappuva-rayara ganda chatus-samu- 
dradhipati Sri-vira-pratapa...Deva-Raya-maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyvuttiralu Kelale-nada Mala- 

*It has been found impossible to put this into verse on aceouut of gaps. 

204 Channapatna Taluq. 

lurapattanada gaunda Dodi-Settiyara raaga Tirumalaya sukhadim yiruttiralu S'akha-varusa 1359 
neya Pihgala-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 1 Sovaradalu Honganura huyalolage biddanu atage avara 
anuandiru nillisida viragallu 


At the same village, on a stone in front of Vira-gudi. 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram ari-raya-vibhada bhasege tappuva-rayara ganda chatus-samu- 
dradhipati sri-vira-pratapa Deva-Raya-Odeyaru prithvi-rajyani geyuttiralu Kelale-nada maha-pra. 
bhu Malalurapattanada Kitti-gaudana niakkalu Manjappa-Deva-gaudanavaru sukhadind iruttiralu 

S'aka-varusha 1336 neya Jaya-samvatsarada Chaitra-ba2 S'anivarad andu a-auua-tara- 

mandiru Eleyakeriyalli hoguttiralagi Kalatamma Huchchanavaru Bommakana Marasihga. 

nettara yauu kottam ko agi a-Singana taleyanu hoyisi biddu svar- 

gavan eyididaru-viragallu nillisidavaru avara tamma ... Sonuappa avara makkalu Chikka-Sonnappa. 
Dfivappanavaru pratish^isida viragallu yi-viragallu tiddidavaru Guli Allappanavaru mahgala maha 
6ri sn 


At the same village, on a stone to the south of Vira-gudi. 

svasti Sriraan-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhadabhasege tappuva-rayara gaudachatus-samudradhi- 
pati Sri-vira-pratapa Deva-Raya-Odeyaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttiralu Kalale-nada Malalurapatta- 
nada gaudara Mayi-devana maga Mayitammanu sukhadind irutt iralu Saka-varuBha 1353 neya 
Virodhikritu-samvatsarada Magha-ba 14 Budhavaradalu S'ivaratriya upavasaviddu Mallaya-devara 
banadalli jagarav ihaga kallaru devalayava muttapagi kajlaranu gayava madi tanu ghayavagi bandu 
padyau S'ukravara-dina vira-svargavan eydidanu atana tamraa Manchiyanna tamma annage nilisida 
viragallu mahagala inaha 6ri sri 


At the same village, on a stone in B6ra's field. 
svasti saimanu maha-mandalesVaram ari-raya-vibhada bhasege tappuva-rayara garida chatus-samu- 
dradhipati sri-vira-Bukkanua-Vodeyaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu sri-vira-Ballala-Rayana Bala- 
vahkappa-Nayakarige mukhyam appa ganda-raja-Bhima Raya-Nayakanavaru Kohgu-nada madhyadalu 
Kundavuia-durgadalu rajyam geyutt iralu Saka-varusha 1291 noya Saumya-damvatsarada Bhadra- 
pada-6u 12 Bu a-Raya-Nayakanavara turuvina hindu Kaveriya tiradalu yiral agi Tiruvanarabiya 
Kampannu-vodeyarasara samvaranadali yittu turava hidiyal agi Kelale-nada maha-prabhu 
Malahiraptttanada Yereyahga-kuloddhaia Bomma-gaudana tanubhava Vijayannanu tamraan alu 
va-Raya-Nayakanavara nirupadim ta • Malaliya pa .. .. vagi turuva maralchi ... a-hadiyaili .. .. 

ravuttara tividu vira-sargavan eydida .. .. ... Vijayannanavar-anna Rama-gaudana dan agi 

mahgaja maha dri 


At the same village, on a stone in Timmi-mdlige-hola. 

suhham astu || svasti samasta-sri-vijaya sriman-maha-mandalesvara chatus-samudradhipati 

Saluva-Rava-vamsa-ratna sri-Achyuta-Deva-maharayara bhandarakke karttarada Timmappayanavara 
nirupadim Madarasayyanavaru || Salivahana-saka-varusha 1457 neya Jaya-samvatsarada Bhadra- 
su 12 Guravaradallu Srimatu-Malalfirapattanada maba-prabhu Halegeyappa-gaudarige a-chandrar- 
ka-sthayiyagi andanada umbali...kotta paleya vivara a-Malalurupattanada Hfiru-kerige saluva Bejianu 
Virilpurav emba-gramavav i-sramavara pratishtheyam madisi a-Virapurakke saluva chatus-sime-viva- 
ra (here folbtvdetaiis of hovndaries) 

Channapatna Taluq. 205 


On copper platcs at Abbiir (Malur hobli). 
(Doun to line 69 corresponds u-ith Dod-Batt&pur No. 30, above) 

pancha-chatvarimsad-adhika-chatus-satya samanvite \ 
S'ake sahasrabda-yute Sahvahana-samjfiike || 
Svabhanu-vatsare masi Karttike dvadasi-tithau | 
Tungabhadra-nadi-tire Vithalesvara-sannidhau || 
sri iiad-Vaishnava-siddhanta-sthapakaya mahatmane | 
vyakhyatakhila-sistraya jtrina-vairagya-6aline | 
parivrajaka-varyaya 6inti-danti-yutaya vai || 
Brahmanya-tirtha-sishyaya Vyasa tirtbaya dhiraate | 
Kelale-samjfia-nadau cha Channapattana-simani || 
Honganuru-sthale praiyS pratishthitam anaratam || 

(3 lines following contnin details ofboundaries) 

Hosahally-Atikuppakhya-grania-dvaya-samanvita-n I 
Talavra syapalliti prathitam Subham uttamam || 
Brahmanyatirthapury-akhya-pratinama-sa-tanvitam | 
srimad-Vyasa-yatindro'pi vairagyadi-gunanvitah || 
dvatrimfiad-vritti-samyuktam sishyebhyas tam adan mudi | 
sarvamanyam chatus-sirai-samyutam cha samantatah || 
sarvatas chaiva sasyadhyam eriharamadi-samyutam | 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashanidy-ashta-bhoga-saraanvitam || 
vividhais cha plialair yuktam nana-bhozyam sa-bhuruham I 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha kachhenapi samanvitam il 
putra-pautradibhir bhogynm kramad a-chandra-^arakam I 
danasjadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitam | 
parita-prayata-snigdraih purohita-purassaraih | 
vira-sii-Krishua-Devendra-maharayo maha-manah || 
dakshina-sahitam dhara-purvakam dattavan muda | 
tais tais samantatas chiuhair dikshu prachyadiahu kramat || 
simaitasyagraharasya hkhyate desa-bhashaya | 

(herefoUotv details of boundaries in Kannada) 

Krishna-Deva-.naharAya-sasanAch cha Sabhapatih | 
abhanin mridu-sandarbhara tad idara tamr .-sa^aiam || 
Krishna-Deva-mahiraja-sasanan Mallanatmajah. | 
tvashta, Sri-Viranacharyo [vy]alikhat tamra--asanam || 
(usual final verses) : sri-Virupaksha 


At the satne village, in Lahshmhmrasappas field to the eatt ofthc, Bair&drvaracjWji 

tp the south east of tht village. 

(Orantlm avrf Tamil characters), 

svasti sri Malavur ana Rajentrasiraha-chchaturvedi-mangtlattu asesha-maba-janangalum Kamara- 
chchettiyarum Vikari-samvarcharattu Tai-masara 11 tiyadi Appi-uril gavunda Madi-gavundar raagan 

*In Kannada characters. 


206 Channapatna Taluq. 

Malli-gaundanukku sila-sasanam-panni-kkuduttapadi iw-uril i-mMalli tan kattivichcha eri-kij 
mudal-madaiyil aru-salagai kalaniyum aihnuru-kuli kollaiyum ivanukku santrarka-stahiy-aga darai- 

vattu kudu asesha-maha-janaiugalo.n ndanukku kudahgaiy-aga kudu .. 

yavan oruvan avalamghanam var i.nlagil Gamgai-kkaraiyil go 

yum tanda mat a-pitakkalayum y-Agakkadavar sri-Aprame .. 


At Ghahkere (same hobli), on a sione in front ofthe Ttrumaladeva temple. 
subhaiu astu svasti sri samasta-vijayabhyudayavaila. sii.natu-Saluva-Raya-vamsa-ratna Achyuta-Deva- 
maharayaru pritvi-rajyam geyutt iralu Salivahana-saka-varusba 1456 rara inelana Jaya-samvatsara- 
Chaitra-su 5 lu srimatu Kelaleya-nada ^ri-Rajarajachola-chaturvedimahgalavada Kudalura-sthalad- 
ojagana Chakkereya-gramadalh deva-Jevottama-sii-Tirumala-devara gudiya jiruoddharava madi yi- 
sthanavanu srimat-veda-marga-pratishthacharyaru Chakrakolu Vijeya-chudamaniyada Nallanu-Tim- 
maraya-chakravartti-ayana priya-sishyarada sri-Ramavya Ramanujammana maganu Narayayayyan- 
avarige raya-bhandarada Tin. mappa-ayvanavara nirupHdim Kftdalura asesha-Hebbaruva-mahajan- 
ahgaju Majalura Hebbaruvaru asesha-inahajanangalu yi-gramadaasesha-gaudu-praiegala sammatav- 
agi stanika-Narayan-ayyanavarige ^ri-Tiruma'e-devara srikAryyakke chakra-kallin-olagadantha hola 
gadde magga mane vana maduveya kanikeyishti ulav.iru || yi-sthanakke samaya-varttane- 
varu birada audu yilla || (usual final verse aud phrases) -ubham astu S'rirahga Tirumale sri-Kauchi 
Yadugiri *1008 Tirupati 


At Hotteganahosahalli (same hobli), on a stone near Vetikat6-gauda's house. 

sri-Ganadhipataye naraah nirvighnam astu subharoastu 
namas tuhga-&c. fl 

svasti Bri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivAhana-saka-varusha 1435 neyaSrimukka-saravatsarada Vayisakha-su 
3 lu Srimanu-maharajadhiraja iaja-parame6vara sri-vira-pratapa-Krishna-Raya-maharayaru prithvi- 
rajyam geyivutt yiralagi srimatu-Devai ayapattanada TiramanOdeyara makkaju Kehcba-Somana- 
Odeyaru narama svami Krishna-Raya-maharayaru namage Nayakatanakke palisida Chatmapattanada- 
8imeyo}agana Kudlura hiriya-kereyu khilavagi yiralagi namma svami Krishna-Raya-mabarayarige 
dharmav agabek endu Aksha-tadige-punya-kaladalli Mahgales vara-devara sannidhiyalli Kudalura 
sthajad olagana Melani Hosaballi-grama 1 nu kereya bhandige salavagi dhareyan eradu kotjievagi 
a-Hosahalliya gramakke saluva chatus-simey-olagana nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami- 
siddha-sadhyav emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavanu. agumadi anubhavisikondu Kudalura ke.rege 
bandi 4 Mogehalliya kerege bandi 2 ubhayam bandi 6 nu yikki varusha-varushamprati kerege 
mannauii-aki sukhadallu anubhayasi bahudu yendu kotta sasana (nsual imprecatory phrases) 


At Sankalakere (same hobli), on the slaiee in the bed of the tank to the east. 

(Orantha and Tamil cJtaracters). 

svasti (sti) samasta-prasasti-sahitam sri-piritivi-valla . .. Sri-Vishnuva sala- 

Deva prithvi-rajya lanirka Ha ... simha . . . 

Kudalu turpedi-mahgalattu S'6 nanna-gavuncUn .... tta . 

kku tana . . va tta ra, . . . . 

ladu ya eriyum irandu v-eri \t\ raaha-janahgal 

nukku kudangai aga yil tumbukku muda gai munru 

*A mistake for 108. 

Channapatna Taluq. 207 

kala .. ttarai ... tumbu ... la kalani salagai kkudu nnu\... 

nta kajani a ... ma nukku sandraditta-varai kudangaiy-aga iva ... 

... tiru-nantavanam-aga sellakkadavadu tai vanmanukku ta i- 

pparisu madan... m-pauui-kkuduttom raja 

sri ma nakkan eluttu 


At Chakkal&r (Mudigere hobli), on a stone north-east of the Bamva temple. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-jaka-varusha 1400 neya Vijambi-samvatsarada 

Chaitra-su 10 lu srimatu Varadaraja-Devarugaju Gaudahalliya Mudirfrja-Vodeyara 

makkalu Doddayya-Vodeyarige . . . . pura la dharma-sasana-kramav ent endare namma Nayakata- 

uakke saluva chavadige serida Chakkaluragiamavannu ge pura-mathavagi kotta 

sammanda a-gramakke saluva gadde beddalu tota tudike ane achchukattu guli guyalu kirukula suv- 
arnadaya sunka magga ...nidhi-nikshepa-iala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta- 
bhoga-teja-svamya-nnmtagi sai va-svamyavanu niinage sarvamanyavagi a-Chakkaliira-graniavanu 
sriman-maha-mandalesvara medidi-misara ganda Kathari SaTuva Saluva-Narasinga-Raja-Vode- 
yarige dharmmav agabakendu navu nimage sarvvamanyav agi puravagi kottevu nivu nimma putra- 
pautr3-paramparabhivriddhiyagi a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi danadhi-krayakke saluvudagi Nar isinga- 
Raja-Vodeyarige dharmmav agabekendu kottevu nivu sukhadim anubhavisi bhogiso lu yendu kotta 
pura-dharma-sadhanava kottevAgi yi arthakke namma ishta-daiva Varadaraja-devara mundittu 
namma stri-putra— jnati-dayadauumatadim sa-hirauyolaka-da\na-dhara- piirvvakavagi namma tri- 
karana-suddhiyali tri-vacha kottevu (usual final phrases and verses). 


At Honndyakanahalli (same hobli), on a vtrakal in Siddaiya's field. 

svasti Srimatu Njtmi&rgga-Permraanadigala pattam gattida pra[tha]raa-varishadandu Gotteyanna- 
gavundan ur-ajivinolu kadi sattu sarggastan ada 


At the snme village, in Venkataramana-Setti' s field to the north-east. 

(Orantha and Tamil ckaractersj. 

svasti samasta-prasasti-sahita siimanu-(maha) maha-mandalesvara Trihhuvana-malla Talaikkadu 
Gangapadi Nulambapadi Kongu Nangili Koyariur Uchchangi Vanavasi Panungal Palasigai-pannich- 
chayiramun-gondan asahaya-siira S'anivara-s:ddi Giridugga-malla salatanga-Rama PoySala-vira- 
Vallala-Devan iraiy-ili-deva-danam-aga Mangalisvaram ana VallAlisvaram-udaiya Mahadevarkku 
S'6bakira-8ammachcharattu-kKilalai-nattu mel-kurru Aiakkiraiyil svasti 6ri Iiusabala-Vira-Ganga- 
pPoy?ala-vira-Vallala-kKilaladiraya-Pammi-devanu munaiy-al aua senapatiyu kiili-chchevagarum 
iv-Arakkiraiyil manniya vendungoja ava-daya ga ittanaiyu vittom svasti sri 

" A 

Busabaia-Vira-Ganga-pPoysala-vira-VallaJa-ppor-koyir-KiJaladi-raya-Vachchi-devanu padavala Adi- 
chchandanu iv-uril manniyam vendungola aya-daya vana raanichchar-peru vittom i-ttanmatai dara- 
piirva panni-kkuduttom Nambiyandan vira-Vallala-senapatikku i-ttanmatai alippan Gengai-karaiyil 
kurar-pasuvai-kkonra pavattile p6van ivai Marasari ejuttu 


At Mahkunda (same hobli), on a stone inffont ofthe Dandamma temple. 
bvasti sri Saka-varisham entauura-muvattaydaneya .... Nitimargga-Permmanadigal prituvi-raiyam 
geyyuttire Kudaliira Bhodariyura Mankuudakke bit^a stiti-kramam avudu endade adda-dej^ karud re 
nal ga . . 

208 Channapatna Taluq. 


At Kulclcur (same hobli), On a Stone east of tlie Vxra-gudi. 

sosti srimanu-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara basege-tappuva rayara ganda Haiihara-Rayara 
kumara Pratapa-Deva-Raya-Odeyaru rajyadhipan adalli Salivahana-sakha-varus\t savirada munnura 
nalvat-entaneya Parabhava-samvatsarada Margasira-su 7 Bu Kodambaliya Kala-gaudana maga Bayi- 
channa Lakkannana samvajadalli sastra-ga/adinda bidda Kukku-gramadhipati Manche-gaudana 
maganu vira-svargadhipau ada Devappana sila-stiti Sakha-varusha savirada munnu.ra ayivattaneya 
Kilaka-samvatsarada Margasira-su 1 S6;navara-dina purvvahna-kaladalli satra-gita-vadya-praja- 

samuhadolu dharmma-purassaravagi Indra-loka . . . . sila-stapane ayitu subham astu ea'a ne 

santu sii 



5ubham a9tu 

0)i a stone to the north of the same Vtra-giidt. 

(fl&gari characlers). 

Achyutenavani mam nathenachyuta .. .. | 

granvVyam yajamanaya datto vijaya tam || 

(usual final verses) Alankari-dikshitaru 



At Anigere (sume hobli), on a stone north of the Narasimha temple. 

subham astu svasti £ri vijayabhyudaya S'alivahana-5aka-varusha 1436 neya Srimukha-samvatsarada 
Pushya-ba 2 lu sriman-raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa srivira-Krishna-Raya- 
maharayaru prithvi-rajyam geyilltt iralu sriraatu Devarayapattanada Timma-Odeyara makkaju 
Kencha-Somana-Nayakaru Bhairavapattanada Janarddana-devara amritapadi-naivedyakke Maka- 
ra-sahkranti-punya-kaladallu Narasimha-Nayakange punyavagi Vaniyasierege prati-namavagi Soma- 
samudrav emba prati-namava madi sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakavagi a-chandrarka-sthayi- 
agi nadavudu endu . . . kotta 


At M&gtiru attached to Gaudagere (same hobli), on a stone in the centre ofthe village. 

Vishu-samvatsarada Kartika-su 7 lu srimatu Kadira-Saha-sahebaravara matakke 

... pali Haidar Alli Khan Bahadaravaru kotta dharmakke Maganura-grama-sasana yi-dharmakke 
yatu addikondaru. Kasili go-hatya madida papakke hoha .... Musalainanaru handi bakshane 

• • • • 


At Byddarahalli {same hobli), near Mannugadde batjal to the north. 

(Orantha and Tamil characters ) '. 

svasti sYiman-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talaikkadu Kongu Nahgili Koyajrur Uch- 
changi Vanavasi Panuhgal Gahgapadi Nulambavadi konda asahaya-sura nissamka-pratapa Poysaja- 
sri-Vishnuvaddhana-vira-Vallala-Devar piithivi-rajyam-panni arulaniika Mudigonda-S'6la-manda- 
lattu Rajentra-S'6h-vala-nattu Kilalai-nattu mel-pagai Marudur ana sii-Narasimha-chchatarvedi- 
mangalattu S'ihgapperumalukku Bhujabala-Vira-Ganga-Poysala-vira-Vallala-kKilaladirayu-Pamrai- 
devan vay.pudaittu kar-madakki adi-vitchi vinnappam-s^yda pari£avadu S'ingapperumalukku tiru- 
madaippallippuram aga Pilava-samvatsarattu Margali-masa-mudal-:\ga en l>6t$ai Veppur ana 

*Jn Kanntulf. charactexB» 

Channapatna Taluq. 200 

VengesVarakulakala-nalliiril pidagai Tegattangiraiyai Singapperumal-ttiruvadi-malarile dhara-piir- 
vakara aga-kkudutten inda Tegattahgiraiyai tiruraadaippa}lippu.ram aga kudutteu i-tTegattangi.rai- 
yil nal-pal-ellaiyilum tiruv-aHi-kkallu-nattu tiruvidaiyat^am-aga kudutten i-ttanmam Sandira-siiriyar- 
gaj ujjadanaiyum §3llakkadavid-agavum i-ttanmattukku alivu-ninainda, undagal Gengai-kkaraiyile 
go-Brahmanaraiyum raata-pitakkajaiyum vadita papattile povar ippadikku ivai Kilalai-nattu ve}an 

eluttu ivaijKilaladarayar eluttu ivai Mu ariven S'ikkayanpalli Namarapakka Manava- 

dai-perumal .. .. • . ..ajriven Pulpadiyil Vaisiavana-setti ippadi j.aiyil Madeva-saman- 

tane. . 


At MdrchanahaUi (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the eastem entrance of the village. 
.... prasasti-sahitam srimatu-pratapa-chakravartti raya-ganda-berunda Maleraya-raya Maleparolu... 

juda vira-Balla]a-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttiralu Dhatu-samvatsarada Margasira-su 1 S6-daudu 

samasta-maudalikara ganda Kendalihana. putra raiittara ganda Marachi-Devarasaru Marachaua- 
halli Katika-devarige a-Marachanahalliya pattana-sva...Mari-setti-olagadavarige kotta sasauada 
kramav en mdaguddale Charanigana madi manyav agi... 


At Mdkali (Mdkali hobli), on a stona beloio the Tdvarikatte north-west of the vdlage. 

Durmmuki-samvatsarada Vai6aka-su 1 Sukra[vara]dallu sriman-maha-mandale3varam vira-pratapa 
Deva-Raya-Odeyaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt ire sriiuarp-maha muru-rayaia-ganda Rayade-Nageya- 
Nayakara makkalu Gopiya-Nayakaru Chavude-gaundana maga kallara-ganda Keta-gaundange 
kotta nadige nama Nayakatanakke saluha Makaliya kaluval^i Gopasamudrav endu tala-gaiidage 
hostagi ura katti karuvan ikki urim badagalu hosa-kereyanu kattida-samvandadim kattu-guttigey 
agi gavudu-godigeyagi naii kottevu a-kereya kelagiha gadleyalli biiavari khanduga gadde iirira 
badagalu ...naha hola bijavari khanduga bejalu yidannu sarvamanyavagi kottevu (usual imprecatory 
phrases) sati-putraru sahavagi odambattu kott?vu || Keta-gaundanu Mucklaya-raagajige dbara-piirvakav- 
agi keje kattuga mugula gadde. . . . yi-dharmavan endendigii nadesuvevu (imprecatory phrases repeated) 


At Kannamangala (same hobli), on a stone on the jagati-katfe infront of the Mddhavardya tempU. 
svasti firi Vijaya-Lakshmisagara-agrabarakke serida Kannamangala yalle Hosahal}i Mangapatna 

Gollahajli Chamanahalli bhiimiyannu saha. Srimantaraaharajesri Piirnayanavaru ..agrahara 

vritti 12 


On the basement of the sarne temple. 

svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-S'aka-varsha 1214 neya Khara-samvatsaradali srimanu .... Mahadev-arasara 
prithvi-iajyam geyuttam iddalli Kannamangalada asesha 


A t Mahgdpatfana attacJied to the same village, on the sluice of the tank. 

(Graniha a>id Tainil eliaracters) . 

svasti sci vira-Vallala-Devar prithivi-rajyam-panniy-arulanirka Vikari-samvatsarattu Panguni- 

masa . ra mudar-tiyadi nal ka ... vali-nattu Kandamangalattu Kandaya-nayakka .. . ..kka 

(15 lines in Kannada characters—illegible) 


210 Channapatna Taluq. 

thivirajyam-paaniy-arulanirka Kandaya-nayakka nayar .,,.), iattil sa . . - 


At the same village, in Kench§gauda's field to the south west. 

(Grantha and charactersj . 

svasti sri Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Irajentra-S^ola-vala-nattu-kKilalai-nattu-kKanda-niangalam 

ana Vira-Na lurkku kkanar . . . ta 

n-vishaiyamum sen . . > la . . nakkakira .... setti kilavar sri-Raja . . 

.. yaka-devan sorpadiyal Mu . . . . m-udaiya.n palar raagan 

se ... n enad-aga S'6la-ka ... vara-Komayan yandu Pramadi 

masam ana putva-pakshattu ra perrava 


On a stcme built into the roof of the same temple. 


3277 neya tsarada A nu maha diyaraya bada-pari- 

hara Bukkanna-Odeya ... prithvi-rajyam ge maha-samantadhi nuda 

Nayaka (others named) 


At TadaJcavdgalu (same hobli), on a stone on the a&vatha-hatte near the village entrance. 
subham astu 6ri vijayabhyu laya S'alivahana-sika-varusha 1469 neya Plavanga-samvatsarada S'rav- 
ana-su 13 lu srimanu-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Deva-Raya-maha- 
rayaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttara yiralu .. Allalanatha-devaru .- 


At Vadavatta (same hobli), on a stone near the Bdgi-Basavanna temjole. 

svasti sri sauiasta-bhuvana&rayam Sri-prithvi-vallabham mahara, 

jya-pratishthacharya sri-viia-BallaJa-Devarasarupritbvi-rajyam geyuttam yiralu S'aka-varusha 

sanda 1256 neya Bhava-samvatsara-Phalguna-ba 10 S6-dandu s:i gapda suryaka 

... vara ganda mare-huka ... -kavanu .. .... yaru Volenada Badeya-nayak- 

ana maga Alappa-nayka.. salavau.. adim sri-vira-Ballala dim Beletura kallinalli 

,.... kaheyagi biddu a-Alappa-uaykana maga Baramanaa 

M a d a ppa 


At Td/avddi (same hobli), on a stone to the south of Vira-gudi in Agasara Narasa's 

field, soulh-east of the village. 
svasti sri pratapa-chakravartti sri-Hoyisala-nra-Ballala-Devarasaru prithvi-raiyam geyuttam iralu 
AJanumathasamvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 Bu-ralu Halavadiya Buda-gaudana maga Allappanu Rama- 

nathadevanu Kunugilu . .. ittu Allappa-nayakanu Madi-Govindanu kalagajaru turuva hididu 

kadalli malla kudittiyanu kugi atanu iridu avaram (stops here) 


At the same village, on a stone to the north in Vxranagudi in front of the Somesvara temple 

to the south-east. 

( Orantha and Tannl characters). 

svasti sri Kul6ttunga-5'61i-Deyarkku yandu .... vadu Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalattu Rasentra-S 61a- 
vala-nattu-kKilalai-uattu nattu-k Kul6,tunga-S'61a pattxttu magan S'61e 

Channapatna Taluq. 211 

di.. kandamum rumm-erudu kuduraiyum 

ti lakkainer a kku na madu 

lai ma seyvichcha kudi 



At Kutakallu (same hobli), on a stone north-east of Perumdlu-MoJaliyar' s field. 

Vikru[ti]-samvatsarada AWayija-suddha 3 lu srimanu maha-devadhideva st i-Kelale-nada Yibbelaki- 
hajliya sri-S6mesVara-devarige amrita-padige rajyadhipati Timmappa-Nayakaru Lingarasayyanu 
Pijenahalliya kottaru yi-dharma devarige chaiidra-suryar ul}a pariyantau nadeiidu (usual imprecatory 

rhmes) - 182 VUT 

At Dasavdra (same hobli), on a stone to the east of the chdvadi. 

subham astu svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-S'alivahana-3aka-varushangalu 1545 agunaneya Rudhiiodgari 

_amvatsarada Vatfakha-bahula 12 nedu snmad-rajadhiraj<i. raja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 

pratapa sri-vira-Rania-Deva-Rayalayya ndara srimatu-prithvi-samrajyamu 

cheyuchunda yundanga rugabasena-nighatha-svamik ichchi dhara-dana-sahadyalu 

anga-ranga-vaibhavalu-modaluga-gala aninni saganganu Vishnuvardhana-gotra-pavitra. . .. 

Rana-Peda-Ja gadtvt- Hayagarig amatyulaina Jagadeva-Rayaningari putrnlu raja-sri-Kumara-Yimmadi- 
Jagadeva-Rayaningaru samarpinchina bhu-dana-aya.dharma-sisana-kramam etlanann..... mara-Naya- 
katanaku nadache Channapatnam-sammatu chellaraam magi kilalalaina Dasavaram-gramanaku chelle 
kuppa Kiluvali sahaganu challe chatus-siina tandri Jagadeva-Rayaningariki punyanganusahiranyoda" 

ka-dhara-purvakanganu samarpinchina ganu a-gramanaku challe a-chatus-simalo nidhi-nikshepa- 

jala-pashana-akshina-agami-siddha-sadhyambulu aniyedn a6hta-bh6ga-tejas-svarayalunu mirai .. 
shadaganganu tri-vachakanganu a-chandrarka-sthayiganu nadache a-laguna samarpinchina grama- 
sasanam (usualfinal verse) 


At Dodda-Gangavddi (same hobli), on a stone to the south of Vira-gudi near 


the Aiijaneya temple. 
Jaya-sam |Chaitra-su 2 S6 | dalu srimatu-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala bhuja-bala sri-vira-Ballal-Dev- 
arasara rajya Hiriv a-Gangavadiya Balahari-gaudlana maga Ketannanu Ramanata-Devara dhali banda 
uranu yiridu ... seru hohalte yiridu marachi tanu bidda 


At Ahkanahalli (same hobli), on a stone under a tamarind tree in Government land, south of 


svasti slri samasta-pra4asti-3ahitam ... tapa-chakravartti Ho Ballala-Devarasaru pritvi... 

Pramadicha-samvatsarada siimanu (Zlines gone) 

mava hinde dikivagila bitta satrada . . . . . kond anda 

mkalu manyadalu yanu sa .. yeru deyalu mangaja 

maha sri 



At ATckur (same hobli), on a stone to the west of the Anjaneya temple. 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya pyithvi-raja sri-vira-Ballala-Devarasaru pnthvirajyam geyuvatt iralu 
srimatu ... maha-pradhana Daya-dandaimtha (others named) Keluvali-nadolagana Marappana- 

212 Channapatna Taluq. 

kuppeyanu tri-bhuvana-vandi-jana-chakravartti TirtbaraVja-devarasa Naga-devan-avaruga}ige S'aka 
1263 neya Vishu-saruvatsara-Karttika-su 10 Bra || tyaga-sthalavagi a-chaudraxkavagi kotteii Santars- 
aya-Senappanavaru tamma kodigey agidda i-Marappanakuppeyanu ubbayauuraati,..dara-purvakavagi 
kotte (imprecatory phrases) 


At Malur (Maluruhobli), on copper plates in possession of Aji Sihgal&charya. 
(Ib) sri-Ganadhipataye namah | 

namas tunga-&c. || Harer lila- &c. || 

kalyanayastu tad dhama pratyuha-timirapaham | 

yad gajo'py Agajodbhutara Harinapi cha pujyate || 

asti ksbiramayad devair mathyamanan mahambudheh I 

navanitam ivo Ibhutam apanita-tamo mahah || 

tasyasit tanayas tipobhir atulair anvartha-nama Budhah 

punyair asya Pururava, bhuja-balair ayurdvisham nighnatah | 

tasy Ayur Nahush6'8ya tasya purusho yuddhe Yayatih kshitau 

khyatas tasya tu Turvasur Vaeu-nibhafi Sri-Devayani-pateh || 

tad-vamse Devaki-janir ddidipe Timma-bhfipatih | 

yasasvi Tuluvendresbu Yadob Krishna ivanvaye || 

tato'bhud Bukkaina-janir Isvara-kshitipalakah | 

atrasam aguna-bhramsam mauli-ratnam mahibhujam || 

sa-rasad udabbiit tasman Narasavanipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kamo Devaki-nandanad iva || 

vi vidha-sukritodda m e Ra me svara-pramukhe 

muhur mudita-hridayas sthane sthane vyadhatta yatha-vidhi | 

budha-parivrito nana-danani yo bhuvi shodasa 

tribhuvana-janodgitam sphitam yasah punaruktayan |j 

Kaverim asu badhva bahala-jala-rayam yo vilanghyaiva satrum 

iiva-graham grihitva, samiti bhuja-balat tan cha rajyam tadiyam | 

kritva S'riranga-purvam tad api nija-vase pattanam yo babhase | 

kirti-stambham nikhaya tri-hhuvana-bhavana-stuyaraauapadanah || 

Cheram Cho}am cha Pandyam tam api cha Madhura-vallabham Manabhusham 

viryodagram Turushkam gaiapati-nripatim chapi jitva tad-anyan | 

a-Ganga-tira-Lanka-prathama-r,harama-bhubhrit-tatantam nitantam 

khyatah kshouipatinam srajam iva sirasa, sasanam yo vyatanit || 

Tippaji-Nagala-devyoh Kausalya-sri-Sumitrayoh | 

devyor iva Nrisimhendrat lasmat Pantirathad iva || 

virau vinayinau Rama-Lakshmanav iva nandanau | 

jatau (II a) Vira-Nrisimheu'ira-Kr!shua-Raya-mahipati || 

Rangakshitindrachyuta-Deva-Rayau raksha-dhurinav iva Rama-Krishnau i 

Obambikayam Narasa-kshitindrad ubhav abhutam uragendra-sarau || 

viraS sri-Narasimbas sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasanasthah 

kirtya nitya, nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahushan apy avanyam athanyan | 

a-Seto a-Sumeror avanisura-nutas sviiiam a, chodayadrer 

a-pascha,tyachalanta,d akhila-hridayam avarjya raiyam sasasa || 

Channapatna Taluq. 215 

nana-danany akarshit Kanakasadasi yaS sri-Viriipaksha-deva- | 
sthane sri-Kalahasti&tur api nagare Vehkatattrau cha Kaachyara | 
S'risaile Souasaile inahati Harihare'hobale Sahgame cha | 
S'rirahge Kumbhaghoue hata-tauiasi maha-Nauduii the Nivrittau || 
Gdkaine Kamasetau jagati tad-itareshv apy asesheshu punya-| 
sthaueshv arabdha-nanavidha-bahaja-maha-dana-vari-pravahaih | 
yasy6dahchat-turanga-*tr.tita-va8umati-dhulika«palikabhih | 
kshmabhrit-paksha-chchhidolyattaia-Kuli^adliaroLkanthita kunthitabhftt || 
brahmandam visvd-chakram ghata-mudir.a-rnaha-bhutakatn ratna-dhenum | 
saptambhodhims cha kalpakshitiruha-latike kaiichariim kamadhenuml 
svarna-kshmam yo hiranyasva-ratham api tulapiirusham go-sahasram I 
heraasvam heuia-garbhatn kanaka-kari-ratham pancha langaly atanit || 
prajyam prasasya niivighnam rajyam dyam iva sisitum \ 
tasmin gunena vikhyate kshiter indre divam gate || 
tato'py avarya-virya-s>i-Krishna-t{aya-mahipatih | 
bibharti mani-keyiira-nirvisesuam mahim bhuje || 
kirtya ya9ya samantatah pi asritaya visvam ruchaikyam vrajed ( 
ity aiahkya puia Purarir abhavad bhalekshanah prayasah | 
Padmakshopi chaturbhuj6'jani chatur-vaktrobhavat Padmabhuh | 
Kali khadgara adhat Rama, cha kamalam vinam cha Vani kare || 
satrunam vasara e:e ciadata iti rusha, kin nu saptamlurasin | 
naua-sena-turanga-tritita vasumati-dhujika-palikabhih | 
sarcsoshya svaiiam etat pratinidhi-jaladhi-srenikam yd vidhatte | 
brahmauda-svarua-Meru-pramukha-nija-maha-dana-toyair a neyaih || 
[II b] stutyaudaryas sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasanasthah | 
kshraapalan Krishna-!.'aya-kshitipatir adharikritya nitya Nyigadia | 
a-piirvadrer athasta-kshitidhara-katakad a cha Hemachalantad i 
a-Setor arthi-sartha-snyam iha bahujikritya kirtya babhase || 
kritavati sura-lokam Krisna-Raye nijamsam 1 
tad anu tad-anujanma punya-karmachyutendrah | 
akhijam avani-lokam svams\im etyari-jeta, ( 
vilasati Hari-cheta, vidvad-ishta-pradata, || 
ambhodena nipiyamana-salilo gastyena pitqijhitas \ 
tapto Raghava-sayakagni-sikhaya santapyamanas sada l 
antasthair badabamukhanala-&kha-jalair visushko dhruvam 

yad-danamhu [ ]r ambudhir ayara purnas samudyotate || 

samajani narapalas satya-dharma-pravin6| 
Vi]ayanagara-rajad-ratna-simhasanastbah | 
Nriga-Naja-Nahushaciiu nichayan raja-nitya| 
nirupama-bhuja-viryaudarya-bhur Achyutendrah II 

kshiti-pratishthapita-kirti-dehe prapte padam Vaishuavam Achyutendre | 
adhyasya bhadrasanam asya sunur viro babhau Venkata-Deva-Rayah || 
praSasya rajyam prasavastra-rupe vidvan-nidhau Vehkata-Raya-bhupe | 
abhagadheyad achirat prajanam akhndalavasam athadhirudhe || 
Timraamba-vara-garbha-mauktika-mani Rahag-kshitindratmajah | 
kshetralahkaninena piliti-maha-Karnata-rajya-sViya, \ 

*So iu the original. 


214 Channapatna Taluq. 

saxiryau&arya-dayavata sva-bhagini-bhartra agat-tr&yina | 
Rama-kshtnapatinapy amatya-tilakaih kliptabhisheka-kramah || 
sri-Vidyanagari-lalamani raaha-samraiya-simhasane | 
santaua-drur iva sphurati sura-girau sambritya vidveshiuah | 
a-Setor api cha-Himadri rachayan rajno nijajnakaran l 
sarvan palayate Sada^iva-maharayas chiraya kshamara || 
vikhyata-visranti-nayasya yasya pattabhisheke niyatam prajanam | 
ananda-bashpair abhishichyamana devi-pidam darSayate dharitri ]| 
gotroidhara-visaradah kuvalayapidapaharoddhuram | 
(Illa) satyayat'a-matim samasta-sumauas-stomavauaikayanam | 
saniata-smriti-bhl-rucbim sa-vijayam sannandaka-sri-bharam | 
yam samsanti ya?6-daya5chita-gnnam Kris' : inavataram budhah || 
vikhyatam bahu-bhoga-srihga-vibhavair uddania-danoddhuram | 
dharmena smriti-matrato'pi bhuvane daksham praja-rakshane I 
prapta, yasya bhujam bhujangamahibhrid-dig-danti-kurmopamam I 
pativratya-patakiketi dharaui janantu sarve janah || 
yat-sena-dhuli-pali S'aka-raasaka-8amuchchatane dhuma-rekha | 
romali kirti-vadhva iva bhuvanam idam sarvam antar-vahantyah | 
veni naniyasiva prakatita-vihriter vira-lakshmya ranagre | 
santyai jimiita-pahtim kila sakala-khala-stoma-davanalanam || 
Tungam eva day;im padambuja-yugam S'6nam cha Krishnam tanum | 
raktanila-sitam Triveuim anagham viksham girara Narmadam | 
tirthaniti samavahaty avayavaih Seshadri-vasi vibhuh | 
prayo yasya visesha-bhakti-muditah pattabhisheka-sriye || 
oshadhipaty-upamayita-gandas toshana-rupa-jitasatna-kandah | 
bhashege-tappuva-rayara-gandah p63hana-nirbhara-bhu-nava-khandah | 
rajadhiraja-birudo Raiaraja-samamhatih | 
svaraja-rajamana-sri sri-raja-paramesvarah || 
murii-rayara-gindariko Meru-langbi-yaso-bharah | 
saranagata-mandarah para-raya-bhayankarah || 
karadakhila-bhupalih para-dara-sahodarah \ 
Hindu-raya-Suratrana Indu-vamsa-sikhamanih II 
gajaugha-ganda-bherundo Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih | 
varddharaanapadana stir ardha-nari-Natesvarah || 
ity-adi-birudair vandi-tatya niiyam abhishtutah | 
Kambhoja Bhoja-Kalinga-Karahatadi-parthivaih | 
sauvidalla-pad m praptais sandarsta-nripapadah |i 
so'yam niti-visaradas surataru-spardhala-viSrananas | 
sarvorvisa-naa< (Illb) Sadasiva-maharaya-kshama-nayakah | 
bahav angada-nirvisesham akhilam sarvamsaham udvahan | 
vidvat-trana-parayano vijayate vira-prataponnatah || 
avatara-dvayabdhindu-ganite S'aka-vatsare i 
vatsare Kalayukty-akhye masi chashadha-namani || 
pakshe valakshe punyayam prathama-dvadasi-tithau | 
Tungabhadra-nadi-tire Vitthale4vara-sannidhau || 
Bharadvajanvayambhodhi-parijatayitatmane | 
vaimanatita-silaya varApastamba-sutrine || 

Channapatna Taluq. 215 

yasasvine Yaiu'8-sakkadhyayine'bhishta-dayine I 
prapedushe veda-ma^ga-pratishthacharya-varyatara || 
prakhyatobhaya-vedantacharya-varyaya bhushnave i 
6ri-bhasha-pada-siddhanta-vedine jita-vadine || 
mrishtanna-tarpitaneka-sishtachara-dvijaninane | 
ashtadasa-puranartha hrisbtaiaya-saroruhe || 
sambhritasesha-surabhi cha [...] vraja-sobhine | 
sach-chakranandakaya Srisahayapara-murtaye || 
kavye sravye nava-rasotpatake natake'picha | 
gadye hridye smyitau chapi gadham praudhini upeyushe || 
Anantarya-kulamblioja-ravaye puuya-kirtaye ( 
Tiruvehkatayacharya-pautraya paramaujase || 
Tiruvehkiitayacharya-sakharaya iDahatraane |, 
Chennapattana-sira;istham Kaila-nadau krita-sthitim | 

(5 lines folloiving contain details of boimdaries) 

Kondarajapuram cheti prati-narna-samasritam | 
gramam Machenahalyakhyam sarva-sasyopasobhitam || 
sarvamanyam chatus-sima-samyutam cha samantatah | 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-;a<1hya-jalanvitara || 

[IV a] akskiay-agami-samyuktam eka-bhogyam sa-bhuruhara | 
vapi-kupa-tatakai£ cha kaohchharaiuais cha samyutam j| 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramad a-chandra-tarakam I 
daoadbamana-vikiiti-yogyam vinimayockitam || 
Sitamsor vamsa-ratnam samajani [...] Nanda-namatha jajfie j 
tat-santatyara Chahkka-kshitipatir udabhut tat-kule Bijjalendrah | 
tad-vauisam Sorui-DevoMam akrita vimatat sapta durgani hritva f 
pautras tasy Araviti-pura-patir abhavat Pinnama-ksonipalah || 
bhfl-kalpasakhi prathitAraviti-Pukka-kshaniap6'bhavad asya sunuh | 
Ballarabika tasya bablmva patni Purandarasyeva Pulomakanya || 
asmad asesha-blmvanavana-Varijakshachchhringara-rajavad ajayata Rama-Rajah ! 
Lakshmi-samana-charita lalana-matalli Likkambika, Ratir ivajani tasya devi [| 
tasyadhikais samabhavat tanayas tapobhis S'ii'-au^araia-nripatis S'asi-vamsa-dipah l 
asafi jvalatsubhuja-dhamasu yasyachitram netraui vairi-sudrisam cha nirafijanaaiH 
sati Tirumalambika, charita-lilayarundhati- | 
pratham api titikshaya vasumati-yasorundhatim | 
Himamsur iva Rohinim hridaya-harmim sad-gnaair | 
amodata sadharminim ayam avapya viragranih || 
svairam sudrig-bharana-jata-ruchis su-vrittas | 
svaloka-durita-tamas tanayas tarliyah | 
atrasa-vrittir avnd*ita-gunanuvarti | 
8ri-Rama-Raia-narap."ila-manis samindhe '| 
yasmin prasasati mahim jagad-eka-vire | 
bhango nadishu patageshu cha pakshapatah | 
vallishu pallava-ruchir vanita-rateshu | 
nivi-vimochanam abhun niyatam prajanam || 

J£16 Channapatna Taluq. 

yasya pratapa-tapano Yadunatha-umrter | 

apadayaty ari-kulaui samakulaui | 

samanta-bhupa-sadasam kara-paukajani \ 

sevajusham muhur aho mukulikaioti ii 

vitarana-paripatim yasya vidya, dhurinam | 

na [IV &] khara-roukhara-vina-nada-gitam nisamya | 

anukalam ayam avalarabu-bimbapadesad | 

amara-nagara-sakhi lajjaya. majjativa Q 

Bharata-inahita-bhuma bhati yasyiuujanma | 

vara-Tirumala-Rajas sahiti-BLoiaraiah | 

nidhir akhija-kalanam agrajanmoiubbaktir | 

vinaya-naya-satneto vairi-gandharva-jeta || 

yasyanujas s^i-vara-Vehkatadri-Rajah kshitau Lakshmana-charu-murtih^ 

jya-ghosba-duiikrita-meghanadah kuravan su-rnitrasaya-harsham indhe |J 

sumater asya dhirasya Sutraraa-sama-tejasah | 

Soraa-vamsavatarosasya sunritalapasobhinah || 

hiranya-kasipu-kshetra-dana-sadara-chetasfi i 

simha-samhanauena sri-nrisimhatvam upeyusha. || 

hiti-sastra-viseshartha-nir>j61iasa-bhanuna | 

Vishnu-bhaktagra-ganyena Vishnu-bhaktanukampina || 

Koneti-Raja-bhupala-chira-puoya-phalatmana | 

Konda-Raja-nripaleua guua-ratna-payodhina. |j 

vijfiapitasya vinayad vimata-dhvanta-bhasvatah | 

visvatis.lyi-viryasya vidusham kalpasakhinah || 

prajya-Karnata-iajya-sri-sthapanacharya-visrutah l 

sahitya-rasa-samrajya-bhoga-Bhoja-mahibhujah || 

Atreya-go:ralahkara-maner Manu-naya-sthiteh I 

ant-embavara-gandasya Hari-bhakti-sudha-nidheh || 

Nahushoparaasya nana-varna-sri-mandajika-gandasya | 

embiruda-rava-iahuta-vesyaika-bhujahga-biruda-bharitasya |j 

vikhyata-biruda-nanniya-vibhava-lilasya vijaya-silasya | 

visvambhara-bbriti-sphuta-vi^ruta-dharani-Varaha-birudasya || 

vinayaudarya-gambhirya-vikramavasa-vesmanah | 

vira-«ri-Rama-Rajasya vijhaptim anupalayan !i 

paritah prayatais smgdhaih purohita-purogamaih | 

vividhatr vibudhai& srauta-pathikair adhikair gira || 

Sadasiva-maha[Fa]raj6 mananiyo manasvtnam I 

sa-hiranya-payo dhara-purvakam dattavan muda|| 

sarasa-Sarla^iva-Raya-kshitipati-varyasya kirti-dhurya6ya | 
sasanam idam sarasana-Dasaratlier amita hema-dana-rateh || 
mriilu-nadam iti tamra-sasanartham mahita-Sada&va-Raya-' : asauena | 
abhan d anugunam vacho-mahimna, sarasatareua Sabhapatis Svayambhiih. |j 
SadaftvH-maharaya-sasanad Yiranatmajah || 
tvashta, Sri-Viranacharyo vyalikhat tainra-sasanara || 
itisval final verses) s>i-Vhupaksha (in Kannada characters) 




In Bangalore, on a large metal hell in the watch-tower to the east of Halstir tanh. 

(Cbinese). — Fa lun ch'ang chuan. Hain shili Waag Chih Lung Wang Chih Hung chiug ha'ien 
San Yflan Kung Kung feng. Fo jili tseng hui. Ch'ien Lung Wu nien pa Yueh chi tan kuo tai miu 
an. Feng tiao ^ii Shun. Huang t'u Kung ku. Ti tao hsia ch'ang. Wan Ming le yeh. Wu ku 
feng teng. 



At Nandagudi (Nandagudi hooli), on copj)er plates in the possession of Subbanna, archah of the 

Dhanvesvara teniple. 

(Graulha characlers) 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 
trailokya-nagarArambha-mula-stambhaya S'ambbave || ] j| 
bhuyasyai bhavatam bhutyai bhuyad annna-kuujarah | 
ahur vihara-kantaram agaman yasya yoginah || 2 || 
kshemam vah prachurikuryat kshonim vyitdavahan ayam | 
krodakriter abhud yasya kridi palvalam ambudhih !; 3 || 
asti kshiraruavodbhutam apam pushpam anuttamam | 


amlanam yasya nirmalyam adhatte sras-Isvarah || 4 || 
sadainoda-nidhes tasya santane yadu-sarajnike i 
Sangamo nama rajabhut tejas-suryas tad-anvaye !| 
reje tasya yasas-sindhau saraniva Surapagai 
sarva-ratna-nidlies tv as-ya samiudhanam tan&hhuvam ;| 
madhye Darka-mahipalo maninam iva Kaustubhah | 
tasya Gaurambika-janes tanayohhud gunadhikah || 
hara-gaura-yasah-pura-hari Hariharesvarah i 
yash shodasa-maha-dana-ya^asam dig-viharinam I! 
Tribhanga-Manga-Kalin^a-Vahgasthas chamaradihhih i 
rajano yam nishevante raja-chinhais svayam dhritaih || 
rajadhirajas -te (II a) jasvi yo raja-paramesvarah | 
bhashatilanghya-bhupalo biiuia-giandhi-madoauatah ;, 
mula-raya-ganadhaio paia-raja-bhayankarah \ 
Hima-raja-suratrano vandi-vargena varnyate || 
sri-Tungabbadra-parikhe nagaie Yijayahvaye | 
pitryam simhasanam piapya palayan prit.hiviai imam |! 
Nandi-padodbhava-Kshira-dhuni-bhage 'pa-savyage i 
Dharmmesvara-maliadeva-sadane^anya-dik-sthitam || 
Dharmmaraja-kritam uana-s*asanam Dvapaie vbhuh | 
parikshya bahudha jiniam Dharmmesa-sadauam puuah || 
udharya santushta-mana DharmmeSa-nikata-sthitah | 


218 Suj.pleraent. 

Sakabde rangalokabde vire Vikriti-vatsare |1 
vasantartau Meshe cha ravi-sankraine | 
sukla-pakshe punya-tithau Dvadasyarp Guru-vasare || 
Pushya-nakshatra-samyukte kale Suryagrahopame | 
Gajakona-puri-rajyS ramye Kshira-nadi-tate || 
Pinakinyah purva-bhage S'atasringasya paschime | 
Dharmmesvara-puram Madhya-puiam savra-sadha ...yam |l 
iti namna, jagat-khyatam DhannmesVara-saniarpitam | 
sarva-manyam sashtabhoga-tejas-svamya-samanvitara || 
chatus-sima-vibhageshu £ila-sthapana-lakshitam | 
a-chandra-tarakam bhojyam aseshopadhi-varjitam || 
vapi-kupa-maha-ve^ma-tatakarama (II />)-samyutam ! 
DharmmeSvaraya devaya vaiakhya-S'iva-gotrine |i 
lokfmugraha-Dharmmesa-purasthaya sva-buddhitah 1 
pradat sa-hema-salilam prasunakshata-purvakam |i 
dadau Harihare66'yam Dharminakhya-S'iva-sannidhau | 
ye nripah panti dharmmam me mad-vamsasthah pare'pi va, || 
DharmmeSvara-maha-kshetie palayed dana-sasanam | 
nitya-naimittikam kuryad devata-savidheshu cha II 
lhaiva dhanavan Sriman so':i!e sayujyam apnuyat | 
raja, ched yasaso bhutva mandaladhiputir bhavet I 
tad-urdhvam S'iva-sayujyam gachchhanti cba na sam6ayah |! 

sri-Viiupaksba (in Granlha and Kannada characters,) 



At Sirimangala (Horur-Muddgere-n&d — Mercara Taluq), on a stone lying in BhaJdana- 

kote in the Minakolli Forest. 

srimatu S'alivahana-saka-varusha 1 46(3 neya Krod ii-samvatsarada Chaitra-'<u 1 lu siiman-maha-man- 
dalesvara Changalva-S'iikantharasugalu Lingaun-oderu-devarige Bigma aakotege salluva bhumi- 
yaim sarvamiinyavagi kottiru {usual final phrases) 


At Horur (same ndd), on a lirakaJ ly<ng in paisari land bearing Survey No. B f 
..harahabe leya Machi-ga .. r anega . sti arimatu. . Muoivaradityam naho . uliya 

Herura etti kattisidake magan Herura ko . .. karambha ga handala mu devala... 

ma negardda... nahana arasa ... endala mannane sa, .. .. munna nela vandu huttidam niba.. 

...isuva.. lda Heviira Alapa yidam Changaluva alaiikarisida . ... Munivaraditya Malala. . karasi va. . 

. .badaladu pattana-svamiya se. . ya kondu hosa mu .. kavaka ga oppigam 

eraba kati 


At Andagdve-KaJlur (same ndd), on a viraJcal in Basavesvara-d§va's jodi land bearing 

Survey No. 89. 

svassi S'aka 866 Kr6dhi-saravat c a"a ma tale gadisi satta atana santati 

kotta hara para konda sali ram (usual imprecatory 

phrases) Biichagan abb atana ma paroksha-vineyava ma . reslda baredam Havanayya 


On the Kunda hill (Bet(iyat-wdd—Kiggatn&d Taluq), on a pillar of the Ayyappa temvle. 


sri Isvara-prasaunanigi ... Bettiy r ittu-nadu Kunda la-befctada mela nelasiruva. Mahadeva- 

ra iilamayavada purana-gudiyannu nava nettavagi S'ivalayadallu jirnoddhara maduvadakke yi-nadu 
takka mokastaru adiyagi sarve janaru uiattu Aiumati-naiu Kakkeri-^ramada takka mokastaru saha 
anumati pattu S^alivahana-sakuUda varusha 1776 kke Kali-varusha 4955 ne Auatnla-nama-samvat- 
sarada Tula-rnasa 18 ne Kartika- uddha 15 Guruvarakke Kali-sanda dina 1810060 dina sauda 

subha-murtadali prarambhisidi yi-malia-sthala jirnodharadallu Maneppandra Isvararpitavendu 

maulya kottu seva inadida janara vivara .. .. tadaliira ... madisida . . saya madidavaru sanalma- 
garu Rrahmana-Venkapaiya subheiaru Kodm.lea Mudaiya parupatyagaru Maneppandra Pucbaiya 
bagilu-nilake saya madisda Kolandera Vledaiya devara pinivata terekala metukela saha s-iya 
madidu Sanvandr i-Folaiya Maniude Tuiimaiya-gavuda Chinne-gaudana Channappa NandisVarana 
prasannakke saya madidu Kunda-gramad i jahagiradir llayatta-Kana-sabi yi-mere sarve-janaru 
kudi jirnoddhara madida yi-bivalaya a kelasaii Paingala nama-samvatsarada Vaisakha-suddha. 15 
S'ukravAra srbha-rauhurtadalu yi-Sivanuc;rahadinda piiraisidhe yi-seve-madidavarige ....yihadali 
saukhya paradali raukti 

220 Coorg. 


At Nallur (Hattugattu ndd), in the hittal to the west of Titaramddu Mddayya's house. 

Kodaugala •• e maga dije ajdade mendu yati-varargg ellam sadaradi biji .. 

... pa[da]doJ cragi talidan i-sura-kirtti bhadtam astu jina-sa>anaya srima Maduvahga-nada dora 
Kiviriy Ayyahgal Chahgajada basadiyol pauneradam nontu mudipidan avara makkaj Bakiyu Bukiya 


At ihe same village, on a stone ori the tank bund beariny Surveif No. 117, near TUaramdda's 


svasti 6ri 

bhadram bhuyaj Jinendranam sasanay;'igha-na6ine | 
ku-tirtha-dhvanta-saughata-prabbmna-ghana-bhaDave || 

pa. . dhanam paratra-hita-karanakam paramopakarakam| 
kude ta ... taldi .. yatiga. . matiga .... bhaya. . dantama.. | 
tadeyade muktiyam padeven endu vicharisi bandhu-varggava.. | 
bidisi samadhiyam padedud elliyum achchari Jakkiyabbeya || 

Kastiiri-bhattarargge avara kavaki Chandi-yabbe-gavundi ... yara mantraki Jakkiyabbe sanya- 
sanam geydu mudipidaj || akeya ganda parama-sravaka Edayya mangalam 


At Niduta (Niduta hobli), on a stone in BtrSdevara-vana. 

svasti sri dbhayasya S'aka-varusha 1140 Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba .... haliya 

guga... davaru ... Malapananaliya Mallikarijuna-d.vua pra .... Gadinadu-Anilena Mujlu- 

nadu ekoti ta muncattu a-Mallikarjjuna-devara .... hora bhumiya ja . nam yanna 

Lakauna Jaka-Ramaya Hiriya-Viranna Chika-Viranna (here follow details of 

gift) Malli-gauda . . Hiriyanna-Virannangeyu sa .. gi ainrita-padige bitta (usaal final phrases and 


At Nandigunda (same hobli), in Govemment Jchardb land bearing Survey No. 147. 
svasti sYiman-maha-mandalesvara Chola-Kohgaluva-Deva pritivi-rajyam geyutt ire R-.iye Padumala- 
Devi Namala-Uevi Tolura Duddarasa Badraya-dandanfiyaka Hadiyaia Karikanna yint inibarum 
muntag irddu Manmatha-samvatsarada Kumbha-misa-Adivara-daSamiyandu Muljunad-eppatta- 
kkam anna-ttammana makkala makkajihg ett aidu saluvudu suhkada bedungolu nall-ettu parihara 
Heggade-gadyana Ganahuralu ondu-ballige hana vondu kanike gadyana Ganahural ondu-hallige 
hanavandu ara-tere handala hana parihara Gahga-siddhaya horagagiaya daya bitti besa baduva-gerige 
pariharavam bitta Vira-Choja-Kohgalva-Deva kottudam tapa nudida Gahgeya-tadiya kavUeyak 
Brahmananam konda brahmatiyam konda || eppattarojage maneg aiguia bhatta saluviulu Gahgamah- 
ge Buchanange 


At Mullur (same hobli), on a first stone to the west of Pdrsvandtha basti in the Basti temple. 
(lst side) svasti S'aka-nripa-kalatiu-samvatsara-satahgaJ 986 neya Krodhi-samvatsaram parivarttti- 
suttire tach-Chaitra-baliula-navami-Mahgalavaram Pnrvvabhadrapada-nakshatramm inodayadal || 
svasti samasta-surasureudra-makuta-tata-ghatita-mani-mayukha-rekhalahkrita-cha (2nd side) ru- 

Coorg. 221 

charanaravinda-yugalam bhao-avid-A.rliat-parame^vara-pararna-bhattaraka-mukha-lcamala-vinirgata- 
gamamrita-gambhirambhorasi-paragar appa srimad-Guuasena-pandita-devar ramoksha-lakshmi- 
nivasake sander (drd side) 

gurugal siddhanta-tatva-pravach&na-pitugnl Pushpasena-vratindrar | 
vara-sanghain Nandi-sarigham Dravila-gaua-maharungulamnaya nathara | 
Bthira-shat-taikka-pravinar vrati-pati-Gunasenarvyar aryya-prauutar [| 


On a second stone to tlie west in the same ba-sti. 
Dharmma-setti baredam svasti S'aka-varsha 980 tteneya Vilambi-samvatsarada uttarayana-sahki\in- 
tiyaudu sri-Rajeudra-Kongalvam tamm ayya madisida basadige kotta Haruvanahalli Arakanahalli 
Nidutada Godala khandugam 3 ke (simlhr grants in other villages) sri-rlajadhiraja-Kohgalvan-abbe 
Pochabbarasiyar ttamma gurugalu Dravila-ganada Nandi-sanghad Arungalanvayada Gunasena» 
pandita-devargge madisi dhara-purvvakam kottaru n (usual final verse). 


On a thir.l stone, at the Same place 

yanidhi Satya, la-Devi || bhutala vinirgata lokya- 

vikbyate yana mokshade varnna ydamujam ... panida .. mali- n 

urvvipaja-bhuta .. barasida karuniy odava ua vachana kaya vaddiga ... t ujlina .... yam- 

bantiresa t.i divijaloka n kham Prithuvi-Kongajvau arasi ... 


On the north wall of Pdrsoandtha hasti in the $a*ne hasti. 

svasti sri-Rajadhiraja Kohgalvan-abbe Pochabbarasiyar Dravila-ganada Nandi-saugnad Aruhgalan- 
vayada Gunasena-paudita-devara guddi madisidi basadi mangala maha. 


0*1 the hasement of the sarne hasti. 

svasti sri Rajendra-CholaKoii ;a|vaua putra sri-Ra, ...Kongajva vasa-sthanamam tamma 

gurugal Tivula-ganad Arungalanvayada Nauli-sanghada Gunaseua-pandita-devargge dhara-purvva- 
kam kottam mahgala maha s>i sri. 


Near Chandrandtha basti in the same basti. 

svasti sri S'aka-varsba 1318 neya Pramoduta-samvatsarada Vaiiakha-auddha 5 .. ... radallu sri- 


Mula-sahghaDesi-gana Pustaka-gachchhada . .. Kondakundauvayar Aryya-S'ubbendu-kc.ud i-Vijaya- 

kirtti-devara pri .. .. lli-devaru i-sthanamam paded uddharisidaru sri-Raia Kongalva 

Suguui-Deviya. deharada Vijaya-aev ira dvari sva-janani . . .. .. a-P6chabbarasige pun- 

yartthavagi pratishtheya mndsi .. ... bitta uru Auilav*\diya NelabihalUyam (here follow details of 
gifts and their boundaries " and mual finil phraSeS). 


Near the mantapa in [ront of Chandrandtha basti. 

^vasti Jri S'aka-varsha 1138 ne Dhafu-?a m vatsarada Jeshta-su 15 Man ... varadallu Immadi-A.. .. 

ya Raya-katakacharyyar appa Vidjalhara Buchi-de arasaru mudipi 


222 Coorg. 

Un ihe Pdlaia kallu in front of SdniiJvara basti in the sanie basti. 
Gunaseua-pandtlasva gnroh Pushpasena-siddhrtnta-devasya sri-padam 


On a stone in the enclosure of the same basti. 
svasti sri Guuasena-pandita-devar agalisida Naga-vavi nakarada dharmma 


At the samevillage, on afirst virakal on the tanh bvnd. 

6ri S'aka-var8ha 999 neya Piugala-samvatsara sri-Kajendra-Chola-Kongalvam 

rajyam geyyutti atana pattad arasi Padmala-Devi sattu nipa kavaradindam tanum 

tanna penda 


At the same place. 
Uttama-Cho}a-Setti sa ... baleya khal*adindam tale gadisi sattam || 


At the same village, on a virakal in Virardja-gauda 's threashing floor. 

svasti samasta-prasa3ti-sahitam mandaJika-Narayananum Maleyam benkonda-gandanum saranal 
gata-vajra-panjararum appa sri-Harihara-Deva Chola-Devara rajyadandu Durmmukhi-samvatsarad- 
Chaitra-suddha-panchami-Somavaradandu Mulluta kotege Beluhu-nadu Goddubadi Mulivaraditya- 
nada Malhkarjjuna Nidita Meuasa modalagi nad ellam nerad etti bandu mutti koteya hattisidalli 
Boppa-gaudiya Malleya Mulhira koteya kadu ati hoyadu vaiika-dharadolage biddanu biddalligey 
atahge vira-saseyagi Masavi mukhyavagi ura munur alu neradirddu Mujltira gaddeyolage Mako- 
veya mannolage gadde 3 Hidijegallali gadde 5 int entu gade Boppa-gaudiya Malaiya-Madaiyanavaru 
hosa-amani-kere sahita ga 9 kke Masavi uru nendu avarige sarvva-badha-pariharavagi maridaru yi- 
mariyade yesad ulj idu i-kalla Vonataleya Baichachariya maga Baroja madida kallu sri-Kopana- 
tirtthada senabova Sateya i-sasanada akharava bareda maitgala maha sri 


At Mdlambi (same hobli), near the old village site. 

svasti Suryyanvaya-sphuratara-stambhayamana Chola-kula-gagana-gabhastimali sakala-jana-durita- 
harana-nipuna Kavera-kanyaka-sakhiyaraana Cho]a-maha-mahipati sri-RAjakesarivarrama Permma- 
nadigal nillade Panasogeya kalegadal ottikeydam nf riya . . d ... ren endu atanan adahidar ssattar 
endu pirdu-kamuyadinda patttva katti nadakudug endu Panchama-marayargg aftal atam Kshatriya- 
sikhamani-Kongalvan endu pattava katti Malavviyan ittar (witnesses) 


At the same place. 
, A 

Dhatu-samvatearada Asvija-sucidha 5 lu srimatu-Venkatadri-Nayakara Krishnappa-Nayakaru Ma> 
lambi-Rache-gauda palist kodatlu kandaya ga 12 hanneradti-varahannu palisi kondadu yidheve 

Coorg. 223 


At Mesana (same hobli), in thc trench ofthefort inruins. 

svasti sVi Kongalva rajyam geye Komarayan Snndara .. ede kole k&ttistar alli ... n a,- 

bara turuharan otti samantara... da Konga . . Gokipayana ... Maraviira . . ppatti kotta . . 

danida seniyara 

(Imayes of Sundaran and Kumdran ivith the names attached) 


At Hosahalli (same hobli), on a stone near Paniyalada-katte . 

svasti S aka-varsha 993 neya Sadharana-samvatsarada Chaitra-masada amavase yandu inmad-Rajen- 

dia-Prithuva-Kongalvam Sujligodina Gauratiya-kereya kelagana makki mudana haduvana goda 

holagagi ayvattu -khandugada bhumiyam Hoshavali ... Siddhesvara-devargge archcbana-bhogakkam 

dhara-piirvv;ikam bittam Kajavallabha-setti kervge kotta gadyanam 40 adavalarn gadvanam H 

(usv-al final phrases and verses) 


At the same village, on a stone in the paddy field near Timmayyana kere. 

svasti S'aka varsha 993 ne .. Sadhaniua-panivat6arada Chaitra masada amavasiyandu sri-Iiajendra- 

Prithuva-Kongalva rajyam geyyuttire Hushavalh FiddheSvara-maha-devargge Posavajliya Nira- 

gavundana layyal ponnare kottu mannare kondu pattu-khanduveya adavalam kottani tappidam 

kavileyan alidam 


At Dodda-Malate (same hobli), on the slnice of Honnammann here. 

srimatu Parttht[va]-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 10 Guruvara Annadani-arasinavaru yi-tuba kattisidaru 

ka y idavaru Vehkataiya Malaiyya Pomarasaina baraha Basalinga-devaru Nanna-gaudana kaladali 



At Ganag&r (same hobli), on a stone near the village entrance, 

radrt Vaisakha-su 10 Mahgalavaradandu tehka-Guuda-nad-eppattakkam karunyam 

geydu rtode gand illadirddade henninge hennu-makkalinge 8aluvudu (usualfmal phrases) sritnan- 

mahfi-pradhana Padivala-Banamma-Rajana putra Heggade-Nakana barada mangala maha sri .. 
damatti.-vesa Vajjaragala Bayalanada Bammoja geyda sasana 


At the same place. 

.. .. ■ prithivi-rajyam gaiyuttire ta iva dandauayakan int ambaru mukhya 

... ku-nad-eppattakkain aya daya Vodeyappa Hormapaya hana kanike.-sa bittam l 

sarvvaya Manumatha-samvatsarada Jeshta ...S'ukrava.radandu aya daya saha 

va karunyara gaiyda Kongalva-Deva || 


At Gdiii-Marur (same hobli), on a first stone near Kauchuvdla tr&. 

mattiya ga kereya kelage gadde gannu Devigrreya kelage gade ganuu 

ara... ko H Mavinamakki-vojage ko 10 antu ga 4 bcddalu vura mudana-voniyim badagjffla I ade erad- 
ara beddalu.. kopa vonnahgi tale metfi sale kondu Gopaja-Devana dandinakanike maiu-vapasolage 

1>24 Coovg. 

biti yinn ishtu sat vvamanyavagi sva-ruchiyinda kottaru yint appudakke a-Mallideva Harihara* 
devarasar-oppa £ii-Chenna-Sadasiva 


On'a second stone, at the same place. 
{The first part is gone) devarasaru prithvi-rajyain geyutt irddali Yadavu-nada Gattabadiya c-adiya 
kalegada bavaradali Chikkeya-Nayaka biddandu Chikkeya Nayakana makkalige a-Malh-devara- 
saru Harihara-devarasaru Tenka-nada samasta 


At Dodda-Kanagdlu (same hohli), on a seeond stone in Ga^ida^sfield. 

sri-Mula-sangka Desya-gana Pustaka-gachchha Kondakundanvaya Ingulesvarada bajiya .... 
Subhachandra-devara priyagra-sishyarumappa Prabhachandra-devara nisidhi Tarana-samvatsara- 
Chaitra-sudha-paficharai-S'ukravaradandu muktar adaru. 


At Yadur (Yadava-nddu), on a stone in the Snggideva temple. 


svasti S'akha-varsha 1017 neya Yuva-samvatsarada Sravana-masada sudi-bidige Adivaradandu sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara Tripuradhisvara Balindra-kula-kamala-marttandara Chaturmmukha-gandam 
saranagata-vajra-pafiiaiarp vairi-gaja-kesari baliyara Bhimam sangrama-Ramara Malepara naudana- 
vanam samstutya-vandi-ianam para-mai.idala-su.rekaram ayyan-ankakara S'iva-pada-sekharam satya- 
ratnakararn ripu-hridaya-karkkasam aras-anka-Rakkasam aneki-namavali-raukhyanappa Duddara- 
sam Hitteyarasara Jufijala Devigain putti atula-bala-parakramanagi nava-yauvanarudhanum vijaya- 
lakshnf-kantanum agi Maleyam pratipalisi ripugalam bedari benkondu kotegalam nirddhatisi 
»S'akavataranum Kali-yuga (bacJc) Tekam Saharu-nadumara Pakuvadiyura raodaiagi pratipalisiy aldu 
padinaydu-kudureyura ayvattu lenkarum innui-ayvattu-ekkatigarum naluvattaydu kuja-puttigeg 
ayad alum aneka-praje-parivara-bandhu-varg^amum tala-varggamum kula-stri-Chikkaia-Deviyum 
be6akeyye su ... jalideyim Raja ... keyeyara kattisi .... yaraan ettisi diva ... ru Brahmanargge va 

.. lisi toi.e galleva madisi aneka-dharmmamara besagi S'iva-16ka-praptan agalu sabodaram 

Juja r asam snehadim parokska-vinayam geydu vira-3asanamam bareyisidara 

Molateya Duddhamalla sandhi-vigrahi senabhova Rajimayyana magam Bamma-devan intu Duddha- 

rasam madisida tore-galrleyaip malikoud.ivam (usual imprecatory phrases) niangala maha sri' 


At Kalaktnd&r [same ndd), on the pedvstal of Brahma-deva. 

Raudri-samvatsarada Je3hta-suda-pafichami Adivaradandu Handra dura Pari ru biie 

inadisida sii-Manika-devaru mangala maha sri sri 


At Chandlu (same ndd), near the Suggi temple. 

s asti srimanu-maha-mandalesvaram Narayana H arihara. 

Deva aluttire Hevilambi-samvatsarada Magha-miisa purva-pakslia-panchami-As>ini- 

r>akshatra-Guruv'iradandu Haihara .. .. Kunduringe purvvadali henuinge saluva svaste raariyadiya 
kotta kramav ent endade henninge hennu-makalinge tottina makkalinge saluvudu Chavada (others 
named) i-gaudugalu-mukhyavjgi int.i-uadu-nakharake chandradityar ujlannabara kotta sasana-mari- 
yadiya bareda senabova Jinayya kalla hoyda Maloja. 

Coorg. 225 


At Hdrohalli (sumendd), in Gauda's paddy field. 

Teyalayya Jubu kalam kalchi twad-m Barariya Ereya .. afige bitt agrahara 1 mattam Chatt- 

ayyam Dharaka Balaha Kofiganivarmmam kalam kajchi kottam. . bitta Ponnamannahge vattadim .... 


At Garagandur (Gadi-nddu hobli), on a first virakal in the loay leading to S'dntaviramma's house. 

svasti si imanu maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvanaraalla Vira . . 

matu Chahgalva mahi ma .. .. ditya-devage 


At Siraha (Bilaha hobli), on a stone infront of the lidmisvara temple. 

sri Jaya-samvatsarada Phalguna-suddha-pavuinami-Brehavaradali Hoysana bhujabala sri-vira-Balla- 
Ja-Devarasaru prithvi-rajyam geyuttiddalli Biluhu-nadi pada... S iriyura kasapa. . gavudai/ala Biray- 
ana maga Mayannafige S'irivurada Mallikarjuna-devata ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya nidbi-nikshepa- 
iala-pashaiia-agami-raukbyavagi Mayannafige kaluga berasagi dbareya yeradu kota sasana (usual 
imprecatory phrases) sii . mare vakkara kavaru sri 


At MudarahaUi (same hobli), on a stone under a tamarind tree near the viUage entrance. 
Subham astu 

srimat-parama-harasanam parivrajaka-sattamam | 
Kaivalyakhya-raaha-yogim sada jnanaika-tatparam |, 
Beluru-Krishna-bhupas tu Ahuya ya. . kufijaram | 
Mudravalli cha gramas tu dattam Krishnarppanam subham || 
kiraartham dattam ity ukte (stops here) 

At Hulakodu (Kodli holdi), near th'. Konnisvara temple to the east ofthe village. 

Vikari-saravatsarada Phalguna-*udha 5 Vadavaradi Trinameta-Devanpanavaru Ghatada kelage hogi 

.. ,.li Hulukoda-Chikkannaya jjomma-gaudaua biragallu Kalina-boja gadadu Demmayyam 

Chikkannaya ... ge 


At HeggadahaJH {Kanime hobli), on a first stone near the Basava temple. 

sri svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-SaHvahana-sakada varusha 1652 neya Sadharana-samvatsarada 
Magha-ba 2 Bhargavavaradallu Kudumad.i Maujuuatha-svaraiyavata sanuidhiyallu nadava devata- 
seve-bagye Haveri-Virap-oderu sarvamanya-safiketavagi bitta Heggadahajli Sirangala ..ubhaya- 
gadige saluva upagiami 29 nu sila-sthapita madisi bittu kottadu sri 


At the same place, on a 2nd stone. 

sri-Kudumada Mafijunii ha-svatniynvara saiiketa sri (damaruga aud tri^ula) 


226 Coorg. 


At the mme plaee, on a Srd stone. 

svasti samasia-bhuvanasrayam sii-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraia paramesvaram parama-bhat- 
taiaka Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudarnam Maleraja-raja Malaparolu ganda gauda- 
bherunda kaaaua-prachandan asahaya-sura ekariga-viia S'anivara-siddhi Giridurgga-malla Magara- 
Raya . . ranaya ganda sii viia-Hoyisana 


At Siranydla (same hohli), on a stone in tJie field of the Basava teniple. 
svasti sri Sirivarigalada Macha-gavuyd im Siriyaraa tandi vira-[gallu] Macha-gondana maga Kava- 
gonda kalla nirisidam Mariyoja besada mangalam 




DatelQ28 A.J). 

(Teluauj— -Be it well. (On the date specified), wben tho. rajadhiraja raja-parameAvara vira- 
pratapa vira -Rama« Deya-ma haraya, seated on Ihe jevvel throne, vvas ruling tbe empire of tbe 
world : — vvhen, 6f the Asannava-kula, the Yalahanka-nad prabhu Kempanachaya-Gauni's grandson, 
Kempe-Gauni's son, Immadi-Kempt-Gaunayya was luling a peacefal kingdom in righteousness ; — all 
the people of Bengalur pete entered into the lollowing agreement ; — 

Bo it well. Obtainers of all favours from their own Mahankalika, worshippers of the lotus feet 
of (the gods) Ganesvara Gauriavara and Vira-NArayana, chief men in Ayyavaje, a ll the Salumula of 
both N&na Deais of this country atid other countries, and all the Salumula of both (sects of) tbe 
N&na Desis of Pekkonda Penugonria Benga lflru Gi tluru Chikkanayini palle ... Ballapuram Katiparti 
Ava. . Chandragiri Kolala K ot takota Kaveripatna Rayak ota Narasipuram Belurn Hebbfiru Naga- 
mangala m IkkSri B astipalli and other places,— for the offerings, festivals and otber ceremonies of tbe 
god Rang anatha of Mutyala petc in Bengaluru,-— made applicatiou to Kempe-Gaun i, and granted 
certain dues (specified) 

Usual imorecatory verses. Signatures. 


Date 1633 A.D. 

(Telugu) — .. •• in order that dharma might be to the Y alahanka- nad prabhu, Immadi-Kempaya- 
Gauni, and his sons and grandsons in succession, as long as sun and moon cndure, — Guijari Visva- 
natha bad tbe dharmasdla maflia built (in thy year specified). 

Date 1855 A.D. 

Be it weil. (On the date specified), tbe diseiple of Siddhagiri-GGsavi of Somav&ra-peto in the 
Punaha-shaharu-kasabe (Poona city), Vijayagiri-G6savi's disciple, Bhagavantagiri-Gosavi, — the 
bhata mdnya field (specified), with house, threshing-floor, and manure pit, . belonging to Dharma,- 
diksbita, to tbe east of the Tavarekere village in the Begur taluk attached to Bengaluru, which I 
bave bought from Dharma-dikshita's grandson Sham-bhata for Company Rupees 400, — 1 havegrant- 
eJ, for tbe love of tbe god, for the offerings, illuminations, priest and servants of the god Manchi- 
Somesvara in tbo Aralepete of BengaKiru. Imprecations. 

Whcso maintains tbis with good will, his feet be on my head. 

(signed, in Mahratti)— Bhagav;iutagiri-G6savi. 
(Telugu) -Signature of Bhagavantagiri written by Sidhagin-G6savi's disciple Bijagiri-Gosavi 

Bangalore Taluq 

Date 1830 A.D. 

(Telugu)— Obeisance to Vishnu, 1 his lofty head kissed by the chamara-like crescent moon, the 
foundatiom- ptllar for the city of the three worlds. May the tush oi the Eoar, the sportive form of 
Hari (Vishnu), protect us, supported on vvhich the Earth shone, with the snowy raountain as a 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the raiadhiraja raja-martanda, raja-tejo-nidhi, raja» 
kauthirava, praudha-pratapa, Krishua-Raja-sarvvabhauma, vvas ruling the empire of the world, 
seated on the jevvel throue in the rnidst of the two Kaveris : — 

For the offerings, illiiminations and festivals of our family god Venkatesvara Sugriva, — we, all 
those of the 39 gotras of Vira-Kshatriyas of the Melu-S'arkaru-vamsa in this place and in other 
places, have, of our owu will, caused to be written and given a ddna sdsana as follows ; — those in 
Bengaluru, agree to give for each family per annum 1 ruka, at Gokalashtami £, at Navaratri i, and 
for each marriage 3 : those in other places, agiee to give 1 ruka per iamily per annum, and for each 
marriage f. To be continued as long aa sun, moon, mountains, earth, sky and the sevtn oceans 
endure, — by us, our sons and postcrity. Imprecations. Signatures. 


Date 1858 A.D. 

(Tilugu) — Date. The tomb of Manapati Venkataramanappa-Nayini of Kalyanadurga in the 
Rayadurga-samsthana, who attained to thefeet of Virupa on the date (specified). 



li n'V /)a/c 1253 A.D. Kl A f) 

(Ndgnrl chara.-ter*). 
On tbe seal are a tiger in relief, and the salaka or rod, with sun and moon above 

May he protect us, the original Boar, on vvhose tush tlie shadow of the mountain-like Earth 
made her appear as if for joy she had grovvn double. Display, tongue, thy courage, — I beseech 
thee with folded hands, — in publishing the praises of the kings of the Lunar race ; albeit the utter- 
ance of the victoiious deeds of kings is so pleasing to thee, why should I implore thee ? 

From the lake the navel of the divine creator ol all, the protector of the three worlds, — which 
contains all the world,— Vishnu, sprang a lotus ; at which S'ri, who was born from the lotus 
as her home, reioiced that she would novv ever without separation enjoy union with her beloved. 
From that lotus was born the divine Vidhi (Brahma), an ocean for the play of the vvaves the sayings 
of the sruti (or vedas) , a householder vvhose household duties vvere performed by the ever graceful 
Bharati, creator of the world with its revealed and hidden things, its past present and future, its 
half-formed and not-yet-formed life. From bis mind was born the sage (hamsa) Atri, of pleasing 
character, dweliing in appointed forests, ever pure of minc). From his eye issued a stream of mercy 
like the river of heaven, as if the foam of which was boin, giving joy to all p(op!e, the Folid Chandra 
(the moon), the drops of shining nectar shed by whom heal the wounds that women receive from the 
nails of their lovers when embracing them. From him as the beginning sprarg a siipreme race of 
kings, the fire of whose valour withered up the bloom oi the fame vf their enemics. In it were born 
Tfadu and many kings named in the puranas, wlio by their valour subdued the vvorld, able in giving 

Thi« verse is alvvays applisd to S'ambhu (S'iva). 

Baugalore Taluq & 

joy to kings dependent on them, devoted to learning, maintaning their thrones by the continual 
performance of sacrifices and festival6. 

Among many such kings who thus in turn bore tlie burden of kingdom, was the mighty kiug 
named Sala. Once on a time, tbat kiug going into the vvoocls near to S'asapura in order to worship 
his family gorldess named Vasanti, saw there a holy muni and sat down by him for a moment in 
peace. While unarmed, intent on worship o! the goddess and reverence of the muni, the noise of 
wild beasts suddenly arose in the forest. After them a tiger appeared from somewhere, hie claws 
such as to split through mountains, with an immense tongue issuing from the cave of his wide-open 
mouth, sparks flying from his eyes which looked up, while his tail was raised on high, and his roar 
filled all the points of the compass. In the language of his own country that muni exclaiming hoy 
Sala (strike, Sala !), he at once slew it with the s'ala"ka (or rod) which he gave him. Whence all the 
kings of that line were called Hoysa]as, while the tiger, going to svarga, as if from desire to con- 
stantly witness their fighting, became fixed on their flag, by the wind fromthe feathers of the arrows 
discharged by whom their enemies were shaken. Then was T born the king Vinayaditya, the bright- 
ness of whose fame illuminated even the abodes formed of creepers within the caves of mount Meru, 
delighting in the game of putting down the pride of hostile kings, able in inventing many new modes 
of works of piety. Froin hiin was the king Ereyanga, who piaced his feet in order like a crown on 
the heads ot kings, who by the smoke of the burning cities in which his trained horses had trampled 
to death all his enemies brought tears into the eyes of the groups of gods who had assembled for 
sport. Visbnu was his son, whose footstool was tinted from the radiance of thejewels in the crowns 
of prostrate~klngs. The black smoke of the sacrifices in the villages given away by whom 
heightened the whiteness of his fame. The clouds otdust raised by his praucing horsemen rose like 
smoke and blinded the eyes of the goddesses in the sky ; but afterwards the waving of the flags on 
the temples be had erected blew it away. 

His son was the king Narasiraha, who, overcoraing the valour of hostile kings, consigned them 
to abodes in the caves of the mountains. In enjoying the sport of setting up pillars of victory 
relating to his numerous conquests his arm was like a plea&ure-loving serpent. 

His son, whose feet were served by the wives of hostile kings, was the king Ballaba, who 
deprived all his enemies of their wealth. For the pleasura of serving him and dwelling in his city, 
many hostile kings collected together the funds they had reserved for time of calamity. The wind 
from the breath of the nostrils of his prancing horses caused the enemies to shake ; while in the firo 
of his anger the lines of his enemies' cities were burnt down. The flashing of the sword in his arm 
brought death into the faces of his enemies, and on his merely lifting his bow the hostile kings fell 
down in obeisance before him. His queen was the beautiful Padmala, the hands of all kings folded to 
her in homage. His fame in whiteness was sister to fresh jasmin, sandal, nectar, Kailasa, the 
moon, moonlight, the swan, a pearl, or the Ganges. 

To those two was born the sou Narasimha, with the signs of pleasure to all the world, like the 
moon on the shore of the milk ocean. And frora them was born as Lakshmf, praised by all people, 
trusted by all kings, the famous Somala, adorned with the garland of good qualities. When the 
earth was supported in the arms of that king, S'esha went about his own business of twining round 
tho top-knot of Dhurjati (S'iva) ; and the eight mountains at the points of the compass, hearing the 
songs of his praise sung by the Gandharvas, echoed back the songs. When, his mind iramersed in 
the desire for war, this king Narasimha came forth to battle, what kings could stand before him ? On an 
expedition of victory, the points of the rods which bore the banners that precededhim were as flames 
the sight of which was sufficient to plunge the wives of his enemies into widowhood. On his going 

4 Bangalore Taluq 

forth to war in the autumn, the wives of the hostile kings and their retinue were so filled with fear 
that the tears streaming from their eyes produced the rains of that season. That the king of the 
serp9nts supportei on his soft head ths heavy earth pressed down by the tramp of this king Nara- 
simha'» troops was no wonder, for the sraoke of the burning cities of his enemies buoyed it up. 
Vikramapala, Pamsa, Makara, and the fierce Hoysaryama, became as animals which he offered up 
ia sacrifice, his enveloping arro»vs being the darbhe grass spread round it, the battle-field his sacri- 
ficial hall, his anger the fig wood for kindiing fire by rubbing, the hosts of his enemies the fuel, his 
glory the fire, his words of threateniug the mantras, the result (or reward) of it the setting up of 

His son was the king Soi-Deva whose birth so far from beiug a festival of rejoicing to his ene* 
mies was an omeu of death. At the birth of that lord all the evil doers were filled with sorrow, while 
t he good were filled with joy and all the points of the compass exulted, all troubles were removed, 
and sins were driven afar. Mighty was Soi-Deva, whose feet were surrounded with the heads 
of prostrate kings. At his coi onation-anointing the sounds of the trumpets went beyond the mountains 
at the points of the compass. Brilliant is the river in flood of his fame, which laid the dust raised 
by his enenaies, put out the flames of their glory, .... Indra and Upendra, purified the breasts of 
his enemies' wives (by washiug offall ornamental marks, on their becoming widows), dragged off the 
clustres of buds the crowns of hostile kings, and bore away the troubles of the world. The 
movements of his horse and foot over the batttle-field raised a dust which obscured the sun, but 
the streams of blooc! flowing from his enemies was as oil feeding the fires which lighted it up. Was 
it the wind eause-d by his waving banners vvhen he went forth to war that raised the waves of the 
sea ? rather was it the plunging into the waters of the armies of his enemies smitteu by the strokes of 
his sword. 

In tlie pure ccean the Bharadvaja-kula, born in the Soma-vamsa (or Lunar race), was the king 
Chiddarasa, chief araong the virtuous and araong those who bear arms. His fame, white as jasmin, 
the moon, or ivory, was daily wom as an earrmg by the wives of the gods. His clever wife was the 
famous Vudanachi, seeing whose wealth Kubera fled with shame to the ends of the world. From her 
was boni a daughter named Somala, a collection of the essence of all gems, of slender waist, in 
beauty surpassing Rati, her hand adomed with a lotus, like Lakshmi in removing the troubles of 
the needy. To the king Soma she became the crowned queen, and by her gifts put to shame the 
tree of plenty. With firm faith in the feet of Chandravatamsa (S'iva), that wifo named Sornala, 
along with the farae of king Soma, ascended to heaven, and with it took up her long abode.* 

He, adorned wilh all titles, of pure character, the king Soraesvaia, d welliug in the great capital 
naraed V 1 l c ra m a j pu i - a,. which he had create d fo r his pleasure in the Chola-mandala that he had 
couquered by the raight of his own arm, (on the date specified), at the time of the eclipse of the sun, 
in consequence of a discourse on the many gifts proper to be made on that day,— for the final happi- 
ness of his crowned queen S6mala»Devi, — giving to Madanapalli along with Mattikatta, situated in 
the Kalukuui-nn d - vishaya, — the rent of which was 140 nishkas, — another name of Somalapura, 
formed it into 70 shares, and made a grant of them to Brahnr.ns of many gotras and to gods, with 
pcuring of water. 

The ^rant repeated in Kannada, with numc-rous details oftherents payable. He thus gave to 

the Brahmans 62 shares, 1 for the Kig-veda kliandika, 1 icr the Yajur-veda khandika, 1 for the 

Sama-veda khandika, 1 for bhatta-vritti, 2 for the god he had set up in the town. 2 for the tank, — 
altogether 70 shares, the annnal rent of which, payable to the palace, was ga 140. 

From ttiis it wonld appear that she now died. 

Bangalore Taluq 5 

For mauy yugas and kalpas, as long as the sun's chariot goes forth, as long as the sea rolls 
with waves, as long as rivers male and female flow, as long as the sun shines and the earth stands 
firra, as long as the sky with its constcllations lasts, as long as Setu and Meru continue, — so long may 
this gift of the king SomeSvara endure. Other usual fiual verses. 

(signed) — sri-Vira-Soniesvarasya. 

S "" „ 

Date 1297 A.D. 

(Tarnil) — I, Koil-inudaliyar, the great pasdyitta of the Sandilja pd/ra, gave (on the date speci- 
fied) to the mahdjanas of Irumbiliur, alias Vira-vallala-chchaturvedi-mangalara, the villages of 
S'ayanallay aud Koppipalji, included in the district of Tommalur in Ilaip pakka -nadu, (excluding the 

lands formerly granted) as tiruvidaiyattam, hatta-vritti, pallichchandiim, madappuram , 

situated within the four boundaries of those villages (Usual final imprecatory sent- 

ence). May there be prosperity. Ramabhadra a.^ain and again entreats all future kings that they 
should from time to tirae protect this bridge of virtue, which is common to all kings. 

DaU 1791 A.D. 

(Persian) — A.S soon as the foundatvon of this palace was laid, its head was raised to heaven 
with joy. Oh, what a lofty mansion, a home of happiness, its summit being above the skies. It is a 
house of glas3 in purity, all who see it are struck with wonder. In ma^nificence it rivals the sky, 
which hangs down its head with sbame. The description alone of this palace, when heard by 
Faridiin, 1 caused hira to go to his long sleep. I sought by computation according to Zar 2 for the 
date, and an unseen augel said — "A house of happiness," 1196(1781 A.D.). When the painting 
of this new palace was finished, it cast the beauty of China into oblivion. I sougbt for this date 
from Khizir3 the wise, who said — "Doubtless it is envied by heaven," 1206(1791 A.D.) 



Date 1440 AD. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), in order that the rajadhiraja raja-parame§vara vira-Deva- 
Raya-maharaya might be seated on the (jewel) throne,— Mallarasa, the adhikdri of Hejjunka in the 
Sondeyakoppa-vente, sent by Rayanna of Pattana, gave to the god Chokkanatha of Dombalur a grant 
as lollows ;— WhereaS formerly whatever customs-otticers came to Sondeyakoppa-vl^e made a gift 
of their share of the hejjunka levied from those who came to any of the villages within the four 
bouudaries (of the land) belonging to the god Chokkanatha of Dombalur,— in order that the forraer 
custom may continue as loDg as sun and moon, and that all empire may be to our Rayanna- 
Odeyar, — we grant our respective ehares as a gift to provide the offering at dawn of tbe god 
Chokkanatha, to continue as long as sun and raoon. Imprecations. 


An aucient model kiDj; of Persia, notecl for his justice and generosity. 

A 6ystem invented by Tipu Sultan, calculating by abta$ instead of the ordiniry abjad, the Arab notation in coinmon use 
among Muhammadans. (See Mysore Oasetteer, revised editiou of 1397, Vol. I, Appendix, p. 812) . 


A prophet who was minister to a king of Persia. He disoovered and drank of the fount»in of life and bacame immortal. 
13y sonie he is confouuded with the prophet Elias, and likemie with St. George of England, whom they call Khizir Elias. 



Bangalore Taluq 


Date ? about 1270 A.D. 

(Tamil)— I, Alagiyar, made in the name of iu the teraple of S 'okkapperurnal 

These two door-posts are his charity. 




DateJ 1266 A.D. 1 

(Tamil) — (On the date specified), I, Talaikkat^u Iravi Tripurantaka-settiyar o f Torabalu r, alias 
Tesimanikka-pattioaui in Ilaippakka -nVdu of Rajendra-S 'ola-vala-nadu — along with (my wife) Parpati- 
settichchiyar, granted, as tax-free temple property, for the god Tripurantaka-pperumal, set up by 
myself, — so that he might ba worshipped to save from re-birth Nambi Iravi-settiyar, (his wife) 
S'rideviyakka and their descendants, and for victory to the arm and sword of Tribhuvanama!la 
Vembi-deva and his descendants,--the wet and dry lands with their four boundaries in the village of 
Jalappalli, tlie tank at Vinuamansjalam and certain other lands (specified) below the big tank of 
Tombalur, and made them over, along with some other lands (specified), to the holder of the temple 
land, Irama-piran Allala-nambiyar, for conducting the worship. I also gave over, vvith pouring of 
water, the charge of tliis temple to Talai S'ankarappachariyan Tillainayagan's nephew Manali 
Tripurantaka-pperumal-achariyan, granted him the right of officiating at consecration, and gave him, 
for meeting the expenses of repairs to the temple, certain lands (specified) to descend to his sons and 
grandsons for as long as the mooa aud the sun exist. Further, I granted certain lands (speci- 
fied in each case) to the holdr of the tomple land, Kaduvanudaiyan S'uriyan S'ambandar, to the 
temple servauts and to S'okka-pper .mal Manikkam 

(Those who violate tbis charity) shall incur the sin of having slaughtered tawny cows and Brah- 
raans on the bmks (of t'i" '"-anges), and shall be born worms in cidure for as long as the rocks, the 
Kaveri, thc grasa and t le earth endure, and the Brahma-kalpa lasts. 

I, Allaja-nambiyar, >uade a gift of one-third of my land in Tombalur to S'avari-pperumal-nara- 



Date 1290 A.D. 

(Tarail) — In the 36th year of the reign of Poysaja vira-Ramanada-Devar — 

On a petition being ma 'e by the inhabitants of Dai ppakk a-nadu, the officer Sella-ppiljai, the 
temple-manager N i digal Narayana-tadar and some others (named), to the effect that the provision 
made for tho expens 1 -; .»f festivals of the god SokkapperumaJ of 'Jombalur is inadequate, the king 
reraitted (on the date specified) 10 pon out of the amount that was being paid by (the village of) 
Tombaliir. Usual final imprecatory sentence. 


Date ? about 1300 A.D. 
(Tamil) — (This insrriptio i is mostly gone). 

This is the ffaiva-s'dsatta of the followers of different 

callings. This edi :t of the carpe iVrs is the ornament of the three worlds 

The followinj» is the per n.nnent agreement made by all the Panchalas who had assembled, with- 

out a vacan in t' e iss^mbly, : n r ront of tlie god S'okkapperumaJ . — Inthe nadus 

1 ~~ "™" 

Tl»9 S'aks yea ■ corre^ponding to Kshaya is glven as 1180. But Kshaya»ll89. 

Bangalore Taluq 7 


Datelabout 1200 A.D. 

(Tamil)-— According to thc stipulation made by Tripurantaka-pperumaJ Enibe devarof Tombalur, 
aliat Tesimanikka-pattanam, of Ilaippakk a-nadu in Irajaraja-Sola-vala-nadu, five panams (are 
sanctioned) for lamps for two months. 



Dute 1821 A.D. 

(Tamil)— This is the sacred marriage hall built (on the date specified) by Tirukkanam Ayya- 
mudeliyar's son Vedagiri-madeliyar for the god £rtS'ubbaraya-suvamiyar of Alasur. (The same 
repeated in.Telugu). 


Date 1876 A.D. 
(Tamil) — (On the date specified), the pensioner Sarangu S'adupperi S'abapati-mude)iyar made 
a gift of this house fo r the i\stval in Karttigai of the god sri-S'oinesvara-.suvami who has been 

pleased to reside in Araia-ma-nagarara. 

~ xb : — 



Date 1410 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specitied), at the time when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira- 

Deva-Raya-O.ieyar was ruling the whole empire : — 3omraanna-Setti'a son Machirflsa-Setti had this 

dtpamdle pillar made. 


Date ? 1303 A.D. 

(Tainil) — (This inscription is mostly gone). 

While the (maha) mandalesvara, (Tribhu)vanamalla (on the date 

specified) set up this stone 


Date 1524 A.D. 

May it be prosperou9. (In the year specified), in the time of Krishna-Raya, — Singapa-Nayaka 
granted for the offeiings to the god in Singapura, tho Chiga Bettahajji (village), to Hiriaya Varada- 
rajaya, son oi Timmanayya of Pattana, of the Ramanuja-kuta. 


Date 1J42 A.D. 

Be it weil, (On the date specified), when the pratapa-chakrayartti Hoysaja vira-BaliaJa-Deva- 
rasa was in Unnamale-p attana, ruling the kingdom of the world :— all the subjects and farmers of 
Elahaka-nad, and the maha-savantadhipati, champion over mustaches, Chikka-Bayiraya-Nayaka's 
son Honnaraaraya-Nayaka, granted to the nad-senabhova Alaja, land (specified) at J?kkur in tbis 
nad as a sarvvamdnya kortngi, to continue as long as the sun and moon. 


Date 1305 A.D. 
(Tamil)— While Posala vira-Vall&la-Devar was pleased to rule the earth — 
(Ou the date specified) I, Chakravatli-dcnnayakkar, son of Perumal-devndennayakkar 
grantcd, with pouring of water, exempt fiom all imposts, tho wet and dry lar.cls, ir.cluding pcnds, 

8' Bangalore Taluq 

tanks and all other kinds of laud, and exoluding fonner gifts, within tne four boundaries of S'ivapura, 
situated in ... palli, alias Ganga-Narayana-chaturvedi-mangalain, — a village ? granted to me with 
pouriug of water, as a sarva-mdmja, by the inhabitants of llaippAkka -nadu, — to Ganga-Narayana- 
pperumal, Periya Kondabhatta and others. (Osual final impreoatory sentence) 

{siyned, in Kannada) — Alalanatha . 
Date 1342 A D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana vira-Ballala- 
Devarasa was in the city of Unnamale, ruling a peaceful kmgdom : — the maha-pasayita, champion 
over mustaches, Chikka-Bayireya-Nayaka's brolher-:ii-la\v Choleya-Nayaka, the great Yelahaka-nad 
prabhu Bayire-Dera aud others (named), granted to the maha-savantadhipati Pemma-L)ivarasa's 
son Allayya, iands (specifiad), as a sarvvamdnya Jcodage, 


Daie? about 1140 A.D. 

(The upper part is gone"*. 

fighting with Hoysala-Deva's dandanayaka Udeyarnayya in Kidambur, — Heggadi M:\cha- 

gonda's son Machi-deva pierced many and died. 


Date tabout 1430 A.D. 

... . When the maha-mandalesvara Praudha-Ilava was ruling : — the Kukkala-nad ruler 
Bukka-Nayaka granted Bomraahalli in that nad, free of all imposts, for an agrahara, remittine 
the customs one way. Imprecation. 


Date 1368 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the :naha-mandalesvara, subduer of hostile kin^s 
champion otjr king3 who break their word, master of the four oceans, Bukkanna ...(rest effuced) 


Date 1530 A.D. 

Be it welL (On the date specified),— in order that merit might be to Achyuta-Kaya-maharaya 
aud to our father Bas lvappa-Nayaka,— Harohalli, belonging to the Sivanasamudra-sthala, which 
Achyuta-Raya favoured to Solur Basavappa-Nayaka's son Krishnappa-NAyaka for his office of Nayaka 
have we grauted for the decorations, illuminations and offerings of the god Tiruvengalanatha of 
Singapura, to be held by the Ramanuja-kuta. 


Date 1349 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), Aiineya-Nayaka's sou . . be-Nayaka ... slew and fell. 
Apparently repeated. 

Bangalore Taluq 9 


D*U 1644 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oq tha dafce specified), when the raaharajadhiraja raja-parame£vara vira-pratapa 
vira-Sadasiva-Raya was ruling the kingdoni of the world : — the maha-maudalesvara, the Marata 
Viihale§vara-Dava-maha-arasu's agent Rilchur Narasimhaya granted, for the offermgs of the god 
Allalanatha of Jakkur, the Allalasandra village in the Sivanasamudra-fiime of Elahaka-nad, with 
all rights (specified), — -in order that merit might be to Vithaleivara-arasu. 


DaU 1340 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravaitti Hoysala vira-Ballala-Dev- 
arasa was in Unn ama le-pattaua, ruling the kingdom of the world :— ■ the great minister Kameya- 
dandanayaka's son Kameya-danuayaka granted to the nad-senabhova Allala the lands according to 
former custom belonging to the fort of Haramaravur, as a sarvamdnya kodage. 


DaUabout 1080 A.D. 

Be it well. When Kulottunga-Chola, the Sanue-nad ruler Kadeya-Nayaka's warrior, 

Mummadi-S3tti's sonGuliyana's youngerbrother, Rama-devawent forthfor hunting, and in the hun t 

let fly (an arrow) at an old b?ar, he was wounded and killed. (A.pparently a graut was made for 

him) . 


DaU 1342 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), wheu the refuge ofthe three worlds, [favourite of earth 
and fortune], maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara, sun in the sky the Yadava-kula, crest-jewel o f 

omniscience, the pratapa-chakravaitti Hoysala vira-Ballala was ruling ; 

a grant in Elahaka-nad (details effaced) 


DaUabout 750 A.D. 

Be it well. When S'ripurusha-inaharaja was ruling the kingdom of the earth : called 

Polettalvor, Kukkara who was ruling Bidirkkal in Karika-nad, drore out the Palikkari-nad 
people, and smiting the whole force of foot-soldiers, fell. 

Ambi-achari'3 son Naga made tliis. 


DaU ? abuut 980 A.D. 

Be it well. When Indara was ruling, — Dharmmagudu, piercing went to svarqqa. 

A grant was made for bim. Imprecation. 


DaU aboul 1000 A.D. 

Be it well. Madi-gamunda being r.this Periyur, — Siriyura's son Marasinga, when the cows 

of Inbatur were carried off, died. When Chaura was ruling he died. 



10 Bangalore Taluq 


Date ? about 1250 A.D. 

(TamilJ — (The firat part of this inscription i3 gone). 

I granted, as a charitable gift in connection with a Srdddha, all the wet and dry lands within 

the four boundaries (given in detail) of , including the trees overground and the wells 

underground, and all the profits, to eleven Brahmans of various gotras. (Usual final imprecatory 
sentence), May there be prosperity. 


Dats about 820 A.D. 

Be it well. When Permmanadi was ruling the kingdom of the earth :— and Nola mba Si va- 
mara was ruling ^asu-nad ;— of the Mahabalivamsa, Nijapa's son Anniga received from both 
kings a divabhdga, and for the increase of . . . caused to be given 2 kandugas of land to Trailoka- 

Ereyappa and the Brahmans of Mangala are witnesses. 

Kailasa-pandita wrote it. Iraprecation. 

To the Nayaka 5 ploughs of land. 

41 \ ^ 

DaunMAD.r *y 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the pratapa-cbakravartti Hoysa]a vira- Ballala- 
Devarasa was in Unnama le-pattana, ruling a peaceful kingdom ; — the maha-savantadhipati Chikka- 
Kajaya-Nayaka, and all the farmers of Kadagodi-sthala in thetract within the stream onthe south 
side of the great Sanue-nad, granted to the senabhova of this Sanne kingdom , PerumbacharPs (sob) 
Satuvela Al\Ja, a stone sasana as follows ; — all the wet and dry land according to former custom 
included within the four boundaries of Hattandur in this sthala, have we granted as a sarvvamdnya 
Ttodige, for as long as sun and moon endure, making the grant with a stone sasana. 

Great good fortune. 


Date about 820 A.D. 

Be it well. For the settiDg up of ? S'iva Bhima, the Ninety-tw o granted land (specified). Im- 

When Ra amalla-Permmanadi was ruling the kingdom was this erected. 

Dat$ 1283 A.D. 
(Tamil) — In the fc9th year of the reign of Iramana-DAvar — 
(On the date specified), Irajaraja-Karkata-marayar Ganga-pperumal madea grant of land. 


Date 1334 A.D, 
(Tamil)— Purirg the rule over the earth of niSsanka-pratapa Posala vira-Vallala-Devar— 
'Jhe maha-vira-^amantadipatiLakuma-Nayakka'ssonKal]aya-Nayakka and Vaichcba-gamunda 
ai d ctber inl alitants (two raore named) of Turaivali-nad u, granted (on the date specified), for as 


Bangalore Taluq 11 

long as the moon and the sun endure, the villages of Pamraasamudra and Pamraakirai, as a 

hudangai, to mara-kkavunda's son Sokkanna aud S'elvandai. (Then follow boundaries of the 



Date7 1346 A.DA 

(Tarail) — While the raaha-mandalisura Hariyappa-udaiyar was pleasbd to rule the earth— 

(On tho date speciSed), .... Vallapa .... imayakkar, the mahd-jana of Irumbiliyftr and the 
inhabitauts (a few naraed) of Veyur-nad u granted to S'evida-pergadaiyar,as a sarva-mdnya, the wet 
and dry lands within the four boundaries of Udaiyanpajli, including the trees overground and the 
wells underground, and the taxes purvdya and apdrvdya. 


Datt 1451 A.D. 

Beit well. (On the date specified), atthe time of an eclipse, — the maharajadhiraja rlja-para- 
mesvara, master of the ... southern and western oceans, Deva-Rlya-maharaya's son (rest cffaad). 


Datt 1301 A 

D2 y. K!^ . <4l*^>C^v 

(Tamil) — The pratapa-chakravatti sri-Hoysala-vira-VaMJa-Devar intimates the following to the 
' heads of mathas and sthdnikas in the temples situated in the Hesar-Kundani-kingdom. Virivi-n&du, 
Masandi-na/lu, Murasa-nad u, S'ok kanaya n-parru, Pe unaiyandar raada-nadu, A irabulug ur-nadu, 
Elavur-nadu, Kuvajala-nadu, Kaivara-nadu, Ilaippakka-nadu, and all other nadus : — 

(On the date specified), we have remitted all kinds of taxes, including the tax on looms, the 
tax on goldsmiths, tribute and tolls, hitherto paid in the gifts to tempies, etc. — d§va-ddnam, tiruvi- 
daiydttam, madappuram — of our kingdom and granted the same, with pouring ofwater, for certain 
gods, to piovide for worship, offerings ol rice, enjoyraents and temple repairs. 

Accordingly, be pleased to take possession of the villages S'iirikkuttai, S'ingaman-kuttai, 
Kova-Samuttiram and others which are the tax-free temple property of the god S'6manatha-devar 
of Kunjiyur, make adequate provision for worship, offerings of rice, enjoyments and temple repairs, 
and live happily, praying for the prosperity of oursclves and our kingdom. 


Date 1508 AD 

(Telugu) — Be it well. (On the date specified), wheu the maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raya- 
parameSvara vira-pratapa vira-Narasinga-Raya-maharaya [was rulingj : — ■ 



Date 1304 J.D.' 

(Tarail) — For victory to the sword and arm of the refuge of the wholc world, favourite of earth 

and fortune, maharajadbiraja paramesvara, lord of the excellent city of Dvaravati, sun in the sky of 

i ■- ~ ' 

The S'aka year given isl209 corresponding to Vyaya. As Hariyappa is mentioned as the kmg, 1209 m»y be a nnstake for 1269. 

Tbe Kali year given as correiponding to the Saka year 1224 ia 33U. But it ought to be 4403. 
'fbe corresponding Kali year is grren »6 36*9 which ought to be 440 

12 Bangalore Taluq 

the Yadava family, crest-jewel of the all-knowing, king of the hill kings, champion orer the hill chiefs 
terrible to warriors, fierce in war, sole warrior, unassisted hero, Sanivara-siddhi, Giridurga-nialla 
a Rama in firmness of character, a lion to the elephanta his enemies, uprooter of the Makara 
kingdorn , establisher of the Choja kingdom, raiser up of th« Paudya family, the fearless pratapa- 
chakravatti, H6sa}a-sri-vira-Balla4a-Devarasar — 

The inhabitants of Periya-nadu i n Masandi-nadu including Pilla-gamiuda, the superintendent 
of .. . . Vira-Vallala-deva-nadu, and the ofncers (some narned) made the following grant for the 
god S'ivagange-udaiya-nayanar : — 

While vira-Vallala-I)evara§ar was ruling the earth, punishing the wicked and protecting the 
good, having taken his residence in Dorasamuttira, after having led an e xpedition against the Ariy an 
in the north, destroyed the fort of "Nakkigundi and achieved victory — 

(On the date specified), we, the inhabitants of the nadu, granted, wit h pourin g of water, to con- 
tinue for as long as the moon and the sun endure, the wet and dry lauds with their four boundaries 
including the trees overground and the wells underground, in the villages of Nerkundi and Eru- 
mnrkkad appallj of our nadu, in order to provide fo r offerings of ric e for the god S'ivageflgai-udaiyar. 

He who confiscates land, whether giveu by himself or by another, is born a worm in ordur» 
for sixty thousand years. (Usual final imprecatory sentence). This charity is under the protection 
of Maheivaras. May there be prosperity. 

.*,. awwwmi 

'DaU about 750 A.D. 

P^-Whin S_rmurusha-rnaharaja was ruling :-— Mareya . . pierced and fell. 


X 56 

Date 1366 A.D. 


( Telii g u )— Be it well. (On the date speoified), Nagasani, — the wife of Narapa-Setti, son of the 
great vadda-vyavahdri, Bava-S^tti ot* G-undapalli in . . varika-nad, acquainted with both ways (or 
creeds), — in order that her husband and other (relatives) for twenty-one generations might obtain 
merit, — had this tank constructed, to continue as long as sun and moon. 


Date 1532 A.D. 

May it b<? prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), when (with usual titles) Achyuta- 
Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — the Chokkanahajli village in the Sivana- 
samudra-sime belonging to the Elahaka kingdom favoured by Achyuta-Raya-maharaya to Kempa- 
Devarasa for his office of Nayaka, havc we granted for the Iraya temple of 


DatelUe A.D. 

(Tamil) — While the maha-mandalesvaras, subduers of hostile kings, champions over king» 
who break their word, sri-vira-Ariyappa-udaiyar aud Bukkana-udaiyar were ruling the earth— 

Bangalore Taluq. 13 

(On the date specified), we — the great patfa-viyiipdri Muttiyarasan Ilaman S'uvasa-nayakkar 
and the inhabitants of Tentarru-Turaivali-nadu in S'anai-nadu of Rajendira-S'61a-vala-nadu in 

Nigarili-S' 6l.a-mandalam — granted, with pouring of water, certain lands (specified), together with 
the right to sell or mortgage, to Gangadhara . . . . of Sataiia-Kau§ika-g6tra, a resident of S'enji- 
agaram in . . . chchi-ur-nadu of Tonda-mandalam. (Then follow boundaries of the lands granted) 


DaU 1337 A.D. 

(famil) — During the time that the pratapa-chakravatti H6sala-vira-Vallala-Devar was pleased 
to rule the earth — 

(On the date specified), we, the inhabitauts of Turaival.i-nad u aud Vira-Vallala-Deva's son ... 
ya-Nayakka, granted, with pouring of water, to continue for as long as the moon and the sun 
endure, the wet and dry lands with their four boundaries, including the trees overground and the 

wells underground, in • . ...of Turaivali-nadu, to certain persons (named) at the rate of so 

many shareB (specified) e*ch. We gave them (these lands) as a sarva-mdnya. (Usual final irapre- 
catorysentence), May there be prosperity. Ramabhadra again and again entreats all future kings 
that they should from time to time protect this bridge of virtue, which is common to all kings. 


Date 1332 A.D, 

Be it well. (On the date specified), by order of the maha-maudalesvara the Hoysanesvara 
vira-Ballala-Deva Chola-maharaja-raja, — Belaga Beraeya-Nayaka and others (named) with all 
the subjects and farmers, in order that Tolavandi Bommi-Setti's son Bayire-Setti's younger brother 
Mukuti-Setti as pattana-sv anii of Chika-Hudi might establish a fair, granted him a hodagi of 
land (specified), with dues, tolls and other payments (specified). Signatures. 

Ilastaua Jakana wrote it. The engraver of this sasana was Engoja's son Bairoja. 


Date 1332 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oa the date specified), by order of the maha-raandalesvara vira-Ballala-Deva, — 
various lands (specified) were granted as kodage to Belaganchi Mayi-Nayaka's Machi-garuda. 



Date 1793 A.D. 

(On the date specified), Atupakam Aunamale-Mudaliyar's lawful wife Venkatamma's dharma- 
clihatra was enlarged by her eldest son Raya-Bahadur Ratna-Sabhapati-Mudaliyilr in meraory of his 
senior uncle Venkatachala-Mudaliyar's lawful wife Mangatayi-amma. 


Date 1793 A.D. 
The same in Tamil. 



14 Bangalore Taluq 

Date 1301 A.D. 

(Tamil) — The pratapa-chakravatti sri-Hoysala-vira-VaUaJa-Deva intimates the following to the 
heads of mathas and sihdnas iu the temples situated in the Hesar-Kundani-kingdom, Virivi-nadu, 
Masancii-nadu, Murasu-nadu, S'okkanayan-parru, Pennaiyan dar-mada-nadu, Aimbulugur-nadu, 
Elavur-nadu, Kuvalala-nadu, [Kaivara-nadu], Ilaippakka-nadu and all other nadus ; — 

(Ou the date specified), we have remitted all kinds of taxes, including tribute, present, the 
t&x on looms, the tax on goldsmiths, and tolls, hitherto paid in the gifts totemples, etc— d&va- 
ddnam, tiruvidaiyat tam, madappuram and palliciichandam — of our kingdom and granted, with 
pouring of water, certain ? vibhavas for certain gods, to provide for worship, offerings of rice, 
eujoyments and teraple repairs. 

Accordingly, be pleased to take possession of the villages (four named) and separate pieces of 
land, which are a deva-ddna of the god S'euibi*varain-udaiya-nayanar of Tamaraikka.rai in 
Veppur-parru, make adequate provision for worship, offerings of rice, enjoyments and temple 
repairs, and live happily, praying for [the prosperity of ourselves and our kingdom.] 


Date 1366 A.D. 

(Tamil)— The order of Tandisvara. In the sea-girt earth, the ? ruler Kandichchuran did 
charity in former times. 1 will unheBitatingly place on my head the feet of him who protects the 
charity of another. 

(From the date specified), we— the mahd-ganas, the heads of mathas and sthdnas, the reciter s 
of the vedas, the temple manager (darma-hattar) S'embandai, the p&jdris Vaitti-battar, Madeva- 
battar and their sons, Mara-battar and his sons, the Kaikkolar (? weavers^ of the fine temple at 
? Kavarippina, the ? mulacheMdi sri-Virabattira and the servants performing various duties, from the 
p&jdri at the top to the scavenger at the bottoni— having assembled on the seat of justice, agreed 
among ourselves to measure out a certain quautity (specified) of paddy and pay certain taxes 
(named) to sri-Rudra-sri-MahSsvara of Chitrame][i Perukkalan-Dirukkavanam residing in the temple 
of S'6ma-isvaram-udaiyar of Tamaraikkicai in the northern division of Veppur of Masandi-nadu in 
Rajendira-Sola-vala-nadu of Nigarili-Sola-mandalam. 


Date 1365 A.D. 

(Tamil) — During the time that the maha-mandalesvara, subduer of hostile kings, champion 
over kings who break their word, sri-vira-Bukkanna-udaiyar's son Kempanna-udaiyar vvas ruling 
the earth — 

(On the date specified), sri-Rudra-sii-Mahesvara of Chitrameli Peruttalan-Diruttavanam, 1 

the temple manager (danma-Tcattar) S'embandai-deva's son3 Tambana Pamma-batta'8 

sous, S'onna-batta's sons and , having assembled on the seat of justice in the temple of 

S'embisvaram-udaiyar of Tamaraikkajai Veppur-na du in Rajendra-Sola-vala-nadu of 

Njgarni-S^ola-raandalam, gave the following grant to son Somana-devar of the Kauiika- 

gotra : — 

I, the tdna-pati Tambana-jiyar having received full payment in gold, gave, with pouring of 

water, full possession of one-third of the lands (specified) which I had purchased from 

son Mudali, to S'6mana-devar. Witness — Hariyapparayar. 

Perukkfilan-Dirukkavaniam in tbe previous No. 

Bangalore Taluq 15 


Date 1247 A,D. 

(Tamil) — (On the date specified), !'or the success of thc arm atid sword of I, 

S'embandai of Tamaraikkirai, granted certain lands (specified) to a certain number of persons 

(named) at the rate of so many shares (specified) each for reciting the vedas in the temple of 
S6yami6uram-udaiya-nayanar. They shall enjoy these shares for as long as the moon and the sun 

(Usual final imprecatory sentence). 

Pemmattaiyar of Veppur granted souie lands (specified) below the big tauk of Vengajur for 
the god S'embasuram-udaiya-nayanar. I, Kudal-amattiya's son Amattiyan, ? renewed the grant 
of the above lauds for as long as the moou and the sun exist. 

(Uaual final imprecatory sentence). 


Date ? about 1300 A.D. 
(Tamil) — To the god S'okkapperumaJ of Tombalur .... 


Datetabout 1600 A.D. 

At the feet of this (god) Basavesvara the river called Vrishabhavati rose, and flowed with its 

straam to the weBt. 


Date ? 1394 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the dato specified), when the maha-mandalesvara vira-Immadi-Bukkanna's .. 
.. son ... vira .... was ruling the kingdom : — ■• •. Nayaka (rest illegible). 


Date ? about 1350 A.D. 

(Tamil) — We, Pamma-battar and Sembu-battar, having received full payment in gold, gavo to 
Pi}laiyar full possession of the land and the house vvhich had been curs for a long time and traus- 

ferred to him the service for fifteen days in the temple of this god, which we had pur- 

chased from Kujainja-battar. 

The signaturea of Pamma-battar and S'embu-bat|ar. Witnesses to the grant : Varadi-deva- 

kon and S'okkannan. 


Date 1381 A.D. 

(Tamil)— While the destroyer of hostile kings, the maha-mandalesvara srl-vira-Hariyappa-udai- 
yar was at S'annai Mujavayil — 

(On the date specified), I, piramata .. .. , champion over traitora to their lords, made a 

gmtnt of lands (this portion is gone) for the god SivaneSvaram-udaiya-nayanar of Veliir in Turaivali- 

nadu. (Usual final imprecatory sentence) . 


Datc about 1300 A.D. 

(Tamil) — Thi3 inscription gives merely the usual Hoysaja titles without mentioning any king, 
and ends thus — We granted, with pouring of water. 



16 Bangalore Taluq 


Date 1 301 A.D. 

(Tamil) — (From the date specified), the inhabitants of Periya-na du in Saruga-nadu, the 

euperintendents of Vira-Vallala-deTa-n adu, Sembi-devar and Villa-gamundar, and several others 

(named) seem to have made some grant. 


Date 1306 A.D. 

(Tamil) — While the pratapa-chakravartti sri-PosaUvvira-VallaJa-DevaraSan was pleaBed to rule 
the earth — 

(From the dats specified), we granted, with pouring of water, as a deva-ddna for the god 
Villisvaram-udaiyar of VillaganiundanpaUi, the village of S'attaidevanpa}li in Erumarai-nadu the 
tank Avanjikattu of the village and all the wet and dry lands adjoining the village, including the 
wells underground and the trees overgrouud within their four boundaries, in order to provide for 
worship, sacred service and offerings of rice. This village shall continue as a sarva-mdnya. (Usual 
final imprecatory sentence). 

Villa-gamunda's son seems to have made a grant of the village, excluding the portion of the 
cultivators, as a diva-ddna, exempt from taxea, to yandai 


Date about 1310 A.D. 

(Tamil) — For victory to the sword and arm of the pratapa-chakravatti vira-VallaJa-Derar 

We, the inhabitants of Ku. . . . nadu and Periya-n&du ...,remitted certain taxes (named) . . .. 


Date 1495 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (On the date speciiied), Linga-rahuta 's son Lingana granted .. ngade- 
pura of Jakasandra, two parts for the god Naganatha of Belur and one part for the god Channa- 
kesava. Imprecations. 


Date about 870 A.D. 

Be it well. In the victorious year of the S'rirajya, under Satyavakya-Permmadi's Kali-yuga 
Hanuman, Nagattara, — the Irvvuliyur odeya, Irugamayya's son Siriyamayya, fixed sluices to the two 
tanks, had the eastern tank built, and obtained the bittmatta of the three tanks. Imprecation. 


Date 1515 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), at the time of an eclipse of the 
moon, — when Krishna-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world :— -Sivannapa-Nayaka 
in order that Aharma might be to his father, granted a field to provide for keeping up a cart for the 
Agara tank. 


Date 1363 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when (with usual titles) vira Bukkanna-Vodeyar's son 
Kampanna-Voi|ey»r was in the city of Mujubagil, ruling the kingdom of the world :— that 

Bangalore Taluq 17 

Kampanna-Vodeyar's son Kamaiya-Nayaka, in the presence of the farmers of this kingdom, granted 
to Elahaka-nad Allala-jiya's son Tanniyappa, lands in Belartta of the Torevali-nad of the south of 
the • . • - nti-nad, as a sarvamdmja-kodage . 


Date 1426 A.D. 

Having the supreme profound sydd-vdda as a fruit-bearing token, may it prevail, the doctrine 
of the lord ot the three worlds, the Jiua doctriue. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), of the s>i-Mula-sangha, Desiya-gana, Kondakundanvaya 

and Pustuka-gachha, Pra siddhanti-deva's disciple Subhachandra-siddhanti-deva'8 lay.disci- 

ple Chakkimayya's (son) Nagiya Kariyappa-dandanayaka when ruling Morasu-nad, 

made a grant (e.ffacd) ror the Kaliyur agrahara, that the Chokkiraayya Jinalaya might continne as 
long as sun and moon. Imprecations. 


Date about 890 J.D. 1 
Be it well. Wben,— a spotless moon in the sky the Ganga-kula praiaed in all the world, the 
self-chosen lord of the Lakshmi of sovereignty over the earth decorated at her waist with a z me of 
the wide circle of the waters of tbe oceai, his greatness adotned with the ornaraent of these and a 
host of countless virtues, — srimad Ereja rjparasa, having made all his enemies powerless, was ruling 
the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand under tbe shadow of one umbrella : — on ordering Nigattara 

«mmmMhmmm»" ' ' ■ - ' f MMonOTM 

along with his feudatories and the ariny to Ayyapa-Deva in order to fight againsUBira-Mahendra, — 
fighting in Tjmnbepadi a when the battle was losing ground, going close up amoug the elephants, he 

Hfaring that, Ereyapa was pleased, and binding the Nagattara crown on Iruga, gaye 
him the Bempur Twe lve, secured by a sasana, as a JkalndJ. Those are as follows : — Be npuru, 
Tovaguru, Puvina-Pullimangala, Kut?.nidu-Nalluru, Nalluru, Komarangundu, I'jrgaluru, Diigmonel- 
malli- GaLuijavagilu, Saramu, El ku nde, Parav iiru, Kudal. Thus rauch, with the fields anp 
boundaries, did Ereyapa give for the dutilul Naga[tta]ra. Great good fortune, 


Date ? about 1300 A.D. 

^Tarail) — (On the date specified), for the benefit of my father S'embandai-jiyar, I, Valiala-jiyar, 

made a graut for the god Tiruniges^aramudaiya to provide for offermgs of rice, sandal 

and other requirements, and for a procession duriug the festival in the month of S'ittiiai. (Usual 
final irapreiatory sentence). Tliis grant is under the protection of Mahesvaras. 


Date about 1 262 A.D. 

V (Tamil) — 1, Rajar&ja-Karkata-maharaja S'okkanayan, granted the wet and dry lands with 

their four boun laries in the village of Orriyavanpalli for the god TirunagiWaram-udaiya Mahadevar. 

AU tlie lower part of the stone is taken ap with an elaborate piece of rude but intere>tinc; sculpture representing tlie l)attle 
to which the inscription refers and the adrnission of the hero to paradise. See Mysore Inscriplions, frontispiece ; or better, 
Et>- Ind VI, 46. The atone is now in the Banga]ore Museurn. 




18 Bangalore Taluq. 


Date? dbout 1110 A.D. 

(Tamil)— During the rule of Poysala-Deva : — Taoiattandan, dlias Murasu rajan, son 

of Murasu-nad-alvar, ternble to titled kings, who was the son of S'6la-velar — one of the gamundas 
of Murasu-nadu in Raiendira-S'61a-vala-nadu of Mudigonda-S'61a-mandalam — granted certain 
lands (gpecifitd) below the big tank ofVeppur as a devadana, caused a surroundmg wall to be 
built at a cost of 500 pon, and gave certain lands to, alias Narpattennayira-battan f 
son of Era-battan, for conducting the duties of superintendent of the matha {mdddpattiyam) 
in tbis temple 

(Usual tinal imprecatory seutence and final phrase). 


Date ? about 1270 A.D. 
Tamil) — (This inscription has no beginning). 

pakkam-udaiyan's son Al.agiyar set up (the image of) a goddess to be taken out in 

procession in the streets .' •• Vilakkavayiran gave a lamp-stand weighing eighteen 



Date about 900 A.D. 

Be it well. Nagattara's house-manager (mant-magadin) Pegura went to svargga and the other 


Date about 900 A.D. 
Nagattara'8 daughter Tondabbe, euding her time in the nianner appointed, died. 

Date about 1400 A.D. 

Be it well, For the god Nagaresvara, Behui' Challandi-Setti's son Gaudu-Sonnappa gave 
vessels (namely) — a tray, a tripod, a bowl for the wave-offering of perfume and incense, and a 


Date 1294 A.D. 

Tamil)— In the 40th year of the reign of the universal eraperor sri -Posala-vira-Pamanada- 
Devar — 

Ab thare had been no provision made formerly for oflerings of rice for the god Kadikandiya. 
suram-udaiya-nayanar, — to provide for offerings of rice for the god, I, Ku]6ttunga-S'6la-Tagadadi- 
rayar Mara-S'ika-devar, granted (from the date specified), to continue for as long as the moon and 
the sun exist, certain quantities (specified) of paddy from lands situated in different villages 
(named). (Usual final imprecatory sentence\ 


Date ?about 1300 A.D. 
(Tamil)— (This is only a fragment). 

Some one seems to have given water cups, incense-burner, lanip, bell and concl-shell to some 
temple. This charity is under the protection of Mahe^vfiras. 

Bangalore Taluq. 19 


Date ? about 950 A.D. 
Pannmanandi-bha^taraka had this stone set up for Ravikanti-siddhanti, who was 



Date about 900 A.D. 

May prosperity be to the Jina sasana. srimat Nagattara's daughter Tondabbe, performing 

tanyasanam, expired. 


Date ? aboat 950 A.D. 
(The 6rst part is nearly effaced). 

. ... .Raya's son . .. . disciple of . ..., — Kumaranandi-bhatara, with his face towards 
Kamapura and Madambapattaua of the Bide-kanda, accoruing to custom wandering about 


Date? 1402 A.D. 

Obeisance to Samba-S'iva. Copper sasana of a gift. Obeisance to S'iva. Obeisauce to 
S'ambhu &c. 

In order to understand the meanings of words do I adore the parents of the world, Parvati 
and Paramesvara, united like a word and its meauing. 

Be it well. (On the date speciBed), to Tryambaka Namassivaya, of the guru-kula, priest of 
(with numerous praises) the god Nagaresvara of Nimbapuri in the Bhaskara-kshetra, who appeared 
to Kalikala-Chola, — the maharajadhiraja raja-pararaesvara raja-pratapa, a lionamong kings, master 
of the northern southern eastern and western four oceans, champion over. . chieftains, a spear for 
the head of Malava-Raya, a gan.da-l)herunda to hostile kings, the Vira-S'aiva Vira-Pratapa-Chola- 
Raya haviug made a representation to (with an immeuse number of epithets) certain Settis (named), 
the heads of the caste, — they agreed to a grant of the following payments ; — For the worship, 
festivals and ali ceremonies of the god NagareAvara, all those of the gotras of a chousand rishis 
settled that for those of their third caste, wherever they may be, they should pay 1 hana per house 
per annum ; and for a marriage, 2 hana. Imprecations. 

List of places to which this applies ; and directioas for honourable treatment of the bearers of 
this sasana when they come to collect the dues. 


Dateltel AD. 
Be it well. (On the date speci6ed), when the tnaha-mandaleSvara, subduer of hostile kings 
champion over kings who break their word, vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyar was ruling the kingdom of 

the world : — . ....... the ... Kali-na d prabhu Gaudapa's son Honnapa granted as a hodage, with 

all the taxes (speci6ed). Imprecations. 


Date 1298 A.D. 

- Tamil— (On the date speciBed), I, Irfjairaja-Karkata-maharajan, granted, with pouring of 
\ water, as a madappuram, the wet and dry lands with their four boundaries, including the wells 



20 Bangalore Taluq 

underground and the treesoverground,, tothe emperor 
of ascetics S'ivajfiana-pauiitar S'embi-jiyar. He shall enjoy (these lands) for as long as the moon 
and tha sun endure. (Usual final imprecatory sentence.) He shall have this grant engraved on 
copper and stone, The signatures of Vettaiyir-chokkar, Nirukkanatti-udaiyar and EJ,umbodar. 


Date 1262 A.D. 

(Tamil) — (On the date specified), I, Rajaraja-Karkata-maharaja Sokkanayan, granted, for 

Tribuvanamalla-puradirayar, alias Tamatta , the wet and dry lands with their four boundaries, 

including tanks and ponds, in the rillage of Gdaya6amuttiram, to the mahdjanas-. .. including the 
ptydris Ilayavilli-alvar, Balendu-mauji and Gangaya-vibudhan 


Date ] 294 A.D. 

(Tamil) — In the 40th year of the reign of the univsrsal emperor sri-Poysala-vira-Iramana-Devar— 

(On the date specified), I, Irajairaja-KarkaU-maharajan Tamattama . . . . , granted, as a 
charitable gift, for feeding Brahmans, Anumasamuttiram and Unangimaran-kuttai, situated within 
the boundaries of Veppur, together with the adjoining wet and dry lands with their four boundaries, 
including the wells underground and the trees overground, to the 28 men of this village who should 
conduct the duties of tdnapatis. (Then follow names of the 28 men). 

I, Tamattamavar, made the above grant, with pouring of water, as a charitable gift, to 
the 28 men, with the right to sell or give away (the lands), for the benefit of the king's sacred 
body and of myself. 

This charity shall last as long as the moon and the sun. (Usual finai imprecatory sentence). 


DateUQl A.D. 

Tam il)— (On the date specified), Vallappa-dennayakkar, one of of the maha-manda- 

esvara, the charcpion over kings who break their word, Ariyappa-udaiyar, and the inhabitants of 
Vepnur nadu — S'okkayappan and others (a few named) — seem to have made a grant. 


Date? 1320 A.D. 

(Tamil) — This inscription records a grant of lands, exempt from taxes, to Appar, son of 
Ulagiyalvar. (Usuai final imprecatory sentence). 


Date 1879 A.D. 

(Telugu) — Obeisance to Ramanuja. Joined to the sacred feet (i. e. the disciple) of the estab- 
lisher of the path of the vedag, promoter of both velaata (the Sanskrit and the Dravida), Tiruko- 
vilur Yatirajasvami, — .Trisirapura Toreyur P61i-Setti's (son)— to Kiishnappa-Nayini's sons Nara- 
simbalu-Nayini and Perumalu-Nayini, the brother, — Subrayalu-Nayadu, (on the date specified), 
gained the holy place of the sacred feet of the Acharyas (i*. e. died). 

Bangalore Taluq. 21 


Dafe?1652 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (In the year specified), Ghannappanna-ayya's agent Yallapa-Nayaka 
reinitted the marriage tax in the Sa raki-ffi me, for all castes in the Bhandaruda village, and the 
villages belonging to the Amrapura temple. Imprecation. 


Date 1851 A.D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), in the presence of Mari-Vrisbabhendra-svami established 
at the one-leafed bilva tree of the Bande -math a, ~— adorned with all titles, Krishna-Raja-Vadeyar of 
the Mysore State made a grant for the service of the matha. 


Dateabout 1060 A. D. 
(Tamil) — (This inscription is incomplete and contains only a portion of the historioal intro- 
/\ duction, which gives neither the name of the king nor the regnal year.) 

Be it well. [In the • . year of the reign of K6-pParakesarivarmar, alias sn-Rajendra-Devar, 

w | 10 i having made the two noble ladies — the goddess of fortune and the goddess of the earth— 

his great queens ; raised.. .. his brilliant white uinbrella ; destroyed the strong Kali ; and bestowed 
beautiful crowns, set with jewels vying with one auother in brilliancy, on his father's younger brother, 
Gau^aikonda-Solan of overpowering strength, with the title the proud Irumadi-Solan ; among his 
younger brothers of warlike strength, on the irate Muuimadi-Solan, with the title Sola-Pandiyan, 
whose valour destroys euemies on the battle-field ; on Vira-Solan, the lord of Koli, 1 who wore the 
warrior's ankle-rings, with the title Karikala-Solan, the lord of the ancient earth ; on Maduranta- 
kan whose strong aud broad hand wielded the sword in warfare, with the titl^, S'6la-Gangan ; on 
the .-'ood Paranta-devan, endowed with strengthof shoulders, with the title S'61a-(A)yy6ddhyarajan • 
among his sons, whom he affectionately cherished in his generous heart, on Irajendra-S'61an 
nraised on this earth, with the title Uttama-S'61an ; on Mudigonda-Solan, wbo wore a garland 
made of a cluster of flowers and of fine opening buds, vvith the title S'61a-Janakarajan of great valour, 
in whom the glory of the race of the Sunrests; on Irattapadikonda-S'6lan, who maintained the dignity 
of pure Tamil, with the title S'61a-Vallaban ; among tha sons of his sons, on Madurantakan, who 
wore sounding ankle-rings, brilliant as the sun, with the title S'undara-S'6lan ; and on the peerless 
Anaichchevagan, whose hand held a strong bow, with the title Nirupendra-Solan ; — was resplendent 


on earth ; and who — when the impetuous and angry S'alukki Ahavamalla, — having heard the 
report that the Valavan (the Chola king), desirous of war, had marched upon Iratta-mandalam of 

superior strengtb, and had destroyedits fame and many districts and towns, — exclaimed, 

"This is a disgrace to me !", sprang up, hia eyes burning with rage, went to the beautiful great 
tirtha Koppara, and commenced hostilitios, though the shower of Ahavamalla'sstraight arrows pierced 
his elephant^s forehead and his own thighs aud mound-like shoulders, and though the warriors 
wearing ankle-rings, who had mounted the warlike elepbant along with him, fell,— not mindincr 
all this, directed (against the en^my) many matchles? warlike weapons and sent to heaven 
Jayasingan, the younger brother of the valorous Chalukki, the warlike Pulakesi, the !garland-wear- 

in" Dasapanraan ; arnong proud princes, the maudalika (A)sSkan, Araiyan ofgreat renown 

Mottayan, who wore a garland of opening buds full of honcy, the unfailing Nanni-Nulamban, and 

Uraiyur (warriore, neer Trichinopoly) 

22 Bangalore Taluq. 

other princes without number ; whereupon the terrified S'alukki, having been utterly routed, along 
with the steady Revan, Tuttan, armed with a spear, Gundamayyan, whose hand held a death- 
dealing weapon, and many other furious princes, fled, with dishevelled hair, looking behind, with a 
bent back, 


Date 1336 A.D. 

Be it well. When, (with usual and other titles, including) a spear for the head of the Malava 
king, a Bairava to the Gurjjara king's minister (yajir), a Brahma-rakshasa to Hemmira-Raya, the 
form of Adava-Raya, the establisher of the Chola king, the setter up of the Pandya king, rooter 
up of the Magara king, displacer of the Kadava king,— 'Poysala vira-Narasinga-Deva's son vira- 
Ballala-Devarasa was in the residence of Dorasam udra, ruling the kingdom of the earth in the enjoy- 
mcrit of all manner of pleasures : — (on the date specified), whcn the maha-Bamantadhipati, champidn 
over the world of men, Meyile-NayakaChenneya-Nayaka wasruling the K ukkala-pa d; — the Kukkala- 

nad maha-prabhu...Honna-Gauda's son and others (named) granted the village as a sarbba- 

mdnya-hodege, with all righta and taxes (specified). Imprecations. 

Written by the seuabhova Jakkanna. 


Date 1340 A .D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when (with usual titles, including) consumer of the 
forest Seuna-Raya's army, terrifier of Chola, Gaula, and Gurjjara, a Rudra oi the last deluge to 
Telunga-Raia, a wild-fire in burning up . . . . Kadava-Raya, the Poysala pratapa-chakravartti 
Vishnuvarddhana vira- BaUala -Deva was ruling the kingdom of the earth in peace aud wisdom : — 
when performing his anointing to the kingdom, in the year_Vikrama, ^the king's son, — the maha- 
samantadhipati. champion over the world of men, K6diya-Nayaka's son fwith numerous epithets) 
Mayileya-Nayaka's younger brother Chennrya-Nayaka, for the support of ... animals, cattle, birds, 
and [all other' living beings, and the service at all times of (the goddess) Ganga-devi, made the 
Ramasamudra (tank) as a work of merit expending 3000 honnu, in order that Mayileya-Nayaka 
Chenneya-Nayaka may rule the earth in peace as long as the sun and moon endure ; and had 
this stone sasana of this work of merit inscribed, Benedictions and imprecations. 

The nadsenabhova Ke§ava-deva's son Ananthanna's writing. 


Date 1156 A.D. 
(Tamil)— During the rule of sri-Narasinga-Poysala-Devar.— 
(On the date specified), Achchalaiyan, the perltadi of Kukkal-naj-ajva^s kingdom, on the 

occasion of an attack on his town Tippiir by Murasadi and many gamundas of the nadu, 

having defended his town and killed many, fell. 

Machchi-devar , caused this stone to be set up 


Date about 1262 A.D. 
Be it well. Dharma granted by Rajaraja Ka[ra]kada-maraya Chokka-Naya. The Talegatur 
Sivapura is granted to Muttina Kamayya and all the othrr Mahesvaras ; for as long as sun and 
moon endurc. Imprecation. 

Bangalore Taluq. 23 

114 and 1151 

Date about 1262 A.D. 
/T (Tamil) — I, Rajaraja-Kakkata-marayan S'okkani yan, graated Talaigattur S'ivapuram, together 

with the wet and dry lands within its four boundaries, to Muttin Kamayan and other Mahesvaras, 
(Usual final imprecatory sentence). S'6gudaiyan shall ? improve aad enjoy certain lauds (specified). 
(Then follow names of the donees and details of the shares). I, Kama-devar, will exact a fine 
froin and expel from his vritti any man who either leaves S'ivapurara for good, or slanders another, 
or commits adultery. S'uriya-deva gets ten kulaga of wet land. 

Date? 1578 A.D. 

(In the year specified), the great champion over the three kings, Bamraaya-Nayaka made to 
his guru Battarayya a grant of the Turuvalarahalli village. Its boundaries. Imprecations. 


Date 1339 A.D. 

Be it wsll. When (with usual titles) the pratapa-chakravartt Hoysana vira-Narasimha-Deva'8 

son vira-Ballala-Deva was in Dorasamudra, ruling the kingdom of the world; — (on the date specified) 

when the maha-samantadhipati, lord of the world of men, K6teya-Nayaka's sou Mayileya-Nayaka 

Channeya-Nayaka's son Koteya-Nayaka was ruling K ukkala-nad ; — the prabhu of that Kukkala-nad 

(rest effaced). 


Date 1705 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Ee it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraj a raja-parames- 
vara praudha-pratapa apratima-narapati, born in the Atreya-gotra, Mahisur-nag ara Deva-Raja_ 
Vaderaiya's son, Kanthjrayj,-Jsajra^-Raja-Vaclerayya, seated on the throne of Srirangapattana, 
was ruling the empire of the world : — for the offerings and illuminations of the god Venkatesvara 
which his father had caused to be newly set up in the fort of Bengalur beionging to his government» 
hemade a giant of Kottanur in Gottegere belongingto the fort of Bengalur, togetherwith its hamlets 
Kolatapura, Tidadahalli and Bilappanahalli, altogether 4 villages, with all rights. Imprec- 

ations. . / i 

120 KcX^CU^LkvwcUwvC-. 

Date 134G A.D. \v\A 

(Iu the year specitied), Jinjanna-Nayaka's son Jakkanna-Nayaka, in the time of Ballala-Raya, 
gave Kattu-Nayaka's Jaddapura to l J atalabh6ji-vodeyar's son Siddayaii-vodeyar, within the four 
boundaries belonging to Katta-Mallikarjunarayapura. Imprecations. yjl / ^- t \ (] 

The engraver of the sasana was Avarigero Naloja's son Basava-voja. ^^T^- \ \ U ^V^ 'vCX 

122 ^V^CA^J^UNv 

Date 1408 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), wben the maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-Deva- 
Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world :— the a dhikari Hayakasa made for the god 

Tliis Tamil virsion partly preqedes and partly foHows fche Kannada version No. 114 

24 Bangalore Taluq 

Tirumalenatha of Kannelli in Kukkala-nad a grant of two looms, free of tax. 

Usual final verses. 


Date 1495 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), when the maha-mandalesvara, 
chainpion over the mustaches of the world, Kathari-Salva, Saluva Irnmadi-Narasinga-Raya-maha- 
raya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — the maha-mandalesvara Gode-Raya (with various 
epithets) made, to the sons of Tiinmarasa, the temple priest of Vakkejallimangala and others 
(named), at the time of an eclipse of the sun, a grant of the Gangadihalli village in Kukkala-nad 
belonging to his Nayakship, giving it another name Timmannarajapura, as an agrahara, — in order 
that merit might be to Immadi-Narasinga-Riya-inaharaya, — with all rights. 



Dateabout 1650 A.D. 
The Elavakka-nad prabhu . . .. ? Chennaya-Gauda granted to [Yesavantajpura Kempa- 

Gauda as a Jcodage . . 


Date 1431 A.D. 

Obeisance to Ganadhipati. Obeisauce to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the miharaya raja-paraniesvara vira-Vijaya- 

bhupati-Raya-rnaharaya's son Deva-Raya mahar.lya, on the throne of Vijayauagara, was ruling 

the kiugdom of the world in peace and wisdom :— l>y the personal order of that Deva-Raya-maha- 

raya, — for the offerings and decorations of (the gol) Some-deva in front of the town in Sakana- 

samudra, — the great minister Mangappa-dannayaka s son Pratapa-Raya granted a dharma-sasana 

as^follows ;— for the offerings and decorations of the god Some have we granted the Viriipakshapura 

village, whose rental is 20 honnu, — a hamlet of Devasamudra in the Yelahanka-nad, belonging to 

and under Sivanasamudra grauted for our office of Nayaka, — making it Vija^ adevarayapura, and 

with that Devarayapura, land (specified) under the old tank of Devasamudra, — at the time of the 

eclipse of the sun, — in order that long life, health and increa9e of wealth may be to Deva-Raya- 

maharaya, and from love to Pararaesvara. Details of the rental, of the ceremonies to be performed 

and of the seven persons to be employed to minister to the god. Usual final verses. 

Written by Pratapa-Raya. 


Date 1342 A.D. 

Be it weil. (On the date specified), whmthe pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala vira-Ballala- 
Devarasa was in the city ofUnnaraale, ruling the kingdora in peace and wisdotn : — the nobleman 
(ehhatiga) of his house, the maha-samantadhipati, champion over mustaches, Chikka-Bayireva- 
Nayaka and a number of others (named), with all the farmers, made to Nagavara Maragondas 
Marapa a grant of Nagisettiyahalli with half the lands under the old tank of that village, as a 
lcodage, for as long as the sun and rnoon endure. 


Date 1376 A.T).i 

(Tamil)— While the maha-mandalesvara, deatroyor of hostile kings, champion over kings who 
braak their word, lord of the eastern southern western and northern oceans, Suratrana (Sultan) of 

Saka 1290 is given as corresponding to tlie cyclic year Nala. But Nala = S'aka 1299. 

Bangalore Taluq 25 

the Hindu Rijas, the maharaja paratnesvara sri-vira-Bikkinna-idaiyar wai pleased to rale the 
earth — 

(On the date specified), I — the maha-samanfcadhipati, champioi o;er the three kiugs, champion 
over kiogs who break their word, Mayalaya-Nayakar's sou Devaya-Nayakkan — graated, with poariag 
of water, to coatioue as a sarva-mdnya for as long as the raooa aad the sua endure, cartain laads 

(specified) ia Devasamudra, alias palli, of I laippakka-na du, to a oumber of Brahmans of 

various gdtras- (Usual final irapreeatory sentence aud final Saaskrit verse). 


Date 1307 A.D, 

(Tarail) — (Froiu the year spacified), f >r viofcory to the sword aud arm of the pratapa-chakravatti 
sri-P6sala-vira-Vallala-Devar, aud for fche banefit of Vallappa-deniiakkar, we— the tnaha-prasayitta 
Ninrau, the superiuteadeat of the ? western portion of MUjanji^njidu, S'embi-devar, Villa-garauudar 
aad other (three uamed) inhabitants of Llie nidu, au l Kovaadai— haviug cleared the jaagle ia the 
tract of laad adjoiaing Peru-Erumur, ? levellel the grouad, bailt a village, constracted a taak by 
? removin^ the sand, and namid the villa^e Vachchidevarpuram, graated to Vachchi-devar the village 
aod the wet and dry lands adjoioiug it, vvith their four bouadaries, as a madappuram, exempt 
from taxes, for as long as the mooo and the sun exist. (Usual final imprecatory seutence). 

The signature of Ninran. The signature of the accountant of the nadu, Periyapillai. 


Date 1308 A.D. 
Be it weil. When the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala vira-Ballala-Devarasa was ruling a 
peaceful kiugdom : — aod the great [tninister] Devanua's [sou] Madeya Allapa-dandanayaka was 
ruliue Elahaka-nad ; — the sarvvadhikari Unyauna, with all the chief farmers, made a graot of 
land (effaced) at Hebala to (io the ycar specified). Iraprecations. 


Date ? 1689 A.D.I 
(In the year specified), we, Marige-Gauda, will give to any one for this (idakke) 10 hana, 5 
hana, 6 haua. At this rate the nad-saoubova ... koja Nachappawill . . . the Gauda's padidna. 


Date ? 1676 A.D. 

(Io the year specified), Rupa-Deva-R;'ini's soa Balleya-RAya-Rani granted to Samudradakote 
Dasa's son Nammaluvar, as a ddsoha, land (speeified) under the old tank of Hebbala belonging to 
our office of Nayaka, aud in other places (spscified). Impr ecation. 


Date 1538 A.D. 

(On the date specified), when Achyuta-Riya-miharaya was on a secure throne : — Mecharasaya 
made a grant in Anupe. . .. in the Si van asaot ud i a-sim e . Imprecation. 

Thepurport of this inscription is unin*elligible. 



26 Bangalore Taluq 


Date 1386 A.D. 

(On the date specified), when the maha-mandalesvara, subduer of hostile kings, champion over 

kiDgs who break their word, vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyar Bukkanna-Vodeyar was ruling a secure 

kingdom : — the maba-samantadhipati, champion over the world of men, Mayileya-Nayaka's son 

Koteya-Nayaka made to Bankodi Deva-Perumal's son Kharyya-deva a grant of Jubanahalli in the 

Yalabaka-nad, as a sarvamdnya-Tcodage. 


Date? 1237 A.D. 1 

(Tamil) — During the rule of the emperor of the whole world Poysala-vira-Narasinga-Devar — in 
the time of Mannimanavadai-udai-gandan S'ikka-devar of Ilaippakka nadu,— I, Periya-Treloka- 
eettiyan, built (in the year specified) the tower of the teuiple of the god S'ivanisvaram-udaiyar, and 
granted some land, exempt from taxes, to S ola-bhatta's son Kanka-battan. I, Vairi-battan, had the 
work of the vimdna done 


Date ? 1273 AD. 

(This inscription is fragmentary) 

(Tamil) — (In the year specified). some praddmn (miaister) seems to have made a grant, 

with pouring of water, to provide for offerings of rice for some godof .. .. Rama-chchaturvedi- 



Date ? 1286 A.D. 

C This is also fragmentary) 

(Tamil) — It seems to record a grant of lands by the mahdjanas of some place to provide for 
oil for lamps etc. for some god. 

Date? adout 700 i.W 

(JElep7/.ant on the seal) 

Be it well. From the victorious residence of Kalmga^ggara,, which was like Amarapura 

(the city of the gods), devoted to worship of the lotus feet of the divine Gokarna-svami, who is 

set up on the pure peak of the Mahendra mountain, master (guru) of things movable and 
immovable, the sole architect (sutradhdra) for the creation of all the world, baariug the moon 
as his crest, — having raised the shout of victory iu the struggles of many battles, his two feet 
illuminated with the rays from the groups of jewels in the crests of the circle of all the 
feudatories prostrated by his valour, the maharajadhiraja paramesvara sri-Rajendravarma^ son sri. 
Devendravarma-Deva, being in good health. (thus) commands the householders residin? in the 
Sidhata village and lts neighbourhood in Varah avartan i : — Be it known to you that this village, — 
for the worship, incease and offerings of Paiamesvara-parama-bhattaraka, — to Ratuka, a resident 

The Kali year 4343 is given as corresponding to Hevilambi. But Kali 4343=Plava ; and Hevilambi =Kali 4339. 
Perhaps 1237 A. D. is meant ; but this year does notfall within the reign of Naiasimha II (1220-1235). 

The inscription contains many mistakes. 












Baugalore Taluq 27 

of P aluko9u, of the Kateja^sutra^ performer of tlie five vows,— in order |that merit, long life and 
glory may be to our uiother, father and ourselves, — at the tirae of the sankrdtti, with pouring of 
water, has been given. lts boundaries are here written (details of boundaries) . 

By Navanitarasi-guru, dwelling in S'riparvata, was this established for the frotriya. 

As to this are the verses delivered by Vyasa ;— By tnany kings has the earth been enjoyed, 
Sagara and others ; whosesoever is at the time the land, his is then the fruit. Who30 takes away 
land given by hitnself or by another is born a wortn in ordure and with his fathers cooked. 

Written by U tnina Srikban di. 




Date? 481 A.D. 

Be it well. Suecess through the adorable Padtnanabha. resembling (in colour) the cloudless sky. 

A sun illumining the clear firmament of the Jahnavi (or Ganga)-kula, possessed of a kingdom 
sprung from the swift victory of his arm, adorned with the ornament of a wound received in cutting 
down in battle the hosts of his cruel euemies, of the Kauvayana-sa-gotra, was srimat Konganivarmma- 

His son, inheriting the qaalities of his father, poisessing a character for learning and modesty, 
having obtained the honours of the kiugdom only for the sake of the good government of his 
subjects, a touchstone for (tasttng) gold the learned and poets, skilled among those who expound 
and practise the sc;ence of polifcics in all its branches, having well distnbuted faithful servants, 
author of a treatise on the law of adoption (dattaka sutra), was srimat Madhava-mahadhirajah. 

His son, uuitiug the qualtties of hts father aod grandfather, having entered into war with 
many elephants (so that) his fame had tasted the waters of the four oceans, of wonderful skill 
acquired from riding rutting elephants and horses, distinguished for wealth gained through the four 
modes of attack, was srimad Harivarmma-mahadhirajah, 

His son, devoted to the worship of gurus, cows and Brihmans, meditating on the feet of 
Narayana, was srimad Vishnugopa-mahadhirajah. 

His head purified by the pollen from the lotuses the feet of Tryambaka, his two arms grown 
stout and hard with athletic exercises, having by personal strength and valour purchased the king- 
dom, reviver of many thousand donations and sacrifices for long-ceased festivals of the gods and 
Brahman eudowinents, performer of the oSering of first-fruits (dgrayana) , remover of the fear of 
others, his tvvo arms shinini; vvith gens of hard knobs proiuced by drawing his bow, his 
race glorified by his great and wide-spresd fame as the waterlilies by the rays of the mooD, was 
srimat Madhava-tnahadhirajah. 

The balov-}d sist3r's son of sri-Krishnavarmmi-mahadhiraja, — who, anointed with the final 
ablutions of the completed lnrse-sacrific^, was tlie san to the fif.nament of the auspicious Kadamba- 
kula, — having obfcained the anoinfcing to the kingdom on the couch of the lap of his divine mother, 
enjoying to the full the essanci of fche tUree objects of desire without one interfering with the other, 
his mind illuminad with the inerease of iearning and modesty, of a wide-spread fame gained by 
victory in inany wars which made the three worlds appear as one milk ocean, a lake to the lotus 
of compassion for the bees the eyes of fair womsn disturbed by the shower of the arrows of the 
godoflove, reckoned the chief antong poefcs, thc ablest aaiong the mosfc able, was srimat Kongani- 

By his son, successor to the qualities of his father, his broad chest embraced hy the arms 
of one who desired him though assigned by her father to the son of another, surrounded by 

28 Bangalore Taluq 

feudatories subjected by the exercise of the three powers of increase, surrounded by ministers 
attached to him by constant atfection and gifts, having with the sharp sword in his hand cut 
down and with his arms uprooted the hosts of his enemies, of a forca glorious with virtue and 
set with the gams of the daily improviag qualities of the best of uien, though not matured in 
age yet possessed of ripe virtue, a raine of the clustres of many distinguished qualities, in 
punishing according to desert the equal of Vaivasvata, having sufficient agents for protecting the 
castes and religious orders in the South, having good subjects, of supreme righteousness, meditating 

on the feet of the divine Kamalodara (Vishuu),— what more? — by the Yuddhishtira of the Kali age 
by srimad Kongani-maharaja— «in the third year of the great wealth increased by himself, in the 
month 3'ravana, on new moon day,— to the maintainer of the sacred fire, dwelling in Mahasenapura, 

Vasasarmma .... (rest Ulegible) . 

5th plate missing. 


/W.?110 5 J.D.i l^\ 

(N6gar% characters). 

Obeisauce to S'ambhu, adorned with the points of the rays of the moon, the. . . . tree of plenty 
Be it well. When, the refuge of all the world, favourite -of earth and fortune, the lnaharaia- 
dhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka, boon lord of Kalyana-pura, bestower of widowhood on 
tke wives of the hostile elephant-riding Bhagadatta kings, a sun to the lotus the Chalukya-kula 
fierce in war, a bow to Kalinga, a sun among champions, self-sustained hero, bold iu the field of 
battle, displacer of Asvapati-Raya, destroyer of Gajapati-Raya, smiter on the head of Narapati-Rava 
tanner of the deer the feudatories, the daily terror of the four quarters ofKonkana, a son to the 
wives of others, having a flag with the crest of a golden boar, adorned with the glory of all lines of 
kings, born in the Soma-vanisa (or Lunar race), sri-VIra-Nonamba-chakravartti was in Kalyana - 
pura, ruling the kingdom in peace and wisdom : — on raaking a victorious expedition to the South 
from the Henjaya village, hatakam utulitam, in the S'aka year 366, the year Tarana, in the dark 
fortnight of the mouth Phalguna, on Thursday, at the time of new moon, — 

The principal Gangavadikara, the vadda-byavahdri of the Chalukyas, Maro-Satti, of the Halahadi 
village, in the Kunda-nad Seventy district of the Gangjivadj Ninety-six Thousand, haviug in the 
Henjara battle pierced the horse and brought down the honour of Kilva-Raya,— there were given 
(to him) the five-fold gifts,^urabrella, palanqnin, escort, throne, and land with fiues and excise — 
given with the eight rights of full possession, and with all ceremony. (Details of the land, and 
boundarie s Witnesses. 

Written by the highly accomplished Odvachari. 

AVhoso seizes upon a span-breadth of land, or so much as a finger's breadth, shall linger in hell 
till the deluge. 

^^Approved,— Ari-rdya-mastaha-tala-praMri (smiter on the heads of hostile kings). 

The professed tlate Js 445 or 450 A.D. S'aka 306 expired= PramSthi.-Tarana =S'aka 372. 




0/ , r. v r"-Ajr # v^ 

} &tuMhyj!itnny&2i 

tsPOfti-* r-r 

; 3WS»#*! 

- 12*0#»?r*S8S 





- ;o: 


Date 1029 A.D. 

Be it well. To the Odeyar who was ruling 2 Gange, the East country, and Kadaram, who wa» 
the K6-pParakesarivarmma, sii-Rajendra-Chola-Deva, the 18th year of his reign : — 

Yuddhamalla-Deva'8 dandanayaka, of the Bharadvaja-gotra, Appanayya's son Vamanayya, 
when his guru Mauni-bhattaraka obtained siddhi (or final emancipation), on his departure (or 
death), had Siddhesvara made. And for the offerings to the god, and the perpetual light, giving 
money to the nal-gavunda of Kukkanur-nad in the Vikramachdla-mandala which is Dadigavali, to 
the gavunda's son Rattakulakala-Chola-gavunda, and to Banapura Nityavinoda-Manika-Setti, 
bought 12 kandugas of rice-land under the Banapura tank, — and by the king's favour, gave it as a 
diva-bhoga. This land, by the pole of 16 spans, is 1440 kammas. To this (herecome many names) 
being witnesses, — the writer of the stone sasana was tha mdhdmdtra Ajavarmmaya's son, the em- 
peror (or master) of sasana expressions, Punyasarmma. 

Chhaya paramesvara'8 son was named Stambhanatha. His son, versed in the meaning of 
the Kaldgama, was the yati Dvipanatha. His disciple was born Mauninatha-mumpa. The bearer 
of the commands of his sandals, the learned Rupasiva, devoted to the 8'ivdgama, shines in the world. 

For the temple of Siddhesvara, Rupasiva-pandita is the master. Imprecation. 

Be it well. At the root of a sacred big tree (sri-vriksha) in Chandrapuri, situated by the 
Western Ocean, was stationed Adhinatha, by only thinking solely on whose lotus feet are destroyed 
the results of the (evil) deeds committed in former births- His disciple, waited on by kings, among 
the circle of great ones the greatest, was Chchhayadhinatha, whose head the keenest rays (chhdyd) 
of the sun (dinandtha) do uot affect. An intoxicated bee at his lotus feet, called Stambha, was 
Dahaladhinatha. Awakened by the dust from his lotus feet, was Dvipanatha the world-renowned. 
His disciple, iuvincible by other disputants, was Mauniuatha, in the form of Rudra. Like a bee at 
his lotus feet, the best of the twice-bom, was Vamana, chief of ministers. At the timeof his guru's 
decease, he caused to be made of stone, in the name of his guru, the S'iddhesvara temple, com- 
plete with enclosure, etcetera. And to the god S'iddhesvara 12 kandugas of land in Banapura 
were granted with faith by the dandanayaka Vamana. 

Usual imprecatory verses. 

In this land the Siddhesvara achBri is master of 2 kandugas. 


Da/el535 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), the maharajadhiraja raja-parame^vara, master of the 

southern eastern and westeru oceans, hunter of , Venkatapati-Raya-maharaya, in the presence 

of the Virupaksha linga, for the god Mallikarjuna which Tirumale-Devi-arama in the city of 

Thii pillar i» now at the Victoria Jubilee Institute, Mysore. 
The Tamil worel dnda is uaed, iustead of the U3ual londa, took. 



SO Nelamangala Taluq. 

Vijayanagara, made a grant of the Binuamangala village in the .... nad-sime belonging to 

the Penugond e-nad, with all usual rights. Usual final verses. 

Gangapa's writiDg. 


Date 1110 A.D. 

(Tamil)— Be it well. The S'aka year 1032. The year Vikrita. 

la the 41st year of the reign of Kov-Irajakesaripanraar, dlias the emperor sri-Kulottunga-S'61a- 
Devar, who,— while the goddess of Fame becarne conspjcuous, while the goddess of Victory desired 
him, while the goddess of the Earth beeame bright, and while the goddess of Foitune wedded him — 
rightfully wore the excellent crown of jewels ; caused the wheel of his authority to roll over all 
regions, so that the Villavar (Cheras) became disconcei ted, the Minavar (Pandyas) lost their posi- 
tion, and the other kings retreated with disgrace ; performed the anointment of victory ; and was 
graciously seated on the throne of heroes along with his queen Avant-mulud-udaiyal ; — 

I, Rajarajan Kulottunga-Solan, alias Kulottunga-S ola Adimurka-chchengirai, lord of S'aya- 
varanallur in Arikesari-valanadu of Rfijai\ija-Pandi-nadu, graoted, as a deva-dana, for the god 
Muttisvararu-udaiya Mahadevar of Vinnaniangalam in Kukkanur- nadu of Vikkirama-SV>la-manda- 
jam, thc village Nakkur of the same nadu and the surrounding wet and dry lands with their sum- 
mer and winter crops, together vvith many taxes, including the tax on kummari t ? the cotton clotb, 
? the cloth on the loom, the tax ou the plough, ? the cow of the house, the family tax on the Asi- 
podurmakkal, kor and murchuttu. 

I have set up this stone and have (also) caused it to be engraved qn it that this charity shall 
continue as long as the moon and the sun, and that tbose who protect this cbarity shall obtain the 
merit of those who perform meritorious deeds betwcen the Ganges and the Kumari (Capc Comorin), 
while those who destroy this shall incur the sin of those who comrait sinful deeds between the Gan- 
ges and the Kumari. This is under the protection of Mahesvaras. 

The order of S'andichcharau. In the sea-giit eartb, the ? ruler Kandichcharan did charity 
in former times. I will unhesitatingly place on my head the ffet of him who protects the charity 
of another. 

Land has been enjoyed by Sagara and many other kings ; whosesoe ver was at any time the 
land, his was then the fruit. He who confiscates land given by himself or by anotber is born a 
worm in ordure for sixty-thousand years. 


Date ? 1 354 A.D. 
(In the year specified), Virupauna-Nayaka-ayya granted land (speciiied) to Appayya-pandita. 

Date 1038 A.D. 

(Tarail) — In the 27th year of the reign of K6-pParakesarivanmar, alias sri-Rajendra-S61a- 
Devar, who, — while the goddess of Fortune, having become constant, increased, and while tho 
goddess of the great Earth, the goddess of Victory in battl?, and the matchless goddess of Fame, 
baving become his great queens, rejoiced- in his extended happy life-time, conquered with his great 
and warlike army Idaiturai-nadu ; Vanavasi, shut in by a fence of continuous iorests ; Kojlippakkai 
whose walls were surrounded by s'ulti trees ; Mannai-kkadakkam, of unapproacbable strength • the 
crown of the king of Ilam (Ceylon), which was surrounded by the impetuous sea ; the exceedingly 
beautiful crown oi his queen ; the beautifui crown and the nccklace o; Indra, which the kjhg of the 
South (the Pandya) had previously surrendered to the kings of llam ; the wholc of the ll«-mandalam 

Nelam&ngala Taluq. 31 

surrounded by the clear sea ; thc crown praised by many and the garland of ruddy rays, which 
were family fcreaVures vvorh in succession by the warlike Kerajan ; many ancient islands securely 
guarded from time immemorial by the sea resounding with concbs ; the crown of pure gold, worthy 
of Lakshini, wliich Parasuraman, who in anger extirpated kings twenty-one times in battle, bad 
deposited iu the inaccessible S'andima lsland, having considered it a secure place ; the renowned 
I rattapadi Seven- an d-a-half l akh (country), together with the immeasurable fame of Jayasinga, 
who, out of fear and to his disgrace, turned his back at Muyangi and hid hiraself ; the great 
mountains filled with the nine treasures ; Sakkaragottam, whose warriors were brave ; Madurai- 
mandalam, wbose fortresses had cloud-kissing banners ; Namanaikonai, which was surrounded by 
groves ; Paujappalji, whose warriors possessed cruel bows ; Masuni-deSam, abounding in green 
paddy fields ; a great heap of family treasures along with many otber treasures, nfter having 
captured, together with his relations, Indiraviratan of the anueat race of fche moon, in abattle 
which raged at Sadinagaravai of ancient great farae ; Otta-vishaiyam, sunounded by dense 
? bamboo thickets wbich were difficult to approach ; the fine Koialai-nadu, whcrc Brahmans are col- 
lected together ; Tandabutti, whose gardens abounded with bees, after having destroyed Danmapala 
in a hot battle ; Dakkana-Ladam, whose fame spread in all direciious, after having fiercely attacked 
Iranasuran ; Vaiigala-aesam, of unceasing drizzle, from wbichGoviudasandan, dismounting from his 
horse, fled ; elephants of great strengih, women and treasures, after having ! 'c on pleased to frighten 
on a hot battle-field Mayipala of ? S'angottal, who wore the warrior's ankle-rings ; Uttira-Ladara, 
surrounded by the vast sea which abounded with pearls ; the wave-tbrowiog Gangai whose sacred 
waters were full of fragrant flowers ; and who — having sent many ships in the midst of the billow- 
ing sea and having captured S'angirama-viSaiyottungaparman ; tbp king of Kadaranij nlong with 
his victorious fine elephants which had (well-foirr.ed) fiontal globes and resembled the impetuous 
sea — took the great heap of treasures which he had rightfully amassed, the Vichchadiia-ttoranam 
at the war-gate of the enemy's extensive city, the wicket docr set with jewels of great splendour, 
and the door set with large jewels ; the extensive S'ri-Vijaiyam ; Paunai, watered by the river ; 
the ancient Malaiyur, which had many hill fortresses ; Mayirudingam, the moat aiound which was 
the deep sea ; Ilangasobam, of undaunted heroic deeds ; Ma-pPappaJam, having a system of 
full streams ; Mavilipangam, which had fine fortifications as defence ; Vilaippandur , fu!l of 
luxuriant green jungle ; Kalai-ttakkolam, praised by great men versed in the scienc^s ; Madama- 
lingain, of steady beroic deeds ; Ila muri-desam, whose fierce strength was increascd by eiimity ; 
Ma-Nakkavaram, surrounded by gardens resounding with bees ; and Kadaram, of great strength, 
guarded by the deep sea ;— 

We— Manikka-cllchetti of Vanapuram andother inhabitants of Kukkanur-njda and Rajendra- 
S'61a-gaiuundan of Vinnaraangalam, the gununda of tlie nadu— granted, with pouring of vvnter, to 
be enjoyed for as long as the moou and the sun endure, 500 kuji of land (boundaries given), 
measured by a rod of sixteen spans, for the goddess ChnmundeSvari uoder the ? silk-cotton tree 
to the west of HiddhiSvaram in Koliyamburchchey of Kukkairar-r.adu in Vikrama-S^la-mandalam, 
to provide for offerings of rice once a day, For worship at the three times of the day, and for one 

pujdri. I, Rajendra-S'6la-gamundan of namangalam, son of the gamunda of this nadu, 

wrote this. The signatures of 


Date 1763 A.T). 
Be it well. (On the date specified), the rajaclliiraia raia paiameivara praudha-v.ratai>a 
rapi-atima-vira-narapati Mahisur Krishna-Pn-a-Vrdcyarriya causcd to bc written and given to the 



32 Nelamangala Taluq. 

Pesh-Imam Ahmed Saidu a copper Sasana as follows ; — Whereas for the mosque whicb you have 
made in Sontekoppa of the Nelavaugala-sthala you receive from the Athavane (or revenue) at the 
rate of 27 varaha, — as an uttdr (or rent-free land) for this amount, we grant you the Dabanayakana- 
halli and Mattanakaruchi villages of the Nelavangala-sthala, yielding a revenue of 27 varaha, to- 
gether with their fields, for the mosque. Imprecation. 

(signed) — sVi-Xrishna-Raja 

Date ? 1333 A.D. 

(On the date specitied), — Be it well. When, (with usual titles, much effaced), the pratapa-cha- 
kravar(ti Hoysaja vira-BallaJa-Devarasa was in Hosabetta, ruling in peace the kingdom of the 
world : — and the maha-savantadhipati, Naraloka-ganda, Mayileya-Nayaka Janneya-Nayaka was 
ruling Kukkala-nad ; — to thegreat Kambadaprabhu, Mantapa Naga-gavuda's.. Marappa-gavuda, — 
in the prescnce of variotis-gaudas (named) and all the subjects and farmers, — was given a ftodaqe. 

Written by nieyanna 


Date 1533 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Obeisance to G-anadhipati. 

Be it well. (On the date apecified), — -Achyuta-Raya-maharaya'8 son Odeyar's .. 

Mallappa-anna granted to the god Mallikarjuna the Haroketanahalli village of the Sontekoppa- 
sthala, which he had mortgaged. 


Dateabuut 1330 A.D. 

Very much of the inscription is effaced. 

When, (with usual titles), the pratapa-chakravartti Poysala [vira-Ballala-Deva] was ruling the 
kingdom:— (15 Unes here gone). Regulations made by all the cultivators [halaru) of Dambala, that 
if any one among thera died without children, his elder and younger brothers were to have posaes- 
sion. If there were no brothers, his son-in-law and grandchildren were to have possession. If 
there were no such relatives, the property to go to auch work of charity as the cultivators decided. 

Any transgression of the rules of this caste the cultivators will inquire into, and punish the 
offenders. And vira-Ballala ? approved of the same customs in Dorasamudra. And certain dues 
were granted for some guru. 

Such is the stone sasana, copy of the copper Sasana granted at the time when the great minis- 
ter, sole champion of the world, Jaleya-dannayaka was ruling Kukkala-nad. 

The senabova Linganna's (son) Mar6ja's writing. 


Dofe?1351 A.D. 

(On the date specified), the maha-mandalesvara Mallapanna's son-in-law Vlruppanua-Nayaka 
granted to the Gejagaraguppe batta, Lak3hmaya-deva, free of all imposts, Vimalasagara, as a 

Nelamangala Taluq. 23 


Date 1340 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date spacified), when (with usual titles) vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyar was 
ruliag the kingdom of the world ; — And the maha-samantadhipati, champioa over the world of men, 
Mayileya-Nayaka was ruliog Kukkala-na d ; — (rest illegible). 


Date ? 1766 A.D. 

(Oa the date Bpecified), to Khaki Shah's youager brother Haji Saheb, instead of rice laad as a 

Jco&gi for bail liag the tank, we have graated the Tirumalapura village, to cootiaue to sons and 



Date 1359 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), whea the great subduer of hostile kiags, champion over 
kiags who break their word, vira-Bukkanna-Vodeyar was iu Basapattana, ruliag the kingdom of 
the world : — the maha-savantadhipati Mayileya-Nayaka's younger brother Yojaya-Nayaka aud 
Santeya-Nayaka, with all the subjects and farmers of the great Pa. . nad, (made some grant). 


Date ahout 1065-4.0. 

V (Tamil) — This inscription is mostly gone. The first portion gives an account of the exploits 

of the Chola king (Virarajendra I) who is said to have seized the queens, valuables and 
vehicles of so ne euemy aud to have frighteaed Ahavamalla. The latter portioa appears to record 
«ome grant by one Mummudi-S'6la-gamunda. 



Date 1050 A.D. 
(Tamil)— In the 33rd year of the reign of Kov-Irajaklsaripanmar, alias srl-Rajadhir&ja- 
Devar of bright intellect, who, while the moon waxed with added beauty, was boru to render 
conspicuous the ancient race of the hot-rayed gbd ( the sun) ; who caused his umbrella, nlanted 
underthe shadow of (? his father's) white umbrella, to cast its shade over the kingdom of his 
father who couquered with his army Gangai of the prosperous north, Ilangai of the south Mahod»i 
of the west, and Kadaram of tbe east : who swayed his sceptre over every region ; who cut off on the 
battle-field the beautiful head, which was adorned with large jewels and was never without the 
goldencrown, of Manabaranan, one of tha three renowned kings ofthe South (PAndyas) • who 
eent the king of Venadu to heaven ; who killed the king of ? Stangaml ? on the battle-field • who 
caused to be destroyed the ship3 at KandaVir-S'alai on the sea-coast ; and who assumed the praise- 
worthy name of Jayangonda-S'olan— 

. I, the commander (&8>id-pati) Jayangonda-S;61a-Vanak6varaiyan, agree to receive as the 
landlord'8 share two-fifthj of the wet crops and one-fourth 6f the dry crops in Mannai-nadu of 
nnappadi alias Vikkirama-S'61a-mandalam. 

-- r iii wi iiwuwrcfrWTTTMTif nm — i--r*- rft-t ■ 

Those who violate this agreement shall incur the sin of those who have destroyed a tawny 
cow and Vaaara-i (Benares). 

K»linK*m in Chik-Ballapur 21. 

34 Nelamangala Taluq. 


Date 1521 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), of Kamakshi-Deva-Raya's vamsa.. .. Tippanua-Nayaka'» 
son Kemba-Nayaka granted this pura to Kariina-vodeyar. Imprecation. 


Date 1521 A.D. 
Similar to the above, the pura being granted for having a tank made. 


Date 1533 A.D. 

Obeisance to S'ambhu. Be it well. When the maharajadhiraja raja-parameSvara vira- 
pratapa Achyuta-Deva-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world :— 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), in Hesaraghatta, otherwise called, 
the Sivasamudra agrahara, in the Kakolu-sthala in the Sivanasaraudra-sime of the Elahanka-nad, 

belonging to the Chelur chavadi, — of the Bharadvaja-gotra Asvalayana-sutra and Ruk- 

sakha, had this temple built, and having brought a Kasi liuga (or linga from Benares), set up the 
god Chauclramaulisvara, with Nandikesvara and Vighnesvara. — And on making petition to the 
Brahmans, many learned Brahmans of various gotras, sutras and names, at the auspicious time of 
consecration, for presenting various offerings (specified) for the god Chandramaujtevara on the bank 
of the tank formed in the Arkkavati (river) — granted land (specified). Its boundaries. Also 
au enclosure for the temple, a house for the priest, and a street, with the land adjoining it, the 
Brahmans granted. May it be proaperous. Obeisance to S'iva. 

Date 1535 A.D. 
And in the year Manmatha, they made certain additional grants, the ground for the god'8 
precincts being insufficient. 

Date 1536 A.D. 
And in the yeac Durmukhi they granted the temple kodige to Dasi for cultivation. And, — 
by order of Achyuta-Raya, — Appanua granted for the god certain lands (specified). (rest illegible). 


Date about 750 A.D. 

Be it well. By S'ripurusha-maharaja, to Riudra§armma-s6mayaji's son Sakkaharasarrama, 
was granted the village named Attigundutr, formerly a Brahraan endowment, free from the entry 
of cattle, horses, the king's men, anl all other troubles [or imposts]. Usual imprecatory verses. 


Date? about 750 A.D. 
Be it well. When the brave Ettaldhora was ruling Kukkanare-nad,— .tbe servant of Ettal- 

- mnlli Hl—ilWIMili 

dhora's village, the watchman Jatta, in the Poguudi battle, smote and died. Some land was 
granted for hm. Iaaprecation. 

Nelamangala Taluq. 35 


Date .1459 A.D. 

(On the date specified), the champion over three v kings, ganda-bherunda Chikkanna- 

Nayaka, in Gadaba-Malingakote, which is the sacred village of the Linga god named Genge-deva 

of Bettiyagere, within the Kuru .... nad belonging to our office of Nayaka we grant to Sripat 

lands (specified). (rest illegible) 


Date 1286 A.D. 

\/ (Tamil)— (on the date specified), Vallala-S'ettiyaru granted some land for the god Ayapadai. 
detar. 1 (Usual final imprecatory sentence) sri-Ramanata. . .. (was ruling) the earth .... 


Date 1033 A.D. 
(Tamil)— In the[22nd]year of the rdign of K6-pParakesaripanmar, alias sri-Rajendra-S'6!la* 


Devar, wlio 2 &c— [? On the applicUion] of Iratta-kula-kala Rajendra-S'6!la-kkamundan, the 
gamunda of (Kukkanur)-nadu, and Nittavinoda Manikka-chchetti, the gamunda ofVanapuram, the 
king grauted, as a deva-dana, for the god Siddesvara-devar of the teraple at KoliSambuchchai 

in K ukkaiulr-nad u built for of Konerinmai-kondan Rajamanikka-muvenda-ve]an by Uyuddha- 

malla's commander (danda-nayaka) Appayan Vamanaiyan, the two vili of wet lands below the tank 
of Vanapuram, which, after making payraent in gold, the above Vamanaiyan had purchased ; and 
was pleased to order that the grant should be engraved on stone and given[to the party concerned]. 
And in accordance with the royal order that has been received, signed by the royal secretary 
S'emba. . pparaiyan and dated on the 1 1 lth day of the 22nd year, the two applicants named above 
? took possession of the above lands (boundaries given in detail) to provide for the requirements 

of the above god . 


DatelSOlAD. ^^^oU^\cwvSk \v-H^ 

(Tamil)=-(This inscription is gone in parts but is almost identical with Nos, 51 and 65 of th9 
Bangalore Taluq). 

The pratapa-chakravatti sn-Hoysala -vira-Vallala-D evarasar intimates the following to the 
heads of mathas and sihdnas in the temples situated in the Hesar-Kundani kingdom 3 &c. — 

(On the date specified), we have remitted all kinds of taxes, including, among others, tribute, 

present, the tax on looms, the tax on goldsmiths, , tolls, the good bull and the good cow, 

hitherto paid in the gifts to temples &c — deoa-ddnam* &c— of our kingdom and (granted) 

for certain gods. 

Accordingly, the heads of niathas the villages and lands make adequate 

provision for tho worship, offerings of rice, onjoyments and teraple repairs of the god .... nda 
Mahadevar, and live happily, praying for the prosperity of ourselves and our kingdom. 

This (grant) is under the protection of the kingdora, of the inhabitants of the nadu and of the 

The Rannada dative dSvarge occurs. 

The MsUrical part of this inscription is identical with that of No. 7a above. 

8ee Bangalor» Noi. 51 and 65. 


36 NelamangalaTaluq. 


Date 1113 A.D. 

(Tamil)— The S'aka year 1035. The year Vijaiya. 

In the 43rd year of the reign ot K6v-Irajake6arivanmar, alias the emperor 6ri-Kul6tturiga 
S'6la-Devar, who* &c— 

I, Rajarajan Kul6ttunga-S'61a Adimurka-ehchengirai, lord of S'ayavaranallur in Arikesari- 
vala-nadu of Rajarajan-Paudi-nadu, granted, as a dcva-dana, for the god AivarkandiSvaram-udaiya 
Mahadevar of Periya Mattakkur in Kukkanur-nadu of Vikrama-Sola-mandalam, the village Vela- 
pala and the surr ounfling wet and drylands 2 &c — 


Date 1292 A.D. 

(Tamil) — In the 37th year of the reign of (with usual Hoysala titles)3 Poysala-Sri-vira-Rama- 

natha-Devar — some one granted, as a deva-lina, for the god Aivarkanda-nayanar, (some lands in) 

Tigaikkottai of I laippakka- nadu, with Payarukattam in the middle. He who destroys this charity 

is a traitor to his lord and will go in the sin of having killed a tawny cow on the banks of the 



Date about 1050 A.D. 

Tamil— (This inscription is incomplete and is gone in parts). 

[Iu the ...year of the reign of Ko-Rajakeiarivanmar, alias sri-Rajadhiraja-DSvar], who took 
the head of (Vira)-Pandiyan, the Salai of Keralan, Ilangai and Irattapadi : — 

Rajadiraja-velan, the gamunda of Kuk kanur-nadu in Vikki rama-S'61a-mandalam, seems to 
have granted for some purpose one-tenth of the produce of the land and of all kinds of other income. 


Date? 1566 A.D. 

When Narasinga-Deva vafl vuling the kingdom of the world : — . . .. Lakkayya .. .. (in the 
year specified), had a perpetnal lamp made for the god of Ayvaraganda. 


Date 1720 A.D. 

May it bj prosp^rous. Be it well. (Oa the date specified), the Tayur prabhu Kemparajeya- 
arasu's son Dasarajaya-arasu,— Teppada Begur during his reign being attached to Nijagal-durga, 
Otherwise called S'uragiri-durga, — and that Teppada BSgur belonging to Muddu-Basavaiya and 
three others who ware like his sons and children, — the Rajeya-arasu, by means cf Mudda : Basa- 
vaiya, had the god Gangadhara set up. 

The historical part of this inscription is identical with tliat of No. 3 above. Only instead of the usual nila-mafal 
nilava we have here nila-magdl va^ara. 

From here to the end this part is identical with the corresponding part of No. 3., only for we have bere 
(1 32) harumam tir&gmin, which means— think ye over the work. 


See Bangalore No. 63. 

Nelamangala Taluq. 37 

Date 1551 A.D. 

(Ndgart tharacitrs) 

Obeisauce to S'ambhu &c. Invocation of the Boar. 

Aniong the three sons of the kiug S'riranga, famous for defeating his enemies in battle was 
Tirumala-maharaya. Being anointed to the kingdom, he ruled all the world, like Hari in the 
trimttrti. His farther praises. His wife was Channama-Devi, and he had the title Dharani- 
varaha. In Kanchi, S 'riranga, S'eshachala, Kanakasabha, Ahobaladri, and in other temples 
and holy places did he many times make the tuld-purusha and other great gifts, with grants of 

The rajadhiraja raja-parameavara, master over the three kings, born in the Atreya-gotra, (on 
the date specified), in the presence of the god Ramachandra, granted to Brahmans (their praises) 
Sillaghatta, otherwise called S'rinivasapuram, with its hamlet Nrjsimhapura (bonndaries in detail) 
situated 5 krosa from Kakudgiri adorned with stoue temples, in the Gulfir-§ime of Mar ugulu-n ad 
belonging to the Penagonda kingdom attached to Hastinavati, — with all usual rights (specified), 
forming it into 18 shares. (Names &c. of the donees). Usual final verses. 

This copper sasana was written (or engraved) by Viraiya Ganapacharya in the presence of 
(the god) Rama. Praise of the king. 

(signed) — sri-Rama. 

Date ? 1744 A.D. 

(In the year specified), the crowned Channavira-deva of the Kambala matha granted to Kemp- 
odejar of Kempohalli a title for travelling round the town, and recorded it on the stone sasana to 
continue as long as sun and moon. Imprecation. 


Datelabout 1800 A.D. 

From the rock at the tank at the boundary of Tyamagondlu in Nijagal taluq to this stone is 
5280 Krishnaraja yards. 


Date"i 1489 A.D. 

(In the year specified) the Kalesale people gave the Talekere village to Kambala Siddere-vode- 
yar, — in order that dharma might be to the maha-mandalesvara, cbampion over the niustacues of 
theworld, Narasinga-Raya-maharaya. Imprecation. 


Date about 1560 A.D. 
(Nearly all effaced). 

In the reign of Sadasiva-Raya-maharaya some grant was made at BommarabaUi. 

Vate 1579 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadbiraja raja>parame- 
^vara vira-pratapa Sriranga-Raya waa ruling the kirjgdom : — ...Rajeyc-Dcva. . . (resf effaced). 


38 Nelamangala Taluq. 


Date 1763 A D. 
May it be prosperous. Obeisance to Sambhu &c. Invocation of the Boar. 
Be it well. (Oa the date specified), tbe raja.dhira.ja raja-paramesvara praudha-pratapa 
apratimavira-narapati Mahisiir Krishna-Raja-Vadayaraiya granted to Abhala-somayaji and others 
(named) a copper sasaua of the sale and gift of laud as follows ; — Machauahalli and Gottikere- 
pajya, with tank and pond, in the Kambalu-hobali o( the S uragiri-sthal a, under the Pattana-hobaji- 
Sime-vicharada-chavadi, the revenue from which, according to the local sanubhaga Narasaiyya's 
accounts, under all heads (specified), is 140 gu, — aud Appugondanahalji iu Heggunda, the revenue 
of which is 10 gu, — the villages altogether yieldiug a revenue of 150 gu, — you having made 
application requesting orders to grant them by sale, and haviug paid into the treasury the price- 
1500 Kanthirayi varaha, through Venkata-raya, — those villages are granted to you, with all usual 
rights (specified), to be enjoyed to sons and posterity. Usual final verses. 

(signed) — srt-Krishna-Raja 

Date ? 1566 A.D. 

(In the year specified), — in order that dharma might be to Kempa-Raya, — Kali-Nayaka buil, 
.. .. at Temagodlu, and for the enjoyment of (the god) Cheluva-Venkatesvara agreed to give for 
each person 71 gali. Imprecation. 


Date 1374 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (On the date specified), when, the maha-tnaudale^vara, hunter of 
chieftains, subduer of hostile kings, champion over kings who- break their word, Sangamesvarat 

Raya's son vira-Bukkanua-Vodeyar was ruling the kingdom of the world :— Nayaka's son 

Bayappa ... of in the Hoysana kingdom,— in order that dhartna might be to his father .... 

and his mother Chalo-nakitti,— made grants of land (specified) in our Manne , to Ganga-Deva- 
Odeyar. Imprecations. 


Date about 970 A.D. 

In Manne, in Marasin^h a's fight, the Narayana of the world ot' men, slaying with and 

putting to flight, the gods were pleased and took him to the abode of svargga, Kali Tunga. S'ri 
loved him to the full. 


Date 1319 A.D. 
(On the date specified), vira-Ballala-Raya, for the offerings and serrice of milk and butter for 
(the god) Hiri Tirumale, granted Ambalagere Purushanahalli as a ttana-manya to Chikka-DasaV 
? grandfather Mottagara Prabhudeva-gauda. 


Date about 1527 A. D. is the only refuge. Be it well. (On the date specified), at the time of an eclipse 
of themofn, to Ambuligere Marappa-gauda's sou Mottagafa Chikka-Dasa, the king (dore) of 

Nelamangala Taluq. 39 

Slvagange^Gfllft^odjfagiye^jme, aad the prabhus of the four villages, grauted as a st&na-m&nya 

the great place of salvatioo where (the god) Tiruverigahinatha of Sakuua was manifested. 1 Impre- 
cation. (signed)— sri-Rama 


Date 797 A.D. 

Be it well. Success through the adorable Padmanabha, resembling (in colour) the cloudless sky. 

A sun illumining the clear firmament of the Jahnavi (or Ganga)-kula, possessed of strength 
and valour from the great pillar of stone divided withasingle stroke of his sword, adorned with the 
ornament of a wound received in cutting down the hosts of his cruel enemies, of the Kanvayana-sa- 
gotra, was srimat Konganivarmma-dharmma-raahadhirajah. 

His son, inheritiug the qualities of his father, posse3sing a character for learning and modesty 
havingobtaiued the honours of the kingdom only for the sake of the good government of his subjects, 
a touchstone for (testing) gold the learned and poets, skilled among those who expotind and practise 
the science of politics, author of a treatise on the law of adoption (dattalca sfitra), was sriman 

His son, uniting the qualities of his father aud grandfather, having entered iuto war with many 
elephants (so that) his fatne had tasted the waters of the four oceaus, was srimad Harivannma- 

His son, devoted to the worship of the twice-born, gurus and gods, meditating on the fetjt of 
Narayana, was Sriman Vishnugopa-mahadhirajah. 

His son, whose head vvas purified by the pollen from the lotuses the feet of Tryambaka, having 
by personal strength and valour purchased his kingdom, daily eager to extricate the ox of merit 
from the thick mire of the Kali-yuga in which it had sunk, was sriman Madhava-mahadhirajah. 

His son, the beloved sister's son of Krishnavarmma-mahadhirajah, — who was the sun in the 
firmament of the Kadamba-kula, — his mind lllumined with the increasa of learniag and modesty, of 
indomitable bravery, reckoned the first among the learned, was sriman Kongani-mahadhiraja, 
named Avinita. 

His son, having the tbree powers of increase, who had brought anxiety to the face of Yama on 
account of the smallness of the residue left after the eountless animals offered to him as a tribute 
(namely) the brave men consumed in the sacrifice of the face of the many wars waged for Andari, 
Alattur, Porulare, Pelnagara and other places, author of a commentary on fifteen sarggas of the 
Kir&tdrjuntya, was named Durvvinita. 

His son, the lotuses of whose feet were yellow with the swarming bees the lines of the crowns 
of savage kings rubbing against one another, was named Mushkara. 

His son, of a pure wisdom acquired from his being the abode of fourteen branches of learning, 
distinguished for his skill among those who teach and practise the science of politics in all its 
branohes, a rising sun in dispersing the clouds of darkness his enemies, had the celebrated name 

His son, whose broad chest bore on itself the token of victory in the shining scars of wounds 
received in many battles inflicted by the tuslcs darting like Hghtning of huge elephants, possessed of 
the essence of all the sciences, haviug gained the three objects of wojrldly pursuit, of virtuous life 

Apparently refers t» the place wbere tke inscription is. 

40 Nelamangala Taluq. 

and daily increasing glory, was named Bhuvikrama. Who, moreover, had conquered the Pallavendra 
king in a terrible battle in the place named Vijanda trodden to dust by the feet of a hundred ele- 
phants maddened with streams of blood issuing from the door of the breaets of warriors forced open 
by all manner of weapons, called the Raja Srivallabha, in the enjoyment of fortune obtained by 
victory in a hundred fights. 

His younger brother, whose feet were irradiated with the brilliance of the myriad jewel suns 
in the diadems of the great kings bending down before hiin, the self-chosen lord of Lakshmi, was 
named Nava-Kama, beloved by the good (sishta-priyah), his fame in destroying the hosts of his 
enemies being the theme of song. 

Of that Kongani-maharaja whose other name was Sivamara, the grandson, the groups of the 
toes of whose feet were illuminated with a rainbow light from the rays of the numerous jewels set 
in the bands of the crowns of prostrate kings ; who had fixed his faith on Narayana ; raging with 
fury in the front of war horrid with the assault of horses, heroes, men and elephants ; terrific in 
anger (or, Bhimakopah) ; no less a captivator of the glances of young women the most skilled in the 
ioyiul art of love than a subduer of the world ; laden with spoils ot victory gained in many most 
arduous wars ; a lion to the herd of elephants the hostile kings, a lion ainong kings (or, Rajakesari). 
Moreover, a sun greatly illuminiug the clear firuiament of the Ganga race, a terror to hostile kings, 
a protector of the fortunate ways of good meu, having obtained a good kiugdom, a king of superior 
qualities among all kings, ever victorious is the Raja S'ripurusba, a head-jewel among princes. To 
women, a Kama (Cupid) ; in the use of the bow, the sou of Dasaratha (Rama) ; in valour, the son 
of Jamadagni (Parasurama); in great wealth, Balari (lndra); in great glory, Ravi (the sun) ; iu 
government by himself, Dhanesa (Kubera) ; of a mighty and splendid energy ; the benefactor of 
a)l things living, whom the poets daily praise as the creator Brahma. He, also, the middle of 
whose palace echoed the sounds of the holy ceremonies which accompanied his daily rich gifts, — 
was S'ripurusha, the first so named, Prithuvi-Kongani-mahadhirajah. 

His son, the chaplets on the crowns of all the kings bowing down to his glory caressing bis 
two lotus feet ; the sharp bright sword in his arm erabraced by the goddess of victory on pulling 
down his enemy the king Vallabha with its banf! ; the piliar his arm streaked red with the drops 
of blood oozing from the teraples of the elephants of opposing hostile kings split open in the front 
of battle ; having his enemies overthrown with showers of arrows from his bent bow drawn back to 
his ear ; the sky filled with hundreds of banners won by victory in war ; a king who on his 
becoming angry the hostile kings go in a moment into the mouth of Antaka (Yama), horrid to 
behold, filled with twining entrails and streams of blood ; lighting up also the ten cardinal points 
witb the glory of his fame as unspotted as the rays of the moon ; distinguished by all the marks 
of an emperor ; desirous only of benefitting others without seekiug any benefit for himself ; having 
by his administration of justice rootad out the evil practices of the Kali age ; his skill in the 
practice of politics putting to shame Brihaspati ; his character like a stone pillar for the support of 
dharmma destroyed by the myriad deceits of the host of evil kings ; the world of the twice-born 
gratified with his constant bestowal of gifts ; whose donations by absence of divided desires and by 
benefitting all the world, exceeded the pouring forth of water by the regent elephants. Moreover 
placed in the world of endless calamities like twisted top-knots, supporter of the fine arts ; friend 
of the learned ; able in protecting ; the birthplace of pure qualities ; a guide of kings ; famous as 
a poet ; skilled in poetry ; having seen to the farthest shore ofthe Phanisutamuta 1 difficult to 
understand ; of firm intellect which was a touchstone in the science of logic ; his insight into the 
essence of f'e management of elephants (sdmaja-tantra) lowered the pride of the learned ; of 

Patanjali's lystem. 

NeJainangala Taluq. 41 

profound knowledge iu expouuding the system of the great yati boru fio:n the mouth of the female 
elephaat (hastini-vaktrolbhava-yiti pravara-mata) ; far-seeiag ia dis:uS3iag the new enquiries ioto 
maay subjeets proposed by the learaed ; r^srfect ia the system he had adopted of the management of 
horses ; a sua ia causiag to unfold the lotus garden the scieace of archery ; author of a treatise oa 
his owa sytem of the treatmeut of elephaats (gaja-mata) ; of no meaa iateliect ; builder of au orna- 
mmtal bridge ; gratifier of the circle of the l«arned ; skilled in all matters connected with the- 
drauu, its combiuations aud brauches ; by his unequalled form surpassing Makaradhvaja (the god 
of love) ; his head purifiad by prostration at the lotus feet of Makaradhvaja's guru (or father, 
Vishuu) ; of distinguished fame fram victory ovar the Vallabha army, supported by Rashtrakuta 
Chalukya Haihaya aud other brave leaders, which had eacamped at the village oauied Mudugundur- 
Dhora's ? cavalry (Dhordhiyam), the most powerful in the region, which had spread orer all 
quarters, he conquered by the showers of innumerable sharp arrows discharged by his arm, — this king 
of exceeding glory, (dispersing them) lik^ the sun with his iaviacible rays dispersing the darkness t 
cartain to rise, sacure in his owa aphere. He, t)o, who, liite llari, was ever revereaced by Dvijapati 
(Brahmans, otherwise Garuda) ; like the sun, daily duly rising ; like the world of 6erpents, free 
from fear (othenvise, birds) ; like Atmikara, without spots ; though Duryyodhana (or, a strenuous 
fighter), yet rejoicing in the qualities of Arjuna ; though the ocean (otherwise, master of armies), 
not a refuge for water (otherwise, fools) ; thaugh the moon (otherwise, o'f patient disposition) not 
united w;th spots (othsrwiso, faults). Bf the oroamauts of the Rashtrakuta aad Pallava lines, th© 
crowued kings oansd Goviala-Raia aud Naadivarm aa, was he aaoiated to the kingdo m, they with 
thcir owa hands biudiogthe crowa oa ais brow, — the sun to the clear firmament of the renowned. 
Ganga line, Kongaui-maharajalhiraja paramesvara sri-Sivamara-Deva. 

His soo, the groups of his euemies destroyed by the strokes of the sharp sword ia his arms, 
the minds of the good gratified with his haviog gained lasting fame acquired from both sidea 
(his own and that of his enemies), of fortunate character giving no place to the evils of the Kali 
time, a sua to the wide-spread sky of his owo race, foremost among those who understaud aud 
practise the science of politic-», having received shouts of ^Well done' from thedelighted sons ofkings 
on witnessing his sktll in riding horses, his uiighty arms like serpents encircling the goddess of 
victory who appeared ou many fields of battle, — during his righteous reigo the earth was rdjanvMi ; 
as his valour iacreas^l to the full, dhirmma was greatly proanted, valiant ones as many as he 
required ensured his safety, aud the universally loved Lakshmt uniting with him became perraaoently 
wedded to a husbaad. Ha, too, like Pittimaha (Brahma) miaistered to by many royal swans (or 
princes) ; the lotus (or Lakshmi) his dwelling ; like Madhumathaua (Vishnu) in filling the three 
worlds with three paces (or his great valour) and putting 1o va his eaemy Bvli (o-r the powerful); 
reposiug ou the king of the serpents (otherwise, of ualimi i ishing state) ; like Dhurjjati (S'iva) an. 
Isvara in uufading domiaiou ; a Virabhadra (or fir.n hero) ; like Karttikeya celebrated in all the 
world as Svami ; po3sessed of a Sakti (or energy) ; like the great Meru iu overtopping all other 
mountains (or, by his greatness surpassing all other kings) ; of great magnitude (or great honour). 
Moreover, beholding the brilliance of his qualities, the world forgot the glory of Manu and the others 
the sixteeu eiuperors ; the flames of his valour ttireatening to buru up the wotld betook itself to the 
oceaa (as the submarine fire). Who, also, in the battle field shows himself au enemy, to wires a 
friead, to his people an ally, to the darkness his enemies a sun ; to those who are discomfited 
in battle aud take refuge with him, in many ways an asylum ; to wealth an abode ; shining Hke light 
into the darkness of the igoorance of the most learned, aad illuminatiag them with his clear comraaods; 
a moon in giviog pleasure to all the waterliiies (or the circle of the earth) ; in keepiog Vishnu in his 
mind, a Garuda. Moreover, he whom all the world desires to praise, who oa his intending to mak* 


42 Nelamangala Taluq. 

donatioas evjn tue nine treasures are insuificient, whose courage puts to shame those who have won 
by deceit an 1 eveu the dwellers in paradise, of wtde-spread fame, the joy of all the world, was Mara- 
siinh:». Who, also, though giving pleasure to the lotuses^ is not hot-rayed ; though associated with 
the gool (otherwise Rikhasas), yet not a Nrisimha (or man-lion) ; though sporting on the backs 

of rutting elephants, ; though having a bow (or being the resort of the 

good), having no arrow3 (or not going aside) ; although adopting the danda-ntli system, not given to 
inflicting punishtnent (danda). 1 Moreover, the dust (or pollen) from whose lotus feet covers up the 
bees the jewelhd crest3 of the feudatories prostrate before him. 

By hitn, having another name Loka Trinetra, having the rank of Yuvaraja, whose mind was 
fixed like a bee on the lotus feet of the Thousand-rayed (the Sun) — when, all the feudatories having 
been decoratei* (prasddhita) by himself, (the king) named Marasimha was ruling the entire (ahhanda) 
Ganga-mandala ;— 

There was, the commander (sinddhipaii) of all the feudatories, holding Arhata as supreme, 
supreme] in the performance of dharmma, having acquired the powers of counsel, government and 
energy, naraed S'rivijaya, who also like the sun eclipsed by his glory the glory of all others, yet 
though of such great glory he did not distress the world ; and though like Indra he issued inviolable 
orders, did uot split the mountains(or cause dissension in the gotras); and though like Guha he sub- 
dued by his powor all his enemies, he was not a youth ; though like the moon giving pleasure and 
able in enlighteniag the world, hs was not involved in night (or faults); although like the ocean the 
resort of all minner of living creatures, not aoiled by clay or mud ; though like a bird able to see 
to a great distance, not a consumer of flesh ; though surrounded by S'atakratu (Indra), Budha (or 
the learned), Guru (or priests), and Mitra (the sun or friends), yet not incurring a curse on account 
of the wives of others ; though like Jhashaketa (the god of love) having brought all people into 
subjection, yet removing the distress of young women ; (much more in the same strain) — in Manya- 
nagara did S'rivijaya cause to be made an auspicious Jinendra temple, lofty, immaculate, suited 
to its grandeur. And by order of hira who had decorated (prasdihita) the circle of feudatories, sri* 
Marasiraha,— the exalted Srivijaya obtained the Kiru-Vekkuru village, and gave it to the holy 
Arhat temple which he had created in Manyapura. Its boundaries. 

There was Toratiicharyya, of the Kondakundanvaya, the wisest man of this country, living 
in tho S'almali village, who had dispersed the darkness his enemies, established the good way 
among the people, enlightening the world by his glory. To him, who shone like the sun, was 
Pushpanandi the disciple, learned and the head of his gana. His disciple was Prabhachandra 
who had maJ) h'19 abode here. Defcaila of lands given (?to him) under tanks belongingto Jadiya. 

Th^ S'aka*year of this — three months after the seven hundred and nineteenth year, on the 5th 
of the bright fortnight of Ashadha, in Uttara-Bhadrapada, Monday, was the sasana issued. 

Witnesse3 to this gift, — the existing officials of the Ninety-six Thousand. 

Usual imprecatory verses, 

By Visvakarmmacharyya, acquainted with all the arts, skilled in the art of painting, was this 
^asana written. Details of lan l (granted to him), to ba maiutained as if a devabhoga or temple 


Date 802 A.D. 

May he (Vishnu) protect you, whose navel lotus was the abode of Vedhas (Brahma), and with 

the ray3 of whose beloved (son) Indu (the Moon) the head of Hara (S'iva) was adorned. 

- - i . „ 

All the sentences be»r several meanings, tnd are difficult to translate. 

Nelamangala Taluq 48 

Moreover, there was, — his broad chest shining with the arm3 of S'ri arouad his aeck as if the 
garlaud of the haustubha, possessed of virtue (or Satya), having by his loag arms subdued the 
circle of his enemies (or by the teeth of the discus), but not of dark (or hrishna) character, — 
Krishna-Raja in the earth. An ocean in which all the great kiugs took refuge from fear of losing 
their territories (as the great raountaius took refuge from fear of having their wings cut off by 
Iudra's discus), ditficult to overcome (or to cross), shiniag with great and brilliant victora (or 
jewels), the asylum of the learued (orthe gods), wa3 the Chalukya family, — from which like 
Mandara with ease he quickly drew forth Likshmi (or the wealth of royalty) — Vallabha. 

He had a son, who filljd all the points of the compass with his giory, who though a suo 
delighted all kings with the mildness of his rays, Dhora, gifted with courage, witherer of the bloom 
of the lotus faces of the wives of hi3 enemies, whose fame was worn by the ladies the points of the 
corapass as a garland, united to Lakshmi who though she had pa3sed over the elder (brother) was 
free frora blarae, dwelling in a pure country in which faults were at no time committed 1 ; by his 
gifts degrading Karnna ; the regent elephants asham9d to see how his gifts exceeded those of 
othsrs retired to the points of the horizon ; seeing how he had for a long time bound Ganga,— never 
conquered by others, filled with great might, having seized the world, of reputation unequalled by 
others, — Kali, through fear that he too would ba seized, fled afar. Hemming him in between his 
own force ou one side and the sea on the other, he obtained from Pallava, who had submitted to 
hira, huge elephants, and greater than the warriors who had drawn their swords, and fiercer than 
the monst9rs of the deep, nnde the water of their pride to ooze out, yet himself never displayed 
any pride. Vatsa-Raja, who as in sport had seized for his own the Gauda kingdom, — entering into it, 
with his unequalled array he swiftly drove him into the irapassable desert (Maru or Marvvar), and 
took from him only thepair of white umbrellas like the raysof the moon which belonged to Gauda, — 
causing his fame to spread in a moment to the farthest points of the compass. Kali, which had 
long been established, he drove afar by pure conduct, bringing back to the earth again the glory of the 
Krita-yuga ;— how then was this great wonder, that Nirupama became Kali-Vallabha ? 

From tho righteous Nirupama was born, like the moon from the ocean, of pure mind, his 
lofty head placed at the feet of Paramesvara, 2 like the sun daily rising from the high eastern 
mountain, beloved by the good,— Govinda-R aja. While he, the abode of all good qualities, was 
king, tha Rashtrakuta line rose above the rivalry of others, as the Yadava race on the birth of 
Madhuripu (Kris hna), and his equals became inferiors ; by his gifts his dependents were decorated 
with pearl garlands (or his enemies were deprived of garlands or jewels). Seeing his more than 
human form, and his ability to deliver the three worlds from disorder even as Krishna, — if he 
wished to give it him, — he truly said to his father, — "Father, let your rank and sovereignty of the 
earth be ; you have giveu me the inviolable necklet (the badge of the Yuvaraja) , and I have worn 
that as your command". 

When that father, together with his fame, had departed to be an ornament to svargga, — he, 
though only one, by his energy deprived of their glory the twelve famous kings who like a fire of the 
last day carae upon him desiring to unite in acquiring the whole wide earth. By him, foremost 
among the msrciful, Ganga was released from the burden of his cruel chains and sent to his own 
submissive country, but he in his pride showing a return of hostility, before the brow was wrinkled 

in a frown, was again subdued and swiftly bound. Seeing arrows discharged from bows upon the 

i - ■ ■ 

The contrast is with the moon whose orb is spotted. Many of the sentencei have double meanings which it is diffioult 
to 6how in translation. 
There is a double meaninf? ic thii and other praises. 

44 Nelamangala Taluq. 

animals, (otherwise, the bow and arrows in his hand), the banihujiva plant spreading in glory, 
(otherwise, his promotion of his dependents) and the lotuses increased in every part (otherwise, 
his wealth increased in all directnns), — takiag him to be the autumn season, like the rainy 
season Gurjjara disappeared somewhere through fear, aud eveu so beheld that season in his dreams. 
Discerning from a distance that Lakshmi (or fortune) had taken refuge at his feet alone, the politic 
Malava chief folded his hands to him '(in obeisance), baing a learned raan, too feeble in power to 
withstand the powerful, the home of policy which discriminated between his own and othera' 
greatuess. Established in his camp in the Vindhya mountains, the king Marasarvva, hearing 
from his spies that he had corae to his country, and thinking in his mind that he was Dhruva, 
bringing heirlooms never before obtained by others, gained his friendship by casting himself at his 
feet with his wealth. Passing the rainy season overcast with cljuds at S'ribhavana, from there he 
came with his army to the bank of the Tuugabhadra. Remaining there, he received in full the tribute 
due from P allav a tbrough his ministers, produced at a glaace from his eyes, this subduer of hostile 
kings. At half a word by the raouth of a letter bearer, the Vengi king, wherever he was, constantly 
performed his service without intermission by his own wish, and built for him an outer wall, lofty 
as the sky, of marvellous splendour, with the constellations around its head like a garland of 
pearls. Through fear hostile kings accepted the order for his pure service, and folding their hands 
in obeisance, took refuge, placing their heads at his tvvo feet, valuing this above that of the 
priceless jewels with which they were decorated. 

By him, reflecting that this life was as unstable and traasient as wind or lightning, for the 
sake of supreme merit, a gift of land was made as a teraple endowment (d£va-bh6ga). He, also, medi- 
tatingonthe feetofthe pirama-bhattaraka maharajadhiraja parameSvara Srimat Dharavarsha- 
Deva, — the parama-bhattaraka maharajadhiraja paramesvara prithvi-vallabha Prabhiitarvarsha 
6rimat Govinda-Raja-Deva, — 

The brother of him who by the three forms of power had subjected the world, was named 
S'aucha-Kambha. his elder, who by his geuerosity, dignity and other qualities surpassed the kings 
ofold.asunin dispersing the darknes3 the elephants hostile kings, of pure character, whose fame 
like moonlight pervaded all regioas, — by him, S'aucha-Kambha-Deva, with another name Banaraloka, 
who had accepted tha command of the rajadhiraja param esvara sri-Prabhutavarsha, — 

Of the Kondakundanvaya, in the Udara-gana, there was, praised by the world. living in the 
S'almali village, famous in the Taidat-vishaya, Taranacharyya, securing the fruit of penance, by the 
influence of whose wisdom all evils were reraoved. The pandita celebrated in the world as 
Pushpanandi, was that muui's disciple. His disciple, iaily increasing in glory like the moon, 
remover of evils, destroyer of the nnpurity in the heart, eclipsing the orb of the moon, waB 

By his instruction in dharmma haviDg the hcait satisfied, a son of Dhannma in truth, in glory 
eclipsing the sun and in giving (or water) the celestial elephant, the husband of S'ri, his qualities 
overpowered the heart of his enemies in order to force Lakshmi out of it, like Vishnu mighty in 
destroying the power of Bali (or the powerful), a model of valour, by his valour subduing the hosts 
of warriors, like the lion full of courage, was he with the well-known name Bappayya. Hia son, 
his arm a pole to support the creeper Lakshmi, was a punisher of his enemies. Listening to 
the application of his beloved son, and being agreeable thereto, — 

For the Jina ternple, an ornament to the lady the western quarter of Manyapura, erected by 
the distinguished man adorned with a chiefship obtained from the favour of the rajadhiraja 
paramesvara sri-Nirupama-Deva Prabhiitavarsha, his head purified by prostration in worship 


Nelamangala Taluq. 45 

at the feet of the holy Arhad-bhataraka, the great victorious generous raler S'rivijaya-Raja, 
twenty four beyond seven hundred S'aka years having passed, in his own year of victory, — in hi3 
victorious camp pitched at Minyapura, — at the tiine of an eclipse of the moon, under tho 
constellation Pashya, at an auspicious conjuuction, — to provide for dances performed by dancing 
girls, singing, drums, offerings, sandal, and worship of the god, and for new works, — the village 
named Pervvadiyur in the Eledinde-vishaya , free from all iraposts, with pouring of water, was 
given. Its boundaries. Aud in Paderiyur oue part in ten was given. Usual imprecatory verses. 


Date 959 A.D. 
Be it well, (On the date specifiel), to ..., Bivayya (rest illeyible). 


Date labout 1100 A.D. 

(Tarail) — (The Grst part of th : s inscription is mostly gone). 

sri-Kamvdeva . - , Rajend'ru-S'6jU ...... and another (aaraa gone) granted, with pouring of 

water, as a sarvi-manya, the wet and dry lands witli their four braudaries in the village of Vettiya 

, including the wells underground aud the trees overground, together with all kinds of 

taxes, including, among others, s'es'ai and siddhiyi, for the go.l S'okkaperumal Tombalur. . 


Bale 1288 A.D. 

Be it well. The great minister .... raja Nichaya (in the year specilied), for the offer- 

ings of the god S'iva Mallikarjuna granted lands (specified) in Njjajglimu-a. And besides the annual 
... paid in that Nijagalipura to the palace on the hill, the great minister Kambuyya-daimayaka 
granted a stisana directing that the officials and hoaseholders of that Nijsgalipura should contributo 
for the work of the and for the goJ. 


Date? 1572 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date speciSed), when the maha , -a J alhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa (rest effaeed) 


DaU 1705 A.D. 

Obeisance to Ganalhipati. Ob*isance to Sambhu &c. 

Be it well. (Oa the date specified, 1698 A.D.)in the reign of Chikka-Dcva Raya-Voleya- 
raiya,— the servant of the lord ol this village, Bdugeli Kemparajayya's son Dasaiajayya began (o 
build the stone fort of Nijagal, which had received another name of S'uragiri-durgga. In Bahu- 
dhauya, Praraathi and Vikraraa (1698 to 3700) the bastions of the fort and the town gate o» the 
east were completed. Iu Vishu and Chitrabhanu (1701 and 1702) the town gate on the south was 
made. In Parthiva (1705) the elephant gate on the e.»st, this hall and the chavadi with the tiger 
face gate, and the Vighnesvara temple at the town gate on the south. 


46 Nelarnangala Taluq. 


Date 1698 A.D. 
In this year the same person set up some god in Njjagajj, and raade a grant for it. 


Date about 1115 A.D. 

x (Tamil) — When the rnaha-mandalesvara, Tribhuvanamalla, capturer of Tajaikkadu, the strong- 

•s\ armed Vira-Ganga-Poysala-Deva was pleased to rule the earth — 

Daring the governorship (dtchi) of Tribuvanamalla Poysala-samanta Mannai-nad-alvan, I, 
K6ra-gamunda's son Saraa-gamundau, granted, as a deva-dana, for the god Mallikarjuuara-udaiya- 
Mahadevar of Pokkunda in Tendarru of Mannai-nadti in Nigarili-Sola-mandalam, certain lands 
(specified) below Vidiyamkattu of this village. 

The pujdri of this temple is Pala-batta, a S'iva-Brahmaua of the Kausika-gotra, who holds the 
teraple lands. He who prctects this charity shall acquire the merit of having bathed in the Ganges. 

Another grant of lands (specified) to Brahmans. Mara-batta of the Ka^yapa-gotra shall have 
cne-fourth of the lands. 


Dale ? 1152 A.D. 
(Tamil) — During the rulc of Narasinga-Devar — 

(In the year naraed) I, Komu-gamundan, granted certain lands (specified in each case) to the 
god (Mallikarjunam-udaiya Mahadevar) and to Brahmans. 


Date 1657 A.D. 

(In the year spccified), Ajaraka Khan maharaja-raja sd-S'ahuji-Raja-saheb, in order that 
merit might be to himself, made grants of land (specified) to Bavanur Ahammad in Lakkur. And 
the order having been given to ... dar Ohand Khan,— according to the order he made tbe grants 
(specified). Imprecation. 


Date 1720 A.D. 

Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. Be it well. (Oq the date specified), when the maharajadhifaja raja- 
parameSyara praudha-pratapa apratima-vira-narapati Mahisur Krishna-Raja-Vodeyaraiya, seated 
on the jewel throne in tlie western Rafigan.\tha-svami's S'rirangapattana, in the Gautama-kshetra in 
the raiddle of the two ICiveris, in the K^uvanlca-nad of the Hoysala country : — for the offerings, 
lights and all other services of the god Lakshmi-Narasimhaof S'uragiri-durgga,— Bilagali Desarajaya 
having made application,— Gotigere, otherwise named Narasingapura, with its hamlet, in the 
Heggunda-hobali of the Suragiri-sthala, — in the piesence of learned men and all the councillors, 
Krishna-Rija-Vodeyaraiya caused to be written and given a stone sisana, granting it, tocontinue as 
long as the sun and moon, for the service of the god Narasimha. Usual final verses. 


Date 1507 A.D. 

In the 4608 th Kali year, the year Prabhava, on the 6th day of the bright foitnight of Sravana, 
Thursday, the earth quaked four times. The Billanakode blacksmith, Yi:aiya's son Dodda-Viraiya, 
•engravcd this sasana. 

Nelamangala Taluq. 47 


Date 1551 A.D. 

Prosperity to firi-Rania. Be it well. (On the date specified), when the maharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Dava-maharaya was ruling the empire of the world : — (much 
effaced) the maha-mandaleSvara Raja Aubhalesvara-Deva maha-arasu granted the Bilanakote village 

ofthe sthala, belonging to the Gulur-sime m Ane — favoured tokimfor his office of Na- 

yaka by Sadaliva-raaharaya, — foi' the god ................. with all usual rights,— >in order that 

merit might be to S.ulasiva-miharaya, and to his own father aud mother. 


Date 1561 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa 
Sadasiva-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — the maha-mandalesvara Eama-Rajaiya 
haviug given to S'riranga-Rajayya-Deva maha-arasu for Sada&iva-maharaya that village for his office 
of Nayaka, and he protecting the Gulur-sime, was maintaining the temple and Brahman endow- 
ments and sarvvamdnya grants,— Chikana-Setti, having applied to S'riranga-Rajaya-maha-arasu, 
granted the Hosahalli village at present belonging to the god Virabhadra, but forraerly graited by 
Praudha-Deva-maharaya for the god. . . . linga, 


Date ? 1768 A,D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), the rajadhiraja raja-paremes- 

vara Krishna-Raya-raaharaja's house horse-servant, B6va's son Channana, raade a grant for the god 



Date about 1760 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (In the year specified, name gone), Linga-Rajaya for the 

S'ivaganga teraple priest. .. . 


Date 1752 A.D. 
sri-Nanjunda. (In tbe year specified), for the temple of VireSvara-svimi of the tlirone of 
the upper cave, — the Dalavayi Nanjundaiya-arasu's service (a bell). Weight 50 serp. 


Date 1760 A.D. 

(In the year specified), for the god Male Virabhadra of the matha of th? upper cave of S'iva- 

gang.^—Kerapunulu S'Antarpa's fois Virappa and Mileyappa of their faith (presented) one big 

b r dl of 51 sers. 


Lalc about 1700 A.D. 
May it te prosrerous. Sa r -"NAya'ca'a (*on) Bairava-NAyaka'3 son Chikaiya-Nayaka caused to be 
made the service of stairs to ihe hill 

48 Nelamangala Taluq. 


Date 1770 A.D. 


(In the yeav specified), stone pillari made by Ahala Nichakatani's son Gaguya's son Chiteya. 

Date ? about 1760 A.D. 
Siddhn-Rama-deva was absotbed into Gangadhara. 


Date 1545 A.D. 

May it be prosp^rous. Be it well. (On the date speeified), when the maharajadhiraja parames- 
vara vira-pratapa Sadasiva-Deva-uiaharaya was ruling the empir<i of the world : — Bhandi Basa- 
vana-Nayakarasa's son, in the G ulur-Ma i ineya-s ime of Maje-najA favoured by Sadasiva-Deva- 
maharaya for the office of Nayaka, — in the villages bjlonging to the goi Gangadhara of S'ivagange 3 
those belonging to the mahattu of Honnamma's throne, thos3 baloaging to the throne of the upper 
cave, those belonging to the Chinnada Kanthe matha, the village of the Dharma cave, the village 
of Bayala Basava cave, and the village of Balamurala Siddhaya-deva, — for the various lcodaiji 
(lands) belongiug to all these, remitted the jodi and bedigc for all, and made them all sarvvamanya 
(or free of all imposts), — in order that merit, might Le to Sadasiva-Baya, — and at the auspicious 
time of S'ivaratri, with the approval of various pcrsons (uamed), set up this stone sasana. 


Date? U96 A.D. 

Be it well. (Tn the year specified), to the maha-maodalesvara, bhujabala Vira-Narayana, 
a lion to the elephant Pandya-Raya, setter up of 1'andya-Raya, (and a great number of other 
eplthets, including) the goddess Bhagavati's warrior, champion over eleven cbieftains, worshipper 
of the lotus feet of the god Sidhanatha, — Riighava-Devarasa's sons Tipparasa, Bairava-deva and Bom- 
marasa, Ballala-Ueva (having given)_ Yal a gj di-nad ; — in order that Ballala-Deva might rule the 
eartb, — they granted Kenkere in that nad for the ( fferings of the (god) Sivagangenatha, free of all 
imposts. Imprecations. 


Date 1532 A.D. 

Be it well. ('Oa the date specified), at the time of an eclipse of the sun,— when the maharaja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara Kathari Salva, vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharaya was ruling the 
kingdoai of the world : — in order that the anointing, worship, offerings, illuminations and all 
other ceremonies of the god Gangadhara dwelling in the southern Kasi might continue for all 
time, — his doorkeeper Kamana-Nayaka, — that merit might accrue to Achyuta-Raya, — made a 
grant of the S'ripatihalli village, with ali rights. Imprecations. 


Date about 1140 A.D. 

May this secure the fame of the sun to the lotus this Mitra-kula, Vishnu of the, 
even that Nayaka's 6asana. 

i . ... 

This lnscnption is on an iron pillar. 













1 Sfg? 



f." H) -; 

■ ■—.■- 




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3 c*) zZm 


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1 U £=>SJ 

"tm r— — 



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ffcS J J-^ 



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J>)cE. P 1 

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tf*» / / if—j/ 

BW 3C- 

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■w ou s 

■O l§ 

^g g yS^Tl 

: rt\ 1 

5 W £Z> 1 

b i^> J r^ 

g__» C ^ 

>rf'KM\ ^~ — 



jj r?"», p 


& D/c 

.' <S1_ 


;.;M - 

^T^ rjy-l 






























Nelamangala Taluq. 49 

A temple which caused the rays of the sickle moon to tremble did he make, the htll of S'ankara 
did he make strong above, a S'iva tempie did he make, and in order to make kuown that it was 
filled with merit, with affection he made in the S'ivagangfesa mountain a temple which should be 
an abode for his family name, — the samanta-Kunjasanam (or Brahma of feudatoriesj. The jewel 
omaraent of the Adala-kula, the sun to the lotus the Adaba-kula, known as the Adala lord of 
exalted character, Bitti-Deva, of excellent fame, raade this S'iva temple. For flower garlands, 
worship, offering8, lights, water, sandal, incense, fried grain, vessels and cloths, he gave the 
tribute of 2 pana payable to him. Besides this, in the name of his father, the Brahmesvara temple 
and Brahmasamudram village. And in addition, Jinalayas and Adalesvara temples, and the Adala- 
samudra;and the shtning Vishnusamudra, as a tank filled with dharmma, did he have made and 
built that it might be for the exaltation of his own line, — the crest-jewel of the Ada]a-vamsa, 
Vishnuvarddhana. After that, in memory of his father's death, he had the Bochasamudra tank 
built, and to complete the glory of S'iva and promote the temple of Kesava, be gtive five lcodiges \\\ 
land as dharmma, on the application of the Brahmans, — Bitti-Deva, the heroic king. Be it well 
with Vishnu-samanta, and may he live for ever. 


Datel 1152 A. I). 
Be it well. (On the date specified), the Hanuman in artifke, S'ivanna... for the offerings of 
the god Gangadhara, gave the Bittisamudra tank. Imprecation. 


Date 1721 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified),.. . . (rest illegible). 


Date 1366 J.D- 

(On the date specified), Heggunda Baira-Dasa^s son Mara-Dasa, for the god Sivagaugenatha, 
on the rock in front of the mdchasdle set up this dipamdle pillar. 


Date "iabout 1120 A.D. 
Oa the (anniversary) day of the Chola-Raya of the Kali age, Kencha-Soma,— 12000 Odeyars 
will eat (or be fed) in (the tsmple of) Gangadhara. Bitajede Nanjeya-deva, Chavarada Ganga 


Date 1721 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Tirtha-Gangadhara. 
Be it well. (O.t the date specified), the Oieya of the S'iva cave (rest broken off). 





Date 1630 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Obeisance to Ramesvara, greatly worshipped by Ramachandra. 
Obeisance to S'ambhn &c. Praise of the Roar. 

Be it well. (On the date speciSed), — at the divine lotus feet of the great god of gods, the 
emperorof the gods, Ramesvara-svarai, — when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa 
S'ri-Ranga-Deva-maharayaraiya, seated on the jewel throne of Ghanagiri, was ruling the empire 
of the world : — thy beloved votary, of the fourth gotra, the Yalahau ka-nad prabhu, Kempa- 
Nanje-Gauda's grandson, Hire-Keinpe-Gauda's son, Immadi-Kempe-Gauda, having made petition, 
caused to be written and given a copper sasana as follows:— The two villages Kanchugarahalji 
and Halusinganahalli, belonging to the Magadi-Sirae, have I granttd, with all the usual righta 
(specified), for the daily offerings and illuminations, the great car festival, and all festivals at 
the parvas, — and I pray that you will grant me the fulfilment of ray desires, and protoct me, bestow- 
ing full favour upon me. 

Usual imprecatory verses. 

This copper sasana was written by the hand of the secretary [rdyasla) S'eshayya, in the 
presence of the ofEcial Venkaiya. The worship and service of this god are grauted to S'ikha- 
manaiya. Immadi-Kempe-Gauda's approval. 


Date 16C9 A.D. , 

May it prosperous. Obeisance to Vii-abhadresvara. Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), — for the service of the lotus feet of the great god of 
gods, the emperor of the gods, Viresvara-svami, — when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira- 
pratapa S'i i-Ranga-Deva-maharayaraiya, seated on the jewel throne in Ghanagiri, was ruling the 
secure empiro of the world: — thy beloved votary, of the Sadaiiva-gotra, the Yalahanka-nad 
prabhu, Kempa-Nanje-Gauda's grandson, Hiriya-Kempe-Gauda's son, Immadi-Kempe-Gauda 
having made petition, causecl to be written and given a copper Sasana as follows : — Hanchekuppe 
V6tn, Atimigere, and Kempapura, 4 (villages) belonging to the Magadi-sime^ have \ve given, with 
all usual rights (specined), for the daily offerings and illuminations, thc great car festival, and all 
festivals at the pakshas and parvas, — and pray that, you may hav.: full raercy upon rae and orotect 
rae, granting the lulfilment of my desires. 

With the approval ot the priest of this temple, Lingamaya, h;ive we granted to JS T amasivaya- 
S'ikhaii)ani-dikshita remission of (the payment of) customs, forest watch, and bidumani to the 

Usual imprecatory verses. 

This copper sasana was written by the hand of the secretary (rdyasada) Enkapa, in the pre- 
sence of the ofncial Konapa aud Yengatagiraiya. 

Immadi-Kempe-Gauda's approval. 

Magacli Taluq. 51 


Date 1713 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Obeisance to Gavi Gangadhara. ObeisaDce to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified).— for the service of the diviue lotus feet of the great god of 
gods, the emperor of gods, Gavi-Gatigadhara-svanii,— when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira- 
pratapa S'ri-R inga-Dev i-maharayaraiya, seated on the jewel throne in Ghanagiri, was 
ruling the empire of the world ;— thy beloved votary, of the Sadaiiva-gotra, the Yalahanka-nad 
prabhu, Mumraadi-Kempa-Gauda's gtandson, Mummadi-Dodda-Virappa-Gauda's son, Mummadi- 
Kempa-Virappa-Gauda, having made petiticm, ciused to be written and given a copper sasana as 
follows :— The UJduralahal|i village belonging to the Magadi-.sime have we given, with all the 
usual rights (specified), etc. (as in the preceding inscription). 

This sasana was written by the haud of the serretary (rd<jasta) Venkatapati, in the presence 
of the official Annajaiya. 

The service and worship have we given to Komaraiya. 

(In Sanskrit) — Be it well. May it prevail the agrahara founded forthe good of his subjects by 
the glory of the Yalavanka-vamsa, Kempa-bhupa's son Vira-kshitipala f s son, lord of the whoie circle 
of the earth, Mummadi-Kempa-Vira-nripat', the setter up of Somesvara. 

(In Kannada) — Kernpa-Virappa granted to Ummanua, the panch&ngi of Magadi, Ungasagara 
as an agrahara. [signed) — Kempa Virappa. 


Date 1712 A.D. [/[j 

Obeisance to Somesvara-svami. 

A grant by the same person as in No 3 above, in the same terms,— of Jattanahalli, S'irupata- 
halli and Kempaviranagadapete, belonging to the Magadi-sime. The serrvice and worship of thia 
temple, at the time of consecration, iu the presence of the god, have we given to Komaraiya. 

This sasana was written by the hand of the secretary (rdyasta) Venkatapati, in the presence 
of the official Annajaiya and Huchchnnna. 

Mayanayakanahalji was granted as an agrahara for 25. 

Daie 1674 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oa the date specified), when the rajadhiraja paramesvata S'ii-Ranga-Raya- 
raiya, seated on the throue in Ghauagiri, wa? ruling the empire of the world : — the Yalahanka- 
nad prabhu Mummadi-'Cempe-Gaudaiya, giving to Harangahalli near^Magadi belonging to him 
another name Mummadi-Kempasagara, — as bhatta for the tank, grauted to Dase-boyi land (speci- 
tiecl) in Halsettihalli and Sripatihalli. Imprecation. 


Vate 1524 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date spccified ',— for the service of jewels of (the god) Tiruvengalesvar.i of 
MagaJi,— in order that merit might be to Krishna-Riiya-maharaya, — Tirumarasa of that mathx 
granted for the god's treasury the custon> anJ all tolls ia the gol's villages. Imprecatiou. 

52 Magadi Taluq. 

Aad seeing this, Timmanna-dannayaka, — in order that metit might be to Tiruma[la]-Raya, — 
granted all the customs and tolls that had previously been paid. 


Date? 1578 A.D. 
(In the year specified), Iruva-Yira-radi granted to (the god) Ttruvengalaiya land (speeified) in 
Pemmanahalli, hv a daily tray of offerings. Imprecation. 


Date 1681 A.D. 
(Oa the date spccified), when the rajadliirlja paramesvara vira-pratapa Sti-Ranga-Raya- 
Deva-maharayaraiya, seated on the jewel throne, was ruling the empire : — of the fourth gotra, 
the Yalahanka-nad prabhu Immadi-Kempaiya-Gauda's grandson, Mummadi-Kempaiya-Gauda's son, 
Mummadi-Dodda-Virappa-Gaudaraiya granted to Tiramappaiyangar of the St*vatsa-gotra and 15 
othor Brahmans, in the east of the Magadi-sime, in the Yeleyur-hobali, the two villages Kallikere 
and Donkanapura. 


Date 1194 A.D. 
Be it well. When (with usual titles) vira-Ballala-Deva was ruling the kingdom of the world — 
(on the date specified), {stops here) . 


Date 1194 A.D. 

Beginning as in No. 9 above, — goes on to say that the great minister ... Gauda and a number 
of others (named) granted Uduvagere in Dasaraynnahalji-nad as a hodige to Ohakkarabhavi 
Manja-S'ett ; 's son K6teyappa-S'etti. Imprecation. 


Date 1520 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oa the date specified 1 ), in the Solur-sime,— which Krishna-Riiya-maharaya 
had favoured for the office of Nayaka t") Apparasaiya, son-in-law of the protector of the dharma of 
the maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Krishna-Raya-maharaya, and agent for his affairs, Saluva- 
Timmarasaya, — Nagisetti-halli have we granted, — in order that dharma raay be to Krishna-Raya- 
maharaya,— -to our drddhya Tataya's wife {devtru) Nalladayamma. in sole possession, as an agrahara, 
with all rights (specified). 

Usual final verse?. 

The Solur stone-mason Timmaya engraved it. 

Y 12 

Datet 1692 A.D. 

(In the year specified), for the service of tbe goddess of Belakere, all the people of the village 
granted land (specified). Imprecation. Names of those who set up the stone. 

The S'alivihana s'aka is introduced with the unusual ■^hTS.&e—vljaydbhi/iidajja.sri^hti-yulandda 

Magadi Taluq. 51 


Date 1340.4.D. 

(Oq the date specified), when vira-Ballala-Devarasa was ruling the kingdom of the world :— 
Kaya-dannayaka's son Balapa-Nayaka's soldier Madambaja Danti-S3tti's son Alappa, being 
attacked in the Savandi road by robbers, fought in, and took svargga by force. 


Date 1169 A.D, 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) Hoysala Narasimha-Deva was ruliug the kingdom of the 
world :— (in the year specified), when Kalaramangala Dura-savanta and others (named) attacked 
, and fought against the fort, Channa slew their Heggade, {rest illegible). 


Date 1315 A.D. 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) vira-Ballala-Devarasa was ruling the kingdom of the 
world : — (on the date specified), the Kaluhur (with numerous praises) jagad-gnm Varadaradhya 
and the senior ... of Dorasamudra, with the carpenters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths of the four nads, 
and all the Vira-Panchaja, uniting, granted a stone sasana as follows : — For the god Allalanatha 
aregranted all the rice-fields, together with the tapu and tavudi belonging to them. Imprecations 


Date 1497 AD 

(Nagar% charctcters) 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), for the god Vithala of Satanur, Nala- 
somayaji of .. .. granted as a Jcodagi, 

Date 1562 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), the maha-raandalesvara Rama-Rajaya-Deva-maha-arasu 
and the prabhus of Kaleya in Sati-nad, remitted to the people of Sati-nad the tax for riding at 
mavriages, and Sadasiva-Raya put a stop to riding at marriages in future. Imprecation. 

This dharma Ckolenayakanahalli Gangapa-Nayaka and (stops here). 


Date 1368 A.D^ . 
Be it weM. With aU titles, a great submariue fira to the ocean the Pa^audas (or heretics), the 
original slave of the lotus feet of the king of S'riranga 2 , donor of a path to the jewel mantapa of 
the Vishnu-loka, — Ramanuja triuniphs, the king of royal yatis. 

(On the date specified), at the time when the maha-inandaleSvara, subduer of hostile kin^s 
chaoipion over kings who break their word, vira Bukka-Riya was ruling the kingdotn of the 

worlrt ; disputehaving arisen betweeu the Jains aud the bhaktas (or faithful), the Ja ; ns of all the nads 

within Aneyagondi, Hosapafrana, Penugonde and Kalyaha» having made petition to Bukka-Uaya 
that the bhahtas were unjustly killing them,— at the hands of the Sri-Vaishnavas of the eighteen nads 

; _ .2 a 

Tbi< is a version of the original at S'ravana Belgcla, No. 13S. S'riiangam near Tnchinopoly. Kalya, vvhera this iuscription is. 


54 Magadi Taluq. 


including all the chief Acharyyas ol* Kovil, Tirumale, Perumal-kovil, aad Tirunarayauapuram, 1 
all the samayis, all the sdtvihas, moshtihas, the bearers of the tirumani and tirnvadi, the sous of 
the forty-eight generations, tbe Savanta-bovarkkalu, the Tirukula and Jambavakula, 2 — the Maha- 
raya (declaring) "Wewill uot be a screen foryour Vaishuava darlana", gave the following decree : — 
In the five bastis, the halasa, jagale, jagate aid others the five big drums are allowed. To others 
they are not permitted. They belong to the Jaina samaya (or congregation). The S'ri-Vaishnava 
samaya, which has increased (most of the rest is iTUgible). 


Date 1341 A.D. 

Be it well. By order of (with usual titles, iucluding) the terrifier of Choja, Varaja, Gaula and 
Gurjjara, the establisher of Chola-Raya, the setter up of Paudya-Raja, a spear for the head of 

Makara-Raya, Trinetra to the Pallava Pallavaditya, to Jagadeva, the pratapa- 

chakravartti Hoysana vira-Ballala-Devarasa, (on the date specified), the following order was granted 
to the Vira-Panchala of Huleyanahalli in the rlulenahalli-nad : — [the details are nearly all effaced). 



Date 1388 A.D. 

May it be unobstructed. Be it well. (On the date specified), the maharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa Bukka-Raya's soldier Vithalanatha had this tank and sluice made. 


Date 1531 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified}, by order of the maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vlra s 

Achyuta-Raya-maharaya's brotber-in-law Nilaka-Raja's (son) Singa-Raja-Vodeyar a grant 

was made of the pura village for the god Kallesvara. 

1 22 

Date 1512 A.D. 

(In the year specified), in the time of the great Krishna-Rf>ya,— Mayi-Deva and othere made a 
grant of land for the god Kalinatha. Imprecation. 


Dait ? 1649 A.D. 

(In theyear specified), Kesa-Some-Nayaka cleared the mortgage o^ the rice lands of Devanakere 
and Hulikatte belonging to the god Kallesvara of Kalleha. Imprecation. 


Date 1621 A.D. 

(In the year specified), the priest who performed the worship of Kallesvara, Linganna-vodeyar's 
son Chandrasekhara-vodeyar, — in order that merit might be to the Y alahan ka-nad prabhu Immadi- 
Kempe-Gauda, — 

Komara'8 writing. 

1 These four places are Srirangam, Tirupati, Kanchi or Conjeeveram, and Mglukote. 
2 For explacation of these several names see S'ravana Belgola No. 136 (in Vol. II of this Series). 

Magadi Taluq. 55 


Date? 1649 A.D. 

(ln the year specified), Kencha-Somana-Nayaka granted for the god Kalle of Kalleha, lands 
(specified) in Devanakere and Kuligatte belonging to the Solur-sirae. Imprecation. 


Date 1558 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the maharajadhiraja paramesvara vira-pratapa Sada- 
siva-Raya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — the maha-mandalesvara, Konda-Raja-ayya's agent 
Korlakunte Kondama-Nayaka, in the presence of Achapa-dannayaka of Kalya, granted to the god 
Virabhadra's samaydchdra Kempa-Siddhe-deva's (son) [V ira]bhadra-deva a sddhana as follows ; — 
... pura which vvas formerly granted free of all taxes [by order of] Basapa-Nayaka, in the time of 
Narasiiiga-Raya, we now grant to you free of all taxes. Imprecation. 


Date 1674 A.D, 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (Oa the date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara vira-pratapa Sri-Ranga-Rayanaya, seated on the Ganagiri throne, was ruling the empire 
oftheworld: — the Y alavank a-nad prabhu Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudayya, giving to Heraliganahalli 
Ambograma in the Magadi-hobali belouging to him, anotber name of Mummadi-Kempasagara, 
formed itinto 12 shares, which he bestowed on the Brahmans named, granting them all the usual 
rights (specified), and made these over at the eclipse of the moon, to be enjoyed by them in perpe- 
tuity, they averting all calamity from the village. 

Usual final verses. \ 

Date 1674 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oo the date specified), when the rajadhiraja paramesvara S'ri-Ranga-Rayanajya, 
seated on the Ganagiri throne, was ruling the empire of the world : — the Yalahanka-nad prabhu 
Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudayya, giving to Horaliganaballi in the Ma gadi-hob ali belonging to him 
another name of Mummadi-Kempasagara, — for the tank, gave to Bavala Dasa-boyi lands (sp:c r fied). 



Date 1435 AD. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), at the time of the eclipse of tbe sun,— in order that 

merit might be to the maha-mandalesvara .... Immadi-Narasinga-Raya, — granted 

.. .. for the offerings to the god S.inkara of Manugal. Imprecation. 


Date 1484 A.D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), when the maha-mandalesvara, cbampion over tlie 
mustacbes of the world, Kathari-Saluva Na[rasin]ga-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of ths 

world :— gave this village to Sidadeva odeyar's son Gangeya-odeyar, with all the fields and 

revenue, as a srdtriya. Imprecation. 

56 Magadi Taluq. 

Date ? 1650 4.D. 

(Iq the year specified), Marula-deva of the Chikkabhavi throne, Chikkappa-vadeyar-deva 
granted to Siddaviranua-vadeyar-deva of the Heriir Gavi-matha his Maruladeva-katte and Chikka- 
deva-katte, with the lands belonging to thera. Imprecation. 


Date 1638 A.D. 

(In the year specified), Kademane Visvesvara-bhatta, a resident of Kasi, founded tbe 

Alalukuppe village. 

(signed, in Nagari) — Visvesvara. 


Date 1667 A.D. 

(In the year specified), the Y alahan ka-nad prabhu Hiri-Kempe-Gauda'3 grandson, Immadi- 
Kempe-Gauda's son, Mummadi-Kempe-Gauda, having had a matha built in Kasi, and a linga set 
up, granted for the dharma of the matha the Alalukuppe village, froai love to Visvesvara. This 
^asana to Akshantala Mudu-bhatta. 


Date 1649 A.D. 

(In the year specified), Basava (or bull) made by Kottahalli Santayiya's son Madauaya. Basava 
made by Arulakuppe Ramayya's grandson Sambhulinga. 


Date 1732 A.D. 

(On the date specified), the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara praudha-pratapa apratima-vira- 
narapati, seatcd on the jewel throne of Mahishur, Chama-Raja-Vodeyaraiya granted for the 
great god of gods, emperor of gods, master of myriads of worlds, the goddess Chamundesvari, 
with all usual rights (specified). 


Date 1316 A.D. 

Be it well. When (with usual titles, including) establisher of Chola«Raya, setter up of Pandya- 
liaya,— pratapa-NArasimha-Raya's son Hoysala Ballala-Raya was ruling the kingdom of the 
vorld : — (on the date specified), lie granted to (with numerous epithets) V r idyiiraju-batu an ele- 
phant, and GajagAraguppe, with all rights. 



Date 1315 A.D. 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) vira-Ballala-[Deva] ;•— (on the date speci- 

fied , he mad^ a similar graut to the above, nearly all effaced. 

Magadi Taluq. 5 7 


Date 1712 A.D. 

Kempa-Virappa. Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraja paramesvara S'ri-Ranga-Raja- 

maharayarayya, seated ou the jewel throne in Penugouda, was ruling the secure empire of the 

world : — of the Kaiyapa-gotra, tho Yalahanka-nad prabhu Mummadi-Kempe-Gaudaraiya'8 grand- 

son, Muramadi-Virappa-Gaudaraiya's son, Mumrnadi-Kempa-Virappa-Gaudaraiya gave to the 

Brahmans of the 24 vrittis of his agrahara a dharma sasana of a gift of land as follows, — In our 

Magadi-6ime, forming Mayinayakanahalli, Maelanahalli, and Hanumapura, with a garden of 200 

trees under thj Kempasagara tank, into an agrahfira named Mummadi-Kernpavirasagara, contain- 

ing 24 shares, he bestowed them upon the Brahmans (named), at the time of setting up the god 




Date 1475 A.D. 

3b lc < Be it well. (On the date specified), when Deva-Raya-raaharaya was ruling all the empire r— ■ 
the Hallikara of Sambuvanahalli, Tippe-Nayaka's son Tirumala-Nayaka had this pillar made. 



Dateabout 1515 A. D. 
The first part is gone. 

Solur Kempanapura and Damtninakatte, thesa two villages, were granted for the worship and 
decorations of the god Tiruvengalanatha of Kencha, with all usual rights (specified), — in order that 
raerit might be to Krishna-Raya-maharaya. 

Usual final verses. 

47 A 

Datc about 1120 A.D. 

Be it well. When the maha-mandalesvara, the capturer of Talakadu, [Vira]-Ganga [Hoysa]la, 

having burnt the...of all his enemies,... 

(rest effaced). 

Date 1540 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (Oa the date specified), in the presence of the Virupaksha 

Linga on the bank of the Tangabhadra, the raja paramesvara vira-pratapa Achyuta-Deva- 

maharaya, — had Maravur, which possessed a former sasana, restored, — iu order that dharma might 
be to Narasanna-Nayaka,— and granted it with all usual rights (specified). 

Usual final rerses. 


Date 1370 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), of, with all titles, having Nandinatha, Bhringinatha and 
Virabhadra-deva as his chief (attendants), the god of S'ivaganga, which is reckoned to be a new 
Kailasa, the western Varanasi, and an original place of the earth, — among the chief maha-mahantus, 
the yatisvararaya Sirigiri-deva-odeyar having given a command to the child of his favour Mayanappa's 
son Kalhppa's younger brother Virappa, with the authority of his elder brother, tobuild the townof 


58 Magadi Taluq. 

S'rigirisamudra,— of the reveaue from the lands and taxes of that Srigirisamudra village newly 
formed by Virappa, one-half being aasigned to the king, 50 hoanu will be taken for the god, and of 
the various taxes (specified) all over and above the 50 honnu is uttdr(pv remitted). Imprecations. 

Date ?about 1550 A.D. 

(In the year specified), when Deva-inaharaya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — 

in order that dharma might be to Uchangi Basave-Nayaka, — agrant was made of some place belong- 
ing to Sirigiri. Imprecation. 


Date 1564 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), Bisagur Kariya-Channappa-gauda's son Govinda-gauda 
had the big stone gateway on the west of Bisagur made. Halaga S'riyya made it. 


Date 1529 A.D. 

(In the year specified), — in the time of Krishna-Raya-maharaya, — the Ela[hanka-nad pra_ 
bhu] yya's son pa-Nayaka had the stone gateway made. 


Date 1306 A.D. 

Be it well, When (with usual titles, including) uprooter of the Magara kingdom, establisher 
of the Chola kingdom, supporter of the Pandya-kula, the pratapa-chakravartti vira-BallaJa-Deva- 

rasa was ruling the kingdom of the world ; — to Basavaradhya, the chief Vira-Panchalas 

(on the date specified) made some grants which are almost wholly effaced. 


Date? 1389 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. (In the year specified), Panchagni-dikshita had the waste weir clearly 
dug out, had the breach built up, and restored (the tank). 


Datel315 A.J). 

Be it well. When the Hoysana pratapa-chakravartti vira-Ballaia-Devarasa was ruling the 
kingdom of the world ; — (on the date specified), the great minister ... Devappa-daunayaka and 

others (named) and all the subjects and farmers of H.uleyanahalli-nad made a grant of to the 

Sauvareni senabhova Rajanna as a Jcodage. 



Be it well. (Ou the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala vira-Ballala-Deva 
was ruling the kingdom of the world : — that king made certain grants (mostly effaced) to the offi- 
cer . . . . of Gengeya-dannayaka, son of Aluva-dannayaka, one of the royal daudanathas of the 
court, Imprecations. 

Magadi Taluq. 59 


Date 1540 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Be it well. (0n the date specified), when the niaharajadhiraja raja- 
parameivara vira-pratapa vira-Achyuta-Deva-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the earth 

in peace :— ... chavara Timma ... — in order that merit might be to Vodeyar,-made a 

grant of the ... muda village for the god Tiruvenga}a>atha. 


Date 1537 A.D. 
(On the date specified), when the maharajadhiraja paramesvara vira-pratapa Acbyuta-Deva- 
maharaya (was ruling) :— Papeya-Nayaka-aya's agent Timmappa-Nayaka remitted the marriage tax 
in the Solur country. Imprecation. 


Date ? 1280 A.D. 

(Tamil) — (The first portion of this inscription is gone) 

,.. c ... May this charity continue (On the date specified), I, Irugaman, 

granted, with pouring of water, as a pious gift, this temple and land to Panrni-deva-bhatta, a S'iva- 
Brahmana of the Bharadvaja-gotra and S'iva-siitra. 

He who injures this charity shall incur the sin (of him who has) committed (it) between the 
Ganges and the Kumari (Cape Comorin) and the sin of him who has killed a tawny cow. 

There is no guide but virtue to those who ? understaud virtue. 

66 v 

Date ? 1559 A.D. 

.... (On the date specified), Ramappa-rautta granted for the god Tiruvengalanatha of Nilagiri 
the flower garden of the town, rice land under the old tank of Puragiri, and the temple which .... 
and all the people had built. In connection with this, for the muliga sujana 2 kasu, for the heldra 
bullock 1 kasu. 

Date 1554 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the maharajadhiraja paramesvara vira-pratapa 
Sadaiiva-Raya was ruling the kingdom of the world :— -Rama-Eaja S'riranga-Deva-maha-arasu's 
agent Sankaraya made a grant for the illuminations and offerings of the god Nilagiri Tiruvengaja- 



Date 1516 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified, in the year Dhatu, included in the first group) 1 when the 
maharajadhiraja raia-paramesvara vira-pratapa Krishna-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of 
the world :— the agent for his affairs, Made-Nayaka of the court, granted to Jaggeya-Viranna- 
odeyar-deva of the pura of Arisinagunte a dharma-sasana of the pura as follows ; — Whereas ia 

Uttamam lisige—The cycle of 60 years is divided into three groups of 20,—the first, the middle, and the last. 

60 Magadi Taluq. 

the Solfir-sime favoured to me by Krishna-Raya-maharaya for the office of Nayaka, you have formerly 
been~"paying jodi for the pura of Arasinagunte, — in order that dharma may be to Krishua-Raya- 
maharaya, — having made petition to him, we have remitted the jodi and given it to you free of all 
imposts, with all the usual rights (specified). 
Usual final imprecatory verses. 


Date 1282 A.D. 

Be it well. Obeisance to Ganadhipati, and S'ambhu. Invocation of the Boar. 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana vira-Narasimha- 
Deva [was ruling] : — (iu the year specified), some grant was made apparently for the god Vikrama- 
palesvara ( nearly ail effaced). 

Usual iinal imprecatory verses. 

Lale 1547 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. When the maharajadhiraja paramesvara vira-pratapa 
Sadasiva-Raya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — Salaha-Raja Chennaya-Peva-maha-arasu'8 
agent Mudagatta Panditayya, — in order that merit might be to Sada&va-maharaya, — granted to 
the god Virabhadra of Banavadi, the Ramapura village of the B anavadi-sth ala for the illuminationa 
and offerings. 

Usual final imprecatory verses. 


Date 966 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when Kannara-Deva was ruliDg tbe kingdom of the 
world: — Ganga-Bhima, the son of Ma .. da named Durvinita, (apparently erected a temple, the 
inscription is much effaced here) 

When the town was plundered, in his exertions for victory, Da djga^ the eldest son of Ganga. 
Gachchi, na}-gavunda of the Maune-nad Three Hundred, having gained an abode in Vaikuntha,— 
he had a temple made for Da dige^yara , and granted for it lands (specified). The dharma of this 
temple will accrue to Dadiga. The work of this temple was done by Gangachari. 


Date about 1150 A.D. 

Ba it well. In the reigu of Vishnuvarddhana Hoyisaua pratapa vira-Narasinga-Deva : Gan CT i- 

Setti's son Papi-Setti gave this tank to the god Narasinga. 


V"7 ' -. 
Date 1219X7). 

(In the year specified), when, by order of the pratapa-chakravartti, the Hoysauesvara vira- 
Ballala-Deva, .... madi Maleya-Nayaka's son Busuvayya-Nayaka was ruling his own nad Yenne- 
gere-sthala ;— the great senior merchant, chief of both (sects of) N ana, Desis. Banavadi Kalinatha- 
Setti and many others (named) granted Malasaoaudra to Chikka-Naranappa-gauda as a hodagi. 

Magadi Taluq. 61 


DateVoW A.D. 
Obeisance to S'auibhu &c. (On the date specitied), the great elepbant hunter, Uanuman 
in artifice, distinguished by the name Gangadhara-deva, vira-Chikka-Vodeyar— for the offerings to 
the god Prasanna Gangadhara— gave Bittasamudra. Imprecation. 

80 H 

Dateabout 1100 A.D. 

[Va]idumba-gavunda's (son) Mayya in the ruin of reganur, fought and 

died. A .. vammachari did the work of this stone. 

81 , 

Date? 1340 A.D. 

(In the year specified), the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysaua vira-Ballala-Devarasa's son, the 
maha-savantadhipati, champion over the world of men, Mayili-Nayaka, and many others (named) 
all the gaudas, having given Tavarekere to Honnappas daughter Bayichavve for the expense of the 
staff (of office — dandige), — Anni-deva's son Honnappa and others (named) will enjoy Chattanakunte 
belonging to the village named after her included in Bayichavve's Jcodagi lands. Imprecations. 

Kesava's writing. The name of the village is Bayiravvehalli, a sarbba-Jcodagi. 


Date 1524 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), in the time of Tirumala-Deva-mahariiya, — the moon to the 
ocean the belly of the raaharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-bhujabala-pratapa, subduer of Gaja- 
pati and Asvapati, Krishna-Deva-maharaya, — in the country of the great Saluva of the army, lord 
of the four oceans, Timmanna-dannayaha, — for the chief evening offering of the god Varadaraja of 
Kalu-ur, equal to a new Kanchi, — Konapa-Nayaka, the bearer of Ganges water to Krishna-Deva- 
maharaya, — in order that dharma might be to Tirumala-Deva-maharaya and to Timmanna-dannaya- 
ka, — made a grant of MarayanahaBi, giving it another name of Danayakapura, to continue as long 
as sun and moon endure Imprecations. 



:o: . 

Date 1510 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specitied), when the maharajadhiraja raja- 
parameSvara, chatnpion over kings who break their word, champion over the three kings, iord of the 
eastern southem and western oceans, Krishna-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom of the 
world : — this king's father Narasanna-Naya ka, having by the raight qf his arm gained possession of 
the Narap ati throne, kingdom and land, and established a 6rm kingdom, — that Narasanna-Nayaka'» 
dalavayi (or general) Gandarago ... Nayaka's son (rest built into the floor). 

QV 2 


Date about 1535 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified, detailsgone), when the naaha-manda- 
lesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharaya was ruling the kingdom 
of the world : — an agrahara was established, the details of which are effaced. 


Date ahout 880 A.D- 

Be it well. When Mahendra was ruling as king : — the Ganga king fighting, having cut to 

pieces the Aradare-odeya Chika-Kakamose, — in the battle of . . . . vi, Kalamani slew . . laka and 

gained the Indra-loka. 


Date 1586 A.D. 


Be it well. (On the date specified), the great Avati-na d prabhu Havali Bayappa-Gauda, for 
the stone matba erected by Namasivaya-Kempi-Setti, granted the mule-gdsu (or ? tolls from 
the four quarters) as follows ;— In the Hanabe and Tippur countries, for every load of .. .. passing 
through the villages north south east and west, you will take afc the rate of 1 m&le-g&su. Impre- 


Date 1586 A.D. 
A grant in the same year as in No. 5 above, by the same Gauda's son (rest effaced). 

Date ?1596 A.D. 


sri-Rama. (In the year specified), the Avati-nad prabhu, ImmaduHavali-Bayirapa-Gauda 
granted to his sister's son Panne Sonnaya a Mndchi-sdsana (or right to lands) ; — In Havali- 
Barapa-Gauda's invasion the villages belonging to you having been reduced, we grant to you as a 
gauda-godage of equal value, land (specified) in the Antaravali village. 


Dod-Ballapur Taluq. $3 


Date 1269 A.D. 


Be it well. (On the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana bhujabala vxra- 

Somesvara-Deva's son Vira-Ganga-Deva Narasinga-Devarasa was ruling the kingdom of the 

world : — (rest effaced) 


Date 918 A.D. . 

Be it well. (On the date specified, figures gone), in the reign of Ayyapa-Deva's son 

Nolipa ; — . . . • Basava-Setfci's son, — when (with various epithets) Sandimalla came and carried off 
the cows,— Kadalvagil Chabbi-Setti, placing the cows in safety, died and went to svagga. 


Date alout 920 A.D. 

Be it well In the government of Ajjuna Raha ;— Chabbi-Setti's younger brother Maniyama- 
Setti, when tlie cows were carried off, placed the cows in satety, died and went to sagga. 


Date 1115 A.D. 
(Tamil) — In the 12th year of the reign of the inaha-mandaleavara Tribhuvanamalla, capturer 
of Tal^ikkadu, the stx'ong-armed Vxra-Ganga-Poyisala-Devar— 

I, S'attayan, alias Vh'untar.!ya-bayanKara (torrxble to titled kings) Mannai-nad-alvan, sonof 
Viruntaraya-bayankara Mannai-nad-aJlvan, the gamunda of Mannai-nadu in Vikkirama-Sola- 
mandalam, gave, with pouring of water, to the S'iva-Brahmana Panma-batta, son of Penna-batta» 
the temple of the god Mudxsvaranx-udaiya Mahadevar, (situated) on the eastern peak of the hill at 
Purkodi. Worship shall be conducted as long as nxy line and Panma-batta's line continues. He 
who says to Panma-batta and to his descendants— "Do not worship th3 god Mu(Jisvaram-udaiyar" — 
shall enter the hell entered by one who has killed a tawuy cow between the Ganges and the 
Kumari. This is the writing of S'amasari. 


DUa about 1785 A.D. 

Sanad-nama. — Beata Lakka-Nayaka Singi-Nayaka, — the service of the gaudike of the Tubagere 
kasaba having been conferred on you, — for your livelihood, land (specified) in this great village is 

granted to you as indmati Acting according to the orders of the Government, being in obedience 

to the Anxxl, and wishing for the welfare of the Ahmadi (or Musalman) empire, continue in peace. 
Date (^rowe) 1 


Date 1328 A.D. 

Be it well. (Oa the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala vira-Ballala- 
Devarasa was in Unnamalepattan a, ruling tbe kingdom in peace and wisdom : — the great minister 
Punnava's son Meya-danuayaka made, to Chanaga of Maladipanapura in Elahanka-nad, a grant of 

The iasoriptioa is f ull of Persiaa ternis. 


64 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 


Date 1527 A.D. 


(Oa the date specified), lor the ... which the raaharajadhiraja raja-pararnesvara Krishna-Raya- 
maharaya had caused to be built, Savaka-Raja-Nayaka 


Date 14 16 A.D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), the maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara, champion over 
the three kings Asvapati Gajapati and Narapati, pratapa-vira-Harihara-R,aya's son ...Kaya-Vodeyar 

Tribhuvana-chakravarti elder son Oba made at tbe mosque on the hill the Tirumale dipa- 



Date 1328 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala vira-Ballala-Deva- 
rasa vvas in Unnamalepattana, ruling the kingdom in peace and wisdom : — the great minister 
Ponnanna's son Kama-dannayaka made, to Elahanka-na d Vi . . da-Gaunda, a grant of Kuruvagere 


Date 1519 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Krishna- 

Raya-mahariya was ruling the kingdom of the world : — to Rama-bhatta puranika and , ., pandita 

was granted the Kanchiganahalu village, having given it another name of Singasamudra agrahara. 
(much effaced) 


Date 1316 A.D. 
(TamiU— This inscription is mostly defaced. The date is the only thing that is legible. 


Date 1647 A.D. 

(In the year specified), Sambaji-Raya granted to Channa-Basapa-vader of the Saji-matha 
people's matha the Hachipura (village). Imprecation. 


Date 1471 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), to [Ela]hakka-nad Hiriya-Bayire-Gauda's son Manche- 
Gaunda, ? a grant was made of Nandigunda. 


Date 1530 A.D. 

(Nagari charactersj. 

Obeisance to Ganadhipati. Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. Invocation of the Boar and Ganesa. 

From the churning of the milk ocean by the gods arose like butter a marvel (Chandra) 
dispersing the darkness. His son was Budha, his son Pururava, his son Ayu, his son Nahusha his 
son Yayati, whose son was Turvasu, born from Devayani. In hia line was born, the husband of 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 65 

Devaki, the king Timma, as famous among the Tuluva kings as Krishna among the Yadus. Frorn 
him vvas the husband of Bukkama, the king Isvara, a jewelled crown of virtues to kings. From him 
was born the king Narasa, the son of Devaki, as Kama was born tho son of Devaki. Many times 
did he with joy make the sixteen grcat gifts in Ramesvara and other principal sacred places, 
according to the 6vstras, s.irrounded by learned men, so as greatly to increase the fame he had in 
the world. Ciossing over the Kaveri when in full flood, and seizing his enemy alive, taking 
possession of his kingdom, and making Srirangapattana his own, he set up the pillar of his fame, 
and won the praise of the three worlds. Conquering Chera, Chola, and Panjya, and the Ma- 
dhura king Manabhusharo, as well as the fierce Turushka, the Gajapati king and othtrs, — from the 
Ganga to Laaka, and from the eastern to the western raountains he imposed his commands on all 
kings. From Tippaji and Nagala-Devi he hal the sons vira-Nrisimhendra and Krishna-Raya, 
who were like iuuna and Lakshmana. 

Vira-Narasimha, seated on the jewel throne in Vijayanagara, eclipsing in fame and policy 
Nriga, Naia, Nahusha and other great kinga of the world, praised by the Brahmans as far as 
Setu and Meru, the eastern and western mountains, ruled the kingdom, pleasing the minds of all 
people. Many gilts did he make in Kaaakasadas, in the temple of Virupaksha, in the city of the 
Kalahasti brd, in Venkatadii, in Kanchi, in S'risaila, Sonasaila, Harihara, Ahobala, Sangama, 
S'riranga, Kumbhaghoua, in the great Nandi-tirtha the remover of darkness (or ignorance), in 
Nivritti, Gokarna, Ramasetu 1 and many other sacred places, the streams poured out along with 
which filled again the ocean, which was dried up by the dust raised by the hoofs of his horsemen, 
and thus saved the mountains whose wings were exposed to be cut off by Indra's thunderbolt* 
Names of the gifts he made. Having ruled a perfect kingdom without opposition, 'this king of the 
earth, famous for his virtues, weut to svarga, as if to rule the kingdom of the sky. 

Mightier even thaa him, the king Krishna-Raya took the earth upon his shoulders as if a 
jewelled epaulette. From his wide-spread fame all nature became as if of the same (white) 
colour, so tliat Purari (3'iva) could be distinguished only by the eye in his forehead, Padmaksha 
(Vishnu) by his four arms, Padmabhfi (Brahma) by his four faces, Kali by her sword, Rama 
(Lakshmij by her lotus, Vani (Sarasvati) by the lute in her hand. Overeoine by his glory, the 
sun sinks into the western ocean as if quite unable to endure its distress of mind. As if fearing 
that the seven oceans would provide a refuge to his enemies, they were dried up with the clouds of 
dust raised by the eai th trampled t^ pieces by the troops of his horsemen, but they were formed 
again by the measureless streams poured out with the brahndnda, svarna-meru, aud other his 
great gifts. As though, in order that the donations and wealth he had given might be long enjoyed 
he would stay the chariot of the sun and provide re6ting places for the gods, he created pillars, 
stretching like mountain peaks into the sky, filled with the accounts of his victorious exped- 
itions to each point of the compass and with the na.nes of his titles. Ia Kanchi, S'risaila, 
S'6nachala, Kanakasabha, Venkatalri 2 and other places, so as to add greatly to his glory, did he 
again and again bestow the great gifts described in the sustras, together with the grants associat- 
ed with them. Punisher of warhke kings, able in protecting the world which lies in the arms of 
Sesha, punisher of kings who l reak their word, giver of joy to his depend-nts. fierce in war, 
styled rajadhiraja raja-para.nesvara, Suratrana of the llindu kings, destroyer of the tigers the 
cvil, a ganda-bherunda, distmgiished by t'ie=e anl othir titles ; served by the Anga Vanga 

Of these places — 1 is Chidauibram va S. Arcot ; 2 at Vijayanagar ; 3 in N. Arcot ; 4 near Tirupati in tlie same ; 5 Con- 
jceveraui ; 6 in Kurnool ; 7 Trinomalee in S. Ar:ot •, S in the north of Mysore ; 9 in BLurnool ; 10 ne;:r Baiohur ; 11 near 

Tnchmopoly ; 12 m 1'anjore ; 13 and 14 m Kurnool ; 15 in N. Kanara ; 1G m Madura, 
See the note above. 


€6 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 

Kalinga and other kings vvith such words as — " Look on us great king ! Victory ! Loug life ! '' — 
his generosity praised by the Iearned, this king of kiugs Krishna-Haya, seated on the jewel throne 
in Vijayanagara, surpassing by his policy Ni-iga and (all) others, shone in the power of good fortune 
and the fullness of fame, fiom the eastern to the western mountains and from the extreraity of 
Hemachalu to Setu. 

The world of gods having beeu taken as his portion by Krishna-Raya, after him his younge* 
brother of meritorious deeds, king Achyuta, took the world of the earth for his portion, subduing his 
enemies, surpassing Indra, and gratifying the desires of the learned. The raoon of his fame moves 
in the world in all the tithis, and is ever waxing, ever giving joy to the chakdra birds, shining by day 
as well as by night, hateful to the lotuses (the evil). Swifter than thought or the wind are his 
horsemen, the trampling of whose hoofs turns the world to clouds of dust, — why mention the slow- 
paced horses of Indra ? Fanned with chfimaras by groups of the wives of hostile kings imprisoned by 
him, distinguished as rajadhiraja, the terror of foreign kings, and by raany other titles ; often had 
he made the sixteen kinds of gifts in Gokarna, Sangaraa, Nivritti, the Suvarna river, S'6nadrj', 
Parvata, Virinchipura and Kanchi, in the city of Kalahasti also, andin Kumbhaghona. 1 The ocean is 
diunk up by the clouds, it was swallowed by Agastya, it was agitated by the arrow of Eaghava, 
and is evor being consumed by the Hames of the submarine fire ; it is indeed always iu process of 
drying up, but the ocean of his bounty is always full. By the Anga Vanga Kalinga and other foreign 
kings is he thus unceasingly addressed, — ' Victory ! Long life !' Supreme is this king Achyuta, estab- 
lished on the jewel throne, dwclling in Vijayanagara, rejoicing in the fullness of farae, excelling Nriga 
Nala Nahusha aud other inferior kings, the home of unequalled valour and generosity. 

(On the d ite specified), in the presence of (the god) Vithalesvara on the bank of the Tunga- 
bhhdra, he granted to Rama-bhatta's son VenkateWara-yajva (sutra etc. stated), iu the flosakota - 
sime of Morass-nal, Sanbapura as an agrahara (boundary vdlage3 named), with its three hamlets 
(named), giving it the new name Achyutamaharayambudhi, with all rights (specified). And accept- 
ing the proprietorship of the agrahara, he formed it into 24 shares, which he bostowed upon the 
Bralimans (named). Such is the sasana of the gratifier of the desires of the learned, and destroyer of 
the pride of hostile kings, — having in view Achyuta's (Vishnu's) ordinance,— of Achyuta-Raya. It wa3 
eugr.tved by Mallana's son, the carpenter Viranacharya. 

Usual final vcrses. (signed, in Kannada) — sri-Virupaksha 


Date 1691 A.D. 

(Persian characttrsj^ 

(Fust line nearly all e ffaced). 

.. Alzafar, Mohi-ud-din-Muhammad, Aurangze b Bahadur, Alamgir Badshah, Ghazi-ul-rnaghazi,— 

in the year 32 of his reign, corresponding with the Hijri year 1101, the fort of Balapur Kariyatu 

wa3 in the hands of the Samba family. It then passed from the hands of Samba-diid, son of Siva- 

diid Marhatta, tlirough the exertions of Khasim Khan, Faujdar of the Karnatik Government, a 

dependency of the Subah of Bijapur, and came into the possession of the Supreme Government. In 

the year 34 of the reign, this fort was granted by the Presence to this humble servant Sheikh Abdulla, 

known as Farukh, r« nowned in India as a descendant of Sheikh Farid-ud din Masaud Chishti Al- 

ajrami, a resident of Badayuu, suburb of Chittur iu the capital Shahjahanabad alias Dehli (Delhi)^ 

Most of tliese pl.ices have been identified in the note above (p. 65) 

Ori' n 'ina11y a stone with a Hoysala inscription of 1207 (see the second part), the symbols at the top were removed and thi* 

Persian inscription en^raved there, leavinj the text of the original as it was. 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 67 

In the year 30 of the reign was this stone brought with great care from the temple of Fraya, 
distant 2 kos north-east from the fort, and was intended for a building. But as it contained the 
grant of a charity, was erected to perpetuate his memory. 

By order of the above-mentioned Sheikh, this was written by his humble servant Sheikh Muham- 
mad Hafiz. 

Daie 1267 A.D. 

{Kannada characters) 

Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. Be it well. When (with usual titles) the pratapa-chakravarti 
vira-Hoysala vira-Narasimha-Divurasa was in the residence of D6ra9amudra, ruling the kingdom 
in peace : — And the maha-mandalesvara, Tribhuvanamalla, lord of Nandigiri, sun in unfolding the 
lotus the Bhangi-kula, champion over adulterers, champion over the envious, a tiger to the bull the 
enemy, his elder brother's warrior, Bechi-Devarasa was in the residence of Yelahanka, ruling the 
kingdom in peace and wisdom ; — 

Be it well. Renowned in all the woild ; having acquired five hundred vira-6asauas ; adorned 
with groups of many good qualities (such as) truth, purity, good character, justice, modesty and 
intelligence; incarnations of heroism; supporters of the Vira-Bananju-samaya dharma ; having the 
flag of the white hill and Garuda ; conspicuous for higliest energy ; lovers of the lady Fame ; their 
broad chests embraced by the Lakshmi of victory acquired by their own arms ; mighty in valour in 
the three worlds ; lords of Ahichhatra-pura ; born in the race of Baladeva Vasudeva Khandaji and 
Mulabhadra ; having a spear-headed rod in their hands ; Kamadevas with a golden bodice ; adorned 

with ornaments of cloths ; connected with the Chola-kula; of Chalukya descent ; who made 

cities ; of Jambu-dvipa ; the Five Hundred svamis of Ayyavale, (with) the chief terror of both 

(sr cts of) Nana Des is, the lord of the svamis of the city of the three worlds, Bhallala-Setti, and a 

nuinber of other settis (named). and all of lioth Nana Desavalas, the Nakbaras and — all 

uniting, (on the date specifded), for the seivceofthe god Gavaresvara, for the illuminations, deco- 
rations, offerings, and sixteen oblations, and for temple repairs, gave, to continue as long as sun and 
moon endure, the following gi-ants ; — for cut giaiu, 1 pana per 10 loads ; for cotton in the pod 
various ; for turmeric, 1 pana per 10 loads ; for jaggory, 1 pana per 10 loads ; for betel leaves . . 


Date ? about 1600 A.D. X 

Be it well. Jaya-Kaman (or desirous of victory) having gained heroism, with head bowed 
(to) Manda Mari, ninety-eight are deposited. 


Date 1J<51 A.D. 
(Oa the date specified). when Raja-Narendra-bhupala was ruiing the kingdom : — .. ... .. •■ . 


Date 1328 A.D. 
Be it well. (On the date specified), when, prosperous with the tiile Vira-Gahga, the pratapa- 
chakravartti Hojsaua Yalalaparasa was ruling the kingdom of the Pu ijnad Sevent y nad in peace 
and wisdom ; — the minister Yenapaya apparently made a grant for the god Varaharesvara. 

This is an enigmatical inscription. Beyond the end of tlie first line is the letter Vt in Na ; iri . 

68 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 


Datc 1367 A.D. 

Be it well. When tha maha-mandales/ara, subduer of hostile kings, charapion over kings 
who break their word, vira-Bukkanna-Vadeyar wss ruling the kingdom of the world : — (on the 

date specified), the maha-samantadhipati, champion over the three kings, Nayaka's son 

Bomraayya-Nayaka, Auappa, the great Hulukadi-n ad prabhu Bummarala Kota-Gauda, .... 


Date 1541 A.D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specified), the Gandragolli dalavayi 
Sonnappa-Nayaka's son Bairappa -Nayaka gave to Maleyakanta-deva of the throne of the upper 
cave of S'ivaganga a dharma-sasana as follows ; — 

When the maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara vira-pratapa vira-Narasinga-Deva-maharaya 
was ruling a pcaceful kingdom, in the Hulukadi-nad which vira-NarasiDga-Deva-inaharaya favour- 
ed to me for the office of Nayaka, the lauds of the Siinpaclipura-s irao belonging to the Hanabe- 
sime, and one pond, we grant to you,— in order that dharma may be to Narasinga-Deva-maha- 
raya. Boundaries, aud repetition of the grant. Imprecations. 


Date ? 1569 A.D. 

A grant by the same to the same as in No. 40, of the lands in Gandragulipura-^ime and a 


Date ? 1493 A.D. 
May it be prospjrous. Be it well. (On the dat3 specified), when the maharajadhirrja raja" 
paramesvara, champion over the mustaches of the world, Kathari-Sajuva Saluva-Immadi-Raya- 
maha.raya'8 son Sajuva-Deyappa-Nayaka was ruling the Tippur-slme as a secure kingdom ; — the 
Hulukadi-nad p rabhu Bayana-Gauda's son Bayapa-Gaud i grauted Bayirapura, to the south-east of 
Varadahalli in the Hejjaji- 5'me belonging to the Tippur-sthala, to Singapaya's son Tiparasaya, as 
an agrahara. Imprecation. 


Date about 1340 A.D. 
Be it well. When the pratapa-shakravartti Hoysaja vira-Ballala-Devara?a was in Hosanad, 
ruling the kingdom of the world ;— [rest ilhgible) 


Date 1493 A.D. 
Another version of No. 42 above. 


Date 1610 A.D. 
May it be prosperous. Be it well. (O.i the date specifiel), when the rajadhiraja raja-param- 
esvara vira-pratapa Tiru-Venkatapati-Deva-maharaya was ruling the empire : — the great [AJvati- 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 6<J 

nad-prabhu ....... Bayire-Gauda-ayya's grandson, Havali-Bayirapa-GauJar-ayya's son, Immadi- 

Havali-Bayirapa-Gaudagranted to Putanua-pandita (descent etc. stated) [iu the] Hanabe-[s ime] 

-. .. giving it another name of Immadi-Bayirapura, free of all imposts. And at tlie time of the 

eclipse of the sun, to Tirumala-pandita, — m order that merit might be to his father (named), — gavo 
as an agrahara. Usual final verses. 


Date 1531 A. D. 

May it be prosperous. Be it well. (On the date specitied), when the maharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara vira-pratapa vira-Aehyuta-Raya-inaturaya was ruling the kingdjui oi* the world : — the 
Gandragolli dalavayi Sonuappa-Nayaka's son Nagappa-Nayaka granted for the god Channakesava of 
Kadanur a pura-dharma-sasaua as follotvs; — In the Huluk,ftdjtsft ad which the king lavoured to me 
for the oflce of Nayaka, in the Hdnabe-sime, the Kadaniir village, free of all .mposts, was given, 
in the presence of the god Virupaksha on the bank of the Tungabhadra, — in order that dharma, 
might be to Achyuta-Raya-maharaya, — with all rights (specified). Grant repeated. 

Usual final verses. 


Date 1464 A.D. 

(In the year specified), for a tray of offering to the god Gangadhara,— a lake of all perfection 
with the power of the three Gangas, au ocean of mercy forgiving all (evil) deeds, ... donor of 
.... to all the family oi" the perfect, — of Kakudgiri, — loftierthan all the highest mountains of the 
earth,l — the great ganda-bherunda to the three kings, Mallikar]una-maharaya's son Junjana-Raya's 
sarvanayaka granted a dhanna-sasana as follows ; — In the > elajrongajj^sipie belonging to our office 
of Nayaka, the Kanasavadi (viliage) have we given. Imprecations. 


Date 1306 A.D. 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) the pratapa-chakravarti vira-Ballala-Devarasa v. as ruling 
the kingdom of the vvorld — (very much here and at the end effaced). 

(On the date specified), the carpenters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths and all the Vira-Panchala ot* 
the f our nad s, belonging to the Japigu-matha of the Hiriya-Kala-matha of the royal city Dora- 
samudra, grauted a copper sasana as follows ;— list of taxes gra-nted. 


Date 1418 A.D. 

Beit well. (Ou the date speciiied), Madhure Yalala-heggade-gaunda's son Samayada Kamara, 
fighting Bomma, when Tirumale .. .. went to svargga. 


Date 1418 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), in Madhure, Obbanada Gandha's son, in accoraance 

with his vow, going to measure the wheel of the bowmen, for 12 feet deep round the stone whcel 

remaiued without moving, began the ? sacr.fice, and made good (his vow). On the master (llidvand) 
going there .... (slops here) 
~~i ~ 

The copy mpplied i» very corrupt. 


70 Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 


Date ? 1271 D.D. 
(Tainil) — (From the date specified), Perumali-deva's sons Ponnappa and Allappa seem fco have 
made a grant (of lands), as a sarvamanya, to last as long as the moon and the sun endure, to 
Achchan-pillai of Madiyanur, on the occasion of their ? father Vembi-devar-araSar having per- 
formed a s'rdddhd at Anaivadi. 


Date ? 1647 D.A. 

(On the date specified), Virupaksha-Raya granted the Visvanatha-Mulipura agrahara belonging 
to Kamakshipura. 


Date 1306 A J). 

Be it well. When (with usual titles) the pratapa-chakravartti vira-Ballala-Devarasa was ruling 
the kingdom of the world : — (nearly all eff>iccd) seems to correspond with No. 52 above. 


Date 1338 A.D. 

Be it well.(On the date specified), when vira-Ballala-Deva was in the residence of... 

ruling the kingdom in peace and wisdom : — (rest effaced) 


Date 1432 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date spxified), when the maharajadhiraja raja-paraniesvara vira-pratapa 
Deva-Uaya-mabaraya was ruling the kingdom : — (rest iUeglble). 


Datc 1716 AD. 
Obeisance to S'ambhu &c. lnvocation of the Boar. 
t Be it well. (On the date specified), when the rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara, the honourtd (god) 

Venliatesvarasvami, seated on the throne in Venkatachala, was ruling the empire of the world : — 
f the fourth gotra, the great Av^ ti-nad prabhu Immadi-Sonna-Baire-Gaudarayya's grandson, Gopala. 
Gaudarayya's son, Dodda-Baira pp»-Gaudarayya granted to Suhba-bhatta (descent etc. stated), in the 
S igeko te-hobali oMiis Dev;uiapura kingdom, Kurubarahalli with its hainlet Mavalipura, giving it an- 
other name of Dodda-Bairasagara, as an agrahara, free of all imposts, with the usual rights (specified). 

Usual final verses. 


Date ? 1669 A.D. 
sri-Rama. Be it well. (Oa the date specified), the rajadhirajas Kanthi-Baju, Kantaiya-Baju, 
Mantreya-Raju, and Kiiarachuri Nangaiya-Raju, and seven svamis, — the king having secured an ele- 
phant near the Rangasvami (temple) of Magadi, and brought it there to be guarded of~ had some 
incantations (or sorcery) performed on it, and its sides being eaten through by maggots, it was about 
to die. On which they proclaimed that if any one would cure this elephant he would be rewarded with 

rf_.**VST SJ _ 

i"*V_ »-£ ^C!*- r-«{ 

W^a i>.. £ 

G-_-' .- 

355. 3 1 r- ^ 

.«ifcP "« ,'!§' 

a> «a a*sp 

tffi >Wr 


- rf 

3 ^ 

**• «J «V ^* 

■^ ^ rr c «y 

^ T '■■» 

^.^l^PI^ *_*£ ^ 

S ^ *> , 

&. 0- 

v>0 -J ^H 

*D ^ 


^ Sr- 

__b r_. 

^ £ <0 8 

r_.. >*r rj?, __* 

£*% * P 


'*-_ i.S >;;- 

?o_i l ' 

^ <& 


^ ,^v~.Gt> ".3/-. ' 









A v^ 

^ 1 ^ 




Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 71 

gifts throughout the kingdom. Then Puli-Bairava, than wbom there was no one more able in the 
world, recovered the elephant 1'rom tln (effects of the) sorcery. Whereupon they placed emerald 
bracelets on his two arms, gave him a complete dress of honour, and a thousand varahas, — and 
gave him the following gifts throughout the kingdom ; — in each village lga, in the town 2ga, in 
the district 1 sheep, for a marriage 10ga, for the threshing floor lga, ragi Iga, and 1 load of straw. 

This ddna-paUa was writteu in tha presence of (the god) Nanjundesvara. Witnesses, — the sky. 
fire, mother earth, sun and moon, etc. The writing is Gangapa's writing. 

Date ? about 1 300 A.D. 

(Tamil) A moon to the oc^an the Vadhfda lineage...., Krishna-kumara giver of 

joy the moon and the stars respected by all in the world. 


Date 1406 A.D. 
(First part tjone). 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when the subduer of hostile kings, champion over kings 
who break their word, vira-Hariyappa-Vodeyar was ruling the kingdom of the world : — (rest illerjible). 


, \^ Date 459 A.D. 

J^&o, it well. 

Success through the adorable Padmanabha, resembling (in colour) the cloudless sky. 

A sun illumining the clear firmament of the Jahnavi (or Ganga)-kula, glorious with the wealth 

of the kingdom acquired by the might of his own arm, of distinguished fame from striking through 

the stauding 1 pillar, a wild-fire in consuming the stubble of the forest Bana, — was stimat Kongani- 

varmma dbarmma-mahadhirajah. 

His son, inheriting the qualities of his father, author of a treatise on the law of adoption 
(d'ittaki sulra), adorned with a wound acquired from pluuging into many wars, of a wealih nnd 
glory protected by Bhagavat, — was srimat Madhava-adhirajah. 

His son, whose fame acquirad by (his) many elephants hal tasted the waters of the four oceans 

skilled in riding on the best elephant< and the best horses, the destroyer of hosts] of enemies was 

srimad Harivarmma-marajah. 

His son, endowed with the group of qu.ilities inherited from hisfather aud grandfather, in kinglv 

policy the equal of Brihaspati, his mental energy unimpaired to the end of life, of a valour equal to 
that of Sakra (Indra), — was srimad Vishnugopa-raja. 

His son, like Kubera in tha merifc nf smiting his enemies in great wars, a young (or risin») sun 
his favour and his anger like nectar and like poison ; his sins destroyed by religious rites and nume- 
rous gifts of cows, gold, lands and other things ; of wide-spread fame for his renewal of Brahman 
endowments long since desttoyed ; as performing the sacrifice of many wars, the sole sacrificer (in 
the world) ; like Indra, of valour invincible ; like Kubera, wonderful in the possession of 
heaps of inexhaustible treasure ; like Yami in his arrows which destroyed the battlements of the 
neighbouring chiefs; of mighty victorious valour, — was Madhava-raja. 

By his son Kongani-Ra ja was given to Kadasvamisva, a Taittiriya Brahman, chief of the Hir- 
anyakesi-sutra, — to Kadasvami of Tippnr in the Marugare-rashtr a, in the manner of a Brahman 

The origin»!, instead of the usual s'ila-sta>ibha of the other Ganga plates, has rfila-sfambha. 

72 Dod-Ballapnr Taluq. 

endowment, 10 Jcand-uga of paddy land below the M elu r tank, free froin all the eigbteen castes, 
forraed into a Brahman vritti, with pouring of water;— for the increase ot merit and health was it 

In pursuance of which,— of a might invincible by any in the vvorld, holding Brahraans as 
supreme, devotecl to the worship of the lotus fjet of Uara (S'iva), — by sriman Kongani-maharaja, 
of the Kanvayana-sa-g6tra,— iu the 29th of tbe wealth of the great victories increased by himself, 
the year Jaya, the constellation being S'ataya, — to Kadasvamisva of the Madela-sa-gotra, with all 
. .. , the Madela-vallabba Kadasvamin. 

Whoso takes away this land and transgresses this my order is a sinner and deserves corporal 
punishment. Moreover, as to tliis are the slokas rielivered :— Wboso seizes on land given by himself or 
by another incurs tbe guilt o! slanghtering a hundred thousand covvs. To give oneself is very e;isy, 
difficult to maintain auother's gift ; but of giving or maintaining, the maintaining (another's gift) 
is more meritorious. By mauy kings has the earth been enjoyed, Sagara and others ; whosesoever 
at any time was the land, his was then tbe fruit. 

The maharaja, to his own man Kepya Divakara, gave J2 kanduga under the This all 

should respect and maintain. l those famed lor adherence to virtue. 


Date 517 A.D. 

Be it well. 2 Success through the adorable Padmanabha, resembling (in colour) the cloudiess 

A sun illumining the clear firmament o.f the Jahnavi (or Ganga)-kula, famed for the strength 
and valour obtained by the grtat stone pillar divided with a single stroke of his sword, adorued with 
the ornament of a wound received in battle while cutting dovvn the hosts of his terrible enemies, of 
the Kanvayana-sa-gotra, — was siimat Kohganivarmma dharmma-mahadhirajah. 

His son, inheriting the qualities of his father, with a character ior learning and modesty, having 
obtained the honours of the kingdom only for the sake of the good government of his 6ubjects, of 
great intelligence improved by acquaintance with thebest principles of the essence ot vanous sciences, 
a touchstone for (testing) gold the learned, skilled among those who expound and practise the science 
of politics in all its branches, having well distributed faithful servants, author of a treatise on the 
law of adoption (dattaka-sutra),'— was sViman Madbava-mahadhirajah. 

His son, uniting the qualities cf his father and grandfather, having entered into war with 
many elepbants (so that) his fame had tasted the waters of tbe four oceans, of wouderful skill ac- 
quired trom riding rutting elephants and horses, distinguished for wealth gained by the use of the 
bovy — was srimad Harivarmma-mahadhirajah. 

His son, devoted to the worsbip of gurus, cows and Brahmans, meditating on the (eet of Nara- 
yana, — was srimad Vishnugopa-mahadhirajah. 

His son, his bead purified by the pollen from the lotuses the feet of Tryambaka, his tvvo arms 
grown stout and hard with athletic exeicises, having by personal strength and valour purchased 
his kingdom, his sharp-edged sword dear to the demons vvhose lips were shrivelled with hunger 
reviver of donations and sacrifices for long-ceased festivals of the gods. and Brahmau endowments, 
daily ea^er to extricatc the ox of merit from the thick mire of the Kali-yuga in which it had sunk, — 
was Sriman Madhava-mahadhirajah. 

The last part is erowded up in small and cramped letters, difficult to make out. 


The initial vrord Svasti is at the beginning of the ?rd line. 

Dod-Ballapur Taluq. 73 

His son, the beloved sister's son of Kri>hn^jcnijju;mabadhiraja,-— who was the sun in tbe 
firmaraent of the Kadamba-kula, anointed with the final ablutions of the uninterrupted horse-sacri- 
fice,— having received the anointing to ihe kingdom on the couch of the lap of his divine mother» 
enjoying to the full the essence of the three objects of desire without one interfering with tbe other, 
fearlcss though surrounded with all the bands of tiibutary cbiefs whom he had subjected, haviug 
parties of councillors attached to hira by continual affection and gifts, his mind illumined with the 
increase of learning and modesty, baving adopted the cbaracter of the kings of the Krita-yuga, 
his wide-spread fame gained by victory in many wars covering the three worlds like the unbioken 
expause of a milk ocean, bold to give without stint, his inviolable commands placed upon tbe buads 
of foreign kings subdued by his invincible might, surpassing Kubera in the growth of his wealth 
increased in many ways, a mine of many glorious qualities, reckoned the first among the learned, 
the joy of tbe hearts of his beloved ones, in not transgressing the bounds of respect resembling 
the ocean adorned with gems, like Yama in puuishing according to desert, like the sun in the 
greatness ot his glory, like Vaivasvata Manu devoted to protecting tVe Southin the maintenance of 
castes and religious orders, the fiiend of all, of high biith, — was srimat Kongani mahadhiraja^ 
nained Avinita. 

By his son, whose broad chest was embraced by the Punnad-raja Skandavarmma's beloved 
daughter, who herself had chosen him, thougb from her birth assigned by her father, accoiding to 
the advice of his own guru, to the son oi another, — haviug by the growth of the three powers of 
increase brought into subjection all the bands of tributary chiefs ; having brought anxiety to the 
face of Yama on account of the sin.illr.ess o' tbe residue left from the animals offered up by him as 
a tribute (namely) tbe brave men consumed in the sacrifice of the many wars waged for Andari, 
Alantur, Porulare, Pernnagara and other places ;— by snmat Kongani-vriddha-Raja, having the 
name Durvvinita, the ruler of the whole oi Pannad and Punnad, — like Vaivasvata Manu able for th e 
protection of the castes and religious orders which prevailed in the South, tbe friend of all, of bigh 
biith :— -the 35th of the victories and wealth increased by himself, the year Vijaya being current,— 
to srimad Devasarmma, called Mahadeva, — promoter of the race of that sun to the world named 
srimat Valmiki, — of the Kasyapa-sa-gotra, expounder of tbe Vajaseni, was given thc Bempur 
I^vara-stana named Kelale, witb piunng of water. And also certain lands (specified, witb bound- 
aries). Thus much did be piously give to Mahadeva. 

Moreover by Manu hath the sloka been deli ered : — Whoso takes away land given by himself or 
by another shall be cast into terrible darkness ior sixty thousand years. By many kings has the earth 
been enjoyed, Sagara and others ; whosesoever was at any time the land, his was then tbe fruit. 
To raake a gift oneself is very easy, to maintain a gift ma de by anotber difficult ; but cf giving or 
raaintainiug, maintaining (another's gift) is more mentorious. 

A gift made with pouring nf water, one enjoyed for three generations, one maintancd for siy 
generations, — such may not be resuraed : nor the gifts of former kings. 





Date 1 328 A. D. 

(Ou tho date specified), when the pr^tapa-chakravarti Hoysana vira-Ballala-Devarasa was in 
Unnamalepaltana, ruling the kingdom in peace and wisdom : — the great minister Ponanua's son 
Kainaya-darmayaka made a grant of Tinnalu, ? in Nagaya ra-nad, to Yalahakka.. . . gauda. 


Date tabout 1430 A.D. 

Be it wel). When, praised by all tho people in the world, the rajadhiraja rnja-paramesVara 
Deva-Raya-maharaya was rnling the kingdom of the world : — Penavale-Nayaka's son Kadanna- 
Nayaka gave land (specified) to Tinnalu Tirumala-gauda's son Pachaya-gauda 


Dateldib A.D. 

3b IM Be it well. (On the date specified), the maha-nayakacharyya, champion over chiefs who break 
their word, Viramaji Hiriya-Pemniaya-Nayaka grmted ti Ranganatha-bhatta'8 son Bhavabhuti, 
Jala in Elaha kka- nad, as an agrahara, free of all imrosts. (rest Megible) 


Date 948 A.D. cO**^* 

(On the date specified), when, entitlel to the band of fivo chief instruments, glory of the Pallav- 
anvaya-kula, hoon lord of Kanchipura, (with variius epithets), Avvan a-fDeval was ruling the . . .. 
bada : — Kannanda . .. smote ... and died. And to CJinrcemorate his bravery (viravan abhyantarisi) 
they gave ior him a Jcalndfu. Imprecation. • 


DateVabout 1410 A.D. 

(First part gone). 

When the maha-inandalesvar i rijaclhiraja pira.nes/ara, master of the four oceans, subduer of 
hostile kings, champion over kings who break their worJ, vira-Deva-Raya was ruling the kingdom of 
the world :— the minister Ilirana-dannayak.-vodeyar granted Devarayasamudra in Yelahanka-nad 
for ofthe Patasale. (rest illegible) 


Daie 1375 A.D. 

Be it well. (On the date specified), when Bukkanna-[Vodeyar]>vas ruling the kingdom 

of the world :— (rest effaced) 


Devanhalli Taluq. 75 

Date 1067 XD. 

(Tamil) — Iri the 5th year of the reiga of Ko-pParakesaripanmari, altas sri-Viiarajendra-Devar, 
who, with valour alone for his corapanion and libarality alone for his ornarnent, wielded tlie soeptre ; 
destroyed the dark Kali ; f;ightened Ahavamalla ; made Vikkalan and S'ingannan turn their backs ; 
and was griciously seated on the throne of heroes — 

On Somakka, wiie of Vasavaiya alias liayaraya-velan Pramadi , a landlord of 

Tippur in S'aunai-na du of Viklcirama-S'6j[amandalam, — son of Mackchaiya allas S ola-Vichchadira- 
Vilupparaiyar, who was the sonof Va6ava-gamundar, who was again the son of Molippala-gamundar, — 
entering the tire, this stone was caused to be set up by Pasuponna-menti Rajadiraja-muventa-velar, 

lord of Tippur 


Date 1698 A.D. 

Obeisance to Gopala. Invocation of the Boar. Ooeisance to S'ambhu &c. Invocation of 

Be it well. (Ou the date specified), in Devanapura, protected by the lotus feeb of the lord 
of myriads oi" worlds, the ancient Purushottama, rilled full with the clustres of all auspicious 
qualities, the god Venkateivira, together with Madana-A.lamelumanga, — at the divine lotus 
teot of the god Madana-Gopala, together with Rukmini and Satyabhama, — your chief votary, 


of the fourth gotra, the great Avati-nad prabhu Mudu-Bayire-Gauda's [grand]son, Imniadi-Sonna- 
Bayire-Gauda's lawful wife Kerapamma's son, Gopala-Gau rla, for the service and ceremouies of the god 
Gopala, grantcd a dharma-sasana of villages as follows ; — Iu the De vanapura Inu gdnn, and Vadige- 
h a}li-li6b ali, S6;netihalli, Melur, Vudlur, Chatuhalli, Sagepahalli, 2 gardeus, and a new tank at 
Savakanahalli, have we granted for the service of the god Madana-Gopala (detads of the ceremonies 
and festivals). And for the temple priests, Uparahajli, giving it another name of Gopalasagara. 
Aho for the insignia in use from the first, — palanquin, umbrella, and chamaras, — Bayichapura and 
Bayirapura. The archakas, agama professors, purohitas, reciters of the vedas, the repeaters of 
mantras and the thousand naraes, the offerers of flower3 and sacrifices, the providers of the sacred 
thread and garlands, the parupatyagaraand 6uiabaga, the musicians and dancers, and all other 
officials will permanently carry on the worship. If any fail, substitutes must be appointed and the 
service of the god carried on. In the ganlen grantecl, from whatever crops are obtained, the salary 
of the gardeners will be deducted aud the balance devoted to the service of the god. The surplus 
revenue of Melur and Madlur, and the Savakanahalli new tank, after allowing for all expenses on 
the existing scale, will be devoted to the purchase of ornaments for the god. If there should be a 
defioiency the palace will make it up. Oa special occasions of royal ceremony 72 olficials will perform